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This is a list of all successful Crafts Kickstarter projects in which the product is purchasable. 189 items total.
Zax Beeswax - The King of Sting.
Everything Beeswax! Im building my candle hobby into a side business and need your help to expand my product line.
CrystalWick - Customize your aromatherapy crystal candle
🌿 Choose your essential oils. 💎 Choose your crystal. 🔥 Light the wick and thrive.
Pee Tape and Robert Mueller III Prayer Candles
Pray for an end to the Trump administration with Pee Tape and Robert Mueller III Prayer Candles.
Goofy Goat Soaps LLC
Growing My Natural, Eco-Friendly, and Fun Bath Company!
Pass It On 2.0: Plantable candles that help you do your part
Pass It On plantable candles 2.0 is back with new scents & product upgrades! Candle holders possess a 2nd life as planting pots.
Modern Luxury Votive Candles made from food grade certified coconut oil
SENSE FICTION: Celebrating book lovers with bookish candles
Elevated reading experiences with bookish candles that immerse you in your favorite fictional worlds.
Arkham's Last Glimmer of Hope: Cthulhu Light-Up Aroma Candle
The flame kindles the light, he soon manifests.
The Upturned Cauldron - Witchy Candles
Witchcraft and wizardry themed candles made from vegan friendly soy wax
Hæklede strømper | Crochet Socks 🧦
En bog med opskrifter på moderne hæklede strømper | A book with patterns for modern crochet sock
We Make Collective DIY Material Kits and Online Community
An on trend, monthly materials box. Our kits celebrate individual and unique ideas and imagination. As a creative collective we grow.
Wiggle-Bots - Kids Engineering / Maker / STEM / DIY Activity
Wiggle-Bots + Kids = Future Innovators, and a lot of fun
Bamboo Bicycle Workshop Reusable Jig System
A simple inexpensive reusable bicycle jig system for Bamboo Bicycle Workshops to be used with small community based groups.
Watch Band Kit - EDC Survival Tools for a wrist watch.
This Everyday Carry Kit fits securely onto your wristwatch. Each kits contains tools to fish, start a fire, escape restraints, saw, etc
Save the Aging Feral Cat Colony
Cat fence enclosure to create natural habitat, predator-proof sanctuary for aging and geriatric feral cat colony.
ZeGoBeast - A DIY Mechanical Walking Creature
ZeGoBeasts are biologically-inspired mechanical walking beings that teach you about basic kinematics and are awesome to build.
Scalpel Jones 2 an Updated Titanium EDC Scalpel Made in USA
Scalpel Jones has been updated to accept #10 and #15 scalpel blades as well as #11
The Best Natural Skincare for a Mindful, Modern Life
Organic, gluten-free, and vegan. The skincare solution for anyone who wouldn't put anything on their skin they wouldn't trust eating.
FRUU.. Innovative REAL-fruit organic vegan lip balms!!
Organic, Vegan, Cruelty free ultra-moisturising lip balm. Contains REAL-fruit ingredients. Packed with antioxidants and vitamin A&E.
Make your own papercraft sculptures by EcogamiShop
I make downloadable templates for you to make unique paper sculptures! You can do it! It's easy, relaxing & a self-rewarding project!
ROKR Vitascope, 3D Wooden Puzzle, Classic Film Projector
Handheld Film Projector, ROKR LK series of 3d wooden assembly model of a vintage classic film projector. Cool design, Unique gift.
Calico Cards: The Watercolor-Stencil Card-Making Kit
Make custom watercolor cards with our sticker stencils in three simple steps: Press, paint, and peel.
The Art of Extreme Wig Styling
A styling handbook for the ambitious cosplayer
Cribble: A wooden craft studio for creative kids and adults.
Build your own place! Cribble is the tool to build just about anything, in real materials and with real construction techniques.
Illumidrop Art Kit
Learn a totally new and groundbreaking art process using material unknown and unavailable to artists until now.
Caring Through Creativity Boxes
A creative retreat in a box with instructions and materials for the creative activity as well as a selection of self- care goodies.
DIY: Custom-fitted Earthing Moccasins VIDEO TUTORIALS & KITS
Benefit from our online courses launching promotion and pre-order your full leather kit to learn how to make the best barefoot shoes.
KYBELE II | Organic Handmade Soap
Natural Organic Handmade Soap with Unique Design
Istoyo---The AI-Powered best epoxy stirrer ever
The AI-Powered wrist-friendly Resin Mixer with 3 adjustable speeds for the experience of the ultimate craft
The Craft Lab: Community Space to do Science + Art
Science belongs to all of us. Let's break those barriers and build a space to experiment together.
Paper Koi Lantern: a DIY Kit
Create your very own posable koi! No glue or tape, everything holds with interlocking tabs. Add led lights for a magical display.
embroidery machine and patch making equipment for kit
help Kit buy an embroidery machine so they can start making awesome*unholy** patches for you to adhere to your treasured possessions!
Made by The Metalist: THE HAMMER
The helping hand whenever you need one - created in pure desire for metal
NINDYAA — A New Kind of Bed Sheet, Beautifully Crafted.
Beautiful Organic Bed Sheets with Embroidered Patterns #MadeInPakistan
The Anderson Scouts: Merit Badges Inspired by Wes Anderson
The Anderson Scouts want YOU! Earn your custom embroidered, Wes Anderson-themed merit badges today!
You Can Stitch It
Self-Care Embroidery Kits + Subscription Boxes
Hello! Hooray! haberdashery
Help me to set up my dream bricks-and-mortar haberdashery shop!
Make/100: Fat Stitch
fat positive hand embroidery
Help Build Subversive Cross Stitch World HQ
(it's really just in our garage!)
Brontosaurus Quetzalcoatlus and Fiji Mermaid Skeleton Kits
Tiny skeleton models of your favorite dinosaurs, flying monsters, and mythical creatures you assemble!
Liquid Designs: Kyle Kraiter's Art Glass Studio
I am an independent glass artist ready to take my art to the next level by building a custom designed glassblowing studio.
Art Glass Visions - Roses for Valentine's Day Gifts
Surprise your sweetie with roses that won't wilt on her desk or make her fat, and instead remind her everyday of how much you love her.
Great Northern: knitting pattern book inspired by Twin Peaks
A knitwear collection in the spirit of the TV show Twin Peaks. 10 sweater patterns (and more) by Leah Coccari-Swift & Teresa Gregorio
Knit It Black: for Black Dogs and Cats
Knit It Black is a collection of black knitting patterns, created with the goal of raising awareness and funds for black rescue pets.
A print book of hand knitting patterns inspired by the sea * farm * wild
Viola meets Mooresburg
Viola needs a larger workspace! We're building a new studio in a 100 year old general store, and we need your help to make it happen.
handmade vases. made of Murano Glass. Jeanne Koepp. Berlin
old tradition of hand made glass vases, made of Murano Glass designed by Jeanne Koepp, limited, numbered, signed
Knitcircus Studio: Gradient Yarns and Craft Community
Move Knitcircus Yarns out of the house into a studio to make gradient yarn faster and create a space for knitting classes & community!
PICHINKU Naturally Dyed Peruvian Yarn
100% naturally dyed knitting yarn from Peru! Pledge and help us develop a thriving social enterprise that supports women artisans!
Blown Glass Easter Egg Hunt
Last year our glass art studio put on a free Easter egg hunt for the community - help us make it even better this year!
The SkeinMinder
Alpenglow Yarn is making winding yarn a breeze! We're automating motorized skein winders so indie dyers can make more beautiful yarn.
Saving the Nome Schoolhouse
We are saving a 1916 abandoned school building with plans to use it to further the education of the Fiber Arts
The Giving Bag
Help us to employ, empower and elevate the women in Northern Africa. 
Round out your seasonal wardrobe while supporting indie knit and crochet designers with this collaboration-focused periodical.
Half Moon Fibers Etsy Shop
I need help opening my Etsy shop! It will be all about fibers, cute accessories, knitting, and of course, all about YOU!
Make/100: Andina Knitting Project Bag, Yarn & Patterns Ebook
Take a piece of the Peruvian Andes to your knitting and crafts life, plus Yarns and Patterns Ebooks
BLOOM: Lush Yarns For Slow Fashion.
Bloom creates lush yarn from wool grown, spun and dyed within our regional Fibershed.
Turning Memories into New Traditions - My First Kiln
I make terracotta tableware that reflects childhood memories, homes & traditions around the table. It is time to buy my first kiln.
Make 100 x Bowls by GEMS: A Ceramic Collaboration
Two potters, Gabby and Ericka, fuse styles to make 100 new unique & colorful ceramic bowls!
El chesco!
Recipiente de cerámica, inspirado en tradiciones sociales del México moderno / Ceramic vessel, inspired by traditions of modern Mexico
Pick a Cosmic Doodle Card -like a fortune- for your message!
After the success of my first cards of my cosmic doodles - I am making two more decks in 2015 - Part 2 & Mandala circular deck!
SkinnyPillow: The all natural pillow.
The all natural pillow filled with kapok and wreathed in organic cotton. No chemicals, no animal parts and no synthetic materials.
Make 100 - Miniature Animal Ceramic Bowls and Salad Plates
Support two potters as they develop their skills and try to make a business out of their pottery.
Multi-Purpose, All-Occasion Greeting Cards
Be ready for any occasion, with funny, tick-your-own-sentiment greeting cards. General AND holiday cards available!
Candle-Holding Cake Toppers
Light up your next celebration with candle-holding cake toppers, combining something you love with the magic of making birthday wishes
STL Punkrock Girl Zombie for 3D printing & Model Kit
Original Sculpted Punkgirl zombie STL file for 3D printing and 3D Printed version for painting or war game, Tabletop, RPG and D&D
Art Dragons!
Hard Enamel Pins
Glowbes – The Glowing Memory Gift
Transform your memories into a unique personalized ornament for Christmas.
Latifah Saafir Studios: Modern Quilt Patterns and Products
Latifah Saafir is launching two quilt pattern and product lines including one for kids!
Cthulhu Mythos Comicology Tarot (CMC Tarot)
a Cthulhu-themed RWS deck + many more!
Memorial Quilt Donation Program
Pilot Year for Program to create and donate 3 memorial quilts to grieving families
Live Love Bean - The Motivation Collection
Talking plants to motivate and inspire you.
PostcardAdventure - Postcards telling stories
4 sets of 8 postcards each, fostering storytelling through images. Created in collaboration with artists and NGOs.
SherbetBox - a new monthly stationery subscription box!
A subscription box service bringing you beautiful contemporary stationery and little extra gifts from illustrator Claire Keay.
Arielle Shaina Art Cards
Send affordable pieces of artwork to your friends and family in the form of a greeting card!
Pink Rainbow A4 Desk Weekly Planner
A cute weekly planner that can help to keep you organised in a fun and colourful way!
CAROGAMI JEWELLERY • precious foldings • MAKE100
Origami Jewellery made principally with Japanese paper (washi). Handmade. One of a kind.
The Sassy Planner - An Artistic Planner
A planner created for art supplies. Featuring undated bleed-proof paper. Less restriction, less waste, more creativity.
u52: Mycelium Wellness Journal
u52 is a weekly wellness journal that can be planted after a year to visually represent your personal growth.
Paper Crafts Collection
Cute and spoopy washi tape with matching sets of art cards, prints, and clothes.
Machochick's Stamp Washi Tapes
A series of fantasy themed stamp style washi tapes, based on my illustrations
Keep The Paper + Craft Pantry in Austin
Our little shop needs your help - Support your favorite stationery shop and keep us stationary in Austin.
The Green Conspiracy - Grow food with confidence
The garden planner that takes the guesswork out of growing edible plants
Belle & Union - New Home, Enduring Story
Help support our new brick & mortar location, creating community and connection in a one-stop shop for curated gifts and greetings.
Variety Decorative Washi Tape
Washi tape with original artwork from Constanzzze
Toploader Binder | Creative way to display your Cards!
Toploader Binder created to cater your toploaded Sports Cards, Pokemon Cards and many more TCG Cards. No more stacking them in a box!
Pretty Peptalks | Letterpress cards for all life's pep talks
A set of beautiful letterpress note cards to help you reach out to friends.
Urushi Enamelled Metal Pens
A collection of ballpoint and fountain pens machined on a manuel lathe and finished with urushi enameling
My Hero Academia Enamel Pins
1.5 in Hard Enamel Pins with your favorite heroes as your favorite drinks!
Flowers of the Galaxy
A set of enamel pins inspired by the amazing universe of Star Wars
Refillable Notepad
A sustainable base for brilliant ideas.
Midwestern Knits
Midwestern Knits is a knitting pattern collection inspired by the rich history and culture of the American Midwest.
Tula Journal: Tree-free Luxury journals
Aesthetic and fine journals that are ideal for capturing your ideas, moments, and thoughts. Made from recycled cotton!
Progress Pride Flag: Notebook Series
The designer of the Progress Pride Flag is back to transform the famous design into a series of notebooks for your own creations.
100 mini-tapestries (on a functional loom!)
I designed this frame loom to be so easy to use, it's like a sketch pad for weaving! I'll make a weaving on it and send the kit to you!
Refillable Notepad 2.0 - Well-being & Productivity System
You only have one mind and you have to show respect for it. We want to empower you to achieve your goals while protecting your mind.
Pokemon Starters ♥ Washi Tape
A cute pokemon washi tape series featuring all the current starters. Choose from your favourite starter type!
GIRL POWER Textiles!
We are female. Strong. United. We will win with love. All of our textiles are designed by #nastywomen, meant to empower and inspire!
Local Cards & Gift Wrap biz to Create Pop-Up Shop at home
Help me create a fabulous cards, gift wrap and stationery pop up shop at home in the Isle of Lewis.
Re-open Loop of the Loom – Mindful Zen Weaving Studio in NYC
Help us save our beloved weaving studio, so we can bring forward a space of peace and self-expression to our community.
Longhand Pencils Upgrade
More pencils, more exclusive pop culture goodies, more business upgrades!
Silk Innovation with Tribes in North-East India
Your pledge will help these traditional weavers to fight climate change and competition from factories through innovation.
KAMBA backpack - a socially-empowered project and product
A platform for elevating artisans’ voices. KAMBA: a contemporary reinvention of the traditional Kiondo basket.
BOX OF CARDS is a wooden box to store your engraved business cards and display them with style!
Meinolf Weaving Center San Anselmo
A place for weavers and textile lovers to gather, share knowledge and share time. Making things together brings us together.
Poleplant - bamboo ski poles handcrafted in the French Alps
Beautiful one-of-a-kind ski/hiking poles handcrafted by true mountain lovers using sustainable bamboo. Strong, Light and Unique!
Handcrafted Wood Pens created from Reclaimed Whiskey Barrels
Last Week! Early Bird Available! Handcrafted wood pens made from salvaged whiskey barrels once used by the Jack Daniel's Distillery.
Drinkware Designs: Accessorize Your Drinks in Style
Simple, Elegant, and Customizable Coasters Crafted from Verified Sustainable or Reclaimed Hardwoods
Exquisite Ink: Fine Handcrafted Wood Pens
Handcrafted wood pens for every signature, sketch, & scribble. Select your choice of sustainable exotic or reclaimed domestic woods.
Ballpark Diamonds
Hand assembled relief sculptures of your favorite ballpark or stadium; ready to hang.
The Wooden States of America
Each state of the union is carved from Pennsylvania Cherry, with hidden magnets to hold anything from banjo picks to bobby pins.
Exquisite Ink 2.0: Fine Handcrafted Wood Pens
Signature wood pens to capture any idea, record each thought, & author every story. Handcrafted one at a time. Stretch goals unlocked!
Whackpack Furniture. Handmade by us, handcrafted by you!
Flatpack furniture driving you nuts? Us too.We have a simple, elegant, satisfying solution you'll love! Welcome to Whackpack furniture!
Old Block: Discovering an Ancient Craft
A journey to forge axes in Thailand's countryside. Sustaining a forging village, their way of life and helping them grow & prosper.
Woods with a Story: Bourbon Barrel Pens
Did Santa forget to bring your Bourbon Barrel pen to you? Now's your chance to grab one for yourself! Handmade in my Alabama studio.
2Puggles Wood Engraver
Help 2Puggles find the words to make their customers happy!
Bespoke Handcrafted Pens made from Exotic Woods
We are starting up a business making handmade pens and other gifts from local and exotic woods and acrylics, handmade in N. Ireland.
Hold Some History - Pens made from Ancient Bog Oak, v2
Between 4,000 and 6,000 years old, the wood is in the earliest form of fossilization and is older than the pyramids. Hold some history.
Exquisite Ink: Color Edition
Handcrafted, color-infused wood pens in six stunning styles and six vivid colors! Available in time for Christmas!
David Walsh, Bowlmaker, Fine Wooden Bowls, Ltd. Edition #27
Shop Unique! Fine wooden bowls, handcrafted from a wide range of domestic & exotic woods.
Fine Handcrafted Writing Pens by WoodNotch
WoodNotch pens are crafted from wood, cultured stone, rattlesnake skins, antlers, and other fine materials by a family of craftsmen.
Fine Wood Art and Pens- Get them to the Symposium!
We are Scott and Jonathan at Havewoodwillturn, a recent start-up fine wood working venture. We want to take it to the next level!
One Week Only, Wall Street Spalted Pens! 1-Hit Wonder
One style pen, three hardware choices, made from Spalted Tamarind. This project is running for ONE WEEK ONLY!
Guns & Bullets Writing Pens by WoodNotch
WoodNotch pens are crafted from wood, cultured stone, rattlesnake skins, antlers, and other fine materials by a family of craftsmen.
Magnetic, Magnificent Handmade Pens
Of all the items I make, the magnetic ones are my favorite. Now you can have one of your own and see how much fun they are!
David Walsh, Bowlmaker: Fine Wooden Bowls - Holidays 2017
David Walsh, Bowlmaker, Offering "Limited Edition: Holidays 2017" of Fine Handmade Wooden Bowls of Domestic & Exotic Woods
David Walsh, Bowlmaker: Projects of Earth- Fine Wooden Bowls
David Walsh, Bowlmaker, Offering "Limited Edition: August 2017" of Fine Handmade Wooden Bowls of Domestic & Exotic Woods Here on Earth
Hand Made, Wooden Tape Measures
Combination one of the most used tool in any kind of profession with one of the most used natural source since the dawn of time.
Bourbon Barrel Pens from 12 different bourbons!
Some new pen styles, some old favorites, and all made from used bourbon barrels from your choice of 12 different bourbon barrels!
Minimalist Bourbon Barrel Pens for EDC - Make 100
This is a short, 20-day project for awesome minimalist styled handmade items. I will make no more than 100 items on this project!
Wake Surf and Paddle Boards the Way You Wish They Were Made.
Handcrafted, Real-Wood SUPs and Wake Surfing Boards - THE WAY YOU WISH THEY WERE MADE. Designed to LOOK GREAT, and PERFORM EVEN BETTER.
Bourbon Barrel Bottle Opener
A sturdy, wall-mounted bottle opener, with magnetic power to catch your caps as they fall. Made from a Kentucky bourbon barrel.
HUDWOOD | Handcrafted wooden carabiners and wallet
Feel the nature with unique wood carabiners and wallet. Slim wallet for cards, cash and coins, functions as a phone stand.
Make 100 -- 100 Bourbon Barrel Bolt Action Bullet Pens
100 Bourbon Barrel Bolt Action Bullet Pens
Catálogo y Video de Olinalá | Olinalá's Catalogue & Video
Hermoso catálogo y video de artesanía de Olinalá | Nice looking catalogue & video of Olinalá's craftmanship
EDC Pens you can count on, made from Bourbon Barrels
EDC (Every Day Carry) Pens with durable, dependable click mechanisms, made from bourbon barrels
Majestic Maple Wood Pens, classic handmade functional art
Pens made from maple hardwood, the classy working class wood
Wonderful Walnut Pens, delivered in time for Christmas
Wonderful Walnut pens, each handmade to exacting standards from hard-working American walnut. Have them in your hands by Christmas.
The TCC FINAL Wood Combo Cups and Balls Sets for Magicians
Comes in both Standard and Mini sizes. Outstanding tactile feel and handling
Make 100 - 4-Way Pen, Three colors of ink and pencil in one
4-Way Pen, Three colors of ink and a pencil in one compact package
Hogwarts Chihiro Soup House Night Light Stereo Music box
CIt is made of solid wood planks. Add elements such as lights and music boxes. The world we yearn for is hidden in the little box.
ELEGOO PHECDA Laser Engraver & Cutter
Quality Products for Less, Creating Savings for All|1600 cm² Working Area|Smoke Filtering|Easy-to-use|
Building an International Woodworking Studio in Japan/まなびの杜
A Woodworking Studio built using traditional techniques to teach Japanese woodworking, fine joinery and traditional hand tools.
Feltmeupdesigns Rainbow Doodle Birds Printed Tea Towel
Feltmeupdesigns is raising funds to turn the Rainbow Doodle Birds print design into colourful Tea towels
Herders to Home 2021: Luxury Mongolian Yarn and Fiber
Herders to Home, ULA+LIA procures fibers from free-range Mongolian animals to create world-class knitting yarn
Alan C.K. & Co. - handmade, numbered wooden cutting boards
Individually designed, one-of-a-kind, numbered cutting boards handcrafted from carefully picked quality wood.
The Pay-it-Forward Project
We're here to expand the writing community, which includes helping new stationery enthusiasts feel welcome in the community.
The Journal Project
Sustainable, quality Canadian made bullet journal with layout templates, stickers and accessories to creatively plan your year.
Cthulhu Christmas Greeting Cards
Put a little more cosmic horror in your holidays with these 4 Lovecraft inspired Christmas cards illustrated by Heather Hudson.
Jessilynn's Healthy Soul Lip-balm & Crafts Shop Start-up
My goal: To create & sell my homemade lip balm from natural ingredients, jewelry, candles, photography, coloring pages, & other crafts.
100% Hand-Poured Soy Candles w/ Wood Wicks in Camping Mugs
I hand-pour in small batches 8oz. 100% soy candles with wooden wicks inside 12oz. camping mugs that can be reused afterwards! Stay Wild
Porcelain Wick: Candle Shoppe
All natural, hand poured, year-round spooky and unique soy candles! Get a candle that's inspired by movies, holidays, and characters!
Hogwarts House Candle (vegan soy wax with pins)
4 bougies aux couleurs des maisons de Poudlard.
ECO FIRELIGHTERS, Fire Starter Made from Straw in Vietnam
A great fire starter made from rice straw in Vietnam, extremely easy to ignite, burning time of over 10 minutes, waterproof, compact.
Grand Lodge Beard Co.
San Antonio based beard product company. We will have beard oils, beard balms and stache waxes - everything to keep your beard healthy.
keep your sparkle. vegan, cruelty free, handmade, luxurious.
We care about what we put IN our bodies, why not what we put ON our bodies. My soaps are natural, vegan, cruelty free and beautiful.
Make your own DIY papercraft art for your home
Great decor and gifts for any occasion!
PAPERPARADISE: Unique Papercraft Art For Your Home
Decorate your interior like never before! Innovative and stylish DIY papercraft for your home.
MiniJungle | Soilless Self-watering Plant Grow Sponge Device
Cleaner | Sustainable | Hydroponics| Indoor & Outdoor & Vertical Green Garden | Balcony farming| Plant Wall Art | Creative Planter
PAPERPARADISE: Unique 3D Papercraft Art For Your Home
Introducing papercraft - a stylish handmade trend. Decorate your interior like never before!
Space Force Patch Mission Patch USSF
A highly detailed 4" patch celebrating the security Space Force by the United States of America! Embroidered, high quality work!
♥ Buttonwood Bunnies ♥ handknitted toy buddies
The tiniest, cutest most adventurous little bunny that you will ever meet. It's a toy to treasure, and a Buttonwood World to explore!
Dashing Dachs Fine Yarns Studio Updates
Help our established dye studio grow and thrive with upgraded tools and studio equipment.
Knitting Kits by Button and Blue
Make your own contemporary knitwear for little ones from the finest merino wool.
HappiGreetings by HappiJar - cards of pure happijoyfulness
Love sending greetings cards that actually mean something? Love calendars too? Put them both together & BOOM! HappiGreetings cards.
Valentine's Day Greeting Cards For That Geeky Science Lover
Let your inner geek speak your love with these eco-friendly, science Valentine's Day greeting cards. Right in time for the big day!
Science & Computer Greeting Cards for All Occasions!
Science themed cards for Christmas, Mother & Father's Day, graduation, baby, retirement, wedding & Halloween. Aspire to geek this 2016!
Cat Greeting Cards
Greeting cards purrfect for cheering up your favorite cat lover.
The Notebook of Cthulhu
A humorous, 195 lined-page journal / notebook featuring the thoughts and opinions of the almighty Cthulhu himself.
Hand stamped phonetics greeting cards by Sew Bloom
An intriguing and unique range of greeting cards, made with recycled and eco materials and hand stamped for an individual finish.
Favor Cards For Your Lover: TINYBOX - The Sexy Collection
The perfect gift! TINYBOX No° 1 - The Sexy Collection is a small box of 30 favor cards for you and your lover.
Quickstarter: Quality Motivational Stickers for our STEM Gen
In celebration of Moon Landing 50th Anniversary. Stunning Glow Doodle space rocket stickers to reward and motivate kids to think big.
A set of 15 Blank Cards, Highlighting the Fine of Art of Book Covers from 1820-1914
The Stationery Lovers gift box: Spring edition / Make 100
A luxury gift box full of handmade Spring-themed stationery items
'Pfft, you’re doing your best' Project
A glorious bundle of sticker, postcard, enamel pin and A4 and A5 Planner. By OXMailStudios
B6 Notebook but Make It Bright
Bright Yellow and Pink B6 Dot Grid Notebook with Rainbow Edge Printing
Autumn Collection - Wooden Pin & Stationery
A fall project featuring a wooden pin, stickers, washi tapes, prints, a notepad & a mouse pad.
Birds! Birds! Birds! A Stationery Set
A bird-themed stationery set with washi tape, greeting cards, prints, notepads, pins, buttons, magnets, and stickers!
Wa - The stationary and accessory collection - Wave 2
A Japanese inspired collection of Washi tapes, Lanyards, Memopads and more!
Happy Halloween! Sticker Set, Cards and Art Prints
A collection of cute Halloween-themed characters featured on art prints, cards and stickers!
Adventurer Planner Pages! Printables for geeks and gamers
Plan your weekly quests, dailies, and goals with game themed planner pages and weekly jotter. Go geeks!
DEKUWOOFF - your thrusting HERO
DekuWooff!! el mejor de los aliados, un perrito peluche que siempre te animará a cumplir tus metas y nunca rendirte :D
Straight from the Holy Land Pens made w/ Bethlehem Olivewood
Fountain, rollerball, and ballpoint pens made from exhibition grade Bethlehem Olivewood
David Walsh, Bowlmaker, Fine Wooden Bowls, Ltd. Edition #29
Fine wooden bowls, handcrafted from a wide range of domestic & exotic woods.
MAKE 100: David Walsh, Bowlmaker, Black Walnut Wooden Bowls
A limited edition of 100 bark-edge black walnut fine wooden bowls of all sizes, handcrafted from a single tree.
Handcrafted Domestic Wood Pens
Handcrafted pens custom made for you using woods from all over Canada and the United States.
The Ultimate Shot Set
Horns up, booze down!
Madclockmaker: Wooden clock
It's a handmade clock made of wood.
The SpotLight Headphone Stand - Make 100
A headphone stand that stands out with light