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This is a list of all successful Technology Kickstarter projects in which the product is purchasable. 1666 items total.
Squizmo: A 3D Printed, Self-Sealing Tube Squeezer
Squizmo uses 3D printing to save you time, money and the environment by emptying a tube in a single pass and resealing used ones.
MODIFI3D : 3D Print Finishing Tool
Heated 3D tool with interchangeable tips designed to finish, repair and modify 3D printed parts.
BigBox: THE Open Source Hi-Spec Desktop 3D Printer!
A no-compromise, high-specification 3D-Printer, High Quality, Huge build capacity, OPEN SOURCE, capable of every 3D printing material.
Electrically Conductive PLA 3D Printer Filament
Super conductive, easy to print, and affordable PLA based 3D printer filament.
RoVa3D : The First 5 Material/Color Liquid Cooled 3D Printer
5 Color/Material 3D Printer w/ liquid cooling, all metal hot ends, aluminum frame, large build area, high torque motors, & steel gears
Solidator DLP Desktop 3D Printer
The fastest Desktop 3D Printer on the planet prints 1.5 Billion Voxels in 5.5 hours on a massive 11.8 liter build volume (280x210x200)
Raise3D 3D Printers - Raise the Standard of 3D Printing
3D printer with Hi-res 0.01mm, 10+ types of filament, 7'' touch-screen, Remote control, Resume printing after power interruption
Replicape – A smart and quiet 3D printer control board
Replicape is a smart, silent and user friendly controller board for your 3D-printer
Deltaprintr - A simple, affordable 3D Printer!
The Deltaprintr is a new take on efficient, high-resolution 3D printing. Take your designs to new heights!
Discov3ry Paste Extruder: Affordable Add-on for 3D Printers
A universal paste extruder for virtually any desktop 3D printer. Go beyond plastic: print silicone, nutella, wood filler + much more.
FILAFAB: First professional filament extruder and winder
Extrude high quality filament for your 3D printer from pellets or recycled plastic and re-fill used spools automatically.
The most affordable smart multi-color 3D Printer, designed for everyone, everyday use.
3Dponics: Free 3D-Printable Hydroponics System and Community
Free online community for people who want to use 3Dponics to grow their own food, share insight and even sell what they don't use.
Robox : Desktop 3D Printer and Micro-Manufacturing Platform
This is Robox! Designed to be the simplest, most reliable and comprehensive 3D printing platform available. Packed with innovation.
iBox Nano - Worlds Smallest, Least Expensive 3D Printer
Created with the home based user in mind, the iBox Nano is the worlds smallest, most affordable 3D Resin Printer.
SLASH: The Next Level of Affordable Professional 3D Printer
A Game-changing, High performance, Affordable, LCD-SLA 3D Printer.
Bocusini - World's first plug & play 3D Food Printing System
3D Food Printer or food printing head, cartridges with printable food, intuitive WIFI user interface and supporting internet platform
eora 3D | High-Precision 3D Scanning on Your Smartphone
Green lasers are cool, especially when they turn your smartphone into a highly accurate and affordable 3D scanner.
CowTech Ciclop - $99 Open Source 3D Scanner
Use your own 3D printer along with the Ciclop scanner kit to create an incredibly affordable, high quality, 3D laser scanner.
M-Jewelry - A Professional UV-LED, Wireless DLP 3D Printer
A Professional 3D Printer for Jewelers and Dentists. Your Truly Multi-machine Synchronous, Wifi Controlled Desktop Factory.
The Prometheus System - Intuitive Multi-Filament 3D Printing
Upgrade your 3D printer to produce vibrant multi-color objects, print with support material, and create unique multi-material prints!
Sienci Mill One: Simple and Affordable Desktop CNC Milling
The Sienci Mill One turns your ideas into reality by carving 3D objects from materials like wood, metal, plastic, foam, and PCB.
RoVa4D Full Color Blender 3D Printer
The RoVa4D Full Color Blender is the World's first affordable full color 3D printer! It is easy to use and comes ready-to-print.
LokBuild : 3D Print Build Surface
The ultimate printing surface for 3D printers. LokBuild provides a durable and stable build surface whilst preventing model warping.
Renegade: The World's First 3D Pen to Run on Plastic Bottles
Materialise sculptures or even newly captured Pokemon, from plastic waste. Draw in the air with no limits – free of charge & pollution.
Snapmaker : The All-Metal 3D Printer
Turn your desktop into a workshop. You can easily do 3D printing, laser engraving and CNC carving.
I'm Back - Advance - Digital Back for 35mm analog cameras
A low cost system to transform your RaspberryPi, Arduino, Genuino, Omega2 to a digital back for 35mm cameras from the 50/60/70s and 80s
Ez 2c 3D Viewer #1
Make & See Free 3D. Use 2 GoPros - Simple to make 3D Videos & Pics. Ez 2c 3D Viewers will help you show friends and family
Moai - Affordable High-Resolution Laser SLA 3D printer
Get amazing details and smooth finishes with a class-leading 70 micron laser spot size. Perfect for jewelers, artists, dentists, makers
3D Printer Tungsten Premium Nozzle Reloaded
Tungsten Premium Nozzle for precise 3D print results. For abrasive and high temperature print processes where brass & steel fails.
Scribbler DUO: The World’s First Dual-Nozzle 3D Printing Pen
Our Dual-Nozzle Scribbler 3D Pen takes it to another level! With multiple new functions to help take your creativity to the moon.
3Dmate Design Mat for 3D Printing Pen
A creation tool for building and creating designs using a 3D pen. Suitable and fun for all levels - from beginner to expert.
UNIZ-UDP: the World's Fastest 3D Printer Technology
UNIZ-UDP: the World's Fastest 3D Printing Technology
Tungsten Carbide Nozzle for Ultimaker, Prusa, Lulzbot & more
The ultimate 3d printing nozzle for people looking for the best balance between wear resistance and high performance.
The AIP 'Classic' Portable 3D Printer
Portable. Professional. Precise up to 20 microns. 300°C nozzle & 100°C hotbed. Wherever you go, whatever you need!
Easy-Peelzy, the ultimate solution for 3D print part removal
Easy-Peelzy is a soft, flexible 3D printing platform that fits onto virtually any printer. And it makes your maker life so much easier.
Proforge 2 | 3D Printer | Revolutionising Dual Extrusion
All Metal Desktop 3D Printer with Touch Screen Display, Dual Switching Extruder, WiFi/Webcam Enabled and Auto-Levelling Bed.
box3d: the 3D Printer Fumes Eliminator
3D printing = terrifying noises, toxic fumes & warped prints. Sounds acceptable? So, why is it the case with your current setup?
Selectra : Multi-material system for YOUR 3D printer!
A multi channel filament feeder system for your FDM 3D printer, enabling printing with up to 5 materials and/or colours!
Wham Bam - The Best Flexible Bed for 3D Printers Available!
For every 3D print Enthusiast; Beginner, Hobbyist or Pro! Makes removing parts, and getting a great 1st layer a breeze!
The Lotus EZ - a truly user-friendly resin 3D Printer.
A truly user-friendly LCD SLA 3D Printer, designed and manufactured to the highest quality levels, created by us, for you.
ZATSIT, the awesome delta robot and 3Dprinter with hinges !
ZATSIT is a kit to build a delta robot and 3D printer, innovative in its technology, architecture, construction and performance.
Snapmaker 2.0: Modular 3-in-1 3D Printers
Unlock your full creative potential from 3D printing to laser engraving, cutting and CNC carving. Smarter, larger, and more powerful.
A1 - Professional 3D-printer for creators and designers
This is the next generation fused filament printer. Made to print fast, quiet and to enhance your workflow with swappable hotend.
MODIFI3D PRO : Enhanced 3D Print Finishing Tool
Evolution of the 3D print tool, now tougher with more power. Features adjustable temperature control and 10 interchangeable tips.
Rose Go, the FDM 3D printer delivers Resin-Quality
20-300μm Layer Resolution | 300mm/s Travel Speed | Auto Leveling | Filament Run Out Detection | 0.9° Stepper Motor
AXIS 3D Printer from £99/$125/€115
Dual Material Printing | Wi-Fi/Webcam Interface | Removable FlexPlate | Heated Bed | Silent Printing
D3D-s: 3D jewelry scanner
Our D3D-s scanner takes advantage of LED-line technology, combining incredible accuracy and a price you can afford.
Creality CR-6 SE Leveling-free DIY 3D Printer Kit
CR-6 SE, a workhorse designed for who defines creativity, makes 3D printing ever easier before.
A 100% 3D printed Underwater Drone
The goal of this project is to create a fully functional Submarine Drone, 100% 3D printed and equipped with Arduino technology.
make/100: Limited Edition LokBuild 3D Print Build Surface
Limited editions of LokBuild, the durable 3D printing build surface. Pre-sized and in custom colours to suit specific printers.
PrintDry Filament Container For 3D Printing
An airtight filament storage solution that keeps your filament dry
How to Optimize 3D Prints
New Course That Makes It Easy for Anyone to Improve Their 3D Print Quality
The scenic library, 3d printable
Hold fantasy books, sci-fi and more. 3d printable.
SimplyColor3D 2.0 - Convert any 3D model into MultiColor
Convert any 3D model into a MultiColor model for 3D printing. Works with EVERY 3D printer and slicer.
LONGER Orange 4K the Ultrafine LCD 3D Printer!
Orange 4K is built in 4K resolution LCD screen, hit at X 31.5μm Y 10.5μm subpixel! Color & Mono screen are available.
FilaDryer S1: The Most Cost-effective 3D Filament Dryer Box
The filament dryer box, printing while drying, with temperature-controlled and timed, makes the printing model more shiny and smooth.
Vacuum Sealed Filament Container by PrintDry
The ultimate filament storage solution for 3D printing
Kywoo Tycoon: "DIY Pro" 3D Printer with Linear Rail X-Axis
Bring your 3D creations to life with the powerful 3D printer available for hobbyists. Faster, more precise, and more stable.
PrintABlok Mechs
Mech themed modular toy sets for your 3D printer.
The Ultimate Tungzzle - The 3D Printing Tungsten Nozzle
The most affordable wear and high temperature resistant 3D-Printing nozzle on the market, made completely of tungsten heavy alloy.
Low Poly Dinos Dinosaur 3D models by 3D Printing Professor
Whimsical 3D dinosaur models designed for easy printing on your home FFF 3D printer.
WEEDO X40 Independent Dual Extruder 3D Printer
Get a high quality dual extrusion printer for a fraction of the price!
Cost only 0.005$ per hour. Accelerating the evaporation of water molecules in filaments to provide an excellent 3D printing experience.
Easiest to use 3D Printer leveling-free, with magnetic glass
from 199USD! 1 main+4 High precision sensor make u no worry about leveling. Pioneer magnetic Carbon Crystal Silicon glass Platform
EcubMaker TOYDIY2 4-in-1 3D Printer
3D printing, two-color 3D printing, laser engraving, CNC carving in a multifunctional 3D printer
LuckyBot – An Affordable Food Extruder for FDM 3D Printer
Extend the usage of your FDM 3D printer, turn your 3D printer into a food printer with an affordable price
Revopoint POP: Precise 3D Scanner for 3D printing
Amazingly Capable, Surprisingly Affordable — The perfect sidekick for your 3D printing creativity
DiamondBack Nozzles
Print Any Filament - Worry-Free 3D Printing
xTool M1 - Mini but Powerful Hybrid Laser & Blade Cutter
The Versatile Desktop Cutter and Engraver for Everyone - Innovative | Powerful | Easy to Use | Affordable
Photon Ultra - 3D Print with ultra-precise DLP light beams⚡️
First desktop DLP 3D printer | Incredible life-like details | Lightyears ahead of LCD | Cost-saving | Low maintenance | Affordable
ELEGOO Jupiter: 12.8" 6K Mono MSLA 3D Printer
The ELEGOO Jupiter lets printing large scale, high accuracy, and intricate parts really simple.
High-quality 3D printing resin with pre-supported models in every bag!
3dB ULTRA : Anti-vibration noise reduction feet pads
Improved anti-vibration noise reduction feet pads for 3D printers. Helps isolate vibration caused by printer axis movement and motors.
SUNLU FilaDryer S2: Effective Support 3D Printer Creation
S2 has an extraordinary design: heating module, 360 ° constant temperature, fast-drying, and a large screen for easy operating.
Monotype Electro Type Matrix: 3D Model and 3D Print
Turn a historic Monotype font mold into a freely licensed 3D model and 3D-printed item.
Hex°. A filament dehydrator that actually works.
A smart filament dehydrator that brings your filament back to life with a touch of a button.
Revopoint POP 2: Precise 3D Scanner with 0.1mm Accuracy
Bring your Reality into the 3D Digital World
X-KIT: Unlimited Robot Toy Creation Kit With 3D Printer
Intuitive app & smart hub allow kids to design, 3D print, code & play their own robot toys🤖
The Frost 2
3D Printable STL Miniatures and Terrain for Role Playing Games, Tabletop, Wargames, or other TTRPG
AnkerMake M5 3D Printer - 5X Faster Printing and AI Camera
Print Time Cut by 70% | Smooth 0.1 mm Detail | Built-In AI Camera Monitoring | Multiple-Device Hub | Multi-Color and Material Kit
The best open source community project in the world, ever since the dawn of 3D printing. Designed for you and only for YOU
Smart Vacuum Filament Containers by PrintDry
One-Touch Sealing & Auto Re-Sealing -- Smart Filament Storage Solution
A Wizards' Christmas 2021 - 3D printables by Raging Heroes
Create and live a magically beautiful wizards' Christmas experience together with all your family with the help of your 3D printer!
The Wandering Mausoleum - 3D printable Dice Tower
Enhance your gaming experience with this 3D printable PRE-SUPPORTED STL Dice Tower for FDM and Resin printer.
A set of fun Christmas decorations that hide a devilish surprise! Sculptures made for 3d printing in presupported STL files.
Kirin: Ultimate DSP 4K Light Engine for 3D Printing
Upgrade your resin 3D printers with higher accuracy, larger volume, faster speed and lower costs.
Revopoint RANGE: Big Scans, Big Detail
An Affordable and Accurate Big Object Infrared Structured Light 3D Scanner.
3D printed Braiding machine
Create unique ropes according to your ideas. Up to 12 coil carriers can be used. All .stl Files/Drawings/Partlist
PrintStation : Furniture system for 3D printing
Advanced Filtering |Sleek Design! Home Safe| Temperature control| Faster Prints| Reduced Noise and Odor
The Old Keep
Customizable fantasy buildings for your tabletop. All STL files are designed, optimized, and tested for both FDM & resin 3d printers.
X-MAKER: A Smart 3D Printer with Gamification 3D Design App
Gamification Design App | One-Press Printing | High Speed Wi-Fi | Leveling Free | 3.5″ Touch Screen | Make Anything | Toy Factory
Matrix: The Ultimate Materials 3DPrinter Lets You Print Big
700mm Print Height | Multi-Materials | Air Chamber Extruder | Designed for Pottery, Creative Construction and Education.
Automation Upgrade for Prusa MK3s+
Powercore - Cut through solid metal with EDM
Convert your 3D printer into an EDM machine with an open-source EDM power supply!
EIBOS Oceanus: 3 in 1 automatic resin post-processing system
Automatic washing,drying&curing. Providing a better and easier way to deal with the messy post-processing for resin 3D printing object.
The Office - 3D Printable’s gadget for your office desk
Basic and advanced equipment for your office. Pay What You Want & Print by Yourself.
Antikythera Mechanism | The Dial of Destiny
3D Print an object that is both innovative and functional! Push yourself to build something extraordinary.
PrintABlok : SkyForce - Interlocking toys for 3D Printers
Building block sets for your 3D printer to make spaceships, fighter jets, and other awesome creations!
CeConstructor: CAD Construction Tool
The Next-Gen CAD Construction Tool for 3D Modeling
Build your own watch cleaning machine!
3D Printable Herbs & Vegetables Smart Garden
Make your 3D Printed Smart Garden and grow herbs & vegetables at home.
The Scenic Calendar
A perpetual calendar to beautify your bookshelf and desk. For 3D printing.
Athena mSLA Resin 3D Printer
The Smart Resin 3D printer with Advanced Force Sensor Systems to Improve Speed and Reliability.
Thread Boards | 3D printable peg boards with a twist
Organize anything with our innovative threaded peg boards and massive catalog of accessories designed specifically for 3D printing.
Revopoint INSPIRE 3D Scanner - For All Creators
A compact yet powerful user-friendly 3D scanner that's surprisingly affordable.
Space Soldier: 3D Printable Sci fi Statue
Pre-Supported STL Files for 3D printing. Sci-fi Miniature for painters and collectors.
The Frost City - 3D Printable STL Miniatures and Terrains
The best collection of Characters and Terrains for all your RPG Adventures and Tabletop games. (Pre-supported STL Files) - Frostgrave
The Garcias - PWYW 80's/Modern House & Scatter Terrain STLs
3D printable 80's modern style house and scatter terrain for tabletop miniature games from the Town of Greenfield line.
Click-Lock City - Duplex - Modular Sci-fi Terrain STL Set
Bring a new dimension to your models - Expand Click-Lock City Modular Scenery System to a new dimension. 3D Print Flat Pack Buildings
Memoto Lifelogging Camera
A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.
Proforge 4: A Next-Gen High Speed Tool Changer 3D Printer
4 Print Heads | 60K mm/s² Max Acceleration | QUAD-CORE-XY | Large 400x300x400mm Print Volume | Open-Source and Hackable
Epic Heresy: Bases and terrain STL's for 3d printing
Detailed themed bases, display plinths and terrain depicting an epic world where titans clash in 8mm scale.
Bokeh Fire: Lenses for Everyone
A simple monthly lens rental service for photographers.
Stabilized Camera Gimbal Vibration Isolator Mount
The Cinema Vibration Isolator helps remove vibration and mechanical stress from camera gimbals mounted on vehicles.
edgertronic - The first affordable high speed video camera.
Color 1280x1024 High Speed Video Camera - Up to 17,791 Frames/Sec. - Powerful - Easy to Use - Price Starting Under $5K
MonoShot: The Best Tripod For iPhone And GoPro
An ultra-portable, custom monopod with attachments for any surface, situation, or device. Includes hands-free shutter remote.
BW05 Camera Stabilization with Kinetic Remote
Capture dynamic and steady shots from new perspectives with the BeeWorks 5 camera stabilization and control system.
Stabil i4: A Robotic 3-axis Camera Gimbal Stabilizer by
A versatile and easy-to-use 3 axis robotic camera stabilizer that allows anyone to capture stunning cinematic footage anywhere!
Memento Smart Frame : World's Most Advanced 4K Smart Frame
Memento is the world’s most advanced 4K Smart Frame that displays your photos in stunning Ultra HD unlike anything you’ve ever seen.
C-Box System ( Use any SSD on Ursa or Ursa Mini with CBox )
External Dual-Bay CFast to SSD Device with Low Power Consumption, and Standard 1/4" Screw Mount for Easy Use on Any Rig Configuration!
RIDEYE: The Black Box Camera For Your Bike
Crash detection sensors. HD video. One month battery life. One touch operation. CNC machined. Fight back with RIDEYE.
FreeRide Smartphone Mount
Unlock your Smartphone's creative potential. Hack every GoPro®, GoWorx®, and traditional camera mount you own!
Pulse - Your Camera, Upgraded.
Stills. Timelapse. Video. Complete control of your DSLR or Mirrorless camera from your smartphone. Wirelessly.
CAMpanion: Enhance Your GoPro
Missed our Kickstarter campaign? Get your CAMpanion at www.campanion.me
HEXO+: Your Autonomous Aerial Camera - Drone
HEXO+ is an intelligent drone that follows and films you autonomously. Aerial filming for everyone.
Vela One - the fastest flash in the world
Capture bullets in flight with the first safe, affordable high-speed camera flash.
Relio - your little, personal Sun. Colors, the way they are!
A light specifically engineered to render colors better. Suited for professional photographic use. Will make you love light (again).
PANLIGHT - remote direction control for flash and cameras
Meet your new assistant. Free your flash, and open yourself up to the creative possibilities of a remote camera.
Waylens - A Data Driven Automotive Camera System
A beautifully crafted camera system that empowers drivers to easily capture, edit, and share interesting moments right from the road.
GNARBOX: Edit & Share HD Footage in Seconds - Laptop Free
The world’s first mobile solution for viewing, backing-up, editing, and sharing your HD footage from any GoPro HERO® or DSLR camera.
SoftPanels LED Lights with Intelligent/Precise Color Control
SoftPanels LED lights with Autocolor for Cine/Video/Photo Lighting. Made by experts, with a LED COLOR METER built into every light!
LensRacks - Quick Change Camera Gear Storage System
LensRacks is a modular camera lens and gear storage system that allows for swift lens changes.
Sphericam 2, the 4K 360º Video Camera for VR
The perfect 360º camera for Oculus Rift / Google Cardboard. First ever to offer GLOBAL SHUTTER at 60FPS and 4K, 100% spherical capture.
MIOPS: Smartphone Controllable High Speed Camera Trigger
MIOPS starts a new era in high speed photography with the flexibility of smart phone platform and the power of electronics.
STABYLIZR — Your GoPro® Camera Stabilizer
Make smooth videos with an innovative steadycam. Waterproof mechanical gimbal.
ScopeAround: Smart and Versatile Wi-Fi Video Camera
ScopeAround’s multifunctional video camera features interchangeable camera heads and smart device connection.
AER - Throw your GoPro®
AER lets you shoot aerial photos and videos, simply by throwing your GoPro®! Compatible with GoPro® HERO 3+, 4 and 5.
Parrot 2 | The most portable and affordable teleprompter!
We took the worlds most portable and affordable professional teleprompter and made it even better!
LensShifter: The Only Balanced Focus & Zoom Camera Lens Grip
Get Finer Focus & Zoom Faster with LensShifter's Camera Lens Grip! Perfect for photography and video.
PRIOLITE ULTRA, 1/8000th Flash Sync Compact Li-Ion Monolight
Compact 500Ws Li-Ion battery moonlight, built-in 2.4GHz receiver for Sony, Canon, Pentax, Nikon up to 1/8000th, 645Z/D up to 1/4000th
Ultra Wide Angle Lens with Zero Distortion, Laowa 12mm f/2.8
Venus Optics brings the World's Widest f/2.8 lens for Full Frame cameras with Invisible Distortion, Superb Optical Quality & Tiny Size.
Mobile Rig - Capture more with your smartphone and GoPro
A compact mobile studio for better photos, videos and even selfies. Anyone can now shoot more professionally and be more creative!
Clear Outex Housing - Waterproof Covers for Cameras
Transparent waterproof housing that's travel-friendly, modular, affordable, and maintains access to all your camera and len's controls
TriLens - Change lenses in the blink of an eye
The TriLens safely carries up to three of your favorite DSLR lenses and changing your glass has never been faster.
THE most multifunctional bag for your action cam and GoPro®
THE all in one solution, no more accessoires needed.A every day versatile outdoor gear bag, hydration compatible, weather-resistant...
Wiral LITE | The Easy Cable Cam, For Impossible Film Shots
AFFORDABLE and EASY-TO-USE Cable Cam for GoPro and cameras up to 3.3 lbs.
FREESTREAM: Broadcast High-Quality Video on the Fly
Wirelessly cast live video to production monitors or iOS/Android devices. Share video in real-time from your camera straight to social.
XCLEAR | NANO-SUCTION GoPro/Action Camera Mount.
This super versatile GoPro mount ISN’T an adhesive. Millions of tiny suction cups make it re-usable, super strong, fits in your wallet.
MicroJib | 3 Innovative Products for Your GoPro®
Pan +Tilt your GoPro 360° with MicroJib 2. Go big with the MJ XL! Get wet with the Flow -the only extendable hand grip that floats!
Idolcam: The Pocketable 4k Gimbal Camera!
Professional quality videos one click away!
QooCam: World’s First interchangeable 4K 360° & 3D Camera
QooCam can shoot 4k 360° VR & 3D 180° video and photo. Featured Refocus, Shake-free, 120FPS, Time-lapse, Live Streaming, And App Editor
Photographer's Light Stand Sandbag and Gear Loops
The ultimate fastener for light stands, tripods and so much more! Created for professional photographers by a professional photographer
pixl-latr - helping you digitise 35mm, 120 & 4x5 film
pixl-latr - an innovative, low cost and effective solution for digitising black & white or colour negatives and transparencies
The Standard 4x5 - Build Your Own Large Format Camera
The Standard 4x5 is an affordable, lightweight and durable large format camera - You can make your own for only $320!
Quickstarter - Speech Text Prompts - Mini Teleprompter
A Pro display device that prompts the person speaking with an electronic visual text of a speech, using any smartphone.
SwitchPod — The minimal, versatile, handheld tripod.
SwitchPod works with any camera, from a phone to a DSLR, and simplifies video making. If you’re a vlogger, you’re going to love it.
Revolutionize Macro Videography, Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens
Introducing a new perspective to your video, Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe is the weirdest but the most genius lens ever for creative shooting.
OBSBOT Tail, The World's First Auto-Director AI Camera
Film with freedom! OBSBOT Tail acts as your personal cameraman and director! Track, auto zoom and capture movement in up to 4K/60fps!
"MicroREC" - Record microscopic procedures with your phone
MicroREC is an optic system capable of attaching any smartphone to most of the microscopes on the market.
Ultimate light for filmmaking and your phone: Crack Light
A must-have tool for filmmakers and photographers. Power this light from USB or your phone. Featherweight at only 19 grams.
NANO1: World's Smallest Astronomy Camera - Just Got Smaller
The World's Smallest Astronomy Camera - just got smaller. Capture Milky Way, Northern Lights and more in 4K, on your next epic travel!
Alter RFS | Rapid Filter System
The First Hinged Lens Filter Adapters
PINE - World's most flexible Motion Controller
Bring motion to your camera and create automated camera movements, timelapse, panoramas, 3D photogrammetry scans and much more.
HARROPE S2 | Motorized camera slider and pan motor
A new modular motorized slider for camera devices. Record stunning videos and time lapses with smooth and precise movements.
Ultra Versatile Telephoto Lens, Redcat 250mm f/4.9
The world's sharpest 250mm telephoto lens ever made for full frame cameras, at Apochromatic specification with Strehl Ratio >0.97+.
Asokee - boost your GoPro in a switch!
Add features to your action cam. Perfect for vlogging & travelling
SNAP Mount: Versatile Action Camera Mount
A versatile, two part magnetic action camera mount that allows you to mount your GoPro or DJI Osmo Action cameras to almost anything.
Arsenal 2, the Intelligent Camera Assistant
Smarter than ever, Arsenal 2 uses AI to help you take amazing photos.
The First M42 Mount SLR Instant Camera - NONS SL42
Compatible with Interchangeable M42 lens and instax mini instant film, SL42 makes memories tangible.
CHASING DORY Underwater Drone
So small and so easy to use. Explore the waters below with this incredibly portable and affordable underwater drone.
ADAPTALUX FLASH ARMS: Adaptable Flash Photography Lighting
Bringing Xenon Flash to the Adaptalux Studio. Highly adaptable modular Flash Arms that are great for macro photography.
Lime One: A Compact Light Meter for Analog Cameras
A fast and compact solution for metering when using manually controllable cameras
Trexo Wheels: World’s first Image Processing Table-Top Dolly
Trexo Wheels | World’s first Table Top Dolly equipped with Image Processing
Orbit: A suspended Orbiting Camera Dolly
What tool does a cinematographer build for himself? A stealthy silent, bluetooth controlled, orbiting camera dolly with lighting.
EF Mount SLR Instant Camera - NONS SL42 with Format Extender
Start your adventure of analog photography with full-frame lens and Instax film.
Rotolight NEO 3 and AEOS 2 LED Camera Lights
Incredibly powerful LED lights for photographers & videographers on the go or in a studio
CharisMic: Magnetic Lapel Microphone with customized badges.
Make vlogging fun! Get tons of likes!
Ulanzi Falcam F22 Quick Release System
A Must-Have Camera Accessory Kit for Filmmakers & Photographers, Save on Unnecessary Components.
NONS SL42 Black-Interchangeable lens SLR instant film camera
Compatible with EF, M42, Nikon F, PK, CY & medium format lenses. Rediscover the joy of film photography, instantly.
Fjorden: Faster camera controls, now on your iPhone.
Never miss the decisive moment. For any shooting situation, Fjorden gives you DSLR-like camera controls to capture your creative vision
Ulanzi Fill Light: Make Your Photo & Video Projects Brighter
The portable and adjustable light for laptops, phones, and tablets that makes your video and photography projects look professional.
voto® lightbouncer pro: The Hassle-Free Light Modifier
We are revolutionizing the light modifier market – with our innovative Easy-Mount carbon fiber frame and Quick-Zip System.
Trexo Slider: World's most compact camera slider
Powerful and compact camera slider with motion control, vertical operation, shareable presets, Timelapse and much more
Platypod eXtreme: Compact Tripod Major Upgrade!
All terrain camera support to deploy with your best tripod head in most any situation.
Slite. A super portable light for better photos and videos!
14mm thin. Less than 900g. 16 million colors. Magnetic back. USB-C. Smartphone app. 55 watt custom LEDs.
Tarion Zone: Modular, Customizable Organizer & Backpack
Build Your Own Bag | LEGO-like system | Fully Customizable | Expandable | Light-weight | For long & short trips | City & Outdoors
SL660 - Interchangeable Lens SLR Analogue Instant Camera
Create sharpness and bokeh on instax Square Film, with vintage lenses of EF, M42, Nikon F, PK, and CY mounts.
VuePoint: Ultralight Ultrafast Full-Size Travel Tripods
An adventure-ready full-size 42" travel tripod that's as light as a phone and sets up in under 4 seconds.
Platypod® Handle - Camera Riser and Adapter
Multifunction compact grip & tripod tool to adapt photography, video, lighting, sound and monitoring gear to your ballhead and camera.
Kinetic Arm | a handy rigging tool
A problem solving system to hold whatever you can imagine.
Filmmakers, You Need to Know About The Power Junkie v2
Now you can power your camera, 12V and 9V devices using affordable Sony NP-F batteries. It even charges the NP-F!
Alfie TYCH
Compact 35mm half-frame film camera giving over 72 images from one roll of film
POCO Drop-In Filter Adapter: Facilitate Your Cinematography
Fit All PL Lens Filter Size | Interchangeable Mount | Quick Filter Change | Multiple Filter Options | VND Remotely Controlled
Takes the darkness out of night with Next-Gen Night Vision
F1.0 aperture | 1/1.8" SONY STARVIS Sensor | Blind Spot Detection System | Separate Dual Lens | 11inch Touch Screen Real-time Display
POD MINI: An Adaptable Macro Lighting System
Powerful and adaptable Macro Photography Lighting in the palm of your hand!
NEWLAND ● The Rebirth of folding Land Cameras
Bring old Land Cameras back to life with an adapter compatible with the new Polaroid film.
Best Camera for Motorcycle - 60FPS Ultimate Smooth Enjoyment
1080P 60FPS/ 2K 30FPS, Sony STARVIS, All Waterproof, Built in Wifi and GPS, Super Capacitor, Race Mode
MOOD+ | Wireless + Reactive Lighting For Events & Content
500 Effects, Gradients & Colors • 10+ Hour Battery • Sound-Reactive • Bright • RGBW • 90 CRI
MOOD: 4' Wireless Sound-Reactive Rainproof Animated RGB LED
Instantly activate 250+ dynamic animations for 10+ hours of brilliant immersive lighting.
SL645 - Interchangeable Lens SLR Analogue Instant Camera
Metal camera body | Compatible with vintage lenses of EF, M42, Nikon F, PK, and CY mounts | Shoot instax mini
CAPSULE PRO: Versatile Motorized Pan and Tilt Head
Versatile pan and tilt head for time-lapse, multi row panorama, 360 product photography and videography
LensUltra: New Generation of Mobile Lenses for Ultra Clarity
Building on the ShiftCam ProLens legacy, we've brought you a whole new generation of mobile creativity, universality, and clarity.
FROGPOD! A Magnetic Tripod Mount
A versatile magnetic mount for your cameras, phones, lights, and more! For more info, follow @FROGPOD_Army on Instagram!
4CH Surround View Dashcam Complete Safeguard Your Driving
Front + rear + left + right side, monitoring without blind spot, designed for All Car - truck, bus, emergency vehicles
NITECORE CINE WIND Photography Styling Fan by NP-F Batteries
NITECORE CW30| Cameras | Nitecore Cine Wind|The World's First Portable Cord-Free Camera Fan Powered by NP-F Batteries
Calf - Professional 3D VR180 Camera
8K Photo & 6K Video Resolution l Up to 185° Field of View -l Dual Premium Wide-Angle Lenses I Live Streaming I 50fps at 6k I Calf App
MAVEN Color Coded Magnetic Photography & Videography Filters
Hyper Efficient Magnetic Filters With World Class Optical Performance
Mercury Stereo 12 Medium Format Stereoscopic Camera
Interchangeable lens, interchangeable back universal camera for 3D photography
Benro Theta: the Intelligent Modular Travel Tripod
A smart, modular travel tripod with auto-leveling, an auto-lock QR ring, and more
Arduberry: Unite Raspberry Pi and Arduino
Arduberry unites Arduino shields and the Raspberry Pi with a simple, inexpensive hardware solution. Slide on, copy your code, and go.
TEKE: Wireless & Reactive RGBW DMX LED Lighting System
Instantly apply animated, reactive effects from your phone or dmx art-net devices.
Raspberry Pi Servo Card
Control up to 3 servos, 2 LEDs and read 3 switches from a Raspberry Pi
Easy I/O Card for the Raspberry Pi
Easy I/O Connections for your Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi USB Console
This USB port allows you to take your Raspberry Pi on the road without bringing along a Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and power supply
Shrinkified Arduino Hard Development Card
If your Arduino project fits into just a few I/O pins and not too much memory you may want this ATTiny85 based card
Konekt Dash: Cellular Dev Kit + Free Global Data Plan
Konekt Dash is a cellular dev kit (Arduino/Pi/+) powered by Konekt's global data plan (100+ countries) & Cloud (pub/sub/store/route)
Open source BASCOM-AVR Tiny RFM12 Digital Walkie Talkie kit
A very small Open source Digital Walkie Talkie project made based on ATMEGA8 and a well known RFM12B RF module to send & receive voice
Ultimate I/O Hat for the Raspberry Pi
Ultimate I/O Hat for the Raspberry Pi (A+, B+ and Pi-2). Connect your 5V devices to this Raspberry Pi daughtercard.
5V Sensor Connection Card for the Raspberry Pi
This card lets you easily connect external 5V devices to your Raspberry Pi Model B and from there onto the Internet of Things
Power your 9V or 12V device from USB port!
Bluetooth Audio Link
BAL - An easy solution to streaming high quality audio, and Bluetooth development.
SODAQ: a lego-like, plug-in, rapid prototyping board
The Arduino compatible board to take your projects beyond your home and garden. Anywhere your imagination takes you.
Neutrino: The tiny 32-bit Arduino Zero compatible!
Open source and featuring a fast 32-bit 48MHz ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller, the Neutrino is fully compatible with the Arduino Zero!
Flutter: $20 Wireless Arduino with half mile (1km) range.
Flutter is an open source ARM-powered wireless Arduino with 1000m+ (3200 ft) range and 256-bit AES hardware encryption.
UP - Intel x5-Z8300 board in a Raspberry Pi2 form factor
UP, the credit card computer board for makers powered by Intel Quad Core Atom X5-8300 1.84GHz, running Linux, Windows 10, and Android
GVSDuino - Arduino compatible with mounting and GVS pins
GVSDuino - Take your Arduino project from breadboard to application
Jugend Programmiert Starter-Kit
Unsere Vision ist es, das Programmieren lernen leichter zu machen. Das ist dabei rausgekommen. Jetzt brauchen wir Eure Unterstützung!
Arduino based electronics discovery system - DuinoKit Jr.
The DuinoKit Jr. is a user-friendly system to learn electronics and programming without soldering or requiring prior experience.
Pi Cubes - Raspberry Pi Based HVAC Automation System
Pi Cubes is Modular DIY/Hobby HVAC Automation system based on the Raspberry Pi. Supports up to 24 I/Os and 4 Thermostats.
BlueberryE: WiFi connected sensors (Arduino compatible)
Arduino Uno compatible board with 3.3V levelshifter for I2C, SPI & SerialSRAM, Shields: Wi-Fi, Environ. Sensors, switchable Power Plug.
VIPER: the Python IoT Design suite for Arduino, UDOO & Spark
Let’s start the new era of “Things onto the Internet”. With a few lines of code and almost no wiring, objects will become smart!
Screwduino - Arduino compatible w/ screw terminals/mtg holes
Screwduino is an Arduino UNO compatible with Screw Terminals and great mounting holes
Interactive LED Beer Pong Table Kit (BPT X5)
Introducing the most sophisticated beer pong table kit ever! Completely open-source and fully customizable!
Machine vision with Python
Add machine vision to your projects by scripting Python. Small, affordable, and expandable with shields.
IR-LOCK: infrared target tracking for Drones & DIY Robotics
Simple and accurate target tracking hardware for Drones & DIY Robotics. Works in bright sunlight and even complete darkness.
Raspberry Pi B+ Sensor Connection Hat (Daughtercard)
Hat that allows 3.3V and 5V devices to be easily connected to the Raspberry Pi Model B+ and from there onto the Internet of Things
Foxonix Embedded Sound: Make Your Ideas Heard
Add sound to your projects! Make that teddy bear talk. Give your robot a diabolical laugh. Let your art do the talking. (Literally.)
DigiX - The ultimate Arduino compatible board with WiFi!
The ultimate 100% Arduino Due compatible dev board with Wifi and Mesh networking, Audio, USB OTG, microSD, and 99 i/o pins!
5V I/O Sensor Card for the Raspberry Pi
This card enables your Raspberry Pi to communicate with widely available 5V sensors and from there onto the Internet of Things
Fibonacci Clock - An open source clock for nerds with style
The first of its kind. Hackable. Peculiar. Elegant. Powered by Arduino. Available as a DIY kit or fully assembled.
nScope | a lab for every laptop
nScope is a USB-powered oscilloscope, function generator, and power supply that turns any laptop into an electronics workbench.
Autonomo: The Solar-Powered Thing!
The Autonomo is a matchbox sized, Arduino-compatible, microcontroller board powered by a small solar panel.
The WiPy: The Internet of Things Taken to the Next Level
The IoT development platform that runs Python in real time, and features the perfect blend of power, friendliness and flexibility.
The Electron: Cellular dev kit with a global data plan
The Electron is an Arduino-like cellular development kit with a SIM card and affordable data plan from the creators of the Spark Core.
Super-Mega Digital I/O Card
Add 128 lines of Digital I/O to your Arduino, Raspberry Pi or BeagleBone Black
Bluz: A cloud-connected, Bluetooth LE development kit
Build Bluetooth LE devices for the Internet of Things with a REST API and Web IDE that run on coin cell batteries.
TinyScreen: A color display the size of your thumb!
TinyScreen is a tiny customizable display. Play games, get notifications from your phone and display useful information.
Reflowster - Soldering Controller for Surface Mount PCBs
An Arduino-compatible smart outlet designed to instantly turn your toaster oven into a reflow soldering station.
Touch Board: Interactivity Everywhere
Now anyone can transform touch into sound (and so much more!) with the Touch Board, an easy-to-use Arduino-compatible device.
tinyTesla: the Little Singing Tesla Coil Anyone Can Build
Learn electronics, shoot lightning, and play music using electricity with tinyTesla! Also introducing oneTeslaTS, its big brother.
Spark Core: Wi-Fi for Everything (Arduino Compatible)
A tiny Wi-Fi development board. Arduino + Wi-Fi + ARM Cortex M3 + wireless programming + REST API = awesome.
UDOO: Android Linux Arduino in a tiny single-board computer
UDOO takes your DIY projects to the next level and it’s a powerful tool for education and creativity.
Flotilla for Raspberry Pi - Friendly Electronics
Build your next great idea in minutes, not hours. Hassle-free digital tinkering for everyone with Flotilla for Raspberry Pi!
Arduino IoT. Home automation, 3D printing, robotics & more!
Build it with no shields, no wires, no mess & no sweat. Rugged. Simple and powerful. Easy to use. Fully open source Arduino WiFi PLC.
Pozyx: accurate indoor positioning for Arduino
Pozyx is an Arduino-compatible platform that provides centimeter accurate positioning and motion information both indoor and outdoor.
4-Channel I2C Multiplexer (I2C-RPT-01)
Connect more than one I2C device with the same address to your microcontroller.
Tau: The tiny $10 supercharged Arduino-compatible!
Featuring a 32-bit 48MHz ARM Cortex M0+ w/ 16K of ram the Tau gives you a lot of bang for your buck!
I/O Cape for the BeagleBone Black (BBB-GVS-3)
Easy I/O Connection Cape for the Beaglebone with Analog buffering, GPIO with power/ground and 5V translator.
Oak by Digistump: Wi-Fi for all things! (Arduino Compatible)
The cheap, tiny, cloud enabled Wi-Fi dev board. Arduino compatible, 32-bit, wireless programming, and a REST API data cloud!
IRP-102 multi-function "Hat Board" for Raspberry PI.
Raspberry Pi Multifunction Hat Board IRP-102 Offers RTC, ADC, LCD, RS232/485 And More
Tiny Bluetooth Sensors so you can MAKE and CONNECT Stuff
Temp, Light, and 10 axis of Motion sensing (gyro+mag+baro) for Sports, Wearables, and Education; this is the most advanced BLE SENSOR.
Walkie Talkie Duino
Walkie Talkie Duino is an Open source Wireless shield for Arduino that can send Data and/or Audio like a real Walkie Talkie
Arduino Learning Board, 15+ Mini-Projects, Online Lessons
Learn Arduino development by creating over 15 mini projects with step-by-step guided video instruction and a custom learning board.
iBoardbot. The internet controlled whiteboard robot
The iBoardbot is an internet controlled robot capable of writing+drawing (and wiping!) on a glass surface.
BreadBro combines the power of an Arduino and the utility of a solderless breadboard into a single small, handheld package.
Teensy 3.5 & 3.6
Teensy 3.5 & 3.6 - Powerful Microcontrollers For Making Awesome DIY Electronic Projects
Digispark - The tiny, Arduino enabled, usb dev board!
The micro-sized, Arduino enabled, usb development board - cheap enough to leave in any project!
STEMTera Breadboard - Arduino compatible built-in breadboard
The world's first Arduino compatible built-in breadboard with Arduino shields, LEGO® bricks and native USB support.
Neutrino 2.0: The tiny 32-bit Arduino Zero compatible!
Featuring a 32-bit 48MHz ARM Cortex M0+ processor, the Neutrino 2.0 is fully compatible with the Arduino Zero!
Illuminate Your Helmet | LightMode Kits Redesigned
Smaller/Detachable Controller, Water Resistant, USB Rechargeable | All New 'S' Series Kits
Solar/UPS Pi Platter for Raspberry Pi
Solar Pi Platter - A versatile board for powering your Pi from the sun or battery and much more. Come see what we've cooked up!
MODI: Create Anything You Want with Robotics of Things
MODI is a modular device for DIY IoT, and robotic creations. Just Connect and Build with MODI module.
LoPy – the LoRa, WiFi and Bluetooth IoT development platform
LoPy is a MicroPython triple-network dev platform which doubles up as a LoRa Nano gateway. Arduino IDE compatible as stretch goal.
Firecricket | Bring Your Replica Props to Life!
A tiny 32-bit Arduino compatible light, sound, & motion controller you can program yourself!
Tau: The tiny 32-bit Arduino Zero compatible!
Featuring a 32-bit 48MHz ARM Cortex M0+ w/ 16K of ram the Tau packs a ton of power in a tiny package!
GrovePi-Zero: Effortless Internet of Things Devices
Plug and play sensors and modules for your next Raspberry Pi Zero connected device project. Make IoT Hardware Devices Effortlessly.
Indie Defcon Badge: The Ides of Defcon
A hackable, Roman-themed conference badge, featuring LEDs, digital audio, a multiplayer fighting game, rechargeable battery and more.
PiShield: Sensor Interface board for Raspberry Pi
Easily add up to 8x 5V analog sensors and 4x I2C devices to the Raspberry Pi. Form fitted for the Pi Zero but works with all models
Fireduino:Dual-core Arduino board, more powerful and easier!
Cortex-M3 Dual-core Arduino board,it contains low power wifi module,high quality MP3 decoder,supports Arduino IDE and Scratch.
MAKERbuino - a DIY game console
MAKERbuino is a handheld retro gaming device that you can build yourself. It's 8-bit, fun, educational and hackable.
Crazy Circuits: LEGO™ Compatible Modular Electronics
Create fun STEM and STEAM electronics projects every month with parts delivered right to your door. 100% LEGO™ and Arduino compatible.
SparKit - Miniature Electrostatic Generator
SparKit wishes to produce kit-set Wimshurst Machines (Electrostatic generator) for educational use which are simple, quick and reliable
Make the World's "Flashiest" Bow-Tie
A light-up blinky bow tie kit that makes crafting w/ electronics super cool! It's a DIY craft, a party favor, and wearable tech in one!
Pixel 2.0 - The Arduino compatible smart display!
The Pixel combines a 32-bit 48MHz ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller w/ a color OLED display and MicroSD!
Macchina: The Ultimate Tool for Taking Control of Your Car!
Learn about the inner workings of your ride and customize it with Macchina's M2 hardware, an open and versatile development platform.
OpenScope: Instrumentation for Everyone
OpenScope is a multi-function programmable instrument used for capturing, visualizing, and controlling analog and digital signals.
iolinker FPGA boards: Rewire and extend microcontroller IOs
Simple to use ultimate IO interface for your Arduino, Pi or PC. Self-test and rewire your circuitry or use your own FPGA code.
Neutrino 3.0: The 32-bit Arduino Zero compatible!
Featuring a 32-bit 48MHz ARM Cortex M0+ processor, the Neutrino 3.0 is fully compatible with the Arduino Zero!
The Thunder Board - IOT Lightning Detection for Makers!
Detect Lighting on your Raspberry Pi or Arduino System! The Thunder Board - DIY IOT lighting detector and lightning simulator.
Hackable Raspberry Pi Power Switch with Remote Control
Give Raspberry Pi a consumer electronics experience - programmable Pi power switch controlled by a single button or Infrared remote
TrackIMU: Camera-free, Wearable Head Motion Tracker
TrackIMU features unlimited field of view and natural viewing experience. It places your head in the games for immersive experience.
PiCube 4x4x4 LED CUBE for Raspberry Pi 3,2, Zero and A+
PiCube LED Cube for Raspberry Pi 3,2, Zero
LEDTwee -Tweezers for LED
LEDTwee is the Tweezers easy to test LED and used to check anysize and color LEDs or LED Module. You should have one!!
ProdBoard - All-in-one Utility Add-on Board for Raspberry Pi
Buttons / Display / Infrared / Power Switch Add-on Board for Raspberry Pi to greatly enhance your productivity on your projects
Pi:Traffic Light Shield for Raspberry Pi 3
The Pi:Traffic Light Shield is a low-cost hardware interface for Raspberry Pi users taking their first steps into interfacing.
6DOF Electronic Interface for Motion Simulator Platform
Now build your own Motion Simulator Platform using this Electronic Interface Controller AMC1280USB. From 2DOF up to 6DOF.
Pixel Mini - The Tiny Arduino Compatible Smart Display!
The Pixel Mini combines a 32-bit 48MHz ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller w/ a color OLED display and MicroSD!
Coding Unicorn Shield for Raspberry and Arduino
Coding Unicorn Shield, RGB LED Shield for Raspberry Pi & Arduino. Cuteness and style for your projects. Learn to code, book included.
RetroBall: Build-It-Yourself Pixel Fun For Upto Four Players
The Build-It-Yourself LED Kit Based on the Classic Game - PONG
PIXO Pixel - An ESP32 Based IoT RGB Display for Make/100!
PIXO Pixel uses an ESP32 to control a matrix of 256(16x16) RGB LEDs. It is an IoT device that can display information via Wifi and BLE.
Isolated USB to UART Converter for Arduino pro mini
Inexpensive USB port saver! Simple, tiny USB to UART converter with digital isolator working between 2.5V and 5V up to 3Mboud
Nixie Tube Driver
A simple way to implement a 6-digit RGB backlit Nixie Tube display into any project, with an accompanying Arduino library.
Desktop Infinity Mirror: a hands-on DIY electronics kit.
A tunnel of light that tears through space and fits on your desk! This is a hands-on maker kit that you build (and code!)
Gyroscope Sensor - Iota V2
Here is the evolution of my successful Gyroscope Sensor. Now smaller, lighter, cheaper and with optional PPM output.
Build-It-All Starter Kit: interactive circuitry for everyone
An at-home learning kit that turns interactive electronics into a creative experience. Beginner friendly, for ages 8 and up.
N64 - WiiVC Controller Adapter with Full Stick Correction
A Nintendo 64 to GameCube and Wii Virtual Console controller adapter - the first with accurate analogue stick correction for every game
Ultimate UNICORN Tech-Craft Kits
Learn 4 ways to add lights to your crafts by making a Light-Up Unicorn Headband, Wand, Tutu, and Bag. Ships in time for Halloween!
Tachyon - The lightning fast 120MHz Arduino compatible!
The Tachyon features a 120MHz 32-bit ARM Cortex M4F Arduino Zero compatible SAMD51 microcontroller w/ 128K of RAM!
Program-O-Tron SD Card Based Standalone AVR Programmer
An SD card based standalone AVR Programmer
Raspberry Pi Switch HAT with Kodi Remote Control & Display
HUGE Improvements over Previous Pi Switch with Kodi support, optional display, LED, Infrared control and i2c ports
Sunflower Shield - 3.5” HMI Display w/ Cap Touch for Arduino
The Sunflower Shield allows makers to add a 3.5" (QVGA) TFT LCD Display with capacitive touch to their Arduino projects.
Fipsy - The FPGA Breakout Board for Beginners
A breakout board for learning and applying FPGAs. A seriously powerful electronics tool for your projects.
Zero Multi-Power Supply for Bread Board
A powerful power supplier board for your electronics project. Super wide output, 1.25V upto 24V
Morserino-32, a multifunctional Morse code device, ideal for learning Morse code, or for improving your Morse code skills.
simpleRTK2B: the first multiband RTK shield based on ZED-F9P
Board to evaluate multiband GNSS technology including RTK functionality, based on u-blox F9, compatible with Arduino, STM32, Pixhawk...
LapPi: DIY Laptop for Raspberry Pi
A laptop kit for everyone, all over the world. Learn code, program apps, and create the future.
Kortex Xtend Lite | Smallest battery-powered WiFi repeater
A tiny, easy to use, battery-powered, multipurpose wireless NAT repeater
RasPiO Night Light - gently lights your way in the dark
See where to go at night without fully waking up. Only on as needed. Customisable RGB LED lighting. Ideal: hall, landing, garage, shed.
PiShell: Multi Color Case for Raspberry Pi & Camera
Protective Case for your Raspberry Pi and Camera
NoCAN: the 'wired' IoT platform for makers.
Sometimes Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is not the answer. So we made an Arduino-compatible 'wired' IoT platform for makers, based on CAN-bus.
Raspberry Pi for Computer Vision [ eBook ]
You can teach your Raspberry Pi to "see" — using Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and OpenCV. I'll show you how, inside this book.
The Pilot Remote Control for Arduino!
A Fully Customizable Wireless Remote Control for Arduino! Allows you to Control Your Projects From Up to 1500 Meters Away!
I2C Encoder V2
I2C Encoder V2 is a tiny smart board for connecting multiple rotary encoders on the I2C bus.
PYXA | DIY Game Console
Build your game console and create your own video games.
LEDTwee V1, A new way to test your LED.
LEDTwee is the Tweezers easy and efficiet to test LED and used to check anysize and color LED or LED Module.You should have one!!
SensorDots Port MuxR | A KVM Switch but for Electronics
8/16 channel, bi-directional, switched bus multiplexer. Easily branch out programming cables, test devices, sensors and more.
Grape-Express Mini development
The powerful Grape-Express Mini development board with Bluetooth 4.2, Wifi, OLED Display and internal power supply
HUSKYLENS – An Easy-to-use, Powerful AI Camera
HUSKYLENS is an easy-to-use AI vision sensor which can learn a new object, face, and color just by clicking.
SolarMAX - A Solar Power System for your Maker project!
SolarMAX - A solar power system designed for microcomputers, especially the Raspberry Pi and SkyWeather Stations.
Thinkcar OBD II: The Intelligent Solution to Car Diagnostics
The world’s smallest and most powerful diagnostic tool. Simple, innovative, and intuitive to use, Thinkcar is your 24/7 car mechanic.
The micro:bit drone. Build, code and fly!
Lifeclocc: Your life countdown and motivational companion
Make 100: A DIY desk clock to remind you about the importance of not wasting life.
Atto: An incredibly tiny, Arduino compatible board with USB!
This cost-effective, yet tiny USB dev. board is designed for makers. It can be soldered onto PCBs, used with a breadboard or by itself.
64 channel RTD measurement for Raspberry Pi
Low cost, 4 to 64 channels, precision RTD data acquisition system for Raspberry Pi
Quantum: The IoT Platform for Makers!
Create wireless IoT devices and projects in minutes and integrate them with existing platforms!
CircuitMess STEM Box
Learn the skills of the future with electronic projects delivered to your doorstep
HHTronik Quarantine Occupation Kits
Easy to (very) challenging soldering kits to keep you busy these days. Soldering is cool!
TPBot STEM Car— Creative Programming Partner for Children
The TPBot micro:bit programmable smart car is a magical teaching tool that stimulates children's imagination and creativity!
HAT RACK - DIN Rail Mount for Raspberry Pi HATs
Automation, Industrial Control, IoT
Based on the Raspberry Pi, Vizy is your little AI camera minion.
The 12" Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and Electronics PCB Ruler
A 12″ printed circuit board ruler with the Raspberry PI 4 GPIO and Arduino pin outs and common electronic components.
EDU:BIT Project Kit for Children to Code • Play • Learn
A versatile STEM & coding micro:bit kit for children & beginners to start coding and making.
ZimaBoard Single Board Server for Creators
Personal NAS | Software Router | VPN | Media Server | Smart Home and more
Get Local! Solar Lightning and Air Quality for your Pi
Two new WeatherSense instruments for your Raspberry Pi. A wireless Lightning Detector and a wireless Air Quality Sensor. Local Data!
WVR : modern, open source, embedded audio
A tiny open source sample player with amazing capabilities, based on the ESP32.
Sense HAT for Pico - Monitor Your World with Pico
SHT31(Temperature Sensor) | SGP40(Air Quality Sensor) | BME280(Humidity Sensor)| TCS34725(Color Sensor)
Air Monitoring HAT | Real-Time PM Sensor For Raspberry Pi
PMSA003 Sensor | Standard Raspberry Pi 40 Pin GPIO-Header | OLED Display 0.91” | UART(serial) interface | Digital Sensor
Pico Air Monitoring Expansion : Real-Time PM Sensor for Pico
PMSA003 Sensor | ESP8266 | BME280 | Standard Raspberry Pi Pico Compatibility | OLED Display 0.91” | UART(serial) interface
SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch
Seamlessly control your home appliances—from lights to temperature through HMI panel, smart APP, dual-channel switch and voice control!
Roundy : Round LCD Board based on RP2040/ESP-12E
Onboard RP2040 | 1.28" LCD | 240 x 240 Resolution | Operating Voltage 3.3 V | 65k RGB Color | GC9A01 | ESP-12E
USB to TTL : Complete Plug and Play interface Solution
CH340 | CP2102 | Type A,C,Micro USB Port | Power Selection Jumper | USB To UART | High Baud Rate Transmission
Serial Wombat 18AB Chips - Smart I2C/UART expansion
Add-on peripheral chips that make your software based electronics projects easier, more portable, more capable and more fun.
Mini Power Station
Power for all your projects. Get multiple voltages 3.3V, 5V, +12V,-12V and adjustable 1V-25V with currents upto 1.5A. Easy & Compatible
1.54 & 2.7 E Paper HAT : E-Ink Display for Raspberry Pi
SPI Interface | 3-wire SPI, 4-wire SPI | 3.3V Operating voltage | Low Power Consumption | Standard Raspberry Pi 40PIN GPIO
AiryFi : Air Quality Monitoring Station based on ESP8266
PMSA003 Sensor | PM 1.0 | PM 2.5 | PM 10 | Battery 3.7 V | Onboard 1.14" TFT | ESP8266-12E | Type C | BME280 humidity sensor
PiRelay 8 | Relay Expansion Board For Raspberry Pi
8 Channel Relay | Optocoupler EL357NC | On-board USB Input | 4.3" Touch Screen LCD | Relay Selection Jumper | Raspberry Pi Compatible
Audio Codec HAT for Raspberry Pi : Lead Way Through Sound
Low Power Consumption | Stereo Encoding/Decoding | Dual-Channel Speaker Interface | Hi-Fi Playing/Recording | Onboard 3.5mm Jack
PiSquare : Single solution to run multiple HATs wirelessly
Onboard-RP2040 | USB-C Type Port | Multiple HAT Connectivity | ESP8266 | 0.91 OLED | 40-Pins GPIO Connectivity | 16 Mega-Bits Flash
Pico 2G Expansion: Setup Global Connectivity with Pico
QUECTEL EG25-G | Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/GNSS Module | CH340 USB to UART Converter | SIM868 | Bluetooth Connectivity 4.0
StackyPi : Based on Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU
RP2040 Chip | Micro-SD Card Slot | 64 MB Flash Memory | Two Buttons | Micro-USB Power Supply Port | Standard Raspberry Pi 40 Pins
The Bolt Industries Pico 87 Mechanical Keyboard
The DIY keyboard for hackers and makers. Fully customizable and programmable from the comfort of the Arduino IDE.
Barcode HAT for Pico : Bright ideas for brilliant labels
DE2120 Barcode Scanner | Reads 20 Different Barcode Symbiology | CMOS Camera | 1D & 2D Scanner | Onboard Micro-USB Port
Home Automation HAT : Make Your Home Smart with Raspberry Pi
2-Channel Relay | Onboard 220V AC to 5V DC Driver | 7A /250 Volts AC | 10A/ 30Volts DC | HLK-5M05 5V/5W Switch Power
GPS HAT for Raspberry Pi
Supports Multi-GNSS systems | GPS, BDS, and QZSS | Fast Positioning | Onboard battery holder | Low Power Consumption
UPS HAT For Raspberry Pi
5V Operating Voltage | 0.91" LCD Display | Raspberry Pi 40 Pins GPIO Header | I2C Bus Communication | Battery Warning Indicator
Lantern Power Monitor
The Lantern Power Monitor allows you to see the energy usage of every breaker in your home; any number of meters, panels, or breakers.
UHF HAT for Raspberry Pi : Ultra High Frequency HAT for Pi
RAIN RFID technology | Supports EPC Gen2V2 | ISO 18000-63 standard | M6E-Nano | Up to 200 Tags/Sec | ARM based Cortex-M4 architecture
HeroCore: the sexy version of Arduino Mega
Take your projects further, by losing the ugly bits and bulkiness of an ordinary Arduino Mega
Raspberry Pi Learning Kit with a Complete Node-RED Tutorial
Learn to control automation interfaces using Node-RED; From "Hello World" to PID loops, ideal system for student, teacher or hobbyist.
ONE Nixie Clock - IoT Voice Controlled - Based on Arduino
Can be controlled via Arduino IoT Cloud or Amazon Alexa. Interchangeable nixie tube sockets support dozens of different nixie tubes.
Short Circuits. A platform for learning electronics.
Build your own modular device while learning about circuitry, soldering, and coding.
8 Thermocouples DAQ 8-Layer Stackable HAT for Raspberry Pi
Acquire up to 40 cps from eight thermocouples type J, K, T, N, E, B, R or S using Raspberry Pi. Python, Node-RED, OpenPLC support.
PiShell 2
An Enclosure compatible with All Raspberry Pi Boards...well almost All!
Automation Kit based on LoRa and RP2040
Discover what’s possible with this never-before merger of LoRa™ & RP2040-based Automation Kit. Simplify the Complex, without Internet!
IdentiPi : A Compact Fingerprint HAT for Pico
1.14" LCD | Fingerprint Sensor | Type C USB | 5-Way Joystick | Programmable Button | Compact | Additional GPIOs | Open Source
Pico Cell 4G - Revolutionize the Way We Connect & Create
RP2040's power meets Quectel EG25-G's connectivity. Global, fast, efficient – redefining connection and communication.
LaserPecker 4: Dual-Laser Engraver for Almost All Material
10W 450nm Laser + 2W 1064nm Laser | Power Your Personal DIY Crafts | Bulk Commercial Products | Applicable for Virtually All Materials
Smart solution to prevent devastating water leak damage
Easy DIY installation. No plumber or pipe cutting required. On-line and off-line protection. Control by smartphone, stay safe 24/7!
Raspberry Pi Breakout, Breadboard & Prototype SM/TH Kit
Three board pluggable connectors breakout Kit: Through Hole and Surface Mount breadboard and prototype for your Raspberry Pi projects.
PiCoder - A Compact and Comprehensive Pico Learning Kit
100% DIY | 100% Programmable| L&D | RPi Pico | LED Matrix | LDR | 3.2" Touch LCD | BME280 | Ultrasonic Sensor | RFID | Dual USB | POT
Overboard Electronics Reference Breadboard and Power Supply
A breadboard gone overboard with built in electronics references and a variable dual voltage power supply.
EncroPi : Read, Encrypt & Store your Data in Real Time!
USB Data Logger | USB RTC | USB Encryption | Based on Raspberry Pi RP2040 | DS3231
Makerpad Pro - Touch SmartScreen with Built-in WiFi & Camera
Elevate Your Making Experience with Touch, Camera, Power, and More!
ESPi - Ethernet for ESP and Pico
ESP32-S3-WROOM1 | RPi Pico W | Ethernet | Addn GPIOs | 1.14" TFT | 5-Way Joystick | Type C | Compact Design | Wi-Fi | Bluetooth | UART
HackyPi : The Hacking Tool You Carry in Your Pocket
Refine your coding and programming skills with ethical hacking!
Rotary Encoder - LED Array & Touch LCD for ESP32/Pico/HAT
Open-Source, Easily glide through menus, adjust settings, and control parameters with unmatched precision
EnkPi : ePaper Boards powered with Raspberry Pi Pico W
RPi Pico W | On-board Buttons | Extended GPIO Pins | Batteries | 2.9"/4.2"/5.83"/7.5" Display | Micro USB | Type C | SD Card | Buzzer
Spider X1 Ultimate Modular All-In-1 Laser Engraver & Cutter
Extendable Y-Axis | Expandable X-Axis for Larger Formats Engraving & Cutting | Easy-to-Carry | Space-Saving
ScanGenie : ESP32 Based QR/Barcode Scanner
Scan Genie - Effortless Scanning and Cloud Empowerment for the Toughest Barcode Challenges!
ReadPi : An RFID/NFC Reader Powered with Raspberry Pi Pico W
125 KHz/ 13.56 MHz Frequency | NFC | Read/ Read-Write | RPi Pico W | 1.3" LCD | SD Card | Buzzer | Battery Support | Joystick
KAI - AI Powered Smart Controller for Pets & Plants
Effortlessly create thriving environments for pets & plants. Automate & monitor your systems. KAI gives you complete peace of mind.
GPS-RTK HAT for Raspberry Pi
UBlox GNSS Module | Centimeter-level Accuracy | Multi-Brand RTK | 1.14" LCD | 4 LEDs | USB Type | 40 Pins GPIO | Antenna
UHF Reader: Rapid Multi-Tag Reading >50/sec within 1.5 meter
Raspberry Pi Pico W/ESP-32 | Rain RFID | ≈50 Tags/Sec | Onboard Antenna | ISO 18000-63 | Range ≈1.5 m | 1.14" LCD | Read Only
3 High Load Relays for Raspberry: Switch Power to 100 Homes
The 3-Relay card can switch 3x40Ax240V, or 28.8 KW. 32 RS485 daisy-chained cards can switch 921.6KW, enough power for 100 homes
Zero Barcode HAT - Barcode on RPi Zero Form factor
Get the fun of scanning the barcodes on RaspberryPi Zero form factor with 20 different IDs symbiology
PiNFC Shield: Elevate Your Raspberry Pi Projects
Stay tuned for the ultimate NFC expansion HAT for Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Pico! 🚀
PiTalk - 4G IoT HAT for Raspberry Pi & 4G Dongle
The most convenient networking choice for your IoT applications
Christmas Tree PCB with Raspberry Pi Pico Kit
Perfect Christmas gift for tech friends. Great for holiday crafts, and parents and kids programming projects. (STEM)
LapPi 2.0 - A Better than Ever DIY Laptop
Modular DIY Laptop | Compatible with All SBCs | Perfect for Learning | Write Codes | Multipurpose | Connect Hardware | Multicolor
Ardi : Enhanced Arduino Alternative with RPi Pico W & ESP32
Arduino Form Factor | RPi Pico W | ESP-32 | Wi-Fi | SD Card Slot | Programmable Buzzer | Type C | Micro USB | Additional GPIOs
RelayFi - 4 Channel Relay Based on ESP32
Open Source 4 CH smart Board Compatible with All SBC & compatible with ALEXA, Google Assistant, SIRI, TASMOTA, ESP RainMaker®
Lab-On-The-Go, learn electronics with confidence
A comprehensive and portable package to learn the fundamentals of electronics through building and experimenting
A family of 3.2" LCD for all Single Board Computers and Microcontrollers
Squary : Compact and Stylish Square LCD Boards
RP2040/ESP12E | 1.54" LCD | 240x240 Resolution | Type C USB | Accelerometer | SD Card Slot | Programmable Buttons | Battery
UHF RFID Series - RPi HAT, Pico Expansion & Breakout Boards
Rain RFID | ≈200 Tags/Sec | Range≤4 mtrs | Read/Write Tags | Onboard + External Antenna | RPi Kits | ISO 18000-63 | Works with all SBCs
The Bolt Industries Vacuum Florescent Display Layer Clock
An open source VFD clock with interchangeable displays.
Neakasa: The Most Powerful Cordless Wet/Dry Vacuum
High-Speed Rotation |Powerful Suction| Wet& Dry Vacuum| One Button for Dust Pouring | Self-Cleaning
For CNC enthusiasts seeking affordability AND performance driven open source CNC machines.
Kevo Vacuum Former
The easy, fun and affordable way to craft objects and creations in your home or studio through the accessible art of vacuum forming.
Bicycle Disc Brake Jig Fixture INCEPI.net
A Universal jig for bicycle frame builders. One tool for attaching ISO disc brake tabs to bicycle frames AND forks!
Inkplate 2: A easy-to-use, Arduino compatible e-paper
Make your project stand out with an e-paper display. Inkplate 2 is the simplest e-paper there is, Arduino compatible and Plug n Play.
The UNIBURR is a deburring tool bit that quickly repairs damaged bolts to thread nuts in place once more, saving you time and money.
Pocket NC - The first 5 axis CNC mill for your desktop.
Pocket NC - The first 5 axis CNC mill for your desktop.
CNC 3D foam cube - the usb controlled foamcutter DIY kit
3D foam cutter for makerspaces ; fully automatic 4 axis CNC in an easy DIY kit. Also builds moulds and models at same time.
Mr Beam II - The Desktop Laser Cutter and Engraver
Lasers are a wonderful technology - too wonderful to be used only in heavy industrial machines. Let's bring it to your desktop!
Maslow CNC - a $500 open source 4 by 8 foot CNC Machine
An open source 4 by 8 foot CNC cutting machine for under $500. A router designed to let you cut big, useful things out of wood and more
FR4 Machine Shield -The CNC kit from an entire sheet of PCB.
The FR4 is a 3 axis shield, cape, or hat for milling, laser engraving, and more assembled from a kit.
Vaquform: The World's First Digital Desktop Vacuum Former
With industrial strength and digital smarts, go beyond prototyping and start manufacturing right from your desktop.
The First Desktop Waterjet Cutter
Cut any material with digital precision using high pressure water. A compact waterjet for every workshop.
Cubiio: The Most Compact Laser Engraver
Portable x Affordable = Maker + Baker + Designer + Handcrafter
BondicEVO™ Liquid Plastic Welder
Bondic® is the worlds first liquid plastic welding tool, basically a pocket sized - battery operated - almost instant 3D printer!
Routakit M: The next level in desktop CNC performance
The Routakit M series is our new lineup of desktop CNC machines offering high levels of cutting power and extreme precision.
Kniterate: The Digital Knitting Machine
Create a design and press knit. A compact digital knitting machine to bring fashion fabrication back to your neighborhood.
Goliath CNC - An Autonomous Robotic Machine Tool for Makers
A portable robot that mills, cuts, and engraves to turn BIG ideas into tangible items with any materials and various CAD file formats.
Bow-Shackle Pen + Fisher Space Cartridge
Nautically inspired, built to last.
Food Safe, Eco-Friendly, Re-usable Mold Making Putty
Food Safe, Eco-Friendly, Re-usable Mold Making Putty for Making Your Own Unique Edible Shapes into Chocolate, Candies, and More.
Automate anything with 'Super Gerbil' CNC Gcode Controller
The Super Gerbil CNC controller allows smooth and precise control of your laser, lathe, CNC mill, plasma cutter, water jet, etc.
beamo: Powerful Laser Cutter Made Compact and Simple
Bring ideas to life with beamo, the small, simple and affordable laser cutter that gives you the power to make something you'll love.
Gerbil: The Open upgrade for your K40 Laser
Realise your K40 laser's potential with open software for productivity and upgraded hardware for enhanced engraving and cutting quality
Automatic Wire Measurer & Cutter - Pays for itself in 3 days
Automates the task of measuring and cutting wire → Quick – Accurate - Efficient
LongMill Benchtop CNC Router
The LongMill brings the power of CNC milling to the maker, hobbyist, woodworker, and craftsman
Carvera: A Fully Automatic Desktop CNC
The first desktop CNC that's as easy as 3D printing w/ smart features as ATC, Auto Probe, Vacuum system, laser engraver and much more.
The Multi-Trowel: The world’s only radius adjustable trowel.
Any surface, any shape, any material, the Multi-Trowel will save you time and money by creating consistent shapes, every single time.
MillRight CNC Mega V Router and Plasma System
This is the next level of affordable, high performance CNC. The Mega V comes as a CNC router, plasma table, or hybrid.
Raven CNC
A unique feed-through CNC machine for large-scale creations with a small desktop footprint.
Spider M1: Laser Engraver & Cutter with Infinite Work Area
Portable & compact, redefines laser engraving & cutting with infinite possibilities.
CNC ONE MAX: Professional CNC Milling made Easy & Affordable
MAX Performance, MAX Usability, MAX Work Area, MAX Possibilities. Made in Germany.
Krossblade SkyProwler VTOL Transformer UAV
Pro-grade transformer UAV for fast and efficient fixed wing cruise and vertical take-off and landing. Cargo delivery and drop. 4K Cam.
The Adjustable Mortise Jig and Tenon Fastener System™
A routing jig & fastener system designed for anyone who wants to quickly and accurately create a shallow mortise and tenon joint.
Splash Drone a Waterproof Drone with Autonomous Features
Splash Drone a waterproof drone with live video feed, payload release mechanism, emergency flare system and camera stabilization gimbal
SPRY: A waterproof drone that submerges under water & flies
Spry can briefly submerge under water, float like a boat and fly in the air at over 40mph. It's very easy to fly and super strong.
World's First Solar Powered Airplane STEM Kit for Kids!
The Volta Flyer is a DIY, Maker, STEM Kit using Advanced Solar and Ultralight Materials-includes everything to build your own airplane!
VISTA Drone: Capture fully integrated 360-degree footage
360-degree camera | Real-time stitching | Autonomous navigation | Easy-to-use controller | ‘Follow Me’ GPS
GlowBowl - Motion Activated Night Light For Your Toilet
Transforms Your Toilet Into A Night Light. 7 LED Colors to Choose with just the press of a button,Fits ANY Toilet. 5 Stage Dimmer !
NOVA Drone: Capture 4k60 Cinematic FPV - Under 250 grams
Capture your adventure and unleash your creativity using built-in 4K 60FPS camera and dynamic movements.
Kiss Cat:The World's First 3 Second Magical Skin detector
Three seconds touch your skin to listen what your skin wants to tell you.
HoloGram Pyramid (Pepper's Ghost *no mirrors/double blur)
We have perfected the popular HoloGram Pyramid for your phone. No double blur issues or black mirrors! Specially coated clear polymer.
Sondors Electric Bike - Most Affordable eBike. Ever.
Become part of the eBike community that has taken the industry by Storm at an unbelievable price of only $499 for a limited time!
Homtime C1pro: All-in-one charger, alarm, speaker and more
Homtime’s C1pro is your bedside companion. Use it as a charger or Bluetooth speaker or set it to wake you with your favorite music
inCharge Bolt - The smallest keyring cable on steroids!
inCharge Bolt, the smallest keyring cable in the world. Now charging up to twice faster than a standard cable and weather resistant!
The Future of Smart Homes - B.One
Future Proof your home with B.One Smart HUB
The NoPhone
The NoPhone is a technology-free alternative to constant hand-to-phone contact that allows you to stay connected with the real world.
Sideclick: Streamline Your Streaming Experience
Snap Sideclick onto your streaming remote and control your TV, sound, and streaming device all-in-one. Ditch the other remotes!
Wheelchair USB charger
A reasonably priced USB charger for power wheelchairs to keep your android, iphone, ipad, tablet, or flip phone powered all day!
Crystal Wash 2.0: Clean Laundry with No Detergents
Crystal Wash™ 1000 loads of clean laundry without using Detergents, Chemicals or Perfume… Now launching into the 21st Century.
Holapex Mobile Hologram for Smartphones and Tablets Gadget
Convert your Mobile phone or tablet into a holographic reflector! Light weight and fun office toy or awesome gift!
The Fish Call: Catch More Fish!!
The world's first throwable, floating, electronic fish attractor that helps you catch more fish!
i10 Power Series Cable. The Last Cable You Will Ever Need.
Strongest iPhone/Android Cable Made, 6 Ft, Steel Encased, Nylon Braided, MFI Certified iPhone Cable. Backed with a Lifetime Warranty.
SunCache - A Powerful and Flexible Solar Charger Platform
My most flexible solar charging solution to date. Charge directly from the sun, store power for use later or do both simultaneously!
LUMOPACK | The Fastest Charging Portable Battery Pack
Invest in a faster, safer, and longer-lasting product. LUMOPACK will change your expectations of charging!
The MINI TIM3 MACHIN3. Same Great Functions. Just Smaller.
A time machine? So fast it'll help you MAKE TIM3 in the kitchen. Cooks rice, yogurt, quinoa and oatmeal- slow cooks and steams food.
Lolo Lids the Ultimate Beer Koozie
A stealth beer koozie that hides your beer and keeps it ice cold
SunVolt Portable Solar Power Station
A high powered, portable solar power station that charges all your gadgets directly from the sun with outlet speeds.
Garage Beacon 2.0
Turning your SmartPhone into a Garage Door Remote, and many other new cool features / Convierte tu Smartphone en un tu mando de Garaje
UnlimitedHand: Touch and Feel the Game World
UnlimitedHand is the world's first video game controller with newly developed haptic feedback technology.
bKey: the most compact, wireless smartphone battery
Cable-free emergency smartphone battery with built-in USB tip to charge it & micro-USB or iPhone tip to charge your phone on the go.
Midnight Scoop - The Easiest Way to Scoop Hard Ice Cream
The magic of this ice cream scoop is the curved handle. It makes it much easier to scoop hard ice cream...watch!
DINO PET // a living, interactive, bioluminescent pet
The Dino Pet is fun, renewable, and magical. It's a new kind of pet that photosynthesizes during the day & glows brilliantly at night.
Thermodo ~ The Tiny Thermometer for Mobile Devices
Thermodo is a tiny electrical thermometer that measures the temperature right where you are. iPhone, iPad, Android & more
BOLT² World's Smallest 2.4A Battery Backup + Wall Charger
SUPER FAST charging ON THE WALL and ON THE GO. Charge your phones and tablets at the same time with TWO USB ports.
Retractable Scalpel Pocket Knife
The best little pocket knife. Retractable, easy blade change, lightweight, and durable. Great for pocket, purse, or in a survival kit.
XKchrome: Reinventing Automotive Lighting
World's coolest way to shine your night rides, easiest way to find where you're parked, and safest way to enhance the brake signal.
World’s Smartest Pet Games & Training System: Pet Tutor Blu
Want quiet, calm, happy dogs? It’s easy with the world’s first universal smart training & game system for pets.
Snakable The Lightning & Micro USB Cable With Armor
Snakable is a beautifully designed USB cable for your Apple or Android device that protects the connectors from breaking.
The Sleep Sensei
A sleep coaching device that uses a calming pattern of light to guide you to fall asleep faster by training your breathing.
ClickStick: The World's First Smart Eco-friendly Deodorant
Join the deodorant save club! Save 90% of plastic waste while spending less on refills. Stay healthy by limiting aluminum exposure!
REDSTART – The Coolest Holeshot Practice Gate For BMXers
REDSTART Is A Holeshot Practice BMX Gate That Automatically Syncs With One, Two Or More Gates. No Plug, No Wire, No Hassle.
The Nipper - The world's smallest phone charger
Bring that extra battery boost to your smartphone, using just a pair of AA batteries.
OctoFire 8 Port USB 3.0 Hub with Rapid Charging (96 Watts)
8 Port USB 3.0 Hub That do Rapid Charging (2.4 Amps / 12 Watts per Port) for iPhone, iPad, Android and Other USB Devices.
Revolutionary device that will turn your screwing job much easier and powerful.
SCOUTEE - The World's First Smart Speed Radar
Turn your phone into a speed radar, record your baseball pitching speed and videos, analyze results, and share talent with the world.
TripLit: The World's First Portable OLED Light
The cutting-edge OLED technology-based lamp for outdoor activities & everyday living that's energy efficient and does not attract bugs!
My-Sentinel - World's first Plug&Play Internet security box
Plug it on your Internet router and let magic happen. With no configuration it protects your home from ads and from undesirable content
Simple CO2 Monitor
An affordable and simple CO2 Monitor, that will help you identify the Indoor CO2 Levels and take appropriate action
Help Bring Thimble Slide To The World Market!
The Thimble Slide guitar slide allows the wearer to slide when they want -- yet still fret the strings when they need to!
Pooch Selfie: The Best Way to Capture Selfies with Your Dog!
Pooch Selfie is the smartphone attachment which helps dog owners take that perfect picture or selfie with their dog.
QromaScan: A New, Smarter Way to Scan Photos
See the world's first voice-controlled scanner that organizes your photos as it scans. Tell us what's in your photo, and we'll tag it.
Vortex: Robotic Toy Re-invented
A smart and responsive robot that brings incredible fun and creativity
Swiftpoint GT: World's 1st Mouse with Natural Touch Gestures
A portable powerhouse unleashing the power of touch in Windows 7, 8 and 10. Great for Mac, Android and even iPad.
Daisy - Potted Plant Soil Moisture Sensor and App
Have fun monitoring your plant's soil moisture, temperature & light requirements with this $16 gadget on your cell phone!
ClubHub - See Your Game In A New Way
The first ever portable golf swing analysis and shot tracking system.
DreamMe is the new companion for your smartphone at night.
DreamMe allows you to see the time and a lot of other information from your smartphone right on the ceiling of your sleeping room.
Z-Charge - Phone and tablet bedside storage with charging
Need more power? Z-Charge is a neat bedside solution that can charge and store up to six devices.
See Sense ICON - the intelligent and connected cycle light
See Sense ICON is an industry-leading cycle light that connects you to a world of innovative features through your smartphone.
HUDWAY Glass: keeps your eyes on the road while driving
A universal vehicle accessory turning your smartphone into a head-up display (HUD) for any car
Droplet: The Smartest Button You'll Ever Press
Droplet is a smart reminder that tracks important activities you don't want to forget.
FOGO ADVENTURE GADGET: Walkie-Talkie+GPS+Flashlight+Charger
With a rugged walkie-talkie, flashlight, GPS, bluetooth, and USB backup battery, the Fogo is the Ultimate Adventure Gadget!
Solar Paper, the world's thinnest and lightest solar charger
World's first solar charger that can be placed inside your note or planner. It is a paper thin and ultra light weight solar charger
SPIN remote - The Simplest, most Stylish remote ever.
One remote for all your devices, free of all those buttons you never use. Turns rotation and touch into commands.
The Lil Trucker™
The Lil Trucker™ is the ultimate multi-tool that kicks ass and takes names, making it the ideal addition to any kit or car around.
SmartHalo - Turn your bike into a smart bike
SmartHalo is a smart biking system that lets you focus on what matters the most - the road.
Boogie Dice - Self rolling, sound activated gaming dice!
Clap your hands and Boogie Dice will start to roll by themselves like magic!
PIXEL: Interactive LED Art
An interactive LED based display for retro pixel art. Use your Android device to change the image or animation.
Bevel turns your smartphone into a 3D Camera
Photograph in 3D using this simple and easy to use attachment for your smartphone or tablet.
swivelCard: Smart Business Cards
A paper USB business card with full analytics and remote access. Meet the new standard for premium business cards.
Skreens: Everything you want on one display.
A revolutionary way to show all of your devices together on one display in 1080p/60 with no lag — just plug, play and play.
Prynt: the first instant camera case for iPhone and Android
Plug in your phone, snap a picture, and get a printed photo in seconds. Then watch your photos come to life through augmented reality!
go-e ONwheel converts your bike into an e-bike in seconds
Make an e-bike out of your bike within seconds! The go-e ONwheel is a lightweight and powerful plug&play add on motor for your bike.
WakaWaka Base: a Power & Light First Aid Kit
Compact portable solar power kit. A single day of sunlight is enough for multiple phone charges or an entire week of light.
Hooker: An ultra portable Disc Golf disc retriever
A simple accessory that attaches to the end of any long stick on the course and allows you to hook and retrieve your disc from water.
Q-Tag: The World's Best Pet Tag - AnimalRescue.com
See how this 501(c)(3) non-profit company is changing the game with its GPS enabled pet tag that keeps your dog or cat safer than ever!
Nut Find 3: The Best Designed Smart Tracker in the world.
Have you ever lost your keys, wallet, smartphone.. and your mind in the process? With NutFind3, you won't! Piece of Nut. Peace of Mind.
BULLET | World's Smallest LED Flashlight
Functional, Minimal, and Refined EDC. BULLET light is more than just a tiny flashlight, it is the next step in mini everyday carry.
DreamScreen - Smart LED backlighting for any HDMI TV!
DreamScreen enhances TV, Movies, & Video Games by stretching the size, softening the picture and making TV easier on your eyes.
Version II Retractable Scalpel Pocket Knife
New Design!! New colors!! Easy quick blade change!! Pocket clip!! Small GO bag carrying case!! Made in the USA!!
RinseKit: The Revolutionary Portable Shower
RinseKit conveniently delivers hot, pressurized water anywhere!
ShadowBox: A Portable App-Controlled Wireless LED Smart-lamp
Take Control of Color with Just the Touch of an App! The Ultimate Wireless LED Light, Super Bright, and It Can Even Get Wet!
OnlyKey - The Two-factor Authentication & Password Solution
Finally, a simple solution to the password and two-factor authentication problem.
iBrush 365 ™ For Smart People
iBrush 365 ™ invented for one purpose and one purpose only. “To brush from the gums towards to teeth just like dentists recommend.”
LiquidNano - Liquid Screen Protector
LiquidNano is an invisible, state-of-the-art liquid glass protector for your Smartphone, Smartwatch, Tablet, or other mobile devices.
TetraGear - Innovative Safety Lights for Wheeled Commuters
BRIGHT SAFETY LIGHTS for wheelchairs, strollers, bicycles, and more!
AWAKEN Car: Safety 2.0 | AWAKEN Car, la sécurité 2.0
AWAKEN diagnosis your car, alerts emergency services in the case of an accident, notify you and tracks your car during a theft.
goTenna Mesh: Off-Grid, People-Powered Connectivity Anywhere
Communicate without cell, wifi & satellites using your existing smartphone. Relay messages through other users to extend range!
Flip! The World’s Most Intuitive Smart Stylus
Meet the stylus that works like the pencil you grew up with. Flip has the features of an active stylus without Bluetooth or batteries!
Bixi: Gesture Control Any Smart Device by Simply Waving!
A multi-functional touch-free Smart Controller, Bixi senses your in-air gestures and commands your devices for a distraction-free use!
ZENCRATE is The World’s First Anti-Anxiety “Smart” Dog Den
Pre-order your ZENCRATE today through Kickstarter, and you’ll receive all items in the description. Help us end pet anxiety!
Wirelinq: a Smart Android USB Converter Cable for Car Music
New plug-and-play car converter cable. Connecting your Android phone to the car stereo for music, controls and text display! #wirelinq
SHOCKWAVE – The First Smart Motorcycle Warning System
The Smallest, Loudest, Smartest Motorcycle & Scooter Horn Available. Dual volumes provide Friendly / Angry modes
The Savior: Durable Waterproof Solar Charging System
The Savior, the world's first complete waterproof solar charger for action athletes who depend on their tech while out of bounds.
Ultimate Protection For Your RFID Credit Cards & Passports
VAULTCARD™ is your pocket-sized protection against RFID fraud, shielding credit and debit cards to keep personal data safe.
Frywall | splatter, solved.
Fry up burgers, bacon, or anything else, without splatter or spills. You'll like cooking more when the mess is less.
Safety Lens – Advanced Driver Assistance System for iPhone
The Safety Lens Advanced Driver Assistance System is designed to avoid collisions or accidents and offers alerts to potential problems.
ZEEQ Smart Pillow: Stream Music, Stop Snoring, Sleep Smarter
The super comfy pillow that plays your music, monitors and reacts to your snoring, analyzes your sleep and intelligently wakes you up.
M2S Bikes All Terrain 750 Watt Electric Bike
Sand, snow or streets, the All Terrain is ready for fun. Choose a 500 watt or 750 watt rear hub motor with high quality components.
V1 - The First Electric Nail Clipper
V1 is the first electric nail clipper applied with the innovative blades, it is safe and convenient, let V1 take care of your nails!
ClutchIt! : The World's First Anywhere Magnetic Phone Mount
Using patent-pending technology, ClutchIt takes a sleek and sexy approach to create the world's first anywhere magnetic phone holder!
Chargemander, The Battery Case For Mobile Gamers.
Never run out of bat again w/ a 300%+ extra battery case that charges in just 15 minutes (the world's fastest charging battery case).
BuWizz - Remote Control and Battery for LEGO® Models
A compact, high performance remote control system for LEGO® models. Embedded battery, precise servo control and awesome power.
Phone Charging Wallet: 2 Full Recharges + Premium Leather
Never have your phone die on you again! With a 4,000 mAh battery bank built into our wallet, it is the perfect everyday carry solution.
Ordercube: Simplify Ordering - and beyond
Restaurant communication: Bridging the gap between guests and waiters. Together we can change our restaurant experience forever.
Gidjit Beacons and Gidjit App
Launch iPhone actions based on the room of your house. Control HomeKit, Nest, and other smart devices. Launch Podcasts, Music, and more
The Ultimate Solution for Non-stop Music while Charging
The Perfect, Portable Accessory for your Android Phone and iPhone. Support Most Phone Cases!
MagBolt: World's 1st Magnetic Connector for iPhone 7&Android
2-in-1 Magnetic connector for iPhone & Android devices. The first magnetic connector to work with iPhones and Android.
Jelly, The Smallest 4G Smartphone
Amazingly small but powered with the latest Android 7.0 Nougat features, Jelly is a mini-sized 4G smartphone for everyone.
Sprocket Spinner :: Fidget Spinner Toy
Precision Laser Cut Stainless Steel Fidget Spinner Toy. Unique design allows finger spins!
RFIDsecur Contactless blocking cards, ultra thin and secure
Eliminate the threat of data theft or fraud to your ID, contactless and credit cards with our ultra-thin flexible RFID protection card.
eMinnow - The Worlds 1st Fully Motorized Fishing Lure
The Lure That Swims On It's Own - This is the first and last fishing lure you will ever need.
COIN- Make your Home Smart, Secure & More Intelligent
COIN is a smart HOME product for security, safety, asset & condition monitoring. You guessed it right, it is the size of a coin!
IllumiBowl: ANTI-GERM Toilet Night Light & 2X battery Life!
The world's first toilet bowl night light is back & ready to fight toilet bacteria! Now using AA batteries for increased Battery life!
CordCondom - Practice Safe Charging
Make your first cord your last cord (and sexiest too). No more wear and tear, no more misplacing. If your cord's exposed, wrap it up!
PLAYBULB Solar - Revolutionizing Outdoor Lighting
Brighten your great outdoors and create amazing ambiance. Unique water-resistant Bluetooth floating solar LED lights.
EP Charger - Pedal to charge: smartphone, camera, gps, light
Convert your leg power into electricity to charge your smartphone,gps,camera,rechargeable light while you cycling on the road.
SMOBOT Robotic Grill & Smoker Controller
Your Smoker Robot, a WiFi enabled robotic temperature controller that attaches to the top vent of most Kamado style grills and smokers.
The Stealth P-7 electric commuter bike.
After years of customer feedback, we've come up with the formula for the most versatile commuter ebike in its class.
CELLO: A smarter phone battery with security and a kickstand
A smartphone gadget that frees you from cables & keeps you charged; including security o-ring & adjustable kickstand for watching media
Orb™ – The World's First Germ-Killing Blue/UV Light Ball
Portable & waterproof device using safe, blue/UV light to kill algae, mold, fungus & bacteria—in a convenient ping pong ball size.
OviStand, the feather light foldable laptop stand
A tailor made, ultra light and super thin laptop stand in 4 sizes for a perfect fit for your laptop and tablet
Dubleup's Credit Card Sized Power Bank
Charge your phone while you're on the move using Dubleup's Credit Card Sized Power Bank. It's the perfect fit for your wallet or purse.
Play Atari PONG in your Coffee Table
A playable, real life, mechanical homage to one of the first video games, disguised into a multi-functional coffee table.
LuminAID Solar Inflatable Lantern and Phone Charger (2-in-1)
Charge your gear anywhere! A 2-in-1 solar lantern and phone charger that packs down to 1" thick. Portable power and light on the go!
Konnect i1: Stay Connected Worldwide with 4G LTE Wi-Fi
Global 4G LTE Hotspot. Securely connect up to 5 devices. Coverage in 100+ countries. Unlimited data for your phone, laptop or tablet.
Switcheroo - Lighting Made Easy
Easily change which outlets in your house are controlled by your existing switches without WiFi or a smartphone app.
FetchitGO from Tantiv4: Controller for your smart devices
It is a simple and sleek pad of smart buttons that allow you and your family to create shortcuts to your favorite tasks & action
MSL: Micro Safety Light
It's more than just a microlight...
Audio Injector Octo multichannel sound for the Raspberry Pi
A revolution in audio communications. The surround sound card (for the Raspberry Pi) which seemed impossible, but now it is done !
qualMeter XT: Greater Experience on Cable/Charger Testing
An extension for qualMeter X to make your Cable/Charger tester Upgradable, Hearable, Expandable, even with Network Cable Testing now.
Beat a Dead Horse: An Executive Toy
Get this desktop realization of the old saying. Tap the switch and send a message.
Diskus | The First Portable MFI Apple Watch Charger
Gone are the days of unplugging your 6-foot Apple Watch charger from behind your nightstand. And those with a dock?? Let it stay.
See Sense ACE the connected AI bike light with a big vision
See Sense ACE combines the latest in AI technology with elegant cyclist-led design to make your ride safer and your city smarter.
World’s First Laser Light Charge & Sync Cable
Charge all your Apple, Android, and Windows Smart Devices with our USB charging cable that pulsates and glows with laser-light.
EXPLORER+ fashionable backpack w/ 100% certified solar panel
World's first solar backpack with detachable 6 watts solar panel. Support us now and don't think about empty batteries again.
Custom Fitted Swimming Goggles
THEMAGIC5 create magic for everyone who likes to swim. Introducing the world's first custom fitted swimming goggles.
OnlyKey Quantum - Future Ready Encryption for Everyone
Encryption everywhere, for everything, and for everyone. ALL YOU NEED IS AN ONLYKEY AND A BROWSER TO COMMUNICATE SECURELY!
Fam-it: The Safest Security Camera Ever
Private and safe network, distant families relation enhancer, all-in-one App, flexible access control, online notice and much more.
CorSense: Optimize health and fitness without 24/7 wearables
In just 2 minutes per day, monitor and optimize health, performance, and stress by harnessing the power of heart rate variability (HRV)
ShredMate - tracks mountain bike jumps, g-forces and trails!
ShredMate is the first cycle computer for mountain bikes that measures jumps, g-forces and detects rough trails automatically.
HUDWAY CAST. Keep your eyes on the road!
A head-up display (HUD) for your car to get directions, receive calls, texts and control your music while driving.
QLYX - the ultimate smart mount
You let your brain do the thinking for you. Now imagine letting your phone to do the thinking for your car.
The electric rideable that’s so unique and easy to use, anyone can ride it with confidence!
8Mode Multifunction Fidget Spinner
Customizable Fidget Spinner with Real-time Light Display and 8 Amazing Functions
Busy Builders - Fidget Your Way
Interlocking fidget pieces, packaged in blind bags, that allow you to collect and build a custom fidget toy or spinner.
Mugsy | The Open Source Robotic Coffee Maker
Mugsy is the world's first hackable, customizable, dead simple, robotic coffee maker.
Cubetto Super Series - Coding Adventures in the Savannah
A hands-on programming language for girls and boys aged 3 and up. Montessori learning meets LOGO Turtle. 14-day, Kickstarter exclusive!
FLUORESCENCE: IV-11 VFD Tube Digital Clock
Fluorescence by THE VFD COLLECTIVE is a colorful digital clock with vacuum fluorescent tube displays based on Project OpenVFD.
CIO - Battery Free Bike Light
No batteries, no friction! Just easily-mountable, Scandinavian-designed bike lights, powered by 100% magnetic energy.
CamHatch: Award Winning Webcam Cover | Redefine Your Privacy
World's most durable, elegant and reliable webcam cover with direct shipping! Practical, thin and affordable! More than a cover!
The RetraStrap | Travel with an extra hand.
Reduce physical stress, Hands Free, Anti-theft for wheeled carry-on luggage. Let your suitcase follow you around.
3Doodler Limited Edition Star Trek 3D Pen Sets
The Final Frontier of Creativity - 3Doodler x Star Trek Limited Edition Crew Pen Sets for The Original Series and The Next Generation
DeLight - The Intelligent Bike Light
DeLight is a smartphone-enabled bike light that will give you a second chance to find your lost bike.
Klikkit: The smart reminder button
With sound alerts from the button and an easy to read tracking app, Klikkit helps to create healthier habits. One click at a time
The Pillar
The voice-activated, app-controlled lockbox. The Pillar is the smart way to keep your stuff safe.
Quake:Lightest Virtual 7.1 Gaming Earbuds with Vibration
Built-In Vibration Unit | Gunshot and Footsteps Enhancement | Virtual 7.1 Channel | 18 grams | Noise-cancelling Microphone
Universal Nearbuds: Versatile Magnetic Cord and Cable Clips
Universal Nearbuds: Powerful magnetic storage clips that let you organize all your wires, cords, chargers and earphones in a snap!
PAQ: Travel Companion
Pack your bags Faster, Easier and Safer. Protect your valuable from crack, spill, crease, and even theft. Free Worldwide shipping!
Vmaxpro - digitize your strength training like the pros
Track all your exercises in the gym and get AI based recommendations on how to achieve your strength training goals faster.
KUMO - A Compact Mechanical Keyboard
A customizable, portable mechanical keyboard. Snap together engineering - great for enthusiasts and learners alike.
Digirule2 - Code in Binary Like it's 1975.
The programmable binary computer built into a 20cm ruler.
WOWSTICK: A 62 In 1 Pen-shape Desktop Tool | Match Any Desk.
A 56-bit multi-functional electric screwdriver | A pen-shape decorative accessory | A creative gift for all ages | A desktop fidget toy
E-FUSION - A Game Changer in Chargers
An incredible, quick charge and globally compatible device that combines a wall charger, power bank and wireless charger.
A Multi Functional Zipper Pull by Line Cutterz
Give your apparel, backpacks and travel cases an upgrade with the Line Cutterz Zipper Pull. Finally, a Zipper Pull that does more!
The Best Photography Gadget - FRAMEN PLAYER
We created the "Spotify for Photos" experience. Stream photos you love to the FRAMEN Player!
YOOLOX - The Next Generation of On-the-Go Charge
We have developed a brand-new power bank with state-of-the-art wireless charging technology.
The World's FIRST Water Purifier & Trekking Pole | PURTREK
Carry less weight | Never forget your filter again | Carbon fiber trek pole & internal water purification system| Pump 3x MORE water.
EyeQue PDCheck, The Fastest & Easiest way to get your PD
Get your pupillary distance (PD) in a matter of seconds. Extremely accurate results using our patent-pending frames & smartphone app.
TV PLUS. TV für dich und mich. / TV for you and me.
Neue, günstige und unabhängige TV Dienstleistung für die Schweiz. / New, affordable and independent TV service for Switzerland.
WAAN: the 1st fully connected lightsaber, larger than life!
A truly realistic, shock-proof lightsaber. 100% customizable with its own application. Built-in bluetooth for audio streaming.
MNML GOLF CO || Golf Bag with Integrated Tech
Minimalistic golf bag with patented system that integrates technology such as smart phone, bluetooth speaker, and solar battery pack.
BeamU - Secure your life with one device!
Take control of your digital life, passwords, personal data, and your physical valuables with BeamU.
LunchEAZE: The Self-Heating Lunchbox
A cordless, automatic, self-heating lunchbox. Pack your food, set a meal time, and enjoy hot food anywhere you are.
ZIN18 - the new Nixie Tube & clocks
Meet Reborn ZIN18 the new super-compact Nixie tube - is shape of the history in the strong and smart modern body
TickerTape Retro Display
A retro looking LED display, that is easy to connect to Arduino, ESP32, and RaspberryPi. With full library support for those platforms.
MicroFarm: Join the Microgreen Revolution
Harvest food that is fresher, healthier, and cheaper.
9-in-1 Multifunction Tool Pen | EDC Essential
Pen, Box Cutter, Level, Ruler, Phillips Driver, Flathead Driver, File, Stylus, Bottle Opener - 9 total functions in just one pen
LUCIA | Smart Bike Tail light
Designed for the modern cyclist | with Night Detection & Advanced Triaxial Technology to accurately trigger a stoplight when braking.
OviStand Rise, the Hi-Rise Ultralight Foldable Laptop Stand
No more neck pain with the right posture, your screen at eye level anywhere. The most portable laptop tower you will find!
ANCHOCO / technical tips on PCB cards
Cheat sheet made from PCB for various professions
Tactbit STEM Learning Cubes | Snap. Light. Invent.
Magnetic, Light up building toy that develops educational discovery through open-ended play. Ignite the Creative Minds of kid Inventors
Novatropes: Electro-Kinetic Sculptures Inspired by Nature
An elegant blend of high technology and biomimicry that creates a gorgeous optical illusion of infinitely cascading motion.
Bangle.js: the hackable Smart Watch
An open source, AI-enabled smart watch that can be easily customised
Fireflies: LED, Light-up Playing Cards
4 super-charged L.E.D. blocks for compelling moves, tricks & flourishes.
The aF⁴ - Auto Frozen Fish Food Feeder
Relax, your fish are being fed - wherever you may be.
PlantWave - Plant Music Device
Listen to the music of your plants!
Zhock ZB100 - Innovative Headphone that Customized Vibration
Bluetooth 5.0 Dongle | Powerful & Smart Vibration System | Immersive Audio | Comfy Design | 4 Colors | Affordable | 10-12 HR Battery
ANCHOCO / ASCII table on PCB card
Crib PCB card for all programmers/engineers, ASCII, HEX/DEC, well known numbers...
Mudi: 4G LTE Privacy Router for Road Warriors
A portable 4G LTE wireless router for frequent travelers who want to secure their data with state-of-art cryptography wherever they are
SmartMike+: True Wireless Stereo Mic for Content Creators
Real-time auto-syncs microphone | Record & mix multichannel audio | Works with phone & DSLR | Noise reduction | Auto transcription
RGB CRITTER | The Futuristic Color Changing Flashlight
Feature-loaded with programmable color modes and 6 light up accessories
Entralpi | Make Your Hangboard Smart
Realtime personalized training at your fingertips - An innovative way for rock climbers to reach their goals.
Beagle Neo 2 | Immersive Mini Drone Experience
A feature-loaded experience like none other. We've created a fully immersive drone that fits in the palm of your hand.
TOTEM - The intelligent spinning top
Amazing top with a self balancing system that keeps spinning for hours.
Jumpi 3 in 1 Car Jumpstarter, Vacuum & Powerbank
Be prepared for anything with Jumpi, the 3-in-1 jumpstarter + cordless vacuum + power bank car companion.
Ultrasona: Ultrasonic Cleaning in the Palm of Your Hand
The Ultimate Everyday Ultrasonic Cleaner
Roqos: Next Generation Cellular Router
Protect yourself from internet outages and threats with Roqos cybersecurity router bundled with cellular data and VPN services
Nano technology gel to protect your phone from scratchs!
We found a way to transform our nano technology 360° wraparound to a gel. So you can easily install it in any device within seconds!
Bike to Work Backpack for Fearless Commuters
All-weather backpacks for Bike To Work professionals who demand Simplicity, Organization, and Protection
RaceBox | The Ultimate Drag Meter & Lap Timer in the World
99.5% accuracy compared to official timing gear • GPS • WiFi • Internal Storage • Mobile App
doqo | Turn Your iPad Pro Into A MacBook
doqo, A Revolutionary iPad Pro Keyboard With An Aluminum Housing, Gesture Control Trackpad, 7-in-1 Hubs, And A Built-in 4300mAh Battery
NEOS Magnetic Vehicle Phone Holder
An infinitely reusable phone holder that securely attaches to your vehicle by powerful magnets
Redkey USB Computer Data Wipe Tool - V3
Military Grade Security for your Laptop / Desktop PC. Easy to Use. Data Gone Forever!
Jelly 2, World's Smallest Android 10 4G Smartphone
Jelly 2 is a credit card size smartphone with 4G connection, global unlock and Android 10 operating system.
Funky-Flunky: Light Up Your Next Party
Any party, day or night: this is your favorite new drinking game!
Spectrum – Total On-the-Go Body Relief
Ultra-lightweight and pocket-sized, Spectrum is the best companion for on-the-go massage therapy.
HugPhones: World´s First Wearable Teddy Bear Headphones
Engineered With NASA Technology To Sit Comfortably On Your Shoulders!
SPACE KOTTY smart litter box
According to vets, this smart litter box may save the lives of thousands of cats. It monitors cat’s health and eliminates viruses.
Swift Charge: World's Smallest 4 in 1 GaN Wall Charger
✓3xUSB-C 1xUSB-A ✓GaN(Gallium Nitride) technology ✓Multiple-device-chargeable ✓65W of output ✓Supports 20Wx3 output ✓Egg size
Divoom Pixoo-Max丨The Multi-Purpose DIY Pixel Art LED Display
Create pixel art animation, decorate your gameroom, and communicate with other drivers on the road. Create in pixel丨 Display in art
Clutch V2
World's Thinnest Charger
World's First Electric Toilet Brush With Self-Cleaning
Easily keep your toilet clean with the world’s smartest toilet brush
FRESKO V8- Affordable & Hands-Free 5 In 1 Food Vacuum Sealer
Embrace Modern Healthy Living With Beautifully Crafted FRESKO. Intuitive Hands-Free Touch Control Seals All Freshness In Just One Tab!
MagTrax | Mind-Blowing Magnetic Marble Tracks
Modular, magnetic marble tracks and small metal plates that can be used to build amazing marble tracks on any wall in your house.
Sunslice | The smallest & most powerfund solar power bank
Bringing the sun's superpower in your pocket & backpack. Be ready for anything, anywhere.
VENATOS: Swapper Pro - Fully Customizable Gaming Mouse
Swappable Cover & Sides | Adjustable Weight (78g- 92g) | PMW 3389 Sensor | Software | Paracord Cable | Custom DPI Buttons | Vibrant RGB
Yen Spin-Top made in Tokyo with ball bearing-日本産の独楽
Pocket size EDC bearing top.This isn't magic but Physics.Spin anywhere and will easily amaze your friends with many tricks.
Sanikind - eco-friendly sanitizer mist for hands & surfaces
The ultimate keychain-sized, sanitizing kit made from ocean-bound plastic.
duckyPad: Do-It-All Mechanical Macropad
Consolidate and streamline your workflow with a single keypress. OLED | Hot-Swap | RGB | DuckyScript | 32 Profiles | Open Source
THINKTPMS G1, Your Smart Tire Pressure Diagnostic Tool.
Bring tire pressure related diagnostic in your phone, activation, reading, learning and programming!
AniBlock: Multi Solution Puzzle With High Replayability
Aniblock is a STEM toy that allows children to solve complex multisolution puzzles in order to develop practical problem-solving skills
Tech and Toy Converge and the Solution is Brilliant
The world's first water bottle designed for wetsuits
Airbox: World’s First True Wireless Power Bank For Apple
Groundbreaking design to fast charge Apple Watch, AirPods, iPhone, iPad with Apple Pencil Storage anywhere & anytime!
GoSun Brew | Travel Coffee Maker and Portable Solar Power
Stainless steel cup, french press & heater in one, makes tea or coffee anywhere. Plus, solar power from a compact, portable powerbank.
Cell: The Expandable Wireless Charger that Cleans Your Phone
Sanitize your phone in 60 seconds with 4 UVC LEDs while powering your electronics with 2 powerful 15W wireless charging coils
SmartPad 2.0: Notepad Re-Imagined
Unleash your mind & narrow your focus for a more effective workflow & a more efficient you.
Magene P325 CS: World's Leading Dual-Sided Power Meter
Magene P325 CS Dual-sided Power Meter provides each cyclist with the ultimate quality for a fraction of the price
PEALOCK: The New Era of Electronic Locks
The portable and durable smart lock for your bike, skis, e-scooter, snowboard etc.
Yoggi Roller – The Next Generation of Vibrating Foam Roller
The game-changing modular 5-in-1 vibrating foam roller with heat & vibration technology. Feel, move & perform better.
The Box Buster Cutter
Cut cardboard boxes faster, safer and more efficiently.
ORBIT: Charge & Mount in 1 Second
MagSafe magnetic wireless charging & phone mount for all iPhones & Androids — boost work & leisure at home.
nanoSprayer- The Tiny Refillable Sprayer. Stay Attractive!
Stay Sanitized, Stay Attractive. Anytime Anywhere!
The Most Affordable 3-In-1 Wine Opener + Decanter +Preserver
Vinotok - A must-have wine companion. Automatically opening the wine, decanting it in 30 seconds & vacuum preserving it.
EM3-Stellar: 800-inch Screen in Your Pocket
Private 800" Immersive Experience anywhere&anytime. STELLAR is a plug & play MR Glass for Phones, Switch, PS5, XBOX, PC/MAC, and more.
Microturismo : The all-in-one mini racing car
Combining the freedom of driving and the beauty of collectible cars
Pivo Pod X: Your pocket-sized cameraman
Capture, share, play. Your way. Auto Tracking, Cinematic AI, Composition AI, Auto Zoom & many more features.
Passport III: All-in-One 65W Adapter for Home & Travel
Charges 6 Devices | 4 USB-C Ports | GaN Tech | 200 Countries | Press-and-Slide Controls | Auto-Resetting Fuse
doqo | Make Your iPad Pro Into A MacBook
Doqo, A Revolutionary iPad Pro Keyboard With An Aluminum Housing, Gesture Control Trackpad,
G-Case: All-In-One Gaming Case for Nintendo Switch & OLED
Everything you need: Modular Battery | Interchangeable Grips | Detachable Joy-Con Case | Extra Card Slots | Low Latency | and more.
ReVolt : USB power your battery devices.
An earth-friendly upgrade for synths, toys and all your gear.
Pocuter - The coin sized 12-in-one WIFI & BLE micro computer
An Arduino-compatible IoT micro computer which features a MCU, SD slot, an accelerometer, a microphone, a light sensor and much more!
bikeZipper - more fun cycling with kids
Fahrrad Abschleppseil für radelnde Kinder - tow rope for kids bike, expands the radius, protects your back
Solumics.Case - The ergonomic case for the Apple Magic Mouse
Easy to attach & remove. Fits perfectly on your Magic Mouse, making it more comfortable to use.
World's Most Powerful and Toughest Cable
Thunderbolt 4, Compatible with USB 4/ 3.x | 2m/6.6ft | 40Gbps | 100W | PCIe 32Gbps | 8K Display | Ballistic Fiber | Lifetime Warranty
Nextube - A retro nixie clock inspired modern display
Nextube is a retro display that revives the beautiful warm glow of the nixie tube and shows you key metrics of your modern life.
Redkey USB V4: Data Wipe PCs, Cell Phones & More.
Cleans up your old devices. Military grade security. Easy to use. Data gone forever!
FirstRec – The Retro Voice Recorder with Kind Reminder®️
Kind Reminder®️ - Use your voice to leave messages for your loved ones...And let them discover the flashing signal!
MONILA Color Filter for Mobile Devices' Flashlight & Cameras
Compatible with almost all mobile devices! Stick MCF next to the function (flash/camera), then rotate it manually to change the color.
Easycap: a Universal Touchless Dispenser Works in Any Bottle
An automatic pump that turns almost any bottle into a touchless dispenser of liquids of any consistency, for your hygiene & convenience
Pixy Mini: The World's Most Powerful Powerbank for Its Size
Smaller than credit card | Only 98g/3.45oz | 0-60% in 30 mins| Dual Output | So small & light you can take it anywhere with you!
Two Trees TS3 - Powerful 4th Axis Laser Engraver & Cutter
Unleash Your Creativity On Almost Any Flat Or Cylindrical Surfaces
Better Geiger Radiation Detector
Low cost, easy to use, high performance, rugged radiation detector. Like a Geiger counter but better.
Tacticlip® | Mini Multitool Hair Clip | Iridescent, EDC Tool
The famous EDC snap hair clip multi tool, now in cyberpunk iridescent. Stainless steel, electro vacuum plated.
The World’s 1st Mecha Stand For Echo Dot 4 & HomePod Mini
Futuristic & Exquisite, Customized & Unique, Moshowtoys Stand Is The Next-level Stand For Echo Dot 4 & Homepod Mini
ELIoT, the living responsive wall
With the combination of IoT technology and design we created ELIoT. Bring the outdoors inside.
Quench - A unique voice for your plant
Quench takes the guesswork out of plant care by telling you when to water
Xome - Homebridge for Apple HomeKit
Apple Smart Home compatibility improved for many previously incompatible devices & accessories.
Carsifi: Wireless Android Auto Adapter
Our adapter wirelessly connects your smartphone to Android Auto, even if your car doesn't have built-in Wi-Fi.
Urlazy the Cordless Handheld Tire Inflator
60s Fast Inflation | 150 PSI | Auto Pressure Check | Compatible with all Tires | 4 Working Modes | LED Display | Flashlight
HyperSonic 360: Hyper Definition 3D Headphone
10-in-1 Wireless Headphone with 3D Sound, 360 Hours Playtime, Waterproof, Touch Volume Control, Digital Display, MagSafe, and more!
Swuupy - Keep Your Favourite Outdoor Place Clean
A compact, foldable gripping aid combined with a reusable trash bag and an app that let's you track the amount of collected trash.
OnlyKey DUO - Portable Protection For All of Your Devices
OnlyKey is back with a new player: OnlyKey DUO. Tiny, portable key protects your accounts & works with all your USB-A & USB-C devices!
WaterMate | Smart solar powered watering for greenhouses
WaterMate is a solar powered, app-controlled, sensor driven, versatile irrigation kit designed for greenhouses and polytunnels.
TickTock - The Unique 5G Dual-Screen Rugged Smartphone
A brand new 5G rugged smartphone with a large 6,000mAh battery, featuring a unique dual screen design.
Siphonysta | Automated Siphon Coffee Brewing System
Artisanal brewing and meaningful memories for the modern coffee lover.
Willow: Plant care, made easy.
Willow keeps an eye on your plant and alerts you when an action is required to keep it happy.
DripLock- Device protect your belongings against the spill
DripLock is a stackable device that stops pump-type bottles from spilling in your travel bags, protecting your belongings.
BOOST by RÉDUIT: 30 Seconds to Incredible Skin
Your Favorite Skincare Product + BOOST Device = Up to 5X Better Results
ESC: Ergonomic Keyboard Stand for Better & Faster Typing
Angle your keyboard ergonomically to type easier. Minimalist design fits any size keyboard. Adjustable angles & non-slip feet.
SEEKER Cycling Camera, Light Up Your Own ‘Cycle-Safe-Zone’
Smart, adaptive & customizable, this live rearview and automatic lighting system create the ultimate safety solution for every cyclist.
8bottle: Your Next Generation Smart Water Bottle
The 8bottle can be taken anywhere. The pinnacle of form and function. Blending smart technology, premium design and philanthropy.
Titan Pocket – The Smallest QWERTY Android 11 Smartphone
Remember the good old times when phones are small and QWERTY? All revived in one Titan Pocket.
⛓ Breakaway Earrings: Tactical Jewelry for Gorgeous Warriors
Stunning, rose gold dangling earrings that detach in a scuffle. For nurses, police, EMTs, FBI, & all EDC soldiers. Free US Shipping🇺🇸
World's First App-Controlled USB Fast Charging Cable
✅App Controlled ✅OLED Display✅DIY Start-Up Animation✅Real-Time Charging Output& Charging Battery Percentage Display✅100W Power Delivery
Can you push a string? ZipString can. ZipString is AMAZING.
JC Pro Macro 2 Mechanical Keypad
Mechanical Macro Keypad with 8 customizable keys, rotary encoder, GPIO breakouts, and optional screen.
DS1 Nixie Tube Clock: your geeky Christmas present
Only this summer Past Indicator is launching an exclusive product limited to 500 pieces at a special price!
Qivation - Redefining your Home Wellness with one click
The future of smart-lighting - A smart LED lightbulb that purifies your home with TiO2 photocatalysis
OMNIA Q5|The World's First 5-in-1 Wireless Charging Station
The Personal Power Center for All
MindLax Sleeping Mat: Relaxing Sleep with Sound Wave Massage
Fall Asleep in 10 mins|Improve Sleep Quality|Reduce Stress|Quick Nap|Meditation|Yoga|MWS Based On Noble Prize|Insomnia & Anxiety Helper
Unlock your potential with ease
NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 4: a Multifunctional Translator
112 languages Translator| Scanner Pen|Speech & Text & Photo Translator |Dyslexia Aid |Built-in Collins Dictionary |Built-in ChatGPT
abxylute: Top-notch streaming handheld with stunning display
One-stop gaming | Remote Play | 7" 1080P Graphics | 8-hr Gameplay | Low latency | Built-in Launcher | Precise Controls
Tensegrity Table for Phones
A companion for your phone. Great for facetime, teams meetings. Or just to cradle your phone.
Permaplug: The charger your roommate can't "borrow."
Definition: a charger that locks into place to prevent your housemates, children, and siblings from "borrowing" your precious charger.
Checkpad - Add items to your shopping list with one press
Wi-Fi & & BLE - Easy Setup - Magnetic System - Open to Automation - Energy-efficient - Free Mobile App
Boop - A virtual meeting controller
Boop is a pocket-sized gadget to help you mute, screen share, & control your video in online meetings.
Cargenta OBD - Connect Your Car with Your Phone
Advanced OBDII device to track your car location in real time, scan & erase fault codes, setup security, add alarms & simplify repairs.
MultiVac 2:Ultimate 2in1 Vacuum Cleaner & Tire Inflator Pump
Cleaning & Inflating | 85%+ Vacuum Power | 0-150 PSI Strong Even for Car Tires | Tire Pressure Sensor | Touch LED Control
Geo Wallet - World's 1st MagSafe Wallet with Full Find My
A MagSafe wallet with Apple-certified Find My functionality that securely locks onto your iPhone and opens out into a stable stand
Nitetronic Z6: Meet The Non-invasive Anti-snore Pillow
AI-powered/Smart APP/Manual Control/All night standby/Clinically verified/Comfortable pillow
Flora - Your Pocket Sized Plant Coach
Save your plants with the Flora Pod: A smart plant sensor that takes the guesswork out of plant care!
Seinxon: The #1st APPLE GPS Finder(CARD)—Don't lose love
6 Months Battery Life丨The Slimmest Size丨IP68 waterproof丨50M Bluetooth 5.2 Connection丨Reverse Search Phone丨iOS x Android丨RFID丨Anti-Lost
Power Hub PH1 - Super 65WGaN Charger & USB-C HDMI Port Hub
All-in-one Desktop Charging and Data Transfer Solution | 4x Ports GaN 65W Fast-charging | 2 USB 2.0 Ports | 4K HDMI |
SwitchBot Blind Tilt, solar-powered retrofit smart blinds.
Simple Setup | Solar Powered | Compatible with Alexa, Google Home and Siri | Light Sensing Controls
Invisible Paper-thin Table For Travelers & Home Workers
Transform in 1 Second | Invisible when you store it | Ultra Thin | Super Light | Stable M Structure | Eco-friendly Material
PauseMe-Video & Audio Controller for Virtual Meetings
A bluetooth physical button for controlling your camera & mic with a single click, for Microsoft teams users!
Dash Cam Omni: 360° Rotating Vehicle Security Guard
360° Full View | AI Motion Detection | Superb Night Vision | GPS & Route Tracking | Voice Control
MOW: The Next Generation Razor. Reinventing shaving
The MOW™ Razor — patented shaving technology that combines the closeness of a blade with the convenience of an electric razor.
Eye-to-Cam 2 - The Webcam That Lets You See Eye to Eye
Create a positive connection in every call.
NOYAFA—Multifunctional Electric Wire Detector
AC wire locator l Network cable locator l Circuit breaker finder l Socket test l NCV induction pen l LED illumination
AceCard - World's Thinnest Wallet Tracker
Track your Wallet, Passport & More. Works with Apple & Android Find My - 1.9mm - 30 Month Battery - 105 dB Ringtone
LITO, the Redefined Walkie-Talkie. Sleek, Versatile&Wearable
14mm Ultra-thin | Ring Controller | Action Camera Accessory & BlueTooth Earbuds Compatible | Location Sharing Offline | 120 Hrs Standby
Yeslamp Ace: RGB eSports Dynamic 4-in-1 LED Desk Lamp
RGB Ambient Lighting | Mecha Style | Fast Wireless Charging Pad & PD Port | Natural Spectrum | Perfect for Gaming Setup, Working, Study
Chargerman: Tesla to J1772 Charging Adapter
Charge any EVs much faster and safer than ever with a J1772 port. An essential adapter for Non-Tesla Electric Vehicles.
MECH ONE: Mecha Styled Travel Portable Mini Magnetic Razor
Portable|small size|Self-abrasive cutterheads|Built-in mirror|Replaceable magnetic tips|LED power display|12000 RPM|IPX7 waterproof
iZYREC: Smallest and Most Easy-to-Use Voice Recorder for All
18g Ultralight | Fits Anywhere Easily | 50-Day Battery Life | 1536Kbps HD Mic | AI Noise Canceling | 32GB EMMC storage | Sliding Switch
MEAZOR 3D - Future Laser Measure
6-in-1 | 40m Multi-room Scan | Export to CAD | 3D Obstacle Avoidance | 2mm Precision | 3 Apps Integration
Dolphin D5 Lite USB-Powered 3D LiDAR with 76m Scanning Range
Extreme Long-Range Accuracy | Wide Angle Scanning | Easy to Carry Handheld Scanner | Low Power Consumption, USB Drivable | Eye-Safe
QicoBay C1: World’s 1st Auto-Restringing On-the-Go Flosser
For saving your time, health, and our earth.
Spider Tool Holster PRO | Next-Gen Tool & Tethering Solution
A trade ready solution for securely carrying tools with an integrated tethering system for dropped object prevention.
Birdfy Nest: A Dual-Camera Smart Bird House
Enjoy the beauty of bird nesting on your phone anytime anywhere.
Wicked Egg : Automatic Interactive Pet Toy & Treat Dispenser
Satisfy your pet’s curiosity with an interactive dispensing toy, keeping them happy & healthy while you’re away
IAQ: The First Complete Home Air Quality Monitor
Take control of your indoor air with a no-setup device that monitors for more than 20 common air pollutants.
CtrlAX | Premium Ultrasonic Cutter | 40,000 Vibrations/Sec.
Cutting Plastics with stronger force | Fast, Delicate, Easy | 5 Types of Multi-Blades | 3 Types of Power Mode | 2nd Gen.
Yeslamp Evo Adjustable LED Desk Lamp
6-Axis adjustable large range LED natural spectrum lamp covering your lighting needs when working on a desk
Flipstik Pro Phone Accessory - Mount, Stand, and Grip
Make your phone a: GoPro, Mounted TV, Continuity Camera, Tripod, GPS, or Camera Man.
Magtame | Magnetic Charging & Data Cables Redesigned
Magnetic Auto Organized | Reliable & Durable | Minimalist Design
QROV: Only Car Wireless Mount you’ll Need
Universal Wireless Charger Mount charge iPhone | Android | AirPods | Qrov Boost App | Magnetic MagSafe
AirCard - Find your wallet. Always.
Apple Find My worldwide tracking - RFID Blocker - Digital Business Card - 2.2mm thin - 2.5 years battery life
UPERFECT Delta/Δ , Folding Portable Monitor
Folding Monitor Dual Portable Display Bult-in Stand VESA Bring more convenient to work with a stackable dual-screen
Jelly Star - The World's Smallest Android 13 Smartphone
The New Star of Unihertz Jelly Series with Transparent Design and LED Light. Still Small, Yet Powerful.
JuicePi: Ultimate EDC Magnetic Power Bank Wall Charger Combo
10,000mAh power bank charges magnetically when attached to the 30W wall charger | Travel-friendly | Rapid charging | Sleek & portable
Ocoopa Union 5s:World First Modular Rechargeable Hand Warmer
Replaceable Battery Core & Heating Case| Real 2-in-1 Detachable Hand Warmer & 10,000mAh Power Bank| Enjoy Uninterrupted Warmth
Night Vision System 2.0 - Digital RearView Mirror Dashcam
Universal Compatibility: Installable on Mirror & Dashboard | 11" Full-color Screen | 1/1.8" Sony Sensor | Long-Range Visibility | BSD
Eternal City: World's 1st DIY Space-themed Charging Station
Unleash your inner engineer. Soar to new heights in both work & imagination w/ the ultimate DIY cyberpunk wireless charger & power bank
Unitree Pump: Motor-Powered All-in-One Smart Pocket Gym
Quantify Resistance| 700g Weight| Eccentric&Concentric Available| Arcade Style Games | One for All Training Demands|Free 100+ Tutorial
K3 Foldable Touch-Expanding Screen Keyboard
13-INCH Touch-expanding Screen | 10-Point Touch Screen | 1920*720 P 60HZ Resolution Display | Foldable 0-90 degree | 82-Key Detachable
Maono PD400X Microphone: The Top Pick for Audio Creators
Dynamic capsule | Dual mode USB/XLR | Cardioid polar pattern | Ultra-wide frequency response | Plug-n-play | Programabale Software
NixieX: the Authentic IN-12 Nixie Tube Clock and Speaker
It combines vintage display tech with modern music playback.
Tactical Scrunchie™ - EDC Multitool Hair Tie
Super Tough Hair Tie w/ Convenient pocket | Fire Resistant Material | Super Comfy & Tough - 11th Successful Kickstarter
AirBox Go| The 3-in-1 MagSafe Battery Pack for Apple Devices
An Apple-certified battery pack with genuine MagSafe components. Wirelessly charges iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods on-the-go.
AOHi: Modular Extension USB-C Cable Set For Fast Charging
Charge your way with mix & match cables for the perfect length, 240W PD 3.1 of lightning-fast power charges your devices on the fly.
PUZZLE FEEDER - A Eating Habit Changing Device for Your Dog
We developed Puzzle Feeder to help every dog pet stay away from digestive problems, obesity and bloat which can take away their lives.
EM3 Ether: 9mm Super-Thin VR Glasses for Gaming and Movies
3DOF Supported | 5K Resolution Combined | 65g Ultralight | 9mm Super-Thin Lenses | 2D/3D/VR Immersive Viewing
Blips3 - The new extra thin macro lenses for any smartphone
With Blips3 you can turn ANY smartphone into a POWERFUL macro camera. EXTRA-PORTABLE, to explore the tiniest details in any moment!
VH-80A : Auto Calibration Dual Laser Distance Meter
New Era of Distance Measurement | Highest Accuracy with Auto-Calibration Feature | 9 Times Faster Project Speed | Data Management App
MODIplay - Racing Fun with up to 30 friends at your home
Amazing driving behavior - difficulty adjustable - from easy like slotcar/for children to demanding for racing pros
Nuwa Pen | AI-powered Ballpoint Pen
Scattered sticky notes and paper? Digitize and organize your handwriting with Nuwa Pen.
HandyCase™: Transparent iPhones/iPads for Gaming - HandScape
Operate your mobile device from behind your screen, and see through it, with this unique case by HandScape.com
Flex Timer - Bluetooth Enabled Interval Training Wall Clock
Meet the wall mounted fitness clock for interval training controlled by your mobile phone, tablet, smartwatch or other wearable.
GEEK: A New USB Awesomifier for Headphones
An on-the-go, high-res DAC and headphone amp that plugs into your computer's USB port. Your videos, music, & games will rule!
External USB Battery Pack- Limefuel IP66 Rugged 15000mAh
High capacity all terrain external battery keeps your devices fueled for life’s adventures!
BOLT: Portable USB Battery Backup with Built in Wall Charger
World's smallest combination battery and wall charger with enough juice for up to two iPhone or Android charges
The Ultimate Universal Smartphone Mount - UniGrip Pro
Mount your Smartphone to Tripods, Mono-Pods, Light Kits and more. UniGrip Pro comes with a Lifetime Replacement Warranty
InvizBox Go - Privacy Made Easy
InvizBox Go - Secure all your devices at home. Take it with you anywhere. See blocked TV shows. Block ads. Charge phones. WiFi Extender
ARM based WAV sound player / recorder module for AVR/ARM ..
a small 2cm x 2xm module that can play and record sound from and to Micro-SD memory cards with 16bits wave format and very high quality
SunJack® Solar Charger - Portable Energy Independence
Never run out of power - charge 8 iPhones or 1.4 iPads with only 5 hours of sunlight. Ready to ship this summer!
Phone Finder - Your Phone, One Click Away.
The Quickest, Simplest Solution to finding your phone Anytime, Anywhere! - Works with every smartphone!
Michron: Timelapse for Everyone
An affordable, user-inspired timelapse device for beginning and advanced photographers.
Bluetooth ZX Spectrum: Recreating the Sinclair ZX Spectrum
The recreated Sinclair ZX Spectrum will be a Bluetooth keyboard, initially for iOS and subsequently Android / Windows phones & tablets.
Freway——27 speed pedal-assist smart ebike at $499
Smart,Strength,Saving,Safety,Shape.27 speed pedal-assist smart Lithium Battery electric motor mountain bicycle——Your Freway 5S eBike
Smart & Secure Fast-Charge USB Cable and Adapter
Securely charge your smartphone 2x or 3x as fast. Turn your computer's USB ports and other chargers into universal high-speed chargers.
Halo Back: World's First Smart Screen Protector
Halo Back helps you handle your iPhone with a single hand.
Noki: The smart doorlock for Europe
Noki is the first smart doorlock for Europe. It opens your door when you come home and locks it when you leave.
Hub+ for USB-C: Get your MacBook ports back.
Got the new MacBook, but can’t work as you used to? We’ve solved the single port issue.
PaPiRus - the ePaper Screen HAT for your Raspberry Pi
PaPiRus is a Raspberry Pi HAT module that brings you affordable ePaper displays. Add low power display tech to your project today!
A USB powered MIDI foot controller for Ableton Live, MainStage, Reason and more! Now with a 5 PIN MIDI OUT JACK!
OPEN RAIL Open Source Linear Bearing System
Open Rail is a new open source universal linear rail system designed to be used with various T- Slot aluminum extrusion configurations.
PiUPS - Uninterruptible power supply for Raspberry Pi
PiUPS is Uninterruptible Power Supply & Portable Power for Raspberry Pi or Arduino. PiUPS runs on 3 AA rechargeable batteries.
Fish Dish - a Raspberry Pi Add On Board
The Fish Dish by Pi Supply is a neat little add on board for the Raspberry Pi, including a switch, 3 LEDs and a buzzer.
Bright Pi - Bright White & IR Camera Light for Raspberry Pi
Bright Pi is the Raspberry Pi accessory you have been waiting for. Bright white and infrared illumination for your RasPi camera module.
Blue-Rx: A 16ch Servo / PWM Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver
Robots are awesome!, so are RC-cars, planes, and LEDs! Control yours wirelessly from your iPhone, Arduino, or any Bluetooth 4.0 device!
Manual SMD Soldering Trays
Solder like a chip shooter 9000 with these trays and a vacuum pen.
YOYO WARRIOR - A premium yoyo for any budget
A collaborative effort between three generations who set out to provide a premium, top-quality yoyo at an affordable price.
Re:Load Pro: A DC active load
A constant current load for testing your projects. 6 amps, 60 volts and 25 watts in a workbench-friendly package with a USB interface.
Follow focus and Follow zoom for Dragonfame and TB3
Connects Your motion control rig to Dragonframe stop motion software. Rewards with motors are plug and play ready.
CybatiWorks - ICS/SCADA/IoT Cybersecurity Education Platform
Providing a control system and cybersecurity hands-on educational platform for professionals, home-use, and academic institutions.
Pi Crust - Easily Connect Electronics To Your Raspberry Pi
Pi Crust is a breakout board for the Raspberry Pi that makes it easier to connect electronics - help us to bring this into kit form!
QuadStick: A Game Controller for Quadriplegics
A mouth and voice operated game controller, mouse, and keyboard to assist a disabled gamer in playing games on the PS3, PC or Android
Pi Supply - Intelligent Power Switch for Raspberry Pi
The Pi Supply is an intelligent power switch for the Raspberry Pi which includes hard on and off switches and auto-off on shutdown.
Plugable Pro8 Docking Station with Charging for Venue 8 Pro
Turn a $249 Dell Venue 8 Pro Tablet into a fully powered multiple-monitor workstation.
Bench Model Plastic Injection Machine
Start Your Own Manufacturing Business or Make Your Own Prototype Plastic Parts.
The React Sidekick: Personal Safety Device
The React Sidekick is transforming the way people call for help in an emergency. Send a widespread alert with the click of a button.
Own a Flat Screen TV? MantelMount is for You!
Now you can easily pull a flat screen TV off the wall, suspend it at eye-level in front of the fireplace & swivel it left or right.
HDMIPi Affordable 9" High-Def screen for the Raspberry Pi
Small HDMI screens are expensive. Native HD ones are astronomical. We want to drive the price down "Raspberry Pi" style.
MoPi: Mobile and 24/7 Power for the Raspberry Pi
Hot-swap, uninterruptible, multi-supply mobile power for the Raspberry Pi — and unlimited outdoor adventures.
The I2C and SPI Education System
An Arduino compatible shield matched with a web based tutorial system to teach you how to talk with I2C and SPI components.
WigWag: Scan it. Control it. Rule it. Share it.
Make your environment listen, react & talk to you: Deploy sensors in your home - then make simple rules which make stuff automatic!
Almond+ : 802.11ac Touchscreen WiFi Router + Smart home Hub
Blazing Fast 802.11ac WiFi - 1.17Gb/s. Compatible with 100's of Z-Wave & ZigBee smart sensors. All in one exquisitely designed device.
VGADuino , VGA Graphic Shield for ARDUINO with RGB/AV ports
VGADuino is a small Graphic card Shield for Arduino boards that can be connected to any kind of TV or Monitors with RGB or AV ports
Pi PoE Switch HAT - power over Ethernet for Raspberry Pi
A power over Ethernet (PoE) add on board (HAT) for your Raspberry Pi with power management. Reduce the clutter of cables with Pi PoE!
NODE Chroma, a wireless color scanner for iOS and computers
NODE Chroma, the first Bluetooth 4.0 color sensor that accurately scans any surface color into iOS apps.
The Siva Cycle Atom - Powering your life one pedal at a time
A lightweight generator to charge your phone, lights, and removable battery pack as you bicycle. Pedal power by you, for now or later.
Micro Phone Lens: Cell Phone Based Microscope
Turn your cell phone or tablet into a microscope with this amazing lens! Works with iPhone, Android and more.
Eve - Smart Irrigation Controller & Moisture Sensors
The next evolution in home irrigation. Eve takes your smart yard to the next level with moisture sensor feedback for ultimate control.
16-Port (2.4 Amps per port) USB iPad/iPhone Charging Station
Universal 16 ports (192 Watt) Charging Station for Apple, Android & other USB Devices. Intelligent Detection for Fastest Charging.
4SeTV™ - Watch 4 TV Channels on Any Screen At Once
A Whole New Way to Get TV: Watch four live TV channels at once on your tablet, smartphone, or big screen TV!
NetcamViewer Monitor | Live Viewing for IP Cameras
View more than 600 camera brands on a monitor or television with a maximum resolution of two megapixels.
Ozmo Smart Cup: Water Hydration & Coffee Enjoyment
Ozmo is a smart cup and app that helps you to stay hydrated, avoid kidney stone and keep your skin glowing.
Simple Graphic card Shield for Arduino with all libraries to be able to connect to the TV or Monitor with RGB or AV Composite ports
Keep your eyes on the road with our retrofittable head-up display for your motorcycle helmet.
RasPiO GPIO Quick Reference Ruler for Raspberry Pi RPi.GPIO
RPi.GPIO Quick reference for GPIO programming on Raspberry Pi. Python code & port ID labels in a convenient 6" PCB ruler
ARK - The Next Generation Portable Wireless Charger
ARK, the next generation portable charger empowers your phone at anytime, anywhere and most important, all wirelessly.
GoFish Cam
GOFISH CAM: The Extreme Action-Adventure Camera for Fishing
ImageLOCK with Colors
ImageLOCK uses images instead of numbers and now features colors, more symbols and an administrative key. It is easy and memorable.
PiDrive: Low-power, mSATA SSD for the Raspberry Pi
Introducing the PiDrive, a high capacity Solid State Drive (SSD) expansion card for the Raspberry Pi B+, A+, and B+ v2!
Spreedbox : The most private video chat and file exchange
The Spreedbox is your private video conferencing and file sharing server that puts the control of your data into your own hands.
Goldilocks Analogue = classic Arduino + quality audio I/O
Bringing audio and analogue to Arduino. With a high quality stereo DAC, Headphone Amp, & Op Amp Outputs, Microphone & Line Inputs.
The Qwerkywriter - Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard
An 84 key, USB, Bluetooth Enabled Vintage-Typewriter Inspired Mechanical Keyboard.
SunnyBAG PowerTAB - World's most effective solar charger
A portable solar system that finally makes you 100% independent. Highly efficient solar panels + batteries like in the Tesla Model S.
Micro Phone Lens 150x: Cell Phone Based Microscope
Turn your cell phone or tablet into a powerful 150x microscope. Portable. Affordable. Fun!
Digispark Pro - tiny, Arduino ready, mobile & usb dev board!
The tiny Arduino IDE ready, usb and mobile dev board and ecosystem - cheap enough to leave in any project! Wi-fi, BLE, and 25+ shields!
RasPiO Duino Affordable Arduino Programming On Raspberry Pi
I will get you into Arduino programming with my affordable board, a Raspberry Pi, and clear videos and tutorials, as seen on RasPi.TV
Project PERCEPTION NEURON: Motion Capture, VR and VFX
Project PERCEPTION NEURON brings you an adaptive and affordable Motion Capture System by using one of the world's smallest IMU.
ParkingDoor | Internet llega a los parkings, adiós mandos
Abre la puerta del garaje desde tu smartphone o smartwatch, de manera segura, olvídate de los mandos, y comparte el acceso fácilmente.
The Kinetic
The first of its kind — a microlight that dynamically reacts to your movement.
SoundDuino , WAV Sound Player Recorder Shield for Arduino
Sound shield for Arduino to Record and Play sound files To/From Micro-SD memory card with all Libraries and Samples for Arduino IDE
Pixel Plane - modular RGB LED Tiles
Square Tiles with individually addressable RGB LEDs. Hook it up to an optional ethernet controller and run it with open source software
Headless Ghost
Headless Ghost is a display emulator (dummy plug) that fits discreetly in to a HDMI socket.
RHINOSHIELD Crash Guard: Slim impact Bumper for iPhone5/6/6+
A slim profile bumper case that provides amazing drop protection. Protection that does NOT compromise on the original design
Gunboat Schooner Porcupine: Building and Installing the Deck
We're recreating the War of 1812 Gunboat Schooner Porcupine as a floating STEM classroom. She needs a 19th century style deck.
Gert VGA 666 Kit - Hardware VGA for Raspberry Pi
Bringing you the awesome Gert VGA 666 kit for the Raspberry Pi for affordable hardware VGA support over the GPIO pins.
Wino board - The tiny, 10€ Arduino with WiFi!
The perfect Internet of Things development platform. It´s cheap, small, wireless, stackable, and easy to use.
KEEWIFI ROUTER: No Password, Tap to Connect, 30 Second Setup
The Keewifi router allows devices to securely access WiFi with a simple tap. No passwords and no configuration required.
Gloveone: Feel Virtual Reality
What if you could feel Virtual Reality? Gloveone lets you use both hands to sense & interact with virtual objects on screen/VR glasses
Torch. A simple router for digital parenting.
Torch is a smart, wifi router that offers parents digital peace of mind as their kids explore the internet.
HidrateMe Smart Water Bottle
HidrateMe, a smart water bottle that syncs to your phone to track your water intake and glows to remind you to stay hydrated
Manga Screen – Multi Touch 4.3" LCD
A 4,3" High resolution HDMI Compatible LCD screen with capacitive multi touch powered by USB, for use with any device with HDMI output
Bartesian: the Ultimate Home Cocktail Machine
Bartesian mixes you the perfect cocktail in seconds; insert your capsule and select your strength. It's cocktails, liberated!
World's First Smart, Connected Office Desk — Powered By AI.
FROM $299. SHIPPING JULY 2015. Autonomous Desk: The Smartest Height-Adjustable Sit-Stand Desk. Affordable. Ergonomic. Premium Material.
Point: A softer take on home security.
Point is a smart house sitter. It listens to the sounds of your home, senses what's in the air and lets you know if anything is wrong.
HypnoLights, Full Color Animated String Lights!
HypnoLights create never repeating artistically animated light patterns, with themes for holidays and many other lighting uses.
Impression π: Wireless VR+AR with Gesture+Position Tracking
A Wireless Virtual Reality HMD that's Fashionable & Compact; Features 3D Gesture Input, Position Tracking, & Augmented Reality Overlays
Atmoph Window - Your Room Can Be Anywhere
A digital window that opens to beautiful scenery from around the world with 4K-shot videos and sound. Place it anywhere, be anywhere.
The fumeFan - Soldering Fume Extractor
The fume Fan is a powerful soldering fume extractor with carbon activated filter, LEDs, helping hands tool and a magnifier
Darkmatter Xbox Laptop and DIY Kit
Darkmatter is the world's first Xbox(tm) laptop that you can buy as a fully assembled product or in kit form. Now Xbox ONE compatible!
Super Awesome Sylvia's WaterColorBot
The Friendly and Educational Art Robot that Paints with Watercolors!
BrewBit.com Model-T Wireless PID Controller
Open source PID controller with WiFi, for real time monitoring and control. Now on BrewBit.com!
Robot Army Starter Kit
A do-it-yourself Delta Robot kit that's fun to build, sharp to look at, and a great point of departure for your own project!
Parallella: A Supercomputer For Everyone
The Parallella project will make parallel computing accessible to everyone.
blink(1), the USB RGB LED
blink(1) is a small USB light to give you glanceable notice of anything on your computer or the internet.
Structure Sensor: Capture the World in 3D
Scan objects and rooms in 3D, play augmented reality games, and develop mobile apps with 3D vision. For iPad, yet hackable.
BuddyGuard: Smart Home Security In One Device
A complete Home Security System in a single device: Flare protects you and your home all by itself. Secure, beautiful and affordable.
The Nomad CNC Mill
The Nomad 883 is a ready-to-run CNC Mill that's at home in any environment.
blink(1) mk2, the USB RGB LED, improved
blink(1) mk2 is a small USB light to give you glanceable notice of anything on your computer or the internet.
Have you ever wanted to connect lots of Arduino boards using just Cat5? Now you can. Arduino + PoE + RS485 = ChainDuino
oneTesla: a DIY Singing Tesla Coil
A DIY kit for a solid-state Tesla coil that plays music, shoots 2-foot-long sparks, and teaches you electronics.
Blink: Wire-Free HD Home Monitoring & Alert System
Blink: the first ultra-affordable, totally wire-free smart HD home monitoring and alert system.
Introducing the Artiphon INSTRUMENT 1
Strum a guitar, bow a violin, tap a piano, loop a beat – on a single instrument. An intuitive way to create music and play any sound.
Skylight: Beam Photos To A Frame In Your Loved One's Home
A beautiful touch-screen, Wi-Fi connected digital frame that lets you email photos into your loved one's home in seconds.
PNMini - Positive/Negative Power Supply Module for Makers
High-performance Easy-to-use Mini Power Modules for Makers. Innovative circuitry enables positive/negative supply in one module.
Espruino: JavaScript for Things
The world's first JavaScript microcontroller for beginners or experts, now Open Source. Be creative with intelligent control!
The Model 01: an heirloom-grade keyboard for serious typists
With a hardwood body, mechanical switches & custom-sculpted keycaps, it's a dream to type on. It comes with source code & a screwdriver
LightUp: Learn by Making
Kids learn electronics by building projects: combines electronic building blocks with the first-ever augmented reality tutor app.
Verrado Electric Drift Trike by Local Motors
An electric-powered drifting tricycle for adults. Sturdy construction. Unique style. Hillsides NOT required.
Espruino Pico: JavaScript on a USB Stick
Control Electronics quickly and easily with a USB key that runs JavaScript
SPOR: Solar Battery Chargers, USB Cables & Accessories
Put the Power of the Sun in your Pocket with the Worlds Most Open and Customizable Solar Charger and Power System. Spread The Power!
Parva Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer
Introducing a revolutionary new synthesizer combining the classic warmth of analog synthesis with the convenience of digital control.
BrickPi: LEGO® Bricks with a Raspberry Pi Brain
BrickPi turns your Raspberry Pi into a LEGO® robot. Your credit card sized computer enters the physical world.
Robo Wunderkind: A robot anyone can build
A robotics and coding kit for kids of all ages. Build, code, play, create the future!
With the Doodle3D sketching tool you can 3D print your own personal drawings on a 3D printer! Start 3D printing your own doodle now!
Inboard: World's First Skateboard with In-wheel Motors
Inboard - The world's first and only skateboard with motors in the wheels. Designed and assembled in the USA.
emberlight: turn any light into a smart light.
Mold your lights around your life. Control any dimmable bulb with your existing WiFi and phone. Automate with proximity awareness.
CHIP - The World's First Nine Dollar Computer
Built for work, play, and everything in between! \(•◡•)/
Strooder, First Truly Consumer 3D Printing Filament Extruder
Strooder - The first filament extruder to combine high quality filament with safety, ease of use and flawless design
The first pressure-sensitive, multi-touch input device that enables users to interact with the digital world like never before.
Electric Objects: A Computer Made for Art
A framed high-definition screen and integrated computer that hangs on your wall and brings art from the Internet into your home.
Makey Makey GO: Invention Kit on Your Keychain
Tech is going Bananas! Slip'n Selfie, Dog-o-Phone, Flappy Jello. Invent on the GO!
Nanoleaf Bloom: A New Way to Dim Your Lights!
Dimmable in regular ON/OFF light fixtures/lamps. Adjust the brightness with your existing ON/OFF switch. Set the mood and save energy!
Nuimo: Seamless Smart Home Interface
Nuimo is a universal controller for the internet of things. Control your music, lights, locks and more.
Podo - The First Stick and Shoot Camera
Forget the selfie stick. Podo is a wireless, re-stickable camera that turns any surface into a photo booth. Just stick, shoot, & share.
Sherlybox - turn your public clouds into private & unlimited
The easiest way to share files. It works like a cloud, but data stays on your own drives. Make a folder and invite friends to share it
World’s first roast-grind-brew coffee machine
Raw green coffee beans to fresh black coffee - at a single push of a button. Let's change coffee. Together.
Open qPCR: DNA Diagnostics for Everyone
Turning DNA into data just became affordable, and biohacking will never be the same. Meet our open source Real-Time PCR Thermocycler.
NEEO - The Thinking Remote
NEEO is a smart home automation system. It’s the simplest way to connect and control all the devices in your home.
Mixfader - the world's #1 connected object for becoming a DJ
Connect Mixfader to your smartphone or tablet and perfect your mixing and scratching techniques, whatever your level.
BitLock: Turning your smart phone into your bike key
Bitlock: The world's first keyless bike lock to enable low cost peer-to-peer bike sharing among individuals and communities.
Voltera: Your Circuit Board Prototyping Machine
Print your circuit boards, dispense solder paste, and reflow! The Voltera V-One lets you go from concept to creation in minutes.
Really Useful 4 Channel I2C Multiplexer with Grove/LEDs
This new board allows you to have up to 4 I2C busses for your Raspberry Pi / Arduino projects and has Grove Connectors and LEDs. Wow!
SolidSuit: Leather Finish Impact Protection Case for iPhone
Also available in Carbon Fiber finish. Amazing impact protection and timeless design; the most innovative iPhone case, with style.
The first plug & play privacy solution for ALL your devices.
eBlocker is a smart device that anonymizes your online behavior. It stops all trackers, blocks all ads and protects your kids online.
RasPiO Pro Hat Protect/Position Raspberry Pi Ports Perfectly
Putting your ports in perfect order and protecting them from human error. Explore your Raspberry Pi's GPIO ports safely and easily.
Gardening for Everyone - Just Drop to Grow
Help make the world green again. Our Pacs make it simple to beautify your home, roadsides or destroyed and abused landscapes.
Balluga: The World's Smartest Bed
Never have a bad night’s sleep again - Balluga sets your ideal temperature, gives you the perfect support and even stops you snoring
Up to 4 axis Beaglebone black based CNC control
Build a professional grade Linux CNC control with Beaglebone black and our CNC cape.
RasPiO Analog Zero - Read 8 Sensors At Once On Raspberry Pi
Read analog sensors with GPIO Zero. Make a weather station/ voltmeter/ digital thermometer. Fits any Raspberry Pi. Perfect for the Zero
Ripcord - The plug 'n play anywhere USB power cable
Say goodbye to batteries. With this USB cable, you can power your gear anywhere you charge your phone.
Flo: the smarter way to check temperature
Bluetooth non-contact thermometer that is fast and easy to use. Create beautiful family baby moments with timeline and photo tagging
YOUMO - Your Smart Modular Power Strip
Multi-power charging that is smarter, stylish and designed for you.
The Køben - a modern electric bike for the human race.
The Karmic Koben is a modern ebike that lets you ride faster, go farther, all while having more fun than ever before.
BRAIN One: Performance Tracking System for Motorcyclists
Track and improve your motorcycle and motorsport performance. Create videos with data overlays. Share and publish your stats.
Faraday Cortland
Be the first to conquer hills, tackle headwinds and arrive in style on the step-through version of the "Most elegant eBike ever."
UDOO X86: The Most Powerful Maker Board Ever
10 times more powerful than Raspberry Pi 3, x86 64-bit architecture
Toaster - Dual Output USB Step Up Breadboard Power Supply.
Power your breadboard projects with a single 5V USB port. Toaster contains dual power rails to give voltages from 3.3V upto 16V.
ChameleonMini - A Versatile NFC Card Emulator, and more...
A freely programmable, standalone tool for NFC security analysis: emulate & clone contactless cards, read RFID tags and sniff RF data.
Kannon Headphones - Deep Bass You can Feel
Audiophile sound and realistic live-music feeling. Patented tactile drivers go below hearing, speed gaming reactions, intensify movies.
Cubetto - Hands on coding for ages 3 and up
A playful programming language you can touch. Montessori approved, and LOGO Turtle inspired. Learn programming away from the screen.
Acanvas: The cord-free art display and streaming platform
Acanvas is a Wi-Fi connected and customizable art display that hangs on any wall, charges itself and streams art into your home
Das Keyboard 5Q: The Cloud Connected Keyboard
Das Keyboard 5Q is a cloud-connected, open API RGB mechanical keyboard that allows each key to be color-controlled over the Internet.
The Most Portable Electric Skateboard in the World
The Perfect Last Mile Vehicle. Ultra Portable and Surprisingly Powerful, the Arc Board will change the way you move everyday.
Puck.js - the ground-breaking bluetooth beacon
An Open Source JavaScript microcontroller you can program wirelessly - perfect for IoT! No software needed so get started in seconds.
Connect. Code. Create. With SBrick Plus
Take learning and playing with LEGO® to the next level with sensors! Build creations with SBrick Plus and make them interactive!
Kiën Light: Intelligent daylight at your fingertips
Licht 1: The smart pendant lamp that increases your well-being and productivity while saving 80% in running energy expenses.
PLAYBULB string - The Best Outdoor Holiday Lights
Be the brightest house in the neighborhood with smart string lights.
Realiser A16: real 3D audio headphone processor
Realiser A16: the best seat in the best sounding cinema
ReSpeaker - Add Voice Control Extension To Anything You Like
Far-field voice control extension to your speakers, home & office appliances. Touch Sensing with Arduino & Linux for making projects.
Nailbot - The Smartphone Nail Art Printer
Nailbot prints custom art directly on nails with your phone in 5 seconds! 3% of proceeds go towards teaching the tech behind Nailbot!
RasPiO GPIO Zero Code Reference Ruler for Raspberry Pi
Quick reference for GPIO Zero coding. Python code & Raspberry Pi port ID labels on a beautiful 12"/30cm PCB ruler
Marvin: the LoRa development board
Marvin is a plug & play IoT development board with LoRa communication. Want to get started with IoT? Go Marvin!
USP-mkII Atmel/Microchip Programmer
Uncompromising programmer for Atmel/Microchip 8-bit AVR-Controller, Made in Germany. 100% Atmelstudio and avrdude compatible.
The Power of Algae: Microbial Fuel Cell Energy
This campaign is to raise money to build our first prototype. We are two students designing a renewable energy fuel cell.
SoundDuino 3 , Sterio Audio Shield for Arduino
3rd Generation of SoundDuino. Audio shield for Arduino with higher audio quality and more functions
FireBoard - Cloud Connected Smart Thermometer
Monitor your cooking & bbq from your phone - and Amazon Alexa! Synced conveniently to the cloud via WiFi and Bluetooth.
eVe by Elocky La Serrure Connectée | The Smart Cylinder Lock
Adoptez eVe, partagez vos clés et surveillez votre maison | Adopt eVe, easily share your keys and watch over your house !
WiReboot-Keep your WiFi on 24/7. Automatically reboot router
WiReboot Makes it Easier for Everyone to Stay Connected, it will reboot the modem/router if the connection is dropped, automatically.
JUUK Premium Aluminum Apple Watch Bands
We're creating some of the best metal Apple Watch bands with unique designs and precision Swiss quality manufacturing
JackSavior: the smaller, flexible and stronger audio jack
We solve headphone failure by making a flexible and stronger audio jack.
The Arduino Audio Shield
100's of sound effects and synthesizer sounds, all in one box. A sound man in a can! Continues
CARD Adapter - The First Travel Adapter with TYPE C Charger
World 1st “TRUE” Type-C Travel Adapter. Multi adapter for Laptop &phone charging at the same time. Ultra slim & compact design EVER!
121C Arc Aileron: Pure Carbon Electric Skateboard
121C Boards + Arc Boards Collaborate to build the World's First Lightweight, Pure Carbon, High Performance Electric Skateboard
Nunulo: The First VR Device with Adjustable Lenses
A refined approach to Virtual Reality! Introducing the first adjustable VR lens that caters to the individual’s visual comfort.
JikoPower Spark: Charge Your Cell Phone With Fire
Jiko Spark uses heat to charge cell phones & USB devices. For Emergencies, Disaster Prep, Camping or Donate Sparks to your charity.
OsmoBot: Truly Affordable Hydroponic + Aquaponic Monitors
OSMOBOT: Everything you need to monitor your hydroponic or aquaponic system online. In one box. At the right price.
NutraMilk: Make Nut Milk & Butter In Minutes
Use virtually any type of nut to make fresh, delicious and chemical-free nut milk at home in minutes
ZX Spectrum Next
The ZX Spectrum reborn: a new machine, fully compatible with the original computer, and packed with improvements and expansions.
IvoryBoards - High Quality Affordable Electric Skateboards
Introducing the IvoryBoard, the only affordable, high-performance electric skateboard in the world.
NOLO: VR Motion Tracking for Mobile and SteamVR Play
$99 Only. 6 DoF Motion Tracking System. Front-facing Room Scale. Low Latency. Android Compatible. Created for Mobile VR Headsets.
Freestyle Edge - The Ultimate Split Gaming Keyboard
The first split keyboard designed specifically for gamers. Onboard programmable, Cherry mechanical, LED backlighting and much more.
No more cold hands - The future of gaming and workstations
Making you perform better by eliminating cold hands. The Heatbuff uses infrared waves to warm your hands without heating your keyboard.
Inirv React: Make Your Home Smarter and Safer
Inirv React is the smartest, most beautifully designed device that keeps you safe and allows you to use your stove like never before!
JeVois: Open-Source Quad-Core Smart Machine Vision Camera
Open-source quad-core camera effortlessly adds powerful machine vision to all your PC/Arduino/Raspberry Pi projects
Digital MPPT and Solar BMS for a Net Zero energy House
Best Net Zero energy solution for new or existing house (no more heating or electricity bills).
Elevon: Super-Ergonomic Keyboard Tray for Standing Desks
Finally, an ergonomic keyboard tray that works with any standing desk! Infinite ergonomic adjustability. Installs in only 30 seconds.
Osiris: The $65 Smart Water Monitor
Protect your home from water leaks & freezing pipes. Lower your water bills. Learn how you use water. Set goals.
Rigavit - Automatic Plant/Flower Watering
Let Rigavit water your flowers when you are on vacation or even when you are at home...
VGADuino-II , New 256 Color Graphic Shield for Arduino
VGADuino-II, new Graphic Shield for Arduino with higher resolution, and higher speed and more 256 colors
Mars NOVA - Drone Parachute Radio
A single channel Long Range Radio for UAV or drone safety. Designed to work with Mars Parachutes products and all servo based systems.
MyLifter 2.0 by Garage Smart
The world's smartest, easiest, and best looking garage storage system.
Kavale, for your safety and that of your horse
Kavale is the first connected device, linked to a mobile app, aiming at enhancing the safety of the horse and its rider.
Mitte: Create your own mineral water, just like nature
Mitte replaces bottled water with a smart home water system. Create healthy water, pure and personalized with minerals.
Raspberry Pi Mega-IO Expansion Card
Eight on-board relays, 8 12-bit ADC channels,12-bit DAC output, 8 opto-isolated inputs, 4 open collector outputs, 6 GPIO's, stackable
AutoPi - Makes your car intelligent
Based on Raspberry Pi™. It looks like an OBD-II dongle, but is so much more. This is the first extendable IoT platform for your car.
Know the state of your boat 24/7
InvizBox 2 - Online privacy and security, simplified
InvizBox 2 makes it easy for you to protect all of your browsing, giving speed, privacy and security to you and your family
BuzzBox: Advanced Beehive Sensor & Smartphone App
BuzzBox sensors help you track hive health from your smartphone. Buy one or support citizen science & open data to save the honey bees!
MirroCool is an all-in-one Smart Mirror and Personal Assistant with built-in FGR Technology. It is SAFE and SECURE!
Swidget™ Outlet: The Smart Home Device for All Platforms
Installed using your existing wiring, Swidget eliminates clutter by hiding your smart home technology into an extraordinary outlet.
Libre Computer Board Fastest 4K SBC under $50 for Makers
Le Potato Single Board Computer - Raspberry Pi Form Factor, 2GB RAM, HDMI 2.0, eMMC, Latest Android 7.1 Nougat, and Linux 4.9 LTS.
Manga Screen 2
A small LCD screen with capacitive touch
Luminiser Lantern | Powerful LED light from a tea candle.
The Luminiser’s patented technology transforms the heat energy from a single tea light candle into a powerful LED lantern.
Yaw VR Compact Portable Motion Simulator
One of the most compact and affordable, virtual reality motion simulator. Small, lightweight, silent, with 3DoF and high dynamic range
FOREO UFO: Beauty Tech Revolutionizes Face Masks in 90 Sec!
UFO combines the best of beauty and technology for a spa-worthy facial treatment in just 90 seconds.
Skee Ball Display PCBs - Redesigned!
Drop-in replacements for Score and Ball Count boards in Classic Skee Ball... using MODERN LED and Microcontroller technologies.
TouchPad - The Arduino-compatible, customisable keyboard.
Change the design and functionality of each of the 36 capacitive keys, using the built-in programming mode or Arduino software.
CortanaRGB: A €15,99 voice controlled RGB LED strip
Ever wanted to control Ledstrips with your voice? Now you can with CortanaRGB, Worlds most affordable voice controlled LED strip.
Continuously track your internet connection with monitor-io
Report on the quality of your internet service. Easily troubleshoot internet problems. Ensure your IoT devices are online.
RedKey : Worlds 1st easy to use Computer Data Erasing Device
Planning to ever Recycle, sell or give away a computer? First use Redkey to securely and permanently wipe all data. Home & business use
Kira Mechanical Keyboard
Kira - a compact, full-size mechanical keyboard built without compromise. Designed by Angelo Tobias and the team at Input Club.
Somewear: limitless communication built for adventure
A global, satellite hotspot that brings your friends on every adventure - beautifully designed to fit in your pocket
Your virtual roommate against burglars: Kevin by mitipi
World’s first virtual roommate. Fooling burglars and protecting your home when you’re unable to.
La Frite: Open Source Fries
Miniturized version of the popular Le Potato SBC supported by mainline Linux and Android 8. Compact platform with excellent support.
The Looking Glass: A Holographic Display for 3D Creators
The Looking Glass is the first desktop holographic display designed for 3D creators. No VR or AR headgear required.
GoSave: next generation piggy banks.
Smart piggy banks designed to help you teach your kids to save, earn and spend wisely.
IoT LoRa Boards - Your Gateway to the Internet of Things
Making LoRa cheaper, more accessible and hackable using your favourite single board computers - Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Micro:Bit!
Ready-to-run Air Monitor & Multimedia Kit for Raspberry Pi
Introducing 3 Ready-to-run practical Air Monitor & Multimedia Raspberry Pi Kits, they are perfect for both learning and entertainment.
Feather SSD | The Best Solid State Drives for Mac
Boost your Mac's performance with Feather SSD, the best solid state drive for Mac
BEERMKR: All-in-one craft beer brewing machine
BEERMKR is the world's first automatic beer brewing machine that anyone can use. It makes over a gallon of craft beer in a week's time.
The ultimate music performance machine for studio and stage.
Pipes is a new audio platform which out-horsepowers a laptop, outperforms any sample player, and is built to get even better over time.
- EZ TEETHBRUSH™ - World's First Teethbrush
DENTIST RECOMMENDED! IPX7 Waterproof & Wireless Charger, Bacteria Resistant Silicone Mouthpiece, Brush & Whiten Your Teeth 4x Faster
Proxmark3 Rdv 4.0
The Best Proxmark3 You Ever Heard Of!
CLIP⚡Portable e-motor to Transform any bike into an e-bike
Attach CLIP to bike to ride effortlessly. Detach, after parking to recharge CLIP on your desk.
Nebra AnyBeam - world's smallest pocket cinema projectors
Finally - a big screen laser cinema projector that ACTUALLY fits in your pocket. With standalone and Raspberry Pi compatible versions.
Teplo: connected tea pot for a personalized tea experience
Teplo brews tea based on your emotional state 🌿. Ex: If you're tired, it will brew at a higher temperature to increase caffeine levels
US:E - Camera Equipped Smart Lock with Facial Recognition
Built-in Camera | APP Controlled | Facial Recognition | 2-Way Audio | Fingerprint Scanning | ANSI\BHMA Certificated | Easy Installation
PhoneBook: Turn ANY Smartphone into a Laptop Computer
A plug-in-and-play device that can turn ANY smartphone into a 15.6” touchscreen laptop in seconds
it's da Bomb! - An Indie DEF CON badge for DC27
A hackable electronic badge loaded with RGB LEDs, stereo audio, LiPo battery, multiplayer radio-based sea battle game, and more!
LUMI: The smarter way to learn and play music
The illuminated keyboard and app that lets you play great songs and learn music as you go.
CHEARS ONE - Smart Hearing Assistant
A smart hearing earbuds give you an affordable, comfortable and fashionable hearing aid experience with your smartphone.
Puffin OS Phone for the Next Billion Users
Puffin's next-generation "Avatar" technology enables low-cost and high-performance phones for the next billion new internet citizens.
Skyhawk Kiwi™ - Monitor what was previously impossible 🦅🥝
Monitor belongings & locations wherever they're located using a revolutionary, affordable, cellular technology for as low as $7.99/mo.
I LOCK IT GPS | Smart Security For Your Bike
The next generation of the award-winning smart bike lock - now with GPS Live Tracking.
Keystone — The Future of Mechanical Keyboards
An Open Source Analog Keyboard with Adaptive Typing AI.
BEEP base: a measurement system to assist beekeepers
A beehive scale measuring weight, sound and temperature to help beekeepers make informed decisions
AirView — Wireless Multi-touch Screen
iPhone | Mac| Windows | Samsung DeX | Huawei | TNT | Android | Nintendo | Raspberry | Wireless touchscreen monitor FHD & 4K avail. soon
The Keyboardio Atreus
An ultraportable mechanical keyboard for comfortable typing anywhere
Coturn Portable Record Player
A beautifully designed and incredible sounding portable turntable with wifi & bluetooth connection and rechargeable batteries.
The Juicebox Pro 12.5 - A battery pack for kayak anglers
A 12-volt weather-resistant lithium-ion battery pack designed specifically for kayak anglers.
Everest: the world's most innovative, customizable keyboard
Featuring integrated colored display keys, a detachable numpad, media dock with display dial, hot-swappable switches and much more
LOOTBOX. The smart charger for screen time balance.
The first smart, secure, multi-device charger, designed for healthier screen time and happier families. Lock it away, let's go play!
DELTA - The New Standard Of Battery-Powered Generator
Recharge 0 to 80% Within One Hour. Meets Standard Of Any Wall Outlet. Universal Solar Input. Can Even Charge An Electric Vehicle.
Multiband GNSS (GPS/Glonass/BeiDou/Galileo) mini PCIe card
The Exantas MB-mPCIe-F9P is an embeddable multiband GNSS mini-PCIe card (6.2g only) based on u-blox ZED-F9 (wide temp −40°C to 85°C).
Triple Adjustable Power Supply
Get three Output Power Supplies from One input Power
Erae Touch: the Expressive Music Controller.
Keys, drumpads, sliders, sequencer, launchpad, polyphonic, ultra sensitive and reactive. Bring your music to light.
OpenCV AI Kit
A tiny, powerful, open source Spatial AI system
Gel Blaster SURGE - The Ultimate Water Blaster!
The next evolution in backyard fun. Shoots non-toxic, eco-friendly, biodegradable Gellets™. No set up. No clean up. Just fun.
Extendable Smart Curtains
Universal-fit extendable motorized curtain track system works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri Shortcuts and more.
TheoryBoard Thy333 | Music Theory Made Easy
Music Theory MIDI Controller | Music Production/Composition Tool | Chord Generator | Synesthetic Musical Instrument
Pico - EV Charging Station
Smart Charging Station connected to the Cloud
Cuzen Matcha | Start fresh. Stay fresh.
Enjoy freshly ground organic matcha from your countertop.
KALEA: Turn kitchen waste into real compost in only 48h
KALEA is a fully automatic kitchen composter, which unites a natural composting process with an unique and smart technology
CutiePi Tablet - Raspberry Pi, Untethered
Liberate your Pi project from the desk, and start creating wherever an idea strikes you.
BoostPlate Suspension System for Skateboards | Cruz Control
The shock absorbing, fluid turning, full board experience on land. BoostPlate Conversion Kit & Suspension Surf Cruiser Completes
Lumonitor: 4K Touchscreen Portable Monitor
Ultralight | Touchscreen | 4K Resolution | Built-in battery | Ultra Portable | Plug and Play
Not-eReader 103: Unprecedented Smart E-ink Tablet. Save Eyes
10.3" Open Android 9.0 Tablet Features Snapdragon 660 Chip. Work with PC & Smartphone.
Embedded Learner Board
An embedded learning development board to use with Arduino or Raspberry Pi
Kibus - Healthy dog food cooking device
The world's first automated device that prepares healthy and tasty dog food
Learn Soldering Skills with Moonshot Kit
The Moonshot kit has a PCB and components that you can use to learn and practice soldering.
CharaChorder Lite - Type at the Speed of Thought®
This simple yet powerful twist on the QWERTY allows you to type faster than is physically possible on any other keyboard.
Hex Home: Redefining Home Security
Finally, a DIY home security system that you actually want
MILO - The Action Communicator
Speak with friends while you ski, ride or surf. Hands-free, no Wi-Fi or cell signal needed. For adventures on slopes, trails and water.
Sentien Audio — Your New Superpower.
The open-ear headset that merges offline and online realities. Smart glasses for your ears.
Epomaker AK84S - Aluminum Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Designed for Mac & Windows | Aluminum Construction | PBT and Silicone Keycaps | Hotswapple Gateron or Proprietary Chocolate Switches
Computer Engineering for Babies Book
An interactive board book to learn the basics of computer engineering.
World’s First Battery Exchangeable Wireless Earbuds
Enjoy an uninterrupted and stellar performance of the wireless earbuds that just keep going with seamlessly exchangeable batteries
The Meter Box: A Custom Made Enclosure For Crypto Miners
Housing everything you need to accurately measure your power usage in live time!
Boxe: Portable 1080P Mini Smart Projector On the Go
The exquisite projector with big-screen power
PeacockFlight: Professional Monitoring True Wireless Earbuds
Audiophile Sound | Hand Crafted | Stunning Design | Smart Touch Control | Wireless Charging | APTX Support
F.A.C.E. | A Self-Activating Fire Suppression Device
Defend your property from fires, even when you aren't there
PiBox: A Modular Raspberry Pi Storage Server
Raspberry Pi CM4 + 2x SATA SSDs. 1.3" Display, HDMI, 2 USB ports, and USB-C powered. Plug and Play. Open and hackable.
CircuitMess Batmobile™ - a DIY AI-powered smart robot car
A STEM kit that will teach you about autonomous driving, and machine learning while exploring the world of electronics & programming
BLOK: Smart Cutting Board & Virtual Cooking Classes 🧑🍳
High-energy Live & On-Demand Cooking Classes | Digital Display & Cutting Board | Cook with Family & Friends |
Vissles LP85: Ultra-Thin 75% Optical-Mechanical Keyboard
Compact 85 Keys丨Low-Profile Optical Switches丨Mac or Windows Layout丨Bluetooth & Wired丨19 RGB Backlit丨Multi-Device丨Clicky Feedback
Light Pong: the 1-dimensional game console
Where the past meets the future. Dazzling LED Light | Plays Multiple Games | Portable
The Fart Pedal
The Fart Pedal turns your guitar noises into fart noises.
Smell Inspector: E-Nose Developer's Kit and End-User Gadget
Explore your own smell-related applications!
Mojo68: See-through, Custom&Programmable Mechanical Keyboard
With Gasket Mount, RGB backlit, and hot-swappable & programmable keys, Mojo68 is the mechanical keyboard enhancing your type experience
EC66: Wireless Gasket Mount Mechanical Keyboard
Gasket Mount, Hot-swappable, Trial connection mode, RGB backlit, PBT Dye-sublimation keycaps, Bluetooth 5.0, Programmable Metal Knob
The Mixed Reality headset (AR + VR)
TourBox Elite:The Ultimate Bluetooth Controller for Creators
Delivers an intuitive editing experience and accelerates your workflow.#photographers#illustrators #video/audio editors#designers
Volla Phone 22: The beauty of freedom
The new generation of smartphone for simplicity and privacy: Smarter, simpler and faster. With security mode and multi boot feature.
Recalbox RGB Dual: retro games on CRT TV!
Bring your CRT screens and TV back to life and play all your childhood games with RECALBOX RGB Dual!
AIPER Seagull 3000: Wall-Climbing Cordless Pool Cleaner
Trusted By 200,000 Users|Intelligent Path Planning | App Control |Triple-Drive Motors | Wall & Waterline & Floor Cleaning
StormFire - innovative, multifunctional and flexible Stove
The stove for outdoor people who expect the most from their gear.
PenPad - An intuitive shortcut panel for Procreate® artists
With 23 accessible shortcuts, you can effortlessly flow through your creative process on your iPad®.
YouFlaker [by W. Mock]: Make your oat flakes the German way
Do-It-Yourself: Making your own organic oat flakes and muesli with the innovative electrical grain flaker from renewable resources
YesWelder FIRSTESS™ MP200 5-in-1 Welder & Cutter
Make your dream projects a reality with a versatile machine for MIG, FCAW, MMA, TIG welding and plasma cutting. Right from your home.
Roadie Coach: Music Tutor, Smart Recorder & MIDI Controller
Learn Guitar Ukulele and Singing • Record your performances and track your progress • Interact with your favorite audio apps
Reliable Solar Generator Designed for the Modern Home
Affordable Backup Power for Every Household: High Power + Ultra-Fast Recharge; 7 Days of Essential Power for 99% of Home Appliances.
High Resolution Autofocus Camera Module for Raspberry Pi
A 16MP high-resolution autofocus camera module for all Raspberry Pi models.
Beeline Velo 2: Better cycling routes, navigation & tracking
Easily plan, navigate and track great cycle routes built on feedback from over 20k riders
DOCKCASE: World's Safest M.2 NVMe Smart SSD Enclosure
Power Loss Protection/Smart SSD Health Info Detection/M.2 NVMe&SATA/USB3.2 Gen 2/10Gbps/UASP/2TB/Dual Heat Dissipation/D-Key Control
Emerge Home | Feel VR with your bare hands
The first product to let you physically feel and interact with forcefields in the metaverse
Fit Pro: The Most Interchangeable Gaming & Office Mouse
Swap in big and small grips, Wireless or Wired, Pixart® 3370 Sensor, Omron® Switch, For Mac and Windows, Gaming and Office use
AZIO Cascade - A Customizable 75% Mechanical Keyboard
Compact 75% | Standard & Slim Profile | Hot-Swappable | Dual Sound Dampers | Backlit RGB | Wireless & Wired | For Mac & PC
Bluebox Co-pilot - All-in-one smart driving assistant
Add a brain to your car. One smart device. Four apps: Dashcam | 24/7 Securitycam | Milesaver | Engine Diagnosis | Even more to come...
abby: The All-In-One Smart Hydroponic Grow Box
Anyone can grow any strain in any space. No soil needed. No assembly required. Samsung's LM301H LED Grow Light.
KAV Sports - The Bike Helmet Reinvented
3D printed for uncompromising fit, protection and performance. Made-to-measure for your unique head.
YIO Remote Two
Intuitive and easy to use universal remote, to control your smart home and devices.
DOCKCASE: The World's First USB-C High Speed Smart Hub
HD Screen/Smart Operating System/Human-Machine Interaction/Upgradable Firmware/4K@60Hz/100W PD/10Gbps/Gigabit Eth
Epomaker NT68 65% Wireless Magic Mechanical Keyboard
65% Compact | Hotswappable | Magic Design for Mac & Windows| Connect 3 Devices | Multifunctional Carrying Case and Invisible Stand
The Uni
The mechanical keyboard for stenography. Type faster.
Fremo X700 - World's Smallest 1000W LiFePO4 Power Station
EV-Grade LiFePO4; Up to 1000W Output; 3000+ Charge Cycles; Detachable Magnetic Light; Smart Display
Focus: World's smallest 5000 lumens bike light
Be seen like a car! A revolutionary 5000 lumens high-beam light in just 49 grams. Ride safe and be seen like never before!
BBALL - The World’s 1st smart golf ball. Find your lost golf ball.
AZIO IZO | Vibrant & Intuitive Wireless Keyboard Set
Tri-Tonal Colors | Dual Control Knob | Wireless or Wired | For Mac & Windows | Gateron Mechanical Switches | + Matching Accessories
J20 5G Rugged Phone, Keep You Safe In Every Adventure
Super powerful 5G rugged smartphone, 6000mAh battery | IP68 waterproof | Dropproof | Dustproof | Global unlocked | Android 11
USB4VC: USB Inputs on Retro Computers!
USB Keyboard/Mouse/Gamepads on Vintage Computers! Modular Protocol Cards, Low Latency, Open Source.
Uppeal Desk
Floor Sitting to Standing, Adjustable Height Desk
MagFlött: iPad Magnetic Stand and 6' Curved-end USB C cable
Made for iPad Pro & iPad Air 4. Minimalist Modern Design. Magnetically attach. Rotate & tilt. 6 FEET curved-end USB C Cable included!
Raspberry Pi based open-source KVM over IP. Manage your servers or workstations remotely!
HTVRONT: The Heat Press with Auto Pressure Exertion
Auto Heat Press | 50% Faster Press Time | Auto Pressure Exertion | Uniform & Safe | Large Heat Plate
The X Series - Crypto Management and Storage Ecosystem
Protect and organize your Ledger Nano hardware wallets, recovery seed phrases, and crypto investment portfolio
LIBRIDS: Extra Tough, Flexible Solar Panel for Any Adventure
Ultra lightweight | similar bullet-proof material to prevent microcracks from degrading the energy production of your solar panels
QR10: Pocket High Accuracy Programmable Resistance Box
Revolutionary physical instrument designed to upgrade or replace the conventional resistance decade box with keypad and USB-COM Port
Dockcase Pocket M.2 NVMe Smart SSD Enclosure
1.7inch/45g/Live Transfer Readout/Power Loss Protection/Read Only Mode/SSD Health Status/10Gbps/2TB/For 2230 SSD/Explorer Edition
miniFCU - FlightSim Autopilot Module made by Airbus Captains
Elevate your flight sim experience with the most affordable and authentic autopilot control interface for Airbus™ flight sim addons
PiBeam: Seamlessly Connect, Chat, and Control Devices
Experience the Power of Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU for Effortless IR Connectivity and Device Operation
LagoFast Box: A Game Booster for All Consoles
Get no lag and lower ping in Console gaming.
RainPoint Smart+ Garden Watering System
Display Hub | Water Timer | Soil&Sunlight Sensor | Water Flow Meter | High Precision Rain Gauge | Pool Thermometer
WYBOT Robotic Pool Cleaner With Solar Power
Enjoy a cleaning pool for a whole summer with WYBOT Robotic Pool Cleaner
CrowView: The Ultimate 14'' Portable Ultralight Dual Monitor
Adjustable Clamp | Landscape/Portrait Mode | Full-Functioned Type-C | 230° Rotation | For 13"-16.5" Laptop | Mac/PC/Switch Compatible
LINKA LASSO - World's First Smart Chain Lock
Unlock/lock in under 1 sec. Incredible durability. Waterproof. High-grade materials. 5-year warranty. The last lock you'll ever need!
OUKITEL ABEARL P5000 Pro - Efficient Backup Power Solution
5120Wh LiFePO4丨4000W Output丨Seamless 1600W UPS丨3,500 Life Cycles丨120V/240V Split Phase丨1800W Fast AC Charging
The next generation of Raspberry Pi based KVM over IP. Manage your servers or PC remotely!
BAYU Auto & Outdoor Smart Car Kit: All in 1 & 1 for All
All in 1 |Portable & Modular Car tool |Car Vacuum |Washer| Power bank|Pump|LED|Outdoor|Multipurpose Car Tool|BAYU 2 Pro
SOLO® - Hands free music & show cue system
A tool for creatives to cue music using their props, gestures & environment.
Kindling Collector
Never pick up or handle your kindling again.
ComMarker B4 Small Fiber Laser Engraver: 10X Faster & Deeper
20W laser power|For metal&non-meta|15,000mm/s speed|0.3mm max. depth on metal|0.01mm precision|Portable & handheld|100,000+ work hours
Dockcase 2.5" Smart Hard Drive Enclosure: Your Data Guardian
Triple Data Loss Protection/10Sec PLP/Health Status Display/15W Type-C Auxiliary Power Supply/USB 3.2 Gen 2/SATA III 6Gbps/8TB Capacity
SparkTip: a beginner friendly soldering iron kit
Soldering iron | Exhaust Fan | Tutorial Book | DIY Projects : Comprehensive & Fun learning kit to develop top-class soldering skills
Rip-it 2.0 | The Automated Table Saw Fence
Fast and precise. Save time and money. Rip-it returns to Kickstarter.
3D Printer add-on that eliminates the need for purge blocks during MultiColor 3D printing on the Prusa i3 w/ the MMU or Mosaic Palette.
Howler: Record and Livestream your Musical Masterpiece
Let the world experience reliable recordings and livestreams of your DJ-sets, jam sessions, or band-gigs in high-quality audio.
FLEXTAIL EVO ICER: Battery-Powered Ice Maker for Outdoors
200Wh Battery|Easy to Carry |12 Ice Cubes/ 5 Mins | IceBurstX Rapid Refrigeration Technique | Type-C Charging| Designed for Outdoor Use
Lumos Firefly | The Ultimate Bike Light System
Firefly upgrades your ride with turn signals, brake lights, synchronized flashing and magnetic mounting.
VisionFive 2 - open source quad-core RISC-V dev board
High-performance quad-core RISC-V single board computer (SBC) with an integrated 3D GPU, 2G/4G/8G LPDDR
DREO ChefMaker Combi Fryer
Revolutionize your cooking with our smart algorithms and precise temperature systems. Cook like a pro with just the press of a button.
The Wizard Smart Switch, the Magic Wand-Activated Smart Plug
Make Your Home Magic - Control Any Plug-in Electronic Item In Your Home With A Working Magic Wand.
Punks: Near Ear Audio. Clear Comms. Spatial Awareness
Near Ear Hi-Fi Audio + Crystal Clear Group Communication for Open Face Helmets.
Computer Engineering for BIG Babies
A simple board book with switches and lights to introduce more basics of Computer Engineering.
Bitcube: Carbon Fiber & 40Gbps M.2 NVMe SSD Enclosure
2800MB/s | Thunderbolt 4 / USB 3.2 Gen2 | Up to 8TB | Rugged
BINY - The Mini, Green and Speedy Clothes Dryer
600W Low Power | CES Winning Tech | AI Powered Drying | Quick as 30 Minutes | 3KG Drying Capacity | Plug and Dry | Filtration
Brightbin - Make your inventory smart
Everything you need to manage your collection like a pro: Brightbin puts intelligence in your inventory!
BeckyAI - Most Advanced AI Smart Monitoring Baby Camera
A highly secured AI companion to boost your parenting skills, ensure your baby is safe & healthy, and capture your baby's milestones.
The WhiteFox Eclipse - Magnetic Gasket Mechanical Keyboard
The Modern Wireless Mechanical Keyboard - Magnetic Gasket Mounting, Compact Form Factor, and QMK/VIA | Designed by Alpaca Keyboards
Sec|Dec - Wide screen, high definition, touch screen display
Take charge of your creativity and productivity | Main views in full screen, limitless possibilities on dec(k)
AURGA Viewer | 5-in-1 Wireless HDMI Streaming Transmitter
Turn your phone or tablet into a wireless screen | Computer | Gaming console (Nintendo) | SBCs (Raspberry Pi/Jetson nano) | Camera
MagModu, Double-sided modular MagSafe Charger patent pending
World’s first double-sided modular MagSafe Charger (patent pending) Just one device for all your wireless charging needs.
AirTulip Sleep: Smart Headboard with Air Purification System
The headboard with laminar airflow. Sleep in safe and clean air, shielded from contaminants.
LED Infinity Mirror Cat Ears – Light Up Your Life!
Stand out in the crowd with your Cat Ears! Play with 12 dancing light patterns & 6 sound reactive lights that dance along with the beat
HIG-M4 The Simulation Haptic VR Gun for SteamVR
A VR Gunstock with an in-built controller, force feedback and many applicable vr games.
S Simder 10in1 Welder & Cutter. A must-have in every toolbox
Pulse MIG| Plasma Cutting| HF TIG| Stick Welding| Fluxcore MIG| Synergic MIG| MAG| CO2 MIG| 2T,4T,Spot| VRD
EEW Cone Winder
Automatically wind yarn evenly on cones with this affordable electric cone winder.
Lo-Fi: Long-Range Wireless Communication Device with ESP32
Seamlessly integrating ESP32-S3 Wroom 1 and LoRa technology for exceptional long-range communication and WiFi connectivity.
Arducam Mega: SPI Camera for Any Microcontroller
One Fits All | High-Level Command | Sync Multi-cam | High Resolution | Auto-Focus | Low Power IoT
Nomad [E] by Work Louder
The keyboard that merges work & play to get you in the zone and keep you there.
Naya Create | The Keyboard that Transforms with You
The Infinitely Customizable Modular Ergonomic Keyboard for 21st Century Digital Creators.
OmniCase 2: The USB-C Hub for Gamers & Digital Nomads
The 1st USB-C Hub Combined w/ Electronic Organizer | Magnetic snap-on cable holder travel kit | Triple Display 4K | Max.100W USB-C
Polyglot Keyboard
Type faster with stenography
Dockcase Smart USB-C Hub 10-in-1 Explorer Edition
Dual 4K@60Hz Display/ UHS-II SD&TF/ 1000Mbps/ 100W PD/ Supports Steam Deck & Nintendo Switch/USB 3.2 Gen 2/See-Through Design
SenseCAP T1000, track what you care with no boundaries
Whether it's locations or status of valuable assets or personnel, from indoors to outdoor remote places, T1000 has got you covered!
Compute Blade: Your rack-mountable ARM cluster
Feature-rich enterprise-level Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4 carrier board by Uptime Lab for large companies or home labs.
Klima: Transform Any AC Into A Smart Home Device
Reduce Your Air Conditioner Energy Consumption, Automate Home Climate and Boost Convenience.
CASIRIS A6: The Truest Color 4K Ultra-RGB Laser Projector
Triple Laser Tech | 107% BT.2020 | Ultra Short Throw | 80"-150" Projection Area | 4K Resolution | 2,200 Lumens | HDR10 | Dolby Atmos
WONDER FITTER: The Ultimate Home Archery
Your own Hunger Games experience from the comfort of your own home.
HOTO 35-IN-1 ROTARY TOOL KIT: Turning DIY Dream Into Reality
Long Battery Life | Powerful Motor | Multi-functional | 5-Speed Adjustments | 25,000 RPM | Charging Cradle | 240g Lightweight
Mojo84: See-through, Custom&Programmable Mechanical Keyboard
Superior Gasket Mount | Hot-swappable | Custom Kailh Switches | ∞ RGB Backlighting | Programmable Keys | Wireless | Mac, Win, Linux
A more sustainable & hidden AirTag mount for your bike.
Easily and affordably track your bike with this light, near-invisible mount. Made in the USA of bio-based & biodegradable materials.
NaTiddy Gecko Plus - Horizontal Wall Cleaning Pool Cleaner
Horizontal Wall Cleaning | 130W Strong Suction Power | 5μm Filtration System | Upgraded Tangle-Free Cable|2-Year Warranty
Time of Flight (ToF) Camera for Raspberry Pi
Capture the world in 3D, with your Raspberry Pi.
Dockcase Explorer Edition: M.2 NVMe Smart SSD Enclosure Pro
15W Type-C Auxiliary Power Supply/4TB Capacity/Power Shortage Reminder/Power Loss Protection/Health Status Display/10Gbps/M.2 NVMe&SATA
INMOTION RS: Ultra-high Performance Transforming E-scooter
Transforming System | 68mph Max Speed | 4200w*2 Peak Output | 75-100 Miles Max Range | IPX6 Waterproof Rate | 50% Incline Climb
Robo & Kala: The world's thinnest and lightest 2-in-1 laptop
The perfect combination of sleekness and high performance | Qualcomm Snapdragon chip | 1.5 pounds & 0.28” thin
OmniStar L80: Brightest LCD Projector with Booming Sound
1500 ANSI Lumens | 80-200" Screen | Native 1080P | 2 x 15W Speakers | Speaker Mode | IP5X Dust-proof | Auto Focus & Keystone Correction
The Perfect Carry-On for 1or2 Days of Travel
Patented retractable wheels | Carry-on compliant | Multipurpose storage, organization & pockets | Essential travel accessories included
Armor 15: World Leading Rugged Phone Built In TWS Earbuds
Built-in TWS Earbuds | Front-Facing Dual Speakers | 12MP+13MP Dual Camera | Android 12 | 6600mAh Battery | 6GB + 128GB | 5.45" Screen
ReO2-World's First Contact Lens Renewer
Comfort Your Contact Lens Wearing in 10 minutes | FDA Approved | 94.7% protein removing rate | 99.9999% Bacteria Killing Rate
SuperBase V: First Plug-and-Play Home Energy Storage System
Up to 64kWh | 3800-7600W AC Output | 120/240V Dual Voltage | Max 6.6kWh Recharge in 1 Hour | Semi-Solid State & LFP Batteries | 0ms UPS
CarLuex Pro: The World's 1st BMW Mini Smart CarPlay AI Box
Compatible with BMW and 98% of models. Watch Netflix, YouTube and use CarPlay apps without coding or installation.
Dockcase Explorer Edition: Smart USB-C Hub 6-in-1
Supports Steam Deck & Nintendo Switch/Adjustable Power Display/4K@60Hz/1000Mbps/100W PD/ USB 3.2 Gen 1/ See-Through Design
Pixel, World’s First Brick-compatible Mechanical Keyboard
Fully Customizable Front and Back | Hot-Swappable | RGB Lights | Wireless and Wired Mode | Gasket Mount
Shelfy: The Solution to Food Waste
A Smart Device designed to make your Food Last Longer and help you Save Money.
Abacus by Pentaform: Full Computer within a Keyboard.
Starting at $149. Pre-installed with Windows and works with any display. Portable, made from recycled ABS & as efficient as a lightbulb
HiDock - Hybrid Work Booster for Productivity & Privacy
360° 5-Meter Speakerphone | 45dB Noise Reduction | Voice Recorder | 5 Ports USB-C Hub | Compact and Portable
GWEIKE G2: Faster, Finer & Deeper 20W Fiber Laser Engraver
Speed up to 15000mm/s | 100k hours lifespan | Exceptional accuracy | Desktop & Handheld 2 in 1| Auto Lift | Color Engraving
Lofree Flow, the Smoothest Mechanical Keyboard
Kailh POM Switch | Gasket Mount Design | Extremely Thin | Hot-Swappable | Wireless or Wired | For Mac and Windows | RGB Sidelits
Autofocus 20W Fiber Laser Engraver, Desktop&Handheld 2-In-1
Mr Carve C2S 20W Fiber Laser|Autofocus|0.001mm Accuracy|0.3mm Metal Depth|15,000mm/s Speed|APP Supported|150*150mm Engraving Area
Desktop Conversion Kit for wavestate / opsix / modwave
Convert your Korg into a slim desktop synth with a sleek black anodized aluminum enclosure.
CharaChorder X - Type at the Speed of Thought.®
Transform any keyboard into a high speed chording enabled device.
Fensterkraftwerk - versorg dich selbst mit Strom
Das Fensterkraftwerk sammelt Sonnenenergie von deinem Fenster in deiner Wohnung. Jeder kann es installieren und selbst Strom ernten.
Lumideck- Detachable Keyboard And Touchscreen
Detachable |14-INCH Touch Screen | 3840*1100 | CNC Aluminum Shell | 96% Hot Swappable Keyboard | Original Design Keycap | Full-Features
MultiNav Pro+ the Ultimate navigation & Timing module!
GNSS module: Open Source, Concurrently GPS, Galileo, GLONASS and BeiDou, Timing accuracy< 10 nano Sec Ready to be part of your product!
Anker EverFrost Powered Cooler—Everlasting Coolness Anywhere
299Wh Battery-Powered Cooler | 100W Solar Input | Ice-Free | -4℉ - 68℉ (-20 - 20°C) Cooling Range|EasyTow™ Design | App Control
Timigo X1 4 in 1 Portable Car Combo Kit
Innovative design makes a combo kit, air pump | car jump starter | vacuum cleaner | flashlight
The Skip 1s Universal Remote Control by Flirc
The Skip 1s is the easiest universal remote available! Take control of your media center with a universe of devices at your fingertips.
BombiniBot - for Teaching Robotics and Programming to Kids
With BombiniBot, your challenge of teaching robotics and programming to young kids is much simpler.
Hackabot Nano: Compact Plug and Play Arduino Robot
Anyone can build a robot quickly with this kit. We take care of all the wiring so that you can focus on making it uniquely yours.
OCULUS Surveillance and Telepresence Robot
Oculus is a motorized frame and software kit that instantly converts a small laptop into a web controlled ROBOT
PocketStar Miniatures - Tiny Gaming Consoles
Open source miniature consoles with emulators & original games featuring ESP32-C3 with WiFi/BLE, SD card connector & sharp OLED Screen
GoBox: The robot kit with a new mission delivered monthly.
The robot kit with a new mission delivered monthly.
Ohbot2 - A Robot Head to program from your PC
Ohbot2 is an affordable robot and graphical software that works with your PC. It comes with an Arduino-compatible servo controller
Easy Drone XL Pro - longest flying quadcopter on the market
Three times more air time then any other quad. The newest modular drone from Easy Aerial deploys in one minute and flies for 45
Sesame. Your key, reinvented.
Sesame replaces your keys with your phone in seconds. It also fits on your lock in seconds, without removing or swapping anything.
Personal Robot
SHE'S THE WHOLE PACKAGE: a personal assistant, photographer, storyteller, telepresence device & the smartest home automation system.
3D Printed Educational Robotic Platform Roby
Build your own customized balancing robot and gain first hand experience in Programming, Robotics, and 3D Design.
PHIRO: A Smart Robot For Kids - Learn To Code In 5 Ways
A LEGO® compatible robotics toy for all kids. Play, Code & Innovate to develop 21st century skills
Sparki - The Easy Robot for Everyone!
Easy, affordable, feature packed Arduino robot. Comes w/ sensors motors and more. Great intro to programming/electronics/robots
Mirobot - the DIY WiFi robot for children
Mirobot is a DIY WiFi robot designed to help children learn about technology and programming. It's open source and fun to build and use
The T100: A Game-Changing Underwater Thruster
An efficient, rugged, affordable underwater thruster to propel the future of marine robotics and ocean exploration.
MeArm - Pocket Sized Industrial Robotics for Everybody
Low cost, easy to build and simple to control, MeArm is designed to make learning with robotics accessible for everyone.
Dobot: Robotic Arm for Everyone, Arduino & Open Source
For DESKTOP. Arduino-based, 4-axis parallel-mechanism Robot Arm, 0.2mm precision! Bring industrial robot to everyone. Effective tool.
BOCCO: The family robot that brings your loved ones closer
Wherever you are, BOCCO can keep you connected to your family.
Hexy the Hexapod - Low-Cost Six-Legged Open Robot
Robotic Hexapod kit. Cute, cheap, easy and fun intro to advanced robots. Arduino-powered, and all Open Hardware/Software.
sweep | Scanning LiDAR
Sweep is a scanning LiDAR sensor designed to bring powerful 360 degree sensing capabilities to everyone for an affordable price.
Root - A robot to teach coding
Born at Harvard University, Root drives on walls (or tables) to make games and coding challenges that reinforce computational thinking.
Quirkbot: Make your own robots with drinking straws!
Make your own toys! Build and program quirky robots, blinking outfits and weird sounding creatures out of regular drinking straws
Fathom One | The Affordable, Modular, HD Underwater Drone
See the world in a new way with a full HD underwater drone that's easy to use, modular, portable, and exceptionally affordable.
BIG-i: The First Personalized Family Robot
BIG-i is here to help you and your family. Simply tell BIG-i what needs to be done, it brings convenience of the future into your home.
Niryo One, an open source 6 axis robotic arm, just for you
Niryo One is an accessible connected 6 axis robotic arm, powered by Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ROS. Use it at home, at work, at school !
Momo | Your Intelligent Smart Home Assistant
Momo is a smart home robot, equipped with artificial intelligence, and designed as a super hub with standalone security features.
HEXA: Programmable, Highly Maneuverable Robot
Robot + Robotic SDK. Make something cool. Conquer big problems. Enter the era of robotics.
Professor Einstein: Your Personal Genius
Learn science and play brain-teasing games with the world's first walking, talking, and amazingly expressive Einstein robot
NOVA | DIY Artificial Intelligence Robot
Build your own artificial intelligence robot and practice your coding and engineering skills in the most exciting way.
mimicArm: Learn to Code Your Own A.I. Robot
A simple, approachable, programmable robot arm. Learn to program a robot that can interact with humans, make decisions, and learn.
BaySavers Buffer Garden Kit
The BaySavers Buffer Garden Kit is a low-cost, easy way for homeowners to help protect our waterways from polluted stormwater runoff.
Artibo | AI Robotics that's Codable, Affordable & Compact
With a compact design and a variety of features & accessories, Artibo is an assistant, friend and entertainer all in one robot.
MoonBot: DIY Kit for Tinkering with Modern Robotics & AI
Build robots like a PRO with this Arduino compatible kit
My Loopy – Your Weird New Robot Friend
A little robot with a big, quirky personality who grows and learns the more you interact with him! App-free play for kids ages 4 -10.
T-Bots | Self Balancing Robots - Build Program Play!
T-BOTS are Arduino based self balancing robots you can control from your Android device or PC.
MIND KIT: Maker Kit Exclusively for Robotics
Make a robot with the most comprehensive, easy-to-use developer kit. Built exclusively for robotics. It's time to start building.
Robby: A French evolutive robot enhancing curiosity
Mr. Robotics aims to provide a simple solution to empower curiosity in robotics with an evolving and powerful robot: Robby.
Picoh: An expressive little robot head.
Picoh is a programmable robot that's as smart as you make it. A fun and creative tool for exploring computing, AI and robotics.
Kiki - A Cute Robot that Learns from You
Kiki does not tell you the weather or the stock price, but Kiki has a growing personality like Eevee, that is adapting to her owners.
Stem:Bit - The programmable blocks kit for micro:bit
micro:bit Powered | STEM Based | Easy to Assemble | Programmable Blocks kit | For 8+ age groups | Play & Learn
Sphero RVR – The go anywhere, do anything programmable robot
Drive, program, and customize out of the box. Make, build, and expand with 3rd party hardware.
KUMIITA – Educational programming toy for 0 year olds on up
A fun, language-less educational robot that teaches the concepts of coding. Arrange the command panels to guide the robot to the goal!
Nabot AI: Trainable Home Robot
Learns to autonomously perform new tasks. Has a robotic arm - it can do things for you. Simple to program, beginner or advanced.
Luxury Furniture Self Clean Litter Box
Furniture & Environmentally friendly Self Clean Litter box with bad smell removal system
Orange Tart: LEGO-compatible Soccer Robot for Fun and STEM
The first soccer robot with amazing play and learning value for you and your kids
Buildy Bots: Zero-screen time coding & robots for kids 5+
With Buildy Bots, children can build, explore, learn, and play. Coding doesn’t have to be in front of a computer!
Mini Pupper: Open-Source,ROS Robot Dog Kit
Mini Pupper will make robotics easier for schools, homeschool families, enthusiasts and beyond.
CoDrone EDU: The programmable drone designed for learning
Made for education, both home & in school | Programmable in Blockly & Python | Free online lessons | 7 programmable sensors
SMOROBOT - 100% Cordless AI Pool Cleaning Robot
Intelligent Path Planning | 3.5-Hour Runtime Covers 4100ft² | 188W Suction Power | Walls+Waterline+Floor | Free US Shipping in May 2022
Eilik - A little Companion Bot with Endless Fun
Eilik is an interactive desktop companion robot with emotion and personality. A little bot to brighten your day.
UFACTORY Lite 6 – Most Affordable Collaborative Robot Arm
The preferred robot arm for small and medium-sized enterprises, robotic researchers, and engineers.
Yarbo: An Intelligent Yard Robot to Meet All Yard Care Needs
Interchangeable Modules | No Perimeter Wire Required | RTK-GPS | Obstacle Avoidance | Intelligent Path Planning | All-Terrain Tracks
QBii: The Multi-Function Service Robot
QBii is an affordable, multi-functional and expandable autonomous service robot that carries, cleans... and even climbs*
Lucid ONE, Out of box & AI Planning 7DOF robotic arm
Industrial grade ultralight robot arm with open source magnetic tooling for AI control, Vlog, 3D printing, Engraving & Education labs.
Meet Maicat: The Smart Home AI Robot Cat + Learning Platform
Smart Home Assistance | Preinstalled ROS2 & Linux | Open-Source Learning Platform | Cute Robo-friend
Enabot EBO X Family Robot Companion: Your Smart Guardian
Winning 2023 CES Innovation Awards at Robotics & Smart Home. With ChatGPT, V-SLAM, Alexa Built-in, 4K Stabilized Camera,Harman AudioEFX
HHOLOVE O Sitter: Smart Companion Robot For Cats
300w Gimbal Cat Camera 360°+110° view/Auto Pet Tracking/AI Recording/Laser Playing/2-way Communication/Custom Cat Feeder/OSitter Robot
CodeRover: cross-platform & build-it-yourself robot kit
Learn programming and robotics the fun way. Works with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Micro:Bit, and ESP32-CAM.
Meet Loona - The most Intelligent Petbot
She's so playful and affectionate you'll forget she's a robot.
Rollbot - An Intelligent Rolling Robot
Magic Ball | The go anywhere rolling robot that provides kids and pets with hours of entertainment.
Lydsto W2: All-in-One Station Self-Cleaning&Emptying Robot
Hot Water Mop Self-Cleaning | Hand-Free Self-Emptying | 5000Pa suction | Sterilization Built-In | Smart Mapping &Navigation
Meet MA-1, indoor air quality monitor with a big personality
With great cuteness comes great responsibility
(Ai1) Acoustic Pre-Amp/DI (Guitar, Mandolin, Violin, Fiddle)
An innovative DI with preamp road tested by pro musicians with added features to amp your sound through your home or car stereo
HydroActive & Flex Waterproof Headphones They Won't Fall Out
Underwater Audio (maker of the underwater iPod) designs 100% waterproof earbuds that can't get yanked out of your ears! 1-yr warranty.
DrumPants: An Entire Band in your Pocket
World's first industrial quality wearable musical instrument. Watch someone play it to believe it.
Haudi - Hear and understand dialogue on your TV!
Haudi is a voice-enhancing sound processor that provides crisp and clear TV dialogue. It's like reading glasses for your ears!
New Bullseye Guitar Pedals
GMF is building a line of guitar effect pedals that are high quality, compact and have killer tone and superior sound quality.
The Game Developers Radio: Season Two
Second season of a network of podcasts all about entertaining and educating anyone interested in game development.
Ortomi - An Adorable Robot Companion
A simple, comforting and interactive little friend, designed to make you smile
Guitar-Jo: Simulate a Banjo with Your Electric Guitar
The first and only electric guitar accessory that makes your guitar sound like a banjo.
Flare Audio - a revolution in pure sound IEM earphones
Distortion free, pressure-balanced IEM in-ear earphones and headphones from the re-inventors of the loudspeaker.
The Sound Torch -Set your Music on Fire!
Like fire? LOVE music? Now you can combine the two! Introducing: The Sound Torch - world’s FIRST affordable PyroBoard
Powerful Wireless WiFi Speaker that Works Everywhere Easily
AxiomAir is revolutionary! Louder, Cleaner, Easiest to Use, Multiple Users at Once, Most Finishes, Multiroom, Portable and HiRes Audio
PHENOL Patchable Analog Synthesizer
An affordable patchable analog synthesizer. Create music and sound like never before with this unique instrument.
Ototo: Make Music from Anything
Ototo is an all-in-one musical invention kit which allows you to make an instrument any way you want.
MIYO: The most amazing audio experience outside the studio.
MIYO is a world-class digital-to-analog converter—your music’s new best friend. It makes all of your audio better—at home or on the go.
MOD Duo: The limitless multi-effects pedal.
It's a truly multipurpose effects pedal. It puts hundreds of music pedals into just one powerful little box with unlimited connections.
Introducing Sensory Percussion
The nuance and control of an acoustic drum. The limitless possibilities of digital sound. A true leap forward in drum technology.
The Saw Bench Synthesizer
The Saw Bench Synthesizer. A highly portable and affordable monosynth. MIDI-controlled, with a 100% analog signal path.
You Tune - Adjustable Earplugs and Wireless Earphones
Patented earplugs with adjustable noise reduction filters, integrated wireless Bluetooth earphones, custom colors, and logo selection.
Plugfones - Bluetooth Earplug Headphones - Music Calls Quiet
If you’re in the gym, on a crowded subway, or you’ve been #blessed with a snoring partner, we’ll keep the world around you quiet.
The VoiceMailer
Hear your camper in a letter from their first day to their last. The VOICEMAILER is 1st class US Mail. It’s Easy!
Synthino XM Polyphonic MIDI Synthesizer and Groovebox
5-note polyphonic synthesizer with 4-track sequencer. ADSR envelope, LFO, filter, MIDI, and MIDI over USB. Made in U.S.A.
Return of the Frantone Peachfuzz
Help restart Frantone by pre-ordering one of the first new Peachfuzz pedals in 6 years!
Cowin Ark: A Portable Speaker with Detachable Subwoofer
Two-piece speaker system combines detachable mini Sound Bar and powerful ported subwoofer Bass Station with wireless charging
KAGURA -Change Your Motion into Music-
Revolutionary digital instrument that lets you make music simply by gesturing. KAGURA is motion made music.
Waves Nx is the first application to bring personalized 3D sound to any pair of headphones.
World's First Tuneable Wireless Earbuds
Phantom Air is the NEW benchmark for wireless earbuds. Tuneable, high quality sound and high battery life that recharges on the go.
OTO: Touch the shape of sound
OTO is a geometric musical controller that lets you touch the shape of sound. Play synths, control a DAW, generate visuals, and more...
Double Tap Audio - Durable Handcrafted Bullet Headphones.
Double Tap Audio aims to mix a high-quality build and sound with highly durable materials to make a very rugged pair of headphones.
Want Music When You Swimming? Check Waveport Now Only $49
MP3+IPX7 Waterproof+Bluetooth Sport Headphones. You can swim far as you can without losing HD audio. Perfect Fitting & Battery Life.
BopPad - Smart Fabric Drum Pad from Keith McMillen
Make a striking expression with BopPad, a fun and expressive Smart Fabric Drum Pad from Keith McMillen Instruments
RaspTouch Standalone Audio Player Raspberry Pi 3 + SABRE DAC
High-end Open Source audio player with Aluminium chassis, touchscreen and ES9018K2M output DAC. piCore Player & RuneAudio compatible
Catalyst - World’s Most Advanced Wireless Earbuds
The best Bluetooth wireless sport earbud technology. Built-in subwoofer, waterproof, custom fit, extended battery, and classy design.
EarDial - The Invisible Smart Earplugs for Live Music
Live music goers: save your hearing while enjoying your music at full fidelity with the world's first invisible smart earplugs
FireFlies - Truly Wire-Free Earbuds - Music Without Limits!
High quality truly wireless earbuds, without the high price! Experience 100% wire-free, stereo audio for hours with these tiny earbuds!
Space Plus - ESS Sabre32 DSD/DXD asynchronous USB DAC
Audiophile DAC for all lovers of quality music!
Hyve Touch Synth: Make the future of musical expression
A fun, expressive musical instrument you can make, hack and play. Build a beautiful analog synth that responds to touch and movement
DACBerry ONE - Analog/Digital Sound Card for Raspberry Pi
DacBerry sound cards brings great sound to your home. Working in combination with the Raspberry Pi, brings you high-quality audio.
Ultralight Electric Guitar
A totally re-imagined guitar that is 30% lighter than traditional models, but with all the classic sound & style.
Nightingale - The First Smart Home Sleep System
Nightingale is the first smart sleep system designed to mask common indoor and outdoor noises to help you sleep better every night.
The Dark Aura modulated reverb guitar pedal by Haunted Labs
The Dark Aura is a Modulated Reverb containing an Original Circuit Design and Digital Processing.
Wiggle Kit - A New Instrument For Singers
The first truly wireless instrument which enables singers to control effects on their voice through expressive movements.
Vindor ES1: A truly affordable and fun electronic instrument
Create the music you want with the Vindor ES1, an easy-to-play electronic musical instrument that encourages creativity and expression.
FIELD KIT FX - CV Controlled Multi Effects Processor
A digital delay, spring reverb, frequency shifter, looper, bitcrusher, 4ch mixer, sequencer & envelope for the adventurous musician!
VFE Pedals Klein Bottle multipath + multiband looper/mixer
Create new soundscapes with the epic Klein Bottle by VFE Pedals. 3 independent FX loops with gain, mix, bandwidth & feedback controls!
TheoryBoard | Music Theory Made Easy
Music Theory MIDI Controller | Music Production Tool | Chord Generator | Scale Assist | Synesthetic Musical Instrument
GR-1 Granular Synthesizer
The GR-1 Granular Synthesizer is a hardware musical instrument, offering hands-on controls to create characteristic textures and pads.
Percussa Super Signal Processor Eurorack Module
A eurorack module based on one of the fastest ARM processors available, the quad core Cortex A17, and high end ADC/DAC converters.
MozziByte Mozzi Arduino Mini Sensor Sonification Sound Synth
MozziByte adds an audio amp, jack and speaker outs to an Arduino Pro Mini so you can easily make sounds using Mozzi synth software.
BELLE - A Powerful Bluetooth Speaker and Subwoofer
Portable sound without compromise. Enjoy deep, powerful bass and the ability to sync multiple speakers of any brands, anywhere.
Magus Modular Synthesizer Toolkit
Algorithms are modern day magic spells. Add magic to your music with the Magus, a patchable, programmable synthesizer toolkit.
ApplePi DAC - Highest Performance Raspberry Pi DAC
Turn your Raspberry Pi into the ultimate media player, costing thousands less than high performance DACs.
NanoSound - All-in-one HIFI Audio DAC Board for Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi Add-on Board with HIFI DAC, LDO Voltage Regulator, OLED Display, Power Switch, Control Buttons and Infrared Remote
Hidizs DH1000: World's First Truly Dual Balanced Amplifier
Featuring Dual DACs, Dual AMP chips, Quad Crystal Oscillators. Turn all your devices into a luxury stereo system.
La Voix du Luthier: Powered, Acoustic Soundboard Resonator
The sound of a luthier for your musical instrument: no speaker cone, just rich, acoustic vibration.
AUVIO MOTION+ : Earbuds with better sound and perfect fit
The only true wireless plus earbuds with 48 hrs playtime, slip & sweat proof, wireless charging, Bluetooth 5.0 and amazing sound
NanoSound DAC2 - 2nd Gen All-in-one Raspberry Pi Audio DAC
NanoSound DAC 2 - World's first Raspberry Pi DAC with Colour OLED display, onboard dual clock, improved sound quality and much more.
Modal Electronics SKULPT synthesiser
SKULPT synthesiser, a 4 voice, 32 oscillator polyphonic portable synth that proves you don't have to be big to sound BIG.
MS4: Epic Hybrid Quad Drivers HiFi In-Ear Monitor Earphones
The Hybrid Triple BA & Single Dynamic Drivers HiFi In-Ear Monitor + The Versatile Portable HiFi System.
The Pill - Analog Ducking Effect Pedal
The Pill is a Sidechain Compression Pedal made in Europe. It brings a music production effect to the live stage. Bounce responsibly!
KISSonix HDS4 3D Sound Speakers
The world’s first HDMI-Compatible 3D Sound Active Speakers equipped with "KISSonix HDFX", the innovative 3D sound technology.
Ztella, Integrated USB-DAC Cable
On The Go HiFi Audio
NanoSound Archiver - Auto CD Extractor & Player
Converts your Raspberry Pi and USB CD drive into a fully automatic CD ripper for under USD40. It is also an audio network streamer!
JackSavior | 10x stronger black jack instrument cable
Enjoy your favorite instrument with our cool looking black 1/4" jack and comfortable 10ft cable
DACBerry AMP² - 4Ch x 60W 192Khz Class-D Amplifier
High End Audio Amplifier board with up to 100W per channel in dual mono. For Raspberry Pi, compatible with Asus Tinker board and others
FLUX - Temporal Modulation Rhythm Sequencer For Eurorack
Flux is a 'Temporal Modulation' complex rhythm sequencer. TM Synthesis is an algorithm that warps time with a user programmable curve.
MRCC - MIDI Router Control Center
A modern reinvention of the MIDI router by CONDUCTIVE LABS
Shanling Q1: Retro-Styled Portable Hi-Fi Music Player
Modern features packed into portable Hi-Res music player with touch of retro design.
NES Poly Chiptune Synthesizer
An 8-bit chiptune music synthesizer inspired by the sound of the Nintendo Entertainment System and controlled via MIDI.
CARD20: Paper Thin TWS Headphones w/ Supreme Sound Quality
0.5in thick with case, 0.1oz/piece | Ergonomic fit & stability | Qualcomm BT5.0, aptX, cVc | Premium 13mm speaker driver | IPX4
Audio Gear Porn for Musicians, Sound Engineers and Producers
MAKE YOUR MUSIC EXPLODE with our new Analog Edition of Pro-Audio equipment for recording, mixing and mastering.
Noveto Soundbeamer 1.0: Invisible headphones
The SoundBeamer 1.0 is a compact smart desktop personal audio device which beams audio to outside your ears without headphones.
Majella Audio - IMPLEXUS
Fusing west coast and east coast style synthesis in an analog performance oriented synthesizer
High Score: Retro Video Game Sound Generator
Recreate the sounds and music of video games and computers from the 1980s with this plugin.
AmpliPi - Home Audio System
A Whole House Audio System for multi-zone audio distribution and amplification. Open source and DIY friendly!
Dense Home: All-In-One Hi-Fi Audio System
Complete audio system for your modern home.
CONSCI Music's Instrument & Mic Cable - Noise Canceling Tech
Professional Level Sound | Lifetime Warranty | The Last Cable You'll Ever Need
SOMI-1 – Turn your Movements into Sound
Wireless wearables to play and control music via movements | iOS & Android | MIDI Interface
Hidizs S3PRO Next Generation Ultra Portable HiRes DAC Dongle
Fully Experience all Hi-Res audio of music streaming services, such as TIDAL Masters, HiBy Music and Apple Music
Customizable Control Surface for Ableton Live
The Windmiller Preamp: Push your amp to its raw power!
This effect pedal is based on the Grampian 636 preamp. Which Pete Townshend used to fatten his tone and boost his signal!
True Tone Classic Speakers
Speakers that Look as Good as they Sound
Morphor AP-1: an analogue string synthesis Eurorack module
Create amazing analogue string sounds with this new module for your modular synthesizer.
AXX series - 1U 6HP Eurorack drum modules
Bass Drum, Snare Drum, Hi Hats (and more!) inspired by a classic analog drum machine from the 80s!
Midronome: MIDI Synchronization Reimagined
Solve your Sync Issues Effortlessly with this Master Clock. Built-in Metronome for Live | Studio recording on the grid.
Candycords: Sweet colours, precise design.
Unique family of coloured curly audio cables. Tangle-free, hard-wearing and expertly finished.
Halo: A light up patch cable from myVolts x Andrew Huang
LED lit and beautifully designed, these cables will light your way.
Double Bass Speaker by UB+
Explosive bass and clarity from a portable speaker!
NuraTrue Pro - Wireless Earbuds With Lossless Audio
Redefining the standard for wireless earbuds. Audiophile-quality music over Bluetooth® with our award-winning personalised sound.
001:NAMD - a MIDI controller for Minimoog NAMD VSTs
Gain full control over any Minimoog® VST with 44 controls in 1:1 layout, or use as hackable MIDI-USB device. Made with OSHW in mind.
World's First Apple Certified True Lossless Earphone - NHB12
NHB12 is a wired earphone because Bluetooth connections do not support lossless audio. And we are determined to solve that problem.
Fosi Audio P3 Vacuum Tube Pre-Amplifier
Headphone Amplifier with Bluetooth Connectivity and Treble & Bass Tone Controls
Exquis - The smartest way to create expressive music
The expressive keyboard and intuitive app to play and compose today's music efficiently.
Chorda: A Musical Instrument for Everyday Life
The smart synth, looper, and MIDI controller that adapts to the way you play.
SOUNDPEATS Opera - Wireless Earbuds with Hi-Fi Audio
Redefining the sound of wireless earbuds—Audiophile-grade sound quality over Bluetooth® with Hi-Res Audio and LDAC Codec.
Hidizs Next Gen Ultra-large Planar HiFi IEMs - 9 Sound Types
The World's First Whale-Inspired IEMs & Support Whale Conservation. Immerse in Whales' Melody. A Must-have for Music & Wildlife Lovers
Buhel Tech Sunglasses + Headphones: No Earphones Or Wires!
BUHEL SG05 Bluetooth Bone Conduction Glasses Communicate With Smartphones, Electronic Devices, Tablets, Mp3 Players, GPS, iPhone, etc.
COGITO FIT: The beautifully connected watch
Not a Smartwatch, but a WATCH with some SMART!
FORCE: Patented Health Tracker for You and Your Parents
FORCEemotion is a revolutionary emotion tracker for you and your family. Keep your loved ones safe 24/7
NFC Ring 2016 Range. One Smart Ring. Unlimited Possibilities
The NFC Ring can be used to unlock doors, mobile devices, transfer information and link people. This time round it got even smarter...
Nano Ice Cool Collar: The Freezer-Charged Cooling Necklace
How will you escape the heat? Our Cool Collar's freezing technology gives you 3 hours of cooling comfort in the form of a necklace.
iPhone 6 Wallet by jimmyCASE
iPhone 6 Stretchy Wallet Case By jimmyCASE® - Elastic Pocket, Genuine Mahogany Wood Core And Silicone Bumper Handmade In Los Angeles.
Impact Reduction Apparel's (IRA) Skull Cap
Liner for helmets and hats that reduces impact on the head using cutting edge technology
Meet Vigo, the very first energy gauge - for you.
Staying alert is tough - Vigo can help. Vigo tracks your alertness over time and nudges you when you're not your best.
The Hydration Shirt: Only Shirt Proven to Boost Performance
A revolutionary shirt with heat absorbing Inserts to boost hydration during the action. Endurance. Power. Recovery. For all who sweat.
HYBRID TRAVEL Adventure BELT w/ Hidden Survival KIT
A Belt made ENTIRELY from Survival Tools & Materials. Wear this Belt and ALWAYS be Prepared for an Emergency. NEW Wearable Technology!
YONO Fertility Friend, a wearable basal thermometer
You know with YONO. YONO keeps fertility tracking, natural family planning and hormonal health monitoring simple.
Sun Strap - Solar Charger that fits any Bag or Camera Strap
Flexible solar panel that fits around any bag strap and charges any USB device like your smartphone, tablet or camera.
Monowear - A band for every occasion
Multiple interchangeable watch bands with the ability to function entirely with Apple Watch for every lifestyle
RGB Shades: Programmable LED Glasses
Wearable shutter shades with a bright full color pixel array you can see through! Incredible, hackable, and Arduino-compatible.
Swimmo Smart Swim Watch: Get In Shape & Improve Strength
Swim smarter. Heart rate sensors, workout tracking, IntensityCoach and PaceKeeper smart feedback. Improve strength & get in shape.
WristReaders: The World's First + Only Wrappable Eyewear
Never, ever lose your readers again with this unique and stylish alternative to reading glasses.
RE-vibe: Gets Kids Back to Work
Daydreaming at the desk? REvibe approximates when to send quiet vibration reminders to get your child (or you) back to work.
Kerv – the world’s first contactless payment ring
Pay with a single gesture – anywhere in the world that accepts contactless payments. No card, PIN, bank account or smartphone required.
Carry Less, Adventure More: Survival Belt
Creating a belt that can handle the worst you can throw at it and look good doing it.
Hush | The World's First Smart Earplugs
Wireless noise masking earplugs that block out the world while still letting you hear the things that matter most.
PRO DRYBAG 45L - 100% Waterproof (50m/164ft)
We aim to develop the most extreme sport bag available in the market and choose to not compromise on any materials or functions!
Percko - Wear it and get perfect posture
Percko is an undershirt that teaches you how to have the right posture
MOCA heart: A Heart Scanner at your Fingertips
"Top Five Health Innovations of the Week" - psfk
Trago - The World's First Smart Water Bottle
Trago is the world's first connected smart water bottle. Intelligent, accurate, and versatile.
Woolet: The Slimmest Smart Wallet for the Modern Man
A next generation wallet that keeps your cash and cards safe. Ultra slim, bluetooth-powered, self-charging & handcrafted to perfection.
Here Active Listening - Change The Way You Hear The World
Use two wireless buds and a smartphone app to control what you hear and how you hear it.
16-Year-Old Designs AEGIS Headphones to Prevent Hearing Loss
Meet AEGIS PRO, the WORLD'S SAFEST HEADPHONES. Protect yourself and those you love from noise-induced hearing loss!
MetaWear: Bluetooth Sensors w/ Temp + Pressure + Acc + Gyro
Build your product with this Tiny Wireless Low-Power Wearable Sensor Platform that you program and control with your Smartphone.
Insight: Smarter Tech for the Smarter Athlete
The first ever all-in-one wearable sensor that pairs with your sports watch. Includes lactate threshold technology, HR, cadence & more
Meet WÜF, The World's Smartest Dog Collar
With two-way audio, GPS & Gamification, WÜF's goal is to make training and maintaining a happy and healthy dog easier than ever before.
Revolar- Meet the world's smartest personal safety device!
Revolar- Meet the world’s smartest personal safety device! Connect to your loved ones in your moment of need. @revolartech
LIVV Headphones
The FIRST Premium Over-Ear Wireless Active Headphone!
OpenBCI: An Open Source Brain-Computer Interface For Makers
A customizable and fully open brain-computer interface platform that gives you access to high-quality brain wave data.
Vufine: a Handsfree Wearable Display
Vufine is a handsfree wearable display that allows you to enjoy the familiar functionality of your current technology in a new way.
BE - LINK: Bluetooth Surround Sound for your Helmet
BE - LINK is a bluetooth audio system for your helmet. Incredible sound quality. Affordable price.
Everykey - No more Keys. No more Passwords.
Everykey is the wristband that replaces keys and passwords. It's sleek, secure, and can be deactivated at any time.
MetaWear: Production Ready Wearables in 30 Minutes or Less!
A tiny ARM+Bluetooth LE Platform for developing Wearable products (and more) that are certified and ready to ship to customers.
Aurai-The World's 1st Cool/Warm Water-propelled Eye Massager
Aurai - The first wearable water technology to protect your eyes from modern technology
VR Lens Lab - Glasses for Virtual Reality Headsets
We build glasses for your virtual reality headset inside your virtual reality headset.
Carbonshade: Fashionable Blue-Blocking Eyewear
Stylish blue-blockers with red optics finally make it cool to wear glasses at night.
Knuckle Lights: Rechargeable
The first and only lights designed to be worn on the front of your hands, in the perfect position to light your path and be seen.
Virtuali-Tee: The Ultimate Way to Learn About the Body!
Kids switch on when you bring a subject to life. For just the price of a t-shirt, teach your kids about the anatomy.
Collins Brand: American Eyewear With Vision-Saving Lenses
Exquisitely-designed glasses and sunglasses with blue light and UV protection. Handmade in California, fitted with revolutionary lenses
The Customizable Smart Band that Lights Up Your Night
Millions of colors and Light Effects respond to music and movement. Connect with friends. Express your style. Be part of the show.
ISOLATE® - Switch off your ears!
Revolutionary solid titanium micro ear plugs that isolate you from noise like never before.
The world’s first autonomous smartwatch that tracks cardiovascular health, blood pressure and customizes your workouts !
LVL – The First Wearable Hydration Monitor
LVL is a wearable hydration monitor that gives you the complete picture of your health by also tracking activity, sleep, mood and HR.
New Oculus Rift Facial Interfaces with Replacement Foam Pads
Two new facial interfaces for your Oculus Rift. One for face foam replacements and one that is bigger for using the Rift with eyewear.
Go anywhere. We will keep you warm on your journey.
Improve your outdoor experiences with our heated apparel – designed in Norway, by and for outdoor enthusiasts.
FYB® London | The Worlds SMARTEST Handbag
Wireless charging pocket, fingerprint lock, distance alerts, RFID credit card protection, pure leather, and more!
BE-LINK Gen 4: Bluetooth Integrated Sound System for Helmets
High performance helmet surround sound | Premium IPX5 Waterproof | Mic for phone calls | Bluetooth | Mountable external controller |
OneRing - An Intelligent Monitoring Device for Parkinson's
OneRing identifies Parkinson's motor symptoms to generate daily patient reports and help doctors prescribe medications more accurately.
GARY : Earphones & Cables Automatic Organizer
GARY solves a most common problem of any Earphone user - Giving one a relief from struggling with tangled wires.
Stylish Solution for Digital Eyestrain
Stylish eyewear that specially designed to combat digital eye strain, and prevents headaches caused by prolonged usage of computer.
Scollar Mini - Expandable smart collar for small dogs & cats
Scollar Mini is built on an open platform to grow and change with the dynamic needs of your pets, for every stage of their lives.
Senstone, Never Miss a Note Again
Capture what's on your mind when in a meeting or on the go. Just tap and speak, and Senstone will turn your ideas into organised notes.
The smartest dog tracker suitable for every dog collar
Meet the first dog device designed to monitor and improve your dog's welfare. Receive vet advice and be notified if something's wrong
HEY: a revolutionary bracelet that sends touch over distance
It’s the first wearable that mimics a real human touch. A totally new way of communicating. Connecting loved ones wherever they are.
RUGGED | Off-Road, All Terrain, Any Weather Heated Jacket
Ultra-Tough, Wind & Water Resistant Outer Shell, New Patented Heated Cuffs, Compatible w/ Most Power Tool batteries, Washable, YKK...
Ember Blaze - True Wireless Stereo Earbuds
Designed with great sound, and built for high performance, Ember Blaze is here and available at an affordable price.
Perfect Health & Posture in 1 Designer Wearable | OPTER POSE
Pose does more, looks better, & costs less. It vibrates when you slouch, tracks UV, monitors sleep, activity, and more. 7+ day battery!
Embr Wave: A Thermostat For Your Body
Warm up or cool down when you need it most. Founded at MIT, backed by Bose Ventures & Intel Capital.
CaptoGlove. Wearable Gaming, VR, AR, PC & Mobile Controller.
The first wireless wearable controller for PC, mobile and smart devices. Take control with nature’s most perfect interface: your hand!
PolarSeal Heated Tops
Warmth at the touch of a button. Superlight, smart heated tops for men and women, designed for sports and comfort in adventure.
synapseWear: wearable sensing for the body & environment
Wearable device & fashion collection for recording your motion and environmental data to create playful visualizations / sonifications
LYS: Track your light intake for a healthy sleep-wake cycle
Fall asleep faster, wake up refreshed, feel energised and boost concentration with the first wearable to measure your light diet.
Next generation battery-free active light, now for everyone!
Our new Million Mile Light, powered by motion & guaranteed for a million miles to keep everyone visible whilst you walk, hike or run.
CrossHelmet - the smart motorcycle helmet
The CrossHelmet is a next generation motorcycle helmet with sound control & 360° visibility that will transform your riding experience.
LUZPAC // solar goes mobile
A beach-pool-rooftop-outdoor bag that solar-charges all your mobile devices. Get this bag from future & catch LA LUZ :)
Floater: The Wetsuit of the Future
Airtime Watertime® Floater™: a FLOTATION suit with added BUOYANCY, allows all ages to enjoy a truly new and unique water experience.
Teleio: kickstarter's sexiest watch
Bold and modern watches crafted from premium parts and materials. We cut the inflated markup and price our watches at unbeatable prices
Noodle Pi - The Complete Raspberry Pi Handheld Computer
Tiny and feature-packed, with hi-res display, camera, battery, WiFi, Bluetooth, HDMI, USB. A full GNU/Linux computer in your pocket!
Ticwatch S & E: A Truly Optimized Smartwatch
Powered by Android Wear™. Compatible with Android™ and iOS.
Where Earplugs Meet Earbuds! PLUGFONES® LIBERATE 2.0
The next generation noise isolating, wireless, bluetooth earplug/earbuds hybrid unlike any others!
Xenxo S-Ring - The World's Smartest Smart Wearable
Reimagine what a wearable can do. Bluetooth call, File storage, Music Control, NFC payment & much more, all in one smart, compact ring.
Polar Seal - Heat at the Touch of a Button
Handcrafted with the best and most durable materials, Polar Seal heated clothing heats you up in 10 seconds at the touch of a button.
SUSTAIN SPORT Heated Scarf -- The warmest Scarf in the world
Portable warmth|Instant heat|2 heat settings|Silver nano fabrics|Far-infra red emission
AURA Band — Fitness tracker that knows what you're made of
The first fitness tracker with bioimpedance analysis: measure fat/muscle percentage, hydration levels, heart rate and activity
TRITiRING -"One Ring to change the rules !"
TRITiRING - The titanium ring that will light up your life.
World's 1st Dual Driver Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
Pilot endorsed, wire-free active noise cancelling headphones with patented dual drivers which delivers a surround sound experience.
VoiceMojo: Voice AI to Make Your Life Easier and Smarter
A wearable voice AI specially designed to improve work & study efficiency, enhance communication skills and assist your daily living.
Nadi X - Smart Yoga Pants that Guide Your Form
Nadi X is your personal digital yoga instructor, designed with woven-in technology to help you achieve your full yoga potential
BioLite HeadLamp: Wildly Capable, Simply Comfortable
Meet a high-performance light with a killer fit. If you forget you're wearing it, we've done our job.
Programmable 'tattoos' that visually transform to inform you about your body or environment
Heat Experience - Core Series Battery Heated Gloves
Scandinavian design that can warm winter hands both wild and urban.
ProdigIO: Luxury Handmade Smart Bracelet From Italy
A collection of bracelets that look good, track your fitness, give you the notifications you need and has a hidden SOS button + more
Anti-pollution Wearable Air Filter (Relaunch)
Wearable Air Filter reducing everyday exposure to air pollution. Sleek, comfortable, effective.
ORORO Twin Cities: World's First 3-in-1 Heated Gloves
The most versatile gloves for all weather conditions
Bluum - Music and Dance Reactive LED Flower Crown
Light up the night with the world's most advanced flower crown. Custom colors, app control, sound & motion reactivity, rechargeable.
Oceans S1, the scuba dive computer with buddy communication.
A next-gen, all-wireless and connected dive computer — adding a new dimension to scubadiving: ultrasonic buddy communication.
Looper - NICK the New Tech Luggage backpack!
A luggage, but not a luggage. A backpack that suits the modern generation of tech savvy millennials and those that take short trips.
EarGear: App Controlled Ears that Move and Hear!
Animatronic Ears that move beautifully. And they react to noise around them! Bonus: if you have a DIGITAiL, they will sync together!
The Bow-Shackle
A nautical inspired, built to last, wrist accessory.
VIITA Race HRV - The lightest Premium Smartwatch ever
Built from Titanium, Sapphire Glass and Carbon-Polymer. Limited Edition 1 of 1.894
Pollix Watch - the prime health & fitness smartwatch
Features AI tech with GPS, ECG, HR, SPO2, blood pressure, and 10+ days battery life
VBlanket: Cordless Heated Throw convertible to a hooded cape
Reading, Camping LED | Warm up in 5s & to 8hr | 3 Heating levels in 5 zones | Waterproof | Washer Safe | Powered by 5V USB power bank
Bwitbee |The most comfortable wearable Bluetooth speaker
Bluetooth 5.0 Stereo|Magneto-suction Charging|Memory cotton|directional sound transmission|12H play time
NEXUS. The First Elite Wearable for CrossFit.
Bringing to CrossFit what the worlds of running and cycling have had a long time - a way to truly track and share performance.
BEYOND-FIT MASK : 100% Custom-Fit for Max Respiratory Safety
Interchangeable Filter Clipping / Silicone Seal / + Comfort + Ecological / 3D-Printed
Blueberry: Smart Glasses that Help You Relax and Perform
Our smart glasses combine brain sensing and adaptive feedback to help you understand mental effort to guide you to relax and perform.
STANKEEZ: Protects Hats From Sweat, Odor, and Stains
STANKEEZ is a non-adhesive, reusable insert that protects your hats and keeps them fresh
NECKAIR: Portable Neck Muscle Massager and Warmer
10 adjustable massage levels | Far infrared warmer | Pack down small | Top-grade medical silicone | Foolproof remote control
PomaBrush – The Most Powerful Silicone Electric Toothbrush
Power your confident smile for 4 months on one charge. Premium US Tech meets Italian Design in the coolest minimalist toothbrush.
Leitners Hybrid Smartwatch - The Future of Automatic Watches
The unique symbiosis of a classic timepiece with smart functions to manage your time - wherever you are and whatever you are doing
Your Freedom Mask: Show your Face!
The New Innovative, US Patent Pending Design. Incorporates 2 High Efficiency KN95 Filters. Fully Transparent.
The BreezeBubble UltraProtect Mask
BreezeBubble is an innovative mask with a flexible edge design that provides high protection and comfort for healthy breathing.
UVMask: All-Day Active UV-C Air Purification Face Mask
A reusable, two-way protection, ozone-free mask that filters air pollutants, dust, smoke, droplets, pollen & leaf mulch as you breathe.
Helix Vehicle Awareness T-shirt Campaign
We offer exclusive Helix T-shirts here to promote our Helix vehicle awareness!
The Cross-Body Clutch Strap - A New Way to Wear Your Phone
Functional Fashion: Detachable Genuine Leather Lanyards for Your Phone.
TickTalk 4: The Advanced 4G/LTE Smartwatch for Kids
Talk, text, track, video calling, streaming music, steps, 2x cameras, parental controls, and more in one simple device for ages 5-12.
The first Bugatti Smartwatch
The Bugatti Ceramique Edition One mirrors the unrivaled precision, artistry, and technology synonymous with Bugatti hyper sports cars.
Bangle.js 2: The Open Smart Watch
Sunlight readable, 4 week battery life, JavaScript, and tons of free apps
AXIS: Use Your Body As A Game Controller
Change the way you game with AXIS untethered full-body motion tracking solution. Plug-and-play with OpenVR, OpenXR, SteamVR and more.
High Six - The Most Compact 6in1 Fast Charging Cable
The smallest and most portable 6in1 fast charging cable including a bottle opener.
Night Shift: An app-controlled RGB LED kit for your helmet
Head-turning cyberpunk aesthetics in all colors. Choose between 20+ animations.
Audio Earrings - Earphones made Earrings
NOVA H1 Audio Earrings, the only clip-on earphones on the planet
O-BOY: Your direct connection to safety
Anywhere you are, whenever you need it
Athlos Live Smart Earbuds: Shatter limits. Build champions
Get live audio coaching, fitness tracking, and superb sound quality all in your ear. On land or underwater. No other devices needed.
Chill Ride, le gilet rafraichissant & chauffant pour motards
Premier gilet thermo régulé qui tempère votre corps sous votre blouson de moto, pour vous assurer confort et sécurité 🇬🇧🇪🇸
PYKRS - Connected Sustainable Jacket
Connected outdoor jacket with app control. Includes lighting, heating and fall detection. Made of durable sustainable materials.
Blood oxygen saturation, heart rate, dive time, ascending/descending speed, acceleration, water temperature, depth, head angle.
Ultrahuman Ring AIR
World's Most Comfortable Sleep-Tracking Wearable
Depth: Audio Freediving/Spearfishing Computer & Music Player
Featuring spoken depth and time alarms, music playback, and a completely wireless experience
32°N - Glasses that adapt to you.
Sunglasses that switch to reading glasses in one swipe
Nitecore NE20: 0.1s Ultrafast Noise Compression Earbuds
Memory Cotton|82dB Noise Limit|NNR=26|Bluetooth 5.3|Polar Enhancement|Omnidirectional Microphone| 18-Hour Running |SPL=101.2dB|Earphone
Ratchet Ring: A Tool For Satisfying Stimulation
The Ratchet Ring turns and clicks in one direction, producing soothing tactile feedback that helps you relax & focus.
Scripter: the 21st Century Productivity Voice Assistant
Forget about note-taking. Senstone Scripter instantly transforms your voice into neat, structured notes.
INMO Air2: The Next-Gen All-in-One Wireless AR Glasses
Wireless | On-the-go Cinema | Built-in Translation| ChatGPT Intellight Integration | Youtube & TikTok Installed
TQSKY T1-Your Personal Audiovisual AR Glasses
PS, Xbox, PC Remote Play | Switch & Steam Deck support | Drone vision| Myopia Friendly| 150" HD Screen | AR/XR Glasses
School Organiser/Art Supplies Case/ Pen Case #Customizable
A Handmade Collection of Writing/Drawing Tools Cases, Made of Full-Grain Camel Leather.
wear the revolution directly on your skin
Holoswim 2: AR Smart Swim Goggles
Swim Smart with Metrics Tracking & Real-time Display, Your Personal Swimming Partner Anytime, Anywhere
Hypershell: 1 Horsepower Exoskeleton for Everyday Adventure
1 Horsepower Output | 30KG Weight Offset | 25KM Long Range | AI Motion Engine | 1.8KG Ultralight | 20KM/H Speed | 6.5L Size
FemTek: The First Menstrual Health Focused Smart Ring
Providing you with data to take control of your flow, improve body literacy, and drive you forward; all while you sleep!
One Good Ring™: Information at your fingertips
Connect with others like never before. Share all your information with one single tap.
Superslim & Mini Camel Leather Wallets
Superslim & mini wallets out of genuine camel leather coated with natural beeswax. #Customizable
ORB Smartguard | Next gen smart mouthguard
Heart Rate to Head Impacts - The first mouthguard that tracks your performance & wellness
NITECORE EMR05/06 -New EDC Mosquito Repeller EDC
NEW EDC|New FCB Heating System|New Molle Buckle|Ultra Compact|Lightweight|16fit|IPX5 Rated|Type-c|New Camping EDC|Mosquito Repeller
TRON Modern Retro Watch with Numitron tubes
Modern and unique Watch with Numitron tubes from the nixie Era
Silent Cicada, your personal air conditioner
An efficient, wearable, and environmentally friendly cooling solution
Moonwalkers - the world's fastest shoes
Walk at the speed of a run while staying on the sidewalks
The LED Hydra
The world's first hydration bag with Built-In LED display
The Diamond Hotend - Single nozzle multi-color 3D printing
An affordable 3D printer single nozzle hotend that provides a faster, easier and more precise method of color 3D printing
Hokolite X-230 Beanie,the Brightest 230° Wide beam Beanie
Up to 1200 Lumens |230° wide- beam |washable |beanie light, rechargeable &powerful light that is perfect for running, camping, hunting!
Quantum Nixie Watch
Become a part of history, support the re-launch of Nixie Tubes production and get incredible Quantum Watch!
Open Gigabot : An Open Source, Gigabot 3D Printer Experiment
A HUGE, open-source, feature-rich, networked, touchscreen Gigabot 3D printer customized around your hardware & software demands.
"TeeBot" The suitcase 3D printer.
A mobile open-source 3d printer that looks good and prints well !! TeeBot Is for 3D printing enthusiast who are always on the move.
Magical Memories: .925 Silver Tech Jewelry
Experience your memories like never before
MoonRay - World's Best Desktop 3D Printer
Meet the 3D Printer you have been waiting for, one that doesn't compromise on anything.
Bring your imagination to life with FLUX’s 3D printing, 3D scanning, laser engraving and more modular functions.
Recycled Socially Responsible 3D Print filament
Start using the world's 1st community based 3D filament, recycled from PET plastic waste in Tanzania with no compromise on quality
Robo C2 and Robo R2 Smart 3D Printers
Features Wi-Fi connectivity, built-in color touch screens and more, all powered by The Robo App
FormBox: A Desktop Vacuum Former That Makes Beautiful Things
Quicker Than a 3D Printer, Easier Than Baking a Cake, Powered by Your Vacuum Cleaner
YOGGIN - Technological Jewel that Takes Care of You
YOGGIN is a jewel and much more: a wellness tracker that takes care of your body&mind, with the unique elegance of its Italian design.
Sculpto+: The world's most user-friendly desktop 3D printer
Sculpto+ is a compact desktop 3D printer and app-based software that makes 3D printing more accessible than ever before.
Wembi – Closed Loop Motorupgrade for 3D Printer
Print faster, silently and more consistently, in higher resolution than has ever been possible
Cetus3D, at $199 get all you need to start 3D printing!
A feature-packed 3D printer with 3 printable projects, starting at $199. Everything you need to start 3D printing!
StoneFlower: Ceramic 3D Printing KIT
Robust, precise and user-friendly upgrade for your desktop 3D printer that lets you print ceramics, porcelain and pastes.
PolyShaper Oranje: High Precision Foam Cutting Machine
After the success of the P400, the first high precision foam cutting desktop machine, the PolyShaper team is back with a new product!
Adventurer's Guide - The Book of Beasts
Warbands of High Quality 3D Printable Miniatures - Pre-supported in 32mm and 54mm scale
Scoobe3D: new 3D scanner - no post processing necessary
First new 3D scanning technology in over 10 years. Easy to use. Accurate to 0.1mm. Precise 3D models of any material.
Garolite Build Plate for 3D printers
A build plate from Garolite for different 3D Printers. Specifically designed for the Bambu X1 and Bambu P1P.
E180-The best Mini 3D printer, Your optimal choice!
User-friendly for beginners; Quality printing expected by pros; A petri dish for creative children; Attractive & Affordable for YOU.
PowerGrip H2O : Waterproof Battery-Powered GoPro® Grip
The World's first 6700mAh battery-integrated, fully waterproof pole system.
FocusShifter Follow Focus for DSLR Camera with Custom Pouch
This popular DSLR camera follow focus has been upgraded with a custom, dedicated pouch for better protection and easier access.
The Parrot | A compact teleprompter for DSLR cameras
Finally, a compact and affordable teleprompter for DSLR cameras. Perfect for video professionals, bloggers, Indy films, and more.
Pi-Pan, a Pan-Tilt for Raspberry Pi Camera
Do you need to mount your Raspberry Pi-Camera and control it's position? Pi-Pan is a solution for you.
Waylens Secure360 with 4G - Automotive Security Camera
The first connected 360-degree dash camera that sees everything going on in and around your vehicle, all the time, even when parked.
Reveni Labs Spot Meter: Tiny Spot Meter For Your Film Camera
A small, affordable spot meter for film photography
SmokeGENIE: a Game-changing Smoke Machine for Creators
Empowering independent creators with this Fog / Haze / low-hang Fog / Dry Ice effect / SFX All-in-One Magic-Making device.
The Tsunami is a powerful and flexible signal generator, analyzer, and experimenter's kit built on the Arduino platform.
AllPixel - USB Interface For All Your LED Needs
Control of up to 680 pixels on any of the popular LED strips from any device with a USB port! One controller to rule them all!
Wombat - a prototyping platform for Raspberry Pi
The Wombat board is a prototyping solution which makes it easy for makers to design and build devices for the Raspberry Pi
SmartiPi Touch: A Raspberry Pi Touch stand
SmartiPi Touch is a super sleek stand for the official Raspberry Pi touch display. Camera functionality, wall mountable, and HAT ready.
UDOO Neo = Raspberry Pi + Arduino + Wi-Fi + BT 4.0 + Sensors
Wireless, Credit-Card sized, Android + Linux + Arduino™, Embedded Sensors, starting from $49. What else?
Awesome Shield: The At-Home Code School for Future Inventors
Awesome Shield teaches hands-on coding, powered by Arduino. For kids aged 10-100.
NodeIT: The worlds smallest and expandable IoT system
A super cool, super small, Lego like building block system for building really awesome connected devices.
SmartiPi Touch - HAT Cover
A versatile HAT cover for the SmartiPi Touch case for the official Raspberry Pi display.
Raspad: Raspberry Pi Tablet For Your Creative Projects
Anyone anywhere can learn to program and start making with RasPad.
Raspberry Pi Smart Garden System (SGS)
SGS - A Raspberry Pi based smart watering system kit for Makers, advanced kids and adults. Learn while you grow! No soldering needed!
SkyWeather - A Raspberry Pi Weather Station for the Cloud!
SkyWeather - A Raspberry Pi based easy to put together (no soldering!) Weather Station. Be on the cloud with WeatherSTEM.com
The first NB-IoT shield for Arduino: supported by T-Mobile
Join the NB-IoT revolution with this Arduino shield, get connected and start using the collected data in no time
PiArm: The DIY Robotic Arm for Raspberry Pi
Introducing PiArm, the Raspberry Pi based DIY robotic Arm.
OurWeather - DIY Complete Weather Station for STEM/Makers
OurWeather is an advanced and complete DIY Weather Station Kit with No Soldering necessary! For Makers and Learners.
MouseAir - AI based DIY Cat Toy for the Raspberry Pi
MouseAir - Uses Artificial Intelligence to Identify your Cat and fire a toy mouse. Open source software all on a Raspberry Pi.
Robo-Tank DIY Aquarium Controller
Fully automate your aquarium with an open source solution and Reef-pi.
SkyWeather2 - DIY Weather Station for the Raspberry Pi
Easy to Build SkyWeather2 Raspberry Pi based WeatherStation with Wireless Sensors. No Soldering!
Wireless Smart Garden System
Raspberry Pi Based Wireless Smart Garden System
8BitCADE XL - A DIY educational gaming kit.
8BitCADE XL is an educational DIY gaming console created to educate in a fun and rewarding way - learn code while playing retro games!
USB RTC for Raspberry Pi : Time is in your Hands Now!!!
MCP2221 USB-I2C Converter | DS3231 High-Precision RTC Chip | TCXO | Inbuilt-Temperature Sensor | Cross-Platform Compatibility
NCH6300HV, Powering Up Your Nixie Tubes & Magic Eye w/ Ease
A 100V-235V DC-DC boost power converter for vintage vacuum tubes. It takes LiIon battery, 5V USB, or 12V as inputs. Easy to use.Omnixie
4 x 4 x 4 Pico LED Cube For Raspberry Pi Pico
64 Mono-Chromatic LED | Red, Green and Blue Variants | Standard 40 Pins GPIO Header | Individual LED Access
Moon Pi Hub Cam- USB Hub and Camera for Raspberry Pi Zero
Add a USB Hub and a USB Camera to Raspberry Pi Zero - without using any cable or connector
SolarMAX2 - Solar Power for your Raspberry Pi!
Ever wanted to put a solar power system on a Raspberry Pi? This is the system for you. Collects all the solar data! NO SOLDERING!
Dual Ch AC DC Convertor : Compact Dual Output Device
100~250V | Output voltage:12V+5V | Output voltage: 24V+5V | Compact Size Output current:800mA+500mA | Output current:4000mA+500mA
obniz - Cloud Connected Development Board
The World's first development board which is available as APIs on Cloud. Use obniz from your Html via Cloud.
SkyCam - Solar Wireless Camera for the Raspberry Pi
WIreless Solar Powered WeatherSense SkyCam. See your LOCAL weather environment!
IoTPi: 4 & 6 Channel Industrial IoT board based on RP2040
Onboard RP2040 | 4-Channel | 6-Channel | Micro USB Port | RS485 Port | Photocoupler Isolation | ABS protection enclosure
Interface-Shield: The interface to your Arduino projects
Giving the user flexibility in visually and physically interacting with their Arduino projects.
Squink - the personal electronic circuit factory
Create circuit boards in minutes, from home, at the cost of a cup of coffee - Squink prints conductive ink and assembles your circuit.
X PlusOne: Your Ultimate Hover + Speed Aerial Camera Drone
The X PlusOne is a revolutionary hybrid drone that combines the ability for both stabilized hover and remarkably fast forward flight.
PowerUp 3.0 - Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane
PowerUp 3.0 turns your self-made paper airplane into a smartphone-controlled flying machine
3D Printing Toolkit - Meshmixer 3D CAD - Full Online Course
Expert tutorials on Autodesk's FREE "Easy-To-Use" Meshmixer software: 20+ Hrs, Mini Kid's Course,140+ Total Videos, 80+ Tools Explained
Zing - Drone Deliveries Using DJI Drones
Drone deliveries are quick, convenient, and eco-friendly. We're making them accessible to everyone.
iCoil®: the most convenient way to charge your device.
Charging your Apple and Android devices is inconvenient – short cords limit use and are messy. iCoil® solves both of these problems.
The NoPhone ZERO
The NoPhone ZERO is a plastic rectangle that replaces the need for smart rectangle device interaction.
Folding USB Solar Cell
An inexpensive, easy to use, practical, every day solar USB system. For those of us not just preparing for the end of the world.
The Badger: Waterproof USB Solar Charger
A compact waterproof USB solar panel to charge in any condition. Highest rated waterproof solar panel on the market.
WaterStrider: Perfect Footage. Confident Landings. Anywhere.
Convert your drone into an all-terrain vehicle. Water, snow, rocks, sand, and other rugged terrain are no match for WaterStrider™.
Noke: The World's First Bluetooth Padlock
Noke: End the frustration of losing keys and forgetting combinations forever. Noke is the world's first bluetooth padlock you can share
Layering Master - Make Your Own Perfect Cocktails And More!
Layering Master — Multifunctional Kit For Creating Perfect Cocktails And More…
Weather Point 2.0 - The World’s Smallest Weather Station
Weather Point is an individual keychain weather station. Measures temperature, humidity, UV, atmospheric pressure on your mobile device
e-Shower - 70% Less Water and feels twice as good!
We've recreated the full flow shower feeling in a water saving system. We already know we have achieved this for our present customers.
PRO30: Wireless, Compact, High Fidelity, On-Ear Headphones
On-ear headphones built for mobile lifestyles with durable construction, efficient engineering and wireless connectivity.
Keyper - A Rechargeable Bluetooth Tracker Device
A rechargeable Bluetooth tracker with a long-lasting battery that keeps you from losing your valuables with help of a smartphone app.
Whisper Audio Headphone Practice Amp for Guitar and Bass
Raising money to produce a tank-tough and simple analog guitar headphone practice amplifier.
VoltTorch: Rechargeable Battery Bank + Waterproof Flashlight
Super bright CREE LED flashlight (waterproof up to 20 feet) + 10,000mAh Rechargeable USB Battery Bank to charge your phone
SunnyBAG LEAF+ The world's strongest and lightest solarpanel
6 Watt flexible solar system with less than 200 grams + 6000mAh power bank. Support us now and don't think about empty batteries again.
GAZE DESK : The Smartest Standing Desk Ever
The World's Smart Standing Desk Ever. Dual Lift system and Bluetooth connectivity help you create the perfect sit-stand workstation.
Pullup & Dip - work out wherever you want!
World's first portable pullup and dip bar for your outdoor & indoor Freeletics, Calisthenics and other fitness workouts!
The PBJife! - The Ultimate Peanut Butter and Jelly Knife
It will CHANGE your LIFE. Make a PBJ with the PBJife and you'll have clean hands, a clean jar, and only dirty one dish.
Goliath - 16 hands in one
The Goliath is a standard MIDI controller. It lets you take control of multiple parameters at once with just one encoder!
Paralenz – World's Greatest Action Camera for Diving
The Paralenz Dive Camera is designed for divers and their needs.
E-PAD, The E-Ink Android Tablet
10.3'' Carta Screen, Android 8.0, 4G Network. E-Pad is the best companion for reading, writing, sketching, browsing news and emails.
TAIHE Gemini, the Most Affordable On-the-go Monitor
15.6" FHD touchscreen or 4K UHD screen | Built-in battery | Kickstand design. Gemini extends your display and boosts the productivity.
High Five® - The Most Compact 5in1 Charging Cable
Provides the right connection for your mobile device – always with you on your key ring.
LESIELLE | The World's first Adaptive Skin Care
Create your perfect custom skin care at home, in less than 3 seconds. The first skin care that changes with you.
Mochi Robot: LEGO-Compatible, Screenless Coding for Ages 3-6
Teach children coding concepts while learning ABCs, 123s, Words, Numbers, Colors, and more during hours of screen-free, hands-on play.
OUTXE W20: Rugged IP67 Waterproof Wireless Solar Power Bank
IP67 Waterproof & Dustproof | Wireless Charging | Solar Power Supply | 20000mAh | Smart Quick Charge Output | 6.5 hours Full Recharge
SQUEGG - The Smart Squeeze Ball
Grip training in the palm of your hand.
Air Omni | A 6-in-1 Charging Station for All Your Devices
Unclutter your life with this wireless, portable, Apple MFi certified charging station for all your for iOS and Android devices.
Brume-W: Pocket-Sized Wireless Gateway For Edge Computing
The portable edge computing gateway with secure VPN cryptography technology, now with a built-in WiFi Module.
Zephyr Gaming Mouse: built-in fan so no more sweaty palms
| Cools your hand | RGB lighting | 16,000 DPI Pixart 3389 | OMRON switches | Lightweight 68 grams | Paracord cable | Ergonomic design |
Just kidding… RUN - BIKE - HIKE - Whatever you like!
Bloom Hydro - Optimise Plant Watering
Individually monitor plants' water needs. Get notifications when it's time to water. Stop over- and under-watering for a greener home.
Hybrid/Electric Triple Action Pump|for Kitesurf, SUP & Boats
Triple Action Pump is an ElectroAssist Hand Pump for all your favorite water toys | Kiteboard, PaddleBoard & Inflatables
Adonit Dash 4 | The all-purpose stylus.
Ready to use | Perfect for all touchscreen | Palm rejection on new iPad | Magnetic charging | Portable and lightweight.
ACPOTEL- The Most Affordable And Practical Night Vision bino
Three immersive display modes l 18650 rechargeable lithium battery l Trinocular design l 500m vision in total darkness
xScreen for Xbox Series S
xScreen is an integrated folding screen for the Xbox Series S that creates a laptop like gaming experience
Danish design, tech & power in new Bluetooth speaker
80 hours battery, 125 dB & an app to connect multi-users, multi-speakers and phone as microphone.
Metaura Pro: World 1st Wearable AC that Blows Cold Air Flow
-7°F Airflow | -18°F Skin-contact Cooling | Micro Air Conditioner Technology | App Control | Up to 8 hrs Battery Life | 22W Fast Charge
Infinity Flip Mobius Fidget band Toy
Infinite flip, Playing Meditation
Magnilink 360 PRO: Charging Problems, Magnetically Solved
The latest generation of Magnilink, the 360 PRO brings you even more power!
Back Hammock: Lumbar Support for Standing Desk Users
Make standing comfortable | Stay active | Relieve back pain | No tipping your desk | Emergency release
GestureR - Arduino-compatible Gesture Sensing Module
GestureR - Gesture Sensing, Proximity Sensing, Ambient Light Sensing in a single tiny module for Arduino
Small Micro SD card adapter for Raspberry Pi
A Small Micro SD card adapter for Raspberry Pi. (About half the length of standard SD card.)
emonPi: Open-Hardware Raspberry Pi-Based Energy Monitor
Raspberry Pi & Arduino based open-source web-connected energy & environmental monitor: Home Energy, Solar PV, Heatpump and Temperature
PhoneSoap XL: Tablet UV Sanitizer and Universal Charger
With PhoneSoap XL, you can sanitize tablets, multiple phones, or any other objects that fit inside in just 5 minutes.
PiConsole - Anywhere Console for Raspberry Pi
PiConsole - Easy wireless access to console of your Raspberry Pi from PC, Tablet, Android and iPhone
abode - The Future of Home Security.
abode is a home security and automation company that offers a self-installed, professional-grade solution with no contracts.
Zodiac FX: The world's smallest OpenFlow SDN switch
The OpenFlow switch that is powerful enough to develop world changing SDN applications yet small enough to sit on your desk.
BeeLine - smart navigation for bicycles, made simple
BeeLine is a stripped back, intuitive, navigation device designed to put the cycling masses back in control of their journey
RePhone Kit - World's First Open Source and Modular Phone
Create a phone yourself in minutes and hack a new way to communicate with things.
Skybuds - truly wireless earbuds and smartphone case
Truly wireless premium earbuds with a battery-boosting smartphone case for charging and storage
Radian 2: Time Lapse, Motion, and Wireless Camera Control
Radian is a precision motion timelapse device that is wirelessly programmed from your smartphone.
Rubbee - The electric drive for bicycles
Rubbee is a revolutionary electric drive which can be mounted on any bicycle in just a few seconds.
iGuardian - The Home Internet Security System
Keep your connected devices safe from malware, exploits, and other online threats. Zero configuration or complicated setup required.
The Things Network
The Things Network is a global, crowdsourced, open, free and decentralized internet of things network.
The Othermill: Custom Circuits at Your Fingertips
An easy to use, affordable, computer controlled mill. Take all your DIY projects further with custom circuits and precision machining.
KeyMouse™ - The Keyboard and Mouse Re-invented!
It's a mechanical keyboard and a mouse combined. Keep your hands in typing position while using the mouse. High speed Bluetooth + USB.
The BIG Turtle Shell®: Rugged, Wireless BoomBox & Power Bank
The Big Turtle Shell® is a rugged wireless Bluetooth speaker built for a life of action. Water resistant and durable with a huge sound.
AB | Smart, Automated Craft Beer Home Brewery
Craft beer made easy... Select your favorite style beer, access our brewmaster app to pick a recipe, insert ingredients, press start.
Solowheel Iota: A Mini Personal E-Vehicle
A very small self-balancing personal electric vehicle from the creators of the Solowheel and Hovertrax - the original hoverboard.
Volta - This is more than your average electric bicycle
The smartest e-bike ever. 40 miles of power in a sleek, budget-friendly package that doesn't scream e-bike, it just delivers.
Marvell ESPRESSOBin Board
ESPRESSOBin is a high performance 64 bit dual core low power consuming networking computing platform based on the ARMv8 architecture
Ming Micro: Portable 8-bit Video Synthesizer
Portable 8-bit video synthesizer with NTSC composite output, integrated chiptune audio, SD card slot, USB and MIDI control
Comper Smart Fertility Tracker, a true artwork of technology
A smart Fertility Tracker with innovative designs, functions and algorithms it fascinates woman to enjoy the insight into herself
Solo: the first open source FIDO2 security key. USB & NFC.
Two security keys for logging in safely online. Protect yourself from phishing and other attacks across Google, Facebook, and more.
The Firefly: Crush Climbing Projects and Never Leave Gear!
Push your limits in confidence with the firefly! Complete your projects without leaving gear.
Hololab: Give the Gift of Augmented Reality STEM Fun!
A futuristic 3D learning experience, delivered in a monthly box. Hands-on projects + AR teach kids about climate change, AI & space!
Mono SMT-Proto - USB Powered SMT Prototyping Board
Prototype an electronics and IOT idea quickly and inexpensively
WeatherSense Wireless Weather-Arduino / ESP32 / Raspberry Pi
SwitchDoc Labs WeatherSense Wireless DIY Weather Sensors. Design and build your own weather station!
Luna Display for Windows
Turn your iPad into a wireless display for PC
pi-top [4] the smarter way to design, code & make anything!
Design. Code. Make. Powered by the brand new Raspberry Pi 4
Garrnish Pesticide Purifier: Remove 90% of Common Pesticides
We BELIEVE in food WITHOUT pesticides!
SmartGarden3 - DIY Bluetooth Sensors and Hydroponics!
A Raspberry Pi based Smart Garden system. Supports wireless Bluetooth sensors, distributed gardens and hydroponics. Open Source!
Ajazz K620T Powerful 60%Compact Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
60% Compact | 4400mA Battery | Wired & Wireless | Synced work on multiple devices | Wheel Volume Button | MacOS, Windows, IOS, Android
Epomaker GK96S | 96% Southpaw Wireless Mechanical Keyboard
Wireless & Wired |Southpaw | Hot-Swappable Gateron Switches | Bluetooth 5.1 | MacOS, Windows, IOS, Android
8BitCADE Level Up - Learn how to Make Your Own Games
A fun hackable handheld gaming console & learning platform that will help you learn to code!
TWS Keyboard - The True Wireless Split Mechanical Keyboard
A Split Keyboard that is Completly Wireless: Unleash your typing potential with cordless freedom.
Matrix: Super Charged Grid Controller for Multipurpose Use
Fully Open-Sourced Grid Controller Specialized for Live Music Performances, User Customization, and a whole lot more.
Esp32 Stick Boards
Unleash the full Esp32 Ethernet and PoE potential with Esp32 Stick boards!
HUTT W8 Dual Spray Variable Frequency Window Cleaning Robot
Dual Water Spray |80ml Visible Water Tank | 3800pa Suction Power | Dry + Wet Cleaning | Real Time Voice Prompt | Intelligent Path Plan
MOSS - The Dynamic Robot Construction Kit
Build your own robots with MOSS! Simple, fun, magnetic robot construction kits. No coding, no wires, oodles of configurations!
Rocketbook Reusable Sticky Notes
Endlessly Reusable, Endlessly Restickable, & Digitally Connected
EVShield - an Arduino Sheild for EV3 Motors and Sensors
Easy to use Arduino Shield for smart Robotics projects with Lego EV3 /NXT sensors and motors. Use this shield in Arduino IDE with C++.
Add character and humour to your robot creations with Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Codebug, Micro:Bit and Crumble
Crystal Tips: Want better sound? Here's a tip
A long lasting earphone tip made from advanced materials to enhance noise isolation, comfort and fit
SoundBot II: Charging Your Speakers Can’t Get Any Easier
Revolutionary & Powerful High-Performance Premium Wireless Speakers for Everyone w/ Qi Wireless Charging, Bluetooth, Siri, Dynamic Bass
Smartibot: The world's first A.I. enabled cardboard robot
Build an A.I. robot out of anything! From potatoes to clay, you can build your own robot and re-use the parts!
jamstik+ The SmartGuitar
A portable guitar that teaches you to play, sounds like any musical instrument and connects wirelessly so you can play guitar anywhere.
Apollo 7 - World's Most Compact True Wireless Earphones
Industry first micro driver, true-wireless, waterproof earphones w/ patents pending and design that's received the 2015 Red Dot Award.
The world's first internet radio with Chromecast built-in.
World's only 5.1 TRUE wireless surround,small size big sound
ONEmicro surround supports 5.1DTS/Dolby,CAS,dlna/airplay,media server. It gives you new surround experience by DECT audio technology.
Accessport Air : Bring Back the Headphone Jack. Wirelessly.
Bluetooth 5, aptX / aptX low latency / AAC enabled wireless adapter that brings back the headphone jack to your mobile phones.
VisualSonic - Combine your love for Music & Art in just 25mm
This world's thinnest (25mm) music device looks like a stunning wall piece, plus it produces impressively high fidelity sound.
BOLT – True Wireless Earphones with a Charging Speaker Case
Listen everywhere you go with the Phiaton BOLT, the True Wireless Earphones and Charging Case that doubles as a portable speaker
Dualo - The new musical instrument for all
Experience the joy of creating your own music with one intuitive & stand alone instrument. Play and compose wherever you want.
LOONCUP – The world's first SMART menstrual cup.
Take back control with the world's first SMART menstrual cup. Measure, Analyze, and Track. Help us redefine menstruation.
OURA ring. Improve sleep. Perform better.
OURA is a revolutionary ring-sized wellness computer that helps you sleep and perform better.
Travel Sax - The smallest electronic Saxophone in the World
Play and practice your saxophone licks anytime, anywhere with your Travel Sax. Improve much faster!
nPad, Multi Sampler pad . percussion and sample-trigger with 9 pads . Batería Digital Portable con Samplers de carga externa.
Green Oil EcoSpray Lubricant for bicycles
Save the environment, and your health during cycle maintenance. Other spray lubricants use PTFE and petroleum oils. We use plants.
Marlin: The GPS Swim Meter Designed to Talk to You
Realtime audio feedback of distance, speed, lap time and navigation information as you swim. Your swimming pace right to your ears.
allb - A Smart Wearable Device for Infants.
With 'allb' we have discovered a totally new and effective way of childcare that we are sure will bring you and your baby happiness.
DIGITAiL - the moving Tail you control with your phone!
We make lifelike animatronic Tails. Introducing the DIGITAiL! App controlled, as many moves as you like, customised for you for free!
FitBack- The World's Most Advanced Heat Therapy
Hassle-free low back heat therapy for instant relief anytime, anywhere. With posture correcting support and a design for max comfort.
ATOMSTACK P9: The Most Powerful Laser Cutter & Engraver 10W
The safe and easy-to-use professional-grade DIY laser engraver for ceramics, aluminum, and other metals
AiFeet: 100% Fit, Custom-made 3D Printed Insoles For You
Get superior comfort from the made-to-measure LuxCreo insoles.
MicRig: Universal Video Grip Handle with Built-in Stereo Mic
The world's first universal video handle with an integrated microphone. Professional audio for your smartphone, GoPro or DSLR camera.
LOGEX: Electronics Prototyping, Reimagined
A unique system designed specifically for prototyping complex circuits.
AtomPunk Color LED Rocket Lamp with animation: Make 100
Printed Circuit Board Art design that reveals the beauty of PCBs
Cord2Go Lightning Sync & Charge Keychain for iPhone iPad
Lightning to USB Sync & Charge keychain cable for iPhone, iPad, iPod and other Lightning port based devices.
Pebblebee Stone: The Smart Wireless Shortcut Button
A new remote control for your smart phone and home - text friends, control music, snap pictures, and more!
World's Most Affordable 1080p Smart Home Security Camera
All of the features. Fraction of the cost.
Tacticlip® | World's First Tactical HAIR CLIP Multi-tool EDC
Small utilitarian hair clip. Raptor claw tip, serrated edge, wire-stripper, screwdriver, & more. Concealable. Safe on hair. TSA tested.
AirAlly : Apple 4-in-1 10000mAh Power Solution
iPhone, AirPods, iPads and Apple Watch all charge in one mobile device.
SHARGE: World Smallest 65W 3-Port Laptop & USB Wall Charger
The Single Charger You'll Ever Need: With 2 USB-C & 1 USB-A port, SHARGE juices up your laptop and smart devices simultaneously.
RAYCONO Hydroxyl & Plasma Sterilizer and Air Purifier
A portable and super effective sterilizer purifies your indoor air at 90% in the latest technology!
Inateck 8-in-1 iMac 24" 2021 Docking Station, USB 3.2 Gen 2
Multiport Hub: 3 USB A Ports | 2 USB C ports | 1 SD Card Slot | 1 Micro SD Card Slot | 1 NVMe SSD Slot | Charging Supported.
XXL Tactical Multi-tool Hair Clip: Tacticlip® - 4" EDC Tool
Ultra-sized hair clips: control unruly & thick hair. Minimalist 4" inch survival multi-tools. Vacuum plated. FREE USA shipping 📦🇺🇸
Ending Soon!!! PowerDrive—A Mega USB Drive for iPhone & iPad
The world’s first combination backup battery and USB storage drive with support for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.Certified MFi by Apple.
ZENDURE: Crush Proof External Batteries for Everyday Life
Crush proof, ultra high capacity and stylish portable charger for all your mobile power needs. Works with most smartphones and tablets.
SmartQuad 4-Port (9.6 Amps / 48W) Travel USB Charger
Universal 4 ports USB charger for iPhone, iPad, Android and other USB devices. Intelligent device detection for optimal charging.
Remix: A laptop experience on a big Android tablet.
Remix provides a smart Android productivity & communication experience. Create content easily & run Android apps in multiple windows.
Control Your Home With A Voice-Activated Smart Wi-Fi Outlet
Remotely control and monitor your lights and appliances with Amazon Alexa or Apple HomeKit with the VOCOlinc PM3 Smart Wi-Fi Outlet.
The Remote Daddy: Always know where your Remote Control is!
A highly visible and sturdy case for Roku & Fire Stick style remote controls.
Zoolark | Integrating Oscilloscope and Function generator
A portable mini electronics lab allows you build, debug and test circuits easily! Engage remote learning of STEM during the COVID -19
SEALVAC: Vacuum Sealing Done In Seconds To Prevent Spoilage
SEALVAC extends the shelf-life of your foods by up to 5x longer and gives you an extra 30% in fridge space all at the push of a button!
Dr. Quorum: Your Smile Has Never Been Brighter
Created by dentists, optical fiber technology meets an electric toothbrush for maximized teeth whitening results
Oleap Pilot: Open-ear Headphones with Best Call & Sound
Spacial 50dB ENC | BassLeap Audio | No Vibration & Headache | 10+ Hours Talk Time | Dual Device Connection|16mm Dynamic Drivers
Lindo Dual Camera Video Doorbell: Removes Blind Spots
Dual Camera | Dual Sensor Detection | 2K Resolution | Human & Package Detection | IP67 Waterproof
BigSound 15W Portable Bluetooth Speaker for iPhone, Android
Powerful 15W Stereo Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 3000mAh Battery. Accurate, Loud, Hands-free Calls, NFC and Many More Features.
Hikari 光 2.0 - Personal Pocket Synthesizer by Moccasyn
Shape sound with the world around you. Master your instrument, master Hikari ! Built in speaker & phone jack. Handmade in Philadelphia.
Password Generating Book
Secure Password Notebook and Bracelet Specifically Designed to Create and Store Unique, Hack-proof Internet Passwords
Oladance Wearable Stereo: Epic Sound. Open Earbuds
Patented Open-Ear Design|Comfortable Fit|Reduce Hearing Loss|16.2mm Dynamic Drivers|Nothing In Your Ears| Up to 16 Hours Per Charge