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This is a list of all successful Product Design Kickstarter projects in which the product is purchasable. 3348 items total.
Really Big Lights | Supersize Christmas
Epic decorative lights. Over a foot tall & LED powered. Burly. Efficient. Unique. No tangles, not tiny, REALLY BIG LIGHTS last forever.
Zero Fucks Given COIN!
LITERALLY give Zero Fucks with this awesome "Token" of appreciation! Introducing the "ZERO FUCKS" Coin! 100% Made in the USA.
Pen/stylus made from MAGNETS. POLAR PEN - Modular Tool
POLAR is the world’s first modular pen made from MAGNETS. This beautifully simple product will transform into endless possibilities.
Raven Defender Wrist Watch
Raven Defender is a multi-purpose expedition time piece that combines a classic aviation design with scuba diving specs in a 42mm case.
Loogun: The modern alternative to the toilet brush
The Loogun is a hand-held motorised device that cleans above and below the water in a toilet using nothing but a sharp spray of water.
Mighty Toothbrush Holder - Organize Your Bathroom Better
A toothbrush holder that combines a razor rack, jewelry dish & compact shower caddy. Grips to shiny surfaces and fits all razor types.
SafeSleeve: The Case That Blocks Radiation and RFID
The world's first Anti-Radiation and RFID blocking wallet cell phone case for the iPhone 6, Galaxy S5 and other smart phones.
Sentri: Welcome to a Smarter Home
Sentri is a complete smart home security solution designed to give you visibility and control of your home, no matter where you are.
Carpack - Car Organizer Reinvented!
The ultimate car organizer that converts into a bag: de-clutter your car, prevent slide-off and carry things out of car with ease!
Hair Works™ 4-in-1 Hair Extension Style Caddy
The only patent pending hair extension holder designed to help WASH, STYLE, PACK, and STORE your hair extensions.
The Rib 2.0: The Ultimate Tech Case at Your Side
Patented Pending Design, upgraded with RFID security protection. Personal Security using both physical and digital technology.
JackHawk 9000 - Titanium Bottle Opener Sunglasses
We've developed high quality bottle opener sunglasses forged from titanium. We need your help to share them with the world!
Minimalistic leather wallets - the best place for your money
Minimalistic slope wallet and ascet money clip will become a new place for your cash and cards
TiWhistle - The Smallest Loudest Titanium Whistle
TiWhistle is the best everyday carry whistle, period.
The BASICS Notebook: Simplify and Improve Your Life
All-in-one notebook with a 12 or 6 month planner, lined paper, sketchbook, whiteboard paper, goal setting guide, checklists and more.
Quarter - Apple Pencil Dock and Protective Cap
Docking system that connects iPad Pro and Apple Pencil seamlessly. Protect your Apple Pencil Tip from external damage.
The Airhook: Give Your Airline Seat A Comfort Upgrade
Legroom-Saving Airline Travel Accessory That Holds Your Beverage & Electronics Device - Say Goodbye To Your Tray Table!
Perfect Latch - Give Your Breast Pump a Makeover!
Dramatically enhance your pumping experience with Perfect Latch, a stretchy and soft nipple cushion that works with any breast pump.
Cascade Wallet | Simplify Your Everyday Carry
The most convenient, secure, customizable wallet available.
SKULLY Mini Multi-tool TITANIUM 16 in 1, Made in America.
A Minimal Everyday Carry Multi-tool, With Maximum Efficiency. Ingeniously Engineered to help you get the job done!
The Drink Spike: The cup holder for practically anywhere!
The Drink Spike cup holder will hold your drink securely so it doesn't spill. Use it in grass, sand, dirt, bark and gravel - anywhere!
VertiPen - Wearable Convertible Pen
VertiPen is the WORLD'S FIRST wearable, convertible rigid stainless steel pen & stylus that transforms into a flexible chain bracelet.
Harmattan Leather Bags Messengers Backpacks & Travel Bags
It's not too late, we have selected our star bags and have them on pre-sale discount still. Thank you backers! Funded!
Blacklist Watches: Swiss Made Excellence
Handmade in Switzerland, Blacklist watches come in small numbered batches of 50 per style. Break from ordinary, wear extraordinary.
[Watch] Talley & Twine: World's Best-Dressed Watch Company
Eye-Catching Watches For The Well-Dressed. Nine (9) Interchangeable Bands To Choose From! *Only available for 30 days*
The Vintage Suitcase, Briefcase, & Portfolio. Reinvented.
A leather bag collection inspired by my Great Grandfather's Suitcase from 1914. Modern, functional artifacts. Guaranteed for life.
TubShroom™ - World's Best Minimalist Strainer | Hair Catcher
TubShroom™ is Guaranteed to Catch Every Single Hair Every Single Time You Take a Shower.
Disc Golf Disc Featuring Revolutionary Multi Density Inserts
We have invented a new revolutionary disc golf disc that uses patent pending insert technology to fine tune flight characteristics.
DUN wallets - world's thinnest leather billfold
Ultra thin functional leather wallet: just 0.2" thick! Clever design that makes the DUN wallet able to carry cards, cash and coins.
The Aviator Travel Jib
Get big budget camera moves from a jib (crane) that weighs less than a bottle of soda, fits in a backpack, and sets up in seconds.
Pressy - the Almighty Android Button!
Pressy brings back simplicity to your phone. Perform your favorite and most common actions with a simple, intuitive physical button.
Generate amazing ideas with our reusable whiteboard notebook!
ProDot – Tactile Shutter Release Button for Cameras
Capture better photos with more control and less fatigue. The tactile and vibration-free ProDot enhances the camera shutter button.
auris bluMe: True Hi-Fi Bluetooth Music Receiver
Stream the highest-quality audio wirelessly from your smart device to any sound system. Enjoy ultimate freedom with the longest range.
Drawstring Backpack. Reinvented.
World’s first premium drawstring backpack with cords that never become uneven or unbalanced.
Ti-Ballpoint Pen + Stylus : Refill-friendly titanium pens
A space-ink titanium pen + stylus that accepts over 35 ballpoint refills. The Fisher Space Pen® & More + Free World Wide Shipping!
Ti POST RAW Pen + Stylus
Solid TITANIUM Pen in a timeless RAW finish + improved posting, balance, & threads. Accepts 35+ refills, FREE Worldwide Shipping!
The LINK™ Key Hook from Raphael Quality Goods Co.
A functional solid brass key hook that adds quality and style to your everyday carry. Designed in Vancouver & Made in the USA.
Bedrock Sandals
Bedrock Sandals bring an ancient style of minimalist footwear to life with modern materials and killer colors made in the USA.
Genetipetz - Unique stuffed animals for creative kidz
The super-soft, lovable & huggable toy that mixes the best characteristics of different animals to celebrate science & diversity.
THE ROO INFERNO HAND POUCH - 'Embrace The Elements'
The Roo Inferno is a sleek and modernized hand pouch designed with superior cold protection to keep hands warm in an active environment
The Fusion Wallet 2
The Fusion Wallet 2 is a bold new design, For carrying your cards, cash and even your coins, Its CNC Machined and it comes in 3 sizes.
Horizon: The Disability Proof All-Terrain Electric Bike
Disabled or not, the Horizon trike is ready for your adventure. Adaptive to your physical ability, electric, all-terrain... AWESOME
Haloband: Control your smartphone with simple wrist move!
Haloband is a wearable device you can customize. Get your NFC smartphone common actions from just tapping. Let's make smart easy!
Allegory Handrafted Goods Co.
A leather Moleskine journal cover paired with your choice of reclaimed wood pens. Handcrafted in Chicago.
Cinchy - Carbon Fiber Belt System
A travel friendly belt, tailored to you. Made in the USA.
XERISCOPE: The Orbiting Mechanical Automatic Watch by XERIC
XERIC Watches: Stop strangers in their tracks with an unusual mechanical time machine beating on your wrist. Meet the XERISCOPE.
Touchpoint 2.0: the Coolest and Smartest Leather Gloves
Leather gloves with classic style, touchscreen control, and NFC that can open any app with just a tap. Prepare for jealous stares.
Meet Cinch!– The ultimate pop-up tent with solar power & LED
Advanced tent features in a quick & easy pop-up, with LED lighting & solar power. The Cinch! will never compromise your adventures.
the Prop
The Prop is an affordable and portable laptop stand.
Cliphone - Minimal Cord Organizer Stays and Stretches
Tiny, intuitive, easy accessible, cord friendly, and powerful cord organizer with stretchable body.
Switch Aero System: One Bike, Two Rides
Quick-Release Aerobars + Dual-Position Seatpost: Switch back and forth on-the-fly between a road position and an aero position.
A genuine piece of art that you can display on a shelf or desk. No matter which sign you are, you'll get the most awesome puzzle! Ever.
The Jabiru: Bottle Top Stem
Putting those gorgeous bottle tops to use, fashioning them into unique and personal stemmed glassware. The Kinkajou up-cycles again.
i-Ox Smartphone Grip - NEW way of using your device
i-Ox - The first in the World Smartphone Grip using new enhanced vacuum technology.
DropCatch – Magnetic Bottle Opener
A hand-crafted bottle opener that offers design, durability, and elegance.
ATLAS Throttle Lock: A Universal Motorcycle Cruise Control
This sleek, universal, bolt-on throttle lock is made in the USA for the pure relief of your throttle hand. Your ride just got better!
Ltd. Optics - ELX - Improving the Way You See the World
Mountain Tested. Rider Approved. Superior quality goggles with unparalleled field of vision.
Get the Funk Out
Get The Funk Out prevents your workout clothes and gear from smelling funky, spray after sweating to kill the odor causing bacteria.
Bird Photo Booth - Experience nature like never before.
BIRD PHOTO BOOTH is the first device designed to let you remotely watch, photograph, video and even talk to birds in real time!
Tribe UltraLight - "The wallet of the future"
Lighter, tighter, and easier than any minimalist wallet. Made from aerospace grade carbon fiber, texalium, and titanium.
Perspective Clocks
The Perspective series are five clocks composed of straight lines, each demonstrating a different approach to the dimension of time.
Peekapak: Get More Out Of Playtime!
Unpack Imagination! A monthly storytelling adventure integrating engaging characters, hands-on crafts, and educational learning.
Carbon Fiber Head Protection for Pitchers
Carbon Fiber Head Guards for pitchers are designed to reduce the risk of severe head injury while being comfortable and lightweight.
Slim - The Thinnest Wallet Ever.
The Supr Slim Wallet is a super-thin, card-carrying over-achiever. Designed for minimalists.
The Scorpion Light - Revolutionising your Films
The Scorpion Light is about portability, ease of use, flexibility and affordability. Taking lighting to the limits of your imagination.
FOLDIO - The 1st foldable studio for Smartphone
Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take high quality pictures. The new level of possibilities in Smartphone photography!
Tactica One - a precision tool for your beer.
A premium product for premium bottled beer without a premium price. A first release Beer Blade that leaves old bottle openers for dead.
MagMod - Magnetic Speedlite Modifiers for Hot-Shoe Flashes
MagMod is the simplest, easiest, strongest, fastest, and sexiest speedlite modifier system for Canon + Nikon hot-shoe flashes, period.
Tabbi - Patented Technology Tablet & Smartphone stand/holder
Holds any tablet or smartphone securely to almost any surface; even, uneven and curved - made possible by a patented gel suction cup.
Switch Port: A dry-erase light switch.
The best place for a whiteboard is not where you might expect.
Solo - Minimalist Razor Stand & Toothbrush Holder
Premium, solid-metal razor stand and toothbrush holder. Precision CNC machined and handcrafted. Fits most handles. Made in the USA.
FreedomCase: Adjustable Stand & Case for Microsoft Surface
A sleek, low-profile protective case that allows you to use your Surface anywhere, with kickstand and keyboard cover integration.
SITGREEN Cardboard Furniture
100% sustainable - insanely strong - cardboard furniture
The dog sleeping bag that mates with your sleeping bag!
BarkerBag is the perfect solution for keeping your dog, and your feet, warm and safe while camping!
PocketBands™ - The Wristband With a Hidden Pocket.
STASH YOUR KEYS, MONEY, AND MORE! PocketBands are great for running, surfing, biking, skating, swimming – even walking the dog!
Contemporary Dollhouse Furniture by Smallhouse Models
A lack of contemporary dollhouse furniture is keeping the dollhouse hobby stuck in the past. Together we can revitalize this fun hobby!
PURGGO: Bamboo Charcoal Car Air Eco-Purifier
Made with All-Natural Bamboo Charcoal. Adsorbs Odor. Scent & Allergen Free. Sustainably Made. Transform Your Car into a Personal Oasis!
Imprint Bicycle Grips - Make Your Mark
Easy to mould to your own hands. Complete contact means reduced and even pressure, maximum comfort & ultimate control
SteelConnect M - Stainless Steel Adapters for Moto360 Watch
Simply Amazing! | Reduce Cracked Back | Reduce pin hole damage | Adapt to different Wrist Size | FashionTech | Flexible Strap Swapping!
Flexy 2.0: Titanium Un-Wallet
Like no other minimalist wallet. Made in the USA from Titanium, Aluminum, and Carbon Fiber.
Swich - Wireless charger for iPhone & Android
Swich is a sophisticated wireless charger for smartphones. A mobile accessory made from sustainable materials.
Cable Anchor Ver.2
Cable Anchor version 2 : The simplest and fastest solution to keep your iPhone and iPad cable safe.
Toasty Handwarmers
Based off our original USB handwarmers, the new wireless version keeps hands warm without the restriction of USB cords.
KeyBit - MagSafe Adapter Key Ring
Never run out of MacBook power on the go with the KeyBit: the first MagSafe Adapter key ring.
Lumu - bringing Light Meter to the 21st Century
Lumu is the light meter for the iPhone and Android. Made to unleash the creativity in photographers.
Common Fibers - A Real Carbon Fiber Wallet
Making Carbon Fiber Casual: Carbon Fiber RFID Blocking Wallets and iPhone cases.
petite loop - a unique phone leash that fits your lifestyle
Petite loop is a must-have accessory compatible with any smart phone case - finally, a phone leash that fits your lifestyle!
Brew Cutlery
Brew Cutlery infuses the two finest pleasures in life: BEER & FOOD. A perfect bottle opener is integrated into each piece of cutlery.
Rumpl - The World's Best Blanket
The modern blanket inspired by active lifestyles and made from materials developed for the outdoor industry.
Flexy - Carbon Fiber Money Clip
A minimalist clip that organizes your cash and cards. Made in the USA out of Carbon Fiber, and it opens beer!
TorchGlo: Bringing Campfire Ambience to the Tent
TorchGlo bring a social lighting atmosphere to the campsite! It diffuses headlamp light into a warmer, ambient glow.
The Holdster Mason Jar Mug
The Holdster converts mason jars into sexy, leather-bound mugs. Your beverage has never looked so good.
Vända - playing cards redesigned
An innovative playing card deck design unlike anything you've ever seen!
The Fusion Wallet
The Fusion Wallet - A beautiful CNC Machined wallet, Designed to be the perfect fusion of style and function.
MagBak Case: World's thinnest car mount.
MagBak is a minimalist protective case and mounting solution for your iPhone. Perfect to mount in the car and anywhere else!
The Burger Master
The Burger Master makes all other burger presses obsolete! Shape, store and seal 8 quarter pound burger patties in one easy step.
Retro Inspired Dive Wrist Watches with the Best of Today
Automatic Watch Mov't, 316L Steel Watch Case, 200M Water Proof, Scratch Proof Sapphire Watch Crystal - Designed For Your Active Life.
CPX | Max Power Min Size - Portable Battery Solution
Highest density Power Bank. 10200 mA Credit Card sized 0.8in thick. Dual head Integrated/Detachable Cable. Replaceable Battery Cell.
SOAPSEAT: Finally the Perfect Soap Dish!
High Design - No more soggy soap. No ugly soap savers. Adapts to your shower, tub, or sink! Highest quality. No expense spared.
The SOOT Electropack 2: The Chargeable Carry-On, Perfected
It’s a Tablet-Sized Mini Messenger. It’s a Mid-Sized Commuter Backpack. It’s a Full-Sized Carry-On. And it Charges Your Mobile Devices.
The Holden Series - Rebuilding after the Chicago Fire.
A slim rollerball pen by Allegory. Handmade from wood that helped rebuild Chicago after the fire of 1871. Only 500 will be produced.
Pocket Tripod: 360° wallet-sized iPhone stand
The world's first iPhone stand that can articulate to any imaginable angle, and can transform to the shape of a credit card.
Bamboo Blackbox Cases
Stylish & Sustainable Bamboo Protection for your Apple iPad 2, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro. ........ Made in the USA - √ ........
Periodic TableWare
A line of drinkware based upon the iconic look of laboratory glass.
DELTA SIX: A new kind of game controller.
Open Source Gaming Gun Compatible with: XBOX, PS3, PC and the next generation of consoles.
Blue Moon Box: A Monthly Science Learning Kit for Kids
Blue Moon Box is a monthly subscription of science experiments & projects aimed at empowering future young scientific leaders.
Hover X - Ultimate Gamers LapDesk
Your Mobile Command Center. The 1st and Only of it's Kind. Designed and Engineered for Greatness. Made in the US by Gamers, for Gamers.
Modern Makeup Organizer: For iPhone, iPad, and Devices
A complete makeup organizer, display center, and universal docking station for iPhone, iPad & most phones & tablets - Made in the USA.
The Precision Collection ・ Writing Instruments
Allegory's second handcrafted collection features reclaimed woods, modern design, the much loved Hi-Tec-C, and customization.
Ultima S - A New Way to Hold Style, Mount for iPhone + More
Ultima S is the evolution of the original successfully funded stylish all aluminium universal in car mount, iPhone iPad, tablets + more
Runaway Bike Hot Tub: Advanced Bicycle Chain Lubricant
The Runaway Bike Hot Tub is a brand new paraffin-based heated bicycle chain lubricant treatment.
1.33x Anamorphic Adapter Lens for iPhone 5/5S
Create compelling widescreen films and photographs with your iPhone ...ending Saturday at Noon ET
The Ridge: Front Pocket Wallet
More than a minimalist wallet. An Aluminum and Titanium, RFID-blocking card holder and money clip solution with expandable track.
The Twelve Gauge Charger
Charge your phone with a shotgun shell! Hand-assembled in Richmond, VA.
Bamboo bee Bicycle
World's 1st Tech-based Handcrafted Bicycle that Brings you Simplicity and Happiness
WOLYT™ Sleeve - A slim wallet solution that fits your style.
A redefined minimalist wallet that combines functionality with style. It is the essential solution for your daily journey.
Wally Case = Minimal Leather Wallet + iPhone Protection
Simplify your grab-n-go with Wally Case: The minimal snap-on wallet case for iPhone 5/5S that secretly stashes your cards
auris skye: WiFi for your Dock
A WiFi receiver for your music dock enabling you to stream music wirelessly from iPhone, iPad, Android or Mac/PC using AirPlay or DLNA.
The eco-friendly honeycomb wine rack with infinite add-on capability.
SlimFold Wallet Soft Shell: Crash-tested minimal thin wallet
Slim wallet made from incredibly thin yet 70mph crash-tested motorcycle wear material. Finally a minimal wallet with no compromises.
RENDER K- A Custom Machined Pen
The RENDER K is a machined aluminum pen with a screw on cap and stainless steel clip that uses the popular Hi-Tec-C pen refill.
EDC Ink –“Every Day Carry” Keychain Pen – Go-With-You Art
EDC Ink is a beautifully designed series of ultra-portable writing tools, designed to always be with you.
Kettlebell Hand Protection
Minimalist kettlebell hand protection: feel the metal and save your hands with the K.H.P™ by COYOTL®
PHX Desk Organizer for pens + cords + more
Versatile anodized aluminum desk organizer that makes your favorite pens, iphones, and even your cords look awesome.
Drawing and Sketching SHOES using templates and guidelines.
Grow your own Tail..
We have always wanted a Tail! So we began to create the most expressive, controllable, and playful Tail there could be..
Aquor: The Ultimate Outdoor Faucet & Garden Hose Connector
A leak-proof, frost-free outdoor faucet that allows you to connect garden hoses in less than a second.
It's a chair. It's a mat. It's a hanger. And it's EVENaBAG!
This is no ordinary gear. Plan less and get out more. EVENaBAG has you covered. It's a chair. It's a mat. It's a hanger. And EVENaBAG.
Anchor of your style - ONLY MEN bracelet by Verge
Men don`t have such great choice in accessory as women. So I decided to make bracelet which man will definitely want.
Satchel & Page - Leather Bags Guaranteed For Life
Heirloom quality, 1940s styled leather bags. Inspired by my Grandfather's Map Case from WWII. Guaranteed for life.
Le petit cartable : leather messenger bags for iDevices
Le petit cartable is an unisex leather messenger bag. Made to fit and protect your laptops and tablets. Designed and made in FRANCE !
HALO BELT 2.0 - Bright LED Illuminated Safety Belt
Halo Belt 2.0 is the perfect bright and rechargeable safety device for runners, cyclists, and much more.
Prometheus Spins: The Lambda Top
The Lambda top marries brass, aluminum, and a ruby tip, taking the humble top to a new level of precision, performance, and beauty.
Satchel & Page: Custom Calf Leather and Waxed Cotton Jackets
Heirloom quality jackets with a tailored fit. Inspired by classic military and riding garments from the early to mid 1900s.
Riide - The bike has evolved. Lighter. Faster. Electric.
Sleek design. Integrated battery. Light and fast enough to take you everywhere you need to go.
Switchy - Carbon Fiber Key Holder
Carry keys better. Made in the USA.
OLLO ZERO - Parkour and Freerunning Footwear
The OLLO Zero. Low profile tactility, unparalleled grip and barefoot biomechanics. Perfect for Humans :)
Snapback Slim 2.0 - Minimalist Wallet, Professional Profile
This updated slim wallet can handle your cards, cash and receipts. A simple design with minimalists in mind. Made in USA.
TRIBE "The Sexiest Minimalist Wallet" 24K Gold Plated
Aerospace-grade carbon fiber plates between two beautiful money bars. Rethink your everyday wallet.
Piccolo LED
A small-scaled LED task lamp. Powered by your laptop or any USB jack.
Handcrafted Reclaimed Wood Pens
Allegory pens - made from reclaimed woods that are between 100 and 50,000 years old. Tell us what you think.
The Original Snake Bite: Forked Church Key & Bottle Opener
A uniquely handcrafted forked church key & bottle opener that will last a lifetime. 100% made in the USA.
STATION - Caddy for the Modernist
MODERN Caddy for your phone, keys, sunglasses, pens, loose change, etc. iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Android and many more.
TRIPLE 7: The World's First Aluminum SUP Fin
The World's First Aluminum SUP Fin; Faster, Stronger and Lighter.. Fin of the 21st Century.
The Instant Wallet : the unique 3 in 1 modular Wallet
The Instant Wallet is a unique and innovative concept: a 3 in 1 modular Wallet that is truly adapted to your lifestyle.
HALO is a multipurpose LED safety belt that can be used on a daily basis. Make everyday safety just a click away. Be Seen, Be Safe.
FORTIFIED: Bike Lights That Last Forever. We Promise.
Afterburner & Aviator: Indestructible, theft-resistant bike lights with a Lifetime, No-Matter-What Promise. Fortified Bicycle Alliance.
The FLOTE iPad stand floats your device for hands-free use.
Use FLOTE to enjoy your iPad/ tablet/ e-reader hands free while relaxing in a chair, couch or even better- your bed.
Rhino Shield: The Impact Resistant Screen Protector
Rhino Shield protects your iPhone, iPad, Android mobile and tablet screens against impact.
The Lomography Petzval Portrait Lens
A Legendary 19th Century Lens. Reinvented For Use With All Nikon F & Canon EF Mount Analog & Digital SLR Cameras.
EverDock Go: Universal Car Dock for iPhone, Android
World's First Premium Car Dock. Stunning Aluminum Design. Works with lightning, 30-pin, micro-USB. iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4, Samsung, HTC.
rootcup helps grow new plants from plant cuttings.
The Nice Clip - a Universal Lens Cap Clip & Cord Catcher!
Clip your lens cap anywhere with our low profile clip. Or stick the clip to your desk & use it as the worlds smallest cord catcher!
A perfectly balanced pen that works with both Hi-Tec-C & Signo DX (UM-151) refills. Includes Free World-Wide Shipping + More...
Tangramatic 39α: The Black Dial
A pilot watch-inspired 39a variant indicating minutes and seconds in fifths powered by Miyota 9015 encased in sapphire and steel
AirStand - Premium Fully Adjustable Universal Stand
AirStand is the ultra minimalistic, full 360 degree angle adjustable, high grade CNC machined aluminium universal stand for iPad & more
FORTIFIED: Bike Seat Security with an Anti-theft Guarantee
After our friend's bike seat was stolen, we created Payback: a bike seat security system with a Lifetime Anti-Theft Guarantee.
Sweetbox II, the perfect case for your Raspberry Pi
The smallest case for your Raspberry Pi and now ScorPi, a new camera board holder.
The YogoMat (Redux)
The eco-friendly yoga mat that folds and secures to fit in bags and purses, is easy to clean, and that you can take anywhere.
Haru Wallet - A Minimalist Wallet by Kisetsu Collections
Beauty, form, functionality. Haru Wallet helps to keep your everyday carry to an absolute minimum. Carry only what you need.
The 1941 Series - Historic Writing Instruments
Handcrafted from reclaimed wood steeped in history. Made in Chicago to world class standards.
Pogamat - Oversize Exercise Mat & Large Yoga Mat.
First of its kind large exercise mat and yoga mat. Great for P90X, Insanity, and Yoga. Usage:With or Without Shoes. Two sizes XL & XXL
The Nutter - The next generation of Bicycle Multi Tool
Designed for bike nuts everywhere! The Nutter features all the essentials for fixing your most common bike headaches whilst out riding.
STACT Modular Wine Wall: bringing sexy back to wine lovers.
Transform your wine collection into instant wall bling. Crafted from aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and premium wood veneers.
Backwards backpack: the revolutionary RiutBag
Safe city travel: all zips face your back. For 15" laptop + A4 docs. Grey + black. Join the rucksack revolution on www.riut.co.uk!
Sun Tail Mermaid: A Better Monofin Swim Flipper
A durable and super comfy monofin swimfin for kids, teens, and adults.
Tablio Mini Desk
Tablio is the mobile laptop desk that provides you with the space you need on the go, keeping you cool while you work.
The World's Most Elegant Titanium Mechanical Pencil
Nicholas Hemingway's Beautiful Titanium Mechanical Pencil is designed to stay with you for life. Beauty Engineered Simply.
Stealth Inspired Low Profile Laser Sintered Wallets
Minimal, discreet and practical. Stores 6+ cards, cash and business cards. Lightweight uni-body 3D printed design by Vanacci.
The LEED 500 Series High Power Electric Bike Conversion Kit
The 500 Series E-Bike Kit is the simple-fast electric bike conversion kit that transforms your bicycle into a high power electric bike.
The Pen Rest - Uniquely Stackable - FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
Worlds FIRST Vertical Stackable and Solid modular pen holder. The Ultimate place for your Pens, Your Friends Will Envy You!
Vintage Driver Chrono by Straton Watch Co.
Combining the love for Classic cars/racing and watches the Vintage Driver Chrono was born. Join us for an AWESOME ride!
Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse collectible art toy figures
New from Bigshot Toyworks come the Four Horsies of the 'Pocalypse collectible figures: Raven, Calamity, Ghost & Clash!
Crown Hockey - First Range
Crown Hockey have created a new field hockey stick design that uses spherical indents to reduce vibration.
A Carbon Fiber Ring — The Filament Ultralight
You won’t know it’s there, but everyone else will. Ultralight Filament Wound Carbon Fiber ring by ElementRings.
Productivity planner calendar poster & mini life adventures
Beat the humdrum, shake up the routine, live life like an adventure again - an activity planner of random stuff you never planned to do
Nemo's Garden: growing plants underwater
your own, self sustainable underwater garden!
HANDGREY™ : Quick Release Titanium Keychain Carabiner
HANDGREY™ SERIES Titanium Keychain Carabiner: Reimagine your everyday-carry.
SOLO - The Ultimate Work-Life Travel Bag Suitcase Backpack
Finally! A bag for today’s global traveller: A versatile companion to carry all of your essentials, and keep you happy and productive.
From Urban to Outdoor, The Ultimate Travel Backpack.
All the best aspects of a suitcase, hiking pack, and duffel bag in one carry-on size backpack for all your adventures
Exceptional Quality, The New Swiss Watch
The LIV Genesis is an exquisite, Swiss-made, sapphire crystal, full-featured watch. Designed for the man who won't be told what to do.
ECLIPSE FOAM ROLLER (Foam Rolling Redefined and Reinvented)
The Eclipse Roller is the most versatile foam rolling and myofascial release tool ever made.
X4 Circular Polarizer
Introducing the world's sharpest and most color neutral circular polarizer. With Traction...
Massage Track - Ever needed deep tissue massage NOW?
Do your own deep tissue massage with tennis or lacrosse balls for unequaled power, precision and versatility. Get loose, get relief!
Raindrop Box: Saving Rain? No droubt.
An innovative product for everyone to save freshwater and do the right thing in the midst of drought.
Kindness & Co. - Random Act of Kindness Kit
Let's start a movement of reciprocal kindness. Kindness & Co allows you to do a good deed for someone and feel great in the process.
GIR Silicone Lid Series
Aesthetically gorgeous, totally functional, & downright ingenious, the GIR Silicone Lid Series turns any bowl into a storage container.
The Monsieur Barbier Box : Shaving & Music, Razor & Style.
Made in Paris, beautifully designed. Our shaving stand redefines your morning routine, with music, style, and a French barber touch!
SOSCharger Self-Powered iPhone & Smart Phone Charger
Out of power? The SOS Charger is powered by you. Charge your smart phone, including iPhone, or USB powered device anywhere.
Standard Spoon for Craft Cocktails
A re-engineered bar spoon that spins effortlessly in your hand. Designed by artists for bartenders and cocktail lovers.
Carbon Fibre Evolved | Carbon Leather Wallet
Wallet crafted from a new leather, infused with carbon fibre. 9mm thick | lightweight aluminium body | Carbon is built to last an age.
CZFerro - spYke 60ml
Absolutely Interesting - Interactive Ferrofluid Display
The Not-a-Cat Cat: The World's First Cat that Isn't
Introducing the first cat that’s not a cat: The Not-a-Cat Cat! Created by Vat19.
DigiPlate | Mounting system for your laptop
The simplest & most rugged mounting system for your laptop [MacBook Pro] including drive & cable management solutions for photography.
SCOUT - The First Jogging Stroller Carrier for Cars
Never lift your jogging stroller again! SCOUT makes loading, transporting, and storing joggers easy.
Stylish, minimalist belts for travel, work & play | Kemer
Eight reversible designs with no holes, metal or overhang. Each belt stretches for maximum comfort. Simply adjust to your fit & click.
DYLN — The Bottle That Creates Alkaline Water On the Go
The DYLN Living Alkaline Water Bottle is portable, stylish, reusable, lightweight & increases the pH of water to create alkaline water.
Cold Shoulder Bags | Stay Frosty Friends
Is it a cooler? Is it a backpack? Nope, it is both. An everyday do it all rolltop bag with a removable cooler. Stay Frosty Friends!
SKIDDI: the first pocket-sized ski-wheels, a social good too
SKIDDI is the first pocket-sized ski-wheels, socially thoughtful and it's Made in Italy.
TUSK - The Universal Survival Knife by Loyal Blades
An innovative survival knife. The versatile multi-tool for outdoors, adventure, nature, camping or urban use. Cool knives!
RANGE- Minimalist Leather Wallets
Handcrafted minimalist wallets for both men and women that wear in, not out. Crafted in the USA.
LE MINI MACARON - DIY Gel Manicure Kits for Busy Women
A brand new line of gel manicure kits that lets you DIY gel polish when you want, where you want! Adorable, affordable & easy to use!
Fly Pedals V2 : Universal Clipless Bike Pedal Adapters
Convert clipless pedals to platform pedals instantly for casual riding. Version 2 : lighter, sleeker, and with more features!
Snapzoom: The Universal Smartphone Scope Adapter
Snapzoom the universal iPhone and Android adapter turns ordinary binoculars into super telephoto lenses.
The Hughes - Aerospace Grade Titanium Aviator Sunglasses
The Perfect Aviator Sunglasses: Titanium, Polarized, Perfectly Balanced, Strong, Lightweight, and Extremely Durable.
Orange Screw: The Ultimate Ground Anchor
The Orange Screw is an innovative and easy to use ground anchor made of 100% recycled materials and manufactured in Washington state.
Minimalist WALLET for Cash, Cards and COINS! >>> Functionality YOU will not BELIEVE <<<
Air Strap: A Camera Strap That Does More With Less
Carry your camera with ease. This breathable strap is a lightweight, versatile and comfortable alternative to traditional straps.
Drinking wine with style. Anytime. Anywhere
No.3 Phillips Screwdriver Bit that turns NEW & OLD screws!
Knife Edge™ screwdriver bits prevent slipping and stripping of screw heads! Use with existing tools. Saves time, energy and money!
BU Water - A Beautiful & Sustainable Filtered Water Bottle
An elegantly designed bottle with a natural bamboo filter to purify your tap water - a great alternative to single use plastic bottles.
DM1: Decadent Minimalist One – Aluminum Wallet
Decadent Minimalist One: A truly minimalist, coolest, precision crafted wallet machined from a single billet of aircraft-grade aluminum
Invisible Backpack: everyday urban backpack
Beautiful things don't ask for attention. This backpack keeps a low profile and instead concentrates on making our urban lives easier
The Menstrual Cup, Reinvented | Lily Cup Compact
A reusable menstrual cup that collapses into a case for easy carrying. It does the job of 1625 tampons; better for you and the planet.
Esington Glass: The Ultimate Productivity Timer
Resolve to be a better, more productive you in the New Year with the Esington Glass.
Oh My Sock - Sock Technology for the 21st Century
Black bamboo socks that breathe so your feet stay odour-free all day.
The Bottle Board: Where Fashion Meets Utility
Created by a Marine, the Bottle Board offers a fashionable, stylish twist on a multi-functioning tool.
A Full Grain Leather Belt To Last A Lifetime-We Guarantee It
An American made, full grain leather belt to last a lifetime. Cheers to the last belt you will ever purchase!
Pancor Watch - A Genius Pairing of Functionality and Style
The Pancor P01 is an affordable chronograph watch inspired by aviation. Premium materials, giving you the very best value.
Threadies: Sharing Comfort with Child Refugees
Threadies are handmade bears that provide trauma support for refugees. Buy a Thready and its unique twin is given to a child in need.
The Handmade Stainless Steel Everlasting Mechanical Pencil.
Forget the disposable culture, value your design tools and enjoy the lifelong companionship of a custom-made mechanical alloy pencil.
Customizable Goggles: Deft Optics !
Check out our website for all current product: www.Deftoptics.com
The GearPull: A Revolutionary Dangler
The most satisfying way to carry & deploy the key chain sized gear you use every day.
Mini Flux Capacitor - Back To The Future Collectible
Back to the Future 1:10 scale Flux Capacitor die cast collectible with working lights & optional keychain.
Paracord Products with a Savage Look
Always be prepared! Savage Expedition Gear will brand outdoors enthusiast on you with incredible life-saving paracord gear.
Zelos : Cosmos. An Otherworldly Watch
The Cosmos pushes the boundaries of design and manufacturing with sapphire dial components. A timepiece like nothing from this world.
JASWIG: Height-adjustable, wooden standing desk for everyone
If sitting is the new smoking, why are we letting our kids get hooked at such an early age?
Carvers Sunglasses by Epicstoke: Rediscover the Sun
Filter the world your way. See the sun on your own terms. You'll never look through sunglasses the same way again.
Meet Cloop: Your Handy Magnetic Cable Tie
Say goodbye to tangled headphones, chargers & cables. Say Hello to Cloop- Your Handy Magnetic Cable Tie.
Sukecchi: Portable Multi-Function Creative Sketch Tool
A credit card size multi-function drawing and sketch tool. Compass, protractor, ruler, t-square and more—all in your wallet!
C-Loop - Camera Strap Mount Solution
C-Loop is a camera strap solution that improves a photographer's shooting experience by eliminating strap interference.
SegSac: Elevate the way you pack
The SegSac™ is more than just a stuff sack. It's organized adventure in a bag.
Ferro Airborne - Titanium or Copper Pilot Watches
Titanium or Copper Pilot watches inspired by Vintage Aviation. Automatic or Hybrid movements with Sapphire Crystal. A watch for all.
Ferro Watch | A Watch Inspired by Sports Car Tachometer
A minimalist single hand watch inspired by Sports Car Tachometer. A modern look with a classic touch. Automatic movement /Swiss Quartz.
Chef Spoons
Original artwork on hardcore stainless steel all-purpose plating and cooking spoons for professional chefs and the impassioned
The Tactful (Tactical) Pen & Tool: A Unique EDC For Life
Carry Everyday - Use Everywhere - Helpful Utility Anytime! Finally A Pen & Tool Made Thoughtfully Just For You.
The Lume - Aerospace Grade Titanium Sunglasses That Glow!
The Lume uses tech from the swiss watch industry to make durable, comfortable, and perfectly balanced titanium sunglasses that glow.
Tactile Turn Mover & Shaker Pens - New Materials
The originals did so well that people asked for new materials! The same great click pens, just refined! Free international shipping!
Grip Clean - All Natural Industrial Hand Soap
The world's first all natural, industrial strength hand soap, infused with the cleaning power of DIRT.
The Clean Hands Changing Pad - SnoofyBee
The Portable Changing Pad That Keeps Curious Little Hands Occupied Away From the Mess! Don't worry, your baby is not the only one :)
The LapPad - Mobile Desk for Laptops-Tablets-Smartphones
The LapPad is a highly functional workstation / mobile desk for highly productive people with laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Bucklebee - Empowering kids to unbuckle their own car seat
Some kids need a little help unbuckling their car seat. Bucklebee lowers the buckle's release force so they can unbuckle themselves.
The Blade Bag : Interchangeable Ultra Slim laptop protection
The Transformer Tech Case, designed with the Urban Warrior in mind. Slim, functional, RFID Shielding and Interchangeable to your needs.
Fusion Wallet - The Hand Crafted Hardwood and Metal Wallet
Available in a variety of Hardwoods and 16 exterior designs. Inside the wallet are two secure storage bays for your cash & cards.
Rackless – the key rack that makes your keys float in midair
Rackless combines a magnetic key rack with a floating shelf, effortlessly suspending up to 150 keys in mid air.
Ltd. Optics - Goggle X - Click. Ride. Enjoy.
Changing conditions on the mountain will never affect your vision again. Introducing, Goggle X by Ltd. Optics.
Little Maddie Designer Figure
You've seen Maddie on Laughing Squid, io9 & more. Take her and her nightMare friends home with new toys from Bigshot Toyworks!
HOXBOX - sustainable, useful and cute animal pals for kids
A strong cardboard buddy to lean on, to sit on, to step on and to play on - that can even store a lot of stuff inside!
Alto Stand, The modern minimal standing desk
The modern standing desk, minimal-elegant-affordable design.
NEZUMI® Voiture - A True Classic Racing Chronograph Watch
The NEZUMI® Voiture is a true classic chronograph inspired by the 60s and 70s racing era.
Carbon 6 Forged Carbon Fiber Glow Rings
Our forged carbon rings offer a unique, modern take on the traditional wedding band. Please help us bring these rings to the world!
Cullector™ Ultra Efficient Shower
Cullector™ minimises shower waste by combining several water saving features into one simple self powered DIY retrofit.
Machine Era Titanium Multi-Tool
Introducing: Machine Era MULTI. A simple, functional, & sleek titanium multi-tool. Rethink Your Everyday Carry.
Beer & Friends - The Bottle Opener Reinvented
Laser cut bottle openers that give you a reason to live. Made in USA.
The Freelancer Planner
Track your income, client projects, tasks, & everything else in one planner, while learning better business habits.
Loud Bicycle: Car horn for your bike
Bicycle horns that sound just like car horns.
Game of Thrones Westeros "Golden Dragon" coins
From Shire Post Mint, these new brass coins are made to emulate gold coins. We'd like to raise enough money to do some sets in 22k gold
Red Umbrella Designs | Monster Blocks and More!
Blocks, toys, and natural home decor for the child in everyone.
CRAVAR - Leather Bags & Journal with your initials on them!
Hard wearing, classically styled leather bags & journals, make them your own, stamp them with your initials!
The BullRest Travel Pillow
Reimagine the travel pillow. 80% smaller than traditional pillows with a patented ergonomic design fit for all travelers.
Sarvi Dock: Designed for Apple and Android devices
First dock engineered for cases, works with most cables, sculpted with quality craftsmanship, looks great everywhere and much more.
AddBike : accordez votre vélo au rythme urbain !
Add Bike est un système innovant transformant votre vélo en un triporteur urbain stable et maniable, pour plus d'usages au quotidien.
We! Connect Cards: Create Conversations that Matter
60 card deck with a question on the front and a stretch on the back. Go create some great conversations!
Your whole trip organised in the seat-back pocket.
Orbitkey - The Elegant and Practical Way to Carry Your Keys
Orbitkey revolutionizes key carrying. It’s super stylish, quiet, organised, scratch free and infinitely customizable!
Pen Type-A : A minimal pen
We love Hi-Tec-C pens! Pen Type-A is a stainless steel replacement for the Hi-Tec-C's cheapo plastic housing.
Adventurous Leather Bags & Gear
A Messenger Bag, Convertible Backpack/Side Bag, Tech Roll Cord Organizer & more, to take you from Urban Jungles to Ancient Ruins.
Brevitē Camera Backpack
Brevitē was inspired by the student photographer who was looking to protect their gear without sacrificing honest and intuitive design
SOL Water | Hydration Powered by the Sun
Revolutionary hydration reservoirs that disinfect water using just the power of the sun! Backpacking | Sport | Preparedness | Survival
TUO: The Ultimate Travel Undergarment Organizer
TUO,The Travel Undergarment Organizer: Pack your suitcase better, keep it organized in your hotel room
ZULU-07 PRO - Aircraft Inspired Automatic Wrist Watches
Cockpit Inspired Automatic Wrist Watches. Watches Inspired by Vintage Aircraft Clocks. Watches Water Resistant to 20 ATM.
YOHANN - the different stand for the iPad
A unique combination of high functionality, minimalist design and intuitive use.
Spine: Titanium Minimalist Wallet
Introducing Spine: the world’s thinnest, most beautiful minimalist wallet. Proudly made in the USA from grade 5 titanium.
Grow & Discover. AquaSprouts: Aquarium Aquaponic Garden
The AquaSprouts Garden stylishly combines your aquarium and garden into a self-sustaining desktop ecosystem.
Brace – Beautiful leather accessories for life on the go
Brace makes your life easier. Our beautiful leather accessories are the essentials you need for life’s everyday adventures
Leano ☼ have a chair everywhere
Relax. We got your back. With this simple, light and comfortable chair.
Fulcro : Craft / Stainless Steel / Minimalist Bottle Opener
Crafted Like Your Beer! Minimalist Design. American Crafted. 100% Rad! Fits into any wallet. Support Craft-Made / Enjoy Craft Beer!
Commit30 Planner: Small Steps = Big Results!
A daily planner & goal-setting notebook designed to help you commit to your goals & dreams and design a life you love!
CRAVAR - Leather Bags & Journals
Inspired by the classics, finely crafted, made to last. International shipping & name/initials stamping included.
The Norlan Whisky Glass
Combining design, science, and sociology for the perfect whisky drinking experience.
RevoMax Bottle: A Twist Free Vacuum Insulated Flask
The RevoMax Vacuum Insulated Flask opens & closes instantly with a threadless quick release lid…no awkward twisting & turning required.
Talley & Twine: Luxury Chronograph Watch w/ Leather NATOs
[Watch] Distinctive luxury chronograph watches with your choice of matching leather NATO straps. FOUR (4) styles to choose from!
#FreeYourFeet with the world's most minimalist footwear, FYF
Enhance your performance with the world’s most reduced high-tech protective footwear for a natural barefoot feeling in any sport you do
The 2015 MostRad™ Minimalist Wallet (RFID Protection)
A refreshing new take on our classic premium minimalist wallet offering comfort, speed, style, and security.
TYNI WALLET: Stylish, Slim and Functional Leather Wallet
Super thin leather wallet that adapts to your needs, cash, cards and more. A minimalist designed wallet that is stylish and functional.
THE SINGLE EDGE | Your mornings deserve more.
We've reimagined the vintage safety razor and rebuilt it from the ground up. The result is intuitive, easy to use, and built to last.
The Bag For Photographers, Travelers, & Adventurers || PRVKE
A travel/photography backpack designed so your attention is focused on where you are and not what you're carrying.
Leather Wallets and Belts to last a Lifetime.
~Five Wallet Designs, Four 1.25" Dress Belts and more 1.5" everyday belts. All made in the USA with Full Grain Leather~
ACp : Your AC outlet and DC power bank in your pocket.
Portable, powerful AC power bank with USB outputs designed for all your daily needs. Charge or power up anything, anywhere.
Titanium Mini Q - A Key Organizer & Knife for Everyday Carry
The key organizer just revolutionized itself - the ultimate key organizer & locking knife in one - consolidate your everyday carry!
Minimal -- The Multifunction Tool Card
A minimalist tool at your fingertips designed for all your everyday tasks -- and more.
Wanderlust Quilt
Help me carry on the time-honored craft of quilting in this beautiful and ethical way.
Wally Micro - The Minimal Wallet with a Few Surprises
Enjoy carrying less everyday with Wally Micro, a leather pull-tab wallet designed with fun and function in mind.
EdgeOpener - Bottle Opener on the Edge, Re-launched
Open a bottle with the edge of a counter top, table, bar, workbench or anything flat without damaging the surface or dropping caps!
BlaqPaks PDX Carpet Bags
We're landing #PDXCarpet on our guaranteed-for-life, handmade-in-PDX BlaqPaks. Help us bring this custom-printed Cordura to life!
Squishy Forts - Pillow Fort Construction Kits
For the Pillow Fort Architect in all of us that never grew up, this lifestyle furniture construction toy is perfect for you!
The Rocket Travel Slider
Get SUPER SMOOTH dolly shots up to 10 feet long with this easy to use slider that compacts down to the size of a shoe box!
Multifunction comb that fits in your wallet
HUIT JUIN maison | Stylish and reversible table linen
Designer of stylish and reversible table linen that we are proud to use in our very own homes | Linge de table réversible et design.
Chameleon Pens: One Pen Blends Multiple Color Tones
Each Chameleon Pen produces multiple color tones. Stunning gradations, highlights, shading & seamless blends, all with one pen.
Port Wallet: Minimal Handmade Leather Card Wallet
A minimal handmade leather wallet allowing for your indispensable cards plus some cash. Heritage quality, and heirloom durability
The Body Wheel™ for Yoga, Stretching, Fitness, & Acrobatics
Designed for comfort, stability, & performance enhancement, the Body Wheel™ pinpoints tightness & pain in your back, hips, & shoulders.
The Quarter Century Belt | 25 Years Guaranteed.
Premium vegetable-tanned leather belts built to last. Finally a classic, minimalist design for your raw denim jeans at wholesale price.
The KeySquare: Gentlemen, there is a better way...
The KeySquare: a better way to carry your keys, open bottles, and look good doing it.
Duet - Charging, Simplified. (iPhone and Apple Watch Dock)
An elegant charging solution bringing iPhone and Apple Watch together in perfect harmony.
The VolksDangler: Hack your pockets
EDC Tool & Key chain dangler systems in Titanium & Mokume. Still the best way to organize your in-pocket Every Day Carry
Twist: A ultra-portable universal adapter for your MacBook
Twist is a ultra-portable universal adapter for MacBook with optional 4 USB charging ports, universal outlet and easy to use design.
Baggizmo - the only everyday carry bag you will ever need
Put your gizmo in Baggizmo! It's an unique EDC bag for all the gadgets and things you need to have at your fingertips at all times.
TK-TUKK | Titanium Utility Knife Keychain | EDC |TK-MQR
An ultra portable EDC utility knife, that conceals like a flash drive. The Official Unofficial Kickstarter Reward Opener!
TRAVISLEON: Redefining the smart luxury mechanical watch
The Heirloom Series Watch. Vintage inspiration, swiss-designed elements, double-dome sapphire glass & customized mechanical movement.
Tactile Turn Pruner & Parer Razor Handles
Are you tired of hiding your razor because the handle is ugly? How about the plastic feels cheap and flimsy? You'll like these.
Mantis and Cricket: Bug out with this nimble multi-tool duo
18+ different tools between the two slim devices. Perfect additions to your bug out bag. Now being offered in TITANIUM!
LÝSA | A wood LED lamp in two dimensions
LÝSA lamp is a stunning design for your home. Play and vary its moods for your comfort.
VeloStrap - The simple smartphone bike mount
VeloStrap, the new way to attach any smartphone or cellphone to any bicycle handlebar or stem. Simple, Stable and Inexpensive design.
Wipebook 3 | The reusable whiteboard notebook
Brainstorm, take notes, iterate, plan, collaborate and generate great ideas in an eco-friendly reusable notebook!
Lightcase Pro – Bigger Pop Up Photo Studio for Smartphones
Get pro photos in a snap using your iPhone or camera. Lightcase enhances the natural light. Now bigger and expandable!
MUSGUARD: A removable, rollable bicycle fender
Smart and elegant solution for protecting your back when riding on wet and muddy roads.
Align - A Minimal Pen with a Twist
The world's first dislocated twist pen ever made ! An exquisite pen with a sculptural shape. Innovation and quality made affordable.
#SocialCut: the Ausker experience
We are looking for funds to make the #SocialCut real and to help us producing the knives. Making life better, one slice at a time.
The UpCycle Cage - Leather Bicycle Accessories
An exclusive, limited run, adjustable-sized bicycle water bottle cage hand-built from upcycled stainless steel water bottles.
STONE & CLOTH: Premium backpacks and bags for mindful living
Made in USA and shipped to your door at an honest price. Your purchase provides 25 hours of classroom learning for a student.
Desktop Stool
Laptop stand designed to help you work better with a right posture and with ALL of your devices. Timeless piece for now and the future.
Redwood. Watches for Exploring the World
56 Models Inspired by Vintage Field Watches. Functional. Rugged. Designed for the Outdoors. Crazy Value.
The ROAM™ Passport Wallet from Raphael Quality Goods Co.
The ultimate leather travel wallet, designed to carry your passport, notebook, cards and a pen - Handcrafted in Canada.
TSTAND tablet stand -'iPad Pro's secret hero'
Tstand is a multipurpose adaptable, compact, and lightweight tablet stand that will revolutionize the way you use your tablet. 7"-13"
Bike Balls Bicycle Light
Bike Balls - the World's Most Overconfident Bicycle Light.
The CutterPillar "Crop" Paper-Cutter/Trimmer
The best paper cutter in the world is now... portable!
Nearbuds and their Nearbuddy - Magnetic Earbud accessories
Nearbuds and their Nearbuddy are magnetic Earbud accessories that keep your earbuds where you want em' with no tangle and no dangle!
THE BEST FITTING BELT, EVER! Can your belt do this?
You've got to see it, to believe it. . $30,000 STRETCH GOAL ADDED!
Premium iPhone Case : Lucidream eXo-Skeleton - iPhone 6 & 6+
Premium Stainless Steel impact absorbing iPhone case, with an integrated accessories connection, enabling functional customization.
CLIC, the Multi-Functional leash. Bring your dog everywhere.
Tethering your dog has never been so easy or looked so good. Spend more time with your best friend with CLIC.
The Everyday Adventure Bag - KP Sling
The perfect everyday adventure bag combining great functionality with minimal weight and impact on the wearer.
Good Hangups: Hanging System for Posters, Prints, & More!
No Holes. No Damage. All Fun! GoodHangups are Patent Pending Internationally!
Cover your MacBook, iPad or Phone in a Japanese Kimono Obi
Bring back the everyday use of traditional and formal Japanese obi by covering your gear.
Loopy® | No More Phone Drops, Easy One-Handed Use
Loopy® has a patented loop to StoptheDrop™ & makes your phone easy to use one-handed! Available for iPhone 6/s, 6/s + & Galaxy S6.
Nano Cannon Stirling Engine - By Kontax Engineering
CNC machined Nano Cannon Stirling engine powered from a tiny flame using the supplied burner. An elegant design with mesmerising action
Clingies - A versatile clip and docking system.
Clip it, cling it, bring it - to the home, gym and workplace! How will you use yours?
A handy, pocket sized card of strong but meltable bioplastic that you can use to make, fix and modify the world around you.
Leap Kit | A map, journal, & cards for planning 90-day leaps
A map, journal and deck of cards that help you design a meaningful 90-day project – all housed in a beautiful folio.
MotoChic: Convertible Backpack for Work, Play, and Every Day
Form fitting, fashionable and functional gear for women on the move.
Loud Mini Bicycle Horn
Make your ride safe with a bike horn that sounds like a car horn.
"Nacre" Lift-tip Oyster Knife by Fourth Cliff Tool Co.
"Nacre" is a high-end satin finish 440c stainless steel lift-tipped Oyster Knife, which is artful and ergonomically designed.
modbox - modern mailbox
Never before has there been a mailbox that allows you to express yourself like modbox!
Radian: a motion time-lapse device for everyone.
Ultra-simple and ultra-affordable. Feature rich. Pans AND tilts. The best way to create beautiful time lapses with your camera. Period.
Snapback Slim Deluxe Wallet - Minimalist Wallet Collection
This exceptional leather wallet collection is simply designed with minimalists in mind. Hand-crafted in the USA.
TEKNIQ - A Camera Strap / Cuff and Modular Camera Bag
Two camera accessories that will change the way you carry your camera. Check them out!
THE most versatile camera bag for your action cam and GoPro®
The GIPFLbag inspire you to get new perspectives and more versatility mounting options for your action cam and GoPro®.
Plinth - the World's best stand for your Tablet / iPad
You carry your tablet everywhere - now you can instantly place it at the perfect angle for any task at the touch of a button.
Pon - The Punctureless Push Pin
Pon hugs the photos and paper you want to display without puncture. Made in the USA - Patent Pending Internationally
The Parachute - A Superior Multi-Tool Has Landed
Ten commonly used tools in one small uniquely-shaped device. Enter the Parachute.
FISH BONE - Knotless Gear Tie
Paracord's new best friend.
Circuit Board Ties and Tech Fashion Revolution! | TechWears
Black tie events will never be the same. Geek out on the world's first Circuit Board Tie, delivered by Christmas!
SIMPLcase ~ Minimalist iPhone 5 Case for Travelers
Onboard storage of SIM cards & eject tool. Use any standard credit card or membership card as a stand. Sleek, low profile design.
The Foot Hammock
The Foot Hammock is the most comfortable way to sit at your desk.
TRAKLINE >> Carry-All Utility Belt
Best Belt you'll ever own ! No belt holes, instead a hidden track offers 40+ size positions - a perfect fit. @ www.KoreEssentials.com
The World's Warmest NECK GAITER with Stash Pocket
Keep your neck warm and your essentials safe - Polar fleece warms you in the coldest of colds - Hidden pocket secures your valuables
Bellzi®: Anything & Everything Cute!
We need YOUR help to improve our production process & make Bellzi® plushies more affordable!
Behold Flat Tire Bike Cage Mounts Under Your Bottle Cage
Behold makes it easy to always be prepared to fix a flat. It mounts just like a water bottle cage.
On Wheelz : an awesome innovation in urban mobility !
On Wheelz by Flaneurz: be the first to turn your favorite shoes into rollerskates in one clip. Experience the city differently !
Slim 2: The Perfect Minimal Wallet
Slim 2 wallet is a beautifully simple, super-thin, card-carrying over-achiever. Designed for minimalists.
Turn your iPhone 6/6s into a GoPro with the ProShot Case
Proshot is a waterproof case that protects your iPhone 6/6s down to 90 feet and can be mounted on almost any surface.
Drawn | Customized 3D printed Design furniture and deco
Get our range of Furniture and Interior Design objects fully customizable and 3D printed locally just for you.
Albert - digital clock for kids (and grownups)
The Albert clock gets your brain active, it keeps you sharp with mathematics, and it can be set to different levels of difficulty.
Trobla: A wooden amplifier for iPhone and other smartphones
The portable and sustainable solution that enhances your phone’s sound in style.
Precision Coffee Grinder: Better Grind, More Flavor
Developed by thousands of coffee enthusiasts around the world to produce a consistent grind with 20 Coarseness Levels. Hand Ground
Mighty Mug - The Mug That Won't Fall
Mighty Mug grips to your desk when knocked into but lifts naturally. Powered by Smartgrip technology Mighty Mug is a new smarter mug.
Blue Freedom | The World's Smallest Hydropower Plant
Utilizing the power of flowing water, Blue Freedom produces portable energy to charge all your electric devices.
The Knuckler: A Multi-Tool to Roll with the Punches
10+ tools in one aggressive-looking design. Scrape, measure, tighten, and more. Knock out small jobs with the Knuckler.
Cloak and Dagger Titanium Multi-Tools!
With 18+ functions between this duo, and multiple knotless gear tying options – this combo is ready for any tool-needed mission!
The ultimate sleep sanctuary: Kokoon EEG headphones
Sleep better with the world's first sleep sensing EEG headphones. Perfect peace and comfort with audio that responds to your sleep.
TIO - Save the World, twice a Day
TIO is a complete rethinking of the everyday toothbrush, combining the best elements of design, oral care and sustainability.
Wood and steel watches created in collaboration with the renowned Danish watch designer Bo Bonfils.
GoSun Grill: A Breakthrough Solar Oven that Cooks at Night
Easier, faster and more delicious, this fuel-free cooker can bake, boil or fry a meal for eight, using only the Sun... day or night
T2 Minimalistic Led Lamp
T2 is a handmade lamp that connects natural materials with modern aesthetics and technology
AWK-105 Analog Voltmeter Clock
The Voltmeter Clock uses dual analog meters to tell time - one for hours and and one for minutes. It's both stylish and functional!
Trail Mutt: Doggie equivalent of the diaper bag
Our multi-functional products go seamlessly from Trail to Town.
Beastgrip Pro the world's best camera rig for smartphones
The most versatile lens adapter and rig system for phoneographers. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows phones!
TruForce Collectibles: Mega Man X Action Figure
Behold! An all new, unique rendition of the iconic blue android himself...X, from Mega Man X!
CHATLIGHT: Studio Quality Lighting For Video Chat
Chatlight mounts to your favorite smartphone, tablet, or laptop to beautifully illuminate all of your video chats and selfies!
LittleHammer. The spring-loaded impact nut tool for climbers
Innovative new nut key for rock climbers: trad climbing & aid climbing. One-hand operation; percussive impact to release stuck nuts.
SANCTUARY: Bring the outside in.
Sanctuary is a little mossarium that maintains the perfect moss environment. Perfect for small spaces.
Lucidream eXo-Skeleton : Premium iPhone Case Reinvented
A Premium Stainless Steel impact absorbing iPhone case, with an integrated accessories connection, enabling functional customization.
Get FIT! Full body fitness that takes you everywhere.
Denmark’s fitness breakthrough: all your exercise in minutes, with less impact than a walk! Core, cardio, glutes, thighs - all at once
Adaptalux: An Adaptable Miniature Lighting Studio
A portable macro photography and videography adaptable lighting studio. The only limit is your imagination.
Naked Filter - clean water for Every Body
The water you drink should be naked: free of bacteria, free of added chemicals, and free of hassle. Drink naked water anywhere.
WingLights - Versatile Indicators for Bicycles.
Did you miss our campaign? You can still order WingLights at www.cycl.bike
Ferrofluid: A Symbol of the Future
Using Ferrofluid to Inspire Curiousity
the Pocket Staple notebook
A notebook designed to inspire storytellers. For every pack sold, we send a Story Supply Kit to a kid with a story to tell.
HYDAWAY™ | A Pocket-Sized Water Bottle Fit for any Adventure
HYDAWAY is a handy alternative to disposable plastic water bottles - it folds down easily to fit in almost any pocket!
The Man Comb. Be the Boss of your Hair, Beard & Beer
A tough & compact flip comb. The ultimate tool for your hair & beard... Custom options available.
The Odd Collective bedding
Together with Furry Little Peach & Yoko Honda, The Club of Odd Volumes are super excited to launch patterned bedding.
LITELOK®: Lightweight, flexible and super secure bike lock.
Who says bike locks need to be heavy and cumbersome to be secure? Litelok® - the worlds first light, flexible & super secure bike lock.
Glif - iPhone 4 Tripod Mount & Stand
Glif is a simple iPhone 4 accessory with two primary functions: mounting your iPhone to a standard tripod, and acting as a kickstand to prop it up.
SMASH CUP: A reusable coffee cup that fits in your pocket
Leak-proof, collapsible and eco-friendly. For any coffee drinker who carries just a briefcase, handbag or less when they’re on the go!
Langly Camera Bags: Fashion + Function
A fashionable camera bag made by a photographer for photographers.
Spressa - Enhance your AeroPress experience
Make your coffee with less effort while providing a home for your AeroPress and its tools. Made from green, sustainable materials.
FIRE & BONE: Tiny, Digitally Captured, Metal Animal Skulls
Miniature animal skull replicas, reproduced in high detail using 3D scanning, 3D printing, and traditional lost wax casting.
Bureo - Recycled Fishnet Skateboards for Cleaner Oceans
The Minnow: The first skateboard deck made out of recycled fishnets collected along the coast of Chile. Make waves!
POSTICK - Adhesive labels that convert things into postcards
Adhesive postcard-back labels that transform photographs, drawings, notes & all sorts of things into real, physical postcards.
Furrow Books - Minimalist and Versatile Notebooks
Simple, clutter free, reliable, and versatile notebooks that allow you to use any ruling you'd like, anywhere within your notebook.
Lightcase | Pop up Photo Studio for Smartphones
Lightcase is a pop up photo studio that helps you photograph small objects quickly & professionally using a smartphone
Bicycle Frame Handle
A made-in-USA leather handle that makes carrying your bicycle as easy as carrying a briefcase.
Little Robot Friends
Little Robot Friends are cute, smart, and customizable robots - each with a unique personality that develops as you interact with them.
ANICORN: A Designer Watch - Unique Concentric Disc System
Time is intriguing. Time is contemporary. Time is simple. ANICORN is time.
bolstr - The Ultimate EDC Bag. Minimal and Perfectly Sized.
Need a few extra pockets? The perfect crossbody bag for guys and their smart phones, keys, wallets, sunglasses, and a few more items.
The Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner
The Smartphone Film Scanner Offers You a New Way to Instantly Scan and Share 35mm Films Using Your Smartphone.
Mous Musicase - iPhone 6 & 5 case with headphone storage
Solution to tangled, lost and damaged headphones in the form of an iPhone case. For the iPhone 6 & 5 & 5s (5c stretch goal).
The new, colorful HEDGE planter collection brings greenspace and modern design to the urban dweller. Transform your home into an oasis.
Woodward Throwbacks - Reclaimed Woodworking Detroit
A line of products made from reclaimed wood found in illegal dumping sites throughout Detroit, MI.
Mogics Light - A Revolutionary Multi-functional Light
Waterproof; can FLOAT & SINK. 3 Modes: Normal Light, Signal Light, Breathing Light. 1 button controls all. Rechargeable by USB source.
Firefly LED Pendant Light
Going beyond glassware and candle holders, the Kinkajou now helps beautify the home with the Firefly LED Pendant Light Kit.
Axis360: modular motion control for cameras
A compact, motorized tripod head and slider for dynamic video and timelapse photography.
The Orbit Turntable
An all-analog turntable for today's vinyl listener. High-performance playback, attainably priced.
Slate - Mobile LapDesk
The essential accessory for your laptop. Created for business professionals, students, designers, gamers, or just anyone with a laptop.
Genie - Motion control time lapse device
A simple, affordable and extremely easy to use device used for motion control and image capture for film and time lapse photography.
Aer Duffel Pack: The Modern Office and Gym Bag
Simplify the way you carry your gym and office essentials. Designed for the modern workplace.
Rhino GoPro Accessories: 360 Swivel & Poles for GoPro Camera
Capture incredible footage with unique GoPro camera mounts: 360 Helmet Swivel Mount and POV Poles.
Dandelion 360° - Weeds Redefined - A Dandelion Paperweight
Weeds are plants that can't seem to grow in rows. These dandelions have been preserved as they're about to disperse. Each one's unique.
Beton | Coffee Storage Vessel
A modern storage vessel designed to preserve coffee in an optimal environment.
Inspired by the outdoors, built for life in the city, and designed to address the challenge of global travel.
bloom blanket
A cozy piece of art, inspired by origami, for anyone to have at home.
Elevation Stand: Best Stand for iMac & Apple Displays
Raise your screen for better posture. Seamless, Apple-level construction.
The Present
Own The Present.
"Designed for surfers, swimmers and other water athletes, SurfEars™ protect your ears without affecting hearing and balance"
Halfbike - the personal vehicle that brings joy back to urban mobility.
HopBox Handcrafted Brewing Kits
Ever wanted to homebrew your own beer or cider? We designed a compact, snazzy way to craft your beer in style! Cheers!
Moment - Amazing Lenses For Mobile Photography
The highest quality lenses to empower mobile picture takers everywhere to capture incredible images with their phones.
modbox - Retro Midcentury Modern Mailbox
Design inspired by mailboxes produced in the 50s and 60s that complements your home's midcentury aesthetic.
Manifold Clock: Telling time in 3D
Simple, elegant and beautiful. The Manifold Clock is a timepiece that displays an ever changing form.
Brio: The World's Safest, Smartest Power Outlet
Brio is a safe, smart, and bold new electrical outlet that takes the place of old and potentially dangerous outlet technology.
The Stupendous Splendiferous ButterUp
Enjoy real butter straight from the fridge. The ButterUp knife softens butter in spectacular form!
Lithe Clock: Dance Through Time
The longest and thinnest hands of a clock. Time has a life of its own.
FIRE & BONE 2: Tiny, Digitally Captured, Metal Animal Skulls
Miniature animal skull replicas, reproduced in high detail using 3D scanning, 3D printing, and traditional lost wax casting.
The Miira View Frame
A tool designed to enable artists to measure perspective, proportion, foreshortening, and improve the accuracy of their drawings.
ONDU Pinhole Cameras
The first durable and simple to use pinhole camera that can be passed on for generations!
Elevation Dock: The Best Dock For iPhone
Undocking's a breeze and it works with cases. Built at a whole new level of quality with a beautifully minimal design.
The Electric Loog Guitar
The Electric Loog is a small, electric 3-string guitar kit designed to make it fun and easy to play music.
NeoLucida - A Portable Camera Lucida for the 21st Century
The NeoLucida is a 19th-century optical drawing tool updated for the 21st century.
Gramovox™ Bluetooth Gramophone
Stream nostalgia via the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone.
Wearhaus Arc - Wireless headphones reinvented
Designed with precision tuned audio, social music listening, color customization and touch controls.
Rugged Material: Wholesale Leather Goods for Everyone.
Premium Leather Goods for Everyone. Made in U.S.A. Guaranteed for Life. Delivered at wholesale.
MaCO - Magnetic Cable Organiser
Keep your cables neat, organised and tangle-free. Attach MaCO to wall or on desk to keep cords from falling.
BLAZE Bike Light
BLAZE is a beautifully designed, high-quality bike light that also aims to significantly improve a cyclist's visibility and safety!
GoSun Stove: Portable, High Efficiency Solar Cooker
Only 20 minutes to a meal, safely sizzling up to 550°F, the GoSun Stove is the first truly practical fuel-free cooking solution.
Whispering Imps™ Playing Cards
A deck of playing cards inspired by Harry Kellar's famous Whispering Imps, hand drawn by illustrator Mark Stutzman, printed by USPCC.
FlyPedals - Universal Clipless Bike Pedal Adapter
FlyPedals adapt to every clipless bicycle pedal to allow for an easy transition between riding and lifestyle. Light, strong, & sleek.
Moment Case- World's Best iPhone Case for Mobile Photography
A case for mobile photographers that turns your iPhone 6 into an even better camera with a shutter button, lens, and strap attachment.
Onewheel :: The Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard
Onewheel: the self-balancing electric skateboard that gives you the feeling of flying
Neat Ice Kit
The Neat Ice Kit is a set of tools to create beautifully clear ice for a variety of cocktails, right at home.
The Odin: A Puzzle Dog Toy with a Modern Modular Design
We believe dog toys can be functional and beautiful without compromising anything. Our toy is fun, beautiful and expandable.
Helix™ - The World's Best Folding Bike
Big wheels. Titanium frame. Smaller, lighter, safer and easier to use than any other folding bike in the world. Made in Canada.
Sophia - The Smart Skipping Rope
Smart data meets fitness. A clever activity tracker within a high tech jumping rope. Track calories & sync your exercise via Bluetooth.
Maintenance-Free Bicycles that Make Cycling Easy
A new concept in cycling, a beautifully designed bike with smart engineering & low cost. Quality with no compromise, Priority Bicycles
Freedom Chair: the Adaptive All-Terrain Mobility Machine
The Freedom Chair empowers people with disabilities to move beyond the pavement. Join us in redefining mobility around the world.
Mozbii - World's 1st color picking stylus
What can be more fun than capturing colors from real world to create your own art? Great for everyone, especially with creative mind!
Palette - A Freeform Interface That Controls Any Software
PALETTE is the first FREEFORM hardware interface that offers hands-on control of your favorite software.
VIER - Compact High Security Bike Lock
Break free from U-lock tyranny. With our 4-piece high security lock and shackle system that fits into a bag the size of a burrito.
The Mini-D: A modular dangler
Small, versatile, Titanium. Descended from the Revolutionary GearPull. A great way to carry, stow and deploy your EDC.
Little Lotus: help your baby rest, give to a baby in need
Swaddle, sleep bag & blanket w/NASA technology to keep babies at the perfect temp. so they rest better. Buy one, help a baby in need.
Boneyard Pets: Colorful 3D Puzzle Dinosaurs Made in Brooklyn
Help us bring our CNC cut dinosaur puzzles into mass production. Beautiful design objects, also: DINOSAURS!
The most simple to ride, simple to maintain, and simple to adjust children’s bike available, the Priority Start!
The Lomography New Petzval 58 Bokeh Control Art Lens
Swirl to Freedom with the World’s First Petzval Bokeh Control Lens.
Handmade LED Lamp T1
T1 — is a hand-made, energy efficient unique desktop LED lamp. T1 is made using 80% of recycled materials.
Cubii: World's First Under-Desk Elliptical Trainer
An affordable, sleek, ergonomic trainer that integrates wirelessly with mobile devices and fitness trackers to make sitting healthier
Tenkara Rod Co. | A Simple Way to Fish
Tenkara is a minimalistic method of fishing that involves a rod, a line, and a fly. It’s fun and easy. Now go catch some fish!
Duo | Coffee Steeper |
Easily brew ridiculously good coffee at home. A dual chamber "twist" on a traditional French press. Big bold taste, no gunk.
Tool Pen - Makes Everything Beautiful
A smart & versatile Multi-Tool, like holding a sleek Pen. Unique Pop-A-Point design for bits replacement. Functional & Flexible!
Runbell, Frustration Free Urban Running
A stylish wearable bell for runners, solving the problem of how to courteously warn pedestrians on shared pathways
SHELFIE - home is where you hang your bike.
Shelfie is a contemporary design that will look perfect inside your home, with or without a bike.
Pop-up paper house
Intricately detailed 2 story, 8 room pop-up paper house folds flat for storage or travel. Light but sturdy, it is designed for play.
SEATYLOCK- Bicycle Saddle & Lock in One Amazing Product
A Bicycle SADDLE that quickly transforms into a solid one meter bicycle LOCK. Fully compatible with any bike!
Bake On tea towels
Bake On is a collection of screen printed, baking tea towels, on which are featured step by step recipes.
Boneyard Pets Version 2.0
3D Dinosaur Puzzles in New Colors and material, fabricated in Brooklyn, NY. The ultimate 3D puzzles for all ages!
Betabook: The Portable Whiteboard for the Digital Age
The whiteboard tablet in the form of a book. Enjoy the creative freedom of a rewritable dry erase surface wherever you are.
HOBOROLL™: the essential stuff sack for life's adventures
The HOBOROLL™ is an essential stuff sack for every adventure, keeping items internally separated while on the go.
FIRE & BONE 3: Tiny, Digitally Captured, Metal Animal Skulls
Miniature animal skull replicas, reproduced in high detail using 3D scanning, 3D printing, and traditional lost wax casting.
夜桜 Yozakura Sake Set
Porcelain sake set inspired by the Japanese cherry blossom.
The Light Phone
A credit card-sized cell phone designed to be used as little as possible. The Light Phone is your phone away from phone.
BARON FIG - Sketchbooks & Notebooks for Thinkers
Sketchbooks & notebooks designed with an underlying philosophy of simplicity, usefulness & community.
Floating Record™ Vertical Turntable
High-Performance Vertical Turntable with Full-Range Stereo Speakers. MDF Hardwood-Veneered Base. Built in Chicago.
Rhino Slider EVO - Motorized Camera Slider
Camera movement made simple. Capture stunning live motion and time lapse with our all new motorized camera slider.
THE HALOGRAPH An Unusual Mechanical Automatic Watch by XERIC
The HALOGRAPH Automatic is a living time machine. YOU are the power source.
LaMetric - Customizable Smart Ticker for Life and Business
Hackable, real-time smart display: receive and act on notifications, tasks, workout timers, business metrics, emails, news and more!
COOLEST COOLER: 21st Century Cooler that's Actually Cooler
The COOLEST is a portable party disguised as a cooler, bringing blended drinks, music and fun to any outdoor occasion.
Hemp Eyewear - hemp fibre sunglasses
Original, natural, sustainable sunglasses made from hemp plant fibre. We are raising funds to upscale production of our sunglasses!
The "playful window mosaic", a small toy with endless possibilities.
Key Caddy - EDC Key Holder and Accessories by Liquid Co.
Finally a key organizer on Kickstarter that actually looks good and works the way a key organiser should without falling apart.
BOMBERCO.COM - "Best Damn Duffel Bag"
The classic barrel bag redesigned for the Modern Individual. Introducing Bomber Barrel - the best damn everyday carry by Bomber & Co.
Tactile Turn Gist - Simple fountain pens that really work.
A line of CNC machined fountain pens made from eight of the best materials known to man, designed to be used hard every day.
Hillary Clinton Action Figure
FCTRY is making Hillary Clinton into an awesome, iconic Ready-for-Action Figure.
Neo Web. Coolest magnet ever.
It's like a wallet for your stuff.
Gravity Dice
Precision Machined Aluminum, Balanced, Quality Luxury Playable Dice in an Aluminum Case - Bringing quality to your gaming experience.
The revolutionary rucksack: RiutBag
RiutBag: with no outer zips, no one can access your stuff better than you! Enjoy calm and positive city travel, to work and on holiday.
Thomas Clipper - classic shaving
The best looking, best shaving double edge razors and organic accessories. Designed in London, made in metal, built to last.
Mobi - Cork & Brass Wallets
Designed for the nature loving, confident minimalists in all of us. Available in 6 colors. Designed & Made in California, USA.
The Snapshotr: Dual-Chamber Shot Glass
The Snapshotr is an innovative dual-chamber shot glass that completely separates the shot and chaser. A mixologist's best friend.
Carbon Fiber Head Protection for Baseball Pitchers
Carbon fiber head guards for baseball pitchers are designed to reduce the risk of head trauma while being comfortable and lightweight.
Tonki: Print your Instagram pics on our eco-friendly frames!
A fun, new way to turn your photographs or designs into framed art. Printed for you on the world’s prettiest 100% recycled cardboard!
Orochi - Dog-Walking & Photography Solutions for Wheelchairs
Manual wheelchair attachments aid in dog-walking and photography to free your hands and give you full control.
Brew Watch Co. - Coffee Inspired
Inspiration drawn from Industrial Espresso Machines
Mogics Speaker - Small & Simple Anywhere
The smallest Water Resistant Speaker with Bluetooth & HD sound for smart devices and Built-in Microphone design for your every need.
Fat Chance Bicycles - Yo Eddy Team Fat Chance Frame
Chris Chance is building a special edition Yo Eddy frame to help resurrect Fat Chance Bicycles. Help Fat Chance come alive again!
The Relic Wowflute Ocarina
Handcrafted from bronze and other precious metals, the Relic Wowflute Ocarina is a treasured, one of a kind experience.
Tratar Bikes: Wooden Bicycles Carved for the Perfect Ride
We’re not just about making bikes, we’re about creating a handmade commuting experience that adds pleasure and recognition to your ride
Capture the Flag REDUX
A futuristic take on the classic outdoor game “Capture the Flag” that uses LED lights to create an after dark adventure
ALEX Bottle: Twist Open. Clean Easy. Pack Small.
ALEX unscrews in the middle for easy cleaning, compacts small for storage, holds 26oz and can be beautifully customized.
Nugget | The easiest couch ever
The easiest, most versatile, funnest furniture ever. It's the first sofa made from pool noodle foam. One size sits all!
Tangramatic 39α: The 1920s~30s Watch Revamp
Simple. Solid. Retro. If you're going to get a watch it might as well be the 39α, a fully loaded automatic rated at 10ATM
Prometheus Emergency Box / Bottle Opener and Keychain QR
Open boxes and bottles anywhere, any time. The EKO is there when you need it & disappears onto your keychain when you don't.
Aer Fit Pack: The Gym/Work Bag Designed for the City
Carry your gym/work essentials in a stylish, versatile backpack. Take it to the office, gym and everywhere in between.
Felt Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by FŪZ Designs
The Felt Case for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by FŪZ Designs. The Best Case You've Ever Felt. Quick Delivery and Free Shipping.
Code & Quill Notebooks
Beautifully crafted notebooks for creatives.
SmartiPi Raspberry Pi B+ and camera case
A super versatile and fun Raspberry Pi B+ and camera case. Compatible with Legos® and GoPro® mounts.
DIVISION★FURTIVE Type 50 Limited Edition Wrist Watch
Division Furtive is designing a new dual linear LED display wrist watch that you can set using light from smartphone or computer screen
MagSphere & MagBounce Flash Diffusers - by MagMod
MagSphere & MagBounce are the easiest, softest, simplest, most versatile & efficient flash diffusers ever, compatible only with MagMod.
Bheard Sound Pod by Bhold - Rock On, Little Phone ♫
An acoustic amplifier for your phone that is optimized for better sound.
GoKnuckles for your GoPro® HERO camera
Hit the streets, surf, and snow with GoKnuckles - the most awesome way to mount and use your GoPro® HERO camera.
OLAF scooters - Multifunctional hybrid folding kick scooters
OLAF upgrades your travel experience. It's a carry-on kickscooter (3 in 1 BUSINESS) or a backpack kickscooter (4 in 1 URBAN).
Help us Build a TIM3 MACHIN3
Not a time machine, it’s a TIM3 MACHIN3: saving you time in the kitchen! Makes rice, quinoa, yogurt & oatmeal. Slow cooks & steams too.
X-Series Neutral Density, Circular Polarizer & UV Filters
The X-Series Neutral Density, Circular Polarizer & UV filters feature critically sharp performance and cutting edge designs.
ClickerBelt - a ratcheting belt that is ready for action
ClickerBelt is a clothing belt built on snowboarding technology. Just crank the ratchet to crank up the fun!
365Sleepybag: A Fully Configurable Organic Baby Sleeping Bag
The 365 Sleepybag is the world's first interchangeable, fully configurable baby sleeping bag. And it's 100% GOTS certified organic!
MacBook Rack - Nordic Appeal
The MacBook Rack is a vertical MacBook stand. It class up your work space. It is Danish design - simple, functional and high quality.
Pen Type-B
A minimal pen in a pocketable sleeve engineered to last generations.
Blue Jean Umbrella: For Sun and Rain
The first personal umbrella made from high-tech Sunbrella™ fabric to block both rain and harmful UV rays
memobottle - A4, A5 & Letter Reusable Water Bottles
The memobottle fits in your bag alongside your laptop and books. Together we can reduce the consumption of single-use bottles.
Emissary Camera Bag - Unlock. Mount. Shoot. Everyday
Beyond holding your gear. The Emissary directly connects you to your photography experience. Shoot daily. Shoot classy. Town 30.
Foldio is the first pop-up studio for your smartphone. It becomes bigger and smarter. Feel the thrill of taking awesome photos.
GOAT MUG: original goat story crafted into a coffee mug
Goat story and shepherd's legacy inspired us to design something original, different and sustainable. GOAT MUG!
Coostr ~ pop-up turtle coasters
These "turtley" awesome coasters are popping up on coffee tables everywhere. Coostr is more than just a drink coaster!
The Intrepid 4x5 Camera - An Affordable Large Format Camera
The Intrepid Camera is a high quality and affordable 4x5 field camera, it's light weight and capable of creating breath taking images.
LINKA : World's First Auto-Unlocking Smart Bike Lock
Lock Smarter Not Harder with LINKA. Our bike lock features Tamper Alerts, Auto-Unlock, Built-in Siren, Keyless Access & more!
Thermo Tent: The new standard of Comfort, Outdoors...
Tents used to really annoy us. Too hot, too cold, too noisy. Not any more. We have designed the world's first correctly insulated tent.
SHOTBOX Pop-Up Photo Light Studio
A fully contained, tabletop, collapsible, portable, lightweight photo light studio. Perfect for objects, photos and documents.
The Best Prank Birthday Card Ever!
The Joker Birthday card is a musical card that NEVER STOPS PLAYING until the battery dies or you break it. And that's the point.
KEAP: Candles made better
Superior scents and design at an honest price—all while supporting a cause.
Carbon Fiber Adventure Travel Guitars
KLOS Guitars designs and manufactures the first durable, affordable, and comfortable carbon fiber travel guitar
TiGr® mini: cool, simple, light, secure titanium bike lock
The TiGr mini: the U-lock re-imagined. Light, flexible, yet titanium-strong, it’s elegant bike security that won’t rattle as you ride
ERVO - A Revolutionary Sit-to-Stand Desk
A revolutionary sit-to-stand desk, beautifully designed to be the most customizable and affordable sit-to-stand desk in the market.
Turntable Station - Audio Furniture Solution
Designed by Vinyl Experts + World Class Architects. Specialized, Affordable, Made in the USA.
Üllo—The Wine Purifier
Üllo is a revolutionary new wine purification product that removes sulfites, restoring wine to its natural, preservative-free state.
THE OFFBITS - The Art of Spare Parts
The OFFBITS are build-it-yourself robots made of up-cycled components. Connect the bots and create your own designs!
WELLY Bottle: Filtered Water On The Go.
A filtering water bottle for clean water wherever you are. Thoughtfully designed. Sustainable. Portable.
BreakThroughColour | Cards + Cubes
A new system for designing, exploring, and understanding colour. A mix of art and science, it's colour for both sides of your brain.
FUGU LUGGAGE: One Case For All Your Needs
Introducing the revolutionary suitcase that can transform from a carry-on to a full-size check-in, act as a closet, a table and more!
Battery-free safety light that's powered by motion
Million Mile Light is an ultra bright, battery-free safety light for runners that's powered by motion & engineered to never give up
Versa Bricks: Connecting LEGO®, HOT WHEELS®, K'NEX®, Trains
Versa Bricks™ allow you to connect your Lego® brick creations to HOT WHEELS® tracks, K'NEX® building systems and HO scale train tracks.
ONDU -A Pinhole camera that can be passed on for generations
The first durable and simple to use pinhole camera that can be passed on for generations, made even better!
The Rituals for Living Dreambook and Dreambook+Planner
Your tool for finding clarity and achieving goals, while nourishing your body, mind, and spirit
The Trinity ONE: A Specialty Coffee Brewer
Trinity ONE is a high quality brewing device designed for specialty coffee. It can brew pour over, air pressure, and cold brew methods.
HAVOK - Disrupting Luxury Watches
A minimal watch built from the ground up with attention to detail -Created for, and by, those who just want something that makes sense
TITAN Mixer Bottle - World's Most Revolutionary Mixer Bottle
No more shaking, clumps, or mess! TITAN Mixer bottle is the world's first no-shake, easy-to-clean mixer bottle.
SNAP : Design Your Own Furniture
With SNAP you can create endless solutions for your living space. You can transform any surface into a unique piece of furniture.
VSSL Outdoor Utility Tools
VSSL (pron. vessel) is a range of multi-functional tools with components that are critical for outdoor survival and zombie protection.
Halfbike II
Halfbike - a vehicle that awakens your natural instinct to move.
Passion Planner: The One Place for All Your Thoughts
An appointment calendar, goal setting guide, journal, sketchbook, gratitude log & personal and work to-do lists all in one notebook.
MAGNETIC: Paper That Sticks to Walls
Reinvented paper that you can stick to any surface without any pins, glue, buttons, or thumb tacks.
Bamboobee Build It Yourself (BIY) Bike Kit
Put together your own bicycle frame and enjoy the smoothest ride of your life!
ShockStop: The Shock-Absorbing Bike Stem
An adjustable-stiffness suspension stem that smooths out your ride; perfect for performance cyclists, recreational riders and commuters
STRAINER BOWL - Beautiful and practical in so many ways
Anton is a SUSTAINABLE and incredible ART PIECE, that reduces water use by 60% compared to other utensils.
Hemingwrite - A Distraction Free Digital Typewriter
The Hemingwrite is a distraction free writing tool with modern technology like a mechanical keyboard, e-paper screen and cloud backups.
The Breaker Multi Tool
A beautifully crafted cycle multi-tool that gives you the functionality of a workshop chain breaker in a multi tool.
Rockwell Razors - Shaving, Reinvented
The Rockwell 6S is a razor that adjusts to any and every man. Customize your razor, stop buying cartridges, and reinvent your shave.
The Manual Bar Blade
A leather and steel bottle opener designed to get better with age. Ships in time for the holidays.
AvoSeedo - Grow your own Avocado Tree with ease!
AvoSeedo has been developed to facilitate the germination process. It has never been easier to grow your own avocado trees!
Fun with Circuits
Want to introduce kids (5 and above) to electronic circuit concepts in a Fun and Simple way?Welcome to the world of Ohm and Ampere.
CR45: A Chair from Denmark by Many Hands Design
Hand-crafted by young designer Josef Lang, CR45 is the first chair of it's kind. A design born in Denmark, and growing in America.
Oak Bottle - Age wine, whiskey, beer and cocktails in hours
Transform ordinary beverages into something extraordinary. Help us pioneer the world of custom aged wine, spirits, cocktails and beer.
Authenticity 50: Premium American Bedding, Wholesale Prices!
Premium Supima® bed sheets. 100% Made in the USA. Supporting domestic jobs and manufacturing. Get a better night's sleep!
Arpeggio: The Portable Arpeggiator, Sequencer, and Synth
A simple instrument for composing, saving, and performing melodies. The first dedicated arpeggiator & sequencer in one portable device.
Avantgarde Date Watch - The Rebirth Of An 80 Year Old Brand
Avantgarde Date - Re-launch Edition. Swiss Made, mechanical, automatic. Inspired by the aesthetics of the first Lebois & Co watches.
The Ultimate American Jacket: Insulated With Bison Fiber
Your new cold weather essential: A winter jacket made entirely in the USA and insulated with bison fiber
Alchemist Matter - DIY Science Experiments for Kids
An educational tool that teaches kids how to create DIY materials through chemical reactions.
The Messenger: The First Regiftable Gift
Nomadic Gifts presents a unique, modern & interactive gift that is designed to be regifted. Give it away & track it online forever.
BetterBack - Perfect Posture Effortlessly
Make every chair ergonomic! Use BetterBack for 15 mins a day to improve your posture, ease back pain and improve your health.
Ultimate Hammocks: "Well Hung"
As vagabond hammock aficionados, we've taken our favorite parts, stripped out the unessential, and created the Ultimate Hammock!
Higher Hangers: Space-Saving Closet Organization Reinvented
Patented dorm room idea fixes 150yr design flaw. Create 48 shoeboxes of new space by swapping your hangers. Works with collared shirts.
A Mechanical Pencil That Will Last You A Lifetime.
A sleek, solid metal, American-made mechanical pencil that will last you a lifetime.
TheMiK | The Slimmest Smartphone Stand | EDC Bottle Opener
Simple, effective, efficient every day carry for holding your smartphone. No moving parts, Precision CNC. Customized for you.
Porter Key Knife & Bottle Opener EDC Multi-Tool
Compact bottle opener & knife for your keychain. Fits in with your current key setup.
Hammer Riveted Wallet
USA-made, benchcrafted, single piece of leather, NO THREAD STITCHING. Rhodesian Ridge Back Tested --- American Bench Craft
TIDY-W is an ultra-slim wallet made of real carbonfibre and high grade leather with sufficient room for cards, notes and small coins.
KODDOK | Titanium Opener x Dice for Everyday Carry
A Minimalist 100% Titanium opener with a detachable dice. Open your bottle, enjoy the fun and games!
Nipple Prosthetics for Breast Cancer
Our experts use photographs, measurements, and impressions to create YOUR customized nipple prostheses.
Cinchy 2.0 - Carbon Fiber Belt System
A non-metal belt that makes traveling a breeze. CNC machined from Carbon Fiber.
Dockem - Universal Wall Dock (iPad, iPhone, Droid, etc)
The Dockem is a unique new way to store your device... on the wall! The possibilities are endless. Even mount your iPad on the wall!
PediGlide: The Ultimate Sedentary Sitting Solution
A revolutionary exercise device designed to keep your legs active while sitting anywhere.
The Design Deck: a Playing-Card Guide to Graphic Design
Learn graphic design while playing poker with this beautiful deck of cards. Printed on Bicycle stock. Now available at forrestgoods.com
Orbital - by element watch
Review from Wrist Watch Review http://www.wristwatchreview.com/2014/07/17/orbital-by-element-watch/#more-26548
MOGICS Power Donut & Bagel - Share the Power, Save the Space
World's Only Travel Power Strip. Smaller than a donut. A revolutionary product that will forever change the way we travel.
Certified-Organic Skin & Haircare (Baby,Toddler & Child)
Certified-organic, chemist-formulated, all natural children's care intelligently formulated for hair with character & skin with soul.
Freedom to Exist 40mm Minimalist Watch | Swiss Movement
A truly wearable watch inspired by the considered detailing that made vintage classics, classic. Designed for (and by) design-lovers.
SOFTCASE - The 1st folding and removable top case
The top case that will change your way to travel by scooter. Unfold, clip, drive ! Everything is simpler with Softcase.
Infinity Key Loop ™ Innovative EDC Key Carabiner, Multi-tool
Snap Keys directly on The Infinity Key Loop™, & Snap It to a Belt Loop with the Twin Spring Latch, Bottle Opener & Hex, Made in the USA
Oak & Jackal | An Endearing Minimalist Watch
Oak and Jackal: Carefully designed timepieces with faithful classic styles that can be worn from day to night.
The Weatherneck-A Quick Release Bandana for the Outdoors
The Weatherneck utilizes powerful magnets and technical fabrics to offer a face shield/neck cuff that adjusts to your environment.
Minimal Wristwatches For Men & Women
Considered Beautiful products for Men and Women. Great British Design.
EDC Pocket Bolt Pen · Auto-Locking Bolt Action Pens
Travel-ready, compact pens with a cool new auto-locking bolt action feature. Rugged and ready to go with you anywhere.
Mind Journal: A Groundbreaking New Journal For Guys
Mind Journal is a groundbreaking new journal built around a powerful framework that gets guys writing. Kickstart your writing today.
Helmet Halo: World's First Portable Motorcycle Helmet Stand
Helmet Halo is the motorcycle helmet holder that fits in your pocket & goes everywhere. Flexible, strong, and easy to use.
Cinch-N-Clinch is the perfect outdoor accessory for hiking, backpacking, boating, biking, diving, rock climbing, camping and much more.
Titanium Hobby Knife
Made from Solid Titanium.
NOZIPP: Building Better Sleeping Bags
An innovative zipperless design. Effortless entry, wide-ranging temperature control, and enhanced comfort.
Miró Watches - The Everyday
The Miró Everyday is designed for unique individuals as a companion for the journey of everyday life.
PEREN SOD - Accessible Luxury Swiss Made Transylvanian Watch
Peren Son of the Dragon - The hand assembled Swiss Made Transylvanian watch directly from the workshop to your wrist
Capture and Enhance the Life of your Favourite Fragrance.
The Lockstone range: Whatever your scent – Lockstone captures it, slowly releasing the fragrance throughout the day.
Carloudy: Futuristic Head-Up Display on Your Windshield
Carloudy is World's First E-Ink, Smart, Wireless Head Up Display for Every Car that Works Perfect Under Bright Sunlight and Evening.
Wine Squirrel: The Decanter That Preserves Wine for Weeks
A revolutionary, portable wine preserving decanter with airtight sealing mechanism that keeps wine tasting great for weeks at a time.
Stuckx "The Bull" watch - Mechanical & Mecha-quartz Chrono's
A high quality watch in typical 70's "bullhead" design. Powered by a mechanical automatic- or mecha-quartz chronograph movement.
TTi-120 Titanium Fountain Pen
The first grade 5 titanium pen with an adjustable center of gravity. It can be customized with a stamp of your choosing.
The Vanacci Watch: Minimal Design With Carbon Leather Strap
Uniquely styled Italian designer watch. Classic minimalist design. Swiss engineered. Carbon leather. Dichroic face. Yorkshire made.
Tikr: A Treat Activity Toy for Dogs!
Fill tikr with treats - set the timer from 5 to 45 minutes. Tikr treats your dog during playtime, and encourages their curiosity!
Fluance Turntable - It's Time to #RespectTheRecord
High fidelity belt driven turntable. A pure analog listening experience. No gimmicks. No fluff. Premium audio components only
The new generation of travel - Two backpacks for women
Travel with function and style. Two multifunctional backpacks with one revolution: Maximize space!
KP Duffle - The Ultimate Travel Bag
A bag that not only has a stunning appearance but offers functionality and performance second to none.
"Muse" a traveler's pencil pouch
Carry "Muse" with you because you never know when you'll be inspired.
EPHEMERIS : my watch • my day • in space
Give us a date that is meaningful to you, get an exclusive watch with a map of that moment engraved.
SpineGym - Strong Back and Abs for life
Perfect back, abs & straight posture with a 4 minute standing exercise at home or office
The 560G is the lightest high-security bike lock on the market. Made from Grade 5 titanium it weighs 560 grams or 1.23 pounds.
Modular leather computer bags & briefcases
The 2016 edition of our full grain vegetable-tanned leather briefcases that we build to last a lifetime—two if you count the cow's.
Recycled Wine-Barrel Longboards, New Zealand.
Innovative recycling. Hand-crafted works of rideable art bringing new life to a story-rich material: the Marlborough wine barrel.
The Lomography Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens
Lomography brings back a lost aesthetic: reviving the world’s first photographic optic lens from 1839 ‒ for modern-day cameras.
CycleBoard: World's Most Versatile Stand-up Electric Scooter
This 20-mph Electric Scooter's intuitive lean-to-steer system and stable design make it the perfect scooter for riders of all ages
The Newest Generation of Chopsticks: Gravity Chopsticks
The only chopsticks that takes advantage of gravity, keeps your eating tips sanitary, and eliminates the need for a chopstick rest.
VASCO • 24h Watch with a Swiss Heart Inside
Imagine watches running on a 24h Swiss Quartz movement with a minimalist approach and outstanding quality details and materials...
TiPick - Titanium Nano Toothpick
Nano, titanium toothpicks. A perfect every-day-carry product to keep your teeth clean and your smile confident.
Bluejay: The world's first smart mount for your car
The world's first smart mount seamlessly connects your phone to your car via beacon technology and an integrated mobile app.
Axess 2.0: Refined Front Pocket Wallets in Tuscany leather
Enjoy the rich leather from the renowned leather district of Tuscany with the passionately handmade front pocket wallets from Axess.
Presidential Parody Pet Toys
Bernie, Donald, and Hillary pet toys designed in three sizes: Cat, Dog and Jumbo. Let your pets cast the deciding vote!
TTi-110 Bamboo Pen • EDC Pen
Not your average pen. Modeled after the shape and elegance of bamboo. Titanium model unlocked at $50,000.
CTi - Ultimate Titanium EDC Belt
The action-ready belt for every-day wear.
Sash Bags: The Anti-Purse
Sash Bags are the handbag alternative you've been looking for! Finally, a stylish way to be organized and comfortable while on the go.
The Cherwell - A New Hand-Wound Mechanical Watch
The Cherwell, a hand-wound watch from Marloe Watch Co. inspired by the beautiful university city of Oxford.
Sleek Unisex Waterproof Bags . THE ELEMENTS COLLECTION
World’s first dry bag collection for the style conscious. Versatile. Sophisticated. Chic. + More. Waterproof has never looked so good.
The Collegiate Daybook: Hardcover Agenda for College
You asked and you will receive! The daily, hourly agenda you love to use is now HARD COVER!
TTi-180 Spinning Top • Tritium Top
These tops can be combined like building blocks and optional tritium lights can be added that can self-illuminate for over 15 years.
The Ultimate BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush
Cleans incredibly fast & built like a tank. It's the world's first BBQ grill brush that doesn't completely suck. Pre-order yours today.
Your Modern Girl: Intelligent dolls for today's girl
Intelligent, creative play from A Girl for All Time: celebrating today's girls, who deserve more than play lipstick & ironing boards!
Zerpico - Carbon Fiber Sunglasses
We love sunglasses. So we created a pair of awesome Carbon fiber ones. You´ll love sunglasses too after seeing them. Help us make them!
Keyround - a better key ring
A modern, fingernail-saving EDC key ring, made in USA
Everyday Carry (EDC) Keychain Pen - Made In America
Never have to borrow a pen again! Our EDC Keychain Pen is beautifully crafted right here in the U.S.A.
Offset-Bicycle Wheel Storage
Bicycle wheel storage hook that keeps your wheels protected and off the ground (and looks good, too).
WRENCHit - Turning Smart
Still all-in-one and ingenious. A reinvented spanner with easy-cycling and interchangeable wrenches. Whenever you need, WRENCHit!
V Wallet: Ultra Thin Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet
Tired of your traditional Bulky wallet? The V Wallet is a slim minimalist RFID blocking wallet that can fit in your front pocket.
Together: A Letter Writing Journal for People in Love
The Together Journal was created to help you connect with the person you love most through written words of affirmation + adoration.
Soul Insole / Shoe Bubble - Best Orthotic Shoe Insole Ever!
A micro-size orthotic support that adds maximum comfort to any shoe. Built with premium materials and soul.
Retro-Essential Pen -- Brass & Woods
Perfect harmony in Brass & Wood. Classical writing instrument, re-interpreted for modern times. Plus optional Stylus-tip. Yours, Truly!
Pacific & West - Premium Walnut and Brass Notebooks
Carefully crafted real wood notebooks designed to inspire creativity. Made in the US from 100% recycled paper, walnut & brass.
EPIQUAL - The Most Beautifully Designed Toothbrush. Ever.
Toothbrush is about how we live better, not the science of dentistry. Support our efforts in driving out ugly & gimmicky toothbrush.
The World's First Mechanical Tourbillon Watch On Kickstarter
The Phantoms Soul is a mechanical watch with an authentic Tourbillon that is stylish, affordable and mesmerizing to look at.
Hemel - Classic Military Watches for the Modern Gentleman
Iconic military timepieces refashioned for the modern gentleman and true watch enthusiast. Practical luxury defined.
Giant Pufferfish Slippers
Help us turn the world’s most underrated creature into the world’s greatest slippers
Avantgarde Date Watch - The Re-launch Continues
The Re-launch of 80 Year Old luxury watch brand Lebois & Co continues. Avantgarde Date - 2nd Re-launch Edition. Swiss Made, Automatic.
SkyDreamer | A travel pillow engineered for our time!
Travel has evolved. Your travel pillow should evolve with it.
FOOOTY, the take-away ball to play whenever, wherever.
This ball fits every pocket and enables you to play anywhere you want. Fun to make and great to kick, whatever your age. Let's PLAY!
Carbon: A Versatile Watch inspired by Carbon Fiber.
Minimalist style, Chronograph, Sapphire Crystal, Versatile - Full Stainless with 3 interchangeable Straps & Carbon Fiber Travel Case.
HurriK9: The 100+ Foot Ring Launcher for Dogs
Rocket scientist invents the world's first gravity defying hundred foot flying ring launching fetch toy for dogs, the Hurrik9.
Acteon Compact Antibacterial Microfiber Beach Towels
Ultra lightweight full size and super compact towel treated with silver ions to reduce odor and prevent bacteria from growing.
SelfEco Pot | The First Compostable, Self-Feeding Garden Pot
The first compostable, self-feeding garden pot with plant food built into the pot walls. Constantly provide nutrition for your plants!
The Woodieful Chair
The adaptable piece of furniture that fits into every space and lifestyle.
MOKUMONO - A high quality bike built by robots
We build high quality, low maintenance bicycles using state of the art production technologies. Right here in the Netherlands.
S | Series : Travel & Camera Bag
A travel and camera bag designed to be different. Not just a backpack, its a bag for our everyday adventures. VINTA's the S | Series.
Dhremo Therapy: Chemo Doesn't Have to be a Nightmare
Dhremo Therapy IV decals are apothecary inspired adhesive decals with uplifting messages for chemotherapy infusion IV bags.
Ellum Solar • Light Different
Smarter lights, powered by the light of day.
Tailfin: Ultra-light carbon bike rack & panniers
Beautiful, ultra-light, quick release bike rack & panniers for any road bike. Ride fast, with more.
TPT - Titanium Pocket Tool
A Compact Grade 5 Ti-Alloy EDC Multi Tool w/o bulk. Universal Wrench, Fork, Hex Slot, Bottle Opener & More. + FREE Worldwide Shipping!
Rocketbook Wave: Cloud Connected Microwavable Notebook
Combine the freedom of pen and paper with the utility of the cloud. Microwave. Repeat.
WIPOUCH - The Original Refillable Wet Wipes Pouch
WIPOUCH is very light, compact, flexible, collapsible, stylish and will keeps your wet wipes moist at home or on the go.
MyHangover- The Ultimate Phone/Tablet Stand
myHangover raises the bar with how we enjoy our smartphones and tablets for a truly hands free experience
Peke•Buo- The Smart, Little Diaper Bag.
The diaper bag, revolutionized - super compact, unfolds into a changing station, instant access to everything you need for baby.
Cabaggage Market Bag
A smart grocery tote that organizes, insulates and protects your market finds with adjustable compartments and an innovative shelf.
Bundle Beds - Sleep Anywhere
A brand new roll out camping bed... Bundle Beds give you the comfort of your own bed, rolled out in seconds, wherever you choose.
Presidential Candidate Bobbleheads: Bernie, Trump & More!
2016 Political Campaign Bobbleheads featuring Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and More!
Dr. Nick's Whiskey Goblet
Dr. Nick's Whiskey Goblets by Duel Drinkware - Designed for those late nights when you want to serve yourself a drink.
Pretch Panels | Your Better Whiteboard
Pretch: whiteboard panels that do more. Move, layer, and organize with Pretch panels. Easy temporary or permanent install in minutes.
WALKIE CHALK | a new way to play for kids & adults!
A revolutionary new way to create with sidewalk chalk! The first creative writing wand so everyone can "Stand Up & Draw!" is here!
The biēm Butter Sprayer
The biēm Butter Sprayer goes from butter stick to butter spray in seconds! The first & only sprayer that sprays 100% Real Butter.
Vilhelm Watches - The Elemental
The perfect sequence of Elements for a superior timepiece. Intricate design with proven Swiss Auto movement for incredible value.
The CABLE™ Bracelet: Jewellery to last more than a lifetime
Unique, patent pending, stainless steel bracelet. Jewellery invented, designed, manufactured and hand assembled in Sheffield, UK.
flipbin™: A new home for the vinyl you're now playing
Vinyl storage and display, designed specifically for records. Flip! Play! Display! Meet your records' new best friend, flipbin™
Nimble | The 1 Finger Wonder Tool
Easily open packets & parcels with 1 finger and cut tape and wrapping paper too... you’ll be surprised how often you reach for Nimble!
TINYPINK - A new stencil cap for graffiti artists.
A new stencil cap. Delivers a fine line. Captures all excess paint in a reservoir on the front. Clips onto any brand of spray paint.
Slow Dance – A Frame that Slows Down Time
Slow Dance makes things move in ways you never thought possible. For all those who love mystery, beauty, and wonder. Get one for $249.
The Lomo'Instant Automat Camera
Your everyday instant inspiration: Enter a world of creativity at the touch of a button.
The Camera, Speaker, & Pixel Kit: physical computing for all
Make a smart camera, speaker, and lightboard. Learn to code photo filters, songs, and data. Simple as Lego, computers inside.
Monkey Light Automatic: our best bike lights yet
3 new bike lights that delight, amaze and give you confidence on the road. Fully automatic with 360° visibility. Just ride your bike!
Cascadia Candle Co: 3D Mountain Candles
Cascadia Candles are three dimensional, topographical candles made from high definition LiDAR scans of real Northwest mountains.
RIVET™ Pickups let you organically expand your guitar tone by turning independent mini-coils on whenever you want to.
Boie USA: The Toothbrush of the future
Antimicrobial, non abrasive toothbrush made from a medical grade elastomer that lasts twice as long as a nylon bristled toothbrush.
Volt Planner - Reach Your Goals in 2017
A proven goal-setting, planning, and productivity system for superstars. Make 2017 your best year yet.
Wonderhood: building toys for girls who break the mold
A line of creative building toys that goes beyond stereotypes and inspires girls to be the architects of their own futures.
Sunda: The Next Level 2+ Person Tent & All-in-One Hammock
Clean design meets complete versatility. The Sunda is a game-changing tent hammock, designed for any occasion, any terrain, any time.
Fin: A Vibrator for Fingers
A vibrator designed to feel like part of you.
FEND | The Foldable Bicycle Helmet
The bicycle helmet that folds to one third of its original size. Fold, stash, and store in your bag until you need it again!
SCUBAJET. Most versatile electric water sports jet-engine
The handy & most powerful jet-engine for SUP, canoeing, snorkeling & diving is now available! SCUBAJET is ready to use within seconds.
Elos Skateboard | Easy modern last mile transportation gift.
Easy longboard cruising experience that slides into your everyday backpack. Urban commuter lifestyle. USA made quality Christmas gift.
Ernest Wright and Son Ltd - Scissors Hand-Made in Sheffield.
Lifetime-lasting scissors designed and hand-made by Ernest Wright and Son Ltd in Sheffield England - the birthplace of stainless steel.
Display your favorite Records & Comics as art without giving up the ability to play or read them.
The Loggerhead - Reviving a Classic Cocktail in Modern Style
Up your cocktail game and create unique new tastes with a red-hot food-grade stainless-steel bar tool. Heat, plunge, and enjoy!
The cardboard DRUMKIT
The cardboard DRUMKIT is acoustic, affordable, easy to carry, store and assemble. Music practice is now accessible to everyone !
Mercury: The World's First Universal Camera
A modular, open camera system capable of shooting any format (medium and large format film, digital, Instax...) and using any lens.
The Martian Garden - Gardening Kits with Simulated Mars Soil
Gardening Kits and Sample Packs with Mars Regolith Simulant. Help Develop the Technology Humanity Needs for the Journey to Mars!
Cyclist Raincoat, your urban lifestyle essential.
A minimal, unisex raincoat ideal for cycling.
Everwaters | The Advanced Natural Water Filter
Everwaters' product filters over 15X the number of contaminants and lasts 10X as long as generic filters.
The Spring Oven
Steam Baking; the way to create bakery quality bread in a regular home oven. This unique terracotta pot can do just that!
Pakayak - The Ultimate Packable Kayak
PAKAYAK goes everywhere, stores anywhere. Carry it on your back, take it in your car. Paddle it like a traditional hard-shell kayak.
The Catalyst - Beer Fermentation Made Easy
Craft your own beer with the help of our elegant and innovative fermentation system. Designed to simplify the homebrewing experience.
Gocycle - the BEST folding electric bike in the world!
They say you can’t re-invent the wheel or improve the design of the bicycle. We want to do both. Ebike, bicycle.
UGEARS: Christmas mechanical symphony
Wooden self-propelled 3D models for self-assembly and hobby. Santa has already ordered one:)
The LIFT Cargo Bike
The LIFT turns YOUR bike into a Cargo Bike. And back again... Now your bicycle can do so much more.
A Leash That Doesn't Feel Like a Leash
Introducing the world's first two-way, dog friendly leash. One handle for you and one for your dog.
Flexo - Bendable, bouncy, flexible building bricks!
Bounce, twist, bend, wrap or wear! Flexo uses a unique rigid brick and flexible tendon that allows you to truly flex your imagination!
Slice Planner: First Notebook Connected to Digital Calendars
Master your time with a hybrid paper-digital planning system powered by augmented reality.
Ultimate Self-Watering Flowerpot, The Natural Balance
The perfect self-watering flowerpot, which tips over when a refill is needed. Carefully handcrafted ceramics, made in the Netherlands.
The Premji Backpack
Premji is an innovative backpack that combines traditional handmade artisan fabric with waterproof materials and modern functionality.
AIRLOK: High Security Bike Storage Hanger | Store + Lock
The world's first high security bike storage hanger. Ultimate bicycle protection and storage, indoors or outside. Airlock | Air Lock.
Poppy Medical ID Bracelets
Medical IDs, beautifully crafted, that people actually want to wear. Created by a jewelry designer living with Type 1 Diabetes.
SketchyNotebook Series: Creative's All-In-One Notebook
Minimalist sketchbook / notebook for journalists and creatives. It is a must-have tool for Designers, Journalists, and Artists!
Knit Monitor —Tracks Sleep & Breathing w/o Wearables
Knit is a very smart camera. It intelligently tracks sleep, breathing and moments that matter—supporting families from baby to big kid.
Bika | The First Modern Bike Rack Crafted from Kill Wood
Crafted from exotically blue pine beetle kill wood, Bika elegantly displays your bike, holds your gear, and mitigates pollution.
Watches by Twenty-Fifth 2.0
Italian Made - Swiss Movement - Get Your Watch By Christmas!
Coastal Christmas Ornaments for 2016
Beautiful porcelain fishes & sea turtles (original art) to hang on the tree! Starting early so we can deliver to you for Christmas '16.
STERNGLAS an affordable Bauhaus-Design watch
Good design has to be affordable. The STERNGLAS timepiece is a well designed wristwatch with durable quality and Ronda Movement.
BOB: A home for your glasses and devices
The humble glasses case has just been re-invented. BOB will protect your glasses, display your tech, and house your bits and bobs.
Cogtoolz: Proven Wellness Tools in One Simple Weekly Planner
Plan your way to a happy & healthy mind and life! Focus on self care, challenge your thoughts, and plan for success.
AIR FORT: Build a Fort in 30 Seconds
Inflate an extraordinary kids fort in less than 30 seconds with an ordinary household fan, saying goodbye to messy furniture forts!
Wolffepack Summit: The Ultimate Snowsports & Access Backpack
Wolffepack Summit is the ultimate backpack for snowsports and active access. Swing your bag round to the front without unstrapping.
FLECTR 2.0 - The ultra performance wheel reflector
More safety for demanding cyclists! Stylish, aerodynamic & weightless. 2nd generation with silver & yellow. Be smart, be seen, be safe!
ONAK: the origami foldable canoe
ONAK's case on wheels unfolds into a top quality canoe in 10 minutes, all possible due to decisive innovations in material and design.
"The Little Laughing Yogini" Plush Doll
Official plush doll of the bliss searching Little Yogini. Children will love having her by their side as they clap and laugh with her.
World’s Smallest & Coolest Personalized Puzzle
The world's smallest personalized jigsaw puzzle gift set using new bespoke tools and printing methods. 154 pieces.
SHOTBOX 2.0 :: The Pop-Up Photo Light Studio Upgraded
SHOTBOX 2.0 :: The Essential Pop-Up Photo Light Studio gives you professional quality pictures with even a basic phone camera.
auris beamit Wireless Bluetooth Audio Transmitter & Receiver
The ultimate solution for your TV or Home Audio Systems to wirelessly stream HiFi audio directly to any Bluetooth headphone or speaker.
The No Bake Tent
Don’t bake in your tent! Stay cool and sleep in. Patent pending, heat reflective, light blocking, and designed for wind & dust.
The perfect urban EDC slim wallet. A timeless classic that manages your cards, banknotes, key, coins, sim card and more.
Camera Lift-Strap — A revolution for traveling photographers
Feel bulky cameras being weightless! An innovative Camera Strap that frees your neck from strain. Get yours now!
Ventus : Mori Brass Diver 300m
A 300m diver's watch that ages with you. Inspired by the past, built for the future. Automatic movement that never runs out of power.
Bamboo - TTi-068 Titanium Chopsticks
The most unique tableware in the world. The ultimate combination of titanium and bamboo. Your staple everyday carry…
SinkShroom™ - World's Best Minimalistic Hair Catcher!
We’re Back! After a successful Kickstarter design project-- TubShroom®--we're back with another great product called SinkShroom™!
Streetmatic - The Ultimate Driving Watch by Blacklist
Racing inspired automatic watches featuring exotic dial materials including Blue Carbon, Natural Meteorite, Carbon Fiber and more!
Kayacat - The Boat in a Backpack
Kayak / Sail / SUP / Row / Motor. Kayacat, The Lightest, Most Versatile, Multi-Mode, Compact Personal Watercraft in the World!
Armor of God Jewellery
A God-dream, a Heaven-breathed design. The Armor of God Bracelet and Emblems: Timeless truths brought to life in jewellery art-form.
Lightcase #Flatlay. Photostudio for Instagrammers.
#Flatlay #LikeABoss with our portable pop-up photo studio for makers, crafters and sellers. Awesome results with just your smartphone!
| MonKey Desk | Einfach im Stehen arbeiten
Flexibler, faltbarer und preiswerter Steharbeitsplatz. Flexible, awesome and affordable standing desk.
hearO: a Wireless Speaker in a Championship Tennis Ball
hearO breathes new life into a retired tennis ball, creating a tactile Bluetooth speaker with a unique sound, look and feel.
Embroidery ring
I make beautiful silver rings with handmade embroidery. I'm developing a tool which makes it possible to design your custom-made ring.
Aubergine Pillow – Comfort in just a puff
An inflatable pillow that plumps up generously in one puff, yet compacts small. Bring along the everyday comfort you deserve.
The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher - Feline Innovations
Snap. Un-snap. Replace. Welcome to the future of cat scratchers, feline fanatics. The last one you'll ever need!
Marlon: Connected, Compression Carry-on
Spacious and lightweight, Marlon touts only functional features: one click compression, oversized wheels, & USB charging.
Great meetings notebook
il migliore taccuino per catturare ogni confronto, per organizzare le decisioni che vengono prese e pianificare le azioni condivise.
Seconds GMT - A timepiece for the avid traveller
A stylish and minimalistic watch that keeps track of two timezones simultaneously.
Sleep Styler: World's First Heatless Straightener & Curler
The Hair Curler Re-Invented. Dry and style your hair while you sleep, curly or straight!
iSleepFit™ Posture Belt: Get Sleep Back on Your Side
Train yourself to sleep in the ideal position with the iSleepFit™ Posture Belt and improve the way you feel all day, every day.
easycuffs - an accessory to help roll up your shirt sleeves
Use easycuffs to roll up the perfect shirt cuff on the first try, every time for a crisp, clean look that stays in place all day.
SunZee Wearable sunscreen dispenser for on-the-go protection
SunZee takes sunscreen out of the bag and onto your wrist for on-the-go use, keeping you protected for hours at a time.
FogBox - Beautiful Hand-Made Living Decor
A desktop aeroponics system that grows plants AND your fresh kitchen herbs with fog!
icon 6-in-1 backpack
Backpack converts to: extended backpack, small duffle, extended duffle, daypack w/ laptop sleeve, messenger bag w/ laptop sleeve.
Pipeline Planner: Real Estate Agent Planner & Sales Tracker
A real estate agent's to-do list, goal setting guide, journal, expense tracker, and pipeline manager all in one planner.
GRIPsher - The Formidable Compact Multi-Tool
GRIPsher is a robust and unique multitool offering unparalleled functionality and a program to give it to military members for free!
Daga Pen Vise – A Simple, Honest and Versatile Writing Tool
The Duraluminum Pen Vise from Daga frames your personal choice of refill in a comfortable to hold, beautiful and minimal design.
PARKIS – space saving bicycle lift
The first effortless vertical bike parking system is on the way. It saves space, is easy to use and looks stylish!
Spill Proof Spinning Wine Glass
A modern wine glass that is nearly impossible to knock over. Easy swirling aerates the drink by blending the aromas and flavors.
Sostanza - not just a pencil
A simple object can be beautiful and work well with very little. Sostanza is a wooden pencil that never ends. Handcrafted in Italy.
Simply Straws presents the Perfect Mason Lid + Glass Straw
Sip your favorite beverages w/our reusable glass drinking straw & spill-free, rust-free, stainless steel, patent-pending mason jar lid!
The Brilliant TOWEL TAC'R! No More Flyaway Beach Towels!
A BRILLIANT beach tool! TAC your TOWEL in the sand! Withstands the strongest winds! No more flyaway towels. Beach life just got better!
The Intrepid Travel Wallet for iPhone | Made in USA
A WaterField (SFbags) play-through RFID-blocking travel wallet and iPhone case. Holds phone, passport, cash, credit cards, & more.
Display Vinyl Records In Style With Record Props
A quick and easy way to display vinyl records, see what's now playing and share your favorite albums with friends.
Wolffepack Capture: The Ultimate Camera & Access Backpack
Wolffepack Capture is the ultimate backpack for cameras and all-round access. Swing your gear round to the front without unstrapping.
VAPAUS Veli - 1950s inspired luxury hand-wound Swiss watches
VAPAUS modernises the elegant 1950s aesthetic with the latest materials and movements to create strikingly beautiful Swiss Made watches
OGarden, this invention will REVOLUTIONIZE your daily life!
You want to eat healthily? What about 0,2$ for your organic vegs ? Vous voulez manger sainement ? Et si vos légumes Bio était à 0,2€ ?
Ti Arto : The Ultimate Refill Friendly Pen
A timeless solid titanium pen that accepts over 200+ refills w/o any modifications, hacks, or tip wiggle + Free world wide shipping!
MOTION - A German Designer Watch / Affordable Price
MOTION is a watch with an unique dial which rotates around its own axis. It's build with high quality and is permanently in motion.
WHISK WIPER: Whisking Made Easy
The simplest way to whisk. In seconds, clean a whisk without frustration or mess.
Puredial Watches: 1860’s Inspired, Modernly Revolutionized
Directly inspired by the pure qualities of a simple, yet extraordinary curved dial, that creates life when each watch is manufactured.
The Time is Now: Bespoke Handcrafted Wooden Watches
We design and make bespoke handcrafted watches from sustainable hardwoods and bamboo, offering interchangeable leather straps.
The MSTR KEY (Master Key) 20-in-1 Multi-Tool Keytool
With 20 practical functions, our beautifully crafted key-sized, key-shaped, multitool enhances your everyday carry without adding bulk.
Jacopo Dondi | 24-Hour Watches
Breathing fresh air into the world of watches, by displaying time naturally.
Sled Legs - World's First Wearable Sleds
Sled Legs are wearable sleds that combine the simplicity of sledding with the speed and intensity of skiing. - Get yours this winter!
KeyMAX™- Push Button Key Ring - 22 Function Multi-Tool EDC
A Mini Tool-Kit to Go! Quick Clip Push Button Key Ring Lightweight Grade 5 Titanium EDC for your Car, Bike, Home Made in the USA
Handmade Everlasting Mechanical Pencil - Mark II
A true drawing tool, handmade for life. A beautifully stylish writing and drawing instrument designed and built by Nicholas Hemingway.
Redwood Tactical Watches
3 Models Inspired by Post-WW2 Vintage Diver Watches. Functional. Rugged. Crazy Value. Mission: Tactical
The Stowaway - A Durable, Portable Roof Rack
Never be stuck with items too large for your car. The Stowaway sets up in minutes, is smaller than a shoebox, and carries everything!
Cycling Travel Journal
An eco-friendly cycling travel journal designed to help you capture the details of your adventure
NoClean Aquariums: Eco-Friendly Self-Cleaning Glass Fishbowl
Uses gravity to clean itself! Pour clean water in & dirty water flows out! It's so easy, kids can do it! Enjoy fish without the hassle!
Commit30 Planner, Notebook & Journal - Commit to your GOALS!
The all in one weekly planner, goal-setting notebook, vision mapping, journal, & organizational tool! Perfect Holiday Gifts!
Slim Pack Weatherproof Minimal Commuter Backpack by SlimFold
A minimal, modular, modern backpack designed for the tools of today
Xpress-PRO: The MOST Advanced Mobile Memory/Charging Station
Empowering Mobile Experience with 256GB Data Storage, Fast Charging, and Built-in Cable for All Modern Devices–iOS, Android, Mac and PC
High-Performance Levitation Display
Very powerful magnetic levitation display: Levitate any object up to 1 lb and suspend it 4,5 cm above the base.
Passion Planner: Be the Change. Get One, Give Three
A goal setting guide, appointment calendar, to-do list, and journal all in one. For every planner sold, we will give THREE to students.
Solaris - Enrich Your Atmosphere
Enrich the atmosphere around you with Solaris, the celestial bracelet you can infuse with your favourite fragrance.
N O R T H - Simple, timeless and refined watches
High quality watches for the urban pathfinder. Premium stainless steel and copper plated case with genuine leather straps.
The Notebook Folio - Bridging Analog with Digital Tools
A Modern Notebook Folio to help you carry a notebook, a tablet or sketchpad, and two pens to help keep your projects organized.
Room in Room - Add a Versatile Room Right onto Your Bed
Sleep Deeply. Be warm and cozy. Help your kids go to bed feeling safe. Enjoy your private laptop station and watch movie.
The Executive Yo-Yo: Never Leave Your YoYo At Home Again!
The Executive is a high performance ball-bearing yo-yo in a unique miniature size. Made in Oregon from high quality aluminum.
Gripster - Interior Bicycle Storage Made Simple
A product for bike lovers & proud home owners. Additional bicycle stability without the need for installation & at an affordable price.
The Revival of Votum Swiss Mechanical Watches
The Revival of Votum Mechanical Watches. Swiss Made since 1962.
True North: Water Tight, All-Natural Wood Watch Collection
Inspired by the places we call home, and strong enough to explore. True North Collection features four unique wooden watches.
Leaf Razor: Your Shave, Your Way
LEAF is a customizable metal razor with a pivoting head and multi-blade support that works with blades that cost CENTS - not dollars!
Ultimate Travel Backpack • Carry-on Backpack • Luggage • v.2
The Ultimate Backpack for Travellers is back! Designed to be the only travel bag you'll ever need. Come see what's new and updated v2.0
The Unique Automatic All-Around Watch
A quality watch to be used - Always
The Volt - Retro Futurist, Arduino-Based, Open Source Clock
"The Volt" is an open source, hackable, analog clock. Built by hand in exotic hardwoods, brass, steel, and copper. 4 Models + DIY
Reinforced belt designed to carry anything you can hang or holster up to 3 lbs.
Carbon Fiber Watch Designed in Australia Swiss Movement
Carbon Fiber Watch Dial, 2 Leather Straps, Sapphire Glass, Swiss Movement, Early Birds Still at $75 USD - Check us out!
World's Toughest EDC Duffel Bag: Lifetime Warranty
Backed by a lifetime warranty, we've created the toughest duffle bag on Earth! It's perfect for the gym, travel or any EDC adventure.
Never tie laces again! ZUBITS magnetic lacing solution 2.0
Simplify your shoes with our high-tech magnetic solution. No more tying, knots, loose laces, floppy bows, or squeezing into shoes.
Coen Anders Timepieces - Elegant Watches For Every Occasion
Sleek, versatile watches meticulously designed for the dapper and chic minimalists. Last Day!
The Line Collection. Uncompromising Everyday Watches.
A meticulous approach to both form and function has resulted in a watch that neither compromises on detail nor craftsmanship.
IMPERATOR - Titanium Bolt Action Pen / TTi108
Exquisite 3 gear bolt mechanism, GR 5 titanium, awesome glow in dark tritium version - we bring you this high quality EDC writing tool.
The Jubilee: It's a Tree, a Light, and a Celebration.
The Jubilee transforms every space into a visual celebration. With its light and shadow play, this little tree fills any size room.
Pen Uno + Pencil Uno: The Most Minimal Writing Instruments
Pen Uno is a space-grade aluminum pen for the Hi-Tec C Coleto ink cartridge that also transforms into a mechanical pencil.
Classic and Keychain EDC Beer Bottle Openers - Made in USA
High quality bottle openers 100% USA made. Everyday Carry model available in titanium and Classic model with choice of wood handle.
Fair Change - The World's First Parenting Coins
Take back the good times and regain control of your parental role with Fair Change coins, the world's first parenting coins.
Nubé Stratos | Perfected Modular Hammock Shelter
The Nubé Stratos™ is a lightweight modular hammock shelter that perfectly integrates layers of protection for you and your gear!
Keystone Zen
Aluminium Key Holder. Simple and Functional. Available in Black, Gunmetal and Silver!
HATO MOA x ERICK SCARECROW present the second series /limited edition plush based on the best selling video game title.
The World's Strongest Bootlaces - Guaranteed For Life
Bloodline Bootlaces are made to last. Our mission was to design bootlaces that would never need to be replaced.
Baby's First Toy by Yoee Baby
Yoee Baby is a developmental toy that takes its cues from science and helps parents play, connect and bond with their babies.
Ferrofluid Magician
" Naughty, Interactive, Utterly Addictive." A brand new way to experience the charisma of ferrofluid.
The Språng Chair - the perfect balance of movement & comfort
Språng combines the movement of an exercise ball, the comfort of an ergonomic chair, and the therapeutic benefits of resistance bands.
The STK Multi-Tool: Sliding Tool & Knife for Every Day Carry
Feature-packed multi-tool ready for anything. The latest in rugged, but stylish US-made EDC gear - S35VN Steel and 6AL4V Titanium.
ReflexPillow - Changing The Way You Sleep Forever
Introducing Reflex Pillow. A unique pillow that provides outstanding comfort and support while offering several health benefits.
Scrubba™ weightless wallet
Upcycled, ultra-lightweight, durable and sweat-resistant, the Scrubba weightless wallet is the best active lifestyle and travel wallet.
DREAM PLAN DO for creative businesses that want to succeed
The must-have monthly planner to make YOUR creative business more successful in 2017 Practical, creative, strategic & thought-provoking
Cocktail Mixing Glass + Ebony & Maple Muddlers
Elevate your cocktail kit with a gorgeous glass for stirred drinks, and a sustainable Ebony Muddler to press herbs, sugar, & fruit.
FretDeck: Guitar Learning Cards
Learn and master the guitar in every single key. Great for all learning levels from beginning to experienced guitar players.
Le Journal de Vie
L'outil le plus puissant pour vous aider à créer votre bonheur
The Heritage Chronograph by Vescari Watch Co.
A classic looking watch, built with attention to detail, high-end components and a premium movement at its heart.
HOLOS® - Amulets for Love, Peace & Unity
HOLOS 3D printed Amulets are a universal symbol for inner and outer peace. Its geometry models the creative pattern of the Universe.
MR. ORANGE - A new drinking experience
Have you ever tried to drink juice directly from an orange? With MR. ORANGE you can! Try this NEW DRINKING EXPERIENCE! -Patent Pending-
SOLE STACKS - Display and Store Your Shoes with Love
Perfect for sneaker lovers, Sole Stacks is the best way to display and store shoes in a way that is both engaging and space efficient.
Automatic Titanium Dive Watches
Concept to reality. Refined Titanium Scuba watches by : SCURO Watches
NovelTea Tins: The British Collection
Pride & Peppermint, Oliver Lemon Twist, Matcha Do About Nothing: Tea Tins with an English Sense of Humour
TPC - Titanium Pocket Clip / LED / EDC Multi-Tool
Introducing the world's 1st : Grade 5 Titanium suspension clip multi tool with a LED ( 2 versions ) + Free world wide shipping!
Futuristic Mechanical Tourbillon Watch Made Into Reality
High End Conceptual Luxury Mechanical Watch Produced By Phantoms. Complicated In Both Design And Engineering, Not Just Another Watch.
Berlin Skin | Luxurious, Organic, Small Batch Skin Care
We aim to foster your beauty and inspire a life well-lived through luxurious skin care products made in the USA.
Starting At $50. High-Grade Minimal Watches, Rigorous Craft.
Swiss Movement | Sapphire Crystal | 5ATM | 316L SS | Italian Calfskin Leather | In-House Design | Superior Components | No Compromises
Epirus: Tennis bags as stylish as the sport itself
A new kind of tennis bag designed for every aspect of your life, both on & off the court
Stylos Titanium Ink Fountain & Rollerball, Fineliner, Pen
The ultimate gift - Two indestructible TITANIUM ,curvaceous, ink fountain & rollerball/fineliner pens in a solid, cnc-machined capsule.
WoodieHub | Rethink how you see powerstrips
You can finally stop hiding powerstrips. But show them off instead. While having all the charging technologies you need (Made in Italy)
Wallets, totes and backpacks By JJ Leathersmith
Old world quality, subtle yet striking style, honest production and the most durable and functional leather goods available.
TOKAY Ultimate frisbee shoes
Play with performance footwear adapted to our sport!
Colours of Babel
Colours of Babel - a colour card game of miscommunication
SWANKY™ - The Floating Ladle
The masterpiece of your kitchen! This floating ladle will fancy up any dinner and raise smiles around your table.
Christian & LDS Religious Block Sets & Figures
Scripture Stackers BUILD: Faith, Character and Knowledge all while you play! They make great gifts! (Compatible with other brands)
Jawzrsize - Fitness 4 Your Face, Create The Ultimate Jawline
Use Jawzrsize to tone, strengthen your facial and neck muscles, form a well defined jawline, and intensify mind-muscle connection.
The Mamba: LEGENDARY Bar Tool & Bottle Opener by Snake Bite
The Mamba™ bar tool blends design, functionality, and quality. Perfect for professionals & weekend warriors. 100% USA Made.
Streem Outdoors Fly Fishing Rods
Our high modulus carbon fly rods are designed to perform at a level of rod twice their price, backed by a no questions asked warranty!
Modarri Quarter Car Club: Ultimate Toy Car Building System
Get 2016 Family’s Choice Award and Popular Science Best In Toy Fair Award winning play set. Modarri - Design, Build, Drive
The Wildland Scout Backpack The Ultimate Bushcraft Rucksack
YNOT's Backpack is designed to be adjusted to carry different gear. From camping, hiking, hunting, bushcraft, climbing or traveling.
DASH 2.0 Wallet ~ The Leather Wallet Redesigned
A better, leather quickdraw wallet for minimalists. Carry the things you need, and access them easily.
Passion Planner: Get One, Give One
When you invest in yourself, you'll also be investing in the dreams of someone else.
CARBÖN exclusive wallet
Wallet next generation. RFID safe, durable, light, compact card holder.
Helgray Hornet - All-Around Badass Watch with Dual Time Zone
Watches inspired by 1980's fighter jets & pilot watches. Overbuilt. Reliable. Packed with ridiculous value. Say 'no' to boring.
Tusenö - Watches inspired by the Swedish west coast
Introducing our first collection of watches. Beautifully designed in Sweden with a hybrid mechanical-quartz movement at its heart.
K11 Bumper | iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus
Reimagining the bumper for your iPhone. Finally someone thought about it...
Draft Top - Turning beer cans into pint glasses
The bar tool designed to safely remove the top of aluminum beverage cans. Drink Topless - you'll enjoy what cans have to offer!
NovelTea Tins
Beautifully illustrated tea tins with a novel twist. Don QuixoTea, War and Peach, and Oscar Wilde's Picture of Earl Grey
Happy Ears | The next generation earplug
The worlds best reusable earplug, that blocks out harmful noise, while preserving superb sound quality. Simple, smart & sexy.
MOGICS Charger - The Perfect Charger for your Lifestyle
Designed for a more efficient and productive lifestyle. Keeping your charging space neat and organized.
Striker Ti Fire Survival Paracord Carabiner / Bracelet
550 Paracord Striker Ti by CINEIK is a modern keychain/bracelet that provides valuable tools when in need.
PocketBands™ 2.0 - Wristband With A Hidden Pocket
POCKETBANDS™ - Stash Keys, Money and More! New Slim Design Wristband with a Hidden Pocket.
ShelfPack- a new kind of luggage with built-in shelves!
ShelfPack- the innovative new luggage with shelves that makes all your gear visible and accessible.
Brave Gowns Help Children Fight Illness w/ Superhero Powers!
Brave Gowns are redesigned hospital gowns for a child to wear while fighting a terminal illness! Giving 2,000 gowns to 2,000 children!
SLIM 360 WALLET: Reversible Slim Wallet with RFID Protection
360° reversible bifold with optional RFID blocking. Secure, slim, minimalist wallet for everyday carry. GET ONE!
BikeStrap -Fittest Bike Mount- for Any Mobile Phone»
BikeStrap's universal bike mount fits any mobile phone and most bike handlebars. Designed by and for commuters, travellers, bike lovers
Sunderland mk1 - An Exceptionally Crafted Pen
A meticulously engineered pen for those who appreciate finely machined components and superior quality without compromise
Bone China Skull Mug Highlighted with LED Multi-Colour Light
A realistic skull mug cast in English finest bone china. Using 3d printing of skull scan data & hand modelling to deliver high detail.
The World's Best TRAVEL JACKET with 15 Features || BAUBAX
TRAVEL JACKET with built-in Neck Pillow, Eye Mask, Gloves, Earphone Holders, Drink Pocket, Tech Pockets of all sizes! Comes in 4 Styles
Titanium Pocket Bit : Key Ring Screwdriver / EDC Multi-tool
World's most compact, double sided solid titanium alloy screwdriver bits. Titanium keyring + FREE world-wide shipping!
EZSTAX: Organize Closets, Dressers, Laundry, and Offices.
Interlocking dividers keep your piles of clothes and papers organized. Pull any item from the middle! Stack your files or spread out!
ZipChip | "The New Way to Play"
A new spin on the game of catch.
GEKKOPOD - The World's Most Flexible Mount
"I am the mount for your smartphones, GoPros and cameras!... YES FINALLY!"
RideAir - The Next Generation Of Effortless Air Pumps
RideAir lets you inflate bicycle / wheelchair tires at a push of a button, it's that simple! Refillable multi-use portable air capsule.
Sleep Yoga™ Posture Pillows - Improve posture and help sleep
Original designs of uniquely shaped pillows by a chiropractor & a sleep industry designer. Better than any other pillows you've seen.
dio Naked Reversible USB cables for Lightning and Micro
A simply beautiful, durable USB cable with naked tip that can be inserted either way and won't tangle. The way USB should be.
SuperMags: Fridge Magnets With Almost 6 lbs of Holding Power
Inspired by traditional map pins, these fridge magnets make posting a simple reminder on your fridge, filing cabinet or tool box easy!
Car Doormat, a Doormat for your car (Starting at $5)
Everyday our shoes drag dirt & snow into our car when we get it. Clean your shoes before you get inside your car, just like in your apt
BackBottle-The Jersey Friendly Bottle for All Cyclists
The BackBottle provides cyclists and triathletes an easy answer for extra, accessible hydration when you GO ALL OUT!
Sugar Creations Molds: Make exotic cakes in Minutes!!
Make exotic cakes and cupcakes without the exotic price tag!
LEGEND PUSHUP™ - Best Pushup Bar Ever
Pushup Bars meet Instability Trainer. The Results: more muscle growth, better results, more fun.
Office Putty
Calm. Focus. Create. Office Putty allows you to de-stress, focus and explore new ideas simply by engaging your hands.
The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap
The BulletSafe Bulletproof Baseball Cap offers protection without intimidation.
Pearl™: Compact Mirror + USB Rechargeable Battery Pack
Pearl: World's First Compact Mirror with Built-in USB Battery Pack. For iPhone, iPad, Android, USB Devices and all your beauty needs.
NERO: RFID Blocking Wallet Leather or Kevlar + Carbon Fiber
The perfect wallet for active people. 4 RFID protected pockets for Credit cards and 1 RFID pass through pocket for your transport card.
Real: Laundry Detergent for Men
A powerful laundry detergent with a scent and bottle tailored towards men, Real is here to change the world's perspective on laundry.
Hey Joe Coffee Mug - Brew Joe on the Go
Now you can brew coffee inside of your mug to the perfect drinking temperature anytime, anywhere, at the push of a button.
HELGRAY – Vintage military style watches with Swiss movement
Inspired by WW1 military watches, the Helgray line combines vintage style, modern Swiss movement, and affordability.
GeniusStrap - The greatest utility strap in the universe.
A super utility strap, an elastic and truly adjustable shoelace, hair tie, non-slip strip, and more in one. A D.N.A. visual aid too.
MagBak mounts, grips, protects your iPad. Minimalist design
Mounts your iPad to your car, kitchen & anywhere else. Provides the perfect grip. Protects your iPad. Snaps the SmartCover to the back.
Verge - handcrafted wallet with revolutionary spirit
Verge leather goods - designed accessory made with attention to every stitch and passion to leather.
Retro Futurist Steampunk Nixie Tube Clock
Handmade Steampunk Nixie Clocks in black walnut, brass, copper and chrome. Blending the 1850's with the 1950's.
Wingback: A tailor made leather wallet
Simply a wallet for your cards and cash. Choose your leather, thread and personalise it.
PROMiXX Vortex Mixer. World's most advanced drinks bottle!
Your sports bottle has evolved! Introducing the world's smartest (and sexiest) mixing bottle with integrated Vortex Mixing Technology™
Wrap Wallet - The best wallet in the world, made in the USA
The most compact wallet possible, no folding bills necessary. Holds 10 cards and 15 bills in three pockets plus reversible ID window.
Snapback Slim Wallet - Minimal size, maximum potential.
Hold it all without the bulk. This slim wallet can handle your cards, cash and receipts. A simple design with minimalists in mind.
Spin Chill: Warm Beer Sucks
A portable, hands-free device used to chill a beer or wine (soda for youngsters) in 30-60 seconds.
SlimFold MICRO: A super thin wallet stitched from Tyvek
Tyvek is thin, light, and super strong. 100% made in USA and stitched in San Francisco. You'll love the minimal design!
The Ridge Wallet 2.0
More than a Minimalist Wallet. The re-designed wallet system constructed from Aluminum, Titanium, and Carbon Fiber
eleMount : Premium Mount / Stand for iPhone, iPad, Android
CNC machined aluminum mount for smartphones and tablets. The easiest way to mount mobile devices in cars & camera mounts.
Minimo | A slim aluminium wallet with a difference
The Minimo wallet is functional, very user-friendly, stylish and it blocks RFID. Comes in thousands of colour combinations!
EverDock: iPhone 5S, 5C, 5, 4, iPad, iPad Mini, Android Dock
Stunning aluminum design. Single or dual dock. Works with Lightning, 30-pin, micro-USB. iPhone 5S,5C,5,4, iPad, iPad mini, Samsung, HTC
MagBak- Grips, protects & mounts iPad in a minimalist design
It mounts to walls. Snaps SmartCover to the back. Provides the perfect grip. Protects your iPad. Order now www.1lss.com
The World's First Super-Soft Ear Muff for Sleeping
The Hibermate sleep mask is a super-comfortable, luxury eye mask with removable ear muffs especially designed for sleep.
RETRAKT- A Custom Machined "Click" Pen
A high quality, machined "click" style pen, designed and manufactured by us, here in the USA.
The Roost - Stop hunching over your laptop!
An ultra-portable device that transforms your laptop into a comfortable desktop workstation.
Ti-Click PRO & Ti-Click RTS : Titanium Click Pen + Stylus
Exquisitely Balanced Ti-Click Pens. 35+ Refills : Mont Blanc, Fisher, Pilot, Uniball, Cross, Zebra & more. Free World-Wide Shipping!
Comfy Breasts™ - full body, open-breasted, comfort pillow
"Comfy Breasts"™ Relaxation System! Full Body open-breasted pillow for all women Ideal for Breast Cancer Survivors & Massage clients!
Keyport Slide 2.0 - The Keychain Reinvented
Hi-tech keychain alternative that consolidates keys and other everyday-carry items into one sleek, indispensable device
Division Furtive: Dual Linear Wrist Watches
Help bring to life secret-agent worthy wrist watches where traditional rotating hands are replaced by horizontally moving cursors.
Ainste™ - The new style of the modern wallet.
A new style of wallets like never before. With Ainste wallets, you will experience a different and creative twist to ordinary things.
2013 Military-Themed Calendar Pin Up Girl Challenge Coin Set
Help back our project so we can design and create the other nine coins in the 2013 calendar set!
Minimalist™ by CAPSULE™: The Definitive Essentials Wallet
A re-imagined super-thin card-case style wallet crafted for the design conscious minimalist.
ViVAX: The best portable laptop protection system available
SAVINO: Today's Wine Tomorrow
Effective, Elegant and Easy-to-Use wine preservation glassware.
The BOLT- A Machined Bolt Action Pen
The Bolt is a machined bolt-action pen made here in the USA.
Everpurse: seamlessly charge your phone all day
Everpurse charges your smartphone (compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 5, and Samsung Galaxy S3) all day without wires.
HiLO Lens - Creative Angle for iPhone & iPad Photography
Like having a swivel/rotating screen for your iPhone, iPad or iPad Mini camera. Discover new angles for awesome photos and video!
triHOLD: The No-Compromise Compact Front-Pocket Wallet
Innovative and compact wallet that gives you easy access to two cards, holds six cards, and keeps you organized with bills and receipts
Ultimate Spatula
The perfect spatula. Unibody silicone construction, heat resistant to 464°F, easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and nearly indestructible.
Solid Titanium Pen + Stylus
World's First Titanium Pen that works with 30+ pens. Mont Blanc, Pilot G2, Cross, Uniball & more + Stylus + Free World-Wide Shipping
The Pen Project
My interpretation of an everyday writing implement. Designed to be a compact, dependable addition to your everyday carry. 100% MA made.
Galileo. Your iOS in Motion.
Galileo is an iOS-controlled, robotic motion platform for iPhones and iPod Touches.
The Salute, PowderKeg, Incline and Colfax Backpacks by MHM
MHM designs the most innovative, well crafted packs in the world. Built for a wide range of uses, which one fits your back's needs?
The NOMATIC 30L Travel Bag
The Go Anywhere Do Anything Bag! Perfect For Travel, Gym, Gear, And Those Who Live Life On The Move.
PocoPet: World's Most Compact Pet Carrier for Dogs & Cats
The best pocket-sized ultralight pet carrier, for everyday adventures with your dog (or cat, or...!)
The RaveRunner Hydration Pack
The anti-theft, customizable, easily re-fillable hydration pack with underglow, detachable lights, and hidden pockets.
Tictoc Cube: A Colourful Handmade Lamp for Quickstarter
A unique handmade set of plexiglass and wood lamps, Made in Italy
STEM into Christmas with a kids' scientific card-making kit
A kit that combines science, craft and festive fun! Everything a little scientist needs to wow their friends with scientific wonder.
World's Best Travel Safe Bag With 16 Features | Black Ops
4 times more cut resistant than Kevlar. This bag keeps pickpockets & thieves away! Anti Theft, Anti Cut, Secret Pockets & much more
Beeline Moto | smart navigation for motorcycles, made simple
Beautifully simple navigation, route planning and tracking for motorbikes, giving you the freedom to enjoy the ride
The First Fully Automated Dog Toilet: INUBOX
A revolutionary station that captures, processes and contains liquid and solid dog waste.
Power XR | First MFi PD Fast Charging Wireless Power Bank
18W PD Fast Charging | 10000 mAh Capacity | MFi Certified Lightning | Qi Wireless&Cable Charging | Slide Touch Open | Non-slip UV Coat
Deluge - De Novo Designed Resin Fountain Pen by Genesis Pen
A "one-of-a-kind" modern and elegant fountain pen with the unique body design made by the combination of technology and handcraft.
Cube of Smoke - Flavor Your Cocktails with Hardwood Smoke
Cube of Smoke is a unique product that provides a great way to enhance cocktails with the flavor of natural hardwood smoke.
One Fuck/Zero Fucks Decision Maker Coins!
A fun and vulgar way to decide if you should give a fuck, or not. Flip this bitch and let fate decide!
The WAYKS ONE: A sustainable & transformable Travel Backpack
A sustainably made, modular backpack, that converts from a carry-on Travel Backpack into a smaller Day Pack + Camera / Cooler Bag
Levia - Unique levitating marble lamp
A mix of design, technology and “magic” that will blow your mind.
Oro - The world's first minimalist wallet for women
Thin, Durable, Strong and Water Repellent. A ladies wallet for every purpose. #Quickstarter
TIMAZE: TTi-110 Bamboo Fountain Pen
The most Elegance Bamboo Fountain Pen. Option for Copper & Aluminum! Titanium version Unlock at $100K.
The SSD Chair | Simple, Strong and Durable
The SSD chair is SIMPLE, STRONG and DURABLE. Easy-to-assemble, long-lasting and made with sustainable high-quality materials.
EUME - World's First BackPack That Massages Your Body
Backpack with inbuilt back massager (Patent pending), TSA-compatible, Ergonomic Design, Waterproof, Phone Charger + 20 other features
Swedish Contemporary Moon Phase Redefining Designer Watches
Breathing new life into the designer watch market with timepieces that are intricate yet modern. Uncompromising and unconventional.
HAK 360 - Reversible and Minimalist Wallet
The best reversible wallet that changes color in a snap and fits all your needs.
Mapuguaquén - Active handmade clay speakers
Tradition meets a sustainable future. An eco-friendy high-tech product to re-think crafts and production methods!
Aquacy 300M Limited Edition Dive Watch With Tons Of Extras
ETA 2824 or Miyota 9015 Movement. 14 Colors to Choose From Including Abalone and Mother of Pearl Dials. A Free Strap & More Included.
ONDU -III- Pinhole Cameras- Perfect shutter, Snap-on filters
Most advanced and versatile ONDU Pinhole camera we have created so far.
RockBook - The Strongest Book Ever
Notebooks made from stone are the most durable books you will ever have. Totally waterproof and Eco-friendly.
90X Action Planner: Accomplish Your #1 Goal in 90 Days
On a mission to help 100,000 people achieve their #1 goal.
X-Cuties Enamel Pin Series
Floral mutant cuties re-imagined as 1.75" Hard Enamel Pins
The Weekender Yo-Yo
An ultralight modern responsive yo-yo manufactured in Eugene, OR. A brand new style of yo-yo inspired by old school play.
Esington Glass 2.0: Solid Iron Nanospheres + Time stopper
The world's first solid iron nanosphere timer with a magnetic time stopper.
SKOUT: The Hands Free Camera or Binocular Carrying System
For the active outdoor enthusiast that wants to keep their camera/binoculars at the ready and always secure. Go out and discover!
VOID - HEPTAGON mathematically solid of constant width! 19$
A pocket-sized, Elegant toy designed to help you focus and meditate.
ONYX | Functional Backpacks With Less Outside, More Inside
Bags designed for the photographer, traveler, everyday commuter and everything in between.
The Ultimate Carbon Fiber Hair Combs
The first professional grade Carbon Fiber combs made in USA. Ultra-high quality and light years better than traditional plastic combs
Swiss-Made Sellita SW200 Automatic Movement. Double-Domed Sapphire Crystal. 100M Water Resistance. USA assembly.
Fizzics - Better than draft beer from any can or bottle.
Fizzics DraftPour converts your favorite beer into a smooth and creamy nitro-style pour that blows draft away.
Evolve Adventure Towel: Saving the World One Towel at a Time
The Ultimate Travel Companion: Sand-Repellent, Light-Weight, Quick-Dry, Anti-Microbial and Made From 20 Recycled Plastic Bottles.
Premium Magnetic Modular Mount
Universal Modular Mounting System for smartphones, tablets, Nintendo Switch + more! Dual Ended Suction Cups + Magnetic Ball Joints
MOFT - World’s First Invisible Laptop Stand, $19 Early Bird
An adhesive laptop stand makes you move freely and enjoy ergonomic comfort anywhere
The Wallaby wallet notebook | Get Your Life Together.™
So simple it might just work: it's a notebook that works like a wallet.
The Take Daily Bag
Gym, travel, work? Explore daily with our versatile backpack / duffel bag. Carefully curated from premium nylon & vegan suede.
High quality Tie Bar & Perfect Eyeglass Holder:ZERO HOLSTER
Zero Holster is the cool multi function tie bar.It's a tie bar,broach,and a compact, stylish way to keep your eyeglasses at your side.
The Inflatable Travel Jumpsuit by Onepiece
World's best travel wear, with first of its kind inflatable hood & neck pillow, and 10+ more features...
AISION: Futuristic inspired automatic watches from Hong Kong
AN-S01 Watches Inspired by Space and UFO
Boslla - The World's First Four-Color Car LED Headlight Bulb
Boslla Bullet led headlight bulb works perfectly in sunny, snowy, rainy, foggy weather and even emergency situations
The Straprack Home Fitness Gym
The best home fitness solution to take your body to the next level.
Kingdom Hearts Character - Hard Enamel Pin Quickstarter
Characters from the Kingdom Hearts series made into enamel pins!
The Ultimate Minimalist Cash Wrap by TROVE
The Ultimate Slim Wallet and card case is back with another innovative upgrade. Introducing the TROVE Cash Wrap. Reverse the Rules.
The Ultimate Loungewear: Women's Pocket Boxers
Sleepwear shorts. Loungewear shorts. Boxer shorts. 100% cotton shorts. And... Pockets! All-in-one. By Women, for Women.
PIONEER - Flyfold Wallet - Engineered to last a lifetime
Premium technical materials 10X stronger than steel define the future of wallets. Field-tested and proven by athletes around the world.
EPIC! — The Ultimate Cat Toy Puzzle Feeder
Bringing the enrichment & stimulation of the hunt to indoor cats! The ultra-boredom-buster & better feeder for your favorite feline.
A Super Sticky, Functional & Ultra Versatile Adhesive Surface Designed to Secure your Possessions Anywhere and Help You Stay Organised.
The Pella: A Weber Kettle Pellet Adapter by Spider Grills
An adapter that turns any Original Series 22" Weber Kettle Grill into a pellet grill in seconds. No tools or modifications required.
Horloscaphe NC001 Diving Watch
Montre de plongée - Fabriqué en France
Oceanica Reef The Most Affordable Automatic Dive Watch
A Great Everyday Tool Dive Watch
Ergo Spout: Ergonomic Spout & Handle for Mason Jars
Look what your Mason jars can do now!
Ventus: Northstar 300m Heritage Diver Automatic
A tribute to the first generation of dive watches. Engineered with the latest in materials and technology for unbeatable value.
Caliburnus — A hand-Tooled Automatic Watch by VALIMOR
Our aim was to create a watch with a level of handcrafted details not found on any other watch in this price range.
Co·amplify: Cochlear Implant Clothing & Learning Tools
Giving deaf kids with cochlear implants the freedom to just be kids.
Dérive, by Architools. The Most Beautiful Notebook Ever Made
A luxurious notebook with an exquisite gilded edge. Inspired by wanderlust and all things golden.
PAGES | A Colorful Adjustable Chair
The delicate process of adjusting the seat height, backrest, and color of your chair is now easy as flipping a page.
Laundry Paste: The Coolest Laundry Soap Ever Made!
I invented a revolutionary Laundry Paste to eliminate disposable plastic laundry bottle waste, now I need your help to grow the company
Stool Nº1
A modern take on the hairpin leg stool—made in the USA with a combination of computer-controlled-machines and hand-craft
9Barista: Perfect Stove Top Espresso
The first jet-engineered stove top espresso machine
GoSun Fusion: One Incredible Solar + Electric Oven ☀️+⚡=💛
Hot meals anytime, anywhere, with the highest efficiency hybrid solar oven on the planet.
USD149 Modern Vintage Industrial Design Automatic Watches
Perfect union of modern and vintage, of traditional craftsmanship and complexity, and inspired by the industrial design.
Your Go-To Midweight Pullover: Give’r Ol’ Faithful
Designed, tested and evolved for superior durability, functionality, aesthetics and versatility. Made complete, by the “secret sauce”
Halflight 375 Flask: Rugged Terrain, Refined Spirits
375ml of Whiskey + 1 Magnetic Tumbler = Your favorite drink in your favorite place
HODINA x Minimalissimo - Defining the archetypal timepiece
Minimalism expressed through a beautifully designed unisex watch that is simple, aesthetic and functional.
OM Comfort Pillow No.4.8: An Orthopedic Pillow for Sleep
Sleep on the OM Comfort Pillow No. 4.8; A pillow designed for the best possible sleep, which helps you relax and fall asleep quickly.
Gretel's Design #2 – Pure nature for your dreams
Hochqualitative Bettwäsche mit spürbarem Design aus Österreich // High quality Austrian bed linen with touchable design.
Subtl Beauty - The Ultimate Makeup Brand For Women On The Go
A must-have makeup stack for every woman on the go. Fits every lifestyle, every purse, every woman.
The Stone Scarf ~
Creating a New Fabric Line using Stunning Microscopic Images of Stone
Mantis, all-in-one hammock tent
A lightweight, all-in-one hammock tent designed to elevate backcountry camp. The Mantis offers the best night's sleep, off the ground.
5.6mm Clutch Pencil Handmade in Ebony By Nicholas Hemingway
A bespoke pencil made from reclaimed Ebony. Perfect for any Architect, Artist or Designer. Sustainable design for a green environment.
Coby Move - Shoes that feel like walking on clouds
Made for the everyday. Incredibly comfortable, stylish and sustainable. Made in Europe, get yours!
The Boss Lady Planner™ | simple system for massive results
Intuitive yearly planner for ambitious business women that provides a system for translating your big business vision into daily action
Adrenalease - World's first adjustable Posture Shirt and Bra
Adrenalease Posture Apparel was engineered by Kinesiologists to improve posture & gently remind you to keep an upright neutral spine.
Players Pickleball Paddles
A customizable pickleball paddle unlike any other, with more features than you'll find anywhere else!
TTi-120 Titanium Roller Pen / Custom seal / 印鑑
All precision crafted by grade 5 titanium. Adjustable center of gravity. Available for custom seal / 印鑑.
Whyld River's DoggyBag | A Premium Sleeping Bag for Your Dog
From nights under the stars to last minute road trips The DoggyBag is meant to go everywhere with you. Just like your best friend.
Reinventing The Sports Watch by HOFFMAN
Modern Sporty High-End Designs. Premium Components & Materials. 20 Unique Variations. Limited Series.
Grim Workshop Wearable Lock Pick and Escape System
Wearable, concealable EDC lock picking sets specially designed for your wallet, necklace, and even.....
The Venn Puzzle
A beautiful mechanical puzzle comprised of three identical pieces, die-cast in stainless steel and weighing almost 2 pounds.
MagBak Wallet: Minimal, Elegant, Practical, Multi-Functional
Your phone and wallet become one. Magnetically attaches, kickstands, and mounts to your car.
Quickstarter: Matilda ~ the rocking note & photo stand
The flat-packed, fold-it-yourself, mirror-finish stand that waves your favourite photos, notes or postcards at you!
The Ultimate Teapot and Tea Glass from amapodo
The very best of making it easy to brew up rich, full tea flavours - all in a super simple, unique, healthy and eco-friendly design.
Overlook Hotel - Horror drink / coffee coasters
Laser etched wooden coasters inspired by The Shining's Overlook Hotel.
Ironwood Skillet: smooth, light, affordable cast iron
Cast iron cookware for performance and presentation – a longer handle, smooth surface, lightweight design, and hardwood accessories.
GO! Hammock 2.0 | Experience a New Level of Comfort
This Premium Grade Hammock is Perfect for Camping, Napping, Sleeping or Relaxing! Amazingly Comfortable, Durable & Portable
DUO: The 2in1 water bottle for hot & cold drinks
Carry hot & cold liquids simultaneously and drink both from the same lid. Made from recycled plastic and double walled stainless steel.
Maluna Combat 22: Extreme Performance for a Great Cause
The Maluna Combat 22 holds ice 23% longer and creates coolers for veterans so they can connect with the outdoors and with each other.
Version2.0 Wireless Sonic Washing Tool for Anything & Anyone
|Sonic Cleaning|Wash & Scrub|Bath Brush|Food & Medical Grade Silicone|Wireless|Rechargeable|Noiseless|Waterproof|Bacteria-proof|
Ikepod watches
The icon of minimalist watch design is back. Original Ikepod design, same quality, new prices
MagBox, MagShoe, MagRing—Revolutionary New Softbox System
The MagBox, MagRing & MagShoe make off-camera softbox lighting easy. Set up, mount, modify & gel beautiful, soft light the MagMod way.
Delux Navee - Best Ergonomic Mouse for Longterm Comfort
The most ergonomic vertical mouse with adjustable angles to support your wrist and hand.
Eco-Friendly Chopsticks made from Aerospace Grade Titanium
A set of titanium utensils: healthy, convenient, stylish, and, most of all, sustainable.
Bitty™ - a pocket drum machine
Small, loud, expandable! By Curious Sound Objects.
KYOMA™ | The Instructional (yoga) Mat
Designed to help you stretch your body without your electronic device 🕺
Si Tray Collection
100 silicone trays to enhance and bring order to your home
HIKIN' RIG: Multi-purpose Snowboard Accessory!
Designed to stay on your snowboard while you ride, making it unlike any other strap on the market. Upgrade your setup & ride with RIGZ!
THE WOMEN'S BRISE PANT : A modern outdoor pant.
Fusing modern aesthetics and function, the worlds most versatile women's pant. The ultimate pant for anything, it truly does it all.
The Draken Kalahari automatic military watch
A unique automatic watch with a focus on rugged utility, staying true to the 'form follows function' principle.
GO! Line | Multipurpose Cordage for Your Outdoor Adventures
Ultralight, Strong, Highly Reflective Cordage for Camping and Hiking. Perfect for guy lines, tarp ridgelines & every day carry cordage
Pre-Bot: A wooden toy robot and his anti-bullying storybook
A unique wooden toy robot with an anti-bullying story, designed to help kids avoid traits that lead to bullying.
Pokemon Mythical RisingStar - Hard Enamel Pin Set
A cute collection of 7 Hard Enamel Pins diamond shaped that converge in a magnificent 7-pointed star!
'Slasher' Urethane horror-themed Phone Case by Creep Case!
A classic horror-themed case for your iPhone! Hand cast from flexible, impact-resistant urethane and hand painted by the artist.
NEATO® The worlds most innovative tool management system
OUR VISION To develop safer practices and increase productivity for tool owners in all workspaces /sheds /mancaves around the world
Neova | A Unique Connected Ring For Musicians
Add musical effects to your play using simple and natural hand gestures. A brand new way to enhance musical performance.
LOCK DOG: Bite-resistant and theft-proof
The first leash that protects your dog from theft.
Minbøk notebook | Versatile, lightweight & elegant
Refillable and ultra-convenient, Minbøk is your creativity and productivity partner for every adventure.
SCULPTAFIT Home-Gym: The 30-minute, Family Fitness Solution
The LAST Fitness & Fat-Loss Investment You'll EVER Make. Get all the results with NO gym drama, NO health club crowds, NO self-torture.
CrunchCup - The World's Greatest Portable Cereal Cup
No Spoon. No Bowl. No Mess. No BS.
Zug Jug - The World's Greatest Jugs
Zug Jug, a 72 oz. super-insulated feature-enhanced jug with screw-on food container, eliminates annoying issues found in standard jugs.
CuloClean | the most portable bidet in the market
CuloClean is the portable bidet that you can plumb in any plastic bottle, fully discreet, efficient and portable
Mobius - The World's Most Eco-Progressive Backpack
Four bags in one - made from 31 recycled bottles - lifetime guaranteed - ten trees planted for every item sold
SPLID - Store, Serve, Repeat.
SPLID is an innovative world first design & Finalist in the Victorian Premiers Design Awards 2017.
Valhalla of Norway Deep fjord Limited Edition 200 pcs.
Heavy duty 50 ATM automatic diver watch with Helium release valve
The Hero's Journal: Give your Goal a Quest
Contemporary productivity tools and timeless story structure meet in a beautiful 90-day journal. Fit for all heroes on any journey.
Ti Slice - ULTIMATE Titanium Keychain Knife
Everywhere you go, Ti Slice goes too, and it might just save your life someday... MADE IN AMERICA.
Planetary Blocks: Our Solar System
A set of 20 Solar System toy blocks. featuring 8 planets, 8 moons, 3 dwarf planets and just one star.
Penwell Traveler—The Writing Tool to Make Capped Pens Handy
Make the use of pens easier and more enjoyable by bringing click pen ease to capped fountain pens, rollerballs, or ballpoints.
GECKSKIN®: Unleash the Reusable Gripping Magic of The Gecko
Designed for spontaneous problem solving, Geckskin devices grab onto nearly any surface, attach your stuff & peel without damage.
Preserve Journals | A Celebration Journal
An intentional alternative to the greeting cards Mothers receive from their children.
SISSI STRAWBERRY - Grow Your Own Fresh Strawberries
The easiest and most stylish way to grow your very own strawberries on your balcony or terrace.
Best Triple-hybrid-driver Graphene Earphones - Under $35
|Triple Hybrid Drivers|Graphene Diaphragm|Titanum Skin|Zinc Alloy Case|Indestructible|Two-way to Wear|No Need to Adjust|Under $35|
Spoke Pen
The perfect pen barrel for the Uni-ball Signo UM-151 (DX) gel pen refill.
Norrsken - It's bold to be square!
Uniquely designed square watches. Automatic movement and premium materials. One-time Offer.
The World's Most Eco-Friendly & Toxin-Free Skincare
Worlds purest food-grade skincare brand with incredible reviews makes worlds first compostable bottle to end plastic pollution
Attracmount: The Magnetic Cell Phone Mount for Wheelchairs
A magnetic mount specially designed for wheelchairs; built with industrial strength magnets to securely hold cell phones and keys.
Muzio - Music Reactive Led Lamp
Led Lamp React to Music - 12 Animation React to Music - - Opensource -SHIP IN 30 DAYS
Expandals: The ONLY Footwear That GROWS With Your Child!
Inspired by the nonprofit "The Shoe That Grows", redesigned as the most functional, durable, and FUN footwear for your family!
MAKE 100 : Combining acrylic art and nixie clock - COLORIC
A clock fully made of Acrylic and LED Light
SketchPlanner 2019
SketchPlanner is a planner intended for artists, doodlers and visual thinkers.
New collection of minimal watches by Kevin Russell
Minimal watches designed with premium grade materials including sapphire crystal. Available in 2 new sizes!
The Habit System: Accomplish Your Biggest Goals With Ease
A planner designed for who you actually want to be. Reduce your stress and anxiety, line up your goals, balance your life.
The Daily Career Journal
Your Daily System for Professional Success
FOSH | High Quality Watches without the Luxury Markup
An affordable, high-quality watch with Italian leather straps, built for the hustler looking to skip the minimalist look.
Fine Bone Porcelain Sex Toys
Good, Hard Fun. British Porcelain for the bedroom not the mantel piece.
Minimalist Wallet by Bad Idea Supply Co.
A lightweight, heavy-duty minimalist wallet that fits in any pocket.
Candle holders, inspired by volcanoes. Evoking the molten glow of flowing lava.
Möbius Strip: A single sided, continuous surface reimagined
The world's first fully CNC machined Möbius Strip.
NEBULITE Collection - Next Generation Festival Gear
The future is illuminated & smart -- Revolutionary drawstring bag and fanny pack. Companions for parties, festivals, and safer cycling.
Dervish Wyrm - The Ultimate EDC Knife
A little blade with a BIG attitude!
Carbon Fiber Full Size Guitar | KLOS Guitars
Carbon fiber, impervious to temperature and humidity, collapsible at the neck, full size and full sound - it will last a lifetime
Kozmophone | A classic reimagined!
The Kozmophone is a Holographic, Bluetooth Turntable
The Monk Manual Planner: A Daily System for Being + Doing
A 90-day planner that helps you focus on the most important things, so you can live with greater peace, purpose and productivity.
The 100ml Hip – A reinvention of the traditional hip flask
A 100ml / 3.4 fl.oz. cylindrical stainless steel flask. Designed in London. Machined in the UK. Personalised with your inscription.
Pirani Party Tumbler - Vacuum Insulated and Sustainable
Keeps your drinks hot/cold, hands dry & party spirit alive. Back Pirani Life & keep single-use plastic out of our oceans & landfills
DreamCastle | A Totally Natural & Adaptive Pet Bed
Revolutionary pet bed for a much healthier and happier furbaby
Interference 2019
A simple gear driven interference toy using laser cut paper.
PLEVO - The World's Most Innovative Smart Luggage
Three Smart Products. Removable Battery Pack, GPS Tracking, Smart Lock, Built-in Digital Scale, Garment Hanger, Travel Assistant App
CrossGrips - The World's First Multi-Gym Fitness Handles
CrossGrips by Jayflex are the "Swiss Army Knife" of exercise equipment. A compact multi-gym built for home and travel.
Méraud: Vintage Inspired Watches with Swiss Movement
Méraud Bonaire, a heritage timepiece with SWISS movement, fueled by passion and assembled with the most refined materials.
A Better Backpack
Get a better all-day backpack designed to look amazing and carry everything, with canvas made from recycled plastic bottles
Bristly - World's Most Effective Toothbrush for Dogs
First ever “DIY” toothbrush for dogs. Dog-centric design, easy-to-use, safe and the most effective toothbrush for dogs.
Snailax Shiatsu and Hand-grip neck and shoulder massager
The massager can mimick vigorous penetration from a massager therapist hands to bring you a professional massage anywhere.
Basecamp | The Worlds First Modular Tailgate System
Redefine adventure: transform your tailgate into the ultimate basecamp featuring detachable seating, coolers, and more.
K-25 Smart Toiletry Bag | Travel essential redefined
World's first expandable & compression toiletry bag that adjusts to your travel needs & lifestyle.
Origin Watch Co. Vintage Field Watch assembled in USA
We are inspired by the classic timepieces of the past to design modern mechanical watches, hand assembled in our TN, USA workshop
Vertiball | The World's First Mobile Mounting Massager
The mountable precision massager that makes your back accessible in a way like never before.
TYNI WALLET - 2 tone
The original high capacity slim wallet. Stylish, Secure and Functional. The best everyday carry wallet.
Tail it: 4 new affordable GPS trackers with global range
In 2018 its totally unnecessary to lose your things. When a small piece of technology will give you its location within seconds.
STSH Urban Wallet | Minimal wallet for keys, cards and cash
Your everyday essentials in one place. Keys, cards and cash in an affordable, minimal design.
Less than 24 Hours Left to Get a California Watch!
4 awesome collections based on iconic California locations. Back us today & save up to 65% off MSRP!
Folkland Rolltop
The Folkland Rolltop Backpack is simple in form & function, and built in the PNW USA with classic & durable canvas and leather.
The Bible Beautiful - Romans
A history-shaping text from the Bible, paired with visual imagery and thoughtful design for a beautiful reading experience.
Dashboard Wireframe Kit
A wireframing kit for designing business dashboards.
luminati - H E X A G O N
“ A formally harmonious product needs no decoration; it should be elevated through pure form ” Ferdinand Porsche
Digit Number Pad, Wireless, Retro, Mechanical, All In One
A Wireless Retro Inspired Mechanical Number Pad & Calculator.
GameBoks: A Beautiful, Portable Gamestation for Your Console
GameBoks is a gaming station that takes gaming further. Made in Denmark of high quality wood from sustainable sources.
The Alta 21 | Packable Multi-Use Backpack + 3L Hip Pack
The Adventure pack redefined. 100% Waterproof, packable, durable, and versatile. Designed for those who live for adventure.
Avirida - Zero Plastic
Avirida is here to enable a ZERO PLASTIC lifestyle. Patent and design registration pending. Good for you, great for the environment!
Opeongo - a Small Body Solid Wood Acoustic Guitar
Our hand-crafted small bodied OO style all solid wood parlor acoustic guitar. With 12 frets to the body and a 1 3/4" wide neck.
Slinger: Pocket-Sized EDC Flipper Knife
The comfort of a full-sized knife in an everyday carry size. SHIPS IN DECEMBER!
HYDAWAY. The world’s most collapsible water bottle, reborn.
Now with more sizes, taste filters, and a streamlined design, this next generation of collapsible water bottles is better than ever!
Pokemon Battle Spinning Enamel Pins by REALLYBIGDILL
A collection of Pokemon battle inspired spinning hard enamel pins!
The Bobby Pro & Bobby Tech Anti-Theft Backpacks by XD Design
From the creators of the Bobby Anti-theft Backpack, we are pleased to announce not just 1, but TWO new premium Anti-Theft models.
Atypical Belt - Ultimate Comfort & Style.
We strive to optimize lifestyle products by combining traditional craftsmanship and innovative designs for daily life
Poe Egglesworth A6 size planner / journal cover
An A6 size planner cover featuring everyone's favorite pigeon, Poe Egglesworth!
Onli Travel Venture Rolling Pack: Never check a bag again!
Modular 3-part luggage system that combines a world-class backpack with a carry-on, so it always fits! One bag travel made easy.
EMG Horizon - Retro Racing Inspired Chronograph Watch
Retro styling with modern materials and meca-quartz reliability
Sword Drives - Sword Shaped USB Drives
Nerdy 3.0 USB Drives inspired by some of pop-culture's most iconic swords! Five designs available now in both 16 GB or 32 GB sizes.
The Fjord Whisky Glass
Marrying design, science and pleasure to form a unique whisky glass inspired by the Fjords of Norway
The Practical Magic Activation Deck: Activate your life
A toolkit made up of 56 individually illustrated cards, and a book full of exercises to spark creativity & empower positive change.
Cupanion—the world's most empowering reusable bottle
Give clean water, save our oceans, and track your impact each time you refill.
Pyramid Shades | The NEXT GENERATION Sunshade!
Certified Sun Protective Fabric, Easy Set-Up, Lightweight, Water Resistant, Solar Powered + Ventilation - Perfect for every adventure!
AURA SENSUS - The First Mini Diffuser With Your Own Perfume
AURA SENSUS is the first mini diffuser to be filled with your own favorite perfume. Use it wherever you want and enjoy your fragrance!
HEIMPLANET Transit Line - Everyday travel bags
functional - durable - sustainable - probably the last bags you will ever need.
A Minimal Pen That Will Last You a Lifetime
A sleek, minimal, solid metal, American-made retractable pen designed to last a lifetime
V2 • Titanium "EDC Ink" Clip, Pocket, & Keychain Pens
The evolution of minimal perfection. Now you can post the cap! Precision crafted, compact, and beautifully seamless.
Swiss Watch Company® - Automatic Swiss Divers Watch
Designed & Manufactured by a Swiss-born, Swatch-trained pro. Automatic Swiss Divers Watch / Chrono. Wholesale Price. 5 Year Warranty.
Fiets & Fiets - A Versatile Backpack For Everyday Adventure
Magic Dock to Attach all accessories | Weatherproof to Keep Every Item Neat and Dry | 3 Packing Tools to Organise Different Items
MP Magic Socks: The World's Best Odorless Socks
Say goodbye to stinky feet with these odorless socks. Comfort, odor free, dry and stylish! Perfect for daily use, travel, and training
The Airhook 2.0 - Inflight & In Vehicle Travel Comfort
Support your tablet or cell phone + a can/cup/bottle HANDS-FREE on your inflight tray table, vehicle headrest, and luggage handlebars!
FOUR SEASONS - Jewelry Desk Organizer
FOUR seasons represent different climates, meaning that the four models jewelry organizer play different functions.
Bamboo Bar, Desk And Jewelry Organizer , 竹
Clean up your desk. keep it minimal and natural. Help you storage your stationery and jewelry collection.
Keychron K2 - A Sleek, Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
84-keys | Gateron switch | Wireless or wired | For Mac and Windows | 15+ Types of RGB | Connects up to three devices | 4000 mAh battery
Breaker One Bag. The incredibly organized travel backpack.
Giving the world a comfortable, organized, and well designed travel backpack to create the best experience for you and your stuff.
Hang Solo: Portable Hammock Camping Stand
Lightweight yet ultra durable hammock stand that's perfect for setting up a hammock anywhere
Tesmo: Fast Wireless Charger, Power Bank & Planner all-in-1
The Tesmo Universe Book is the world’s most functional yet stylish multi-device charger and planner to simplify your life.
SUNNYBAG® ICONIC: best solar backpack with wireless charging
SUNNYBAG ICONIC is fusing style, technology, and respect for nature in one go.
The Chochin Wall Lamp
The newest Product By Robust Innovations.
Xavier | Sustainable Sports & Travel Wallet
A new, sustainable multi-functional slim wallet that moves with your active lifestyle.
UNOBRUSH - Toothbrushing Reimagined
UNOBRUSH™ is the world’s smartest toothbrush that delivers a refreshing clean to your mouth in just 6 seconds.
Dream Dribble: Dribble at Home - With All Star Tim Hardaway
Dream Dribble, brought to you by the "Crossover King", will help you silently master your handles from the comfort of your home.
TIMAZE: TTi-918 Titanium Folding Fan / 钛折扇 / チタン 扇子
Unique, lightweight, solid. Perfectly made of Grade 5 titanium. Resistant to heat, corrosion and pressure.
Mutsun Language Coloring Book
Language revitalization through coloring. A coloring book aiming to encourage language learning, sharing of culture & truth in history.
Performance Sunglasses Built to Last and Backed for Life
Introducing Revant Eyewear: A performance sunglass system with 3 styles designed to perform as well on day 10,000 as they did on day 1.
World's First & Only Wearable Folding Lock
Foldylock Clipster
Newmark 6BB RAF Chronograph - An Iconic Pilot's Watch Reborn
We are recreating the Newmark Chronograph watch issued to RAF pilots in 1980 and making it an everyday watch - for everyone.
PAGE ANCHOR: Making you read more through Nordic design
Swedish anchor bookmarks that elevate your reading experience by preventing books from closing | Up to 42% off retail price.
Nutt Butter™ Edibles Moisturizers for Men by TAME the BEAST®
The first-ever edible moisturizer—for anywhere you need a little extra love.
DRZ_02 Automatic Swiss Made Watch by Direnzo watches
The most beautiful retro-futuristic Swiss Made Automatic Watch ever made.
Expandable Sash Bags: The Anti-Purse just got extra!
Two years ago Kickstarter brought our Sash bag to life. Now we have made it bigger with expandable pockets in multiple sizes.
Stylish Premium Watches ⌚ Nation of Souls
British Designed Watches from Nation of Souls with Swiss movement, sapphire crystal, full grain leather and stainless steel straps.
The First Fully Adjustable Travel Pillow - Trtl Pillow Plus
The Scientifically Engineered Travel Pillow With Premium Comfort And Breathability. Customise Your Comfort.
Posture Keeper | Pain Relief & Perfect Posture in 60 Seconds
Look taller, more confident, reduce neck and back pain and sleep like a baby.
Sparrow: the perfect city bike.
At 22lbs, this is the lightest single speed bike in it's class.
NUB Watches - Swiss Precision and British Engineering
Without compromising on looks or quality, we’ve created a Swiss-made watch at a fraction of the cost.
LEAP - Ergonomic Guitar Pick
Pick your passion with LEAP 3-sided guitar picks by Bog Street LLC.
The Only 4-in-1 Chair that Converts to a Cart || OME Gear
A 4-in-1 outdoor product that transforms from a cart, to a reclinable lounger, low "beach" chair, and a higher field/camping chair
The Tessel Jet Pack 3.0
Let your imagination take flight. Again.
Swedish Designed Watch Made from Destructed Illegal Firearms
TRIWA is collaborating with the Humanium Metal Initiative to create a new line of watches that will help end gun violence.
Pod Star - Reusable Coffee Capsule for Aldi K-fee® machines
A stainless steel, refillable coffee capsule to fit Aldi K-fee® Expressi machines. Choose your own coffee and go zero waste.
Workstation ONE | The Multifunctional Cutting Board
We optimize your kitchen workflow. Unique features. Made in Germany by hand. The mother of all cutting boards.
Excellent Nixie Watch / ver. 1
We want to make a awesome Nixie wrist watch available for everyone.
Pompeak: The World's Highest Spec Watch Under £100
With interchangeable genuine leather straps, or 316L stainless steel bands. Designed with passion. Built to last.
Nurture | Radically improve your breast pumping experience
Nurture by Imalac massages your breasts while you pump. Cut pumping time by a whopping 72%, increase milk expressed up to 32%!
Sword Clips Part II - EVEN MORE Sword Shaped Tie Clips
Nerdy tie clips inspired by some of pop-culture's most iconic swords, such as Halo, Harry Potter, Star Wars, God of War & more!
FJORD 60-C & 36 Adventure Camera Backpacks
Introducing NYA-EVO’s game-changing range of carry-on adventure backpacks and removable camera inserts.
Titanium Puzzle Set: Coaster + Bottle opener
Each piece is an identical titanium bottle opener that fits together perfectly. You'll be the hero of every party!
Be AMAZING with these Inspirational Pins from PleaseNotes!
Wear a reminder to be the biggest version of you! Inspire yourself, Inspire others.
TravelBass: a game changer double bass
Genuine acoustic sound with maximum portability even on plane as carry-on baggage. Great design and finest craftsmanship made in Italy
Graffiti Grandmas: eyewear for intergenerational creativity
The coolest sunglasses ever, customized by elderly street artists are here. An unique limited edition exclusive for Kickstarter.
The Perfect Travel Essentials For Life On The Move.
Toonsie: the toy that plays ANY song!
Toonsie is designed for the young child. Record from your smart phone. 50+ uses.
Moment Spinner: A Perfectly Balanced 1-Spoke flywheel
A precision machined handheld metal flywheel which can spin for 10+ minutes. Made from Aluminum, Copper, Brass & Stainless Steel.
The Tide: A Kinetic Worry Coin
An everyday carry coin with a kinetic twist.
KenzaPad: The Ultimate Today-To-Do Tool.
KenzaPad links your best-laid digital plans with the current moment for tech-free productivity and presence – in single-day increments.
EEEARS 2.0 reusable ear cleaner safer & greener
EEEARS , Reusable ear cleaner , safer & greener #beatplasticpollution
The World's Most Eco-Friendly Shoe
A comfortable, stylish, and durable shoe made from recycled cork, bison fiber, merino wool, rice rubber, algae foam, and bamboo.
Mbriks™: Display LEGO® blocks on walls with magnetism
Teach old blocks new tricks with Mbriks™ multi-directionally magnetic accessory blocks. (Now 50% off select shipping. See UPDATE #4)
Alexander James Watches: NDR001 - A Watch for Every Occasion
Our first large production run of watches with cues and textures inspired by dress and military watches
Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Deluxe Action Figures!
This Deluxe Series of "Ultra Action Figures" continues the fun of Animal Warriors of the Kingdom Series One
IndiGraph Fountain Pen
The cap that keeps the nib moist, allows the use of any type of ink, from regular to INDIAN INK
Bands - Leather Apple Watch Straps Without the Markup
Swap out your original Apple Watch Strap with the unisex vegetable tanned leather Filippo Bands.
UPLIFT | A spiralling solar sculpture to soothe the soul
Powered by the sun, Uplift's relaxing motion creates a calm, never-ending spiral that's mesmerising to watch as it flows and you unwind
PooPick: Hundekot ohne Plastik und Berührung aufnehmen!
Mit dem PooPick bieten wir Hundebesitzern die Möglichkeit Hundekot ohne Plastik und ohne Berührung aufnehmen zu können.
World's Best 3-IN-1 CYCLING JACKET with 15 Features▼MOVA 3.0
More than a Cycling Jacket: 22.000mm Waterproof, Reversible, Day and Night Visible, Packable, 8 Pockets, Hood fits your Helmet.
Chill Systems: Cold Drinks. No Ice. Ready Anywhere You Are!
Turn room temp drinks cold in as few as 30 minutes, and keep them perfectly chilled for hours. It's like a refrigerator on the go!
Baux Pen 2: Updated Design & Offering Personalization
Baux is back! The Bic based machined pen with cool configuration possibilities and still starting at $9 per pen!
Apollo Traveller- Fastest Recharging & Ultra-Slim Power Bank
An advanced graphene-enhanced USB-C / A fast charging power bank
Litelok Silver: The world's lightest secure bike lock
A premium, flexible, easy to use bike lock, made in Britain using cutting edge manufacturing & innovative materials
The Swedish Dive Watch - Huvudskär Automatic 40
NUMBERED FIRST EDITION. The Swedish diver inspired by the diving waters of Stockholm - 58°57.83N 18°33.90E
OCEANICA OP-1 Automatic Men's Watch
I am funding a project to create a modern yet traditional automatic Pilot watch. This watch is tough and meant to last a lifetime
CRONO KEY - keychain multi tool with lost & found function
A super lightweight 10 grams toolbox for your pocket with 15+ functions and a lost&found pay per use service. 100% made in Switzerland.
Boulder Denim 2.0 - Performance jeans revolutionized!
The most advanced stretch denim just got even better. Originally made for climbers, these stylish jeans are perfect for any activity!
Cavetto | Titanium Crafted Automatic Watches Under $155
The Most Unrivaled Watch For The Price. TA2 Titanium, Automatic Movement, Sapphire, Leather, NATO & More! Stretch Goals Added!
The Milk Crate Divider!
We've created a simple, strong, and inexpensive way to divide your Milk Crate.
MARNAUT: For the Explorer
Like the dive-watch pioneers of the mid 20th century the Dark Surge 300m will endure as the ocean explorer for today's timepiece market
Albert Einstein, Marie Curie and Nikola Tesla Action Figures
Introducing a new line of charming and inspiring historical figurines, including a free Augmented Reality app!
Chrolo | Multisensory Kinetic Timer
Thoughtfully designed for you to savor the beautiful passing of 60 seconds.
Bacàn, the first watch that saves the planet
A watch that protects the planet, designed in Italy. Where care for details, affordability and sustainability play on the same ground.
Vario Watch Travel Case
Sleek well made travel watch case for mechanical, quartz, smartwatches of all sizes
The LEDGE Slip-Joint Pocket Knife — EDC for Everywhere
A modern take on the classic slip-joint knife. Designed to be as rugged as it is handsome.
One Fuck/Zero Fucks Decision Maker Coins - New Size & Design
A fun and vulgar way to decide if you should give a fuck, or not. Flip this badass 1oz. silver-dollar sized coin and let fate decide!
Award-Winning Magnetic Pen meets the World's Best Refill
A multiple award-winning ballpoint pen with a unique magnetic mechanism. Now equipped with the best ink technology.
Code10 - The World's Best Urban Theftproof Bags
Code10's Urban Theftproof Bags are designed to be the perfect every day carry - keeping your essentials perfectly organised and secure.
Music Memory Box - new tech for people living with dementia
Music Memory Box - a physical + digital tool for people living with dementia and their families to reminisce, reawaken and reconnect
Montara Pop-Up Dog Bowl: Easy & Portable Pup Hydration
This pocket sized collapsible design makes it easy & convenient to feed your pup on-the-go. Machine washable & Made in California!
An Adorable Raccoon Rainbow Enamel Pin
The Automatic Swiss Made Watch With All The Right Specs!
Timeless and unique designs, premium components and Italian leather straps. All the right specs. Without the luxury markup.
Z-Liner | The Ultimate Upgrade For Your Feet
Experience the future of insoles! Superior support and comfort. Anti-microbial, washable, safe for your skin & more! Go sockless!
Our mission is to prove that there is a smarter and more sustainable way to consume goods, with no compromise on design and quality.
Quirky Carrots | Toffe Peren
A memory game and high quality photo prints bringing awareness to food waste showing quirky fruits and veggies
Glaucus - Hand Line Fishing Survival Card
The World's First Complete Fishing System in a 2" x 3.5" Survival Card. The Simple Way To Fish For Fun or Survival
Tubey - The Mini Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man
A desktop Wacky Wavy Inflatable Arm Flailing Tube Man.
Meridian: Instantly Convert From Backpack to Messenger Bag
This convertible bag lets you instantly switch styles by dropping a shoulder strap or putting another on... without taking the bag off
Blind Spot Mirrors for Car, Engineered to Perfection
We are Utopicar car accessories. This time we are designing our most advanced, engineered and best ever Car Mirrors for Blind Spots.
HiBy W5 -The Most Powerful Bluetooth HiFi Amp for Audiophile
UAT | Sampling Frequency Up to 192kHz | Bluetooth 5.0 | LDAC | apt-X HD | 20 Hrs Playtime
OG 2.0 Multifunctional Wallet: Your New Sidekick
Celebrate our 5-year anniversary with the OG 2.0 Wallet.
Fragrance One - Office for Men
Let me help you navigate through the fragrance jungle. I create powerful colognes for specific situations. This is the first one.
Revolutionary ALMA TRAVEL YOGA MAT with 16 Features
Super compact Travel Mat made from eco-conscious mix of recycled plastic bottles and natural rubber to support you wherever you go!
MANMOWER monster™
Revolutionary stubble razors for comfortable chin maintenance .. #onepurchase #beard #sustainability .. it's how we roll.
Formid Seat | The first made-to-measure, active seat.
Formid is a biologically inspired seating solution made from paper that provides haptic feedback to help keep you active and healthy.
Solid Titanium Lifetime Guitar Pick: Polar Metals
Resolve to learn guitar for your new year resolutions! Incredibly light and thin. Super strong, solid grip. Solid CP4 Titanium
Creepy Cute Halloween Enamel Pins by Xintu
With Halloween 'creeping' upon us, we're eager to show you our next batch of products, this time with a spooky but kawaii aesthetic.
Martenero - Classic Mechanical Watches, Modern Design
The Edgemere Reserve is a mechanical watch designed and assembled in New York. A unique design that will always stand out on the wrist.
MAGCON - The most versatile and portable design tool
A mini compass and protractor combo to perfect sketching and create a new drawing experience
D-Cache: Dynamite-sized Storage Container
The Dynamite Cache: A rugged, waterproof, creative way to store your stuff
Bobcat - The best quilt, trail to travel
A packable, versatile quilt designed with the roaming human in mind. The Bobcat provides lightweight warmth when you need it most.
Tuning Forks: The First Limbplane Alignment Toolset
The first archery toolset of its kind, Tuning Forks reveal your recurve's optimal alignment in 3D. Get it right—without the hassle.
Kegtron - Bringing Intelligence to Your Kegerator
Upgrade any keg to wirelessly track remaining pours from your phone. An expandable system for homebrewers, beer lovers and resellers.
La GeoLibreta es una libreta de campo para geólogos/as. Creada con papel piedra resistente al agua y material de consulta.
DAVKA | Modernizing Classic Greek Sandals at Fair Prices
Made in Europe using Italian leathers, with a revolutionary Swiss shock absorbing footbed, a 21st century update to Greek sandals
HAVOK | Disruptive Luxury Timepieces at $89
Featured in Forbes, GQ, and Business Insider as one of the Best Watches Under $100. Luxury watches without the luxury price tag.
MyBookMark: World's First Creative 3D Bookmarks
3d handmade bookmarks – small friends for your reading journeys
Water Watches: Premium Watches With Meaning Beyond Materials
High-quality, water inspired watches that fund a lifetime supply of clean water for communities around the world.
ISOSHAKER | Store & Go! Say goodbye to plastic bags
Finally, a bottle that keeps up with you! Uniquely designed with your hustle in mind, IsoShaker is redefining the way you do healthy.
The Shottee Golf Tee
The Only Way To Shotgun A Beer While Golfing! - Founded, Manufactured, & Shipped In The U.S.A. - Successfully Funded On Kickstarter!
Ti Hook 2.0 - Titanium Quick-Release EDC Belt
The ultra-durable belt you never have to re-adjust. Built in the USA for the man of action.
The Turner - Your New Everyday Wallet
A slim, functional full grain leather wallet that allows you to carry and quickly access what you need the most.
Keytron - An ultra-slim Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Tactile feel | Wireless or wired | Ultra-slim | Mac and Windows layout | 15+ types RGB | 87 and 104 Keys | One key activate Siri
Carpe Noctem Coin - Seize the Night!
An everyday carry (EDC) coin to remind the holder that it is not how long you live that matters, but how well. ~ Seize the Night!
WTIF | Sapphire Crystal Watch
An incredibly rare watch made of pure sapphire crystal.
City Plates - 3D Porcelain Plate Of Your Favorite City
A set of porcelain trays, containing the shape and architectural landmarks of cities around the world. Handmade in the Netherlands.
Write-N-Chill: World's First Writable Weighted Lap Pad
The world's only interactive weighted lap pad that kid can write on using a water pen.
Zorilita Enamel Pins Wave 2
Official Zorilita Limited Edition Enamel Pins for Faux Facts, Ah Heck!! and Cosmic Cupcake Chaos! Pins that inspire and encourage!
Fromaggio™: World’s first smart, automatic home cheesemaker
Effortlessly make your own delicious, natural cheeses at home with fromaggio’s advanced, patent-pending technology
YOOKERS | First refillable felt-tip pen with cartridges
By combining the ultra smooth quality of a felt tip and the extreme fluidity of water-based inks, your paper will be in seventh heaven.
The Squeezi – Elevate Your Shower Experience
A silicone bottle mount and dispenser that keeps your shower organized and your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash at your fingertips.
K-25: Smart Bath Towels 2.0.
Marshmallow cottony soft bath towels that soak water as a super sponge waffle.
Clone Pillow: A revolutionary body pillow for restful sleep
Our advanced, contoured body pillow uses cooling gel and memory foam to keep your body comfortable and relaxed throughout the night
OLORI: Luxury African Handbags that Empower Women
Every Olori bag pays for at least one month of education of an under-resourced girl in Africa.
TAS-108 Bolt Action Pen
T-Titanium, A-Aluminum, S-Steel.
SanPedro - Elegant Watches Without the Luxury Markup
Stylish, High Quality, Minimalist Design at Affordable Prices.
Saranoni Grand Faux Fur Blankets for Queen and King Beds
Grand in size and grand in softness these luxurious faux fur blankets bring incredible warmth and comfort to you and those you love.
Dyna-Mic - A Microphone Like No Other.
A feedback resistant harmonica microphone revolutionizing the way the instrument is amplified and recorded.
IRL Glasses - Glasses that Block Screens
Glasses that allow you to live IRL (In Real Life) and see everything except screens
Dorai Home | The Worlds Driest Bath Mat
The Dorai bath mat is created from a rapidly drying material that expels moisture. It keeps your home free of mold and bacteria.
Zip Top® Reusable Containers Stand Up, Stay Open & Zip Shut
Made with 100% platinum silicone which means they are endlessly reusable, food grade, microwave, dishwasher, oven & freezer safe!
The Toughest, Most Maniacally-Detailed Bolt Action EDC Pen
The triple Kickstarter-backed overengineered tactical pen is back - in military green. Stronger than steel and guaranteed for life.
iPicky, the hanging picture frame to interchange your photos
The 1st original hanging frame with magnetic system, that allow you to switch your pictures with, any time you want, in just 7 seconds
BRIIDGS: The Ultimate Weekender 2-In-1 Travel Pack + Duffle
The perfect carry-on item for the weekend jet-setter that comfortably fits under your airline seat.
JANKY & MORE: Limited Edition Toys by Superplastic
Brilliant designer toys by famous artists from around the world. Brought to you by Kidrobot founder Paul Budnitz & toy artist Huck Gee.
Reflection Cards
A deck of question cards to spark meaningful conversation and reflection by Holstee.
"A Beautiful Nightmare" Anastasia 1997 Enamel Pin
Anastasia Broadway and Animated Film Enamel Pins
The Slip Wallet by STOW — Form, Fit, Function and Fire
The Slip is a machined aerospace-grade aluminum wallet, but STOW was forged by wildfire. Watch now to see how we rose from the ashes.
Perfect Cut: The All-In-One Utility Knife for Complex Shapes
Multi-purpose utility knife performs all kinds of impeccable cuts on sheet materials like cardboard, foam board, leather, and cloth.
The Moments Journal
A daily journal for savouring the little things that matter the most.
Rainbow Collection: Carbon Fiber Glow Rings
Wear your true colors with pride! Pure carbon fiber ring with a vibrant glowing liner in six rainbow-colored choices.
PROJO - The Project Journal
A 3-month project journal that helps you get organized to conquer heights and hit your goals!
A minimal everyday watch infused with real wine
A timepiece featuring cork bands dyed with real wine. This watch makes for a great gift + We'll plant a sustainable cork tree!
Delux Designer - The Perfect Assistant for Designers
Customizable shortcut keys, command sequences and multifunctional dial. Increase efficiency of designers by 80%
Freestanding Hammock-Tent
3D Wooden City Map to Create a Lasting Memory
Wooden Map of your favourite city to create a lasting memory. Create your own custom map!
AirPodPal– Makes Your AirPods Easier to Carry, Charge & Find
World's most powerful AirPods wireless charging case with power bank inbuilt. Anti-lost design and easy to carry.
icicle straw - The World's First Splittable Drinking Straw
Aesthetic • Practical • Revolutionary
Rolleiflex™ Instant Kamera
An instant camera with the legendary twin lens design and modern features.
AdventureQuest™ Moglin Plushies
Moglins are ultimate sidekicks for real-life adventurers like you. Help us bring them from the fantasy world into the real one!
Force Fluid 2.0- A FerroFluid Symbiote
PureTreeⓇ Organic Pillow—Made from Trees
Most Comfortable Organic Natural Latex Pillow
The Zelo Journal - Clear Your Mind & Achieve Your Goals
A flexible daily journal that helps you turn your goals into realities.
LEOPARA: Transform ANY Mirror into the Perfect Makeup Mirror
Patent-pending lighting system that's compact, wireless & attaches to ANY mirror for flawless makeup application wherever you go!
OKEWA — Rainwear Meets Recycled Plastic Bottles
Waterproof, seam-sealed raincoats from Wellington, New Zealand that intercept plastic bottles from the waste stream.
U-Key : Aerospace Titanium Multi-Tool Key! $20
Our beautifully crafted key-sized, key-shaped, multitool enhances your everyday carry without adding bulk. *Free Shipping & Tracking*
CanLoft, magnetic can hangers for wire and solid shelves
CanLofts allow for magnetic suspension of cans to increase pantry space and help organize. Two versions, for wire and solid shelves.
PureShape: Enhance your productivity with Apple Magic Mouse
With the PureShape mousepad and SmartSlider add-on the Apple Magic Mouse will be a natural extension of your hand.
Mantisyoga® | Manifest Yoga Bag Series | 4 Unique Bags!
The ONLY bags that will carry ALL your gear. Perfect for: Retreats, Teacher Training, Studio, gym,box and everyday!
SWZLE: Eco-Friendly Straws in a Sleek and Stylish Case
SWZLE is the eco-friendly, reusable straw. It’s BPA-free and dishwasher safe, and comes with a cleaning brush and sleek carrying case.
Meqnes — Leather Goods to Reinvigorate Moroccan Artisanship
Each bag is 100% handmade by traditional Moroccan artisans using centuries-old techniques that result in products that last a lifetime.
Kurgo K9 Rucksack™ - Carrier for Dogs & Cats
Dog Carrier Redefined - A backpack style pet carrier with modern appeal and total function.
Sumo Wallet v2 - The Ultimate Minimalist Card & Cash Carrier
I'm creating a truly expanding, fully customizable, low-profile wallet made from the highest quality materials right here in the USA.
Foreverspin Spinning Top - The World's Most Valuable Metal
Foreverspin Humanium Metal Spinning Top - The World's Most Valuable Metal
Kinship Family Journal: The 1st Collaborative Family Journal
A new way of journaling for families, allowing your entire family to take part in documenting your authentic family story
The Everyday Dopp: Effortlessly Organize Everything
We set out to design the world's best dopp kit - and ended up designing the world's best everyday carry case in the process.
Wittle Wovers Enamel Pins Collection
Artistic Flavorz is collaborating with Crittersity to bring you the cutest enamel pins inspired by Critterosty's amazing artwork!
Swiss Made Watch Inspired by Iconic 356 Speedster Tachometer
Single or Dual Hand. Limited Edition Mechanical Watches Inspired by The Iconic Speedster 356. The Legend on your Wrist.
The Skeleton Belt - the Coolest Belt You'll Ever Own!
Modern quick-release buckle design with premium full-grain leather, no belt flap, and tons of style. 3rd Kickstarter by Obscure Belts.
Zorilita Guardian Hard Enamel Pins!
Super cute, sassy but empowering, limited edition, 1.5 inch hard enamel pins based on the Zorilita Guardians mascots!
'CUDA -15 in1 Key Ring Multi-tool EDC, Damascus & Titanium
'CUDA Multi-tool™ - Everyday carry - Bottle Opener, Box Opener, Hex Driver, On your Key Ring!
The World's Most Thoughtful Bags
Luxury bags, thoughtfully designed and produced for your journey through life.
Major Ace | The last golf glove you'll ever want.
100% High grade cabretta leather. Premium designs, thoroughly tested and very fair priced. This is a no-brainer.
X-POD™ | The Ultimate Evolution Of Compact Carry
Designed as an extension of your pocket to carry all your daily and travel essentials.
Take the Micro Key everywhere you go & TSA COMPLIANT for traveling; Bottle Opener, Box Opener, File, Can Opener, Screw Driver, & more.
Colossalnana, the gigantic Croconana!
A monstrous take on our cuddliest companion.
Mock ONE: The World's Only Compact Folding Hammock
We've changed the hammock as we know it with the introduction of Mock ONE, the world’s only compact folding hammock.
Smart. Organized. Impactful. The stylish way for a plastic FREE grocery shopping experience.
New Pride Enamel Pins for the Ultimate LGBTQ+ Collection
LGBTQ+ Enamel Pins that are inclusive of everyone!!
ERA Timepieces: Certified Millionaire Watches Under $1000
The World's First Millionaire Timepieces, Finally Made Accessible To Us All
Essential Ink: A Stress Relieving Aromatic Writing Pen
Essential Ink ~ Relieve stress and anxiety, improve focus and clarity with the Essential Ink Aromatic Oil Diffusing writing Pen
Bivystick - Simple, Affordable Satellite Communication
Bivystick - Turn your cell phone into a satellite communication device. No contracts, no activation fees. Just peace of mind.
Hand Stitched Artisan Leather Bags Made in USA by Black Bear
American Veg Tan Leather Bags: Weekender, Briefcase, Laptop Bag, Tote, Crossbody, Belt, Bifold, Travel Wallet, Pocket Wallet
VEARK-CK01: your Single Piece Stainless Steel Chef's Knife.
Designed to be your one piece kitchen tool. 20cm stainless steel blade in classic chef's knife shape. Made in Solingen, Germany.
WHEEL FLASH - Minimalist High Visibility Bike Reflectors
Cycling Reflectors with Glass Powder technology for a 360° visibility
Field Pen | Twist
Fits Parker style refills, Machined body, Tactile Details, Smooth 'lock in' action, and an effortless Gel Writer from Itoya.
Porcupine Organizer - For Fun, Gift, Sort. Home or Office
Porcupine help you organizer your envelope, name card, post card, Tissue. Add some fun in your home or office. Perfect useful gift.
The Breeze Bag - The Ultimate Beach Bag
We redesigned the classic beach tote from the sand up to make your next outing a Breeze. It's the beach bag you'll take everywhere.
EVERMORE Origin // a functional rugged EDC Sling/Beltbag
A lightweight versatile sling/belt bag to help you focus on carrying the essentials and getting you out there.
The 3rd Hand Fishing Rod Holder | A fisherman's best friend
The first and only, fully adjustable belt clip rod holder.
Makaidos: Swiss Automatic Mov't Watches & Patented Design
Swiss Mechanical Movement Watches // Sapphire Crystal //Swarovski// 10ATM // EUIPO Patented Design // 2 Year Global Warranty & Shipping
Alabaster Notebook: A New Beautiful, Gray Paper Notebook
A beautifully designed notebook that inspires people to pray, reflect, and create.
New Pride Enamel Pins for an Inclusive LGBTQ+ Collection
Inclusive LGBTQ+ enamel pins for all <3
DanForce G1 PRO - The First Modular Flashlight
The world's first modular flashlight that adapts to any lighting situation.
NEW CULTURE - A watch against racism - A symbol for unity
Each number on the watch represents a different ethnic group. - Finest quality & highest industry standers.
Designer objects for everyday ceremony
Working with talented designers and selected manufacturers, we developed a first collection of refined products for the interior.
LEVIA: This weighted blanket changes the way you sleep
A luxurious weighted blanket designed to improve sleep, increase relaxation and promote overall well-being.
The Voyage Chair | The Beach Chair Reimagined
The premium beach chair with anti-theft protection, insulated can sleeves, poly mesh seat, and much more for ultimate beach relaxation.
Genius Pack Supercharged: A Smarter Carry On Luggage
100% Polycarbonate Shell | 2 USB Ports | Airline-Approved PowerPack | Interior Category Compartments | Embedded Checklist | Ultra Light
The Best Bike Travel Bag I Packing Your Bike in 5 mins !
Expandable design for minimal packing or minimum size, customized protection/weight levels, anti-loss tracker and more amazing features
Bully Buddy: A safer way to enjoy bully sticks.
Bully Buddy safely secures bully stick treats to help prevent dogs of all sizes from choking on that last little bit.
Aroo Travel Compression system | EZ adapter
The sleek high performance universal compression system. A new slip on EZ adapter increases convenience.
FERROFLUID | Magnetic liquid sculptures.
Blending high technology nanochemistry and old-world craftsmanship.
Premium Automatic Dive Watch - Limited Edition, Brushed Steel, CUSN8 Bronze, Sapphire Crystal, Watch winder included.
MultiGrip | 25+ Features EverydayCarry Multitool Made in USA
Everyday Carry modern multi-tool featuring over 25+ tools in one and made from solid SUS 304 Stainless Steel. Made in USA
Memory Camera - Make 100
This camera captures a memory by using your senses. It does not take a photo. It works only once and captures a single memory.
Quickstarter | To End Plastic Cutlery - 3 in 1 Bamboo Spork✊
50,000,000,000 pieces of single use plastic cutlery is thrown away every year 🙀 Solution? Our 3 in 1 Reusable Light Bamboo Spork 👌
TIMIO - educational audio toy and music player for children
A screen-free audio and music player with a fun, educational and interactive content library that kids can unlock using magnetic discs.
Xeric | The Invertor Automatic
Turning the watch industry upside down! We modified a Miyota 90S5 movement so you can view the mechanics on the front of your watch.
FixIts | Mouldable eco-plastic, for when you're in a Fix
FixIts are compostable mouldable plastic sticks for quick, reusable & strong DIY fixes. For your tech, home, garden and more!
Safety Nailer
Our patented tool makes hand nailing easier, protects your fingers, and reduces nail buckling
World's 1st Swiss Made Watch that fuels a Sports Car
Get this LIMITED EDITION and be part of a boutique sports car manufacturer in the making!
Salvador Dalí Action Figure
We turned Salvador Dalí into an action figure to celebrate his art and eccentricities!
Eco Travel Bags: A Collection Of Bags With A Beautiful Story
High-End environmentally designed bags & accessories, durable and functional urban outdoor, 100% recycled & upcycled materials.
LapStacker™ - Retractable Strap System for Wheelchairs
Help us bring freedom and confidence to millions of wheelchair users by backing this world-first invention.
20°F Adventure Quilts | New Color: Coyote Brown
Our most popular products ever, now in a brand new color, Coyote Brown. Experience Next Level Hammock Camping and Tent Camping Comfort
KC' x ZOEE survival knot bag collection
A collection of sporty nylon bags and fashion leather bags.
Meet your new massage therapist
Back Roller 48 -- get fast and lasting back pain relief with the world's most effective and versatile back roller.
Buzzard is a multitool EDC neck knife designed by Hydra, a new born knife-maker from Spain. Buzzard is your tool for your everyday
CONCORDIA - A watch to conquer the South Pole
Swiss automatic movement ETA 2824-2 & quartz. 300m water resistant. Super-LumiNova®. Sapphire Glass. Assembled in France.
The First Reversible Leather Belt with Micro-adjustable Fit
Craftmark is the first premium 2-in-1 leather belt that adjusts with your waistline to ensure the perfect fit for ultimate comfort
Essence | COSC-certified Swiss Made Automatic Watch
Your perfect mechanical Swiss timepiece; sporty yet elegant, incredibly precise & with a wealth of unique and highly functional details
Creating a Getaway Paradise - Lighting by Nymphs
Light Piece bringing Mesmerizing Art to life. Crafted with Precision.
Graham Bell's watch, Swiss Made-Automatic movement
Commemorating Graham Bell's telephone invention, a Swiss watch with Sapphire crystal, full night vision, Automatic movement and more ..
owood: 100% Natural Minimalist & Eco-friendly Wood Watches
60$ - Timeless, Minimalist & High quality Wooden Watches Handmade with exotic woods. Explore your nature™.
Elveden Hunter
The minimal multipurpose backpack
Folkland Weekender
The Folkland Weekender Duffel is simple in form & function, and built by us in the PNW USA with classic & durable canvas and leather.
KLIP: Titanium Pocket Knife + EDC Suspension Hook
Awesome everyday-carry suspension key hook with built-in pocket knife. Grade 5 Titanium with a stonewashed finish.
Limited Edition Automatic Watches, Guaranteed for a Lifetime
Automatic Timepieces Built to Last! Crafted from Premium Components & Assembled by Hand for Precision. Backed by our Lifetime Guarantee
Quickstarter: PLICO_Woodblocks for marble run!
PLICO is a collection of woodblocks with grooves that lets you build and build again routes for marbles, with endless possibilities.
SEMPER & ADHUC - Ancient movements, new watches -
Semper & Adhuc restores vintage hand-wound movements and offers them a new skin, thus creating watches unique of their kind.
CLRCASE: Record Display Reimagined
The Best Way to Display Your Favorite Vinyl Records on a Wall.
FlashBurn Eyewear: sunglasses made from recycled barrels
that flashburn that sets your look on fire
EXOvault Mouse, Artwork in your hand.
A high-performance computer mouse sculpted from metal and hardwood.
US$499 Real Flying Tourbillon Modern Minimal Design Watches
We strive to create legendary timepieces by combining traditional craftsmanship and innovative design.
Weenie Dog Enamel Pin Series - Round Two!
Weenie dog enamel pins - now with more designs! A dachshund for everyone~
The Cone and The Corr Lounge by WISKI | Scratch Beautifully
Modern scratchers you'll love as much as your cat does
wonda: gamify math!
Learning multiplication and division can be quite difficult for kids, wonda makes it as easy as spinning circles.
Classic1 Leather Belt: Thick & Overbuilt - Lifetime Warranty
1.5" or 1.25" Full Grain Wickett & Craig Bridal 10-12oz. Leather, Solid Brass Buckles & Chicago Screws. Limited Lifetime Warranty.
Braza Bro EDC | The Must-Have Pocket & Keychain Mini Tool
Mini but mighty! The Braza Bro will always be at your side. Carry this essential EDC tool with you everywhere!
SATELLITE Backpack - Reclaim your Seat
Sleek, functional & sturdy. Made in Canada from repurposed aircraft leather. Mariclaro...obsessed with quality to the very last stitch!
The Evolution Pant | One Pant, Unlimited Potential.
The world's most functional and versatile pair of pants! The ultimate pant for travel, outdoor, and everyday. Sustainably made in USA.
CRUX Watches: Quality, stylish watches that give 50% back
Top-quality components, timeless design, a 2-year warranty, and 50% of profits from every watch goes toward helping others.
All-In-One Insulated Hammocks
SWAYY is a TN based insulated hammock company. Our aim: Minimize your needed gear and to get you outside! Let us SWAYY you.
The Baby Sleeping Bag: First 20° SAFE Sleep Sack for Infants
Warm, SAFE, comfortable sleeping bags designed to grow with babies from 3 to 24 months.
DeBora Rachelle bed sheets STAY in place and enhance sleep!
Do you have trouble sleeping at night? It could be your bed sheets!
Rotio® Compass - The most intuitive design tool
For greater control and more accurate linework.
SnoShark® - The Snow Tool REINVENTED
The first truly compact & convenient snow removal tool, EVER!
Honest, uncomplicated and functional outdoor pants made from a carefully selected blend of recycled polyester and organic cotton.
‘Glove’ by Loffi - for happier, safer cycling.
A high quality cycling glove with a mission; to reduce aggression & conflict on our roads, making journeys more enjoyable for everyone.
Poe Egglesworth the Postmaster Carrier Pigeon Plushie
Adorable carrier pigeon plushie with delivery bag and a small letter! With enamel pin add-ons and stretch goals
The World's Smartest Diaper Backpack
5-in-1 Diaper bag makes parenting easier! No public restrooms? No problem, easy changes anywhere!
The Ultra Slim RFID Wallet 2.0
The affordable luxurious wallet - unbelievably thin and durable, functional, stylish, secure, & RFID-blocking technology.
The River Series II - Natural Design
Ethically sourced Vancouver Island hardwoods and hand-cut glass pair together in one-of-a-kind works of art.
Toasti - Heated 'Yoga' Mat
Be toasty warm this winter! Hot yoga at home, repairing vehicles, relaxing, camping, and more
First Ever Modular Necktie | Patented Designs | A New Look In Seconds | Perfect Length Every Time | Modern Design | Finest Materials
Migration Duffel 40L
A superior quality waxed canvas & full-grain leather travel duffel with timeless, classic design and rugged functionality.
MINIMALISTA planner — The simplest, personal organiser
MINIMALISTA bridges the gap between planning and doing, both personally and professionally. If you are a DREAMER, you'll love it!
The EVERGOODS MQD24 and CTB40 Crossover Backpacks
CTB40: Travel bag for your active lifestyle | MQD24: Modern, fast access, fully featured mountain backpack for everyday.
TPT Slide - Titanium Pocket Tool
A redesigned Grade 5 Ti-Alloy EDC Multi Tool. Universal Wrench, Fork, Hex Slot, Bottle Opener, Clip & More. + FREE Worldwide Shipping!
The no-BS belt that you never have to re-adjust.
Automatic Pilot Watches Inspired By Aircraft Instruments
Aircraft Inspired Pilot Watches. These watch designs reflect as closely as possible the flight instruments they were inspired by.
A poster that knows the weather, first updating paper poster
Never forget to check the weather again. This screen printed poster uses smart ink & the internet to always reflect the day's forecast.
The Etchr Sketchbooks
Great quality, affordable, and customizable sketchbooks.
The Carpathia Ascent | Art Deco Automatic Swiss Dress Watch
Chicago Inspired Swiss Made Timepieces with Eta 2824-2 Movements
SPIKE Ferrofluid Display
The SPIKE Ferrofluid Display is a mesmerizing interactive kinetic sculpture containing paramagnetic liquid.
Goals Planner and Journals 2019 - a set of pocket notebooks
A limited edition set of pocket notebooks. Goals Planner and Prompt Journals to help you plan and achieve your goals for 2019.
Butane Lighter Air Bleed Tool
A tool designed to properly bleed a butane lighter
WHO'S SHE? - a guessing game about extraordinary women!
A wooden guessing game featuring strong, mighty women. It's all about their adventures not their looks! Made to inspire. Made to last.
FinalStraw, the world's first collapsible, reusable straw
Clean, compact, and totally badass: For anyone who wants to rid their lives—and the planet—of single-use plastic.
Japan Automatic Vintage Music Inspired Watches By LECRONOS
We strive to create authentic timepieces by combining traditional watch craftsmanship and vintage-inspired design concept.
Mare Rimor - Quality Swiss Made Watches at accessible prices
Bovarro Mare Rimor - Explore the Sea. Swiss Made watches in Chronograph, STP and ETA 2824-2 Automatic Top Grade Movemnt Limited Edition
Stolt Alpha - Finest Commuter Bag for Active Professionals
Stolt Alpha transforms from a sleek business bag into a sports backpack carrying your daily essentials and even a suit, crease free
Endeavor Notebook. The Ingenious, Refillable Design.
An heirloom quality notebook system you'll want to pass down. Inner notebook refills mount brilliantly into a full-grain leather cover.
Slightly Browning Fake Plants
High-quality replicas of acceptable-quality plants. Because who would ever doubt a slightly browning plant?
SwiftPaws - Capture the Flag for Dogs
Swift Paws is an interactive pet toy for your best friend. Your dog (or cat) will love this exciting game of chase... and you will too!
FIRE & BONE 6: Tiny Metal Dinosaur Skulls & Fossils
Miniature animal skull and fossil replicas, reproduced in high detail using 3D scanning, 3D printing, and traditional lost wax casting.
The Sturdie: A Premium Metal Sharpie
The Sturdie is a sleek and refined premium metal writing instrument that uses the classic Sharpie fine point tip, ink core and cap.
The Ultimate Back-packable Compact Archery Bow
The Atmos Compact Modern Longbow - The only 60"+ bow that can pack down into a standard 22" pack and accepts all types of accessories.
The Cubes : The World's First Geometric Structure Pillow
No more pillow hunting! With 70 cubes in one pillow, a good night’s sleep is more than a dream.
Straton Legera watch - bold retro styling!
Back with confidence! A four time successful Kickstarter project creator with a 100% delivery track record!
Olive Wren: Luxury French Linen Bedding for the Mindful Home
Timeless home essentials made with integrity and made to last. Premium materials and the finest craftsmanship at accessible prices.
US$149 Japan Automatic Vintage Racing Design Watches
We strive to create authentic timepieces by combining traditional watch craftsmanship and vintage-inspired design concept.
TRASKA Watches- Because quality doesn't have to be a luxury
A scratch-resistant, waterproof, and shockproof automatic watch that couples robust construction with a timeless aesthetic.
Ujjaya Balance Bottle (Yoga Block + Water Bottle)
Simplify & support your yoga practice with this combination yoga block and water bottle.
Zorilita Anniversary Limited Edition Enamel Pins
I want to fund a limited run of sassy cute enamel pins to celebrate my 10th year exhibiting at SD Comic-Con.
The World's Best Waterproof Daily Backpack | The Riviera
It’s well-known that circuit boards and liquids don't mix. Riviera is the only backpack specifically designed to avoid that.
Sloppy Tunas - 100% Recycled Swimwear
High quality, meaningful and fashionable swimwear, made out of 100% recycled polyester from plastic found in the ocean.
Maker Kits: Toys for future innovators.
Boosting creativity and critical thinking for Gen 2040!
Stompump Tire Inflator for your Bicycle or any Tire
A compact, stowable foot pump for your bicycle, motorcycle, car or anything that needs to be inflated.
A deodorant that sparks joy to your daily routine and stops body odor all day long.
The Wayfarer Grill - The World’s Most Portable Grill
The Wayfarer Grill is a portable charcoal/wood grill that folds flat into a travel bag. Bring it with you anywhere!
Little Creator ♡ Smart Table for Children Ages 1 to 8
This intuitive activity table promotes playtime & independent clean-up. Designed to benefit sensory development, imagination, and more.
The Zodiacs: A Dangle Hard Enamel Pin Series
A two-piece enamel pin series of the twelve Chinese zodiacs
Man Mower™ - male-grooming EDC with added comfort and ease
Comfortable, easy, safe and controlled stubble razors from the best manmower so far. #ecofriendly #beard #trimming .. it's how we roll.
OXNA & ARO - Tools for minimalist, carry-on travel.
Travel gear for minimalist, carry-on travel.
Full Body Bar - Get in a Full Body Workout Anywhere, Anytime
Specifically built for those who need an all-in-one gym in the comfort of their home or on the go.
Glass Knights - The Gentleman’s Chess Board & Drinking Game
The iconic chess game reimagined into a set of uniquely crafted glass pieces that double as shot glasses for your next party.
TL MICRO: Rechargeable Micro LED Flashlight + KLIP Knife
Ultra-compact flashlight, Micro-USB port, and Touch-sensor switch. Available in matte black aluminum and gray. Plus a new pocket knife!
Wooden Watches Made from Reclaimed Wood & Stainless Steel
Watches that protect the planet. Crafted minimalist sustainable wood watches with premium materials, including Italian leather straps.
The Altocumulus Down Jacket 2.0 by HIMALI™
Your New Favorite Puffy! Ultralight, WARM, Water Resistant, and Self-Stuffable
Fourneau Grande and Levée
Bake artisan quality bread at home
2.0mm Clutch Pencil Handmade in Ebony By Nicholas Hemingway
A bespoke pencil made from reclaimed Ebony. Perfect for any Architect or Designer. By pen and pencil designer Nicholas Hemingway
Mars Dust Globe
A Snow Globe of a Martian Dust Storm
Noni Backpack - Moving with Ease
Focusing on the everyday essential: Comfort, Durability and Style
Removable & Reusable Car Window Tint
Set of two Removable and Reusable Car Window Tints
APOLLO 50th - Apollo AR Clock & Saturn V AR Metal Model
An augmented reality clock and lifelike metal model. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the NASA Apollo 11 moon landing.
ICEBREAKER POP - The Ice Cube Tray Reinvented
An easy way to make and serve clean ice cubes. Fill, freeze and POP! Your ice is ready to be served without touching it.
LX-Paclite - The Reflective Ultralight Packable Jacket
Reflective | Water-proof | Breathable | Packable | x3 Colours | Mens + Womens
MezmoTop™- Frozen in time
Spinning top shaped after a truly mesmerizing motion- the moment of a falling raindrop hitting the surface of water
Swedish Handcrafted Contemporary Acetate Watches
A watch with a uniquely patterned acetate outer case; spreading our balanced, fuss-free life philosophy to the world – LAGOM Watches
da Vinci's Dodecahedron: His 15th century sketch reimagined
A CNC machined, skeletal Dodecahedron sculpture based on the 15th century illustrations of Leonardo da Vinci.
US$ 99 Automatic Dual Time Open Heart Design Watches
A perfect union of modern and vintage, of traditional craftsmanship and complexity
Goals Planner and Journals 2020 - a set of pocket notebooks
A limited-edition set of pocket notebooks. Goals Planner and Prompt Journals to help you plan and achieve your goals for 2020.
Grim Everyday Carry Tool Roll Wallet
Is it a tool roll? is it a wallet? or is it both? Your everyday carry solution is here, able to fit in your pocket, or it can even...
SunButter SPF50 reef safe sunscreen :: BREAK KICKSTARTER
A sustainable, high performance, reef safe sunscreen that protects our skin and the environment.
Sketchmark 2: The Bullet Journal Expansion Card
Create more with the Bullet Journal Expansion Card, the latest addition to the Sketchmark family of high-quality bookmark stencils.
Teamkit: athletic, modern underwear that every man needs
Teamkit presents lightweight, luxury underwear with stitch-free construction, which combats chafing and ride-ups.
Pillow Cube: A Bed for your Head
A pillow, shaped like a cube, that is perfect for side sleepers.
1oz .999 Fine Silver One Fuck/Zero Fucks Decision Maker Coin
A limited edition pure silver coin to help you decide if you should give a fuck or not!
Burlap: Beautiful Watch Collection Inspired By Aeroplanes
Inspired by Airplanes and the Hong Kong spirit, we bring you beautiful Chronograph & Tourbillon timepieces at affordable prices.
True Wireless Power Bank for Ultra Convenience
Portable Charging Without Cables | 10W Qi Fast Charge | 5000mAh | 3.4oz | Fast Recharge | Waterproof | Charging Pad | iPhone | Android
ETA Unitas swiss machanical watches ** Blood Moon Edition**
"The 1291 mechanical collection consists of glamorous hand-wound watches that reflect the craftsmanship of bygone days"
CRAFTER BLUE HYPERION OCEAN 600m Professional Dive Watch
Professional dive watch engineered for adventure
SlimFold® Coin Travel Wallet with Hybrid RFID
A minimalist travel wallet for global bills, coins, and one more thing
Landing Zone Sketchbooks
Give your ideas a safe place to land.
Watchmake Factory: Your First Watchmaking Experience
The World first craftable automatic watch with millions watch face styles, professional tools included.
LOVELY TRASH: Vases grown with fungi on coffee cup waste
What if your daily trash was transformed into your daily furniture thanks to living organisms?
Super Cache
The ‘Super Cache’ is a tough and durable cache with an integrated match striker and Sharpie! Perfect for camping and rough duty EDC.
The DUO Daypack | Daily Carry Elevated
A dawn-to-dusk daypack for commuters, creators, photographers, and travelers looking to elevate the way they carry their daily gear.
[Last 12 Hours!] Pure Titanium Cutleries — Ensō Essential
Antibacterial, hypoallergenic, non-corrosive cutlery with no metallic taste. Made of pure titanium. Lifetime warranty for all backers.
LifeJournal: A More Balanced, Intentional Life in Christ
13-week goal setting, productivity, prayer, daily planner & journal designed to clarify and focus who you are created and called to be.
The BlanQuil Royale Queen and King Weighted Comforter
More than just a larger weighted blanket. The Royale is the intelligently designed weighted comforter.
Extreme 3.0 Titanium Credit Card Multitool
50+ tools in 1.Titanium credit card size multi tool. EDC for bike, hiking, snowboard, skateboard, outdoors, photographer,DIY
The GRIP6 Wallet
Simple, fast, easy card access. Locks in tight. RFID Blocking. Made in the USA and GUARANDAMNTEED for life.
quipt tray | clamp
Helping to put more of your work within reach
WOBBL-Cute sensory toy |Good for baby & planet | Super Gift
Teether - Rattle - Tummy Time toy to boost baby development. Handcrafted from natural & recyclable material. With re-usable packaging.
Passion Planner Daily: Align Your Days with Your Dreams
More than just a planner—it’s your support system to help and encourage you to live your ideal life every day.
eFOLDi Lite: Award Winning Electric Folding Scooter
Introducing the World's lightest folding mobility scooter. Described by Sir Richard Branson as “Folding Magic”.
ROTATE: Build Your Own Mechanical Watch
All-in-one kits to learn the craft of watchmaking!
The Automatic Watch Unlike Any Other by Hanbury
An individual story on your wrist! Built by hand from natural woods and stainless steel. Every watch is unique, no two are the same.
Flex Canvas Pants V2 - Versatile, durable, sustainable
Slim-fit outdoor pants with stretch, articulation, and thoughtful features - with style you can wear every day. Own less and live more.
TRASKA Summiteer | The Quintessential Mechanical Sport Watch
Modern yet timeless, hardened stainless steel makes the Summiteer a formidable traveling companion.
The TRÉSO Travel Backpack System
Wireless charging|LED security light|GPS tracker|Anti-Theft system|Missing item reminder| Waterproof & cut resistant material
Sea Venture Automatic Dive Watch - Vintage Style - Under 299
Automatic watch inspired by classic vintage colorful dive watches. Multiple styles! Designed for the sea and for everyday wear.
The Honeypot Collection by Glitch Textiles
A collection of jacquard woven cotton blankets whose designs are made by visualizing malware samples captured in the wild.
Travel Decanter | Preserve Your Whiskey, Cocktails, and Wine
A 500 ml hand blown decanter, encased in 2 stainless steel double wall tumblers - designed to preserve your spirits during travel
Cinturino - Redefining Minimal Watches
Stylish, Affordable Watches without the Markup - $45 . Backed with a Warranty
EROS by YOOKERS - Magnetic cap refillable felt tip pen
A new aluminium refillable felt tip pen with a magnetic cap.
Keychron K4 | 96% Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
96% Layout | Wireless or Wired | For Mac and Windows | Optical or Gateron Switches | Connect up to 3 devices | 15+ RGB Backlight
We combined the best parts of desktop letter trays and file folders to redesign the way people sort and file papers, bills, and more.
Astor+Banks Watches-Respect Your Time.
Built for those who serve, for those who adventure and for those who appreciate quality.
URBAN PACK - Convertible EDC pack with suspension strap
Slim, sleek & understated everyday carry field bag designed for the urban journeys.
Fo//ow Ho//ow - Performance Alpaca Socks (Made in the 🇺🇸)
Premium Baby Alpaca Fiber + USA Manufacturing = Performance Alpaca Socks ✅ No Itch ✅ No Stink ✅ No Quit
The Luminant Bag - the reflective Backpack
your urban companion
TRMNL Travel Pack & Crossbody: Elevate Your Carry Experience
Sleek, functional & exceptionally durable. Pack all your essentials in the carry-on travel backpack designed for your life on the move.
ZUBITS magnetic lacing - Metallics - Never tie laces again!
Magnetically transform your own shoes into easy no-tie kicks with cool new metallic bling. Reusable magnets last forever! 14 colors
Xeric Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Automatic Watch
A glowing solar system on your wrist! A collection of watches to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NASA Apollo 11 moon landing.
Unprecedented And Extraordinary Dive Watch Design-MMIWatches
3 Variants - CuSn8 Marine Grade Bronze, Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) 316L & 316L Surgical Grade Stainless Steel.
The Future in Floor Cleaning is here! Duet All in One System
Design and performance meet to deliver the most effective way to clean your homes floors, removing dirt, allergens, human and pet hair.
UFO Tops—An Identified Spinning Toy With A Story
Metal spinning top with enhanced spin grip & ceramic ball tip to produce long spin times. Based on documented UFO sightings!
A World First Men’s Cologne & Design Collaboration
Supermundane x Thomas Clipper. Kickstarter veterans x3. Makers of a GQ Fragrance of the Year 2019 & 2018. A new adventure begins...
Matching Minimalist Belts and Sneakers by Dalgado
Timeless Design | Premium Leathers | No Luxury Markup | 100% Sustainably Handcrafted in Europe
SnoShark-XL | The Game Changing Snow Removal Tool!
Get the bad-ass, heavy duty, long-reaching yet fully collapsible PREMIUM snow & ice removal tool from the creators at SnoShark®.
Valhalla Of Norway Hugin & Munin
Automatic watch
Stunning Swiss Automatic Watch - DONE Watches
10 exclusive and unique Swiss Made Luxury Timepieces for Ladies and for Gents at a fair price.
Big Blanket Co — The XL Weighted™ Blanket
At 100" x 120" and 30 pounds, The XL Weighted™ Blanket is a premium, oversized weighted blanket.
iXu - Send your loved one touch over distance
A huggable designer teddy bear which mirrors touch over distance.
Nekojishi Anniversary Plush
Celebrate the anniversary of Nekojishi with the adorable Lin Hu plush!
ZENLET Coil - Your Everyday Power.
Never seen before: A brand-new design combining the portable wireless charging with aromatherapy diffusion.
WOLT - Changeable, folding sunglasses with anti-lost system
Folds to 2 cm, GPS trackable and tool-less lens changing. Eyewear that advances with technology and doesn't comprise quality for price.
Habbi Habbi Reading Wand & Bilingual Books
The easiest way to teach your kids Chinese or Spanish - without screens!
Reusable Ice-cube
100% reusable ice cube that can serve you a cold drink but not changing the taste.
The Rally Pack
The official backpack of your daily adventures.
Coat Check Chair: Pop Art Meets Practical
Your closet. Reinvented. Into an iconic designer chair. Let your closet join the party.
Hamilton & Eleanor: Cutest Softest Companions for Adventure!
Join these adorable super soft stuffed animal best friends, a piglet and a bunny, and embark on adventures around the world!
The Sketchnote Ideabook
The sketchbook designed for sketchnoters.
New Paperlike 2 - Make your iPad feel like paper
Love your iPad even more! The improved Paperlike screen protector with Nanodots surface, makes writing and drawing feel like on paper.
Automatic Watches putting Art on your Wrist, by Humism
Unique automatic watches putting kinetic sculptures on your wrist. Powered by your own movement and crafted from premium materials.
The Elevated Craft Cocktail Shaker
An innovative tool for every home bar. Vacuum insulated with a patented measuring system and 750 ml capacity.
Bagabon® | Innovative Laptop Waist Bag to Fix Backpain
Created by an MIT Engineer. Say Goodbye to the Backpack! Carry with Ease. Patent-Pending Design with 20+ features.
Oru Kayak Inlet: A Portable Origami Folding Kayak.
​A kayak that makes the water simple, easy and accessible. For a world with more spontaneous adventures!
Oceanica SeaHorse Super Compressor Automatic Dive Watch 200M
A Vintage styled modern Super Compressor Automatic mens Diving Watch with Modern Materials
Shi-Shi the Tiny Guardian Collectible Figures
A tiny protector for every collector
Axios Ironclad | Robust 500m Swiss Automatic Dive Watch
Iconic stainless-steel dive watches with 500m depth rating. Designed to offer superb value with great specifications.
Tile Mat | A Customizable Doormat for the Home
A beautiful, functional, customizable mat with removable hexagon tiles that allow for endless designs and personalization.
Granbyware - 100% Recycled Ceramic Dinnerware 💥
Beautiful Plates, Bowls & Mugs made from ceramic, glass and stone waste.
The Learn & Lounge by Rahoo Baby
A 3-in-1 baby product, perfect for tummy time, lounging, and breast-feeding.
Darose Bottle Openers - Words with Purpose
Cool keychain bottle openers with 50+ designs in stainless steel. Made local in Portland, Oregon, USA
Mesa 57 - A Solid Wood Desk You Plug In
Australian made & sustainable. This desk powers your devices, charges them wirelessly and controls your cables.
ERA Hyperion - World's First Wandering Hour Tourbillon Watch
A Certified Millionaire Timepiece That Has NEVER Been Built Before. Only 1000 Made.
Nutshell: A Pocket-Sized Coffee Grinder
Enjoy your freshly ground coffee - whenever and wherever. Designed by DripDrop.Cafe
NAKED Optics FALCON: The future of sports sunglasses
Three different sports sunglasses combined in one high-quality masterpiece of eyewear. For every outdoor activity.
Ohsnap: The Phone Grip That Doesn't Suck
The ultra-thin, magnetic, one-finger grip you'll actually love.
Copper & Brass : Click EDC Pens / Pocket Pro Pens
Our most popular EDC pens now in brass & copper + Free Worldwide Shipping!
Ferrofluid Clock
An amazing new clock design featuring magnetic liquid hands, a modular design and changeable faces.
The Shoreline Pen
A Modular Take on a Bolt Action Pen.
MÄNNKITCHEN MK9: Built for the man who loves to cook.
Since 1965 the number of men who cook at home in the US has grown by 44.8%. Learn how the MK9 chef knife is different.
Amula | Personalized DNA Jewellery
A modern twist on the traditional locket.
LEIAMOON: Your Home Electronic Steam Seat
LEIAMOON is the easiest and most comfortable way to vaginal steam at home.
Vintage Pastel Watches with Swiss Automatic Movements
Inspired by 1930s era military design. Powered by the automatic Swiss-made Sellita SW200-1.
MADE BY HO Watches | Introducing The Nordic Quartz
Engineered for explorers who value design, functionality and a timepiece that maintains its beauty even in the harshest environments.
goBelt – 1 mm phone grip
The thinnest holder for your smartphone with a stand function
BP3-20 Backpack - Designed for travelers to triathletes
An extremely durable flat access backpack, with integrated walk-in mat. Discover how the GYST magnetic bag opens flat like a luggage.
The Multi-Functional Cat Lounge: KATRIS Nest
For Rubbing, Resting, and Scratching
Boslla RGB - World's First Funnest & Coolest LED Headlight
Boslla RGB, super bright LED Headlight Bulb with gradient RGB function, the best gift for yourself, friends, lover and family.
The "Honey Badger" Zero Fucks Given Coin
LITERALLY GIVE Zero Fucks with these badass, high-quality, "tokens" of appreciation!
Mesh-It: the silent fidget pen.
Mesh-It, purposefully designed as a discreet solution for fidgeters in an office or classroom setting.
No Commercial Value — Zine Nº2
A publication of design concepts for the near future
Monogram: A Modular Productivity Tool For Creative Pros
Simple. Powerful. Adaptable. Monogram is a versatile creative console flexible enough to fit your workflow and boost productivity
The Stasis - Craft Brewing Technology for Homebrewers
An affordable, compact temperature control solution for homebrewers that harnesses the power of glycol.
Ezl - Plinth magic comes to your phone
No metal, no magnets - the thinnest phone stand/grip/mount. New from the creator of the world’s best tablet stand.
DRAGONtail MIZUCHI Small Stream Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod
A Collaboration Design w/Tom Davis (Teton Tenkara) to make a Superior Small Stream 3 Length (8ft, 9.6ft, 11ft) Tenkara Rod
GIR | Peelers, Mashers, Basting Brushes, and more
Elegant tools for the modern kitchen: Peelers, Mashers, Basting Brushes, Nonstick Tongs, and Spaghetti Spoons that Get It Right.
solarDates : planetary alignments for your special dates
Your memories, once and forever. A range of beautifully personalised products. Support The Making Rooms makerspace in Blackburn!
The Crossover Cowl: The Scarf Re-invented
The everyday scarf designed for Commuters, Travelers and Adventurers.
Meet Subpod Grow: Turn Food Waste Into Greenspace
Team up with nature and be a food waste warrior. This waste busting, food growing powerhouse makes it fun and easy.
Offcuts to overalls, the future is eco-denim | Shapeshifter
Est. in East London, cultivated & manufactured in rural Australia. Ethical goods for the good of the earth. Size & gender-inclusive.
LASH DUET . . . Vavoom on the Double
Two-brush, multi-tasking, time-saving mascara
MultiCard | Precision Crafted Titanium Credit Card Multitool
Tactical Titanium Grade Credit Card Multitool | 21+ Tools In 1 | Lightweight + Made in the USA + Lifetime Warranty + Free Fast Shipping
ShineOn a Dual Beam | The New Bike Light Standard
The bike light that shines on the rider and the road. Cars notice you sooner. Cars notice you from farther away.
Modern Dinnerware Sets from Portugal - Far & Away
Sustainably crafted stoneware built to last. 100% microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe.
Qubix 2: Make Unpacking A Thing Of The Past
Super Strong Double Compression Packing Cubes That Hang | Save 66% Luggage Space | Light Weight | Water Resistant | Built To Last !
AVFolds: The Leather Wallet Re-Invented . . . Seamlessly
AVFolds presents a clever way to make a leather wallet simpler, stronger, and classier.
Premium organic t-shirt, 2x thicker 340gr without compromise
A thick fabric comfort that does not pilling, easy maintenance, no harmful substances, ecoresponsible and fair.
SOLIDteknics Oz nöni stainless 4.5L Saucepan + Skillet-lid ♥
Made in Australia! World-first rivetless, wrought one-piece, non-nickel stainless cookware. World class conductivity and durability.
The Water Gem 🐱 The Hideout Designed For Your Cat & Planet
Does your cat love cardboard? So do we. That’s why we created this modern hideout. Cardboard re-imagined for your cat, home & planet.
Unified power and protection for your AirPods & iPhone
Power1 is a power management and protection system that ensures your devices are always with you, charged and ready for use
Glacier Optics
Sunglasses made in the Alps - Designed in Switzerland - Titanium frames manufactured in France - Lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision, Italy
Fruits Basket Kawaii Pin Set
Fruits Basket Enamel Pin Set ~2" hard enamel~
Sciatic Stretcher—Relief, Aid, Comfort
A stretching device to help relieve sciatic pain.
SlingBelt and Bucket System - Camera Carrying Made Easy
The Cotton Carrier SlingBelt and Lens Bucket for carrying your camera and some extra gear.
Specter No-Shows: Functional socks for every occasion
No-show socks redesigned from the ground up to be extremely comfortable, ultra durable, and incredibly low-profile.
Design for Bravery - Celebrating unsung heroes
Atelier Jalaper - A legend on your wrist
An automatic watch made out of authentic Aston Martin DB5 body parts
DUKU & CO. Automatic - Redefining Elegance in Watchmaking
Watch Brand focused on providing elegant automatic timepieces to the people.
Acteon: Splash Bag - Multifunctional Protection
Multipurpose wet/dry bag designed to keep your wet items separate and your dry items dry.
Monsieur Ranomo - A Classic Mechanical Chronograph Watch
An affordable chronograph inspired by the 70's golden era of motor racing
Puppuccino Hard Enamel Pins
Some cute dog+cappuccino themed enamel pin
Angel & Demon Wing Enamel Pins by Flea Circus Designs
3cm angel & demon wing enamel pins connected by chain
Transform Tote by Pond Los Angeles
A beautiful and versatile everyday bag. Inspired by modern women, imagined in sunny LA, created for your work, travels and adventures.
Monster Crackers: Christmas Ornaments Celebrating Diversity
Monster Crackers are hand-crafted monster ornaments that celebrate underrepresented groups not usually found on a Christmas Tree.
Misen 2.0 - Essential Kitchen Tools Reimagined
Essential kitchen tools, reimagined. No gimmicks. No BS marketing claims. Just premium materials, thoughtful design and honest prices.
Saintly Heart: Catholic Wooden Saint Toys
Saintly Heart is a new Catholic company creating wooden toys that will foster the faith in children through play.
Lesablier Sport Classic: A Versatile Limited-Run Watch
A unique and premium timepiece that is designed to blur the line between Sport and Dress. Built to defy convention.
Lend me your Ears
Philip Thornton Jeweller presents a collection of elegant handmade earrings in Sterling Silver (925), 9kt Yellow Gold and 9kt Rose Gold
Callie: A lightweight travel fitness kit!
A lightweight beautifully designed travel fitness kit that lets you workout anywhere.
Transformer Table 3.0 MULTIFUNCTIONAL Furniture For Everyone
The Dining Collection That Does It All, Built & Designed For Everyone No Matter Who You Are Or How You Live. Eat Together From 2-12!
Handmade 100% Authentic Classic Toboggan
Historically authentic 1800's toboggan delivered over the winter holidays to rekindle the simple joys of winter.
GO² Device - Increases Athletes Performance
A breathing device scientifically proven to increase athletic performance
The Velcro Golf Pant: Golfwear Reimagined
A four-way stretch golf pant featuring a silicone tee holder and a velcro glove patch.
Love Yourself & Believe That You Are Blessed ✨
Become the happiest person you know and radiate positivity. The Gratitude List helps you form empowering habits & make JOY a priority.
The Most Beautiful Swiss Movement Dress Watch that Inspires
5-year warranty, Singapore Design, for your everyday needs. Inspiring confidence, elevating outfits, and withstanding the test of time.
My Life in Chapters: A Journal For Life
Ten years, one guided journal. The easy way to make your memories everlasting.
Snugababe Swaddle: Say Goodbye to Sleepless Nights
Our innovative, patent-pending swaddle features unique arm inserts and fasteners to keep your baby cozy and snug all night long.
Shadow Rack: Bringing Innovation to Makeup Organization
Wall-mountable, modular, minimal, and designed to highlight your collection. Create a vanity space that inspires you.
H-JACKET & H-PANT | the Most Advanced Natural Garments
Futuristic, Sustainable, Record Breaking and Disruptive. 100% Made in Italy with the new, patented "H-EMP"
High quality records at the push of a button
Owly Packs: Backpacks that will take you Beyond Adventure
World's first Modular Backpack with Tent-Hammock combined
Send Nudes Pins
An offensive & limited series of 5 soft enamel pins that will blow your grandmother's mind, your boss' and probably your dog's.
Wild: The eco-friendly Natural Deodorant that ACTUALLY works
Wild is a top performing natural deodorant that smells GREAT. It's also toxin free, vegan and 100% environmentally friendly.
Shadow Foam Easy Peel: The Ultimate Organiser
With this new grade of foam you can organise and protect your gear quickly, easily and affordably in your favourite colour.
US$ 599 Auto Coaxial Tourbillon Astronomy Inspired Watches
We strive to create luxury timepieces by combining historical craftsmanship and inexhaustible creativity to all watch-addicts.
IT'S OK - Bluetooth 5.0 Cassette Player
Reappearance of the romance of the ‘80s portable cassette in more perfection. Only music can heal me.
The Failure Toy - teaching the F-word to all ages
A tool for teachers, facilitators and leaders looking to change the conversation about failure.
IRpair & Phantom - Privacy Eyewear.
Sunglasses designed to block Facial Recognition & Infrared Radiation.
Pancor P03 | lightweight boutique dive watch
An affordable yet rugged automatic desk dive watch that will transition seamlessly from your office to well below sea level.
ROBA: Making Laundry Easier!
A hamper that washes and dries with your clothes inside. No more lost socks, dropped clothes, or moved clothing in the laundry room.
HYDAWAY presents... Powerful water bottle cleaning tablets
HYDAWAY's cleaning tabs are a powerful, dual-action, biodegradable cleaning solution for silicone, stainless & plastic water bottles!
FableWood Returns - The 5 New Magnetic Wooden Animals!
The new magnetic line up from FableWood. Mix, Match, Combine and Create your own curious creatures. Endless possibilities for all ages.
Pen Type-C
A titanium bookmark pen with a detachable clip. The kid sibling of Pen Type-A and Pen Type-B is finally here.
Jura Anchor for AirPods
Easily attach your AirPods to just about anything
FIRE & BONE 7: Tiny, Digitally Captured, Metal Animal Skulls
Miniature animal skull replicas, reproduced in high detail using 3D scanning, 3D printing, and traditional lost wax casting.
Backpack Pro 2.0 - Revolutionizing the future of running
Fusing sport gear with Scandinavian design, this running backpack steps up your daily run commute. Anti-bounce. Lightweight. Ergonomic.
GIR Straws | Protect the planet. And your pearly whites.
Reusable straws that won’t leave you with a chipped tooth. Super safe, never soggy, with travel cases to keep your kit scuzz-free.
24H Automatic Timepieces | Vasco Watch
Introducing a new way of reading time, made in France, born to last & unique #slowtime
MetMo Cube: Experience Metal In Motion
Executive Fidget Desk Toy. Machined from solid stainless steel using advanced wire EDM. The first of its kind ever to be made available
KING PIN Quick Release Belt Loop Keychain Everyday Carry EDC
The Everyday Carry belt loop keychain. Quick release so you have instant access to your keys. Single hand deployment. EDC
KX10 Home Gym | Full Body Workout Gym In Your Backpack
Effective. Versatile. Portable. Full Body Workout in Just Minutes a Day. Anywhere. Anytime. The Workout Hack You Have Been Looking For.
Cute Little Fuckers: Cute Gender Inclusive Sex Toys
Adorable monster characters who are also gender-affirming, vibrating, silicone sex toys.
Winking Magical Girls Enamel Pins
Cute hard enamel pins that combine Art Nouveau, pretty girls, and planetary themes.
Side Pocket: 100% Wireless Charging Travel Fanny Pack
A game-changing smart fanny pack w a built in wireless power bank. For Travelers — charge hands and cords free while you’re on the go!
Sterkmann Travel Bag | The Most Organized Bag Ever
19 different pockets and compartments guarantee that everything has a spot.
Levitex® Gravity Defying Pillow
A ground breaking new foam - A game changing pillow, mattress and mattress topper
THE FIGHTER SQUADRON: high end automatic RSC watch!
Take off with this original designed steel watch made for fighter pilots. Already 2 successful campaigns.
Hogwarts souvenirs (Harry Potter enamel pins)
Nouvelle collection "Photo souvenirs" inspiré par les livres (et films) Harry Potter
A custom mechanical pen that will last a lifetime
British machined and personalised mechanical pen with limited edition collaborations featuring illustrators from around the world.
Eliminati - The Odor Eliminator That Can Keep a Secret
A Powerful Bathroom Spray - Perfectly Balanced Fragrance and Engineered to Destroy Bad Odors (works great on pet stains too)
MARBONNI | US$129 | Automatic | Architecture&Design Watches
We strive to create luxury timepiece by translating the architectural aesthetics into grand modern design with historical crafsmanship
🌱Zero Maintenance Plant 💧Aqua Terrarium 🌳DIY Aquascape ⛰
DIY home decor inspired by the Japanese art of Aquascaping \\ Water plants you can't drown for those with plant killing habits.
RydeSafe Iron-On Reflectives
Reflective decals for you clothing and bike gear that make you safer on the road at night.
Enamel pins Neverland Souvenirs
Nouvelle collection de pins Disney inspirés de l'univers de Peter Pan !
Naked Sheets | Better Sheets Means Better Sleep
Made from 100% Eucalyptus. Soft as silk, strong as polyester, cool as linen, warm as wool and as absorbent as cotton.
SubtleDigs: EDC Lock Pick Sets Designed for Everyone
AI-inspired lock pick set for curious fidgeters, avid lock pickers, and the every day carry (EDC) community.
Oasis | Wall Mounted Micro Bar for Spirits + Accessories
Designed to showcase your favorites or compliment your home bar- Oasis organizes and saves space. Made in Chicago.
NORDIFAKT | Towels With Eco-Technology
Self Cleaning + Sustainably Green + Scandinavian Living
AXXIS Hand Axe: The Power Of An Axe In Your Pocket.
The versatility of a bush knife. The awesome chopping power of a camp axe. None of the dead weight of either.
Go.C: Personal wearable hand sanitizer
Eco-friendly, minimalistic and easy to use. Created for convenience with a push of a button. Reinvented for everyday use.
orb drop II | a marble run track that you build yourself
DIY mechanical toy kit with a unique composite design which creates a rewarding hands-on experience and promotes STEM-related thinking
Bakelite Seven Treasures: Japanese Fountain Pen with Arts
Vintage-Inspired Bakelite Fountain Pen Hand-crafted with Japanese Shippoyaki | Amazing Material & Craftsmanship Without Luxury Markups.
Facilitator Cards
A deck for you, not your participants. For planning, responding, improvising, and co-facilitating.
WhiteShark MixPro | The Ultimate Underwater Scooter
Up to 1.8m/s | Up to 60 Min on Single Charge | Smartphone/Camera Mount | Rapid 2 Hour Charge
Sunda 2.0: The first 2-person ground-to-air tent, reimagined
An innovative tent that adapts to any terrain. Incredibly versatile and easy to use, you’re equipped to camp on the ground or in air.
ODA - Hop: The Modular Bag for Weekday and Weekend
A daily backpack and shoulder bag that merge into a compact weekender for life on the go.
Little Rebels - Join the REBELution!
A plush collection that will inspire and educate kids all over the world! Learn from amazing women from Amelia Earhart to Malala.
The Traveler
A versatile luxury bag from Protea Lane. Designed by mothers for mothers, professionals, and explorers.
Green Box Garden - Self Watering Plant Container
Grow your plants simply and successfully. Self-watering container with reservoir and fill tube. Portable. Reusable. Indoors or out.
HYGICARD Antimicrobial Brass EDC Tool Pull Push Touch Stylus
An antimicrobial card tool for you don´t have to touch things! Better way to push pull doors, public buttons, ATM, touchscreens, etc.
Cork World Map 3.0 for Decor | by Enjoy The Wood
Cork wall map is a travel tracker map, interactive map to save your best memories! Use pins in any place!
FORGO - Sustainable Powder to Liquid Hand Wash
Personal care made sustainable with less. Starting with hand wash.
Bambols - Bamboo Mesh Produce Bags
Bamboo Mesh Produce Bags that help you eliminate the use of single use plastic, one bag at a time
HEDONE | PHILOSOPHE ~ Timepieces Inspired By Cosmic Duality
To see the existence of time you need to look no further than the motion of this exquisite movement in use
Magnum | Fully Folding Sunglasses That Beautify Your World
Escape reality and see life the way it was meant to be seen with our Eco-Friendly Unisex Wayfarers.
The Tech Wrap: A Multipurpose Carry Solution For Camera Gear
Protect your valuable electronic items from scratches, dust and splashes.
Oceanica Tambor 300M Automatic Dive watch - Everyday Diver!
A 300M Automatic Dive Watch with great vintage aesthetics and modern materials !
Copper Linens Self-Cleaning Egyptian 600-Thread-Count Sheet
Experience just-cleaned comfort every night with copper-infused luxury linens.
Viqueria Levante 2: A unique Racing Watch Assembled in Italy
The All-New Levante is here! A new Seiko chrono movement, 4 new dials, a great BGW9 Lume and new added features for our Racing watch!
Håkon adventurer watch
A unique adventurer watch, designed in Norway. A watch honoring my grandfather and his stories about travel.
Vapur Ez Lick: All-in-One Portable Dog Water Bottle
The most convenient way on the planet to keep your dog hydrated -- around town, on the road, or on the trail.
Tipsi Tray | The Single Handed Easy To Use Carry Tray
Our single handed carry tray makes life easier for able-bodied and less abled people alike. Why use 2 when 1 will do?
Anywhere Coffee Brewer
Flat-Packed travel pour-over coffee dripper
Master 9 Eyes: Designer Art Toy
PureArts and artist Daytoner collaborate to bring an epic figurine character design to life : Master 9 Eyes.
Pillow Cube PRO: The Next Evolution in Side Sleeping
We are Re-Inventing Our Re-Invention of the Future of Side Sleeping
The Stubble & Co Adventure Bag - Made From Recycled Plastic
Purposely designed to make travelling easier, wherever the destination. Built to last, built for adventure.
Titanic X – II: The watch from Voyage
A Voyage yet to complete
Happy Tears | Everyday tools for happy, mindful living!
The hello happy! daypack is here to help prioritize happiness each day! Colourful, eco-conscious & community co-created in Canada!
BREATHE - N95 Exhalation Valve
This mask add-on will make breathing easier, enhance wearer comfort, reduce waste, and save money!
SW Balance Board S
The BEST balance board ever made. Design that inspires: 100% sustainable and eco-friendly "Made in Germany". For everyone, everywhere.
manmower™ - tidy up your look, on your date
The only beard trimmer for pocket-friendly and planet-friendly face maintenance (now with improved hair capture core) #razor
Genesys Camping Stove - Cook. Keep warm. Charge your Stuff.
A patented cooking & heating stove that turns fire into 10 Watts of power for USB gadgets - for when you need a charge in the woods.
ISOLATOR CUPS | Porcelain fins built for easy grip and heat
Fins on the outside reduce the heat. This prevents your hands from burning on hot drinks. Easy-to-use and made of quality porcelain.
A Smarter Cap for nuud, the natural alternative to deodorant
nuud is an all-natural, effective anti-odorant cream; this smarter cap will turn nuud’s tubes into deodorant sticks.
Heritage Periodic Table: Collector's Edition
An elegant element collection in beautiful Lucite acrylic. For scientists, educators, and enthusiasts.
stilform pen TITAN - Award-Winning Magnetic Titanium Pen
The award-winning pen with a unique magnetic mechanism. Now equipped with high-end ink technology and an improved mechanism.
Ikepod Automatic design watches
Megapod : luxury Iconic design now affordable.
Automatic Watches With Timeless Designs
Vintage inspired timepieces for under $130 - A new kind of watch company.
Animal Forest Backpacks
A Collection Of Animal Forest Backpacks.
Get off the ground with the *AERIAL A1* Tree Tent / Hammock
This lightweight tent has a flat, stable sleeping surface that can be suspended between two trees like a hammock.
DRZ 03 Eclipse : Premium Automatic Swiss Made Watch
The Eclipse is a timepiece that pays homage to iconic dive models from the 60s. Top quality timepiece build to last.
Target Sax
Multi-functional ball bag and target net
Popupmatic – High quality training mat for surfers
Train your pop-up and stay in shape in between your surf trips with this high quality surf training mat.
Vove - Home and personal products for a better future 🌳
Sustainable products like you've never seen them before
Framework Plant Stands
A flexible framework for houseplants
PITOT - F-14 Tomcat inspired watches
Automatic watches inspired by the F-14 fighter jet with the Seiko NH35 movement.
PiXLIGHT: A lightweight, portable, and off-camera speedlight
A light speedlight for ALL photo lovers. It syncs with your smartphone or any professional camera & comes with rechargeable batteries.
Sidekick Hip Pack
A versatile hip and sling pack made to meet you and your dog's everyday needs. Adventures are better together.
D&D: Class Card Enamel Pins
A series of sophisticated Dungeons and Dragons class card enamel pin designs.
Meet BindBuddy: Your Hands-Free Jacket Holder
Easily attaches to any bag strap and firmly holds any garment keeping it secure at all times.
Mozy™: Hands-free, wearable sideline warmth!
Stop missing out on life’s memorable moments because you’re cold!
Egard: Handcrafted luxury watches to build your legacy
A series of engraved watches unlike anything else on the watch market.
The Arch Pocket Top
A brass pocket top with five different finishes. A top spin time of 10 minutes. CNC machined. Fidget, spin, relax, spin spin spin.
ZTRAW: The world's slimmest, foldable and reusable straw
A game-changing, patent-pending, foldable & reusable straw design that fits in your pocket. Get up to 42% OFF on KICKSTARTER!
KLOS Full Carbon Series - Composite Guitars and Ukuleles
The new carbon fiber series KLOS guitars and ukuleles features a new level of innovation and design applied to the travel instrument.
The Rail-EZ Umbrella Mounting System
The simple solution for mounting your umbrella … or just about anything on a railing!
Momentix Make/100: Chain Reactions for kids 7+
The future of STEM toys. Empowering kids with the confidence to solve problems--by giving them the chance to practice.
The Groove Belt™ by Groove Life | The Belt You Never Adjust
Replace that old belt with one that you never have to adjust, is ultra comfortable, extremely durable...oh and uses Neodymium Magnets.
Twilight Glint: Ladies' automatic watch
A beautiful timepiece for the modern sophisticated woman.
AISION: UFO Inspired Automatic Watches from Hong Kong
A glowing UFO on your wrist!
WEEDIES | garden gloves that FIT, PROTECT & LAST
We focused on 'Ruggedly Feminine' gardeners & created gloves that met their needs made of natural & recycled materials.
ViperSharp Returns - Innovation in Professional Sharpening
ViperSharp has been a success from its inception. Now we want to take it up a notch. Take home the Advanced Diamond system today!
Active Essentials Kit: running armband, shopping bag & mask
A premium multi-wear, sustainable, protective kit to make your daily routine more active, enjoyable and safe - at all times.
The WESN Henry Titanium Slip-Joint Pocket Knife.
The Henry: A piece of art in your pocket. Both Titanium & Cherrywood Options. A non-locking slip-joint pocket knife for everyday use.
Stella Felix - Swiss Made Automatic Watch
Designed in New York, Crafted in Switzerland
CORKY-URBAN |The 1st. Universal Rear-view Cycling Mirror
Unlikely Plug & Play Design rearview mirror compatible with any flat-bar Bike or scooter
SMOL: A 6in1 All Weather Reversible Jacket That Packs Small
Super Warm | Jacket+Vest | All Weather | Reversible | Connectable | Packable | Lightweight | Wind Proof | Washable | Animal Free
Sennen Automatic by Firle Watches - Swiss calibre: STP1-11
Inspired by the harsh Cornish coast, powered by a Swiss heart - 10 ATM - In stock & ready to ship
Copper Hit: Anti-Microbial Compact EDC Touch Bar + Stylus
Use the natural Anti-Microbial power of Solid 99.9% Copper to touch shared surfaces like ATM screens, elevator buttons, PIN pads and...
Arcaido Watch Manufacturer
The CITY FRAME: A Real 3D City Model - Unique Design
Your favourite city in a frame! A new kind of home decor and interior design.
SOLIDteknics Oz nöni stainless 31cm Sauteuse & Skillet-lid
Legendary Australian-made patented world-first wrought solid 1pc. Highly conductive 3mm non-Nickel ferritic stainless. LOVED by chefs!
Keychron K6 | A Compact 65% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
65% Layout | Wireless or Wired | Hot-swappable | For Mac and Windows | Optical or Gateron Switches | Connect up to 3 devices | 15+ RGB
AirFoams Pro: Memory Foam Ear Tips for AirPods Pro
Stays in your ears. Reduces noise. No silicone ear tip pain.
Wavy Pride Enamel Pin Series
More enamel pins for the inclusive & wavy pride series — representing all within the LGBTQ+/GNC/MOGAI communities!
Froth: Shampoo Cubes to Save Water & End Plastic Waste
Regular shampoo is 80% water and packaged in plastic. Froth is a single-wash concentrate. Made without water. Packaged without plastic.
Resolute X-1: Ultralight Titanium Knife
EDC tools designed by Aerospace Engineers who are obsessed with simplicity, reliability and lightness.
GREEN DISC | The cleanest chain care ever.
Lubricate your bike chain in seconds & protect the environment!
Solid State Watch
A Casio F-91W movement permanently cast into a transparent 3D printed case.
A multi-function EDC Brass Touch Tool
The Latcher and The Rȳd: The Modular Minimalist Wallet(s)
A wallet in pursuit of minimalism without compromising functionality.
Bye bye belt, hello Bucqle!
World's most innovative accessory to tighten your pants and skirts to the perfect fit around the waist.
The smart flowers pot for your desk
Make your life easier! Add a plus to your desk!
Pocket Pillows by Throwboy
Pint-size, weighted plush symbols of the things you love. For your desk, for fidgeting, for collecting!
Aurora: The Self-Cleaning Weighted Blanket For Better Sleep
Snuggle the stress away while copper-infused fabrics cleanses
Make 100 Limited Edition Chill Pills
#1 Fidget Prescription! A Calming Fidget Device
♻ BREATHE V2 ♻ | N95 Exhalation Valve now with Brass Filter!
A mask add-on that will make breathing easier, reduce environmental waste, and save money all-in-one!
Hookd: The antimicrobial tool
Hookd is an antimicrobial tool that allows you to move throughout public spaces while lessening your contact.
Devo Watches: The Curvo Collection
The Ultimate Dress Watch for the Everyday Person €75 !! KickStarter Special
SOLIDTEKNICS Lightning iron skillet – 100% Australian made!
A LIGHTER, HOTTER and tougher iron pan, for tough times. No frills just SOLID performance & maximum value. Support LOCAL manufacturing!
LastTissue™ - The Reusable Tissue Pack
If a Kleenex pack and a Handkerchief had a Baby
Ode Brew Grinder | Café Performance For Your Countertop
A powerful and precise home grinder with café capabilities that reduces mess and noise.
The Sphere: The precursor to Euler's classic Orbiform
Precision machined solid Spheres designed to match our original solids of constant width, the Orbiform and PentaOrbiform.
Batavi Kosmopoliet GMT, Vintage soul x Dutch minimalism!
Swiss ETA 2893-2 automatic movement, bold design and a passion for vintage watches!
Tapmi NFC Tag -automates your daily routines
Share your Instagram or website or save multiple tasks like a "car mode": Wifi off, Bluetooth on, open Spotify and Maps - with one tap!
Ray-Board: The Comfortable Swim Kickboard
Swim kickboard keeps your arms, neck and shoulders relaxed and comfortable. Great for triathletes. Ray Board Rayboard Sports Triathlon
Gravel Bag System | 42L Backpack, Sling Bag & 11L Day Bag
Three bags working together as one to adapt to every day on the move.
"Face the Villains" collection - Disney enamel pins
"Face the Villains" est une nouvelle collection de pins avec vos méchants Disney préférés
Spiral Light Candles: A candle reinvented from the ground up
Clean burning, long lasting candles that burn in a fun circular direction.
Produce Mate: Longer Lasting Fruits and Vegetables
The antimicrobial kitchen mat that fights food waste, saves you money, and does right by the planet.
MyCanoe POP: A Portable Origami Folding Canoe.
For the ultimate paddling experience. From carrying case to launch in 5 minutes!
LissommeX | More Beautiful
The waist trainer for the modern age.
The World’s First Coffee Shoes
Unisex shoes for everyday use. Aromatic, Vegan, Lightweight, Dirtproof, Water Repellent, Odor Control & UV protection.
Timor Heritage Field
A Swiss made watch inspired by the British Military watches of WWII.
Pali™ The Sleep Trainer That Actually Works!
Has a visual timer kids can see and understand, and a positive reinforcement drawer, to help your kids get more sleep.
Stratus Under Quilt: Ultralight Hammock Camping Insulation
This compact & portable under quilt will keep you cozy in temperatures as low as 40°F. Works with all brands of gathered end hammocks!
ALEDUKU - A Wallet That Will Fulfill Your Everyday Needs!
Designed to make your life easier! Simple, Slim, Stylish... What else❓
Zero 3 / Hybrid Bifold Card Wallet in Carbon Fiber
Advanced Engineering Carry for Minimalists.
The Rolling Cat House - Koro Koro Neko
To create a rolling cat house that is fun to play with and stylish as a minimal interior decoration.
New Improved Manual Hair Trimmer - For the adventurous
An improved manmower marine - the adventurers' manual hair solution that needs nothing more to keep your chin trim.
Fuck COVID-19 :: I Survived Coronavirus 2020 Coin!
A commemorative coin to celebrate surviving this stupid fuckin' pandemic & these crazy fuckin' times! FUCK COVID-19! (Large 39mm, 1oz.)
Tiny Demons: Designer Art Toys
Handmade Designer Resin Art Toys created to collect and have fun with it.
Japanese Shops / Enamel Pins -> Coffee Miaou Shop !
Une collection de pin's inspirés du Japon.
3 minutes a day = all you need for beard control = manmower™
The #razor that needs no shopping. The #trimmer that needs no charging. A single #sustainable purchase.
Careful Key
Protect yourself and others with this minimal copper door handle opener that fits your EDC keychain.
Ti Mini Pen
A titanium pen for quick everyday tasks | Lifetime Warranty | Free Worldwide Shipping
krAiki DDM - Express yourself with Originality!
That Twisty, Click'i and Bolt'i pen in your hand is not a pen, it may think it is a pen, the krAiki Crank is a pen!!
Guilt-Free Hoodie: Made from Recycled Plastic Bottles
Over 20 awesome features but with none of the guilt. Look good and stay comfy while lending Mother Nature a hand.
Suntable: Step Outside and Recharge
Solar-powered | Wireless Charging | Sound by JBL | Shaded Charging Shelf | 360-degree Sound
Eureka! Cup: The unique easy-empty menstrual cup
A menstrual cup that allows you to empty the blood without the need of removing it from the vagina, wherever you are!
Pompeak - British open-heart automatic watches under £200
We've designed the watch we want to wear and worked to introduce it at the best possible price.
Von Doren - URÆD, Unique Swiss Made Automatic Day/Date Watch
A truly unique Timepiece designed in Norway. In honor of the fearless crew aboard the lifeboat URÆD that crossed the Atlantic Ocean
Bæredygtige rengøringsmidler produceret i Danmark - nuuii
Ingen plastik og ingen vand, der transporteres i lastbiler på vejene. Bare gode, ærlige og grønne produkter fremstillet tæt på dig.
HTD Watches, inspired from the golden era.
We love our work. Watchmaking is our passion and after 2 years of ideas and prototyping our collection is now ready.
SWIFT 2.0 backpack - 7 convenient ways to be an urban pro
7 convenient ways to light your urban life. Let's swift it in any angle and take your belongings in a flash.
Tucktec eco Folding Kayak
A lightweight, foldable, hardshell Kayak made from recycled plastic. Save space without sacrificing durability or performance.
Cove: The Modern Litter Box
A simple, beautiful litter box with an integrated scoop, dustpan, and handbrush. Built by designers, engineers, and cat behaviorists.
MAS - JCB Dress Watch
1960s style meets modern design; with sapphire and a regulated high-beat movement, this versatile 38mm piece is ready for any occasion!
Iron Caddie - 'Clean Shot Every Time'
A fast new way to clean your golf clubs
SOLIDteknics 100% USA: safer+tougher 7.5" stainless skillet
When the going gets tough … support USA-made, patented, multi-generation-durable, HEALTHY wrought 1pc non-Nickel ferritic stainless.
A beautiful, handmade necklace to raise consciousness about climate change.
REISE Resolute | Built to outlast. Assembled for adventure.
An ultra-tough titanium field watch crafted to withstand the toughest journeys, designed for the adventurous and discerning.
AirFoams Pro Active 2.0 Ear Tips for AirPods Pro
Combining our previous Kickstarter's AirFoams Pro Memory Foam Tips with the durability and flexibility of Silicone
Infinity Game Table by Arcade1Up
All your favorite classic board games packaged into one digital gaming table. Features: Ticket To Ride, Monopoly, Scrabble, & more.
Bearded Roots Test Kits – Single-Ingredient Beard Oils
Test your own Beard Oil Blends, find out what works on your beard, and plant a forest. 🌳 By Green Beard Grmng
Vario WW1 1918 Trench Watch
Vario's 3rd watch collection inspired by WW1 period Possibly the 1st wristwatch for men
Traqpod - The New Sensation Carving Board.
Say Hello to Traqpod, futuristic, fun carving skateboards designed for a new level of comfort, control and maneuverability – Get yours!
Pi Case 40
The travel case for Pi enthusiasts, by Pi enthusiasts.
Fireguard by Brutal BBQ®️
The device that makes lighting up your grill or any fire an easy and fun activity.
YEMA Superman Bronze Limited Editions
Vintage inspired French tool watches equipped with YEMA’s new In-house Automatic movements
HiLounge: Versatile slippers for at home or on the go
The comfort of a slipper with sleek minimalist styling, bringing you newfound functionality, at home or on the go
SORA: Reusable Planner for Life
A notebook planner to help with life, work, and wellness. Made with erasable whiteboard pages for infinite scheduling & idea creation.
Moment Travelwear: Bags To Work Anywhere, Travel Everywhere.
Everyday backpacks, totes, and organizers for the NEW work - at home, on the road, from the car, or even the park.
Convex Bottle Opener
A beautiful ball bearing intended for industrial use is transformed into a piece of modern design.
Mariner's Capsule By Oceanus Brass
Nautically Inspired & Built To Last.
NASA Saturn V Rocket Tribute Swiss Timepiece
A watch collector's dream, the LIV Saturn V collection features a Moonphase Chrono + Bronze & Titanium Swiss Automatic Watches.
1930's DC-3 Inspired Automatic watch !
Classic 1930's inspired automatic Pilots watch, British Designed, with 1930's DC-3 airplane parts incorporated !
Slim 3: The Ultimate Minimal Wallet
Thinner. More flexible. Designed to help you carry less.
Chonkers: Calming Stuffed Animals with Custom Weight & Heat
Adorably chubby stuffed animals that allow you to add weight, heat, scent, and more to help you find your calm and manage anxiety.
Bamboo Eyes: The complete eyewear cleaning solution
Remove dirt, grime and bacteria from your eyewear in under 30 seconds.
The Electric Road Scooter
Introducing TAUR – an evolution in electric scooter design.
Analog: The simplest productivity system
A physical companion for your digital tools
Pocket for Smartphone: Your Daily Essential Sidekick
Origami-inspired, collapsible design that transforms into an accessory case or a phone stand in seconds.
WhiteShark Tini - A Powerful Modular Underwater Sea Scooter
Single motor, yet undeniably powerful, WhiteShark Tini can reach the speeds of most dual motor scooters.
MultiRuler | The Ultimate Highest-Grade Multitool Ruler
Available in Mighty Grade 5 Titanium with 14+ Features | Free Worldwide Shipping
MANMOWER™ SSSR Monster in satin
#batteryfree #hair #trimmers >>> only here now >>> monster all-in-1 in satin-finish stainless steel.
SOLIDteknics 'Lightning' Quenched iron skillet. Tough. Lite.
Our famed US-ION skillet LIGHTENED. Solid 2.5mm: under 1/2 weight of cast iron = faster heating WITH big steak sear. 100% USA made!
Automatic Watch Designed by a Finnish Watchmaker
Industry accredited watchmaker - Nordic minimalist design - Classic timepieces
Award-Winning EDC Tactical Knives by Sniper Bladeworks
Unsurpassed quality and unbeatable prices, by acclaimed knife designer Lance Abernathy. Everyday carry, camping, and survival knives.
Paper Carving LED Lantern
A Touch of the Elegance of Ancient East
First Purpose-Built Backpack for 2020s: Safe + Secure
RiutBag+ holds your mask, sanitiser, 15" laptop, 20 litre capacity with wipe-clean materials in Riut's secure "backwards" design
SympleNote: Digital Note Pads
Designed for Apple iPad/iPad Pro, Apple Pencil, and GoodNotes app.
RWY Deck
Playing Cards for Pilots, Aviation Enthusiasts, and Travelers | 52 Runway Diagrams
HexaSphericon: Rolls smoothly like a ball, but with a twist
CNC machined HexaSphericons with twistable, interchangeable halves. Twist and Roll.
Nativfit Portable Workout Platform
Eco-friendly, full body, outdoor workout platform, making anywhere your native gym.
MUTANT Tenkara Fly Rod: 3-Lengths, Full-Flex, & Soft Action
MUTANT zx380 Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod / Full-Flex, Adjustable to 3 Lengths (12.5ft, 11.5ft, 10.3ft), & a Soft Level Line Casting Action.
MUG MATE! Multi-purpose silicone lid & coaster for drink cup
From Packing Cubes to Daybags - Made of recycled plastic
Save space, time and stay organized. Turn each organizer of the Adventure Set into a hip bag, shoulder bag or backpack!
Slim, Minimalist & Defying Leather Wallet by Lejiled
Beautiful & functional leather wallet, designed to carry your important everyday items. Made from a single piece of leather.
A Bold Redesign of a Historic Time Display | Xeric Regulator
The Regulator Automatic watch is a fresh, modern take on a historic mechanical time display that separates hours, minutes, and seconds.
Interchangeable, eclectic and personalised pieces, inspired by nature. Unique in quality. Unstoppable in style.
Gatcha Guardians - Enamel Pin Series
Select your hero in the form of adorable pins!
Tesla Amazing® Static Charge ⚡️ Whiteboards
Creative Space Anywhere
KittySpring - The most cat-friendly water fountain on Earth
Keep your picky drinker always hydrated with non-electric & whisker-friendly water fountain without having to refresh their bowls
Mozu Hanger - The Friendliest Hanger on the Planet
Slim, Earth-friendly hangers with an innovative notch that eliminates the stretching of collars.
IRLA: In Real Life Achievements
Try new things. Achieve goals. Materialize memories forever.
Paladin Equestrian - sustainable & stylish saddle pads
A one of a kind range of stylish, sustainable & durable saddle pads.
The Handlebar Bag by Route Werks
A minimal and modern bicycle bag that puts your tech at your fingertips and looks great on your bike!
FableWood is back - The little ones are coming
FableWood is back with cute and cuddly creations as a part of the FableWood universe.
Buggie Huggie: Shopping Will Never Be The Same
It's like a high-chair tray for your shopping cart that helps secure and entertain your kids while shopping!
Innovative way to rock babies to sleep.
Wheelzzz: A little strap to help them nap.
Mondstadt Starter Pack: Genshin Impact Enamel Pins
Genshin Impact Character Enamel Pins
Master Mixology Set
The Master Mixology Set includes our clear ice maker, cocktail smoker, and three smoked cocktail kits to turn you into a mixologist.
MANMOWER™ 2.0 - manual hair trimmer
For easy beard control stop shaving and start mowing. It's faster, and less fuss. Plus much less stuff, for you or your world.
SearPro - The best multi-use torch on the market!
The most efficient & effective multi-use torch on the market for searing foods, camping/outdoor use, glass blowing, metal melting, etc.
Kinship Collective - Conscious design for Intentional Living
Exclusive, handwoven cushion covers, throws and blankets designed in collaboration with women in underserved communities worldwide
MagnaMat: The Magnetic Rug Lock
CLICK ON. CLICK OFF. Finally, a way to permanently hold your rugs in place without the mess!
Gym Box Home Gym - fitness made easy
A compact, lightweight home gym. Easily portable for traveling. Full body workouts with over 165 exercises. Covers any fitness level.
Cubits Collection: CNC machined works of art
CNC machined works of art include Ripple Cubit and Matrix Cubit
The new MANMOWER™ motomarine hair trimmer - Man Tool 2.0
100% Sustainable face mower. 2.0 spring-boost for quicker trimming. Bottle-opener + adaptable carabiner handle = #outdoors #EDC #razor
LINC - A tool to open doors, push buttons - all contact-free
Turn doorknobs, press buttons, touch screens, navigate public transit - and more - in public places & shared spaces, all contact-free!
Max – The Everyday Backpack for Work, Play and Travel.
Dual compartment storage, next-level comfort, and handy travel features.
Foldio360 Smart Dome - Expand your creativity
All-in-one Smart photo studio with a built-in 360 turntable
Uicard — A Pocket Friendly Wireframing Ruler
A design tool that inspires more sketching and champions great user experiences!
Stilform INK - Magnetic Fountain Pen in DLC Black Titanium
The award-winning Stilform Fountain Pen with a unique self-aligning cap and a new mechanism. Now in DLC coated titanium!
Aion Watch - First carbon fiber 3D printed watch
The first watch that combines nature and technology with a unique look
Northern Glow - TKL Optical Gaming Keyboard
RGB Wrist Rest | Orange Optical Switches | 55+ RGB Presets | Compatible with Windows, Mac, Consoles | Software
Effortless beard control when travelling thru time and space
20 grammes of totally self-contained facial hair control from MANMOWER™ on a chain - the manual #sustainable #hair #trimmer choice
TP2 Titanium Bolt Pen
Made of titanium, lightweight, sturdy, anti-allergic, rust-free, non-magnetic and resistant to heat and corrosion.
Kiima™ : The refillable deodorant applicator
Refill it with natural & vegan deodorants
MITCH MASON CHRONICLE - Automatic Field Watch
Adventure with the Mitch Mason Chronicle, a daily beater inspired by military field watches of World War II.
The Future of Home Grown Protein
The worlds first truly sustainable insect growing pod.
Novel bookwallets, wallets disguised as antique literature
The worlds first bookwallet. An actual pocket-book. Likely the best unisex wallet.
LastRound - The reusable cotton round
LastRound is your everyday cotton round reimagined. Same look and feel, better for the planet
1291 Automatic Watch * NEW RONDA R150 AUTOMATIC * Swiss Made
1291 Watches now with ALL - NEW SWISS MADE RONDA R150 AUTOMATIC Movement. Best Quality, best Price & a new pleasure of timekeeping !
Boo Bag: A Ghostly Ita Bag
Spooky Specter Supplies Sorter and Pin Display
The HEST Pillow
The last travel pillow you’ll ever need. Home-pillow comfort in a compact, adventure-ready package for the best night of sleep outdoors
Alis, an advanced lighting device
Light everywhere in a completely new way
Whirly Warmer 2 - Use Your Microwave to Warm Baby Bottles
Whirly rapidly spins baby bottles, mixes milk/formula, dissipates hotspots instantly. Provide better nutrition to baby and save time.
Presidential Fishing Lures - Trump vs Biden
Fishing lures never seen before! Catch fish the most exciting way possible.
[F is for Flush] — The world's #1 WORST coffee table book
If you don't like my project, I'll literally pay you $20. (Ok, that's a lie.)
Surface Mitt - Redefine Surface Protection
A 100% recyclable, paper mitt for protection against surface germs. Stop dangerous germs BEFORE they get on your hands.
100% Original Revolver Inspired Automatic Dive Watches
Rvlvr AD6 Self-Winding Mechanical Timepiece
Reverie Diver - An Ultra-Thin Yet Functional Dive Watch
Elegant automatic dive watch with signature guilloche dial, engraved rotor, micro-adjustable bracelet, sapphire crystal & more!
Hemlock & Oak Planner: Achieve goals without burnout.
A planner that connects with your personal values, so that you can maximize productivity and achieve goals without burnout.
NanoFoamer - Microfoam milk in 20 seconds.
Makes velvet-textured barista-quality microfoamed milk by spinning bubbles through NanoScreens at 10,000 RPM.
Omamori inspired mini crossbody ita bags
Omamori lucky charm inspired ita bags for enamel pin/ merchandise display and every day wear with fortune slip inserts
Black Steel - Everyday items built to last a lifetime
Personalised everyday essentials with a tungsten carbide surface that's 3.5x harder than titanium. Made in England by Wingback.
The SHADOW is a minimal waterproof backpack
It’s a modern pack designed to fit your life while protecting your essentials.
The Morning Machine. Brew Coffee With Intention.
Compatible with Nespresso® OriginalLine capsules.
Daysaver - A bike multitool offering 9 tools at 45 grams
We deliver the smallest and lightest multitool that ever existed for any kind of bicycle!
Pieces of Seasons | A Story Told Through 24 Wooden Puzzles
Hidden puzzles within puzzles | Highest resolution printing ever | Combine puzzles to make new puzzles | Every piece is uniquely shaped
Long Time No See - Bluetooth 5.0 Portable CD Player
A simple and pure music experience
Beluga tent 6-in-1 from Qaou
The first all in one highly eco-friendly tent made from recycled plastic.
GioVia: The Purest Coffee Experience On The Go
GioVia is a double walled porcelain travel mug that lets you taste the flavour of your coffee not your mug
200M Automatic Dive Watch - At A Great Price
Stainless Steel Diver Style Watch with 200M Water Resistance and Seiko Automatic Movement.
Pixoo-Slingbag | The First Smart Sling For The Urban Life
Create in pixel | Display in art. Pixoo-Slingbag is the Stylish Sling that suit your tastes and needs.
HEINRICH Taucher: A unique dive watch inspired by the 70s
high-quality, vintage inspired tool watch - Made in Germany.
PockeTool 2.0 | An EDC Tool that supports all your needs
Made for handling everything, your daily companion easy up your life, also the must-have outdoor tool with a folding blade.
Shield: The ultimate touch tool
Stay Shielded, Stay Safe!
Pretty Guardians: A Chibi Pin Series
A collection of chibi Pretty Guardians
Multifunctional Picnic Blanket
High-quality handmade picnic blanket. Made from waxed cotton and soft cotton fleece in Switzerland.
SOLIDTEKNICS - The InversionEdge™ Pro Sharpening System
A revolutionary, patent-pending, Japanese water stone-based sharpening system. Removing human error for perfect angles every time!
izzy – the smartest and most flexible car organizer bag ever
izzy is a smart car organizer and modular backpack. All in one. Made to improve the comfort and safety of driving.
SOLIDTEKNICS nöni™ 6.5L Steamer with 3L Rondeau & Lid
Three new beautiful and versatile pieces! Huge 6.5L Steamer, 3L nöni™ 'mini' Rondeau & matching 24cm 'multi-functional' Skillet-lid.
Make rich-tasting espresso, complete with crema, using your AeroPress®
Vilhelm Prism - A Unique Take On The Steel Sports Watch
The Prism, a marvelous interplay of light reflecting off your wrist.
Red Brook Tenkara Ranger - The Back Country Adventure Rod
Our backcountry adventure tenkara rod that is ideal for doing recon on smaller, tighter streams and rivers.
IDGAF (I Don't Give A Fuck) Reminder Coin & No Fucks Coins
Badass coins to remind yourself to keep calm and not give a fuck.
Anchor: The Cleanest Functional T-shirt
FUNCTION OVER FORM. Secret pocket for your mask. Anti odor. Anti stain. Water repellant. Packable.
Athleisure Wear Made for Men | Rugged Black
Performance joggers, hoodies, and henleys made with premium 4-way stretch fabric and tailored fit. Made for action. Good for lounging.
Instant Plant Food: Your House Plants Will Love You!
The simple, fun, and eco-friendly way to feed your house plants.
Flipper Zero — Tamagochi for Hackers
Open source multi-tool device for researching and pentesting radio protocols, access control systems, hardware, and more.
Pad&Post (Pad and Post)
A magnetic pen and notepad system that provides a fun and stylish way to keep a pen and paper in a handy spot.
THE VELUSTA PROTEC I: Where Protection meets Performance
Avoid painfull abrasions with world's first 3D-Protective cycling shorts!
Talontag Covered Contactless Door Opener Keychain Touch Tool
Unique flip out design contactless door opener keychain safe touch tool. Press buttons & touch screens too. Free lost & found service
g.flow stone: Laptop Stand
Light & Foldable, a Sustainable Laptop Stand Made From 100% Recycled Materials!
The Epiphany Watch Box | Your Name, Your Design, Hand-Carved
High quality hand-carved 12pc wooden watch box with personalized carving of your choice.
The Twig razor: plastic-free shaving made easy
The safety razor re-designed for modern shaving. Reach tight places and shave with precision, safely.
Kind Cup - the innovative menstrual cup
Looking for a menstrual cup that is comfortable, effective, and intuitive to use? Our form-fitting design is creating a new standard.
Sólás Starlight - an Irish, affordable micro-rotor watch
World's first affordable microbrand watch with a micro-rotor movement. More details at www.solaswatches.com
LARQ Pitcher – Pure water beyond filtration
The first multi-stage purification water pitcher. Brought to you by the creators of the LARQ Bottle—world’s first self-cleaning bottle
The Pet Friendly Candle Co
A range of candles and scents that are safe for humans and pets alike
Buckhouse Smart Luxury presents : The Legacy Boots
Crafted by experience, Built for modern days.
The All-Day Adventure Flask by Hibear
The Swiss Army Knife of Insulated Bottles: Unmatched versatility to pack less & do more.
Snap Collar - a new fix for messy shirt collars
An easy 360-degree solution for all your collar problems that has your shirts looking like new
The Smarter Compression Packing Cube by Bluffworks
Pack smarter, organize better, save space. Versatile, lightweight packing cubes designed to compact as tightly as you want, every time.
Motherland Essentials: Plant Forward Bath, Body + Skincare
Handcrafted, plant-based skincare made with responsibly sourced ingredients you can actually recognize.
Combining two of the world's most commonly used tools; the backpack and desk. I introduce to you the future of productivity, BESK!
Pumpkin Kitties: A Tale of Too Many Variants
The title sums it up haha.
Zenbivy® MotoBed™ The all-in-one camp bedroll.
Easy, fast, and decadently comfortable. The Zenbivy MotoBed™ is the all-in-one luxury bed system for car camping.
Nexx Smart Alarm
Make Your Existing Alarm System SMART!
Nana Hats®: The ULTIMATE way to keep your bananas FRESH!
The world's first banana preservation device engineered to keep your bananas fresher for longer
Copper Shiny Stubby Fat Pen
A high quality machined pen made out of copper. Simple & to the point.
Whale Diver Watch - Buckle up for a deep dive by UW
The world's unique diver watch
Pick Progress, combs with swagger
An accessory for the culture: For anyone who wants to sport their hair crown –– and social crown.
Matchbox Design Calendar 2021
To welcome the coming 2021 of the new year. We also hope to design an interesting calendar for everyone.
MONOGRAM - minimalist wallet with your initials
Designed leather wallet with your personal monogram. Each monogram is hand made, so it will be as unique as you. Make a statement!
Kraken Die by Oceanus Brass
Dice, our signature gaming instrument. Nautically inspired and built to last.
Stretch Clock
tell time with found objects
The Kamarg 59 - A classic Austrian backpack, reimagined.
A classic design updated for your urban adventures. Durable, spacious, sustainable, water-repellent.
SLINGR - Carbon Fiber Aesthetic Over Body Bag
A minimalist sling for your carry essentials
the Waterproof Sling that's also a Tech-Kit
The TKS is a clean capsule on the outside, with a place for all your essentials on the inside.
Origami Paddler
The World's Only Hard Shell Folding Stand-up Paddleboard and Kayak Combined
PUFFERFISH | Awesome Sand Castle Tools
Have more fun at the beach with high-quality tools made from upcycled fishing nets. Build a castle, shape a turtle, or dig a hole!
STUNT | The Clutch-up, Steel Automatic Mechanical Watch
A motorcycle inspired mechanical watch
1oz .999 Fine Silver "Fuck COVID-19" & "IDGAF" Coins
Limited-edition 1oz .999 pure silver coins commemorating what a shit-show 2020 has been.
Rhamani - The Ultimate Adventure Sandal
Insanely light and versatile - they transform from comfy camp slides into full-on adventure sandals.
Swiss powered, British made all Damascus steel sports watch
The DMS|001 from Paul Dupuis is luxury at an affordable price with no compromise on quality
Threads of Apollo: Water Repellent Full-Grain Leather Jacket
One jacket, four seasons. Designed for any weather and occasion. 100% sheepskin leather jackets that will last a lifetime.
ARTIGIANO - Exclusive Cactus Leather Accesories
Exclusive collection of sustainable fashion accessories made from innovative cactus / Nopal vegan leather by expert artisans.
Monstera Fotebag: The foldable totebag for carrying anytime
Foldable, hook, durable, minimal and practical tote bag. Inspired by the nature and simple daily life.
mōte - Life is an adventure, be ready for ANYTHING!
mōte - Bring everything, carry nothing. Take pocket and purse space BACK!!!!!!
Universal Lens Hood - The Only Hood for Every Camera Lens.
The ONLY lens hood that's easy to pack, install & use. Fits 99% of lenses. Holds ANY size circular filter & actually enhances workflow.
JackRabbit: mini eBike
Calling all Freewheelers! Take your life for a ride on a JackRabbit.
All Day Bag - Extended Campaign
From handbag to backpack, to shoulder bag—our convertible ALL DAY BAG is a multi-tasking masterpiece.
Verdandi, Solar Powered Watches
Solar energy meets Scandinavian design.
Zesty By IRONFLY ,EDC Folding Knife ,Burlap Style,Wire Clip
Ironfly Zesty!Micarta, Vg10 and Ambidextrous Wire Clip equipped utilitarian EDC pocket knife! Drop point extravaganza!
Teno by Lumio: Sound in a New Light
A new kind of speaker, a new kind of light, a new way of relating to technology.
Aberlite Pro - Professional Beard and Hair Straightener
The most advanced purpose-built beard and hair straightening brush. Nail a neat beard in just 2 min.
ORORO "Redwood" Carbon Nanotube Heated Socks
The first-ever heated socks with Carbon Nanotube heating elements. Up to 10 hours of on-the-go warmth.
Volcanxx- Adaptive clothing made with active volcanic sand.
Powered by 37.5® Technology
Peren Hintz Swiss Watch. A tribute to old school watchmaking
Limited Edition Swiss Made mechanical Watch without the retail markup. Celebrating Swiss and Transylvanian cooperation
Nancy Pelosi and Dr. Fauci Action Figures
We're turning Nancy Pelosi and Dr. Fauci into action figures
Halloween Pals: A spooky themed pin + accessory collection!
A creepy-cute collection of spooky friends in shiny enamel pin form and beyond!
Colony Cleanup - Trail bag
An all-around outdoor bag specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts to make it easy to "carry-in & carry-out" day hike rubbish
EVPADS. Limited edition mouse pads for Cyberpunk lovers.
6 different mouse pads designed and dedicated to all tech/scifi lovers out there at incredible prices.
Burrito Pop - A twistable burrito holder
The best way to carry, keep warm, and eat your favorite food.
We want to give anyone the possibility to bring to the market their creative ideas no matter what background, age, gender or origin
Engineered for performance. Designed for everyday.
funcoo - the easiest way to carry crates by bike
Whether you're doing your weekly grocery shopping or bringing beer to a party, you can use funcoo to carry your drinks.
The Benguela automatic dive watch
A tool watch with dramatic depth, literally and figuratively.
Kybele | Organic Handmade Soap
Natural Organic Handmade Soap with Unique Design.
OLTO-8 INFINITY-Exclusive Design Watch for The Up-and-Coming
The innovative mechanical watch with a sleek design for the young and success-driven!
Enamel Pins for Creatives
A stunning, golden set of Enamel Pins for Creators and Business Owners!
Toughloaders: Miniature TCG Display and Shipping Frames
Miniature collectible card frames for shipping and display.
Chef's Collection Premium Kitchen Knives | Cooking Knife
Chef's Collection is redefining what premium cutlery should be about: high-quality materials, elegant design, and extreme performance.
Moons' Up; Watch out! A Moon clock by OVD HOME
A creative clock with a 3D luminous Moon
Urban Breez - Street Windsurfing Reborn
Taking Urban Street Windsurfing to the Level it Deserves
Bike Walley: The World's Ultimate U-Lock Holster
· Rattle-Proof · One-Size-Fits-All · Crafted in the USA with Full-Grain Leather
Herring Blade
A super low-profile utility knife for single handed operation and everyday carry. Available for lefties + righties.
SOLIDteknics DEEPA, Flaming Skillet, BBQ Ring: modular iron!
100% USA made from Quench-seasoned US iron. Many modes for BIG cookups: indoors, BBQ, camp oven/grill. Perfect fit in 22" Weber Kettle!
Buona Vita - Live Gently
A range of eco-friendly, carbon neutral daily use products.
Chibi Nostalgia Hard Enamel Pins
Chibli themed enamel pins and some of dog demon and crew 🐕
EDC Mag Beads - Titanium magnet connector
Attach MagBeads to your belt loop and lounge comfortably. Get easy access to your keys, tools, gadgets with the quick-release MagBeads.
The Ultimate Travel Jacket: Balanced Weight and Performance
The ultimate travel jacket that is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and sustainable for everyday use.
Orbitkey Desk Mat - Not just your average desk mat.
A clever desk mat with built-in organisational features.
Dearly Departed: Hard Enamel Pin Collection
A hard enamel pin set featuring designs inspired by dearly departed animals.
The Next Generation Performance Chinos
Performance Pants packed with features you'll love. Easy care, 2 way stretch, quick dry & stain repellent. Guaranteed Perfect Fit!
AirFlip Pop-Up Bag: Taking Modular Bags to a Whole New Level
The lightweight all-purpose modular and foldable easy-to-carry bag for all your urban, work, travel and outdoor needs.
Oceanica Stingray Automatic Dive Watch - Tough 200M Watch
A High Quality 200M Automatic Dive Watch with materials and case cut and quality seen at much higher price ranges.
Eco Bottles - Copper Bottles with a Message
Raise awareness about alarming environmental issues while promoting healthy drinking habits in children
Stefano Braga Watches - Swiss quality, Italian design
The charm of watches: they make concrete and visible an abstract thing like time, which cannot be seen or touched, yet there is.
Visual Dock: Newest USB-C Hub with Display for MacBook/iPad
10Gbps USB 3.2 Gen.2|4K@60Hz HDR Video|SD/TF UHS-II 300MB|100W Power Delivery|Best for MacBook,iPad Pro/Air 4,Laptop/DockCase Designed
NORDIFAKT | Bedding with Eco-Technology
Self Cleaning + Sustainably Green + Scandinavian Living
Skin-Safe Bracelet for Outdoor Lovers and Travelers
functional bracelet with a compartment that can store anything you don't want to leave behind.
FLKR LYTR: Innovative Patent Pending Spinner BIC LYTR Case
A great way to express yourself with a LYTR!
Pompeak Sub-Aquatic watch: British design X Swiss movements.
We are back! British design meets Swiss movements in this range of stunning dive watches under £500.
AISION: Hexagonal Pyramid Seamless Dial Tourbillon Watch
AN-T01 - An affordable modern style Tourbillon watch
Cork Booklift | Elevate your reading
A modern bookstand for the kitchen, living room and office.
RomRod - Portable Rod Mobility Fitness Device
Improve your Flexibility, Joint Mobility, and Barbell Lifting Technique with this amazing Portable Rod Mobility Fitness Device.
Cooking With Power Tools
Use your drill to cook stuff with these 6 unique attachments!
Silicone Phone Strap & Modular Sling
Unleash your phone’s potential with a minimal phone grip strap and modular crossbody sling; two new mobile accessories from Phone Loops
The Stinger: The Better Way to Shotty
A sleek puncturing device that represents a brotherhood.
The Waterproof JOPAT BACKPACK for the City and the Outdoors!
We focused on an elegant design, paired with functions you need everyday. It combines requirements for urban and outdoor adventures!
MX-GEAR™ SLIDER PACK | Multi-Style Modular Utility Backpack
One Modular Backpack, 8 Different Styles | 1.0 Sec to Transform | Pack everything or anything, your choice and your style
FURLAN MARRI - Highly Attractive Wristwatches
FURLAN MARRI is a watch brand that tells stories. Designed in Geneva, Switzerland. Crafted with care. Designed for details.
Mornkiyani: Yoga Mats from Paintings
Yoga mats from uniquely hand-painted artworks
The Next Generation Performance Shorts
Performance Shorts packed with features you'll love. Easy care, 2 way stretch, quick dry & stain repellent. Guaranteed Perfect Fit!
1940's inspired Douglas DC-3 vintage pilots watch !
Classic Limited Edition vintage Pilots watch, British Designed with 1930's DC-3 airplane parts incorporated, only 1930 to be made !
Oceanica Manta Ray 200M Automatic Dive Watch - Value Diver
200M Automatic Dive Watch With Vintage Skin Diver Attributes from the 1960s with Modern Materials!
Caliburnus II by Valimor—New Dials & 60HR Automatic Movement
60 hours automatic watch crafted from the unique materials from all over the world and assembled with scrupulous attention to detail.
Reinventing The Guitar Pick - ROMBO 2.0
Luxury guitar picks, combining the finest materials and design, with the most advanced technology to improve your playing experience.
The Atlantic - A Casual Sport Watch For Any Situation
Sporty yet elegant watches with a tried and tested automatic movement.
HUB: A Minimal Magnetic Organizer for your Life
Everything you need in one convenient place. Declutter your life and quickly store your everyday accessories. Slim. Modular. Magnetic.
Keychron K12 | A Versatile 60% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
60% Layout | Wireless or Wired | Hot-swappable Option | Mechanical or Optical Switches | For Mac and Windows | Lasts up to 2 months
Tsarist Russia (Architecture and decorations)
3d models for 3d printing
Movo WebMic HD Pro: All-in-One HD Webcam, Mic and LED Light
Instantly improve your audio, video and lighting when recording or producing content
FORT, Magnetic Pillow Fort
Contemplation room with custom-made furniture
Realization of my selected project for the competition DESIGN PARADE DE TOULON 2020-21
Porch Garden Pots
Use the outside of your railings to grow more plants, and take back YOUR space.
🌸 secret lashes 🌸 the 🍏 of iLashes
✨ New Easy DIY Lash System Packaged In Sustainable Custom Engraved Bamboo Heart-Shaped Gift Boxes 💝 Valentine's Day is Every Day 💕
SealVax - The Vacuum Sealing Device Powered by your Phone!
SealVax is a reusable food bag & vacuum sealing device. Say goodbye to bulky vacuum sealing machines - Sealvax fits in your pocket!
STERNGLAS Asthet — The ultra-slim Bauhaus automatic watch
A classic Bauhaus-inspired mechanical watch for only 299€. Domed sapphire glass, ultra-slim design and a high-quality movement.
SOLIDTEKNICS 100% Australian Made Iron Cookware - QUENCHED™
Healthy, sustainable, multi-generational iron cookware - now seasoned for you!
Itero Pocket Watches are back
Modern pocket watches with a table desk transformation.
Moon WalkerII-Lunar Crater:An automatic watch with meteorite
Moon Walker II- Lunar Crater : an automatic watch with true meteorite
Cyber library of 3D models
3d models for 3d printing at a unique price!
Autmog Machined Pen
A machined metal pen with a minimal look and crisp details.
InstantKon SF70 Instant Camera
A classic reimagined. Full manual control. Truly analogue.
Fantom C - The Apple iPhone MagSafe Card Fanning Wallet
A minimalist MagSafe compatible Fantom wallet. Cerakoted billet aluminum wallet with a carbon fiber finish.
SOLIDTEKNICS - nöni™ 10L Dutch Oven Trio - Made in Australia
The ultimate BIG three-pan multi-combo dutch oven!
Aesthetics Engineered | Cycling Wheel Reflectors for Hi-visibility.
Quilbie: Protect Your Baby in ANY Condition
A 3-in-1 cover that uses patent pending technology to block light, sound, rain and heat to keep your baby protected, safe and happy.
PIUMA Pocket Fountain Pen - Titanium, Brass, Black Aluminum
Compact pocket fountain pen with large #6 nib and wide grip section for comfy writing. Available in titanium, brass, & black aluminum.
Norrsken: The lamp that truly understands you
A smart floor lamp that wakes you up gently in the morning, energizes you through your day, and gets you grounded.
Fold Case - Low cost aluminum Eurorack case
A budget friendly modular case, produced and delivered flat, folded with your own hands.
SIMPLIFY the Brewer - Fantastic Coffee in 30 Seconds
No bloom, no stir, and no pulse! Pour over brewer to make fantastic coffee simply designed by Japanese coffee equipment professionals.
SAR360 -- Reinventing the LED Light Bar
A robust, multi-function lighting system.
A new line of sustainable care products filled in a packaging MADE FROM SOAP
PeacePoti - The simple way to lock in your pedal settings
PeacePoti secures your favorite guitar pedal settings so you can focus on your performance!
Woxer BOSS Bralette: Inclusive Sizing & Sustainably Made.
Comfort is non-negotiable, sustainability is non-negotiable. BOSS feels like you’re wearing nothing and fits all sizes.
CoinDrift l An Incredible Experience to Drop & Pick up Coins
A unique coin sorting device, aesthetic from stillness to motion, featured with intuitive coin dropping & pickup.
Retio - The Moment Never Ends
Handcrafted retro radio speaker with vintage Nixie tubes. A tribute to the precious moments in the past.
Valhalla of Norway ØKS Limited.
Automatic watch Inspired by the Battle axe. Limited to 100 pcs of each colour.
KULKEA | New Standard in Technical Biking Bags
Developed by cyclists for cyclists. The OTRmost Cycling Collection brings technical bag organization to the next level.
The Harness: Frame your Books and Vinyl
Get your beloved collection out of storage and onto your walls.
Ergonomic ring fitted for you, by NAnaco Men
Men's ring redesigned to fit perfectly to size. A design driven by comfort and performance.
KLOS Carbon Fiber Electric Guitar and Bass - Apollo Series
Carbon fiber electric guitars and basses. Beautiful, versatile, functional, portable.
Auron - Self-Cleaning Water Purifying UV-C Smart Bottle
Purify and clean water effortlessly with Auron with the power of UV-C.
NuChair | Sit Without Back Pain
A therapeutic, non-pharmaceutical solution to one of today's most common health issues. Sit healthier, without pain.
Neucarl, The Sept Mai – Paris, New York, Reykjavik Editions.
99-piece numbered Editions • Swiss Movement Sellita SW215 Hand-Wound – Zero catalog parts. Preorder on neucarl.com
MICRO Titanium and Hardened Steel keychain Knife
47mm long. Grade 5 Titanium. Vacuum hardened Stainless Steel. 2 versions of this knife to suit all users and laws throughout the world!
A Playful Mechanical Chronograph Watch | ST-1901
Why can’t horol0gy be a little bit m0re playful from time to time?
Make 100 Valentine's Heart Pins and Cards
Make 100 Valentine Enamel Pins and Cards!
A magnetic hive-planter ecosystem to grow an indoor forest
We stamp ridiculous artwork on all your favorite discs and include a tips sticker, so you have a good game and a good time
SOLIDTEKNICS USA Iron Baking Trays. Non-Toxic. No Buckling.
Healthy seasoned iron. Indestructible & multi-generational. Superior heat conduction & browning. Proudly made in the USA from US iron.
Sushi Tomodachi Stationary Collection
Cute foodie inspired stationery to brighten up any workspace featuring Sushi Tomodachi characters!
Walli - The Challenging Wooden Puzzle and Home Decoration
Appreciate the beauty of wood. Challenge yourself. Have fun. Save the planet. All with Walli!
3 Hard Enamel Keyrings!
3 cute keyrings to spice up your keys!
OnePress Heating–the most efficient heated blanket that can keep you & your gear warm!Stay toasty outside with this USB heated blanket!
YiQi Hanzi Learn Chinese Flashcards & Online learning center
The easiest way to learn & memorize Chinese Characters through creativity. All characters are hand-drawn with design thinking.
The Bag, by Parc: The gear bag for cyclists.
A better way to store, move and access your cycling gear, at home and on the road.
SNACTIV - The Snacking Tool of the Future
Snactiv is a multi-tasking snacking tool of the future that keeps your hands clean and your focus on the things that matter.
Sharp - a design bottle opener
Designed to last a lifetime and be your one and only bottle opener
Soap mate, Slanted soap dish with self-draining & drying
Smart slanted soap dish box with fast-drying & self-draining into sink. Enjoy using your favorite bar soap.
Cuaderno geológico de campo y estuche porta-bolígrafos
LastTissue Box - The Reusable Tissue Box
An easy switch that is much better for the environment.
DUMOREAU DM 01 - American Automatic Steel Watch - 100 Pieces
38.6mm diameter, 46.7mm lug to lug, 9.7mm height, automatic movement, sapphire crystal, 100m water-resistant. Limited to 100 watches.
The Mini All Day Bag
The 3-in-1 morning-to-moonlight luxury designer bag created for the modern woman. Made for any day, any style, and occasion​.
Apex Camping Shelter 2.0 & Tarp Door Kit
Apex Camping Shelter 2.0 is a versatile weather shelter that will protect you and your gear from rain, sun and even snow!
Galaxy Souvenirs - Star Wars pins collection
Nouvelle collection de pins "Souvenirs" et cette fois-ci sur le thème de Star Wars ! 7 nouveaux designs sur le thème des planètes
MINUTA STEREO - A Stereoscopic Pinhole Camera
Rediscover the old technique of stereoscopy by using a binocular camera and a stereoscope!
Batavi Architect
Blending fashion, horology and architecture in one beautifully executed piece!
OVD Atlantiz: Titanium watch – a heat-revealed dial
OVD Titanium Diver watch
Tally Tumbler
The Tally Tumbler is a score keeping beverage tumbler. Rings help you keep track of score while playing golf, tennis, yard games
The Coffee Brewer's Logbook
Your aid in the manual brewing process. Map your way to the perfect cup.
The Designer's Mechanical Pencil
An all-metal mechanical pencil that fits 10x more lead, made in England and built to last a lifetime.
BCase™ | Bringing Convenience To Taking Birth Control!
Meet the birth control case that attaches to your phone.
Orb One: Stovetop Coffeemaker
A unique stovetop coffeemaker that gives you the ability to brew delicious coffee across a variety of brew styles.
MPMagic Sport-Up Merino Wool Sport Socks: Boost Your Energy
Tech Meets Nature! INCREDIBLE NEW SOCKS with the protection of regular sport socks PLUS the awesome comfort of Merino wool
The ultimate kayak. Fast, Stable, Portable
ASTrA: The Microphone Lamp
Lamps made with microphone stands and made with microphone stands from our club, closed since February 2020 for the Covid-19 emergency.
Hydrogen - The Straightest Putter in Disc Golf
A putter for both driving and putting that will hold any line - made by new Danish disc golf company, Løft Discs
Mooncore ✨🌙✨Pin Series
Celestial inspired enamel pin series
Betta Fish Enamel Pin
This is a pin to show everyone how much you love betta fish!
Hit the streets with URBANA – a new streetwear collection with uber-sleek backpacks & bags that will make you travel light & free!
MINOA - the new Bauhaus-inspired watch by Meisterstein
Minimalist timepiece with a precise swiss heart.
Museum Cube #2: Magnesium KILO
A solid cube of pure Magnesium with a museum presentation base. Get the matching tungsten cube for a mind-blowing museum set!
ARVE - Eau de Parfum
Ein luxuriöser Duft. Nachhaltig, unisex und hochwertig in der Intensität & Qualität.
FREESIXD – World‘s First Full-Body Gym That Fits In A Bag
Sling Trainer, Resistance Bands & Exercise Bar In One! Sets Up In Less Than 1 Minute. Full-Body Workout. Anywhere. Anytime.
B•A•T TRI-TOOL: Multi-tool Coin Left Behind by... Aliens?
Multi-faceted pocket-sized highly-hyphenated multi-tool with non-terrestrial origins.
TITAN YARN - Antimicrobial Waffle Towel w/ Titanium & Silver
An Innovative Waffle Weave Towel Made with Natural Ti+Ag yarn. Say Goodbye To Smelly and Soggy Towels!
klicta - portable & innovative bicycle stand
Portable bike stand made from sustainable material to park your bike with comfort and flexibility.
A.D. 2020: This Is Fine
Let's commemorate 2020 being over.
Xeric Soloscope II Automatic Watch
We completely upgraded the Xeric Soloscope now with a Miyota automatic mov't, date, AM/PM display, Super-LumiNova, and sapphire glass.
CARBON² - Titanium watch set with snap on bumper case
Redefining rugged protection with titanium, carbon fiber & precision performance.
Cave Cat Table
a coffee table to share with your cat
Pocket Watch Accessory for Apple Watch
Classic inspired Pocket Watch accessory for Apple Watch Series 4/5/6/SE for special occasions or everyday wear.
Nº 1973 Automatic Watch | Limited to Only 100 of Each Design
The new mechanical wristwatch collection, built by WT Author. We assemble bespoke products full of character, meaning & originality.
The Travel Cribbage Set
A wet-formed, leather cribbage board designed to take everywhere and play anywhere.
PooPail: World’s only 2-in-1 solution for cleaning dog poop
Pick up and store your dog's waste for up to a week! No smell, no hassle. No more poopy days! Keep your hands, yard, and pooch clean.
The Carol Of The Coin: A Spin On Tradition
This Christmas, receive a package from the North Pole containing a letter from Santa, a storybook, and a magical golden coin.
Ensven 2 - Smart Modular Bed Rocker for Your Best Sleep Ever
Easily turn your bed into a smart and super comfortable rocking bed for better, deeper sleep
hydesk - a fully foldable and sustainable stand-up desk
Reduce your sitting time with hydesk, a portable stand-up desk. Stimulate your efficiency and well-being at home or in the office!
Opal and Glow Inlaid Carbon Fiber and Titanium Rings
Our rings are hypoallergenic with a striking appearance during the day and in the dark. Back our project to customize your ring.
The 5 (+) Pocket Performance Pants
Performance Pants packed with features you'll love. Easy care, 2 way stretch, quick dry & stain repellent. Guaranteed Perfect Fit!
1oz .999 Fine Silver "Official Asshole" & "Shit Show" Coins
One ounce of pure silver to cement your legacy as an "Official Asshole" & commemorate your survival of the "Shit Show" known as 2020!
LYNX - A Canadian designed Tanto Knife
A next generation D2 Tanto ready for any expedition.
"The Shadow Out of Time" Cthulhu Mechanical Pocket Watch
a steampunk pocket watch created by and for Lovecraftian fans
Etervin | A Wine Preserving Wing Against Oxygen
Easy but Effective, Keep it Fresh with Patented Medical Silicon Mechanism.
SUPERGIRO: Limited Edition Glow & Fluorescent Art Toy Series
Limited edition toys by 12 world-famous artists. Brought to you by Whatsboxx & legendary artists all over the world.
Indicuffs™ Cycling Indicators for your Wrists
#LightUpYourWrists to indicate visibly at night. Powered by carlight. Handmade in the UK with recycled, hyper-reflective materials
Monkee Mount: An Innovative Hands-Free Massage Gun Holder 🙌
Massage Hard-to-Reach Places | Patent-Pending | Compatible with All Massage Guns | Easy Setup | Durable Construction | Adjustable
The First 24h Automatic Single-hand GMT Watch 🇫🇷
A slow time watch inspired by the sea, designed and assembled in France.
Hedera | Indoor Vertical Garden | Grow plants with no effort
Hedera is an indoor vertical garden for growing vegetables of different types and sizes, an air purifier designed and made in Italy.
JUST EASY! Magnetic 3D Mask Bracket
Comfortable, Easy-to-Clean, Advanced 3D Magnetic Mask Bracket
Limitless Duffle Bag: Business, Fitness, Travel Lifestyle
A unisex, carry-on Duffle Bag designed for merging lifestyles & travel without limits. Keeps you moving from the gym, airport, & office
The Blue Moon inspired watch by OVD
The watch born once in a blue moon – Enjoy your special moon bathing time.
3D printed Flight and Space Simulator controllers.
My goal is to design and make quality 3D printed game controllers. For games like MS Flight Simulator 2020 and Elite Dangerous
REVELOT Hexmariner | Dress Styled Dive Watches Of The Stars
An affordable sub homage with a distinctive facelift build with premium and reliable materials.
Swiss-French Mechanical Skeleton Watch Le SINGULIER
Experience Luxury Swiss-French Watchmaking at an Affordable Price.
ALETAZUL | DryBackPack: 100% waterproof - High-Tech Bag
Airtight device that can float against any adventure, With our Bag you won’t break a sweat and it will keep everything safe.
KotaUL: Ultralight Travel & Adventure Backpack
Comfortable, Stylish, Functional - The Backpack That Can Go From The Plane To Mountain Peak
ROMIE: You (and your bags) new favourite crossbody strap
A functional, stylish super strap that doesn't hurt your shoulders, your bank, the environment or the cows. Does it get any better?
Kiff - Wooden Essential Oil Inhaler
A completely innovative way to enjoy natural aromas on the go.
Waldhoff | Luxury Mechanical Watches.
Premium timepieces designed in Switzerland, inspired by America's greatest icons.
Museum Cube #3: Titanium KILO
A solid cube of pure Titanium with a museum presentation base. Get the matching titanium, tungsten and magnesium cubes museum set!
Raw Collection: Las Jaquimas
Pañuelos diseñados por los participantes de nuestros workshops.
Keychron K14 -An Innovative 70% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
A Compact 70% Layout | Wireless or Wired | Hot-Swappable Option | Connect up to 3 devices | For Mac and Windows | 18 RGB Backlit
Explorer MINI Toiletry Bag
A toiletry bag that takes up minimal space while packing all the essentials.
Johnny: The Shoe That Grows Into a Tree
The world's first biodegradable shoe that offsets your carbon footprint
BePack. The smart organizational backpack you wanted
Pack with features. BePack offers security for wallet, passport, keys, camera, laptop, charger and umbrella. An organized everyday bag.
Yowel — Eliminate the Need for Paper Towels
Eco-friendly, machine-washable towels | Easy-to-use dispensers | Save time & money | Ditch paper towels
nCamp Food Prep Knife
Chef-quality folding knife designed for the outdoors
World famous Concorde inspired STROND watch !
A world's first on Kickstarter !
PAPER BAG - The Ultra Light Backpack
Leicht wie Feder - Cooler als Leder (Light as feather - cooler as leather)
As The Sun Touches Everything
A 2020 love story in poetry and photographs
Your robust and versatile companion inspired by Super Compressor dive watches of the 1950s.
The Djambla - a whammy bar for drums.
The Djambla changes the pitch of drums acoustically, not digitally. 5 notes from the typical one-note drum! Imagine the possibilities!
Fearless Dreamer Key Ring Set
A collaborative Key Ring set along with stretch goals including mini pins and more
Santa Turtle Enamel Pin
We're making festive hard enamel pins featuring Santa Turtle with a real jingle bell attachment to celebrate the holiday season.
Secure your feet to the pedals wearing any shoe - no straps, no clips, no magnets, no special riding shoes!
Kumu™ Zero: Life Beyond The Wallet
The most colorful, vital and largest collection of leather wallets ever made
Vacuum Coffee Canister | Retain Freshness of Coffee
A solution to keep your coffee fresh for longer.
Schedwall - The Whiteboard Planner That Organizes + Inspires
A weekly dry erase wall calendar that empowers you and your family to live an organized life filled with inspiration and gratitude.
FoxFIRE zx280 Fiberglass Short Tenkara Fly Fishing Rods
For fishing overgrown canopy creeks, our hybrid design of fiberglass & graphite made for the perfect very short tenkara fishing rod.
HYDAWAY Collapsible Camp Bowls | Adventure-Ready Dinnerware
Never rigid about meals, always up for an adventurous menu, the pinnacle of packable and reusable dinnerware is here!
The Buckyball: A carbon fiber model of the C60 molecule
The 1996 Nobel Prize winning Buckminsterfullerene molecule constructed out of carbon fiber as a truncated icosahedron cage.
QWEEN - Quality Wood Everyday Everywhere Nonstop
based on a true story
Hot Shot Fire Starting Survival Card
The Fire Staring Credit card sized kit that fits in your wallet. A complete bushcraft fire kit and EDC Multi-tool
The Photic Diver
British designed & assembled, the Photic Diver by Clemence Watches offers quintessential vintage charm in a robust, modern form.
The Noku Canvas: bring your walls to life
A modular, self-watering planter for the home. Let your imagination flourish and be the artist of your green wall!
Paku: Discover Aotearoa through play
A set of playful digging tools for our tamariki based on customary Māori design
VCharles – Designed and loved for a lifetime
A unique handbag designed for a minimalist, cruelty-free and eco-friendly lifestyle. Your ultimate companion for every moment of life.
Snake Ladder - climbing playground for kids 1-7 y.o.
Snake ladder is a multifunctional playground for kids, which is available in bundles with a slide, climbing frame, swing arch (50% off)
Handgrey EASI Titanium Keyring
Fast & Easy opening keyring for your keys and Everyday Carry ~
Blackmarket | make soap, not waste
Refillable liquid handwash with no single-use plastic packaging
bättre™ - Revolutionary Waterless Hair Wash. Just Add Water
Your everyday shampoo reimagined. Vegan, natural, and plastic-free. An easy switch that is GOOD for you and BETTER for our planet 🌏
Elos DIY Kit | Building + Skateboarding = Adventure
A compact skateboard that’s easy to learn, fun to ride, lasts for years, and BUILT BY YOU.
MOWO, move with wood
Seating furniture made from innovative thin and elastic plywood that makes you move!
Make Your Success Easy with the Guided Manifestation Planner
Manifest your goals quicker, beat impostor syndrome and boost your confidence so you can attain your version of success ASAP.
A custom wallet with a hidden leaf spring
The Winston Card Holder uses hidden leaf springs to keep your secure. Handmade to order in England and built to last a lifetime.
Ti Buddy and Ti Wanderer, your light companions
whenever & wherever dreams take you
Torpedo Diver 300M
Case -316L stainless steel, ceramic bezel, sapphire crystal, Dial - emboss dial, Swiss super-luminova®️BGW9, Solid Bracelet
Arclight Bike Pedals: Stand Out, Ride Safe
Bio-Motion Enhanced Safety | 57% More Visible | Auto On/Off | Modular LEDs | Rugged & Waterproof
Pole Watches
Slow down your day and live in the moment. Unique swiss watches inspired by African philosophy.
Knob Coffee Grinder | There is no axle!
It's really an extraordinary Coffee Grinder
DATUM by DIGIT BIKES, featuring ANALOG suspension
The evolution of suspension bike technology - lighter, stiffer, more reliable.
NASA Apollo 15 Mission American Automatic & Moonphase Watch
🇺🇸 First NASA watch with USA Automatic & Moonphase movements. 🚀 Commemorating the 50th anniversary of NASA's first lunar road trip
RING ALONG: Utility Patented Bag Organizer
Simple innovation changing the way we organize; Storage pouch for daily essentials that can be carried separately with a strap.
Nest: The Everyday Adventure Backpack
An all-rounder backpack & modular ecosystem with next-level expandability. Ultimate access & adaptable organization to pack more in
Pizza Oven Plus • Wood Burning Stove
An 5-IN-1 wood-burning stove & pizza oven with endless cooking abilities. Suitable for your in-tent or outdoor adventure.
Hermod tray - Underflod: Danish design from reused materials
We create interior design made from reused material. The serving tray is made from aluminium and wood and manufactured in Denmark.
A Better Bird Feeder - ClearView Deluxe!
Finally an Innovative Feeder Designed with Birds' Health in Mind!
THICCLY GrowPole - The Best Moss Pole For Aroids
Stylish, Extendable and Easy to Fold. THICCLY's GrowPole means no more excuse for plant neglect. Help your house plants grow their best
The Jungle Rambo Knife
The Suitable Jungle knife for you
A kinetic art piece that draws infinite patterns on paper or iPad.
RABBOTZ & MORE! Limited Edition Art Toys by HeetHeet
'RabbotZ' is a Blind Box Series of limited-edition toys designed by HeetHeet and 18 inspirational artists from all over the world.
RECORD ROOTS: Vinyl Record Tabletop Storage System
...for the records in your current rotation, your favorites or your recently purchased records.
Stainless Steel memobottle
The water bottle reimagined. Designed flat to fit in your bag and in your life.
Maple Mountain | Soft Coolers That Don't Suck
We’ve created zipperless soft coolers that are designed to make your life easier, and keep your drinks colder, for longer.
Visualize Training Tracks
The Wooly Eco-Friendly Cooler
The World's First Wool-Insulated Recyclable Cooler
beak - the origami inspired 3-in-1 grip for your smartphone
Stand Hold & Attach! Get the “perfect grip” and never drop your phone ever again: Designed in Japan
Your Travel Notes: Prompted Journals
Curated journals for you to capture your feelings and experiences as you travel both near and far.
NOSU: The First Reusable Tumbler with Built-in Cutlery
Patented | Built-in, High-grade Stainless Steel Cutlery Set | One Swipe Lid | Spill Proof | Triple Walled Vacuum Seal | Ergonomic Fit
Big Up SUP Co. Shallow Water Paddle Board Fin
A new paddle board fin design for shallow and deep water with increased stability, tracking, and strength.
A lightweight pet stroller that folds automatically with one hand in one second into a compact manageable size.
The Measurement - Damascus & Stainless Steel Watches!
Our beautiful wandering hour watch returns in RARE Damasteel, Stainless Steel, or DLC Black + Swiss Movement! FOR 2 WEEKS ONLY!
Rens NOMAD : The All-in-1 Waterproof Coffee Shoe
100% Waterproof | Breathable | Odor-Resistant | Lightweight | Sustainable | Active Lifestyle
IMOTANA - Tailor-made football boots in your own design
Scan your feet for a perfect fit and design your own football boots in our 3D configurator.
WALTY: The smart planter that makes water from the air!
WALTY automatically waters your plants. No app reminders or tanks to refill — just watch your plants thrive!
"Official Asshole" Coin - By Zero Fucks Coin
Fancy yourself an asshole? Let's make it official! This awesome coin celebrates and certifies its possessor an "Official Asshole!"
Hope in a Bottle
Insulated flask that carries water or any other liquid of your choice- with two handy compartments to hold your medicine or supplements
Sticky-Note Nest
A Post-it® note holder machined from a solid billet of aircraft-grade aluminium. Engineered to be robust, beautiful & extremely useful
TITAN - Titanium sunglasses | Change lenses on the go!
Luxury sunglasses made of high quality titanium. Durable, lightweight & easy to customize. Change lenses for any types of activities.
bolstr Elements - A new way to carry.
Perfectly sized and minimal EDC accessories for travel, outdoors and everyday. Pocket Research.
Erazor - The Revolutionary Ceramic Blade Portable Shaver
Stay perfectly groomed with ceramic blades that won’t go dull for years, keep clean and rust-free.
The Pioneer Dice, The World’s First Mars Themed Dice
Hand polished Zinc Alloy dice set, D4-20, 7 Dice set. Mars-inspired polyhedral dice set to elevate any tabletop gaming experience.
The Yorkville - Classy Sport Watch
A Versatile, Casual Sport Wrist Watch with Automatic Movement and High-Quality Components.
Devo Journal: Include God in Your Daily Routine
This powerful all-in-one devotional journal will help you grow closer to God, achieve your daily goals, and live fuller.
Magical Weapons: enamel pins by Townsy Trinkets
Magical Weapon enamel pins by Townsy Trinkets
The Chemistry Card 2.0
The Names, Symbols, Atomic Numbers, and Relative Atomic Masses of All 118 Elements - Engraved on One Metal Card
GreeShow Portable Electric Outdoor Water Purifier
The ultimate portable electric water purifier for your travel and outdoor adventures, and to support you in home emergencies
Powerlace: The First Bodyweight-Activated Shoe
Premium quality shoe equipped with the Powerlace™ revolutionary auto-lacing system, designed in Canada
CORKY X | Sunglasses-mounted Rear-view Mirror for Cycling
Preserve aero while keeping an eye on the road behind at a glance | Bike Mirror for Sunglasses | A quick glance at what's past.
MANMOWER® - Because you have better things to do than shave.
The only manual hair trimmers for #easy #sustainable #beard #razor #edc
Keychron K7 - An Ultra-Slim 65% Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Ultra-Slim | Wireless or Wired | Hot-Swappable Option on Low Profile Gateron & Optical Versions | For Mac and Windows | 15+ RGB Backlit
Bee Space™ | Sustainable slipcover to simplify wintering
Une technologie durable au profit d'un hivernage simplifié
Sweet-Ass Affirmations 2 // A Card Deck for Creative Maniacs
60 Bold, Unfiltered Affirmation Cards to Motivate Your Creative Maniac Mind! (for Oracle, Tarot, and Affirmation Lovers)
K-25 | Bath Towel Reinvented
Quick-dry, Odor-free, Soft giant waffle Bath Towel that soaks water as a super-sponge! Sustainable 100% Organic cotton
Yookers | 2 in 1 refillable Felt tip pen + Ball Tip pen
the ease of drawing combined with the power of writing
Dreamy Moon Cat Enamel Hard Pins
Get a cute collection of dreamy moon cat pins perfect for you and your friend.
The Counter: a car-inspired bracelet
Award-winning wrist wear with heritage that's built to last.
Per Aspera Ad Astra & Phoenix Coins
Unique coins. Exquisite engraving. Timeless messages. Impressive & intricate details. Meaningful gifts.
YOGiBOARD -Yoga Surface & Portable VibroAcoustic Board/Chair
All-in-One Foldable Yoga/Meditation/Breathwork Surface + World's 1st Portable & Wireless Direct Vibrational Sound Therapy Board & Chair
ONA By Middleton - The Ultimate Culinary Utility Knife
An innovative culinary folding knife.
HVD SpectreDiver: Swiss Handwound Vintage Dive Watch
Rediscover the beauty of vintage-style handwound timepieces with modern specifications. Back to basics. Pure mechanical bliss.
The cutting edge of sustainable design
A fusion of smart structure and environmental materials yielding a super-durable backpack that’s about 3 times lighter than its peers.
Cool Frank | Stylish Sink Organiser
Elevate your kitchen space with the first of our stylish modern organisation solutions, the Cool Frank Sink Organiser
Sulagan - Food Storage For The 21st Century
Make your life easier and reduce food waste with Sulagan AI food storage system.
Bandit - EDC Expansion Band and 6 Slot Gear Organizer.
Don't throw away your worn-out wallets and old gear; just Bandit to expand your EDC and add 6 flexible slots to any of your gear.
Skill Board - Master Your Balance and Core
Skill Board makes a game-changing balance board that you ride on a ball, challenging your core strength and balance in 360 degrees
Bolt Action Pens by BIGiDESIGN
Reversible Pocket Clip + Accepts Over 100+ Refills + Auto Adjusting Length + Lifetime Warranty+ Free World Wide Shipping.
Triangular Journals and Spell Books
Triangular Bullet Journals
Titan Ground Anchor New XL sizes Ultimate Tent Pegs
Heavy duty high holding power tent peg
OCEANICA BARRACUDA 200M Automatic Dive Watch
200M Automatic Dive Watch with a great set of specifications and quality to last decades
PIONEER- The Passport Wallet: All-in-one Travel Essential
Modern technical fabrics 10X stronger than steel create an impossibly compact and rugged travel companion. (RFID)
The Slow System
A minimalist beverageware collection for handcrafting coffee, tea & cocktails
The Bomber Jacket, Reinvented
A bomber jacket custom made for adventure. Dynamic stretch fabric, RFID blocking pockets and other features you'll love.
Solidteknics 1.5L Saucepan & Skillet-lid. Made in Australia
Seamless, non nickel stainless saucepan set. Superior conductivity and suitable for all heat sources. Multi-century durability!
UW Watches; AEQUOREA, the diving watch to go
An Automatic Diver Watch inspired by a Jellyfish
Shiki Wrap: Give Sustainably
Sustainable, reusable gift wrap and bags printed with gorgeous designs on fabric derived from recycled plastic. Patent pending.
Sleepout: The Sleep-Improving Portable Blackout Curtain
A patented, portable OEKO-TEX® 100% blackout curtain that blocks light bleeds and installs anywhere for better sleep.
BrewVide™ - The Sous Vide for Brewing
An innovative brewing device that can be added to any kettle for precise control of mash, boil, whirlpooling and transfer.
Vamose: The Attachable Gym Bag
Avoid the hassle of carrying an extra bag. Our patent pending gym bag attaches to a backpack so you can stay hands free.
hodi - Your Ideal Combination of Glass and Ceramic Mug
hodi is an all-in-one travel mug that takes advantages of glass, ceramic and vacuum insulated stainless steel to keep your beer chill
Sustainable Periods Made Easy - Ruth Pads
Disposable, biodegradable, and comfortable, Ruth menstrual pads makes sustainability an easy choice!
MultiGear | The Highest Grade 5 Titanium Multitool Gear
Bottle Opener, Hex Drivers, Drill Guides, Pry Bar and more - TSA Safe with Free Shipping Worldwide.
Art by Physicist - Tech-Fashion, Where Art and STEM Meet
Beautiful or smart – why not both? Finally artistic fashion ready-to-wears with practical functionalities for tech-savvy fashionistas.
REFRAMD - Eyewear digitally tailored to fit you perfectly.
Sunglasses designed for Black people's nose profiles and customizable to look great with anyone's face geometry.
Jacques Bianchi | JB 200 | Iconic Diver Watch Re-edition
Re-edition of the diving watch used by the French Navy. The JB 200 was created in the 1980s by the Master craftsman Jacques Bianchi.
XpreSole® Panto - Boots Made From Upcycled Coffee Grounds
Sustainable | Vegan | Lightweight | Waterproof
Barner | Valley – The Do-It-All Everyday Backpack
A backpack with modular cubes designed to carry all your work and lifestyle must-haves in one place.
DorsiFLEX: Strong, Healthy Feet — for Life
This one-of-a-kind stretching device delivers a deeper, personalized, and effective stretch & strengthens the foot and calf muscles.
The Variant PE, classic lines for today’s EDC
Your possible last EDC knife purchase!
OWLY PACKS™ | The most versatile everyday bag
30L | Unisex | Carry-on | Laptop sleeve | Extra comfort | Sustainable design | Modular | Light | Easy-access
Zense: World's 1st Soul Therapist Smart Ambiance Lamp
Smart Ambiance Lamp with Music to Make Your Day. A Magical Mood Trigger to Soothe Your Mind
Re-ruler: One ruler to rule them all
A machined aerospace-grade aluminium multifunctional ruler for all your design needs
PDL - Barista espresso tools
Machined from billet stainless steel and aluminum. Meet the ARTIFACT tamper and SUPERLIGHT (SL-1) portafilter barista tools
GREEN DISC | Eco-friendly bike chain care with ease.
Lubricate your chain in seconds with a smile & protect the environment.
Wireframe Deck: Build Website Layouts on Your Desk
Collaborate and experiment with a deck of cards that gets anyone involved in the website design process, without software or sketching.
Py: The Levitating Pyramid by Flyte
On a mission to build the largest levitating artwork in the world. Take home a piece of the future for $249.
The Overland Chef Knife Collection by Messermeister
Outdoor fixed blade Chef's & Utility Knives made in Maniago, Italy from nitro-cobalt steel. Knives built for the elements!
The Bright Mentality Journal
Your Mental Wellness Companion: 90-Day Mental Health Journal for Self-Care & Purpose
LOOGEENIE: Toilet Brush - Cleans & Sanitises
With its slim design, the Loogeenie combines a flexible brush head with a unique, hygienic, detergent cleaning concept.
Cicada Enamel Pin
We're making hard enamel pins to celebrate periodical cicadas. They won't be here long, but this cheerful pin will be with you forever!
Este Backpack - Italian Luxuries, Responsibly Made.
Handcrafted in Italy with the finest quality materials, from the artisan’s hands directly to you.
Daily Work Journal: Take Control of Your Career
Your career coach in an all-in-one planner, diary, organizer, and tracker
ARPIEM RACEMATIC, the "Racing-Vintage" automatic watch
After the successfull Tribute Collection, Arpiem, the authentic racing-vintage watch, is back!
KOPI Deva - a single dose coffee grinder
A zero waste coffee grinder - engineered to the precision of a Formula race car. Literally.
Titanium INJECTOR Rapid Bolt-Action Pen & Dock
Precision-crafted Titanium pen with the new 'Rapid-Bolt' feature & convenient docking station. Available in several colors.
Archetype : The All-New Caspian & Loyalist Automatic Watches
Two new hand-assembled mechanical timepieces that run off the motion of your wrist. No batteries needed - ever! Created by Watches.com
KnifeLock® - Solid Wood Lockable Knife Block
Protect your knives, keep them locked away and protect others from harm.
The ROAM Sling | Versatile Bags with Innovative Laptop Carry
A beautiful and innovative camera-slash-everyday bag built for those that want their cake and want to eat it too.
The Visionary Portfolio Collection: Your Secret Weapon
Leather portfolios for business superheros, blending tech and pen & paper. Made by Allegory, inspired by history's great visionaries.
Variegated Love Enamel Pins
An enamel pin series for plant parents and admirers by vipi.ink 🌿
infuse and go with infusinGo
easy to brew and store Tea & Coffee infuser
Wir haben ein Nachfüllsystem für Deos entwickelt und bewahren die Welt so vor noch mehr Plastikmüll. Vegane Naturkosmetik ohne Bullsh*t
Roast a whole bird in half the time. Dial-up the flavor and moisture.
Snapback Slim Air - A Wallet for AirTags
A slim wallet designed for AirTags. Handcrafted in the USA.
remain: Ethical Body Care for the Active Lifestyle
Functional + all-natural body sprays and washes for the outdoor type.
Beaufort Cavalli | Swiss Automatic Vintage Dive Watch
Nostalgia, Beauty and Function. A stunning Fume dial dive watch powered by the STP 1-11 Swiss Made Automatic Movement.
SOLIDTEKNICS Wokathon! 100% made in Australia.
Eight different woks to suit all of your wok needs! Compatible with all heat sources. Healthy, sustainable, multi-generational.
Winged Shield Vaccination Enamel Pins
Celebrate that you are vaccinated with the Winged Shield Vaccination Enamel Pins!
HYPERBELL | Turn Your Dumbbells Into A Full Gym
More fitness, less equipment. Unlock an entire gym's worth of workouts with only your dumbbells.
VIZOR® Laptop Shade | Beat the Sun & Work Anywhere
Eliminate laptop screen glare and keep your work private. No installation, portable design and sets up in seconds. Made in Canada.
The Key Loop & Cache
Slim your key carry and stash emergency cash. Made in England and built to last a lifetime.
The LapSnap: A Carryall for Wheelchair Users
The LapSnap is a versatile, adaptive carryall designed with and for wheelchair users.
ART DEVO | Sector Dial
When Miami Art Deco Styling Meets a Swiss Made Movement. This Watch is Something Special! Delivered June 2021
Naturally Refreshing: Triple Layer Modal Blanket
A thermoregulating, organic, hypoallergenic, breathable blanket made from nature.
The Pocketcor® Belt : A Unisex Accessory
Add FIVE pockets to any outfit! A fashionable and modern accessory belt with separated pockets for workouts, travel, and everyday life.
The GreenFlex™ Suit
Tailored, Traceable & Transparent
Pathfinder+ : The Best Keychain Multitool For Everyday Carry
Pathfinder+ A Single Mini-Tool That Serves You As A Knife, Pry Bar, Screw Driver, Bottle Opener, Ruler, File, And Much More.
STANDER - The Wooden Phone Holder
Wooden smartphone holders
La Agenda Hoy
Un cuaderno que busca reflexionar sobre la auténtica conectividad y cómo crear consciencia presente para construir mejores futuros.
KYBLE III | Organic Handmade Soap
Vegetable glycerine soap from third-generation soap makers | Two times funded on Kickstarter
Tech-B EDC Clothespin Cyber Button for Urban Wanderer 2022.
Fast Jeans Button Device for Everyone Traveller Survival Tool Kit Gadget Utility Set Titanium Urban Pocket Staff Customization
Furoshiki: Traditional Japanese wrapping cloth reimagined
An EDC fabric with a dozen uses, based on textile technology and origami. Fold it your way and end plastic use forever!
Vertigo Hippocampus A Tribute to the Lucky Charm of the Sea
Italian design and high quality materials. Miyota 9039 movement, WR 30 ATM, curved sapphire with anti-reflection and artistic caseback.
MANMOWER® - Because we have better things to do than shave.
Updated and improved manual hair trimmers. Redesigns and improved materials.
Ergo Spout® WIDE: Air-tight spout for wide mouth mason jars
Ergo Spout® WIDE is a comfortable handle and traditional pitcher for wide mouth mason jars, with an airtight, leak-proof seal.
Möels & Co 528 - Premium Watch
A mid-century modern inspired timepiece that is truly unique on today’s market.
eVinyl Notes
Robust Fiberglass Refillable Notebook
MagPlan + Achiever Planner | Design Driven Self-Growth
Magnetic Whiteboard Planner | Daily, Weekly & Monthly Undated Planner with Travel, Fitness, Habit, Financial Tracker & Meal Planner
The 100% Waterproof, Floating, Airtight Boat Bag
Absolute protection for all wet environments. Access and store your gear quicker and better than ever before.
Cuddle Sleep: The Weighted Pillow that Cuddles You to Sleep
A weighted pillow that cuddles you by simulating the weight and physical touch of a human to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.
Find your Familiar: A hard enamel pin collection.
A collection of hard enamel pins featuring mysterious and magical witch familiars.
Haven Safari: your all-in-one hammock tent
Hang as a hammock | Pitch as a bivy | Patented lay-flat design | Comfort & durability | Making sleep the highlight of camping
MEOMITT, The Magnetic Ergonomic Oven MITT
MeoMitt is the world's 1st magnetic, ergonomic & multifunctional oven mitt. It's the quickest way to protect yourself from hot dishes.
Oceanica Thresher Super Compressor Automatic Dive Watch
Dual Crown 200M Automatic Everyday Diver That Will last a Lifetime! Our own Custom Design - 3 color options!
Ti Field Watch
A Titanium Watch With Timer Bezel, Built For Everyday Carry, Available In Automatic & Solar Driven Editions.
An All Coconut Propagation Starter.
MARKSMITH BLACK Ti | The EDC Marker You Want to Carry
But don't need. Now in DLC black coated titanium, the hardest metal coating on earth, but you don't need that either.
MIN WALLET /The Stylish Wearable Wallet For Active Lifestyle
New kind of wallet - store and carry any way we want, go where ever we go, function as a piece of us, let we explore and live limitless
The First Electric Scooter Origine France Garantie®
| Certified Origine France Garantie® | 2 battery options | 500 W motor | Ultra visible | Connected | XXL screen | 5-year guarantee
Patriotic & Molon Labe Coins
Daily reminders to appreciate and honor the bravery and sacrifices made to ensure our freedom.
Make 100 | Muus Prime: The #1 Pillow for Sleepy Humans
Keep sleep simple with Muus Prime - the Foldable, Ergonomic, All-Sleeper pillow! Doctor-designed with your sleep in mind! 💤
The Phantasos Triclops: A Three Armed Rotating Hour Watch!
A Luxury Mechanical Watch That Rotates it's Hour Facets Instead of Just "Wandering" Spinning Them
Ergonomic packers for transmasculine and nonbinary people
Comfortable and reliable, Bulgies are no-nonsense everyday packers that stay in place without the need for additional products.
Golden Ratio viewer: an analogue art and design tool
A clear acryllic Fibonacci curve for artists and designers. Plan better compositions; see nature's divine proportions
KRMA CLICK Titanium Pen
Machined from Solid Grade 5 Titanium. Uses Fisher Space Pen and Parker Style Refills. EDC
The Subaqueo - Automatic Bronze Dive Watch
Seiko SII NE57 Movement, Ornamental Stone Dial, Numbered Caseback, 300m Water-Resistant & Global Warranty
The Flannel Lined Performance Chinos
Flannel lined performance chinos packed with features you'll love. Chinos that keep you warm outside, and breath indoors.
REKT Utility Knife & EDC Box Cutter
Simple utilitarian knife, carbon fiber handles, and wharncliffe style blade for opening boxes and packages. Limited quantity.
The Back9 Golf Backpack | Make Golf Accessible.
Wherever you play and however you get there, the Back9 helps you get to golf. Join us for the ride.
Ultra Rare Coins Series 1 - Greek Mythology - Fine Art Coins
Precious Art Redefined. Fine Art, Low Mint Numbers in .999 Fine Silver and Copper! Our First Collectible Coin Features Zeus!
IAMMI: Building resilience through everyday habits.
Products & platforms that teach resilience. We're starting where we began: with skincare & an app. Small changes. Big results.
PUNCUBE 2.0 - A minimal wallet's maximize potential
Carry all the essentials with minimal space,Upgrade your carry experience to a new level.
Yeelock: the Anti-Theft Fingerprint Disc Brake Lock
Fingerprint + key unlock. IPX7. Max 16 fingerprints. 6mm lock pin for most bicycles, mountain bikes, e-bikes and motorcycles with disc
make 100: toaster tongs one
Unique, beautiful, and beautifully functional bamboo toaster tongs
Urquhart - Adjustable Loft Golf Club
A single golf club you can play your whole round with. Beautifully designed and incredibly fun to play with.
Sculpted Legend Speedform: Inspired by the Porsche 911
A precision machined speedform sculpture designed by gearheads for gearheads.
Band-it Plus - Extra Small Minimal Wallet
Seems too small for anything but holds everything you need
🍺 Tactical Survival Drink Coasters: Drink → Learn → Survive
Drink mats for the prepared warrior. Packed w/ practical skills: CPR, SOS, Outdoor Survival EDC Tips, SEER Skills. Free USA shipping 📦
GrowCube - A smart watering kit grows your plants like a pro
This is a smart watering device based on four independent moisture sensors and APP control, providing professional watering ways.
The Mini-Bolt Pen
An Ultra Compact Bolt-Action Pen with a pocket clip. Only 3" long. Choose from Left or Right handed versions!
Dual Side Click Pens
Dual Side Click Mechanism / Full Size Accepts Over 100+ Refills / Auto Adjusting Length / Lifetime Warranty / Free World Wide Shipping.
Isobrick Pen Stand: Excessively machined for pen enthusiasts
The ultimate home for your pens. Inspired by the isogrid lattices used in the aerospace industry.
Tribute to the No.11 Scalpel
The legendary No.11 Scalpel is used by design creatives the world over. The Crow Peck Scalpel is my take on this modern design classic.
Digital Habit Lab—Build Better Digital Habits
A card deck of 50 experiments that disrupt digital habits & let you live your life.
The Pulsar 360 - Triple Axis Gyroscopic Watch Winder
by Elbrus Horology
XCHOIX | Experience fine watch making at an affordable price
HEDONE & XCHOIX In Synchronicity : Choice, Selection, Variety, Elite
trolala - Designed for Travel. Made for Life.
A classic trolley bag inspired by the golden age of travel - for the modern world. Made from nature.
lunadesk: the only ergonomic floor-to-stand laptop desk 🌙
Work in any position on any surface | Made in the USA from renewable materials | Yoga-inspired design
ION PEN: Cap 4 Edition
Precision engineered in titanium and aluminium...
Pembroke by Shoreham: A British Automatic Watch
Designed for every occasion; the Pembroke features three easily interchangeable straps.
Ed Sleek 2.0: Functional Slim Minimalist Wallet by Ed Charly
A Minimalist Wallet Designed for Everyday Carry.
The Antiquarian: stationery inspired by antique books
Antique inspired notebook designs with foil stamped cover and spine, along with additional stationery items
Watch Kit MK2 - Quartz & Automatic
Assemble your own chronograph in 10 easy steps. Quartz or automatic movement.
Ori Tops
Purposeful Spinning Top For The Everyday Life
Plant Light Nº1
A light for your plants that mimics the sun. Thoughtfully designed to fit into your home.
WHO'S SHE 2 | the women powered board game comes back!
The second edition of the wooden guessing game, featuring 24 new amazing women. Do you know them all?
PRIMAL Soles | Maximum Comfort. Minimal Footprint.
The ultimate maximum comfort shoe insoles crafted from squishy Mediterranean cork. World's first 100% recyclable soles.
The Durable Designer Shaker Bottle by Baeology
Finally, a dishwasher-safe designer bottle with the tight seal of a shaker bottle ⁠PLUS the insulation & glam of a fashion tumbler.
3D Wooden World Map on a Board – Support Ukraine
Restart. New line of wooden products by Enjoy The Wood. Choosing our project you will show your support for Ukraine and people.
Sideverse: 4 in 1 puzzles and contemporary art
Art object at home / medium difficulty / wood or acrylic / upload YOUR photo
The Rendition - Gorgeous Vintage Inspired Automatic Watches
A beautiful retro style casual dress watch
SK1 3D Printable Utility Knife/Blade Holder
3D Printable Retractable Utility Knife/Blade Holder for Makers/EDC
FableWood | Pick-Me-Up's
A collection of adorable wooden animals you can animate and play with.
Reflection - Rediscover yourself
Change your habits with a little help from our new kind of anti-stress toy
Box-Tray Magnetic Capsule EDC and Stationery Tools Nest:
For Knives, coins, spinners, tools, photographs, money, marker, paper clip, pen, binder, pin, ruler, glue, zoom, scissors, stapler etc.
Orb Zeppo v.8
The virtually zero-maintenance bike
Stinky: An Adorable Kitty Plush
Meet Stinky! She's super soft, super chonky, and super cuddly!
Halograph III : Retro Racing Chronograph & Automatic Watches
A collection of vintage-inspired, limited edition Xeric timepieces that tell time in a fun, easy to read, and innovative way.
Leisurely: Slowdown with luxury eucalyptus bedding
Indulgent sustainable bedding made from eucalyptus to help the burnout generation get the rest they need.
Make 100: Porcelain rings in two colors and various shapes
Help us explore this beautiful material by creating 100 ceramic handmade rings in fine black and white porcelain
MMI Turret Marine Chronograph|Unique Date Complication Watch
First Of A Kind Seiko VK67 Chronograph With Unique Date Display Complication. 40's-90's Inspired Retro Design With Modern Aesthetic.
Parametric Prybar: Unprecedented Customizability // Make 100
An EDC tool choose your own adventure story. You define the size and shape of your tool to fit your specific needs.
Vikings - Global Remaster
3d models of Viking architecture designed for 3d printing! (STL)
FRID - Scandinavia X Disc Golf
If you mix 100+ years of Swedish backpack tradition and a bunch of European disc golf professionals, this is what you get.
10s Lathering - Anbbas POP Mug
Hair Removal | Wet Shave | World Premiere | Most Laborsaving Shaving Soap Bowl Ever | Sloped Mug Shape | Ergonomics Principle
ROIH : Roots of Industrial Heritage
' SHEK-O-MATIC ' Titanium Watch for skin divers
Made of GR5 titanium and built to last, Unique quick release Design, Classic minimalist apperance, Blades available anywhere.
Incredible Shoal Deep, high beat auto, 300 metre dive watch
Stunning, robust, blessed with incredible details, a high beat Japanese movement and phenomenal build quality, the Shoal Deep is here
Luxury American Watches Inspired by Military Gear
Manufacturing in Switzerland & Japan, Time-pieces that venerate our heroes.
VITURE One - Game & Stream Anywhere, Anytime
PS, Xbox, PC Remote Play | Switch & Steam Deck support | Cloud Gaming | All-In-One Experience | 120" Portable Screen | AR/XR Glasses
Cleat Key: the bike cleat tool that every cyclist needs
Cleats set right, each and every time
The Oru Lake: The Lightest, Simplest Origami Kayak Ever
A simple, accessible, portable folding kayak that can go from box to boat in under a minute.
LEGATODIVER: A Guitar Inspired Automatic Dive Watch
A Modern classic dive watch with a musical approach that you have never seen before!
bba organic
A non-toxic and life-changing skincare brand made for environmentally conscious humans. For your health, skin, and soul.
The Brow® - The patented sun visor that shades your eyes
Sunshine is nice, that's for sure. The brightness of the sun can be disturbing and sunglasses are not always a solution.
Meisterstein TEOS - Automatic Watch - Made in Germany
Bauhaus style combined with modern practicality.
Plastic Flux: Transforming Plastic Waste
Reforging plastic waste into elegant furniture; striving to minimize the amount of plastic sitting in landfills for centuries!
WUBEN G3 - Mini EDC Unboxing Knife with Ballpoint Pen
G3 is a portable unboxing tool. Features a heart-shaped blade, a pen, and a magnetic design for quick and easy unboxing
Australian Made Solidteknics 26cm Seasoned Deep Saute Pan
A hybrid kitchen workhorse pan, our famous 26cm chefs pan, now deeper and seasoned. Superior for sautéing, baking, frying and more.
Medieval Towers
3d models for 3d printing
Odin Viking EDC Knife - A pocket knife with damascus steel
330 Layerd damascus steel knife with amazing handle and light in weight I EDC KNIFE I Multitool knife I Pocket Knife I Taschenmesser I
AERO~COMB - Aviation inspired titanium pocket combs.
Aeronautically inspired titanium pocket combs ideal for an airplane enthusiast or traveler. A great every day carry (EDC) accessory.
MANMOWER® - because there are better things to do with life
Tools for mobile scruff beard maintenance. Time is too short for shaving routines. Enjoy more with no wires, no products, no razors.
Sustainable Socks made from Recycled Yarn, Produced in UK
Great quality sustainable socks made from 76% - 80% recycled materials, produced in our own modern factory in West Sussex, UK.
AISION: An Incredible Price Tourbillon Watch
The Modern Classic & High-Quality Watch with an Affordable Price.
SØDE Design - Modern & Multifunctional Furniture For Cats
Beautiful handcrafted cat scratchers & hideaways for sleeping, playing and grooming that fit beautifully in your modern home 😻
◣ Tactical Survival Bandana w/ Emergency National Park Map
Multi-tool survival scarf: Tourniquet, sling, UV protection, signal color, XL size. Choose from 8 National Park maps. FREE USA shipping
The Twilight Blade - Titanium Utility Folding Knife
Widely Use, Foldable, Durable & Sharp, Quick Release Blades
Print X: Portable Printer for A4 Color Printing & More.
Redefine portable printing. Print X goes anywhere and lets you creatively realize your vision.
THE SPECIAL JONES SET: The Jungle/Kitchen Knife Project
The Jungle knife and the kitchen knife are available on "THE SPECIAL JONES SET"
Rezy Sofa: The All-In-One Sofa
A sofa that eliminates the need for coffee tables, storage dressers, or side tables. Giving you more space to live the way you want.
Comma 2.0: World’s Most Powerful Fidget With Solid Results
Durable, And Portable Multi-purpose Fidget That Comes With All You Can Expect From It – And Much More
USA Made Light Iron Wok. Induction ready & seasoned for you!
A wok for so much more than just stir fry. Compatible with all heat sources. Healthy, sustainable, indestructible, multi-generational.
THE SHIRAHAMA | Contemporary Automatic Sapphire Dive Watch
200m classic diver fused with contemporary Japanese design. Built with modern, high-spec materials.
MERKUR "Big Eye" TYPE XX MILITARY Vintage Manual Chronograph
Intrducing Brand New Case ,exclusively built for military fans and a New Xmas Gift for the Your past Childhood.
Alpha Centauri – The Perfect Duffle For Your Everyday Travel
All-in-one Duffle bag that allows you to carry everything you need in an organized manner, making your everyday travel seamless.
Lusty, light & compact Ti cutlery with UVC sanitizer
With this personal 5-in-1 Lusty set, make your everyday dining and routine experiences healthier and more sustainable! #BYOC
Black Sea Camping Knife
Handmade design knife produced by Black Sea craftsme
ArgoMatic - Ancient Instrument meets Mechanical Watch World
A tribute to the Argo constellation for unique automatic watch with its own DNA.
The C60 Model | minuteStructures
An Accurate and Precise CNC Machined Aluminium Alloy Model of the Buckminsterfullerene.
NOSHORTCUTS - All you need to know to start your own company
NOSHORTCUTS is a complete and practical course by Giaco and his team on how to start, develop and grow any product and its business.
Joytar: The All-new Comfortable Unibody Carbon Fiber Guitar
Designed For Professional Guitarists
Want healthier skin? try LUFO | eco-friendly charcoal sponge
Gender-neutral skincare innovation that deep-cleans, exfoliates the skin & unclogs pores. Special tray dries the sponge between uses.
Build your own pilot watch - The Stirling MK II
Assemble a mechanical watch at home with our full DIY watch-making kits.
The Ultimate Cat + Dog Collars - KNDL™ + SPRK™
AirTag Compatible, water-resistant, reflective and lightweight Collars available in four sizes to perfectly fit your Cats + Dogs.
Ochien - Ocean Plastic Pet Bowl
A pet bowl made from recycled ocean plastics
Montage l Versatile Everyday Backpack
One of a kind bags from vegan leather to store your treasures through your journey.
CRYSTALLAR - Condiment Set
Condiment set includes 3 stainless steel shakers (SS18/10) and 1 concrete holder
Mogador: The Ultimate Travel Pants
New hydrophobic fiber technology that is built for comfort to withstand everyday use with a lifetime warranty. 100% recycled
Race Master | Le Mans Inspired Limited Edition Watches
Racing Inspired Watches by Ferro & Co in Chrono and Automatic | British Racing Green, Martini, Panda and GLF options.
The Dynamic Hammock: 3 in 1 Hammock System
With high-quality fabric, an inflatable pillow, and a snap-on blanket, you can now reach a new level of relaxation anywhere you go!
TapWire - Plant Watering For Many Weeks
Wick-system that keeps the soil hydrated. Better insight when to refill and fits all kinds of pots and plants.
Cache 2.0|Tap and Go Wallet That Stands up your Phone.
MagSafe compatible wallet/stand that downsizes your everyday carry. Fast card access, vegan leather, and magnetic snap-shut design.
Neal Cane Tip : Improved Mobility, Support, Comfort & Safety
Step Into Confidence
Patella Crescenda - Grow your own fresh super food all year
This seed sprouting kit offers a stylish and foolproof method to organically grow your own super greens all throught the year.
Zacuto Smart Z-Finder
Professional Phone Camera | Smartphone Viewfinder | Cinema Camera | Smartphone Gadget | Technology | Magnify Display Image
Kirwin Life Tools - Get The Right Tools, Live Your Life.
Precision Engineered Daily Essentials Designed to Save Time and Energy. Made In The United Kingdom.
MagDisc - The Thinnest, Folding MagSafe Stand
Bring a stand anywhere with MagDisc's concentric 3-ring design
╬ Hollow Horn ╬
A balanced drinking vessel made from buffalo horn.
The Litter Ridder: A Backpack to Help You Collect Litter
An easy way to add purpose to your walk, contribute to protecting the environment and reduce the world's litter problem.
The Isotope Die
Inspired by science to spark curiosity.
Escape shaving routines, with the simplest MANMOWER™ ever
Progressive, fun, trimmers that you can take anywhere... because there are better things to do than shave. #beard #razor from MANMOWER™
Special Boards: Stone-crafted Longboards
Handmade. State of the art Skateboards / Surfskates / Longboards inspired by nature. With reinvented wheels - Shark Wheels
IT’S REAL Bluetooth Speaker + Cassette Player Combo
Bluetooth music transmitter tape + cassette player + speaker. The romantic combination of Analogue with digital technology.
Pixoo-16 | The All-In-One Pixel Art WiFi Decoration Display
Everything you need : Social Media Counter | Rest API | DIY Pixel Art | Smart Clock | Mobile APP | Pixel Art Gallery | Community & more
Hexagon Rainbow Rollerball Pen
Beautifully crafted rollerball pens of rainbow wood, each one is unique and distinguished in style. Same series as our fountain pen.
CARAPACES: Lego-like DIY Origami Sculpture 3D Puzzle Game
A massive 3D puzzle mixing Puzzle, Origami & DIY Sculpture. Made with quality, recyclable & durable material. Just Clip to Create!
Max Boat Pump: A Powerful Cordless Air Pump for Boat & Kayak
Up to 12kPa | LED Display | Automatic Stop | Inflate&Deflate | Cordless | Lightweight
VSSL Insulated Flask with Bluetooth® Speaker
Enjoy a better drink experience.
ION Titanium Bolt Action Pen
Sleek premium writing instrument. Also available in aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel PVD. Works with parker-style refills.
DUN Slim wallet
Two years in the making: Discover the slimmest modular wallet!
Tangible: Feel physically present with far-away loved ones.
A magical pillow that lets you share hugs, warmth, & physical touch across the world.
VideoBook - A Photo Book With Videos.
An interactive photo book that lets you include and play videos from your printed edition.
MYNI, the most sustainable hair and body care collection
MYNI, la collection de soins corporels la plus écologique au monde
EDC Pocket Tanto – Titanium Frame-Lock Micro Pocket Knife
Timeless design, combined with premium materials, craftsmanship, and a fun flip-opening. Perfect for everyday tasks.
ZOO Cable Wraps|Smartly Organize Everything in One Second
11 animals from land to sea. Magnetic, flexible, durable and made for all cables. Your cutest cable organizer.
CATANA Crossbody | A responsibly designed cactus leather bag
Introducing the Catana Crossbody, a thoughtfully designed bag made of cactus leather, eliminating unnecessary plastic waste
xBloom All-in-One Coffee Machine
20 Auto-Adjusted Grind Settings | Unlimited Brewing Options | Curated Bean-Specific Recipe | Top Third-Wave Coffee Partners
Horizon Helvetica® | Swiss army knife of sketch tools
Stainless steel, pocket size, isometric grid, compass, ruler, protractor, and more with iconic HELVETICA typeface.
Out Of The Box - Classroom-In-A-Box For Learn & Play
An all-in-one educational unit with digital platform for children ages 2+ and up
The Chasm-Lite: Light and Packable SUP
Travel to places once out of reach and experience nature in its most serene setting.
Handmade Bifold Wallets | by Hawthorn Leather Co.
Handmade in England with quality materials and craftsmanship, designed to last a lifetime. Only 50 available!
GolfStash: Everyday Carry golf organiser
The nifty, durable, clever portable storage case for all your vital golf items.
Celtic Legacy - Watch With Symbol Of Interconnected Eternity
First watch with Sapphire Crystal Crown inspired by Celtic Era.
FoldiBox | 2 Forms. ∞ Possibilities. From 2D to 3D in 1 Sec.
Heat-resistant, antibacterial, food grade container for on the go snacks, parties, dining, picnics, camping, or even board game pieces
Darkboard: Ultralight ergonomic drawing surface for iPad
Draw comfortably on the couch, in bed, and on the go.
Genius Loci Medals
Genius Loci is a simple, seamless way to promote thousands of places that are still secret.
The Treat Pouch Perfected - MuttRuk Penny Changer
MuttRuk design and durability come together for a superbly functional and stylish treat pouch.
ÁIGI - Automatic Satellite Ground Station Watch
An exclusive, affordable automatic watch that contains steel taken from a satellite ground station at the South Pole.
Diana Gold -Tableware with 22 /24 Karat Gold by STERNSTEIGER
Discover Gold - Made in Solingen Exclusive Tableware I Gold Plated I Handmade in Germany I Edel Besteck Set I Cutlery with design I
Poopsy Daisy: Walk your dog hands-free.
When $h!t happens, the Poopsy Daisy will hold your used poop bags.
A Designer's Brass Clutch Pencil. Hand-Built For Life.
A beautiful, high-performance and timeless drawing instrument honed from solid brass by Designer Nicholas Hemingway.
Book NOTA. Work ❙ Creativity Liberated 2.0
All in need and simplified into one. A reinvented notebook organizer with flexible modulating features and magnetic binding technology.
Dream. Plan. Do - Pink Pu Leather Bullet Journal & extras
A pink bullet journal, with holographic foiling and edges, bookmark ribbons, elastic band & an expandable pocket for all your stickers♥
PlumThyme | Reusable Period Pad
Organic reusable menstrual pad that is better for you and the planet. No toxins, no chemicals, no kidding.
ClickSling X | Mega Minimalist Anti-theft Sling
A sleek functional cut-proof anti-theft sling bag
Toadfish Stowaway LED Lantern
Light for Any Adventure
OVD: Racing-Car-inspired F/01 Automatic Watch
Ready and go! Only Sky is the limit.
Snap Filter | Enjoy Shooting by iPhone as Pro
World's First Magsafe Filter System. Snap on and Go Shoot. Various Cine Filter can be chose.
🔪 This knife unlocks countless culinary possibilities
We've developed a knife that is sharper, more durable, and most of all, more "ergonomic."
Claymore - Customized Self Luminous Chronograph by FullGear
Swiss made illumination technology | Inspired by Chivalry | Made to order | You design what you want
THE PRATO KNIFE l The Fourth Jungle knife of Jones Style
THE PRATO is an antique knife, It suits your outdoor activities.
Chuck Rack: The Family-Friendly Adventure Rack
A modular, lightweight bike rack for people who love biking but hate the tedious task of installing and removing their bike rack.
JARVA Cold Brew System
JARVA uses pressure and common use jars to filter cold brew concentrate through micro-fine filters, fast!
The Microt: Titanium Keychain Knife
The dime-sized blade that's always there when you need it.
LØPER: The Multifunctional Trail Running Jacket
A wind-resistant, waterproof, ultra-breathable jacket that has you covered for trail running, active living, or casual wear.
Star Stuff-ies
Cuddle the constellations with a zodiac-inspired stuffed toy.
🔥 LOFI Stove - Cook outside on wood not gas!
Ultralight titanium woodburning camping stove - temperature controllable - Clean, safe, and efficient burn
K-25 | The Bathrobe, Reinvented
Soft & Cozy Upgrade to Bathroom essential in a weirdly satisfying waffle structure
⤫ Genghis Komb ⤬
A comb handcrafted from buffalo horn
The Klick9 Strap - Protect All Your Belongings On The Go
A Canadian-made patent-pending all purpose lockable strap.
Solidteknics Kitchen Tools - Lil Flippa & TSS!
100% Made in Australia. Versatile cooking tools in both Stainless & Titanium! Built to last generations.
FLOCK LIGHT - The Bike Light that Lights up Your Legs
Be Seen 5.5x Sooner, Be Seen as Human.
kyu daypack | camera bag with innovative camera storage
With a stylish design and innovative flex-fold camera storage, this camera backpack assists you to carry a camera around daily.
Solo | The Modern Pilot Flight Bag
A sleek, functional carrying case for aviation essentials
Manmower. There's better things to do than shaving.
The latest version of the revolutionary hair tool for men. No fuss. No charging. No bins #beard #razor
The Fogland Backpack by Breakwater Supply
SUBMERSIBLE! 🌊 100% Waterproof · Keep your gear safe and dry in all conditions. · 15L / 25L sizes + Waterproof Emergency Kit Add-On
KHONI, modular, City-, Travel-, Hiking-pack, made in Europe
Thanks to its modular interior you can adapt the KHONI backpack to your needs. Fair and sustainable produced in Europe.
Undici/11 by TOLENTINO | SWISS MADE Automatic Diver's Watch
Swiss Made, Italian style. High quality and performances are the beating heart of the Undici/11, price is the pleasant surprise.
NYA-EVO Fjord Backpacks: The New Generation
Break your limits, not your planet
FireSafe Outlets: Outlet Heat Detector
Created by a New York City Fireman. FireSafe Outlets are the first outlet heat-detectors with an alarm.
Swan Voyager VTOL - Copter & Plane 2 in 1 for FPV & Filming
8km/1080P image transmission | 4k video/photo | HD FPV goggles | Multi-player | 1 hour flight time | one-click takeoff and landing
World Famous Concorde inspired 101 automatic watch !
A unique piece of history on your wrist
Koi Knives Ripple Collection
AUS10 Hammered Damascus steel with Australian wood handles
E-one - A sleekly designed EDC tool
Antdesign introduces an extremely portable and convenient tool, in titanium for everyday use.
Sky-haven : In-Flight Travel Hoodie
Luxury Rest on the Go | Travel Pillow - Blanket Hybrid
Edge 2.5D - 4K wireless monitor touchscreen PC/Mac/DeX/NS/PS
4K/FHD | 82ft range | Zero lag | DeX | Mac | PC | Android | NS | PS | Xbox | mm-Wave | Multi-touch | Add-on TV receiver available
The Everyday Pack by Wingback
A versatile weatherproof waxed cotton backpack, for your city commute and weekend escape. Made in England and built to last a lifetime.
Zelensky Action Figure
We don't need more superheroes. Just give us a few more real people with big hearts, who are willing to face impossible odds.
The World's First True Filter-Free Slow Juicer
70’s Retro Style | True No Filter Technology | One Button Disassembly | Unique Horizontal Two-Axis Fixation
BANDO 4.0 | Multi-Functional Slim Wallet
Finally, a minimalist wallet that does everything you need.
Snailcle Smart Bike: Bring Home Outdoor Cycling Experiences
Auto lifting Handlebar&Seat | 3 Ways to Adjust the Resistance | Immersive Real-Terrain Ride | Ergonomic Design | App Control & Tracking
Wallflowers: by Bibliothèque Collective
Pick your flora, build a home decor library. Rearrange, collect, and identify colorful anhydrous wildflowers from around the world.
FullShade - The First Retractable Roof Sunshade for Tesla
Full Coverage Retractable Roof Sunshade for Tesla Model 3/Y - Great Sunlight and Heat Block Out, One Time Setup for Lifetime Usage
Siesta Wrap: Nap Anytime, Anywhere!
Two teens patent a napping contraption in their high school dorm room. When you need a nap, grab a Siesta Wrap!
Ergostone - The Multi-Tool For Your Well-Being
Comforting, warming, cooling, embracing. From recycled mining waste into the wellness tradition of Northern Sweden.
Fruble: Frunk Table
The multipurpose folding table for adventurers and travelers.
Viqueria Calipso: Vintage Italian Diver with Great Specs
Crafted from the finest materials and manufactured with unique techniques. Pearlescent Dials, Super Mirror Polishing, Dual-Time Bezel
FirstBlood B67 Full Acrylic Gasket Mount Mechanical Keyboard
Gasket Mounted | Wired and Wireless | Solid Full Acrylic Design | Hot-Swappable | Android, iOS, macOS, Win | South Facing RGB
Kunwu Zen and Zen compact
EDC pocket knife philosophy in two perfect formats
Bleue Bebe Sink Bather: With your baby since day ONE
Making your newborn first-time bathing experience easy with our soft & padded sink bather, sized perfectly to fit most sinks.
Batavi Geograaf
A mechanical travel companion build to explore and discover the world again.
Next Level Golf Simulators Tees
Stilform AEON - An Everlasting Pencil with Magnetic Tips
A minimalist and sustainable pencil in aluminum, titanium, brass and magnesium with multiple writing tips.
Titanium Orbiform & Orbiform Mini: A solid of constant width
Rolls smoothly like a ball, without the smooth edges. Machined from Titanium, Steel & Copper. Used by Leonardo da Vinci & Euler.
Focus Timer® Adjustable Hourglass
A minimalist timer that boosts productivity and enhances creative flow.
Table lamp 3D printed Tribute Fase President.
Str'O Cocktail
Str'O Coktail: Your new cocktail measurement straw. Making your favorite cocktail has never been easier!
Limited Edition - 60 HR Design-Patented Watches | Kilgharrah
60 HR Mechanical Movement Watches // Domed Sapphire Crystal //Ceramic //Swarovski// 10ATM // EUIPO Patented Design // Global Warranty
Air Raiders: Stop Fog. For Good. Forever.
Air Raiders are the world’s first low profile, all-inclusive eyewear designed to eliminate fog.
Wingman Titanium Bottle Opener
Minimal titanium EDC bottle opener, designed and crafted by aerospace engineers.
goBelt C1
1mm phone grip - remastered
Knotix - The Universal Adventure Roof Rack
Patented Magnetic Locking System | 330 lb Capacity | Installs in Seconds | Extends up to 50in/ 127cm | Fits Any Standard 4-Door Vehicle
logic backpack by it's logic
A modular, resistant and totally versatile backpack, created to cover all the needs of people like you.
MANMOWER® beard tools - because you have better things to do
Manual hair trimmers, built to last, easy to use, minimal footprint. **7-day project / Quick delivery**
'Alice' Period Bathing Suit: The Revolution!
No tampons, no leaks! Eco-friendly, Made in Vancouver, Super flattering. You won’t want to plan any more holidays without it!
SPINN CW.01 | The protective wrap for your gear
Photo, travel, outdoor – pack your stuff safer and easier than ever before. Fully self-adhesive for a perfect fit on any device.
Sequent SolarCharger - Solar charging smartwatch
Powered with the largest solar panel ever made for a hybrid smart watch
╬ Elden Bone Dice ╬
Handcrafted from solid camel bone.
D2D Pouch | Magnetic Waist Strap Pro
Versatile modular pouch and waist strap | Created for your everyday carry items
The Chill Tumbler│Aerate, Chill & Make Your Whisky Aromatic
Handblown glass paired with a stainless-steel cooling cone to keep your whisky chilled and undiluted for the best drinking experience.
The plastic-less bicycle bell
Meet Plyke, the better way to ring. A bicycle bell made entirely from aluminium. 100% recyclable. Sleekest bicycle bell ever.
The Camden Watch Company No.274
Our brand new Swiss-made watch, available as a quartz or an automatic and thought out to the very last detail. From Camden, with love.
The Alphabet of Ice Cubes
Every letter of the alphabet to personal-ice your drinks
Bring the magic of the big screen anywhere
Camping, watching the game or having a garden party? Our portable pop-up cinema kit makes it easy to enjoy together, wherever you are
Koninobori Sport Towel
Respect the character and seeking the happiness of the child.
DRILLOG - The drill tipped dip pen "Made in Japan" vol.2
Experience a new level of writing with a pen made with aircraft grade precision. 航空機品質の加工技術で作られた、新しい書き味のつけペン。
Epomaker TH96 QMK/VIA Gasket Mounted Mechanical Keyboard
Gasket Mounted Design | CNC Knob | QMK/VIA Ver. | Wireless Ver. | Hot-Swappable | Support Android, iOS, macOS, Win | ANSI/ISO Layout|
X-0 Knight, the Brightest EDC Flashlight in Your Pocket
Up to 1,100 Lumens | Pocket Friendly | Magnetic Tailcap. A small & powerful light source that is perfect for on the go.
A-1 Mod: A Unique Case for Watch Modders
A watch case, a case back, and a crown made for the SII NH 36 movement and 28.5mm dial
Quickstarter: Removable Leather Stickers
Colorful removable and re-usable leather stickers made out of high quality, ultra thin leather offcuts and repositionable adhesive.
Work from anywhere. Available in two sizes, PRO (15-inch) and MAX (13-inch).
TINY PUMP 2X: Ultimate 3-in-1 Outdoor Pump & Camping Lantern
Pocket Size| Ultra-light | Air Pump | Vacuum Pump| Camping Lantern| 4kPa Pressure| Waterproof
Neat Whiskey Glass Tumbler with Chilled Coaster
The Neat Whiskey Glass Tumbler and Chilled Coaster is designed to help chill and keep your favorite whiskey chilled without dilution.
WOLKOV W22: automatic watch for men
Unconventionally classy watch for bold personalities.
NEOTYPE Watches LM01 Type D
A modern take on the divers watch / Automatic / Assembled in France.
surfinlock® - like a bike lock, just for your surfboard
Don't get your board stolen. Just secure it. New anti-theft surf lock is coming. Peace of mind included.
Dotti | Reimagining everyday cleaning tools
The cleaning essentials that deserve a place in your home. Stylish, long-lasting tools that make cleaning beautifully better.
Blossom Sketch Tools - Everyone Can Be an Artist
Making professional geometric art has never been this easy and relaxing.
Gale VS: Ultralight + Packable Jacket For Any Adventures
New and improved material using our Sunsail™ yarn. So small that it fits in your back pocket. So light that you can barely feel it.
Petite Rainbow Wallet & Mini Photo Frame Pin By KityCrylics
A kawaii petite wallet and picture frame pin campaign
GreenPlax® Fish | 3-in-1 Sustainable Aqua Shoes
Moisturizing Indoor Shoes | Memory Foam Insole | Shock-Absorption | Fast Dry | Anti-Slip | Ultra Lightweight | Durable | Breathable
The Aviator Watch: F/A-18 Super Hornet inspired watch
Aviator watch inspired by the F/A-18 Super Hornet and The Blue Angels demo team. Limited edition - Made In Germany - Swiss Made Ronda
Worthy: A Radical Self-Love Journal by JMB Living
Discover what it means to truly love yourself with this 3-month undated journal full of thought-provoking prompts and guided exercises
[SOLD OUT] Art Coin #02 | Generative Wabi-sabi
A limited run of individually machined stainless steel coins, each one algorithmically generated to be completely unique.
TK Ink - Titanium, Copper, or Aluminum Carpenter's Ink Pen
Your new favorite EDC pen that writes on plastic, wood, in zero-gravity and even in water. Refillable and sustainable. Made in the USA.
Force Board: Weight-Free Strength Training Platform
A smart, weight-free strength training platform for rock climbers and other athletes to train fingers and major muscle groups.
AUN Art Kimono "Made in Japan"
AUN is an art kimono created in collaboration with an artist. AUNはアーティストとコラボレーションしたアート着物です。
Red Rose - Make 100
We're making 100 limited edition hard enamel pins with a beautiful illustrated red rose design to motivate and add flair to your life.
MIG Fountain Pen
A practical, robust and slimline Fountain Pen designed to be carried daily.
Solidteknics Kitchen Tools - Flexi Flippa & Lil Grippa!
Elevate your cooking with these Australian made non-toxic, multi-century-durable kitchen tools!
Nordic Marine Instruments: Timepiece Mastery
Experience the allure of NMI's automatic watches—a blend of Nordic elegance and impeccable craftsmanship.
ZOMO Multi-Color Kitty Paw Keycap|Pet A Cat On Your Keyboard
OEM Profile| Cat Inspired Design| Unique Storage Box| MX Compatible| Skin-friendly Silicone Toebeans| Free Shipping Worldwide
Ti SLIDER PLATES I Titanium Fidget Gadget
Compact and Customisable Designer Fidget Gadget. In New Colors And Finishes !
BULLET 04 | The Ultimate Telescopic Zoom Flashlight
Telescopic Zoom | 400 Lumens | Magnetic Quick Release | USB-C Rechargeable | 3 Modes | All-Metal & Weather-Resistant EDC LED Flashlight
Esperluète - 1er couteau de chef pliant (Folding Chef knife)
L'Esperluète est un couteau innovant pensé exclusivement pour la cuisine & l'aventure
FoldiBox 2 Series|For Anyone & Anywhere with ∞ Possibilities
Take your FoldiBox to the next level. The ultimate microwavable container with multiple accessories for lunch, snacks, and more.
Kawaii Tote Bag | Plush Purse | Cute Merch
Kawaii Tote Bags and Plush Purse to hang on your Bag. More than 3 cute designs to unlock.
Woodsy Desk
Made of 100% solid wood, customizable, and simple to assemble.
ULTRAGLASS • stronger & lighter bottles with ion technology
Established benefits of glass meet technology, innovation & soul – making it almost unbreakable! The best bottle you ever had.
CA Essential Webcam Flex
3 Camera Positions | Extended Arm | HD Autofocus | Dual Omnidirectional Microphones | No App Needed | Easy Zoom | Mac | PC | Chromebook
Guitar picks - ROMBO 3.0 Cutting-edge designs meet precision
Premium guitar picks, combining the finest materials and design, with the most advanced technology to improve your playing experience.
Hot Pocket Gives Instant Warmth With One Click
A multi-functional camp heater that weighs a few ounces and recharges with solar.
Tentsla Tent - The Next Level Tesla Camping
Re-invent Tesla Camping. Ample, Innovative, High-quality, and Durable. Weather Resistant, Fast Inflatable Installation, Portable & More
iKegger 2.0 - Life on tap, with a twist!
Refillable 2, 4, or 5L kegs that stay cold all day and pour any drink at the press of a button, upright or lying down.
NeoRuler - Rule the Scales
A smart ruler satisfies all your desktop measuring demands with infinite customizable scales, units, and 0.1mm resolution.
Camera Sling by Clever Supply Co.
Designed for the Modern Photographer. Ruggedly built with materials that get better with age.
SPINN CP | Camera carrying reimagined.
Carry your DSLR or Mirrorless more comfortably & shoot with greater intuitiveness than ever before.
Ringo - The Water Bottle That Magnetically Holds Your Phone
Capture your best content, watch videos, follow workouts, make video calls & stay hydrated wherever, whenever. Works with all devices
Lance X | The Eyewear Evolution | Functional | Modular
Created, based on 1000+ feature requests | 10+ features implemented from your ideas to make your glasses your daily ally.
Kootenay | Top Grade Titanium Carabiner With Handy Back Clip
Titanium | Dual Zone Design | Versatile Carabiner with Back Clip for Everyday Carry | Overlapping Partition Lever Design
SURPRiSE the 50-in-1 Precision Electric Screwdriver
Alloy Material | Shadowless Work Light | OLED Display | Pop-up Magnetic Storage Case | 48 Bits + 2 Handy Tools | In-box Charging
Zenlet 3 Series|Enjoy the Wallet that Fits All in Your Palm
Keep cards and coins quiet in pockets and access them with a click. Double-sided module available for tapping and expressing yourself.
BMC Chopra Machete -A high quality heavyweight chopping tool
A British Machete Co. design made in the UK. The Chopra is a high quality tool built to last a lifetime.
The Сompact Pocket Chef Knife
Your Personal Road Adventure Companion: The Compact Pocket Chef Knife
Moon Moth & Sun Butterfly | Enamel Pins & Stationary
Enamel pins and stationary inspired by lepidopterans of day and night, sun and moons, and hydrangea flowers
MANMOWER® beard mowers - new
The latest, and best, mowers. Sustainable portable beard maintenance, because there are better things to do than shave. #razor #trimmer
MEMO - The Whiteboard Wallet
The #1 Wallet for Productivity & Creativity. Card Holder, Pocket Notebook, Pen & Eraser.
Hooked Coffee: Craft Coffee, Brewed Simply
Personalized Coffee Experience | Award-Winning Specialty Roasters | No Equipment Needed
╬ Arrowhead Whistle ╬
A whistle handcrafted from bufallo horn.
EarBuddy: Gently remove wax, water and dirt from your ears!
Patented cleaning technology | Inflatable tip | Reusable | Eco-friendly | Easy to use | 30% smaller than cotton swabs
XpreSole® | Waterproof All-Weather Boots Powered by Coffee
S.Cafe® Odor Proof | OrthoLite® Insole | Ultra Cushion | Shock Absorption | Torsion Control | Machine Washable | Upcycled Coffee Made
SATISFACTORY - High-Tech Replicas & Plush Creatures
Coffee Stain Studios and Heroic Replicas present: New Plush Merch and replicas, from the world of SATISFACTORY.
Nitecore SLB05 Modular Commuting Sling Bag - ILLUSION
The new "thing" for EDC:SLB05 - Urban Techwear Style.Take ILLUSION with you and experience style and convenience rolled into one.
Campster 2 the portable chair for everyone everywhere
1-piece portable chair | 5-second unfold | 1.45Kg/3.3lbs | 300lbs capacity | Alu-frame | Embracing seat | 12" seating height
The Twisted Swiss Cube: Our take on a classic design
The world's first twisted Machinist Swiss Cube. CNC Machined Aluminum & Anodized.
Revolutionary way to carry and transport your golf clubs. Swedish golf innovation based on a tradition of innovation and engineering.
AXONE - Mars Ergonomic EDC Backpack
Is challenging the customary traditions of backpack design with modern, thoughtful elements for an elevated experience.
Buffalo Leather Belt | Handmade
It's a handmade belt made of full-grain buffalo leather for men and women, designed to last a lifetime. #Customizable.
ACtent: Designed to Make Tesla Camping More Comfortable
A Pop-up SUV Tent Designed for Tesla - Connect to Car AC, Lock into Trunk for Security, Pop out for Independent Use.
Everday Steam Closet: Refresh & Dewrinkle with Steam
A hands-free solution to refresh and dewrinkle your clothes, without the need to do laundry
Swig Ski 3000 - Modular Shotski® & Party Gadgets
Apres-Allstars® Swig Ski 3000 - Modular wooden shotski® with 4cl ski boot glasses & binding + further gadgets
TITANER Titanium Folding Fan Whopping Multi EDC Tool
2023 Summer Limited Release, Titanium Folding Fan for Cooling, Fashion, Dance, Martial Arts Performance, Self Defense, and Gift.
Mjolnir Ti - Asgardian Titanium Jewelry - Made For Survival
Stylish Titanium Jewelry with hidden functional tools. Made for Survival. Thor & Loki - Inspired by Norse Mythology
Stoney Soots - Trays
Time for some self care with the stoney soots via this amazingly cute tray!
Oceanica Mako 200M Dive Watch - A Tough Automatic Watch
Oceanica is back bringing you more high quality tough, durable, and well priced divers.
BERG The CNC Machined Titanium Everyday Carry Pen
The alternative EDC pen with sharp lines & convenient operation, designed for everyday carry and severe environment.
Antedesign introduces Q1 with limitless versatility, seamless efficiency, invaluable functionality, and handiness to become your EDC.
Horizon Helvetica®+Key® | Swiss Spirit in Everyday Tools
Swiss army knife of sketch tools Horizon Helvetica® meets multifunctional keychain Horizon Key®.
DUEX Float: Unlock the power of portable stacked screens
Stacked portable screens | Ergonomic design | Touchscreen | Built-in kickstand | 3 viewing modes | 1-year warranty
The Electron Lighter
Inspired by science to spark curiosity.
Vosteed*GrandKnife Minibarbar |A real knife for a real life!
Your Trusted cleaver for outdoor camping! Premium materials and honest price. A perfect combo between versatility and durability.
American Built Watches - Made with Reclaimed Whiskey Barrels
Handcrafted in 6 different states with American movements. Join us in this exciting journey to revitalize American watchmaking 🇺🇸
The TAUR II Electric Scooter
Safety, style and more range than ever.
Coffee Stain Studios and Heroic Replicas present: Radical gifts and Cozy surprises, from the world of SATISFACTORY.
THE PANGO KNIFE l A fixed blade knife with ancient style.
A special knife inspired by the panga knife. The machete for your outdoor activities like camping, trekking, or cutting/chopping things
Smaco S700MAX 2 in 1 Backpack BCD scuba tank for underwater
Compact & Lightweight | 4L Tank | Modular Design | 2 In 1 Backpack | Functional Storage | Convenient Inflation | Ergonomic Design
Murano: HummingFun's Flower-Inserting Hummingbird Feeder
Handcrafted elegance that's dishwasher safe. Unique vertical stacking and eco-friendly design for nature lovers.
Solidteknics Iron Roasting Pan | Made in Australia
Your forever Roasting Pan! Made from 3mm thick clean Australian iron. No synthetic, toxic coatings, and built to last for generations.
Solidteknics Light Iron Cookware - Your new forever pans!
Multi-generational seasoned wrought iron cookware. Much lighter than cast iron!
A modular fountain pen crafted in Titanium & Aluminium
Forever Sponge - The Sponge That Never Needs to be Replaced
A long-lasting kitchen sponge that can't be cut and won't collect bacteria.
Linne Crater Moonscape: A machined lunar surface
A CNC machined aluminum topographical map derived from NASA satellite data.
The Ion Canister
Inspired by science to spark curiosity.
TiDivot - A Beautiful Fidgety Titanium Golf Divot Tool
An over-engineered titanium divot tool..that's fidgety.
FLASH- The Sleek Jump Rope Made from Titanium by Titaner
Titaner Speedy Jump Rope with Titanium Parts & High-quality Bearings
HCK5R: All Season Graphene Heated Gloves
Graphenecore™ 2X faster heating, 3 Temp Settings, Windproof, Water Resistant
Chewy the lil Dumpling Plush Toy
A cute chonky dumpling made into a huggable plushie! Collect an exclusive enamel pin, tote bag, coaster set & mousepad!
Minisopuru Thunderbolt 3/4 Docking Station for MacBook M1/M2
Minisopuru USB-C Thunderbolt 3/4 StandDocking Station for MacBook Pro/Air
Rollo: Rolling Itch Away
The pocket-sized rollerball for satisfying itch relief
The Snake 🐍 Deep Tissue Massage (Lacrosse Ball) Roller
Experience the Power of Myofascial Release. Relieve Muscle Tension, Stress, Back Pain, Trigger Points, and Improve Your Posture.
The Loud Cup Company
Celebrate the wins with The Loud Cup. Cheers Never Sounded so good.
P-CAP: Lightweight packable headwear that fits everyone
Cloud-weight | One size fits all | Packable | Adaptable modes | Patent-pending | High-quality recycled materials
K-25 Bath Towel | Essentials Reimagined
Quick-dry, Odor-free, Soft giant waffle Bath Towel that soaks water as a super-sponge! Minimalistic design.
Hanboost HBT-471 Screwdriver Set for DIY Enthusiast Repair
Multi-Function | Strong Magnetic | Ergonomic Handle | Solid Material | Elegant Design | Cube Shaped Magnetizer | Convenient Design
Sparky-Mini. A Compact FireStarter.
Sparky is back in a higher voltage, smaller version! Light your campfire in windy or damp conditions!
MVP: Time-Synched Visual Production, Simplified
An intuitive and affordable solution for leveling up your live performance.
AISION: A Unique Meteorite Dial Tourbillon Watch
"Modified Movement Structure" - The only hand-wound tourbillon watch on Kickstarter that isn't afraid of overwinding.
Hapstone RS Knife Sharpener
Latest invention in knife sharpening. Does the job in minutes. No skills required.
Potty Pillow | Luxury Lumbar Support Toilet Pillow
A luxury health and wellness toilet pillow that provides lumbar support, comfort and an improved posture while sitting on the toilet.
The Heroic Design Workbook
You have great ideas. Design a remarkable product that people will buy and love.
The Variable-Pitch Airscrew
Aviation legacy translated into modern tools.
Neude: Shapewear Meets Men’s High-Fashion Underwear
Functional, Enhancing, Versatile & Comfortable. With lift & support at every angle, always look & feel your best Neude.
The first unique design fixed blade with the Jones jungle collection “THE WHALO KNIFE” comes with The Jones Handmade Display Stand.
The KNT-Pro: The Reflex Ball Reimagined for Strikers
Level Up and enhance your hand-eye coordination, proprioception and more anywhere you go!
It's Time to Play
A Journey to the Golden Age of Leisure and Luxury with this ultimate Collector's Box for Watch and Playing Card Enthusiasts.
CHROMA Titanium EDC Ink Keychain Pens
Everyday carry pens elevated to a beautiful piece of functional art.
Venturian Wildsider | Field watch made for adventure
Thoughtfully designed titanium solar compass watches, with an indestructible titanium case. Powered by your adventures.
Moa Tents By Kiwi Ultralight
Ultralight, New Zealand-made tents with more living space than any other on the market!
TidyBoard V2 - An Evolution in Meal Prep!
Streamline Meal Prep. Clean, Cut, Store and Bake!
A Multi-Purpose Bamboo Shirt with Fire Starting Collar Stays
Look good & feel good with Stain, Wrinkle & Odor Resistant Properties + Sun Protection, 4-Way-Stretch, PFC-Free DWR...the list goes on!
Titanium Cyber Slider
Top Grade CNC Machined Titanium Slider | Everyday Carry Haptic Gadget
Daysaver Incredible - The Completely Adaptive Multitools
Customizable, workshop quality bike multitools that fit everywhere. MixMatch-Bits for full flexibility, with handlebar mount option.
The 5100 Year Old Oak & Brass Mechanical Pencil
Beautiful hand-built mechanical pencils and pens steeped in heritage. A conscientious pen company by Nicholas Hemingway
Handmade Camel Leather Belt | Upgraded Version
Handmade & customizable belt made of beeswaxed, full-grain camel leather. Available in men's & women's models & in seven colors.
BondStove Mini: World's 1st Portable 3-in-1 Fire Pit
Transforms ordinary moments into extraordinary memories, and elevate your outdoor living.
GV Home Wine Glass
Handmade glassware without the handmade price tag. Michelin Star-approved balance of elegance and affordability for every wine enjoyed
The Chronicle Tripod by ProMaster
All-in-One Tripod | Camera & Phone Mount | Tabletop Tripod | Handheld Stabilizer | Ground-level Tripod | Monopod with 3-Leg Base
Rubicon Dog: The Ultimate Tough Dog Car Seat Travel System
Dirt, Hair & Liquid-Proof | Durable & Lightweight | Auto Interior Protection | Designed for SUVs & Sedans | Medium-to-Large Dogs
Thinking Egg III | It's Time To Slow Down
We're back where it all started for us with a whole new collection designed to help us slow things down.
Exlicon Magnetic Pen–The Ergonomic Writing & Crafting Tool
Multi-functional pen and design tool, complete with magnetic cap and ergonomic design that reduces hand fatigue and maximizes comfort.
miniB: Your First Ready To Fly & Drive Camping Kit
The miniB compact camping kit gives you full-size camper comfort while staying travel-ready, even by air.
Radcliffe Le Dome custom complications automatic watch
An outstanding automatic watch concept, telling the time differently, now made affordable.
Guardian Portfolio | GPS Tracker & Expandable Storage
A camel leather portfolio enhanced with a GPS tracker & expandable storage designed for creative professionals.
Key Case HANS 2.0 with key finder - Handmade in Germany
A high quality and well thought-out key case with key finder compartment - Italian Vachetta leather, handmade in Germany
Singular Toothbrush -The Stainless Steel Reusable Toothbrush
Born to challenge the use of plastic products. Our mission is to reduce oral care waste to zero, starting with a reusable toothbrush.
Juniper Clear Ice Maker
Cocktail quality ice for your home countertop
Slash - Carry Smaller, Cut Sharper
A fine Tungsten blade that never dulls and you'll forget you have - An EDC tool that lives on your keys.
The Fairway Sunhat (by Shapeflexer)
lightweight bendable shapeable crushable durable packable machine washable waterproof extra wind resistant multi purpose Sports Sun Hat
SCRUBBIO 10-in-1, a Daily Magnetic Brush: COLOR RANGES QUEST
SCRUBBIO 10-in-1 is a Daily Eco Multifunctional Magnetic Silicone Brush for Home, Kitchen & Bathroom to Preserve Nature and Save Money.
Maco Go 2: The Smallest Apple Watch Fast Charger
World's first truly on-the-go Apple Watch charger. Supports fast charging for Apple Watch Series 7, 8 and Ultra. MFi certified.
Kosmu Beach Towel | Your Summer Redefined
Our 3rd collaboration with Towel Museum of Japan. Soft, absorbent and seriously stylish beach towel featuring AeroCore™ Technology.
INVOG WATCHES - Meca-Quartz watch with iconic shapes.
Limited edition timepieces made with quality components and expert craftsmanship, at an affordable price.
Bravo Stand: No Assembly Compact Foldable Music Stand
Patented Tripod Extension Design | Expandable Support Tray | Built In Sheet Clips | Detachable Lumi Light | Smartphone & Tablet Holder
Altar - Guitar / bass & amp stand
A new approach to gear organization and show-off!
ZETA-23 MODERN NOMAD - Modular Backpack System
A feature-packed system for adventure, keeping you organized no matter where your next destination. Built for EDC, nomads, & travelers.
Carbon Fiber Concert Ukuleles
Lightweight. Incredible sound. Loud and long sustain. THE carbon fiber concert ukulele is finally here.
Sego Charger: The Origami Travel Solar Panel
A sustainable and space-efficient power source designed for anyone on the go and optimized for performance, durability, and portability
2-in-1 Titanium Folding Chopsticks with Hidden Toothpick
Titaner Titanium Chopsticks & Toothpick. The Ultimate Solution for eating out. Perfect Everyday Carry tableware you can use anywhere.
Pathfinder + V2 - The Ultimate Pocket-Sized Multi-Tool
Pathfinder+ A Single Mini-Tool That Serves You As A Knife, Pry Bar, Screw Driver, Bottle Opener, Ruler, File, And Much More.
Chessnut Evo: The Future of Ultra Smart AI Chessboard
Built-in Maia Engine|Customized Chess Bot | All-in-one | Supports Mainstream Chess Platforms | Full Piece Recognition
Meisterstein 1958 RACING: Vintage Inspired Chronograph Watch
The 1958 RACING is a vintage styled chronograph with great lume and hybrid movement.
VIONÉ: The Everyday Blazer Reinvented
Bio-Based Fabric | Instant Dry I Portable I Feather Light | Breathable I Wrinkle Resistant I 4-Way Stretch I Spacious Pockets | Stylish
Scuvvers - Stowable car seat protectors.
Car seat protectors designed for your active lifestyle - there when you need them, stowed when you don't.
TOWEL : Size Inclusive Towels
Bodies are not one size fits all and we don't think towels should be either.
onyx. Essential Kit | The multi-purpose bag
Work, travel, climb, adventure! An everyday bag for your indoor & outdoor activities! Organize your essentials smarter!
Titaner Titanium Wok, Saucepan, Stockpot, The Dream Cookware
Anti-stick, Uncoated, Versatile, Stronger, Lighter, Lasts forever. A revolution in Cookware
PANGEA Mangrove Sunglasses: Designed for Life
Unique, unbreakable sunglasses with lifetime warranty. Handcrafted from plastic trash collected at the world’s biggest mangrove cleanup
The WESN Bornas | A Modern Fixed Blade Pocket Knife
A compact fixed blade made for both city and backwoods. Lightweight, durable, and guaranteed for life. Made in Sweden.
LAVA ball Series|To the galaxy and beyond.
Have Solar System inspired LAVA balls in stainless steel, Titanium, Brass, and Aluminium spin with aroma on your desk.
BlockFace - A Stamp Kit to Explore Typography & More
Construct various typefaces and designs for your artworks, handmade signs, T-shirts & more. By Will Mower and the Open Press Project.
NITECORE EMR30SE -Mini Electronic Mosquito Repeller Box
NEW EDC | New FCB Heating System| Ultra Compact|Lightweight | Gift | Gadget | Design | Outdoor | Camping | Mosquito Repeller | NITECORE
Oshid Amber: The First Mechanical Keycaps Set with 3D Legend
Inspired by Real Amber Gemstone, Elevating Keyboard Aesthetics, and typing experience, Turn your workspace into an art
Jollylook Pinhole SQUARE - The Instant Film Camera DIY Kit!
It’s a functional camera. It’s a project. It’s a puzzle. It’s a model. All in one.
N-Power: Innovative Pocket-Sized Tool for Stress Management
Discover N-Power, a versatile, adaptive fidget gadget designed to alleviate stress, boost focus, and transform your day-to-day life.
MagFlött Pro Magnetic Stand & Mount for Apple iPad / iPhone
You asked, we listened. A HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE Magnetic Stand for iPad. After our successful and original MagFlött Stand, we’re back!
xCool SuperCare: World's First 2-in-1 Hair & Hand Dryer
More Functions, Half Price | High-Speed | No Heat Damage | Salon-Grade | Whisper Quiet | Magnetic Nozzles | Hair Dryer Holder
DaVinici: The world's first watch with a coffee-paper dial
The world's first watch with a coffee-paper dial
MyCanoe SOLO 2: The Foldable Canoe That Fits In a Closet
Tested by thousands of paddlers - 11 years of innovation. MyCanoe Solo 2 is the lightest, simplest and most affordable portable canoe.
Chic & Sophisticated Lamp
Rook EDC Flashlight - Reylight X Vosteed
1800/3000 Lumens|Programmable UI |TIR Optics | Hight CRI | Sapphire Lens | Compact |Lightweight |Maximum Performance | IPX-7
ION XL: Clip Edition
A beef cake of a pen machined in Titanium & Aluminium
Redgrass R9 Desk Lamp For Creative People
One Lamp To Light Everything: Arts, Crafts & Miniatures. Experience True Color with a Powerful, Beautiful and Functional Desk Lamp.
COSMIC EYE 2.0 - Your window into space
A disk-shaped kinetic sculpture that delivers infinite beautiful flow patterns with a sweep of your hand.
The Skeleton Series by MAKT - Norwegian Design
Experience the Skeleton Series from MAKT. Automatic watches that blend elegance and superior craftsmanship, offering affordable luxury.
Model Orbital - Unison Watches. Unique design meets quality
Unique design that's never seen before. Brought to life with top quality material and construction by Design driven Canadian Microbrand
AirClip | Hold Your AirTag Safe for Lifetime
Titanium | Apple AirTag Holder | Lifetime Warranty | Everyday Carry | Heavy Duty
OVD Saturnian : A Sapphire Crystal Watch With A 3D Saturn
First 3D Saturn Watch. Our 12th Watch campaign. Welcome to Saturn. Choose: Saphire Crystal or Steel | Swiss or Japanese movm't
Waschii® -Foldable Waschiing Machine for Minimalist Travel
The Travellers Best Friend! Fits in your pocket, washes your clothing quickly and easily!! Keeps you clean and fresh wherever you go!!!
SPERAS E21: Super Powerful Pocket Flashlight with 21700 Cell
2000 Lumens | 322 Meters Range | 220H Runtime | LG 21700 Cell | 128mm | 5000mAh | IP68 | OTG Connector | Lifetime Warranty
The Nomad Cape: 4-in-1 hammock for all outdoor adventures
4-in-1 comfortable hammock that easily transforms into a rain poncho, a picnic blanket, and a shelter. Light, compact, and durable
Microblade Pill XL - small gadget you didn't know you needed
EDC cutting tool hidden in a tiny capsule.
The Grip Sling
A modular daily carry Sling that adapts to your shape and protects your gear, including your camera.
Human Collectibles from The Owl House
Sending off The Owl House with a final goodbye by doing what we do best- MAKING MORE FANDOM MADE PRODUCTS for all of the Boiling Isles!
Marcus Aurelius - The real Damascus Knife Series
Tradationally handforged damascus knife Series with stainless steel feature from Solingen Germany
Mana | Inspiring Everyday
A smart gadget that ignites your creativity and positive thinking with 'Calm Technology'
Titanium | Meta Clicker
Top Grade CNC Machined Titanium | Meta Clicker | Everyday Carry Haptic Gadget
ADV Tennis Jetpack Collection
Performance tennis bags that redefine the norm
Vacufur: Handheld 2-in-1 Pet Grooming Vaccum Kit
Wireless & Portable / Different Brushes / Strong Suction / Low Noise / Light Weight
SplatterDōm: Customizable Stove Guard That Does So Much More
The world's only dual sided, dual sized, collapsible and microwave/dishwasher safe splatter guard.
UNO XL: Stainless Steel Pen For HI-TEC-C
Minimalist stainless steel pen with retractable twisting cap/section for Pilot's HI-TEC-C refills.
This elegant GMT dive watch is packed with many interesting features with a highly engineered, reliable and with a splash of color.
OffGrid Faraday Wallet - Your Next Cybersecurity Solution
The OffGrid Switch transforms from an everyday wallet to a high-security mobile phone case cutting off all electronic signals.
The Ultimate EDC Pocket Knife with Replaceable Blade & Comb
Dual Action Automatic Utility Knife Made of Aluminum/ Titanium/ Zirconium, The EDC Switch-comb of Replaceable Design with Bottle Opener
Hoomtree Pet Fountain-Filter Out Hidden Danger, Love Safer
Interesting Vortex Water Flow Catch Pets' Eye| Double Filter, Healthy Care| Wireless Supply,No Leakage Risk| App Record Water Variation
Superslim Camel Leather Wallet | Upgraded
A super slim, robust wallet handcrafted from Camel Leather and Silk Thread.
Lifetime Vintage Camel Leather Wallet | Customizable
A vintage, unisex, robust, and handmade wallet crafted from thick camel leather and silk thread – designed to last a lifetime.
Genshin Impact Adventure Map ✧ Enamel Pins
Enamel pins series consisting of 10 characters from genshin impact! Share this project to help it reach more people.
Hypath 8-in-1 Transformer Adventure Backpack
Switch from Backpack to Roller | Attach the Day Pack | Max Carry-On Space So You Skip Baggage Fees and Lines
Der vergessene Bauhaus-Schemel - Alle anderen sind nur Hocker. | The forgotten Bauhaus-Schemel - Everything else is just a stool.
The Special Project with "THE JONES RAMBO KNIFE DESIGN EDITION II" comes with a special display stand for only 100 rewards.
MONBREY - Wedge Era Inspired Antimagnetic Mechanical Watch
'70s Wedge Era design inspired watch equipped with Faraday cage and Japan-made mechanical calibre
Embrace THE E-TO KNIFE, Crafted with Passion by Jones Style.
Celebrate the Tradition: Embrace THE E-TO KNIFE, Crafted with Passion by Jones Style.
CJRB Perfect Pyrite Project
Best pocket knife from CJRB, offering 15 scales + left/right-handed versions support + 4 budget-friendly lines!
Tech Sling XI Pro - The Power of Mobility 🏃
Move quickly and confidently through any situation. Elevate your game with our cutting-edge sling bag technology and design
Truncated Icosahedron: A titanium & steel wireframe model
The 1996 Nobel Prize winning Buckminsterfullerene molecule constructed out of a single piece titanium or steel Icosahedron cage.
Make 100: Nọrọ - A stool to display your personal collection
Keep your favorite records and books nestled in a Nọrọ table in your home. Assemble without nails in 20 seconds. Made in Canada.
G'rilla Box: Self-Cleaning Mouthguard Case
Never forget to clean your mouthguard again.
The Lotus Bowl: Bamboo Salad Set for To-Go Lunches
We are launching a compartmentalized salad bowl set made with bamboo. Keep your lunch crunchy, fresh, and looking great!
Our Newest Men's Scent 🇬🇧 Fresh, Versatile, Unique
Experience Artisan Fragrance | From The Team Behind 6 Scents Seen in British GQ 'Best Men's Fragrances'
Meet NOVA: The Convertible Duffle Garment Luggage w/ Wheels
✓Created based on 1000+ feature requests | ✓Roll it, Carry it, Slide it on |✓Pick your size & color |✓Pick Leather or Canvas 🧳
The Bitty Bidet: Threaded Ultralight Hiking Bottle-Cap Bidet
Simple and intuitive solution for hygiene on the go.
EVO REPEL: 3-in-1 Outdoor Mosquito Repeller Lantern
Rechargeable/Built-in 14400mAh Battery/2X Repellent Effects/50s Fast Heating/Power Bank/10-30FT Protection Zone/3000 Lumens Lantern
Quartet: A side table that transforms into four stools
Make space for hanging out
The 38L Hybrid Duffle Pack: for a new era of travel
This innovative design, in collaboration with renowned explorer Ed Stafford, is made from recycled plastic and captured CO2 emissions.
The Chill Series|For Nonstop Summer Cool Drinks
A trio designed for beer, wine, and whisky lovers with fast cooling stainless steel base, self-bubble-generating technology, and more.
The Moonlight Blade Titanium Flipper Utility Folding Knife
Flipper Pocket Utility Knife Designed for Practical Use and Made to Last Forever.
Nihonryokan: Reviving Japanese Traditional Inns
A booking platform dedicated to reviving the declining ryokan industry, ensuring its preservation and empowering a flourishing future!
Moggie: the smart wearable device for cats
Moggie analyses cat behavior to bring valuable insights that lead to a longer & healthier relationship with our furry friends.
Archetype | Mesmerizing Time Display with Exposed Mechanics
Two new unique and affordable automatic watch collections designed by the Watches.com team. Back with confidence and save big.
ProtoArc Modular HubMouse with Customizable HUB
Bluetooth & 2.4G Wireless Mouse | 4K HDMI | 60W PD Type-C Port | USB 3.0 | All Perfectly Integrated Into One, Yet Customizable
Dreamy Mini Alley - Cozy Nights and Book Nook Mystery
Immerse yourself in a captivating book nook, brimming with mystery and charm, each secret tucked away leading to a treasure hunt.
MAROLE & WOOD is a watch brand crafted with passion and stories to tell. Based in Singapore. Inspired by the Greats. Designed to last.
Poplight! Wall lighting for everyone 🌈
Contemporary, beautiful wall lighting that installs in *seconds* without leaving a mark on your wall.
The Living Crystal: Your Meditation Partner
An energy amplifier that helps you focus, deepen your meditation practice and discover your true self.
TOUCH Disc Golf
Simple, Functional, Elegant Disc Display Solutions, Designed With The Disc Golf Lifestyle In Mind
SDS ULTRA PLUS - Mini Electric Drill Pen & Benchtop Press
4-Speed /OLED Display /Cordless /Rechargeable /360-Degree Rotation /Adjustable Height /Aluminium case /10 HSS Bits /LED Lights /500mAh
Sailor Moon Cafe Part 2 Hard Enamel Pins
Sailor Moon Character hard enamel pins based off their original maid cafe design, featuring more characters.
B-2 Pocket Blade - Designer Pocket Knife
High Quality Pocket Knives for Everyday Carry - Inspired by the B-2 Stealth Bomber Airplane
Calf Buster - Fast Portable Calf Muscle Developer
Tone, grow, or rehabilitate your calves with a comfortable, focusing, mechanical action.
Sunfeet: The Fashion Chopstick
The elegant chopstick that brings style, function, and sustainability meet at the dining table
The Prospector's Bar
A precious metal heirloom as timeless as the mountains from which the silver ore was mined.
Chatham X Emma Harling Mohair and Merino Wool Throw
A supremely soft, natural, American made throw blanket
Medieval Kits: Build a Tiny War Machine
The extraordinary device that throws paper wads at your co-worker. Desktop Trebuchets, Catapults, and Ballistas.
LORESUM LS03 - THE MOON Mechanical Regulator Watch $639
$639 | In-house Regulator | Moon indicator | Miyota9015 | Aventurine | Sapphire crystal | Multi-polishing case | #ProjectWeLove
Firefly Lightning Bug Enamel Pin
We're making glow-in-the-dark hard enamel pins to celebrate fireflies and the spark of idea generation.
The easiest way to create healthy long-term habits for the whole family
3 in 1 Air Shoe | sandals | wading shoes | casual sneakers
ice silk quick-drying | multiple-layer shock absorption | not stuffy or smelly feet
ChefDoodler - The Sugar Pen for the Modern Baker
Developed by the inventors of the 3Doodler 3D Pen, ChefDoodler lets you draw sugar creations in seconds.
Dashboard Wireframe Kit 2nd Edition
The design thinking formula for designing dashboards that drive action, engages stakeholders, and places focus on business value.
iForce Chronos:Professional Augmented Reality (AR) Headphone
40mm Dynamic Drivers | Proprietary Sound Spatial Audio Tech | Designed for VR, Gaming, Home Theater | BT 5.0 | Unique Vibration System
Lemokey L3 | A 2.4 GHz QMK Custom Mechanical Keyboard
2.4 GHz with 1000 Hz polling rate. Full metal body. Remap with QMK/VIA. Connect with up to 3 devices via Bluetooth. Hot-swappable.
Salvage Bronze | Patina Is The New Black
The One-Of-A-Kind Patina'd Dial || 8 Colours || Hand Patina'd Dial from the States
Runner’s Wallet: Engineered to Outpace, Designed to Outlast
The Next Step in Wallet Technology - Versatile, Modular, and Lightweight.
The latest best MANMOWER™
Tweaked blades and assembly in our all-rounder manual hair trimming tool. The unique, truly #sustainable #beard #razor
The Asymmetrical Aesthetic Mechanical Chronograph - BODERRY
Elegant and precise mechanical chronograph with luxurious domed sapphire crystal,crafted from top-quality material for unbeatable value
Sponge n' Go: Mini Travel Sponges & Instant Stain Removers ✨
For trips, camps, work & your pocket - Sponge n' Go® is a dual-function fix for both your clothes stains & dirty containers on-the-go!
Solidteknics Söliditi™ 25cm Chef/Carving Knife
A chef knife and carving knife, all in one solid piece! Cast in the USA, hand-crafted in Australia. The ultimate purist's knife.
Shaper Trace: Go from Sketch to Vector in Seconds
A drawing toolkit for the maker, fabricator, or designer
Plague Birb Plush
The Plague Doctor's Beloved Companion
Dollypaca the Strawberry Alpaca Vinyl Art Toy
Dollypaca is a sweet and friendly alpaca doll who resembles a strawberry. She is eager to meet you!
Y-Glasses 2.0
Rimless |Magnetic |Titanium|5-in-One| |Sunglasses|Near/far-sighted glasses|Night Glasses|3D Glasses|Photochromic lens|Anti blue light
TGIF! Friday the Squaredy Cat
"Friday"is a horror parody plush to add to your collection
Blessing Loop: An Endless Unfolding Card Of Family Wishes
Bring to life the traditional blessing of the children with never-ending layers of meaning in this hands-on art piece.
Tiny RPG Universe Plushies
A hungry little dino, a mysterious penguin, and more super soft and adorable friends from Tiny RPG Universe ready for a new home!
Piximakey: The mobile stop motion studio
Turn your tablet or smartphone into a movie set, featuring different stands, backdrops, and modeling clay.
HAUS is a uniquely beautiful playhouse with a modernist design heritage that promotes activity, exploration, and creativity. Ages 3+
Indoor Kingdoms - Inflatable Playhouses
Beautiful inflatable playhouses! Great for people who have limited space or don't want their home looking like a preschool.
Limbo: Saga of Noadin
75mm miniatures from Limbo Eternal War
Canbot 3oz! Limited Edition Art Toy Blindbox Series!
Limited edition collectible toys by 16 world-famous artists. Brought to you by the original Toy Mafia Clutter & UK Street artist Czee13
Mighty Maniax: Horror & Gaming Inspired Glyos Action Figures
Mighty Maniax is a new line of 3" Glyos action figures inspired by cartoons and videos games of the '80s and '90s.
Warhammer 40,000 Cadian Officer
The first ever officially licensed Warhammer 40,000 Astra Militarum Cadian Officer produced in 1:6th Scale
Punny Paint Party PLUSHIES
The paint droplet plush toys (with their fave foods) are ready to come to life!
GRETA THE GREAT™ - A playful solution to plastic pollution.
The toy made from discarded ocean plastic.
Fluffy Anxiety Fox Plush!
Anxiety Fox plush toy.. but in full fluffy form!
Lay and Play Adventure Mat for Babies on the Go
Packable, portable, compact - this travel friendly baby activity mat is ready for play anywhere you want to go.
Kids Multiplication Gloves: An engaging & fun way to learn
Gloves with colorful (1 to 10) multiplication tables to engage your kids in a fun exercise to easily learn & memorize the tables.
KitySquish - The Big Footed Kitty plush (FULLY FUNDED!)
The adorable big footed kitty plush & enamel pin!
Bulby for kids | A game of ideas with light and shadow
Be a genius with the art of combinations. Learn Design Thinking with tangible play.
creating sand art in a unique way to de-stress and ease your mind
Baby Glitch - Silicone Video Game Controllers For Kids!
Bringing Families Together Through Gaming. Movable Joysticks, Pressable Buttons & 100% BPA Free Silicone. For Kids 3+ months & Up!
Little Creatives | modern play furniture
Made for kids. Designed for parents.
Modulumi | A DIY Paper Lamp Craft Kit
A modular 3D geometric super-system with flex-pieces™ that interweave to create unique structures that you can make glow
Dragon Flutter Plushie Fairy Dragon & Dragon Enamel Pins
A cute dragon fairy plush to cuddle by fantasy artist Nina Bolen. Plus enamel pins, and stickers!
Beasts of the Mesozoic: Tyrannosaur Series Action Figures
Beasts of the Mesozoic is a line of scientifically accurate, dinosaur action figure collectibles with elaborate detail and articulation
JAMU - für die Kunstwerke eurer Kinder
JAMU zeigt, ordnet und schützt. Der Rahmen bietet Platz für über 100 Bilder. Er wird lokal, und sozial in der Schweiz produziert.
Big Mat - Play, Create, & Grow!
Connectable, interactive, and multi-purpose playmat designed purely for a more fun, comfortable, and safer playtime experience.
Terraria Limited Edition Figures Wave 1A
Collect the Player in Shadow Armor wielding Light's Bane, the enchanting Dryad, and the ghastly boss Eye of Cthulhu. In production now!
Swingly: A Space-Saving Doorway Playhouse 🌟
Transforming every day doors into fun creative play spaces!
Help Save Amaranth and Augustine! Delightful Demons Plush
Amaranth and Augustine didn't make their stretch goal in my last Kickstarter, so here is one just for them! Let's get them funded!
Vivi-Bear & Sweetie Shiba Plush
The Cyndercake mascots brought to life as adorable plushies!
Home Play Gym plus App - Brainrich Kids
We’re expanding our Home Play Gym Experience! Help us bring collaborative playtime to kids across the country with our brand new app!
AR Micro-Blocks — The First AR-enabled Microscope
Designed for at-home learning, outdoor exploration, science experiments, classroom learning, and more!
Delightful Demons Plush
Your new friends are waiting - Embrace your demons today!
Plush-A-Pet – Love your pet? Get a cuddly, plush copy!
Make a lovable plush animal clone of your favorite pet.
Dice Goblin Plushie!
Store your dice in style. I promise it will give them back . . . maybe . . .
Maude the Mushroom Plushie
Help us make this cute cartoon into a soft, huggable, squishy plush toy!
Damocles, part 2 WTC buildings, terrain for Tabletop Game
- Grimdark buildings and terrain for competitive wargame WTC. - Industrial buildings simplified structures for sci-fi roleplay.
oh...little sweet, Blind Box Art Toy Figure 【OLS 盲盒藝術玩具公仔】
little sweets share their little thought 願生活多一顆糖
SmoreMermaid Town Teddyton Plush, Plushie and Kawaii Bag
Meet Teddyton the English Cub who is on a lovely adventure in the blooming springtime. He wants to preserve your childlike heart.
Pocket Swing: The Packable Adventure Swing
Durable, Packable, and Made in America. We guarantee you will be looking up at the trees with a new perspective!
Creepy Kawaii's 10th Anniversary Collection
Six re-imagined plush, five leggings, and a warm scarf with lots of creepy cute character rewards!
Mogu the Mush Plush 🍄
Meet Mogu! A super squishy and adorable friend that comes with interchangeable accessories
Yeuxsurleprix Vinyl Figure
'Autopilot' figure
Biscuit the Raccoon & Bani the Red Panda Plushies
Your favorite trash panda and red panda with their own removable backpacks and mini plush inside!
💦🐻Moist Bear Plushie Pillow🐻💦
♡ Original cute bear plush throw pillow & more! ♡
Witchy Baby Goat Plushies
Huggable baby goat plushies to help you live deliciously!
Squaredy Cats Halloween Chase Scene
Spoopy Squaredy Cats plushies get CHASED by Scary Squaredy Cats plushies
Faulty Dogs Resin Toys
This project will produce the first two Faulty Dogs designer resin art toys.
My Lady - Designer Toy
6" Tall resin designer figure and hard enamel pins
Periwinkle the Little Mushroom Boi
A Magnetic Shoulder Buddy Plush!
Locke the Mothman and Baby Bat Plush
Mothman and Baby Bat want to be your friend!
Jolly Cat Plushie
Squaredy Cats' iconic Jolly Cat logo comes to life as a spoopy plush character
Bananasaurus Rex Plush
Hug our most popular fruit dinosaur in our first ever plush
AAA! Potato Plush and Pouch
A cuddly potato companion :)
Lunar Moth Plush
A snuggle-bug!
Lydia the Luna Moth and Lenore the Rosy Maple Moth Plush
Luna Moth and Rosy Maple Moth plush & rewards inspired by the everlasting love between the Sun and the Moon.
Peekabook - Educational Toy for Creative Learning
This is going to change children’s books forever. Peekabook is an educational toy for interactive storytelling and discovery.
Fruitiest Orange Juice Plushies - Wave 3!
You've asked for it, we deliver! The plushies are back with 4 of the most highly anticipated new characters!
Liquid Bomb - Resuable Self Sealing Water Balloons
Quick Fill Splash Fun Outside Pool Beach Toys
Canine Circus - Plush Collection
Welcome to the Circus! Help bring these clowns to life ~
Boone the Bear Plush Toy
Boone the bear is soft and cuddly with removable hats ✨
Pon Plush
Cute plushie animal series inspired by Japan! 7 different stuffed animals including a cat, kitsune, frog, tanuki, octopus and bunny!
ToyHaus: a uniquely beautiful mini-playhouse for all kids
ToyHaus is a washable, popup mini-playhouse with a modernist design heritage that promotes creativity, fun, and exploration. Ages 4+
Dark & Sweet Plush Collection by Squaredy Cats
Darkly themed plush characters with a sweet edge
Nim, Blu and Grump - Frog Plushies
A bunch of friend shaped frogs to join you on life's adventures 🐸🍄✨
Samie: the baby whale shark mochi plushie
A small squishy and round friend looking for an adventure 🐋
Cute Bunny Wolf Magnet Friend Plush Keychain | MochiakAhwoo
Meet Mochiak & AhWoo, the beloved white bunny and grey wolf duo who spread happiness worldwide through their cute animation and comics!
AIRWOLF™ 1:18 Scale Toy Helicopter
It's about time...
PicnicPals - Paulie the Picnic Bear Plushie
A lovable 11'in strawberry scented bear plush along with adorable friends, stickers, keychains, and more!
Sprout Cow Plushies
Help bring to life Sprout Cow and friends! This colorful herd of cattle are inspired by the plants around us, and each come with a pot!
Spooky Gang Bear Plushies Collection
✨Special edition bears with their own plush display coffins!✨
SCP Foundation Action Figures
FUNDED IN MINUTES! - Secure Contain & Protect these Limited Run, Art Toys OR Unpainted Tabletop Miniatures! A Creative Commons Event.
Stimagz - Magnetic Stim Toy For ADHD & Autistic Adults
A high-quality stim toy designed to provide a balance of physical and cognitive stimulation.
Make 100: DNA assemblable plush toy
A geek toy with which you can show the stages of cell division.
Skoshie & Friends: Positivity Plushies
Jumping off the pages of a children's book, this lovable plushie trio can't wait to become friends with you!
Odious 1:12 Scale Action Figure!!!
Odious The Living Curse!
BISHY BISHY BASH: Knit Dolls That Teach Self-Love
100% premium cotton knit dolls that empower kids with positive affirmations and daily mindfulness practices.
Bugkiss — Little Lips for Bug Lovin's
Bugs are so small, and your lips are so strong. I'm here to fix that.
Dark Wizard Tower STL - Gold Pledge!!!
3D Printable STL Files, medieval, Terrain for Tabletop, Role Playing Games, Wargames and dnd.
Bitty Basilisk Plushie
A very Cranky Chook Dragon to keep you warm and cozy!
Cute Slime Monsters
3D printable toys and tabletop models
Neapolitan Ninjas Mini Plushies
The Ice Cream themed mini plush Squaredy Cats Collection
MEGA Chomp The Yeti 12" Vinyl Figure
He's a fun loving, fluffy yeti, and now he's bigger than ever!
The Lotls: Kawaii Axolotl Plushies and Stickers • Evy Benita
An adorable collection of Lotl plushies and stickers!
Fidget Art #03 | Every Cube Unique
Every side of every aluminum cube made unique by our custom algorithm. Made by Design The Everything in Indiana.
Ambessa Play: A DIY Flashlight
A wind-up flashlight kids can build. For every kit you buy, a refugee child out of school receives one for free. Stretch goal £50k!
Square Bear!
Square Bear: Eco-friendly cuddles on the go! Sustainable plushie keyring for kawaii lovers. Adorable, portable, and planet-conscious.
Ron the Macaron Crab - Angel Balms Plush Collection
A soft and squishy macaron crab plush with arm-swinging action!
Once in a Blue Moon: A Lunar Jackalope Collection
Celestial Creatures Looking to Add a Little Magic to Their Forever Homes!
Wall XD: Expandable Displays
The expandable, adaptive, and customizable display for your action figures
RPG Adventurers Return
Pre-Supported Stl files for 3d printing in 32mm scale for DnD, tabletop rpgs, boardgames or 75mm for collectable statues
The Kawaii Kind Cows Plush Collection
Adorable baby cows ready to be adopted with unlockable matching cow hats!
Honeypuff Plushies
Fluffy cat fairies here to hold onto your wishes and dreams--only if you have sweets to trade, of course!
Tatted Terrors Enamel Pins
A kickstarter to support the production of some ghoulish girlies with tats, designed by Maidfetish.
Canton Roast Pig ←→ Piggy!Transformable Plush Toy
2 types transforming experimental toy
Yuri & Friends - Dinosaur plushies
A dinosaur plush series by Therbis
HoomKid Screen-Free Storyteller Helping Kids Master Emotions
Developed with child psychologists, 96 stories, meditations & activities to help kids understand, express & manage their emotions.
Roost Laptop Stand | Free yourself from laptop neck pain
The most effective way to improve posture and help eliminate pain and Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) for laptop users.
Alien Kitty Squish Friend
Out-of-this-world cute Alien Kitty squish is here to be your new friend! Will you adopt your very own alien kitty?
The AGUA. A totally new way to carry your camera!
It's not just a bag, it's not just a strap, It's AGUA! A super-protective, quick-draw, fully-adjustable revolutionary camera carrier.
Whispering Imps®: Gamesters Edition Playing Cards
An innovative new deck of playing cards redesigned for card players from the ground up.
Keap: Athletic Shorts Reimagined
Introducing Keap - Modern athletic shorts designed to keep your phone, keys and wallet from falling out of your pockets.
The SuperVizor - A Visor Mounted Lifesaver!
The patent-pending SuperVizor was designed by a Paramedic to enable you to keep a lifesaving tool within reach in every car you own!
Invergo | The First Automated Pour Over Coffee System
We are changing the way people experience coffee at home and making it accessible to everyone.
Beer Ranger Badge
Beer Ranger Badge works as a keychain, bottle opener, & money clip. It clips to belts and sticks to fridges so it's always at hand.
CARBONEER - Ultralight Minimal Carbon Fiber Key Clip for EDC
Stylish, ultra-light, and modern carbon fiber belt clip keeps your keys organized and within reach at all times. MUST HAVE for EDC GEAR
SAFE Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Plus
The ULTIMATE Protective iPhone 6 Plus Wallet Case with built-in kickstand and Secret Stashes! Simplify Your Wallet—Simplify Your Life!
M.Link Titanium / Aluminum Belt Buckle
MLink Ti/Al belt - Crazy Strong, Lightweight, Dead Sexy, CNC'd Titanium or Aluminum !
Pluggy Lock - Twist and GO!
It enables you to anchor your device easily wherever you want thanks to the headphone hole. For all smartphones and tablets.
Airplant Nest
A set of organically shaped, durable, flexible fingers that gently hold airplants on indoor and outdoor walls.
Doodie Bag- holds your crap, and your dog crap too!
The Double Doodie Bag has found a solution to walks, runs and hikes, by eliminating the smelly problem surrounding your dog’s waste.
Mammoth Hockey Bags
Bombproof Beer League Hockey Bags. Made in the USA.
Belle-V Ice Cream Scoop
This beautiful Belle-V ice cream scoop feels great in your hand, works brilliantly and is crafted to last and last.
INFINITY PILLOW: One pillow, endless possibilities.
The soft, portable & stylish Infinity Pillow invites you to take a break, start twisting, wrapping and have fun! Anywhere and any way.
Whispering Imps®: Limited Edition Gamesters Playing Cards
The ultra-luxury collectors version of an innovative new deck of playing cards redesigned for card players from the ground up.
Lens/Focus Shifter - Lens Mounted Follow Focus
A stand-alone follow focus and focus marker board that can be used on any DSLR camera lens. No extra equipment is required. Made in USA
Zipi: magnetic earbud strap
Zipi makes your earbuds simply disappear into the background when they are not needed.
Une Bobine for iPhone 5|C|S
The Charge|Sync|Stand|Dock Cable Now for iPhone 5|C|S
A Revolutionary Chalkbag - HULA & KANGAROO
An integrated chalkball helps climbers chalk up better.
SPOTLITE Undies: High-Performance Period Panties
Bringing confidence to women with protective underwear that blocks odor and stains with anti-microbial technology and materials.
Cold Bruer: A Cold Brew Coffee System
Cold Bruer celebrates the slow drip brewing process with a clean, simple, and compact design
WELtip - Toothpaste Delivery System for Water Flossers
Now available at weldental.com - WELtips, WELtabs and WELflossers! A huge thank you to all or our supporters!!!
Sparse Bicycle Lights
Cycling illumination unlike the rest. Put them on, forget about them and ride.
Balance Counterweight for the FocusShifter DSLR Follow Focus
Follow Focus for DSLR has a new counterweight that Balances the FocusShifter, keeping your shot in focus when the lever is released.
Capture Camera Clip System
A device that allows your camera to be rigidly secured to your body while maintaining total accessibility. Find freedom with your SLR
The TILT: The Coolest Cooling Stand for the MacBook Pro
The sleekest, slimmest, most awesome cooling stand exclusively designed & engineered for the aluminum unibody MacBook Pro.
TILT Stealth: The Ultimate MacBook Pro Cooling Solution
The cooling revolution begins. Built to a whole new level of quality & cooling power all with a beautiful minimalist design.
Rhino Shoulder Rig for DSLR, BMCC, RED Epic & GoPro Cameras
The new definition of camera rigs. The first completely modular, fully-adjustable, camera-specific shoulder rig.
Pinocchio Barrique (barrel) Bottle. Drink the future u want!
Age now your wine, whiskey, grappa, brandy in 72 hours.
Meet Pinch! The smallest Ti tool made with 11+ functions
PINCH! Our smallest Titanium multi tool to date! Packing 11+ functions in under 1.5" x .5". The go-to tool when you're in a Pinch!
URBAN PACK - A versatile 4-in-1 minimalist field bag.
Inspired by the dynamic city lifestyle. It converts to a sling pack, crossbody pack, shoulder pack & hip pack. Perfect for any day.
Hatch Pet Carrier for Cats and Dogs
The first and only pet carrier with a patented no-escape Direct Reach hatch. Peace of mind for you and your pet.
The Calligraph Duneshore: An Unexpected Watch
A mechanical watch of original and unexpected design, inspired by sand dunes, sculpture, and the beauty of calligraphy.
LE LOUP: bottle opener + comb + box cutter + pry + keychain
A haberdashery multi tool that looks as good as it works. Keep Le loup at your side day and night.
Auto Locating Magnetic Key Chain. Made in Canada by YNOT
This Auto Locating Magnetic Key Chain is made in Toronto, Canada using unique materials and hardware from the USA and around the world.
Blue Planet Inflatable SUP board project
Help us kickstart our line of 2014 Inflatable Blue Planet Stand Up Paddleboards! Portable, Durable and Fun. Stand Up Paddle anywhere!
True Taste Titanium Cup and Package
Experience the truest taste of your favorite liquid with our double-walled Titanium Cup, Titanium Straw, and Titanium Cooling Stones.
Range Mug - Handcrafted Leather Mug From A Mason Jar
Range Mug transforms a mason jar into a travel mug, drink ware, coffee cup, canteen, or pint glass. For camping to business meetings.
BiTool: Best Integrated Tool to ease your daily life
A smart and compact ratchet with magnet for convenient assembling and easy operating. Integrate with multiple bits for everyday use.
SAFE Wallet Case for iPhone 6—Simplify Your Everyday Carry!
The ULTIMATE Protective iPhone 6 Wallet Case with built-in Kickstand and SAFE Pen! Simplify Your Wallet—Simplify Your Life!
Ultra-Thin Watches with Swiss Movements and 60s Style
Versatile, stylish and affordable quality. With unique tweed and leather straps.
Dream Car
Build your own dream car. Collectible toys made from natural wood, patented magnetic system and finished with chalkboard paint.
TIMEDOCK Charging Dock for Pebble Time & Steel Smartwatch
A home for your Pebble Time & Time Steel smartwatch. Dock and display your watch while charging and keep it usable when off your wrist.
Split Strap - Most Comfortable, Ergonomic and Adaptive Strap
Free your shoulder from uncomfortable straps. The ergonomic Split Strap maximizes comfort and works on a variety of applications.
Trivae: Art and Function at Work in Your Kitchen
The perfect accessory for your kitchen. Lid holder, trivet & display piece in one, Trivae helps you cook cleaner and smarter!
MagLOCK Bike Pedal - Safe & Easy Way to Clip in to Your Bike
“You Rule Your Bike” with magnetically clipping bike pedals that make clipping in and out safe and easy.
Goblies: Hand Thrown Paintballs
Paintballs that you throw like water balloons
Nova Minimal Fountain Pen
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication". A minimal fountain pen in solid titanium or aluminium.
The levitating lamp that is first of its kind, Brilliant in design, Brilliant in technology.
The Spin Tray
Display your spinning top collection and swing away to reveal the perfect spin plate.
Minimalist Wallet by Trussly
The only minimalist wallet that fully closes, surprises and delights. Because important things go in a case.
Cthulhu Secret IDOL
Awesome figure with hidden secrets. High quality, hand-made with bronze finish, a unique piece for Lovecraft collectors. Lim. Ed.
Slim Wallet + Carbon Fiber Money Clip [RFID Protected]
It's a Slim Wallet with Removable Carbon Fiber Money Clip. Plus total RFID Protection and Smart Tabs. Sweet.
30th Anniversary Instrument Inspired Aviation Watches!
The Fusion of Time and Aviation Instruments Since 1984! Comfortable in a Cockpit or at a Cocktail Party!
New Life of Vinyl
A unique clock collection made of old vinyl records
Quicky - Magnetic Tactical Belt
A self-latching, quick-release belt for everyday wear. Speed adjustable for the perfect fit. CNC machined in the USA.
DIESEL FISH. Ultimate Rope Tie.
Skills like a Pirate in the palm of your hand. Titanium Sidekick stretch goal!
M-Plate: A Multi-Function Camera Tripod Plate System
A camera tripod plate system with modular attachment points and integrated Manfrotto RC2 / Arca-Swiss connections.
MOS Reach - Power Everywhere
Beautiful design and high-end components come together for the most elegant and flexible power solution in existence.
The Most Advanced Briefcase - Briefpack Utility XL
A Smart Utility Briefcase That Offers Three Ways of Carrying-Fully Convertible to Backpack,Briefcase and Carryon,Canadian Craftsmanship
Piranha - Knotless Gear Tie. Fish Bone 2.0
Paracord's new best friend.
Fidelis Tool: Durable Titanium Multi-Tool with 12+ Functions
Inspired by the Marine Corps motto Semper Fidelis, this tool is “Always Faithful” The Ti-TAG is NOW UNLOCKED! Fidelis NOW IN METRIC!
2011 Typographic Wall Calendar
Get a large (70x100cm) typographic wall calendar for the year 2011 made of two thousand eleven keyboard keys. Backers of $35 or more will get a print.
Giant Unicorn Lamp
Our design embodies the silhouette of our favorite magical icon, the unicorn. It glows a soft-light and has a kick-ass multicolor mode.
Pixel Vision - The handmade portable game system
Pixel Vision, a pocket-sized emulator for the dedicated gamer, handmade from solid American walnut. A true gaming jewel!
Tool Pen mini – Precision Bits
An elegant yet powerful multi-tool. Same Pop-A-Point design for different works. Perfectly collaborate with your Tool Pen together!
Edge Dominos - Bring New Life to a Classic Game
Edge Dominos are meticulously crafted from durable aluminum with no material wasted.
Gravity Hook: A high performance grappling hook.
Part mechanical claw, part grappling hook. Let's design this together. Delrin - Stainless - Titanium
Para TPS (Titanium Pulley System)
Super strong and lightweight Grade 5 Titanium Pulley System. Made for use with ParaCord, or your favorite 4mm line.
The Light Clock
A more beautiful way to tell the time. The Light Clock uses hands of coloured light to create a stunning timepiece.
TiGr: Titanium Lock as Cool as your Bike
A titanium bike lock that’s designed as cleanly and thoughtfully as a bike. It's secure but elegant, simple and easy to use and store.
Sprout: HiFi Stereo Amp that transforms the way you listen
Sprout asks only two questions: what do you want to listen to, and how loud? We take care of the rest.
Refold's Portable Cardboard Standing Desk
Flexible, foldable, portable, affordable & 100% recyclable. Refold’s cardboard standing desk will change the way you work!
Thomas Clipper: the best shave in history.
Natural soap, hand turned wooden bowls, brilliantly bristled brushes. Three centuries of history. A better, Britisher, morning.
AQUABOT: Makes Your Water Bottle Spray 25 Feet!
Turn your water bottle into a super soaker with 3 spray patterns. Great for camping, picnics, tailgating, backpacking, pets and more.
Snooze - The iPhone Alarm Dock with a Big Snooze Bar
We were tired of fumbling for our iPhone alarm in the morning, so we created Snooze – the bedside stand with a big rubber snooze bar.
tado° Cooling - Intelligent AC control
tado° Cooling turns any AC unit into a smart device: Auto-off, precooling, indoor presence detection and single room control.
The Public Radio - The Single Station FM Radio
The Public Radio is a single station pre-tuned FM radio in a Mason jar. Your station. Always there.
Throne Watch 1.0
Introducing the first ever Throne Watch. Designed in Brooklyn. Assembled in America.
Tenacious Exclusive Scott Tolleson Uncle Argh NOIR Mini Qee
This project is intended to fund the creation of the second colorway of Scott Tolleson's Uncle Argh Mini Qee: the NOIR Edition.
MIXED ANIMALS: How wild is your imagination?
Mixed Animals, a beautifully crafted plush with magnetic interchangeable accessories. Challenge your imagination!
Even more Awesome Wood Toys
Throwback wood toys, made from solid wood and inspired by vintage cars. Beautiful, nearly indestructible and super fast rolling.
Slide and Clutch: Versatile Camera Sling and Hand Strap
A camera sling strap and hand strap that are quick-connecting, quick-adjusting, comfortable, versatile and classically beautiful.
The Fourneau Bread Oven
The ultimate tool to help you bake the most beautiful and most delicious loaf of bread at home. Patent Pending.
Manual Coffeemaker No1
A pour-over coffee maker designed to elevate the ritual of making coffee by hand.
Nokē U-Lock: World's Smartest U-Lock
Smartphone Compatibility, Integrated Alarm, Full-Featured App, Nearly Indestructible Body. Protecting Your Bike has Never Been Better.
Pebble Time - Awesome Smartwatch, No Compromises
Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what's important in your day.
Ti2 Whar-Biner
The Whar-Biner is a purpose built titanium utility carabiner designed for every day carry - EDC - Multi - Tool
Baselamp - The Best Lamp Ever Made
A dimmable LED light designed to turn almost anything into a lamp – handmade in New York and built to work anywhere in the world.
Deus Ex Aria - Bluetooth Wearable Gesture Controller
BioSignal Control For Your Android Wear or Pebble Smartwatch! Deus Ex Aria lets you control your devices with simple finger movements
LINK — The Magnetic Belt by Restrap
Elasticated webbing and a magnetic buckle make 'Link' the most comfortable and easy belt you’ll ever use.
COSMOS: Timeless, Magnetic, Spaceship Building Blocks
Cosmos is a set of magnetic wooden blocks beautifully designed for explorers of all ages. Snap. Explore. Create.
Ferroflow - The First Fully Automatic Ferrofluid Sculpture
Ferroflow is an amazing blend of technology and interactive art.
Tableau : Automatic House Plant Watering Tray
Tableau is a work of art. It waters herbs and house plants in a wet-dry cycle using zero electricity, just like nature intended.
Watches to Travel through Time
klokers is a premium fashion watch & accessory brand enabling customizable style to match life's everyday moments.
Polar Ice Tray: The Perfect Ice for the Perfect Drink!
Having trouble making great drinks at home? Ice plays a key role! Enjoy high-quality drinks without going out to a bar.
The Everyday Messenger: A Bag For Cameras & Essential Carry
Beautiful, intelligent, adaptable. The Everyday Messenger is more than just an innovative camera bag. It’s a giant leap for bag-kind.
Boomerang - First ever "All-in-one iPad Mount & Stand"
Mounting system and iPad stand combined. A sleek combination of quality and simplicity.
KOGUMA : The Piggybank For Wildlife
Discover the Arctic in Augmented Reality and support Wildlife protection projects. 100% Ethical & Natural, delivery for Christmas !
Diecast Driftpad
Track for drifting diecast cars.
Bikegab - Leather Bicycle Frame Bag / Crossbody bag
Hand made affordable leather bicycle frame bag that gives your bike a nice fashionable touch and can be used as a crossbody bag!
Stanley: The Bendable Leather Stand for Any Phone + Cable
Made in the US of leather-covered bendable steel, Stanley Stand makes a proud departure from your typical techy metal docks.
B2 Wall Binder
Bring your collections out of hiding and display your favorites as art.
PARAX - the most elegant bike rack // MADE IN GERMANY
Designer bike-rack of the German start-up PARAX allows practical and elegant bicycle storage at home.
Foldio360 – A smart turntable to create stunning 360 images
Create your own unique 3D blog with the Foldio360 and a smartphone!
The Ultimate Portable Hammock Stand ~ Hammock Anywhere
You can Hammock Anywhere now with the worlds strongest, easiest and lightest portable hammock stand!
Meem: Keeping What's Most Important Within Reach.
Meem is a customized sterling silver ring with a cutout of the place that means the most to you.
Stainless Steel Ravioli Molds; Michelin Star Chef Approved.
Whether you make ravioli or dumplings, pierogi or pelmeni, these professional grade tools will last a lifetime. Proudly made in USA.
Bike Saddle Cover Keychain
2,5 Billion people in the world ride bikes, and not a single one looks forward to sit on a wet / dirty saddle
BONCHO, the bike poncho
BONCHO covers riders' bodies from head to toe when riding in the rain and neatly folds up for easy and compact storage.
Freestyle BivyPack - The backpack that turns into a tent
An ultralight backpack that turns into a small tent, saving weight and adding convenience for hikers, campers and freestyle travelers.
The Stone Cup || Refine Your Drinking Experience
Artisan-milled from metamorphic rock. Natural temperature regulation. Your drink's purest flavors.
"Oi" - The bike bell that doesn't look like a bike bell
Bike bells generally look and sound a bit ugly. But why? What if they looked sexy and sounded like an angel playing a glockenspiel?
The Marble Plates of America- and Coasters and Platters too!
Get your favorite state hand-cut from natural marble and laser engraved to add a personal touch!
The Everyday Backpack, Tote, and Sling
The world's best everyday bags. Designed by photographers to revolutionize camera carry, but built for everyone to organize your life.
loopit - Tangle free earbuds in 3 sec (seriously!)
Clasp loopit in 3 sec for tangle free earbuds. Put it in a bag or pocket or wear as a stylish necklace even through airport security!
The Pen. Rewritten.
An advanced, machined, aluminum pen built around our proprietary ContinuousCam technology for a limitless creative experience.
The New Glif: A Tripod Mount for Smartphones, Redesigned
This completely redesigned version of the Glif holds your smartphone securely in portrait or landscape with a quick release lever.
Rhythm Rattles- Solid Wood Baby Shakers
Formed from a solid piece of Ontario Wood, the rattles are finished with food safe mineral oil and are perfect for babies of any age!
Carbon Fiber Travel Guitars || KLOS Guitars 2.0
A new and improved KLOS Guitars design featuring a lighter, stronger, and better sounding carbon fiber travel guitar.
Rue Morgue Murderous Ape Tiki Mug from Horror In Clay
The Murderous Ape Tiki Mug is a ceramic mug based on Edgar Allan Poe's story "The Murders in the Rue Morgue" created by Horror In Clay
Pedal Forward: Bamboo Bicycles for All
Pedal Forward builds bamboo bicycles that turn heads without breaking the bank, while supporting bicycle access worldwide.
Manual Tea Maker Nº1
A minimalist brewer for "making tea with skill"
Capture Camera Clip v2
A durable metal clip that lets you carry your camera on any backpack strap, belt or bag. The ultimate tool for all photographers.
OTTOLOCK™ ● The Go-Anywhere Cinch Lock for Bikes & More
OTTOLOCK™ is an all-new cinch lock for both cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts who need a lightweight, compact, and secure solution.
RockSlide: Mechanical Front Pocket Wallet from Wastük
Attractive mechanical front pocket wallet that slides open to protect credit cards and cash from everyday use.
TERRA! Growing Furniture
A grass armchair made by cardboard frames. It grows in your garden and becomes part of your landscape. Stay in contact with nature.
Man of Mayhem Beer Badge
Man of Mayhem badge works as a bottle opener or money clip. It clips to belts and sticks to fridges so it's always within reach.
The Negg™ Maker: The World's Greatest Egg Peeler.
The Negg™ Maker makes peeling eggs ingeniously simple, fast and fun. Order today and join our growing family of Negg™ Heads.
Upper Cut
An elevated drinking experience. Handmade craftsmanship meets a disruptive design.
With the New Gold Claw GOLD Pan - Anyone Can Get GOLD
GOLD is over $1300 oz. With old style pans only experts can get it. New tech makes catching gold easy and fun, no experience is needed.
T-Ratchet Multi-Tool and Ti-Torque Travel Torque Extension
The Ultimate Portable, Multi-Configurable, Ultra-Fast Engagement Ratcheting T-Handle Tool AND 2-8Nm Titanium Torque Adapter
WeatherHYDE: an all season life-saving tent
The world's only reversible all season family tent designed to save the lives of homeless and vulnerable living in extreme weather.
RAVEAN WALLET | World's Most Functional Minimalist Wallet
GPS Crowd Trackable, RFID Blocking, Detachable Money Clip, 1-12+ Cards, Flexible & Light Weight Carbon Fiber, Durable, Minimal Design.
Kachula 2.0- The Packable Multi-Use Adventure Blanket
Waterproof, Packable and Versatile. The Kachula is the ultimate adventure blanket.
Ferrofluid: A Symbol of the Future 2.0
The best colored ferrofluid products you've ever seen.
Slap Bag: bike bag - insert phone,keys,food & SLAP IT closed
A bike handlebar mounted pouch that opens and closes with just one hand. The glove compartment your bike always wanted!
A fast watch: RSC "P51-Mustang" 100% Swiss made automatic watch with sapphire glass. High end watch starting at €495/£444/$540 !!!!
HICKIES 2.0 - The Evolution of Shoelaces
Turn your shoes into slip-on & never tie again. Make them look, fit and perform better. Now with adaptive technology. #LifeWithoutLaces
KeyMiK | The Ergonomic Carbon Fiber Key Organizer
A robust EDC key organizer designed for secure, comfortable, one-handed operation. Precision CNC milled from carbon fiber in Canada.
Quanta Clip | Support Open Hardware | Carbon Fiber Key Clip
Manufactured with open source CNC hardware, the Quanta Clip has been designed to support the OpenBuilds FairShare Give Back program.
Continuum Bag: The Best Carry-On for One Bag Travel
Discover the joys of one bag travel with the Continuum Bag, a tough, light carry-on with enough space for your laptop + 3-5 nights.
Write Your Own Adventure - 2017 Planner
A minimal, spacious, purpose-full planner for extraordinary minds.
WowieStar -USA Certified Medical Grade teething baby teether
Made of the safest Class VI USA FDA approved implantable medical grade silicone. Innovative solutions for back molars full coverage
Minimal Pull-Tab Wallets: Wally Sleeve & Bifold
Experience a wallet distilled to its essentials: Wally Bifold and Wally Sleeve, minimal wallets with our sneaky smart pull-tabs
Wally: The iPhone Wallet. Reimagined.
Wally is a slim, stick-on leather pocket who secretly and securely carries your must-haves on the back of your iPhone 4 or 5.
Une Bobine - For People Who Love iPhone... and Android
A flexible and eclectic stand, sync, and charging cable accessory for iPhone... and Android.
Leash and Cuff, by Peak Design
A versatile, quick connecting camera strap - neck strap, sling strap, safety tether and video stabilizer - all in one.
Puggily Ever After Princess Hard Enamel Pin Collection
A set of princess-inspired hard enamel pins
Plastic-free shampoo and conditioner
Free up your bathroom from so much plastic. Natural shampoo and conditioner bars that make your hair feel (and smell) really good.
EMOTIV INSIGHT: Optimize your brain fitness & performance
A sleek, multi-channel, wireless headset that monitors your brain activity and translates EEG into meaningful data you can understand.
MICRO | World's Smallest EDC Key Organizer EVER
The Lightweight, Compact & Minimal Key Holder + EDC Tool For All Of Your Key Carrying Needs.
#1st ever compact+modular travel pillow | Candy Cane™
A travel size travel pillow. Instantly inflatable . Extremely comfortable, 360 degree support with over 20 modes in one
Binka Bear - The Cuddly Way to Ditch Your Child's Pacifier
An adorable and "magical" plush bear with a beautiful storybook designed to help parents wean their child from the pacifier.
HAK 360 - Reversible . Stretchable . Minimalist Wallet
The best minimalist reversible and stretchable wallet that changes color in a snap.
ICON Genius | Organize your space with the Charging Cube
Tidy up messy chargers thanks to the perfect combination of technology and design, allowing to charge 6 devices up to 3 times faster.
Castle Windowed Pin Ita Bag & Limited Edition Pins
14" Pink or Pearl White Castle Windowed Pin Bag (ita bag) for showing off enamel/Disney pins, keychains, stickers etc and LE Pins
Lofree Digit Calculator: The 1st Retro Mechanical Calculator
A Retro Yet Mechanical Calculator.
FLECTR 360 OMNI – cycling at night with full 360° visibility
FLECTR 360 is winner of the Eurobike-Award 2018 & the first line of defense for your night ride!
Laserlight Core - Projection Bike Light for Safer Cycling
Laserlight projects the symbol of a bike 6m ahead of the rider, allowing them to be seen from the blind spot when otherwise hidden.
Universal Lens Cap 2.0 - The Only Lens Cap for Every Camera.
Fit for any photographer. 2 Sizes. Double the features. Never Falls Off, Never Lose It. Element Proof w/ a Lifetime Warranty.
SimCam - An Unparalleled AI Home Security Camera
AI Facial recognition | No false alert | 1080P | Starlight vision | Wifi | No Monthly Fee | Local storage | 2-way audio
The World's Most Secure Backpack - LOCTOTE Cinch Pack
Our lockable, slash-resistant backpack protects your belongings while you're carrying them and when you have to set them down.
DaySling 2.0 -Best Sling for Efficient Daily Use & Travel
DaySling 2.0 is a EDC bag made with cut & water proof material and hold all your essentials in a light, sleek, and secure bag.
CROSS SLING: The ONE Bag for You to Carry Without Any Mess
A discreet, super adaptive and quick-access MULTI-STYLE bag for the minimalist urban dwellers.
TRUBlanket - The World's Premiere Weighted Blanket
The world's best weighted blanket to help you relax in this stressful world. Great for supporting people with anxiety and insomnia.
Vigilante | The World's first Quad-Time-Zone Chronograph
Inspired by pilot & navigation watches. Overbuilt. Ultra-functional. Packed with ridiculous value. Say 'no' to boring.
Officially Licensed Child's Play 2 - Chucky Doll
One to one scale Child's Play 2 - Chucky Doll
Trivae 2.0: The Ultimate Tool For The Kitchen Lover
The perfect accessory for your kitchen. Lid holder, trivet & display stand in one, it helps make cooking easier, less messy & more fun!
YELKA △ The Minimalist Wooden Christmas Tree
A sustainable, ecological, child & pet friendly designer tree made of wood for the holidays that packs up efficiently for safe storage.
ATD1 Backpack: your ultimate travel and EDC companion
Gear shouldn’t slow you down: with flexible volume, multiple access and a versatile look, ATD1 is made in Italy to adapt to your needs.
A Better Charger for iPhone Users
Convenient and flexible iPhone power bank meant for daily use. Equipped with a cable for both charging and recharging.
Stealth 3.0 - Luxury Composite Smart Wallets By Vanacci
Precision Machined - Hand Assembled - Uniquely Personalised
The Travel Journal
The WANDRD Travel Journal is the perfect tool to help you plan, enjoy, and remember your adventures.
LOXI: The 1st Anti-theft & Waterproof Bag for your Bike
Be free with LOXI, a Foldable, Waterproof and Secure bag allowing you to easily carry and store your stuff.
SilverSocks - World's Cleanest Silver Merino Wool Crew Socks
The world's most versatile unisex silver socks with 7 features with built in heat regulation, odor elimination and heel reinforcement.
The Current - an outdoor EDC knife in a class of it's own.
A small fixed blade knife that is built for your environment.
Ranger Backpack and Roam Field Bag from Ridgemont
Backpack and field bag expertly crafted from waxed canvas and oiled leather.
LUBRI DISC | Eco-friendly bike chain care in just seconds.
No more dirty fingers, more riding pleasure & less pollution.
Prova: The best backpack in the world for students
A complete reinvention of the school bag designed for students, by students
The Art of Imperfection—A Creative Guide to Self-Compassion
A creative interactive journal with 50 activities designed to help you develop self-compassion.
ULH: The Ultimate Lens Hood
Take reflection-free photos, videos and time-lapses through glass. For photographers, filmmakers & mobile users. FINAL WEEK!
Halfbike 3 - Bridge the gap between man, machine and dance
See the world from a new perspective. The Halfbike redefines the way you interact with your city.
Sub - The World's Tiniest Ti Torch
The world's smallest & toughest waterproof Titanium flashlight. It's smaller than 1 inch!
Tacticlip® | Camouflage Tactical HAIR CLIP Multi-tool EDC ⚒
World's first tactical hair clip, now in A/U camouflage for blond & brown hair. The covert multitool for unpredictable lifestyles.
Hyper Thin 440: EDC Wallet Multi-tool
A folding pocket tool the size of a credit card made from high-grade 440C Stainless Steel. Made in USA.
Cleanest Kitchen Sponge for Revolutionarily Easy Wash
|Truly Clean|Bacteria-resistant|Odor-free|No-scratch|Nontoxic|Heavy-duty|Quick-dry|Recyclable|Eco-friendly|Food-grade Silicone|
MAGNERAK - The World's 1st Magnetic Fishing Rod Roof Rack
We funded the Thermoforming production mold tooling and we've been testing 5 production MAGNERAKs for a year. On SALE 43% OFF 2019 MSRP
ESCALA: scale-ruler fountain pen
Fountain pen with a cap that serves as scale-ruler for architects, engineers, and designers- graded with 12 metric and imperial scales.
SliceCharge The Fastest 3in1 Apple Devices Wireless Charger
Fast charge three devices -- iPhone, AirPods, Apple Watch. Charge two iPhones at the same time at 7.5w speed. Save 70% of your time.
The Lomogon 2.5/32 Art Lens
A handcrafted lens to electrify your street adventures. Lomography’s legendary aesthetic meets cutting-edge optical quality.
The Book of Extraordinary Things- A Guided Journal
A daily/weekly guided journal designed to cultivate a higher level of well-being, resilience, and hope for the future. Magic Is Within.
HyperJuice: World's Most Powerful USB-C Battery Pack
Airline safe 27000mAh battery pack with dual USB-C (100W+60W) + 18W USB-A that can quick charge MacBook Pro & any USB-C laptop/device
Tooa: Barefoot Adventure Sandals.
Rabidly functional adventure sandals - go anywhere using the least amount of material possible. Ultralight - Minimal Design.
Air Dancer® inflatable tube man wearable inflatable costume
The world's 1st Air Dancer® inflatable tube man costume! From the worlds largest brand of inflatable advertising products, LookOurWay®.
VORCUT – iconic chronograph watches by VAPAUS
VAPAUS turns its gaze to the 1960s - a time of change, restless experimentation, technological advances, and deeply beautiful watches.
bicymple nuvo.
A modern take on the classic "Penny Farthing" bicycle design, this bike has a 36" front/24" rear tire, and an optional 2-speed hub.
ElevenD | World's first folding hook Multi-Tool
The Lightweight, Extremely Strong Minimal EDC Folding Hook Multi-Tool.
Meet The SustainaBOWL
Made from sustainable materials. Dishwasher & microwave safe. Biodegrades into the Earth after you throw it away.
FLECTR 360 CL - the bike reflector with 360° visibility
Ride safely without sacrificing style & performance. Proven & protected design – now in vibrant colors.
An All-in-One Wireless Charging Dock Inbuilt with Power Bank
The All-in-One wireless charger dock charges all your devices whenever and wherever. Also a smart power bank and zip-&-go travel kit.
Flingo: The 4-in-1 Solution to Using your Phone Better
Your phone & car mount become one. Easily hold your phone, attach it anywhere, kickstand for videos & texting, & mount it to your car.
Quickstarter: MiniWallet v.2.0 |Expandable|
A small wallet that is expandable according to your needs.
SPIN - A Spinning Flame In A Glass Tube.
Beautiful, soothing, and warm, indoors & outdoors.
Elos Skateboard | Compact, stable, fun urban cruiser
An easy to learn mini-cruiser built for urban commuters and non-skateboarders. Cut travel time in half while enjoying your commute.
Swiss Made Vintage Inspired Dive Watch With ETA 2824 Elaboré
Unique opportunity to get your hands on our flagship model! Now upgraded to Swiss Made + ETA 2824-2 Elaboré
The Travel Line: Versatile Travel Backpack + Packing Tools
Luggage redefined: a carry-on Travel Backpack and system of Packing Tools designed around the idea that no two trips are the same.
KNORK Eco I The BEST Plant-Based Cutlery Ever Made!
Plant-Based bamboo utensils that are dishwasher safe, compost in 2 years, & sustain-ably made. Genius design meets epic functionality.
MSTR LINX™ - Titanium Carabiner & Quick-Release Key System
A minimalist quick-release key carry system offering an innovative and clever new way to organize and carry your keys with ease!
Ninox | The FlatLay Hammock
Sleep in the air - on your back, side, or even your stomach with tantalizing comfort!
ameuus micro filters | specially designed for the AeroPress
Ultra high precision stainless steel filters for the AeroPress. Eco-friendly and durable. Brew a cleaner, smoother cup of coffee!
KRUVE EQ: Revolutionary Coffee Glassware CAMPAIGN ENDS SOON!
Enjoy better coffee with all your senses in perfect harmony.
FLECTR VORTEX – maximum safety for your night ride
The smallest part ever for your bike with the largest impact on your visibility. Vibrant reflection & 360° beam angle. Ride safe!
Cafelat Robot - Manual Espresso Coffee Maker
A completely manual coffee maker that is capable of making high quality, real espresso. Ditch those wasteful coffee capsules!
Stealth Pen V2
Stealth Pen V2 is a uniquely designed pen with enhanced ergonomics that creates a beautiful writing experience.
3LO: mathematical machined beauty
Reuleaux tetrahedron machined out of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. Bringing the beauty of math to the palms of your hands!
Anywhere Tools - The Ultimate Modular Everyday Carry System
Modular tech & tools combine utility, convenience & style in a fully customizable, wearable system for all your everyday carry needs
Simplicity made right. One backpack and tailored packing solution for work and leisure time designed with focus on what is essential.
Hapstone M2 Knife Sharpener
Hapstone M2 Knife Sharpener- A ready-to-operate Hapstone knife sharpener
Tailfin AeroPack: The fastest way to carry gear on your bike
A rolltop waterproof bicycle bag and rack that's super light, ultra stable and fits virtually any road, gravel & mountain bike.
Leather weekender travel bag with RFID-secure pouch
The "Freedombag" - An exclusive travel bag that lasts for decades - Engineered in Germany and made in Europe.
Lil B Dumpling Diffuser & Air Purifier
Dumpling shaped Diffuser & Air Purifer
Number 9 pencil
Handmade, all-metal mechanical pencil, designed to last a lifetime.
Ultimate Lens Hood 2.0 - ULHmobile & ULHgo
New for 2019, take reflection free photos, videos & time lapses with your smartphone and the ULHmobile! + ULHgo for DSLR & Mirrorless!
The world's most sustainable hybrid smart watch
SuperCharger² : Swiss automatic self-charging technology
DUN TravelPack | the minimalist’s backpack
The carry-on for minimalist travelers - lightweight, waterproof & functional. Dutch design with strong focus on quality and finish.
The 3-Way Pack that transforms to a Carry-On Travel Pack
The FORGE is Backpack, a Shoulder-Bag, and a Soft-Brief that transforms to a one pack traveler in seconds.
R2Key2 - Titanium Key Clip
High-speed, low-drag access from your belt, waist band, or pocket. Made in the USA.
Slanted soap dish & saver, self-draining & fast-drying
Waterfall, slanted soap saver drains water into a sink perfectly, dries a soap fast, and keep the bathroom and sink area clean.
Ti Slice 2.0: Titanium and Aluminum EDC Tool
A blade to open ALL the things
Wordbits | Alphabet magnets that actually hold stuff
Designer made from matte black, recycled plastic and set in a typeface designed especially for the job.
Hydromatic C.01: German-Made Automatic Diver's Watches
Swiss Automatic, Ceramic Bezel, 200 m Water Resistance and a Unique Double-Dome Box Sapphire Crystal
Levitate Hanger - World's Fastest and Easiest Picture Hanger
Hang pictures, tablets and more in 10 Seconds! No taking measurements or using tools! + Damage Free Walls! This Project is EU friendly.
Super Thin 15W Wireless Charger. Works with your case.
Impossibly thin, 15W fast charging, Qi compatible, works with your case. Designed and made by Carved.
Lil' D&D | Hard Enamel Pins
A series of hard enamel pins based on iconic creatures from Dungeons and Dragons.
Bloody Buddy Cup®, menstrual cups just got better
Save the planet while giving yourself a more convenient period! Oh, you've tried menstrual cups? This one is better ;)
The Endeavor Stake
A more versatile and durable aluminum tent stake made in the USA for your camp
CUNA: The 21st Century Cup
A plantbased, reusable Cup *Made in Germany* + A very efficient recycling system = The CUNA Concept
BRRREWER: The Coolest Way to Brew your Coffee
BRRREWER is a cold drip coffee system with a fresh perspective and a strong emphasis on design and sustainability.
Evolution Smart Bag
The ONLY Fully Washable, Modular Bag With Wireless Charging for Your Phone!
The Camera Bag Built For The Masses | by Alotech
Designed for wildlife photographers BY wildlife photographers (so you know it’s got all the features that *actually* matter)
Hello Revival — The Devotional Journal
A 100-day resource to help cultivate a steady rhythm in your daily walk with God.
Battering Ram | Medieval Kits
Ready to build siege engines. Real wood and brass construction!
NONSTOP - The 100% waterproof & breathable socks.
The stylish, waterproof, breathable socks that keeps your feet dry and cozy, no matter how the weather is.
MultiKey | The Ultimate Highest-Grade Multitool Key
Available in Mighty Grade 5 Titanium with 19+ Features | Built To Last A Lifetime | Free Worldwide Shipping
Makara Sea Serpent - Savage & Unique Watches
Limited Edition Watches as badass & unique as the men wearing them. Inspired by nautical instruments and mysterious sea creatures.
The Evolution of Revolution : Reuleaux Polygons Collection
This mathematical collection showcases the evolution of Reuleaux Polygons from the Reuleaux Triangle to a perfect sphere.
Just like you, we want this national nightmare to end.
Tenkara Rod Co. - The Beartooth Rod - Go Anywhere Mini Rod
Our new go to mini rod is ready for all of your adventures.
Hygiene Hand Antimicrobial Brass EDC Door Opener & Stylus
An antimicrobial EDC (everyday carry) keychain tool offering a better way to open doors & use shared surfaces like checkouts or ATMs
Vext Slim Wallet: Easily access ALL of your cards
Carry cards, cash & small belongings in this intelligently-designed quick access wallet.
Cipher: The Belt You NEVER have to Re-Adjust
A Self-Latching, Quick-Release belt with no flap, and no need to re-adjust.
All Terrain Electric Bike by Mountains To Sea Electric Bikes
The new and improved All Terrain R750 electric assist bike gives riders the power to explore their world.
Zen Pillow: The Pillow Designed for Deeper Sleep
An innovative new pillow that's designed for deeper and more restful sleep.
Desktop Da Vinci Catapult
Build a uniquely designed catapult for your desktop.
Cubic Star Puzzle
A classic wooden puzzle recreated in aerospace grade aluminum
Buda Ball: the levitating sphere by Flyte
Visually mesmerizing, strangely satisfying, Buda Ball hovers in mid-air, reminding you to stay present.
Transforming Multi Function Bag - ZETA-0
Ultra Light, Water Repellent, Convertible, Multi Function
Maraña New Gourd ● The Modern Yerba Mate Cup
Our modern designed Yerba Mate Cup to let you enjoy your Yerba Mate in an authentic way.
ESPRO BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer
Release the full potential of your coffee in only 2 minutes!
Velocifire M2 - A Portable, Customizable Mechanical Keyboard
61 keys | Wireless or Wired | Mac and Windows | Remappable keys | 3 Bluetooth Devices | Hot Swap Switches - All for Productivity
The OV from Sidechannel: Outside the Main Stream
The OV is a technical mid-layer overall to be worn under waders for fishing, ski and snowboard outerwear, and everywhere in-between.
Hubble: All-In-One USB-C Hub+Case for iPad Air and iPad Pro
Designed for iPad Air 2020 and iPad Pro 2018 - 2020
Cyrusher XF590, A Safety Features Folding Electric Bike
An easy to use and carry foldable electric city bike featuring a 48v Battery and a 750W motor with a max 22MPH and directions lights
Put a Lid on Your Bags
Goodness-Trees: The planet-friendly Christmas alternative
An eco-friendly Christmas Tree which helps people and the planet
Retro Chicago architecture -1930
3D models for 3D printing in STL and FBX format
The architecture of the Maya
Traditional architecture of the great civilization of the past. 3D models for 3D printing in STL and OBJ format
The Orb Crow turbo trainer
A good value, high quality magnetic + fluid resistance turbo trainer to keep the isolated, distanced, and quarantined fit and healthy.
Mobi is an umbilic torus with convex edges. Our Kickstarter's purpose is to be able to make new finishes for our original design.
Home interior 2.0 RETRO
3D models of home interiors and decor items for your cozy home.
Tri-Bolt. 3 Colors. 1 Pen. 🔴 ⚫ 🔵
A Kickstarter first! The Tri-Bolt Pen is a 3 ink color bolt action pen! Beautifully engineered and designed.
Vintage Inspired Watch Collection
Beautiful Hand Finished Watches With Automatic Movements
The Ends, by Manual
Celebrate your collection of records and books with Recordends and Bookends. Made in the USA.
Vertigo Tornante - The Italian Racing Chronograph
Italian style and elegance come together to create a sports chronograph. A classic design that contains a modern and accurate movement!
Varsity Sport - Racing Inspired Automatic Wrist Watch
Motorsport Inspired Watches With Seiko Automatic Movements and 4 color variations to choose from.
The Medication ITA Bag (Part 2)!
A bag designed for storing enamel pins and carrying medications on the go!
Cipher 2.0 - The belt you never have to readjust
A casual version of an over-engineered, quick-release belt. Made in the USA.
Army of darkness
Collection of creatures from hell for 3D printing
The SWC Sport Watch. Swiss Made and Completely Original.
Secure SWC's newest original design at the lowest price possible. Automatic and quartz models available to please any budget.
Micro Magic Enamel Pin Series
Charming lil magical buggy enamel pin series!
The Jigsaw Puzzle Coffee Table
It's a coffee table that's also a jigsaw table...and vice versa!
Moths of Olympus
Enamel pins of Greek Gods reimagined as whimsical moths
Apollo Popcorn Popper - The Pan With The Popping Zone!
A popcorn popper as easy to use as a microwave, better tasting, better for the environment, at a lower cost per serving.
How to Draw STUFF Sketchbook
90 Simple and easy to follow step-by-step things to draw. Perfect for all levels and ages.
MATTE BLACK Catapults | Make 100
Desktop Leonardo da vinci catapults. Limited edition matte black.
The Berry Blaster
Core strawberries quickly while minimizing waste!
N1 Titanium Pocket Pen
A minimalist titanium pocket fountain pen & rollerball.
The Reusable Notebook, Now Upgraded
The last notebook you'll ever need... Now in a modular hardcover design.
Vertigo Medusa - History on the wrist!
A diver in a luxury box to pay homage to the most famous sea monsters. From Rome, the Eternal City, a watch inspired by mythology
Vintage Inspired pilot bronze watch with diver's tool
Redefining a classic automatic bronze watch which develops a patina unique to you.
Mini Homes Enamel Pins & Pin Banners
An adorable enamel pin collection featuring anime characters in nostalgic pocket-sized mini homes! With matching pin banners too :)
The Discovery: Automatic Wrist Watch For All Occasions
All purpose watches - from the boardroom to the trail.
MagEZ Slider| Complete Charging Solution for iPhone 12&13
Compact 3-in-1 Wireless Docking Solution for iPhone 12&13, Apple Watch, and AirPods| Built-in Sliding MagSafe Compatible Power Pack
Bayan - First Eco-friendly Sling Bag with Custom Embroidery
Sling Bag | Clutch Bag | Crossbody Bag | Recycled | Water Resistant | YKK Zipper | Designed for Switch | Cycling | Customization |
Daysaver Coworking5: the light & workshop quality extension
✓ Complete your Daysaver bike multitool ✓ Or enhance your non-Daysaver multitool👇🏼 Fund and get yours now!
Horizon Ruler | Create & Measure Everywhere
Inch & Cm & Pixel & Pica ruler, compass, protractor, t-square and more—all in your wallet!
BLACKFOX Titanium Belt: Quick-latch, No Flop!
Our tactical belt has a solid titanium buckle with an innovative quick-latch system. Tuck away the flop!
Laekerrt Wireless 15min Cold Brew Coffee Maker
An innovative machine to save you from overnight waiting for a cup of cold brew coffee and tea.
Söliditi™ 15cm Usudeba Knife - 100% made in Australia
Our first SOLIDTEKNICS knife is here! The ultimate, no-compromise, purist’s knife.
Hilgard Pin™
Adding confidence and convenience to your towing experience: The Hilgard Hitch Pin
Ohmie The Orange Lamp: world's first lamp from orange peels
Ohmie means Design Revolution. Reclaimed, organic and 3D printed in a fully circular loop.
Custom Drawing Set / Toolkit for Artists & Designers
Everything an artist needs to create their next masterpiece. Explore a limitless range of drawing possibilities.
The Ranger Pro electric scooter
One-Sec-to-Go | All-in-One Design | Triple braking system | Designed for your everyday journey
KEA KIT | The Outdoor Survival System For Any Adventure
Be fully prepared for all your adventures with the outdoor survival kit that includes everything you need & nothing you don't
Bravo Sling Max: A Functional Bag for your Every Day.
A feature-packed messenger-style sling bag built to carry your 13" device and more.
Ruck PAINcakes: Functional Ruck Weights for Delicious Gains
Patent-pending gym-in-a-bag! It’s like the kettlebell and dumbbell had a baby that likes to tag along for long walks. Baked in TX, USA
Flingo: The game of catch just got a massive upgrade.
Throws like a catapult and catches like a butterfly net. We call it racket-powered catch.
Hammock Gear Loft | Ample Storage Space for Your Gear
Expandable storage loft for your hammock that holds a lot of your gear. Great for hammock campers & casual hammock users too!
Museum Cube #4: Oligodynamic Copper KILO
PERFECT COPPER KILO CUBE UNLOCKED! Get the matching solid copper, titanium, tungsten and magnesium cubes museum set!
Hammock Holdall | Conveniently Store & Organize Your Gear
A Nine-Pocket Organizer that hangs from your hammock's ridgeline. Finally, you'll have a place for your stuff when you're in a hammock!
Dromo x Opus v2 | Automatic Sapphire Dive and Pilot Watches
The vintage inspired Dromo and Opus v2 are contemporarily designed and built with modern specifications.
Flyfold Wallet 2.0. Engineered to last a lifetime.
New and improved V2. Technical materials 10X stronger than steel define the future of wallets.
Grim SERE Cards - Credit Card Sized Security on the Go
Get in, or get out with Grim's new credit card sized escape and evasion, lock picking, and bypass tools that can fit into your wallet.
Gameguy Enamel Pin and Sticker Sheet
December Pin Club
Slim Click Pen by BIGiDESIGN
A slim profile click pen offered in Titanium, Brass, Copper and Zirconium designed to accept 100+ refills.
Xeric Scrambler Automatic Wandering Hour Watch
An incredible wandering hour time machine that turns hours and heads.
Keychron K3 Pro -Ultra-Slim QMK Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Ultra-Slim | Customizable keymap with QMK/VIA | Wireless & Wired | Connects Up to 3 Devices | For Mac, Windows & Linux | Hot-Swappable
Ti EDS V2 : Frame Lock Titanium Everyday Screwdriver
A refreshed version of Ti EDS. Designed for everyday carry (EDC) + Lifetime Warranty + Free Worldwide Shipping!
Swiss classic Alps knife - Alps damascus Folding Knife
Damascus steel Pocket knife I Handmade pocket knife I Handforged damascus carry tool I Klappmesser I Messer I Knife
Xeric NASA Voyager Automatic Watch
🚀 Commemorating the farthest human-made object in space, the individually numbered Voyager Automatic Deep Space Diver can go anywhere
Kiboko City Commuter Camera Backpack
A roll top camera backpack with rear panel access compartment and side access camera pocket.
Friendly Palls Stationery
A stationery collection filled with cute goodies! Notebooks | Notepads | Washitapes | Acrylic Clips | Stickersheets
ESCEND BLADES │ Electric Inline Skates
25km/h Speed │ 15km Range │ 20° Slopes │ All-Terrain │ 2 Hour Super Charge │ Interchangeable Boot System
Slim Bolt Action Pen by BIGiDESIGN
Slim Profile, Reversible Pocket Clip, Accepts Over 100+ Refills, Lifetime Warranty, Free World Wide Shipping.
Domestic Duffel // Your Roadtrip Companion
For road trips, weekend getaways, & short flights.
The Mayfair - Made in London or at your home
A new watch by FINK London, available as DIY kit or built by the watchmakers of FINK Watches.
Keychron K6 Pro -QMK/VIA Wireless Custom Mechanical Keyboard
Personalized keymap with QMK/VIA | Wireless & Wired | Hot-Swappable | Connects Up to 3 Devices | For Mac & Windows | Pro Typing Comfort
KEA STASH | Trash Compacting Bag For Mess Free Adventures
Leak-Free, Smell-Free & Reusable Trash Bag For Every Adventure - Fill It, Crush It, Stash It!
JAZ -Vintage NEO Big Eye chronograph Regate Yacht Timer
Legendary French watch brand JAZ is reborn with a new collaboration with Merkur.
Aerospace Grade Magnesium Sphere: Trance Metals
KILOGRAM MAGNESIUM KILO SPHERE! Get the matching Tungsten KILO sphere for a mind-blowing museum set!
Q- The Quick Release CNC Titanium Keychain Carabiner
A robust, rustproof, loss-proof, CNC machined, grade 5 titanium keychain carabiner that’s made to last.
Soulhand 2-IN-1 Portable Coffee Grinder
Combine automatic professionalism with manual flexibility. Built for portability.
KEA KIT | Next-Gen Outdoor Survival System
The Outdoor Survival Kit That Gives You Freedom To Embrace Every Adventure
Beard trimming anywhere - MANMOWER®
Self-contained and portable beard trimming tools - Now with sensitivity adjustment to suit all hair and skin types.
An Innovative Wandering Hour Watch | Vendetta II Automatic
Our upgrades to the original Vendetta make the unattainable attainable, bringing a sub-$1000 wandering hour watch to everyone.
The First Huggable Vibroacoustic Speaker for Anxiety Relief
Solace is a natural way to calm your mind. Hold it against your body while soothing low frequency music vibrations soothe your soul.
The NeoLucida Plus
Celebrate 10 years of NeoLucida! The all-new NeoLucida Plus is an optical drawing aid that lets you trace directly from real life.
Mesmerizing Beauty of Damascus Titanium by Trance Metals
Only a few metalworkers have mastered the wildly colorful Damascus Titanium forging technique. Own a piece of history!
The Global Explorer - A vintage watch inspired by explorers
Build your own automatic watch with our full watchmaking kits or receive a fully assembled watch from our London workshop.
Tech Belt™ - A better fit every time
The belt that opens with a button press. Tougher than Steel. Made from Italian Florentine Leather. 5mm per adjustment over a ½ft track.
The Weekend Warrior: Redefining Winter Travel.
We combined your boot bag and your everyday bag into one. Bring more with less in the smartest travel bag ever built.
BINGANIZER: A versatile modular organizer for bins and more
This evolutionary organizer can unlock the full potential of your everyday storage bins. Remove and organize visual clutter.
Flavius Knives - Steak Knife with brass combination
Light weight knife I Unique design I Double serated I Messer I German stainless steel I Hand-made I Ergonimic knife I knife
Demons In Limbo - Enamel Pin Collection
A collection of enamel pins, inspired by psychedelic patterns and otherworldly creatures.
MAX SUP PUMP- 20PSI Cordless Electirc Air Pump for SUP& KITE
9600mAh Battery|0-20PSI|Pump up 6 SUPs in a Row|3 Smart Modes|Auto-off|Dual Stage & Cooling System
ÁIGI Arctic GMT: The Affordable Automatic GMT Watch
Three Different Time Zones, One Incredible Price: Meet the Arctic GMT
Keychron Q5 Pro - QMK Custom Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Wireless | Full Aluminum | Hot-Swappable | Connects Up to 3 Devices | For Mac, Windows, Linux | Remap with QMK/VIA | Unique 96% layout
The Titanium EDC Collection
Stronger than stainless steel yet half the weight, everyday items designed and machined in England.
moimoi - a case for elegance
Laflore’s intimate rendition of the vanity case.
The KILO Sphere: A Damascus Titanium Masterpiece
Trance Metals' Crowning Jewel: Where Art Meets Engineering
Hyperspace Automatic: Glow Where No Man Has Gone Before
A fun watch offering a glimpse of interplanetary wormhole travel through a textured sunburst dial and streaking luminescent stars.
Vendetta X | Xeric 10 Year Anniversary Wandering Hour Watch
Unleashing a paradigm shift in watch design, the Vendetta X combines a decade of watchmaking with a new eye-catching design aesthetic.
Hot Shot Fire Card Gen2 : Credit Card Size Fire and EDC Kit
A compact credit card-size fire kit that fits in your wallet and contains essential tools for every day and for survival purposes.
Keychron Q1 Pro -QMK/VIA Wireless Custom Mechanical Keyboard
Wireless and Wired | Full Aluminum | Hot-Swappable | Connects Up to 3 Devices | For Mac, Windows, Linux | QMK/VIA customizable keymap
Ti Pry Bar
A full size EDC pry bar made out of grade 5 titanium, with magnetic fidget buttons and a deep carry pocket clip.
The Voyager GMT Watchmaking starter kit by WATCH SUPPLY
Build your own GMT automatic watch at home with our detailed tutorials.
Ham the Dragonpillar Plush Toy & Enamel Pins
Deluxe chubby plush toy of your favourite Dragonpillar, Ham! Features sensory materials and magnetised paws.
Follies: Get Kids To Be Architects Of Their Own Playground
The Big Building Shapes For Big Imaginations. Ages 4+
Steampunk elves, Bases for Wargame, Dark city of Myriam.
Thousands of STL for both FDM and resin printers. 3 Sets with all oval and round sizes at the same scale.
Collectable London Art Toys
Celebrating the story of London through it’s incredible cast of characters - Limited Edition Art Toys Designed by Fancy Lamp
"Reel" Representation Viewer by @BlackBabyBooks
An old school toy reinvented to provide affirming art with Black representation because #RepresentationMatters
Circuit Witch Plush Doll - Blue Alien from Another Planet
👽 Make the 25cm Anime Style Plush of Circuit Witch a reality in this Galaxy! 👽
PUNCUBE Minimal 3-in-1 Desk: Designed for mobile office
The world's 1st A4 size laptop desk, unrestricted by environment, to comprehensively improve work efficiency and comfort.
Pop Fun Calendar Jigsaw : Pop It And Challenge every day
Combine pop it toy and perpetual calendar jigsaw fun.
Hring - Your Nail Art Palette Made Ring
Hring is a stylish nail art palette connected to an adjustable ring making it a portable palette for Pro, Student, Hobbyist Nail Artist
Enigmaze - Secure Internet Password Log Book
Enigmaze is a Premium Hardcover Notebook Specifically Designed to Quickly Create and Store Strong Passwords.
Gym Gekko: Sweat Shielding Gym & Fitness Towel That Grips
Over 2,000 silicone dots grip the Gym Gekko to nearly any surface, to shield you from other people's sweat while absorbing your own.
Grappling Hooks = MakerSpace & TherapySpace
Grappling Hooks to help fund research and development for the premier nonprofit MakerSpace in Bellingham, Wa. Art, Therapy, MakerSpace!
Light up kits for LEGO 21108 Ghostbusters Ecto-1
Light up kit for The classic Ghostbusters Ecto-1 USB power
The 7 inch Bendy USB Charging Cable- Apple Certified
7 inch super bendy and durable USB charging cable for iPhones, Android and power banks. Unique silicone coating in 6 vibrant colors.
The QDC Mini Pen with Quick DisConnect Cap
Mini pen that uses an air hose coupler cap that stays together under harsh conditions. Tactical? Maybe. EDC? Yeah. Cool? Definitely.
Clover Wallet - Relaunch!
Clover is a lightweight aluminum wallet that securely carries cards, cash, and keys with RFID protection that will last you a lifetime.
Budsband – End Tangle Frustration
Budsband is a simple, silicone band organizer that stores your earbuds tangle-free. Attaches to the cord. Easily shortens and tethers.
Lego Star Wars Lightup Lightsabers
Lego Star Wars Lightup Lightsabers
LEGO Electric LED USB Light 1x4 plate for creator
a LED 1x4 light up plate that light up your Lego Creator building.
2016 Year Book: unconventional agenda to inspire your days
2016 Year Book is an unconventional agenda, calendar, diary, poster... and a perfect Christmas gift!
The Orb
The Orb is a unique precision machined spherical keepsake container.
BudStraps : Your Earbuds' Best Friend
Offering safety, convenience and style, BudStraps are your earbuds’ ultimate accessory.
Lightup kits for Lego Creator - Mini Cooper
Lego Lightup kits for "Creator Expert Mini Cooper 10242"
Dragon, Inari Fox, Spirit Wolf Plush Shoulder Pack
Introducing the plush that is functional, soft, cute and fashionable. The Dragon and Fox Shoulder Pack. Makes a great bag or backpack
Pouch Pal | The No-Squeeze Food Pouch Feeder for Kids
No more squeezy messes, no more annoying vacuum seals. Kids can feed themselves too. Pouch Pal even has a cap-saver space!
LEGO Electric Lightup Classic Street pole for creator
A Lego Street light for Creator building and town.
Shaker33 - The Best Cocktail Shaker Since Prohibition
Create amazing craft cocktails with this completely redesigned and modernized cocktail shaker.
Lightup kits for Lego Creator - Camper Van/Batman Tumbler
Lego Lightup kits for "The Batmen Tumbler 76023" and "Volkswagen T1 Camper Van 10220"
Focus Beads: Simple positive motivation, right on your wrist
Simple reminders of how you can be an awesome human. Small mantras to keep you positive and motivated throughout the day.
Kangaroo Cups: A better anti-spill cup
The unbreakable cup, reinvented by an 11-year-old. Fewer spills, doesn't need a coaster, sits on uneven surfaces, and stacks.
Bottle Bit
Upcycle your bottles by cutting them, then use the Bottle Bit to easily sand them down. Relaunched Campaign!
BelayCords - Reversible USB Charging Cords iPhone & Android
With a USB that works in either orientation and a Lifetime Warranty, BelayCords are a more durable and bright way to charge your device
Sketchbook iPad pro case
The first wire-bound iPad pro Case. Provide full protection to your iPad pro & Apple pencil.Cover is Customizable
Can Cooler Tube - with Custom Performance Ice Pucks!
The River Cooter cooler tube brings a new era of can cooling. Individual ice pucks are specially designed to fit beverage cans.
No silicone, elastic, or rubber bands. The ALMTL wallet.
ALMTL : The first truly all metal, expandable, minimalist wallet with RFID protection. No elastic, no rubber bands.
Where's my dongle?! Stop losing your iPhone 7 audio adapter.
This is a matter of dongle or silence! Keep your iPhone 7 headphone adapter with you always. Never go without your music again.
LovinBox, tell your loved ones how much you care about them
Lovely boxes created to turn all your gifts into amazing moments
A Pen Rest to Display your prized pens! Fits Fountain Pens
Your Pen is your best desk tool. Now you have a place to keep it safe and handy. These rests add beauty and class to your space!
BORDO holder: Minimalist Small Leather Wallet is Handmade
Very small and minimalist wallet. Its size is as big as a credit card and thick as a box of matches
A precision machined container for the person on the go.
Light up kits for LEGO 10249 - Winter Toy Shop
Light up kits for LEGO 10249 - Winter Toy Shop - USB
Kevlar Playing Cards
Playing Cards made from 100% Kevlar or 100% Carbon Fiber! Made to last a Lifetime!...and take a Bullet!
DAMICO. Colorful Aluminum Bow Ties.
11 Different Models. 6 Colors. Exclusive wooden packaging.
LEGO Electric Lightup Fire Flame for creator
A Lego Fire light for Creator building and town.
Lightup Lego Lamp 8x8 Base
All the part will be make in Lego bricks. The light base will be customize created. Use 3x AAA
Karry3.0 comeback minimal drawstring backpack(bag)
Incredibly thick and comfortable shoulder ropes with minimal design and tough material. You need to try this :)
Dachshund / Weenie Dog Enamel Pins by The Weenie Shop
4cm wide hard enamel pins featuring chunky sausage dogs in a variety of colors and patterns
Favorite Nintendo Characters Enamel Pins!
FIRST STRETCH GOAL UNLOCKED! A collection of hard enamel pins with beloved Nintendo video game characters. A tribute from fans to fans
Match Box Mini Desk 2019 Calendar
Time flies fast, It’s like painting a match burning time.
Ultra Thin Elastic Card Sleeve
Starting at $1. Simplify Your Life.
SKYWATER | Downspout Connector for Easy Rain Harvesting
Attach 1-2 water hoses directly to downspout without drain modification or rain barrels. Use rainwater for trees, yards, and gardens.
Sailor Moon Silhouette Clear Stained Glass Enamel Pin
Magical Sailor Scouts silhouette enamel pin designed with a cut out effect and a clear colorless stained glass effect.
Cold Brew on Tap 2.0 - At-Home Cold Brewing System
The perfect and mess-free way to easily brew, store and serve up a week's worth of delicious homemade cold brew coffee.
SERMAN BRANDS Rogue | RFID Blocking Minimalist Slim Wallet
Experience an enhanced full grain leather wallet - with 4 "quick draw" easy access pockets, a slim design and RFID Blocking protection
Animoodles Collection 2: Magnetic Plush for Creative Kids
Make thousands of magnetic plush combos with 6 new Storytale Forest Animoodles. Created by former artists from Apple, Disney and Pixar.
Light up display of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet - Lego Size
A light up display of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet - Lego Size
Lil' Vengers Enamel Pins
Avengers Inspired 1.75" Hard Enamel Pins
Quickstarter: Chimney Lamp | Decide Your Dream Color
Modern design lamp, you can decide about it's color.
The Smallest, Minimalist Wallet with Original Art Engraving
The perfect minimalist wallet that accompanies you everywhere for 100 years, beautifully made with Veg-Tanned leather.
Witch Merit Badges
Embroidered Patches
My Hero Academia Enamel Pins
Pins inspired by BNHA. Designed by various artists :)
The CODA belt - The most durable belt to last a lifetime
Handcrafted belt that can last you almost forever. The strongest leather belt that will be your fashion cornerstone.
Make 100: Mickey Gone Bad enamel pins
Make 100: Mickey Gone Bad enamel pins
Convenient Coin-Log
Store your coins, Pour your coins
Pocket Monster: Dangle Tail Enamel Pin Series
A collection of adorable 2-piece pocket monsters to take with you on your adventure!
Carbon Geometry Set
The C13 Geometry Set is now available! You asked for it & here it is! Parts available individually or as a set. Live for just 10 DAYS.
Noty3.0: Best RFID canvas minimal slim travel wallet
Huge zip pocket, cards, cash, SIM cards, passport, RFID feature. Best minimal canvas travel wallet, nuff said.
Blue Planet Balance Surfer
A multi purpose standing desk and exercise balance board.
NESTRE — Steampunk Jewellery From Watch Movements
Unique Steampunk Jewelry made by hand using old wrist and pocket watch movements & parts. Cufflinks, Earrings, Rings, Pendants, Plugs.
A profusion of Eeveelutions & Lunar Spookies
An awesome quirky collection of hard enamel pins with 2 different sets of our beloved Eeveelutions, meets a magical Spooky collection!
CNC machined titanium, stainless steel, copper magnets added
CNC machined titanium, stainless steel, and copper magnets added in addition to aluminum and brass!
Quickstarter// Neo: a magnetic tool holder
a neodymium tool holder, hand sewn in repurposed leather, which protects precious tools from being scratched.
Break Kickstarter! YOU design the print.
Leather and Woven Straps, Plastic Free, Zero Waste, Furoshiki, Reusable, One Square Cloth, Japanese Market Bags.
Stay Safe Carabiner | EDC Stylus, Door Hook & Box Opener
Hygiene Anti-Microbial Copper Everyday Carry Tool to be used on public surfaces like an elevator button, PIN pads, door handles, etc.
Retractable brass hook for avoiding surfaces EDC tool
Everyday carry retractable brass hook tool for opening doors, pushing buttons, and avoiding touching surfaces.
AC Companions ~ Gimme my Controller!
A super funny, quirky and cute hard enamel pins collection of our beloved AC Villagers, as you never seen them before!✧˖°
SAVIOR - Titanium Mechanical Pencil EDC + Mini Screwdriver
Comfortable grip(Anti-slider) and unique design, titanium grade-5 ultralight mechanical pen with mini Phillips Screwdriver.
Tungsten added! CNC Machined Element Magnets
CNC machined element engraved magnets made from tungsten, titanium, iron, copper, and aluminum.
Make 100: Fox Guardian - Shirt and Enamel Pin
Shrine Fox protecting a kit
Metal Dragon Bookmarks
Make 100 Metal Dragon Bookmark for D&D books, fantasy books or anything that can use a bit of magic.
Isabelle Crossing Enamel Pin!
Help fund a batch of 100 Isabelle Crossing hard enamel pins
limited edition - numbered - soft enamel - pin badge
SV - Titanium Pen EDC by SAVIOR
A strong, compact and versatile minimalist ballpoint titanium pen with comfortable grip and unique design.
Main Street Charm enamel pins
A set of adorably inspired enamel pins to bring to mind all the nostalgia and magic of Main St, USA
Gold Clutch bag weaved of cassette tapes
A physical Christmas song to your loved one this holiday season!
Der Grill fürs Fahrrad
Slide The Art | Polaroid Art Phone Case
Collectible art phone case designed for all smartphone models, an art gallery where you can reflect your personality.
Birds Enamel Pins 2nd
Thinking for Nothing
Punny Plants
A plant pun pin set
Mechanical lock wooden ring box
Add on a little plot to your proposal, or use it as a ring bearer box. Unlock the box by the "Key" bracelet necklace.
Titanium Minimalist EDC Pen
A strong, compact and versatile minimalist ballpoint titanium grade-5 pen with comfortable grip and unique design.
Mini CNC Machined Cerakoted Aluminum Pen Holders
CNC machined 4 position solid billet aluminum pen holders offered in multiple ceramic Cerakoted colors
Won't Give Up Enamel Pins
A series of animals fell down on the Arctic ice.
iFidget Bracelet- The Fashionable & Discreet Way to Fidget!
The iFidget Bracelet integrates games and a range of fidget features that are always on hand.
Celestial Guide Enamel Pins
A set of 8 beautiful gold plated enamel pins of amazing celestial guides.
Make 100 Metal Kraken Bookmarks
Magical metal bookmarks in a variety of fantasy and monstrous designs. This one is a Kraken!
The Ace-Canister. 0.8oz Portable Titanium Container
The Ace-Canister is a super light everyday carry titanium container - stronger than steel and lighter than a key.
Sterilecares: All-in-1 Ozone Free UVC Air Purifier
Advanced Radar Sensor & Cycle Timing Control Powerful Cleaner, Industrial Grade Affordable Air Purifier
Make 100: Affogato Hard Enamel Pin
By Rawrendesigns
My Little Critter Pins
A set of hard enamel pins depicting various types of cute animals.
Juday & Ink : Penguin Ride to Fly Hard Enamel Pin Collection
A collection of penguin enamel pins and other goodies as well!
Crown Babies Diffusers and Enamel Pins
Original Designs of Essential Oil Diffusers, Relatively big glow in dark Enamel Pins
Achiever Planner 2 | The One Place for All Your Thoughts
Daily, Weekly & Monthly Planner | Fitness Tracker | Food Planner | Habit & Financial Tracker | All in one Undated Planner
Sea animal : Jellyfish Mat & Pin
Ocean Beach & Fish mat/table Mat/Chair Mat
viozon 3-in-1 Selfie Desktop Live Stand
The ergonomic adjustable stand for phones and tablets / Your sidekick for perfect live broadcasting, office working, and entertainment.
LGBTQ+ Pride Dragon Fire Pin collection
Hard enamel pin collection of 9 mythical and cute fantasy dragons representing the LGBTQ + community flags. Happy pride month!
Cubits Collection: Volume 2 - CNC machined works of art
The newest products in our Cubit Collection. CNC machined from 6061-T6 Aerospace grade aluminum.
Celestial Equine Pin Set - Pastel Dreams
⭐ A set of fantasy horse hard enamel pins + stickers, bookmarks, and keychains ⭐
CNC Machined V8 Aluminum Engine Block Pen Holder
CNC Machined V8 Aluminum Engine Block Pen Holder
Sword Dice / Dice Sword
DnD Sword Dice Keychain | boardgame item | Figure & Model Accessories | Pendant and cool/geek items for dice collectors and fans.
PokéPrincess Pins
A series of cute Pokemon Princess Trainers enamel pin.
Cat Ita Bag and Enamel Pins
You know what to do? My bowl is empty!
Fibonacci Spiral and Mega Mobius Strips
Metal 3D Printed Fibonacci spiral and solid metal Mega Mobius Strips
Little Evil "MOE" Hard Enamel Pins
Hard Enamel Pin about Japanese Sexy Manga.
Mugs 2.0
3D models for 3D printing
Key to the Universe- Nikola Tesla 369 Spinning Vortex Coins
The Key to the Universe in Your Pocket! Inspired by Tesla's Obsession- Sacred Geometry Math Based Fidget Coin - Useable as D9 Dice
Fidget Steer Grips: Best to Cure Boredom While Driving
Fidget Steer Grips are the tried & true solution to curing boredom while keeping motorists awake & alert on the road.
Bloody Horde PART 2
3D models for 3D printing
The Fabulous Middle Ages 2
3D models for 3D printing in SLT format with high detail
❤ Cubies Plush Pouch + Washi Tape ❤
Super soft plush pouches and cute cubie washi tapes!
DnD and PF2e D20 Classes: Fantasy Enamel Pins Deluxe Edition
We're back with more classes and more big enamel pins!
3D models for everyone! 6.0
3d models for 3d printing in STL format
Rise of the Undead
3d models for 3d printing in stl format for your favorite board games
SHIPS collection 2.0
Collection of 3D models of premium detail ships! (3d models for 3d printing)
Viking Village Collection 4.0
Collection of 3d models for 3d printing for your board game.
Our 3D models are adapted to 28 mm standard size. STL files
TOPDON TB6000Pro 2-in-1 Smart Battery Charger and Tester
TOPDON TB6000Pro Industry-Leading Battery Charger and Tester, 9-step Smart Charging, DIY Your Charging Process via the App.
45th Anniversary Voyager Golden Record Coin
Golden Record coin celebrating the 45th Anniversary of the Voyager 1 & 2 launches
Sacred Geometry Enamel Pins
10 enamel pins designs based on Sacred Geometry designs.
Folding Sharp/ Friction Pocket Knife Custom made tool/Brutal
Compact EDC Pocket Knife with Beer Opener Comfortable Handle, Small Blade,Knives Permitted by Law. /Author's Design Tool.
3D Collection of India building(reboot)
3D Collection in STL format for 3D printing
Dragon's Lair 3
3D models in STL format for 3D printing
Architecture of ancient Greece 2.0
3d models for 3d printing in STL format
Anime mouse pads [90x40cm]
Anime theme mouse pads. Utena, Sailor Moon, Evangelion and more.
Towers STL (reboot)
3d models for 3d printing in STL format
The Fabulous Middle Ages
A fabulous city for 3D printing (STL files )
Dinosaur collection
3d models for 3d printing in STL format
3D models for everyone! 5.0
An incredible huge amount of high-quality STL files at incredibly low prices are waiting for you! (with access to the google storage)
China- Remaster
3D models in STL format for 3D printing! Premium detailing, great variety!
Cavdle WasteCycler-Visual Kitchen Waste Disposal & Composter
WasteCycler is a fully automated, cost-effective, and Eco friendly home composting system. 90% reduction of waste volume | Odor-free
Large collection of interiors - Restart
We offer you an incredibly large collection of 3d models for 3d printing of various interiors in different styles and different eras.
Wild West - the era of callous hearts
We have created a wild west universe for your 3D printer. Our 3d models are adapted to 28 mm standard size. STL files
The Age of Napoleon Ⅲ
3d models for 3d printing in STL format
Trick or Treat "MOE" Enamel Pin
The surprises prepared for you on Halloween night.
A colony on Mars
Mission to Mars (3d models for 3D printing)
Modern Sharp Fixed Blade Kiridashi EDC Knife Wooden Sheath
The ideal knife for hunting or hiking, for craftsmen and artists of all kinds. Made with craftsmanship for the city and the outback.
Wrigley Field Pens - Own a piece of history
Limited run of 100 pens using wood from a Wrigley Field seat installed in 1937
JAKEMY - All Metal Mini Ratchet Screwdriver Kit with S2 Bit
Precision Ratchet | All Metal Construction | Suitable for Bit of 4.0mm and 6.3mm Size | 21 or 28 Bits Available | Home and Gift Choice
NASA Pioneer Plaque Coin
A collectible 3 inch diameter coin celebrating the Pioneer Plaque design by Carl Sagan
Sqwak and Roll Penguin Enamel Pins
A band of cute Rock and Roll Penguin Enamel Pins.
Cień (The Shadow) Oracle
Card deck based on the psychology of the occult.
Ecofriendly Metal | Sonic the Hedgehog Pins!
a Make 100 project
3D models for 3D printing
Dinosaurs. Part 2
3D models for 3D printing (STL)
The mystery of the ancient cave
3d models for 3d printing (Modular cave for RPG games)
Kiridashi knife Olaf /Engraved Brass Plates / Sheath / Stand
Compact, durable and beautifully designed EDC blade in a leather sheath in your pocket or on a stand on your desk.
Folding Pocket Knife Dackel Easy Reliable EDC for Adventures
The simple handmade friction knife captures the spirit of the Dachshund and our commitment to protecting the natural world
The Ocean Kingdom - Commemorative Coins
Love yourself, only then can you love others freely!
The Spirit - Bespoke Handcrafted Bracelet
Upcycled whisky oak barrel, hand forged copper vials and fine nappa leather amalgamate to form this exclusive personalized bracelet.
Ready for Summer "MOE" Enamel Pins
Every day is one day closer to SUMMER.
Japan Drain Cover Art
Art of Drain Covers from the cities in Japan
Mini V8 Engine Block
A CNC Machined Mini V8 Engine Block
1" Diameter Element Magnets!
1" Diameter Magnet Casings Made and Engraved from the Periodic Table of Elements. Al, Cu, Fe, and Ti!
Apollo 11 Lunar Landing Coin
The 3rd coin in our NASA-inspired coin collection to celebrate the famous Apollo 11 mission
JAKEMY - All Metal M-screwdriver and Mini E-screwdriver Kit
Metal EDC Handle | Smart 3 Torque Electric Screw Driver | OLED | 160 Bits for DIY, Electronic Repair and Home Improvement | Gift Choice
1 Inch Diameter Magnets
A simple minimalist CNC machined case machined from aluminum, brass, and copper.
SEXY Cosplay "MOE" Hard Enamel Pins 3.0
Hard Enamel Pin about Japanese Sexy Manga.
1" Diameter Cerakoted Magnets
1" Diameter Cerakoted Magnets in 8 Different Colors
ShowerShroom Stealth: Catches Hair Out of Sight For No Clogs
From the Creators of TubShroom Comes the All-New ShowerShroom Stealth Hair Catcher Drain Protector That Prevents Shower or Tub Clogs
1/2 Inch Cerakoted Magnets
The little sibling to the 1" Cerakoted Magnets. CNC machined aluminum magnets ceramic coated in an array of colors.
Azurin the Rain Demon - Plushy
An aquatic demon friend to keep you company on a long spooky trip out to sea or just in your room.
Genshin impact fan made Plushies!
20 cm Childe / Foxtalia Plush and Ganyu & Kokomi as extra/stretch goals
Floral Cat Plushies
A set of floral white cat and black cat plushies.
Pila - a unique take on ball in a cup.
Dodecahedron ball in a cup with ten vibrant color options that can be single or two-toned!
Choco, Mochi, and Pepper - Cute Animal Plush Keychains 2.0
help fund your new favorite fluffy and cute plushie companions. the animal trio you didn’t know you needed.
SOLOBO | Montessori Inspired Wooden Preschool Toys
Educational preschool toys utilized by both parents/caregivers and neuro-affirming Speech-Language Pathologists.