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The problem

Major E-commerce sites have a ton of products, but it’s hard to find something unique. They are optimized to show you the most popular products, which means you will see the same products over and over again.

How is this site different?

This site gives you a random list of products, without sorting of any kind. Therefore, all products have an equal chance of being discovered.

The Data

The data was compiled from successful projects on Kickstarter that have external links to where the product is now for sale.

Certain categories were excluded from the data set. Categories that contained mostly digital assets (like video games or music) and categories that contained mostly services (like a business) were excluded.

To learn more about the data, read the Full Article

I plan to add more data sources in the future.

Reporting products that are not purchasable

While I did run scripts on the data to try and remove as many invalid products as possible, there will still be some problems.

Some products are just not purchasable, like an event, or a service.

Other products may be no longer for sale, or the links may be invalid.

If you find any problems, please click the “report” button on the product.

Static version of the data

These pages contain all of the data, with no images, and no javascript

Some Kickstarter Stats

After parsing and filtering the data, I came up with the following stats:
Category Projects Successful Purchasable
Design 25093 15202 (61%) 3348 (13%)
Technology 41928 8898 (21%) 1666 (4%)
Games 44077 24639 (56%) 4586 (10%)
Fashion 22935 8350 (36%) 1860 (8%)
Food 21382 4803 (22%) 322 (2%)
Publishing 48351 21372 (44%) 2819 (6%)
Comics 19517 12739 (65%) 1776 (9%)
Crafts 6976 1713 (25%) 189 (3%)
Photography 7565 2470 (33%) 427 (6%)