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This is a list of all successful Comics & Graphic Novels Kickstarter projects in which the product is purchasable. 1776 items total.
The Secret Loves of Geek Girls
An all-female comic/text anthology of true stories about love, romance, and sex! Featuring new cartoons by Margaret Atwood
Boy, I Love You - A Boys' Love Comics Anthology
A 196-page comics anthology celebrating the boys' love genre through six original stories.
Zinetendo Anthology
Nearly 50 pages of comics and illustrations that celebrate Nintendo games and characters.
Toronto Comics: Volume 2
Toronto's next generation of comic creators want to bring you a fresh anthology of stories set in the Tee-Dot!
Purity: A Post-Yaoi Anthology
PURITY is a chance for artists with a shared history of reading yaoi comics to explore that influence on their artwork today.
321: Fast Comics Vol. 2
3 Pages, 2 Characters, 1 Twist Ending... RELOADED! New volume of the hit anthology series with more stories and bigger artists \o/
RISE: Comics Against Bullying
A comics series dealing with bullying, to be distributed free by organizations such as GLAAD, Stand for the Silent, and Prism Comics.
QU33R — New Queer Comics Anthology edited by Rob Kirby
QU33R, from Ignatz-Award-nominated editor Rob Kirby, features 241 pages of new comics from 33 contributors—legends and new faces alike.
Eat More Comics! The Best of The Nib
We're gathering the best comics we've published in one giant 300 page hardcover.
Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond "Gay" and "Straight"
A bold new comics anthology that explores and celebrates the complex world beyond the categories of "gay" and "straight".
Pedal Zombies: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction
Tales of the undead... on two wheels, featuring badass heroines.
CHAINMAIL BIKINI: The Anthology of Women Gamers
CHAINMAIL BIKINI is a comics anthology celebrating female gamers! Video games, RPGs, LARPing, and more.
IDITAROD® - The First Ten Years
An anthology of stories, photos and art by those who helped shape the first decade of Alaska's Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.
Modern day gadgets such as your cell phone, laptop, iPod, microwave, or refrigerator . . . all TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER!
Herman Hedning 1988-1998 PREKAMPBRIUM
Alla Hermanstrippar 1988-1998, fett inbundna i oäkta dinosaurieläder och späckad med avslöjande fakta och rena lögner! Äg den!
Restless Minds: Imagination
Restless Minds: Imagination! A 40+ page full-color comic anthology about imagination by rad illustrators, published by Uppermind Ink!
2016 Young Explorers Adventure Guide: SF Anthology
Science Fiction anthology for middle grade readers. Bring the stars to a new generation with diversity, representation & great stories!
Alien Artifacts & Were- SF&F Themed Anthologies
Zombies Need Brains presents TWO new anthology themes--left behind ALIEN ARTIFACTS and WERE-creatures gone wild!
10 YEARS of ALTERNA - a celebration of creator-owned comics!
over 200 creators are being celebrated with a tremendous 400 page indie comic anthology!
Scrambled Circuits: Volumes 1 - 3
Scrambled Circuits is an indie comic series starring the naive robot Primus about his struggle to connect with those around him.
Toronto Comics: Volume 3
Toronto's next generation of comic creators bring you 300 pages of all-new stories from the city we love!
MECH: Age of Steel Anthology
Tales of giant mechs by Kevin J. Anderson, Jody Lynn Nye, Graham McNeill, Gini Koch, Peter Clines, Jason Hough & Ramez Naam and more!
Eclectica Magazine 20th Anniversary Anthologies
Eclectica Magazine is publishing four "best of" volumes (fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and speculative) celebrating 20 years online.
Fantasy Anthology ft. Christie Golden, Cameron Dayton & more
Fantastic Worlds: a collection of fantasy short stories ft. 8x NYT Bestseller Christie Golden (Star Wars, Star Trek, World of Warcraft)
Knocked Up Abroad Again
Twenty-six mothers in twenty-five different countries describe motherhood abroad in this heartwarming and charming anthology.
The Beyond Anthology
A queer Sci-Fi / Fantasy comic anthology
Robots, Water, and Death! Anthologies
ZNB is at it again with 3 new anthologies with the themes of Robots, Water, and Death! Join us for another great adventure!
Strange California: A Speculative Fiction Anthology
From Hollywood to Santa Cruz to Tahoe, Strange California brings to life tales inspired by the complex mythologies of California.
Shitty Horoscopes: An Illustrated Zodiac Anthology
A 182-page illustrated anthology of the Shitty Horoscopes zine series! Hilarious, horrifying, and always absurd.
Enough Space For Everyone Else: An Anthology
An anthology of sci-fi comics/illustration/text showcasing diverse creators, characters, and tones—with no war/imperialism narratives!
ELEMENTS: Fire - A comics anthology by creators of color
Whispers In Necropolis #2
The second installment of the horror anthology by Codex Entertainment,llc
Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology
Comics about queer witches of color created by 17 women, demigirls, and bigender people of color!
Hogtown Horror
From the frigid and frightening streets of Toronto, a new colour anthology of Canadian horror- featuring over 15 terrifying stories!
Whispers in Necropolis
Starting from the ground up to make my short horror stories into an independent comic book anthology.
VAMPEROTICA: BLOODVAULT V5 & Blood Goddess Photo Gallery
The 5th (and final) volume collecting all of the Vampire horror stories from the original Vamperotica comic series.
Torsobear Volume 3: Back on the Blocks
Ruxby Bear was a hero cop, then falsely imprisoned, & now he faces unrest tearing the imaginary city of Toyburg apart.
Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart
Toronto's next generation of comic creators return with 210 pages of full-colour stories inspired by the city we love!
States of the Union Book
A collection of election reflections. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, artwork, and interviews in response to the POTUS election results.
All The King's Men: a massive anthology for sci-fi fans!
Refugees marooned in deep space swap stories. Get the 700 page PDF for $5! Huge stretch goals already unlocked.
The 2017 Scythe Prize Anthology
Creating a rare opportunity for college writers to be showcased in a printed book featuring previously unpublished stories and essays.
Apparatus: A Collection of Experimental Poetry, Prose & Art
A book of bold, gritty, thought-provoking literature & photography from 15 unique contributors. The universe of the body revealed.
Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories
Short stories (and one comic) set in extreme futures. Dystopian or utopian? It's not always clear.
Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women
From hunted mermaids to ghastly beauty pageants, Wayward Sisters celebrates lady and non-binary monsters with 216 pages of comics.
Out of the Fire Anthology
Celebrating the natural beauty of the Mother Lode and Sierra: an anthology of writing/art/photography based on the 2015 Butte Fire
Baroque Pop Anthology
A collection of short story comics and portraits inspired by the music of Lana Del Rey.
Vagabond Comics Issue 7: Assorted Flavors
Vagabond Comics is an all-ages anthology. We aim to provide a unified, storytelling platform for a diverse collection of voices.
IMMORTAL SOULS (The Next Queer Witch Comics Anthology)
The POWER & MAGIC SERIES is *BACK* with a special volume of queer witch of color comics delving into the darker sides of magic!
Gothic Tales of Haunted Love: A Comics Anthology
200 pages of new full-colour gothic romance comics! Stories of ghostly and dangerous love from comics' finest creators.
Kickstarter Gold: The Secret Loves of Geek Girls: Redux!
A followup to The Secret Loves of Geek Girls! Featuring returning creators from the original series to tell short stories about love.
Restless Minds: Nightmares!
Restless Minds: Nightmares! A 48+ page full-color comic anthology about nightmares by awesome illustrators, published by Uppermind Ink!
THE STRIP, A Twisted Vegas Comic Anthology
A comic book anthology featuring twisted tales inspired by the original City of Sin, Las Vegas!
Little Heroes Comics Charity Anthology #1
Little Heroes Anthology is a series of short stories around the theme of strength curated to help send kits to children in hospitals
Guilds & Glaives, Insurgency, and Ur-Bar Anthologies!
ZNB latest anthology Kickstarter with the themes of insurgency, sword & sorcery, and a return to the Ur-bar! Another adventure awaits!
On Anxiety: the first anthology from 3 of Cups Press
On Anxiety is the first anthology from 3 of Cups Press, a literary collection about anxiety in its various guises.
SpiderForest Webcomic Anthology
Printing a webcomic anthology!
Sliced Quarterly Vol. 2 - Experimental Comic Anthology
Sliced Quarterly Vol. 2 collects issues #5-8 of the experimental comic anthology. Featuring simple stories told in extraordinary ways.
DECAY horror anthology – Ozploitation – FINAL issue, first Kickstarter, Australia’s BEST comics & creators, fully self contained comics
Bloody Gore Comix 2018 Horror Comics Anthology
Bloody Gore Comix specializes in over the top, full on graphic horror. We do not deal in subtleties, only raw gore!
BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS #1 - A Comics/Prose/Audio Anthology
BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS is a comic/prose/audio anthology about finding purpose, fearing the future, and handling consequence.
Make 100: The Best of Bad-Ass Faeries
Celebrating this award-winning series with an anthology highlighting the best in faerie fiction #make100 @BadAssFaeries
Toronto Comics: Osgoode As Gold
Toronto's next generation of comic creators are back with 220 pages of full-colour stories inspired by the city we love!
Do Not Go Quietly: An Anthology of Victory in Defiance
Resistance. Revolution. Standing up and demanding to have your space, your say, your right to be.
Ashes and Entropy
Ashes and Entropy is an anthology of cosmic horror, noir, and neo-noir.
Heartwood: Non-binary Tales of Sylvan Fantasy
The first comics anthology devoted to non-binary creators & characters (and enchanted forests)!
IT WAS METAL Comic Anthology & Album
IT WAS METAL is a comic anthology and a metal album. Each of the ten stories in the anthology is based on a song from the album.
Modern Testament: The Complete Ethereal Collection
Angels, Demons, Four Horsemen, and more enter our modern world in 15 standalone short stories illustrated by a wide range of artists.
Hazel: Witches' Lifestyle Mini Magazine Issue #3
Hazel is a magazine for young witches in training. Issue #3, Magic Words, is packed with all new articles, comics, and magic spells!
Portals, Temporal Deactivation, and Alternate Peace!
Zombies Need Brains' three newest anthologies, featuring portals, temporal deactivation, and alternate history derived from peace!
ELECTRUM: A mixed-race comics anthology
This all-ages comics collection explores the mixed race experience via 26 new fiction and non-fiction stories from around the world!
A Soul Divided/ Caged in Flesh: A Jekyll & Hyde Anthology
A double-sided comic anthology inspired by "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde." One side Jekyll, the other side Hyde. Choose!
The Ultimate Artist Jam! Five artists in one Dark book
LÖK ZINE is an independent comics and illustration magazine. The authors come from all around the world.
Retro Sci-Fi Tales
Retro Sci-Fi Tales - anthology comics, old-school style 'retro' science fiction stories, amazing fun! Family friendly, aimed at adults.
Naked Body: An Anthology of Underground Chinese Comics
Naked Body is a testament to the vibrant community of independent cartoonists in China, a full-color anthology of outstanding comics.
Art Block - The Webcomics Anthology (Launch Party Sequel)
75 comics from 25 artists - Cassandra! Poorly Drawn Lines! Perry Bible Fellowship! Lollibee! Mrs. Frollein! Gudim! & many, many MORE!
Gunsmoke & Dragonfire: A Fantasy Western Anthology
Fantasy, sci-fi, alt-history, post-apoc, cattlepunk & weird west stories by an international stable of established & emerging authors.
My Kingdom for a Panel: A Shakespearean Anthology
A comic anthology featuring works about or inspired by William Shakespeare.
Nothing Without Us
An own-voices, multi-genre fiction anthology with heroes who are disabled, neurodiverse, Deaf, living with mental illness.
COSMIC LOVE, inspired by the music of Florence + the Machine
A comic fanthology celebrating love in all forms, inspired by the music of Florence + the Machine. #LoveIsCosmic
Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 3)
Dates is an anthology of positive queer historical fiction, set throughout time and across the world. This is Volume 3: ADVENTURE!
Vagabond Comics Issue 10: Kindred
The Family & Community Issue!
I Didn't Break the Lamp: Tales of Imaginary Friends
A collection of sci-fi and fantasy stories about imaginary friends, monsters under the bed, and other unreal acquaintances.
Over A Coffee
Over A Coffee is an anthology by 12 unique artists, 90+ BW pages, and a lot of caffeine consumed for it to happen
Shots Fired: Benefiting Gun Violence Prevention Charities
A Comics Anthology Helping the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Community Justice Reform Coalition to End Gun Violence in the US
Strange Waters #RecognizeKSRU
Fifteen fantastical stories connected by one simple theme: water. The freedom it represents and the mysteries that lurk beneath.
Raytoons Cartoon Avenue: Issue #1 (A Cartoon Anthology)
Get an issue of Raytoons Cartoon Avenue! This Cartoon Magazine Showcases Artist/Comic Work from many creators! Plus artist interviews!
Retro Sci-Fi Tales #8
Retro Sci-Fi Tales - all-new old-school style sci-fi tales - anthology comics. Amazing stories and incredible art!
Hazel - A Witches' Lifestyle Zine, Issue IV: Ritual
The fourth in a series of witches' lifestyle zines, collecting works of wonderfully talented artists for the young witch in training.
Chad in Amsterdam
The autobiographical comic adventures of an atypical American who ended up in Amsterdam.
Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures
An original comics anthology with literary gothic and science fiction themes. #RecognizeKSRU
Det FEMTE samlingsalbumet med precis alla Herman Hedning-serier 2007 – 2010. En fasansfull upplevelse för alla generationer!
NEO-TOKYO 2019: A Risograph Akira Fanzine
Celebrating the distant, dystopian future of Akira's Neo-Tokyo 2019 with comics, art and essays.
"What Fresh Hell Is This?" 9 levels of studio hell!
An indie comic anthology inspired by Dante’s Inferno.
Modern Mythology: The Hero's Journey
An anthology comic book that re-tells classic hero myths in the modern day.
#SEXPOP V.1: ANTIFA (Make Love Not War) -- Break Kickstarter
Commission your own NSFW Peace Punk Propaganda | Give $10, and when we make goal, everyone gets a romantic, anti-fascist sex comic.
What If? Stories
What If? Stories - A comic book of short stories set in film worlds.
Haunted Voices
An Anthology of Scottish Gothic Oral Storytelling
Test Signal: A Northern Anthology
A biennial anthology to celebrate northern writing and provide routes to publication. Produced in partnership with New Writing North.
Black Anime: Lost Chill-dren of the Diaspora
A 94-page art book spanning 2 years of my personal work. The artbook is inspired by ancient mythology and the African diaspora.
Where the Veil is Thin Anthology
Where the Veil is Thin anthology: A collection of faerie tales.
Between the Lines
A Meeting of Minds, Warwick Writing MA Anthology
Drabble Madness: help me MAKE 100 short stories for a book
You get to decide what I write in this MAKE 100 collection of drabbles -- short stories of exactly 100 words in any genre or subject.
Unnatural Order
An Australian speculative fiction anthology of monsters and the monstrous. Due to hatch August 2020.
Make 100: The Blue Book
A collaborative project bringing together illustration and writing. Join us on this ekphrastic journey through 5 shades of blue.
The Adventures of the S.S. Baker: A Series About Pirates
Join the Crew and Set Sail! 🌊
Tales of Bruce & Wallace Arbroath 700 commemorative comic
Tales of Bruce & Wallace comic anthology
Awesome Asian Americans: 20 Stars Who Made America Amazing
Enjoy spectacular stories of 10 women & 10 men who inspire us to change the world, brought to life with fantastic comic book artwork.
Hazel Issue V: Spirit, The Final Issue
Our witches' lifestyle zines, full of magical comics, illustration, DIYs, and writing, comes into its fifth and final issue.
Mañana: Latinx Comics From the 25th Century
An anthology of Latine sci-fi comics set 1,000 years after the birth of Latin America!
The BAYlies Issue #1 : Magazine Comics Anthology
22 Bay Area Cartoonists of Color and Queer Cartoonists in a magazine comics anthology.
Apex: World of Dinosaurs Anthology
Stories about dinosaurs by award-winning authors and new sci-fi writers!
True War Stories: A Comics Anthology
Fifteen tales of military deployment, from Vietnam to today.
Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities
Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities is a 36-page comic anthology with regional stories about haunted places, cryptids, and urban legends.
Holiday PANIC!
Yuletide Tales of Tenderness & Terror with SECTION ZERO! IMPOSSIBLE JONES! SAM HELL! JOHNNY ZOMBIE! 64 Pages by Kesel, Grummett & Hahn!
Three anthologies! Coffee, tea, and Flying Words
Get your copy of every anthology so far by Faeries and Ents! Something for everyone
Menagerie: Declassified Anthology
Nine thrilling stories detail classified encounters with extra-solar life told by writers for film, television & comic books.
Tiny Snek, ArtbyMOGA, Mrs. Frollein, Lollibeepop, The Reddot, Sanesparza, Cheit.jpg, It's Weinye, Honey Dill and many, MANY MORE!
A collection of Noir stories by Black creators
Recognize Fascism Anthology
An anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories about recognizing and resisting fascism.
Central Oregon Book Project
A collection of voices and stories from Central Oregon
New SF&F Anthologies from Zombies Need Brains!
Three New SF&F Anthologies about Deities, Derelicts, and Clashing Cultures!
Ambrosia: Trans Masc and Non Binary Erotic Comics Anthology
An anthology of delicious, nourishing naughtiness, where each comic has one (or more!) trans masculine or non binary main character.
World Roulette: 150 Worlds Art Book & Worldbuilding Guide
A fantasy/sci-fi art book featuring incredible worlds and stories by 150 illustrators + creative prompts and worldbuilding challenges.
Cirque Du Mort: Volume Two
A Gothic anthology of highly illustrated short horror stories themed around a haunted circus.
The Dodo Knows - A Collection of Short Story Comics
Short story comics themed around things lost and feeling found.
Welcome to Mina's: A Diner Comic Anthology
An Anthology of Comics About Life, Love, and Food During 100 Years in a Vancouver Diner
The World's Revolution: A Climate Crisis Anthology
A climate fiction anthology, telling the stories of unlikely heroes from across the globe rising to meet the climate crisis.
4 Pages 16 Bars: A Visual Mixtape
An anthology series showcasing true diversity in the comic book industry.
An anthology graphic novel by Stref.
Humans Are The Problem: A Monster's Anthology
Horror stories to help monsters get their "scary" back. Join the monster revolution!
Object Head Zine 2021: Celestial Bodies
The seventh anthology about characters with objects for heads, this year focusing on Celestial Bodies: Space and Angels.
The Sensational Swan: A New Superhero for All Fans #Make100
An anthology with 3 self-contained shorts of The Swan throughout history, but no continuity baggage! Kid safe, yet challenges the genre
Thank you all for supporting Spicy Pulp 5!
Luminescent Machinations
Queer Tales of Monumental Invention. An anthology of huge mechs & bodies frail and powerful. Publishing in 2022 from Neon Hemlock.
CATS: Cycling Across Time and Space!
A feminist science fiction anthology about cats and bicycles, edited by Elly Blue
The Bai Ze & Book of Monsters - Comic Anthology & 5eCampaign
A Luminous Ages 5e Compatible Adventure with a Comic book Anthology. STLS, Metal Dice & Resin Miniatures - Book 3 in the series
Worlds Unknown: A Comics Anthology
An Unusual and Bizarre Collection of Independent comics
Queer Writing for a Brave New World
A chapbook collaboration with The Modernist Society where emerging LGBTQ+ writers explore Modernism through a queer lens.
Indie and mainstream comics together in one diverse magazine!
BIG MOOD - awkward & anxious comics
Poorly Drawn Lines, Lunarbaboon, False Knees, Bev's Boredom, NHOJ Comics, Optipess, Mercworks, Eatmypaint, Toothy BJ & many, MANY MORE!
Powerful Asian Moms
Powerful Asian Moms is an anthology of creative nonfiction prose, poetry, illustration, and photography celebrating Asian mothers.
My First Pandemic: A Collection of Short Comics
A collection of drawings, thoughts, poems, comics, anger, happiness, life, and death from a difficult period in our history.
Death & Comics: DEATH METAL-Metallic Silver Foil (25 copies)
A collection of genre spanning shorts, each touching on death in different ways. The reincarnated version with collectible foil cover.
Shades of Fear Horror Anthology
A collection of subtle, psychological horror comics with a focus on vibrant, emotive color.
Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth
A plant-themed speculative fiction anthology about queer growth.
El Espinazo de la Noche
Blog de astronomía
Mixtape: 1986
A 1986-themed anthology of dread-inspiring stories.
Dumpster Fire
An absurdist comic anthology from Jesse Hedman.
An anthology of eye-catching artworks and illuminating writings that show black metal in a dazzling new light!
Dagger Dagger Vol. 2
Volume 2 of the sci-fi/dark fantasy comic magazine anthology
Retro Sci-Fi Tales #10 Monster Special - comic + Lobby Cards
A special 'Horror' issue of this acclaimed Science Fiction anthology comic book series - Comic Book AND Lobby Cards
[Boyish²] Butch×Butch Yuri Anthology
10 of Japan's top yuri manga artists have gathered to create the ultimate butch x butch yuri manga anthology!
Skin Crawl Magazine
A classic horror comics anthology magazine by Skinner.
Diablo House, a Prose Horror Anthology & Graphic Novel
Featuring a Grady Hendrix Comic Story and All-New Prose Stories by Nancy Holder, Erik Burnham, & more
London, Haunted Landmarks and Urban Legends
Skull & City Pocket Guide
Resist NOW! - Volume 1
A sci-fi comic anthology about superbugs. A mad mashup of monsters, aliens, science and fantasy!
Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities Issue 2
A 44-page B&W comic anthology about regional urban legends, weird history, and paranormal stories
Del VI och VII i antologiserien 13 svarta sagor
Phantasmias: Fantasy-Horror Anthology
A collection of 27 fantasy and horror stories blurring the line between genres—dark fantasy, light horror, and a little bloody whimsy.
In Somnio
A Collection of Modern Gothic Horror Fiction
Boys, Book Clubs, and Other Bad Ideas: An Anthology!
The first in a series of anthologies (Monday Night Anthology!) featuring one prompt and seven wildly different stories.
The Out Side - real life trans & nonbinary comics anthology
Journeys to truth and self-acceptance from 16 comic artists. Foreword by Julia Kaye.
Death in the Mouth: Original Horror By People of Color
A collection of short horror fiction and illustrations from storytellers around the world.
Thrilling Suspense Fantasy Volumes 1 and 2!
An intoxicating blend of pulp fiction and comics in the classic tradition!
Elsewhere: Volume 3
Elsewhere is a lovingly curated anthology of short pieces by independent creators from all over the world.
BECOMING | The 11th Comics Anthology from Oneshi Press
The space between origin and destination, as imagined by 37 diverse creators in 16 short comics.
Lady Redbeard, The Road Witch, Dude-Bro the Barbarian, and more! Mature readers. Sci Fi fantasy comics!
KLAATU - Comic Creators UNLEASHED! / RAID Anthology Vol. 1-4
Dynamic new genre-driven volume in a library of 53 stories from the unhinged imaginations of 48 international creators across 4 books.
When I Was Me: Moments of Gender Euphoria
A collection of autobiographical comics about the joyful and euphoric moments of being trans.
UK independent creators comic anthology
Tilt: Six Tales
A medley of short black & white comics from six exciting UK creators!
Support the creation of a new space western anthology comic book.
Koguchi Comic Anthology Magazine: Issues 1 & 2
Two 120-page issues of black & white comics! Issue 1: Science Fantasy | Issue 2: Cyberpunk
Ink & Incantation: Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover Edition
An enchanting collection of sci-fi and fantasy stories featuring magical books and libraries ✨📚 March 1st
Wedding Cozy Mystery and Crime Fiction Short Story Anthology
Two dozen fun, clean mysteries in one limited-edition publication, plus an overarching whodunit, exclusive Kickstarter extras & more!
Make 100: An amazing Cozy Mystery short story anthology
A cozy mystery a day for a month. Riddles, Resolutions and Revenge anthology: gripping stories, plus solve a meta mystery & win a prize
Origines Pictae
Duodecim fabulae nubeculatae latine conscriptae / Dodici fumetti pensati in latino / Twelve comics designed in Latin
Embroidered Worlds: Ukrainian Fantastic Fiction
An anthology of fantastic stories from Ukraine and the Diaspora, edited by Valya Dudycz Lupescu, Olha Brylova, and Iryna Pasko.
the 99
99 comic strips by 99 cartoonists
Untold Stories: An Anthology
An anthology of stories revolving around hidden truths, undiscovered lies, and alternate takes on tales everyone thinks they know.
Worlds of Possibility
An anthology of uplifting, hopeful, and happy science fiction and fantasy stories
Alternate Dimension: A 2023 Accidental Aliens Anthology
Escape to a world not our own with the Accidental Aliens latest anthology! Six new stories by more up and coming comic creators!
MANY WORLDS — A Cooperative Science Fiction Anthology
Ten authors. Fourteen Stories. An infinite multiverse.
Swords in the Shadows - An Anthology Edited by Cullen Bunn
22 tales of swords, sorcery, and mind-bending terror!
Slow Burn: An Anthology of Household Horror
Dead crows, Lovecraftian duck ponds, haunted tapes, and more. 12 short stories featuring the kind of horror that stalks you.
Revista Tándem Cómics Núm. 1
Tiempo, vida y Corazón: Antología de nuevos talentos galardonados de cómic mexicano.
A Güey Zine Issue 1
A collab of over 8 artists and writers showcasing short original stories
Funding three amazing steampunk anthologies by established authors and bright new voices.
Women in Crime Golden Age Comics Vol. 1: FATAL FEMME FATALES
Featuring art by: Matt Baker, Joe Kubert, Mort Meskin, Syd Shores, Leonard Starr, George Tuska, And Many More!
Kickass Cyberpunk Comic Anthology. Postapocalyptic dystopic scenarios. Tons of androids, robots and out of control AI's 14 and up.
Zombies Need Brains Small Press Themed Anthologies Year 11!
Two brand new SF&F themed anthologies about familiars and spies, plus a brand new shared-world experiment!
Warlock #1 - Nightmares
Spinoff series from the popular Virus zombiesaga
Monster Fight at the O.K. Corral
A 2-Volume Anthology from the Weird & Wild West - 30 Stories!
ZNB Presents: Year Two
Zombies Need Brains' Online Magazine Continues on to Year Two!
The Comic Con Survival Guide: A CoCo Comics Anthology
Featuring short comics by amazing indie creators. This anthology sets out to answer the question: What's the deal with comic cons?
Bicycles & Broomsticks: Witchy Feminist Fantastic Stories
Feminist bicycle science fiction and fantasy about witches and witchcraft. Bikes in Space volume 9 is here & queer!
SHRINE ENTRANCE vol 1 - A manga anthology magazine!
A printed manga anthology collecting the first chapters of 12 of our series! The perfect entry point in to the world of SHRINE COMICS!
Swords & Heroes
A Sword & Sorcery Anthology featuring 12 tales of heroic adventure, including a story by Adrian Cole, the author of War on Rome saga.
Join us in creating new Comic Book stories featuring diverse voices from our Filipino-American community with New Icons!
New Zombies Need Brains Anthologies for Year 10!
Four new SF&F anthologies from ZNB featuring dragons, games, solar punk, and magical artifacts!
Keeping It Under Wraps Book Three
We publish anthologies that celebrate the diversity of human experiences, through every possible lens.
OBSOLESCENCE: A Dark Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Anthology
A new collection of short stories about repurposed technology with horrifying or fantastical twists.
Concrete Arcanum - An Urban Fantasy Comic Anthology
An anthology of supernatural and modern fantasy comics about what happens when magic steps out of the shadows. #witchstarter
Shakespeare Unleashed – A Horror Anthology & Comic Book
Alas! Wicked stories & sonnets based on the Bard's work by Joe Lansdale, Ian Doescher, Cullen Bunn, Seanan McGuire, Jonathan Maberry...
Skin Crawl Issue 2! Giant Size Horror Anthology
SKIN CRAWL MAGAZINE is back, and bigger than ever! 4 intense tales at a whopping 96 pages! That's 32 more pages than last issue.
BOXES Comic Magazine #1
A brand new comic magazine showcasing new short works from a range of exciting and interesting indie comic creators!
STRANGE HORROR #1: EC Style Horror Anthology
80-pages of cosmic horror with The Sandman and Creeps artists, and more!
Shapers of Worlds Volume IV
More science fiction and fantasy by authors who were guests on the Aurora Award-winning podcast The Worldshapers
The Stygian Collection
A collection of dark tales written by the authors of YouTube
Darkest of Dreams - A cryptid horror anthology
A new fiction anthology exploring the mysterious, disturbing, & terrifying world of cryptozoology with tales by 14 mesmerizing authors.
After the End: A Post-Apocalyptic Comics Anthology
After the End is a 350+ page post-apocalyptic comics anthology featuring an exciting group of 23 emerging artists and writers.
Soliloquy Down To Three - A sapphic comic anthology
A collection of bloodstained sapphic comics.
Joe Jusko's Art of the 1992 Marvel Masterpieces
A celebration-in-book-form of the immensely popular trading card series that forever changed the non-sport card industry
SKRAWL 2 Comix Mag
SKRAWL #2, a comic magazine featuring the SKRAWLLORDZ and special guests: comics, interviews, features, SKRAWL!
I Knew the Wind Was Cold...Country-Western/Horror Collection
Twisted tales of terror and suspense from the lonely highways, dark backwaters, and Wild days of the Old West.
Trill League Comic
Trill League is hilarious parody combining the world of superheroes, anime and hip-hop culture.
A spooky celebration for a new Feminist Press anthology of queer and trans writers on their favorite horror films
Outcasts of Jupiter
Four outcasts roam the fringes of an untamed galaxy, taking on unusual jobs that challenge their unique abilities
Sharks in a Coffee Shop!!
Sharks in a Coffee Shop is a lo-fi, b-movie inspired zine comic illustrated by Rhiannon Townsend and written by Courtney Askey.
Humalien - An action/scifi comic
In a future where humans are extinct, one was bred in a lab to be a living biological weapon. Story & art by J. Adam Farster
Gamer Girl & Vixen #1 & #2
A supervillain lesbian love story. Two issues of crime, romance, shenanigans and more.
Martian Comics 52-Page Special
Seven stories. 52 pages. A whole new sci-fi mythology.
Blood & Gourd Issue #2: Escape From Henderson Farms
The sinister Mr. Pleasant has unleashed a massive, otherworldly demon; and with it, murderous hordes of gourds and goblins.
STRIPLING WARRIOR - The World's First Gay Mormon Superhero
'Stripling Warrior' is an exciting, fun new comic book about the world's first Gay Mormon Superhero.
Altar Girl - Book 2
The ALTAR GIRL story continues in the next chapters of this shoujo manga webcomic, collected in to a printed 60+ page volume!
Hel's Labyrinth #1
Hel is summoning Ragnarok. Will our heroes be able to stop her? Follow us as we jump into a world where there is no return!
Katrina Hates The Dead PRINT RUN
Katrina hates living in the Apocalypse so she sets out to kill the Devil and send his Hellspawn back to the abyss where they belong.
Jesus Jumpkick: An Epic Retelling
"Jesus Jumpkick" is a comic book series & epic-retelling of the Jesus story with angelic battles.
Animal Lives Book
Animal Lives is a colourful, funny & factual book describing animal mating behavior, illustrated in the form of human characters.
In a mysterious temple a man discovers the secrets of the universe that will transform him into a reality bending superhero - Atlas!
Jim Balent & Holly G's -Crossover: When Magick Meets Manga !
This is the FIRST time TAROT WITCH OF THE BLACK ROSE & SCHOOL BITES books have done a crossover! Adventure, Fantasy, Laughs!
Matt Martin's WEBWITCH
WEBWITCH is Matt Martin's all-new thrill ride of monster carnage, alien melting death rays, sexy women and even sexier aliens.
Atomic Size Matters
A doctoral thesis in theoretical solid state chemistry....in comic book form.
Ocular Anecdotes No.2 (published by Otto Press)
The second instalment of Ocular Anecdotes
Hidden in Plain Sight: Volume 1
Printing of the webcomic Hidden in Plain Sight: a futuristic story about celestial aliens and learning what it means to be human.
The Complete Beautifully Banal
A graphic trilogy that combines the technical rigor of architectural drawing with the story-telling whimsy of comic books.
Sinners Comic Book - Issue 1 - Hope is Dead
We're now into stretch goals! Get an exclusive set of 5 Sinners Trading Cards when you pledge £6+, and help Hope gather the Sinners!
Revenger One Shot
Making a 44-page Revenger One-Shot comic book filled with violence. Revenger is trapped in a pit. Will she escape? Help me find out.
The Fitzroy Comic
Six short, darkly comic stories set in a post-apocalyptic 1950's Britain. A whirlwind of death, mayhem and the finest tea!
The Foldings - Issue #1
A world where a doorway could lead anywhere, spells often replace sense, and airships are the only way to travel.
Pulp Girls: PRINCE-S STARthief
Comic creators extraordinaire Martin & Celor take you to a galaxy of action with the first crazy/sexy/fun tale of Prince-S STARthief!!!
Our Super Adventure
Our Super Adventure is a collection of 200 brand new diary comics, about being soppy, eating too much pizza, and living with four cats!
After The Gold Rush - A Science Comic
Science returns to a world that has forsaken it. A comic inspired by science, skepticism, and atheism.
God Hates Dinosaurs
I made a comic about superheroes and the true fate of the dinosaurs... now I want to give it away to strangers.
A one-man mini-comics anthology series. Small, strange stories, ramblings, ephemera, etc.
GUN - An Ongoing Monthly Comic
The good guys are capes & the bad guys are guns. Meet Trevor Maxwell, the villainous Mr.Twist, in this noircore superhero thriller.
A one-man mini-comics anthology series. Small, strange stories, ramblings, ephemera, etc.
Not So Super Comics
Creating great comics everyone can enjoy. From homespun heroes, to vegan vampires, we've got your comic cravings covered!
True Believer
The printing of a 36-page comic about having the courage to do what you love.
Gypsy girl imbued with a demonic possession. The 1995 classic manga-fused indie comic DEMONIQUE is collected for the 1st time
Last Ride for Horsemen: The Apocalypse Goes Steampunk!
The horseman Pestilence spreads disease & deception in the lost town of Promise! Only the resident badass & a lush tycoon can stop him!
Bleeding Heart
A Steampunk-spiced short comic about an injured werewolf, an amateur mad scientist, and (mostly) good intentions.
Everette Hartsoe's POIZON: The DEMON HUNTER collection
one of the most successful indie characters of the 90's returns with the witch from the future, POIZON, collecting 2 mini series in 1
Leo Cosmos
Leo Cosmos is a creator owned comic that follows Leo Cosmos, a space adventurer as he travels the universe.
Adventures in Iltopia
5 Chapter contemporary action-adventure miniseries about an African-American boy overcoming adversity to find his true purpose in life.
Bruce Outback
Bruce Outback is Australia's greatest detective, sent back through time with his Koala to help crack previously unsolved crimes!
Wretches: Issue #1
Wretches is a story about family. About loss. All we have is each other... Until we don't even have that.
Don't Forget: Trust
I've put together my first trade combining the first 4 issues and getting the 5th issue printed as well!
The adventures of Haggis the Cat - Illustrated stories
Haggis is a popular cat from France with a fantastic personality! I'm creating five illustrated children's books of his adventures.
B-Squad - Volume Two
Expendable misfits face ridiculous and dangerous missions. 100 pages, 5 missions, and 5 characters killed by the roll of a die!
Luminous Ages: Comic Book #1 & Artbook
Do you love Dragons, Creatures, Magic, Dreams and Fantasy? Luminous Ages is the fantasy comic book and art book for you!
World of Esras
"This is the real magic of fantasy fiction: it can feed souls and change lives."
The Boy and the Dragon
Comic adaptation of a very personal and heartfelt bedtime story. A boy and his dragon are separated and in their old age, reunited.
Jonathin Quackup of the Planet Weralt #1
Jonathin Quackup flees with his family from an evil warlord and faces his destiny in this 25-page full-color comic by Ray Mullikin.
FLAT EARTH, Comics, & Card Games were made for each other! Rock your beliefs & entertain the heck out of you at the same time!
5 x 3 Print Collection
First full color collection of the webcomic 5 x 3: An exploration of a partially functioning adult trying his best in the real world.
GalaXafreaks: Dark Vibes
Psychedelic science fiction! Galaxy sized weirdos! Cosmic hi-jinx and galactic gaffs! Galaxafreaks will eat your brains!
Far Away: Can Humans And Robots Be Friends?
An imperial probe droid on a mission stumbles upon a courageous young girl instead. A new 28 page color comic by @docpop.
Dark Beach #1
A scifi noir comic that follows Gordo, a blackmarket photographer, as he attempts to uncover the truth of why there is no longer a sun.
SPIRAL - a crime noir comic
Outside, within and around the law, two families spiral out of control in this London crime noir saga (Part 1 of 4)
Njálla Comic
A 48-page comic based on myths and legends of the Sámi, an indigenous culture inhabiting the Arctic Circle of Northern Europe.
Everland #1
'Everland' is a high-concept, character driven comic book series aimed at mature readers.
ChaosLife: The First Book!
Queers, Comics, and Cats! Get the first book of ChaosLife printed with over 200+ full-color pages!
Defiant: Horror-Fantasy, Berserk Meets Walking Dead (LGBT)
Imagine Gutts from Berserk in a medieval version of The Walking Dead! Eventually brutal zombie horror! Starts off in pre-apocalypse
Lost Cactus - The First Treasury: A Classic Comic Adventure
The comic strip transports you to a top-secret world of ingenious scientists, aliens, and a genetically-engineered bee and dinosaur.
Arcane Sally & Mr. Steam #2
“[W]riter David Hedges and artist Jefferson Costa…perfectly blend steampunk and the supernatural.”—IndieBam [4.5/5]
The Rise of Czap Books - The 2017 Collection
Czap Books is publishing new work by all-star cartoonists Jessi Zabarsky, Kelly Kwang, and Liz Suburbia in 2017
ZED - Issue #1: A Buddy-Roadtrip-Zombie-Superhero Comic
A gorgeous greyscale comic with some gore, some laughs, and a biker-mortician. It's an action-packed, fresh take on the zombie genre.
Jonathin Quackup #1 Alernative Comic Covers from Raytoons!
Get the comic for as low as a $2 Pledge! You can also get your own Alternate or "Personalized" Cover Edition of Quackup as well! Wow!!!
The Warren Hope Issue #2
Deep in the underground Clara finds herself and those around her chased by fiends of the the underworld and supernatural forces.
OPHELIA'S REVENGE: Shakespeare's Ophelia is back for blood
In this comic, Hamlet's Ophelia returns from the dead as a vicious swamp monster who takes out a modern-day Renaissance festival.
Sunken Vol. 1 - English printed version
Join the fight by supporting this campaign, and you too can be immersed in the world of Sunken!
Arcane Sally & Mr. Steam #1-3
A supernatural steampunk mystery adventure comics series by two award-winning creators.
Centralia 2050 Chapter 1+2 Print Pre-Order
Chapter 1 and 2 of the cyberpunk mystery comic Centralia 2050!
Defection #1 Running On Empty
Running On Empty is the first comic of Thunder Vaults' Defection series, introducing the world of Captain Karter and the Zodiac crew.
NIKOLAI VOLKOFF - Life & Times of a Pro Wrestling Superstar
Fleeing his native Yugoslavia for America, Nikolai discovers pro wrestling for the first time. Witness as a superstar career begins!
Deliver: A Comic Adventure Through Bosch's Garden
A comedy/horror comic set in 15th century Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch's Garden of Earthly Delights, written and drawn by Mike Riley.
Beowulf: The Untold Saga - Issue #1
When mysterious demonic forces threaten the world of Midgard, Beowulf and his thanes set out to save the realm.
Penguin & Peep - Little Moments
Penguin & Peep - Little Moments is a collection of short comics for all ages.
NINJA BEAR Issue #1 and Action Plush!
On a quest to find his teacher, a little ninja bear discovers weird creatures & adventures. #Allin1 gets the comic & new Action Plush!
HEROBEAR Limited Edition Handmade Block Print
Cartoonist Mike Kunkel is creating a handcrafted one-of-a-kind carved blockprint based on his award-winning HEROBEAR AND THE KID comic.
Brother Crow Comic Book Issue #1
Brother Crow #1 is a 24 page comic book and the first issue of a 6 issue series.
Jonathin Quackup: Issue #2 - Cat Warriors Capture Our Hero!
While Taeheed and his soldiers are away, the village is under attack, and Jonathin has been captured! Will Jonathin be able to escape?
Transmigrant Interdimensional Taxicab Service #4
Starla encounters the android Icivious in this action packed 4th issue of T.I.T.S. Issues #1-3 available as well (first prints!)
Staunch Ambition: Issue #2 - A Supernatural Science Fiction
So unusual is our existence that in the midst of desolation comes a new enlightenment. Welcome to "Such an Odd Destruction - Part II"
Help Make 100 copies of Cthulhu Williams #0 Sketch Variants
Special Limited Edition Sketch Variant covers of Cthulhu Williams #0 to help printing up comics for Australian comic conventions.
So much POWER in the indy comic market goes overlooked. Now the gods have been angered! They have other plans! THE POWERVERSE™ is here!
Magical Boy Basil #1
Issue #1 of LGBT webcomic Magical Boy Basil. A story about undercover teenage magicians who fight monsters in order to save the world!
Training Wheels: Mini-Issue 11x15 Print
A single page story with heart. This is a limited edition, high quality 11x15 print. The starting point for The Wild Cosmos series.
After the Gold Rush - Make 100 Edition
A Return to Optimistic Sci-Fi. A Story of the Last Scientist Returning to Earth. Dedicated to hard science!
More Than Men - A comic where only the rich have superpowers
A clash erupts between the powered and the poor and our heroes are thrown right in the middle! Personal art commissions also available!
When Days Rewind Special: Senji's School Trip.
The "When Days Rewind" series is back with a special, the first official Dōjinshi! A highly requested project for fans of the series!
Magical Princess Sky: Volume 5 and full color omnibus
Magical Princess Sky is a magical girl manga about a war over candy! Support Volume 5 and a combined color edition of volumes 1-5.
Alex Priest - A Genderqueer Vampire Hunter
For the first time since their bitter break up, Alex Priest & Janelle Garcia must face one another – or risk an apocalypse. Issues 1&2.
Bubbles O'Seven in The Ape Who Punched Me
Knock back those Leaf Green Smoothies! In his third mission, Bubbles is on the trail of Specimen 515 aka Gareth the Gorilla.
COURI VINE: Comic Books 3 and 4
A young girl stands up to the eminent dictator Moon Leader Todal before he destroys what is left of life on Earth.
Luminous Ages a Dragon Comic #1-3 & Fantasy Commissions!
Luminous Ages is a fantasy comic with Dragons of all kinds and Wizards from many cultural backgrounds. Be in the comic & comic artbook.
The Warlords Comic Book Miniseries
The series that will be the kickstart to a whole new universe of superhero stories. - Commissions
Screenprinted Mini-Comics
A collaborative comic commission: 5 panels based on your single-sentence idea, phrase or prompt.
Alter-Life Issues 1-4: a Mind-Bending Sci-Fi Comic Series
What if death is not the end, but merely the beginning of infinite possibilities? With Alter-Life, death is just a moment in existence.
Aceblade 3: The Undercard
Back from the brink of death, our hero sets out to find the man responsible for his attempted murder.
Oodles of Doodles and Other Stuff Too:The Art of Art Thibert
My first Art Book collecting oodles and oodles of my comic book doodles in a 52 page (or more), 8.5" x 12" large size HARDCOVER book
In Trouble - Issue #1
A story about pregnancy and the end of the world. A sci-fi inflected, slice of life tale about relationships & important choices.
Out of Sight - A tale of invisibility and theft
A fusion of a classic Invisible Man tale and a crime thriller, steeped in Sci-Fi influence.
The Shadow Watchers #2
Pulp Horror and Science Fiction comic with heroes, more Pulp than “Super”, who band together to fight an ancient evil in 1952!
Magical Boy Basil #2
Issue #2 of LGBT+ comic "Magical Boy Basil" is filled with magic, mayhem, and the literal boy of Basil's dreams.
Riley and The Big Bear #1
A comic book about best friends Riley and Big getting into all kinds of adventures filled with danger, fun and excitement.
Geek-Girl vol.1 Lightning Strikes! Pre-Orders
Collecting Geek-Girl #1-#4 written by Sam Johnson (The Almighties, Cabra Cini), illustrated by Carlos Granda (The Jungle Book, Charmed)
Bellmage: An Apprentice's Journey
Bellmage is a light-hearted journey about the trials of starting out as an apprentice in a clan of magical bellmakers.
Future Girl: The Superhero from OUR Future (new comic book)
Born of Democracy... Defender of Freewill... The Future Is Watching. These are the adventures of Future Girl.
Quackup #2 Alternate & "Personalized" Covers!
Get 2 comics for as low as a $5 Pledge! You can also get your own Alternate or "Personalized" Cover Comic Edition of Quackup as well!
The Eighth: Chapter 1 (Make 100)
A comic about angels, demons, humans and a forbidden fruit in our current era.
Soul of the World Issue 1 - Limited Edition Fantasy Comic
Soul of the World Issue 1 - Limited Edition Fantasy Comic Book
Define the Line - Comic Book - Sexual Harassment Training
Comic book to revolutionize sexual harassment training by empowering individuals to create workplaces that are harassment-free.
Black Suit of Death 3
MUD & BLOOD: AFTERMATH - Edd Grimes went into the desert to die. So, why is he still alive? ...and what has he done?!
White Lily Issue #2 - WW II Comic Book Miniseries
In issue 2 of 5, our heroines enter their first combat, and Lilya becomes the first woman in world history to score a confirmed kill.
Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman & Doctor Crowe #1
Merrick & Dr Crowe both return to Kickstarter, together for the first time in a rip-roaring Victorian, pulp cross-over adventure!
The Pride Adventures - More LGBTQ+ Superhero Adventures!
To help produce and print the next issue in The Pride Adventures anthology series, with brand new stories of the LGBTQ+ superheroes!
Catapulted - Issue One
A comic book about Cats sent into space, based on the true story of France's efforts during the 1950's space race.
The Idols of Solanşehir: Issue One: An Indie Comic
Support The Idols of Solanşehir, a moody fantasy about sisters, gods and magic. Written by Vera Greentea and illustrated by Miyuli.
Mentor Search: Our 3rd date with Readers, time 2 get FREAKY
Barbara isn't looking to be saved, she is looking to be taught! Will Bruce say yes to being her Mentor? Can Barb regain her Fetishes?
The Sentinels "Forced Labor" Comic
Forced to labor for a despotic super-villain, Jill Trent needs the Sentinels to escape. Or does she?
Staunch Ambition: Issue #3 - A Supernatural Science Fiction
Exploring a new dimension, Azarus becomes vulnerable and must battle for possession of one's most cherished asset.
The Scientists #1: YA adventure of prodigies in peril!
A young genius and his fellow prodigies are kidnapped on their way to a science fair and must use their wits to escape.
Counting White Stones: A Story of the Sea
When a fisherman's wife disappears, he makes a pact with the Sea for answers. As time is running out, something strange washes ashore.
Fantasy Quest (Comic/Activity Book & Enamel Pin)
Fantasy comic for all-ages, featuring magic, mazes, and mystery! (Did I mention it comes with an enamel pin & original drawing?!)
The Adventures of Captain Cosmic issue 1
The Adventures of Captain Cosmic, is a classic, good vs evil, space adventure superhero comic in the vein of the Silver Age.
Deborah Daring - Quattro
Vigilante Comix presents the 4th issue of the ongoing Deborah Daring Detective series. Follow Deb as she unravels her first big case!
The Synthetics #1 (Make 100)
Big debut issue with three crazy robot stories! By Julian Darius, Steven Legge, Andre Siregar, Donovan Yaciuk, and Fahriza Kamaputra.
Dunce #3 comic zine
A couple of guys trying to cope with life above the arctic circle. Awarded & acclaimed Norwegian strip, now self-published in English.
Ada's Adventures in Science
Inspire children and adults around the world with a special edition, 24 page science comic book and education resources.
"Midwinter" Issue 7
A character driven Cyberpunk Fantasy comic featuring mages, cyborgs, mutants, & the moral quandary of a genetic modifier named Asterite
Lili: The Demoness #1
Ask and you shall receive. The Demoness, Lili Ardat, now has her own series!
Wash Day
Wash Day is a slice-of-life comic that pays tribute to the beauty and endurance of Black women and their hair.
Dr. Orange: Halloween-themed psychological horror one-shot
If Edgar Allan Poe wrote a screenplay about the Great Pumpkin and John Carpenter directed it! A one-shot Halloween horror story.
This short horror comic will be sure to send a chill down your spine.
Super! Returns from the Grave!
The Dawn of the Day of the Night of the Return of the Revenge of the Bride of the Son of the Ghost of the House of the Living Evil Dead
Robots With Coffee Coloring Book
A hilarious and fun catalog parodying certain robot toys from the 80's, with 37 bios & drawings of original robot designs to color in!
Help us COLOR the next 28 page chapter in the DEADHORSE saga - a comic of mystery, murder, and hand puppets.
Redd Velvette #4
Pirate Captain Redd Velvette and her companion Lass wrap up the events in the conclusion to their first storyline in this 4th issue!
Wild Rose - Issue #2
In 1790s Ireland, a peasant girl seeks revenge against the English aristocrat who courted her then betrayed her and left her for dead.
THE FLAME: RE-BLAZED #1 - A superhero "Quickstarter" comic
25 pages of silliness! We've reinterpreted two classic stories featuring the public domain hero THE FLAME!
Mind Control: A New Era Of Comic
Help break the stigma surrounding mental illness through a new era of comic book series.
Li'l Ember: Spark of Life - All-Ages Adventure Comic
An all-ages comic about a little girl named Ember making a sparkling discovery in a hidden cave!
The Pride Volume One Paperback Edition - LGBTQ+ Superheroes
A paperback edition of The Pride Volume One: I Need a Hero, providing 280 pages of accessible LGBTQ+ superhero action for everyone!
ZED #2 (a buddy roadtrip zombie superhero comic)
A fresh take on zombies. Zed and his mortician sidekick are looking for the man who saved the world and made him into a monster.
VAMPIRELLA by Joseph M. Linsner
Celebrate Vampirella's 50th anniversary with Joe Michael Linsner.
DRAGON FROG - Issue #1
Young Cyd Pollywog overcomes his disabilities to become a superhero in the kid-friendly comic book series DRAGON FROG!
Crescent City Monsters: A Neo-noir Supernatural Action Comic
When a bounty is put out on a sorcerer, he must protect those he loves and battle the New Orleans monsters who have betrayed him.
The Eighth: Chapter 2
A girl named Evelyn is trying to recover the forbidden Fruit of Life for a mysterious angel while fighting demons
Printing: SHELTER chapters 1 and 2 mini-book
Fundraiser to pay for 75 printed copies of my webcomic SHELTER
David Liebe Hart (of Tim & Eric) in HEARTMAN comic book!
42 pages, 46 artists, 1 fantastical and bizarre, full-color comic book starring Adult Swim's David Liebe Hart as Heartman!
The Mannamong - Volume 1 (A Fantasy Comic Book Series)
A folktale about mythical guardian spirits comes to life for one little girl in unexpected ways in this all-ages fantasy comic series
Watch history's most infamous killers and psychopaths engage in clan warfare in Hell! Think GANGS OF NEW YORK meets HIGHLANDER in Hell.
I Am Hexed: Issue #1
Equality is Magic: A comic book about the political struggles of modern day witches.
Moon: A short comic story
An ethereal and enchanting short comic story, printed in a mini-tabloid newspaper format.
Bubbles O'Seven in The Girl In The Golden Cage
The continuing adventures of Bubbles O'Seven: Simian Agent, brings him to the shores of Thailand in pursuit of Mr Milton and Mr Keynes.
Whispers In Necropolis #3
From the Creator of Lili: The Demoness comes the third installment of the Horror Anthology, Whispers In Necropolis.
Jonathin Quackup: Issue #3 - The Deadly Journey!
Jonathin Quackup searches the cold wasteland for his family’s killers in this full-color Raytoons comic book by Ray Mullikin.
ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey Issue #4
THE WARHOOD: An unwilling and unlikely hero is forced to use a futuristic weapon against its creator to save a dying planet!
Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman #7-8 - Monsters
Can Merrick survive the Lovecraftian maggot diety Phu-ggogot!? The latest arc in our cult Victorian pulp adventure comic series.
The Idols of Solanşehir: Issue Three
Support The Idols of Solanşehir, a bewitching story about sisters, magic and myths. Written by Vera Greentea and illustrated by Miyuli.
ImmortalChoke - Doodle Jitsu
The very first ImmortalChoke book of daily BJJ comics!
TABI NO HANA: A Flower for Every Time: Book 1
A time travel comic book series about loss, fear and the will to fight.
Alternate Covers of Quackup: Issue #3, The Deadly Journey!
Get an Alternate Cover Edition of Quackup by Ray Mullikin! Also available is a "Personalized" Cover Edition w/ your face on the cover!
Mystery. Horror. Paranoia. War. Violence. Animals. Frank will do anything to find his family and protect his farm.
Crude Awakening - A Zombie Apocalypse
An ancient Cree curse unleashes a horde of crazed sludge-oozing zombies that terrorize a remote oil town in the Canadian Northwest.
Funhouse Of Frights | A NSFW Gay Comic Series
In this NSFW comic, a twisting maze of rooms transform and fill up with the kinky desires of the ticket holders who come inside.
PACK #2: Kindness
A vigilante dog comic book from Oneshi Press
Fearless Dawn "SHORTS" #1 Comic by Steve Mannion
SHORT STORIES, SCARY MONSTERS, Fractured Folklore and Historical legends displayed in 32 page comic book form by Steve Mannion. FUN!
BROTHERHOOD: A NEW exciting Superhero LGBTQ Comicbook Series
BROTHERHOOD is a new LGBTQ+ focused superhero comic book mini series, with elements reminiscent to "X-Men" and "The Boys"
The Dusk County Chronicles: A Horror-Parody Mini-Anthology
What if there was a place that took all of your childhood dreams and turned them into nightmares? ...Welcome to Dusk County 🌆 Make 100
ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey Issue #5
An unwilling and unlikely hero is forced to use a futuristic weapon against its creator to save a dying planet! A Make 100 project!
Celestial Pulse Issue 7 Funding
The story of Fuji Deleon continues and more mysteries unravel! Printing the continuation, Celestial Pulse Issue: 7!
The Monstrous Adventures of Beowulf - Comic Books #1 and #2
A mature-rated comic book adaptation of the classic, epic poem Beowulf.
Patriotika is back and this time there's prehistoric action!
A Small Favor: Welcome to Earth World
In the distant future, two friends visit a theme park called Earth World. A brand new 20-page science fiction story.
The Synthetics #0 (Make 100)
A robot sex worker on Mars discovers stories of robot revolt and wonders if they reveal a secret desire... and robotic destiny.
Seed Seekers Graphic Novel First edition
Seed Seekers Graphic Novel Edition 1
Book of Lyaxia #2 - Seas of Change
Do you think you know story of Gods?! Welcome to the new Realm! Welcome to the Nexus! This is. Mythology. Reimagined!
Analog Missions: Apollo; A Unique Science Fiction Experience
A 50-page science fiction softcover comic written and drawn by creator Mr. David Fleming and published by I'd Rather Be Drawing
Wailing Blade #1: Bloody, Brutal Dark Fantasy Sci-Fi Comic
In the far future, the fight to control the Wailing Blade will determine who reigns supreme! Take the Blade ⚔️Make 100
COOL KIDS PUNCH NAZIS AGAIN: A comic book #Quickstarter
Three short stories featuring superheroes fighting Nazis! 20 pages of Nazi-punching madness!
Roboy & Lucy: Real life robot explains ethics & AI
Roboy and his best friend Lucy help a boy with autism using magic glasses - a story on how to ethically use technology for the good
Comic Book Cosplay Premium Trading Card Collection
The first premium trading/sketch card collection featuring the costumed heroes of cosplay.
Alex Priest | Vampire Hunter: Issue #4 + make/100
There's nothing glamorous about hunting vampires, especially when your ex-girlfriend is involved.
Hollow Testament: A Supernatural Noir Crossover Comic Book
Everyone's favorite vengeful murderess faces off against three supernatural foes in this crossover of Hollow Girl and Modern Testament
HAWI #1: Historical Fantasy featuring an African Superhero
Emnet's trip to Ethiopia turns into an adventurous discovery of the past. Written in 2 languages & Created by an ALL AFRICAN team!
Herman Hedning-tidningen är nedlagd av Egmont. Vi LÖSER denna plump i historiens protokoll genom ATT STARTA ETT NYTT SERIEFÖRLAG!
Homeless Homeboy #2- 10% Goes To The Homeless!!!
54 Pages of gold!! 2nd Issue to the highly anticipated comic book "Homeless Homeboy". A story about a young hero who's....homeless.
She believed - So she did
A beautifully illustrated comic book about an everyday girl who discovers her own strength and courage.
House Bound - a One-Shot Horror Suspense Comic - Make 100
Blue Fox Comics brings you a new one-shot horror comic, a mystery about a girl, a dolls house, and a neighbour who's always watching...
Two-eyed Tales: A B&W Horror Anthology Make 100 Quickstarter
Real life is scary. A 48-page black & white horror anthology comic inspired by real life events. Get the limited edition cover!
Empty #1: a psychological horror one-shot QUICKSTARTER comic
Joey wakes alone in an empty city. Now he must find peace in the loneliness before it devours him. For fans of twisted urban thrillers.
A young frog battles bandits, police dogs and THE PHONE COMPANY in Issue 2 of this kid-friendly comic book series!
Stud and the BloodBlade #1, a madcap comic book adventure!
A 22-page comic book full of action, comedy, monsters, and muscles--a deconstruction of He-Man, with bloodshed and booze.
Miskatonic High - Issue 1
A series about five teens who take on H.P. Lovecraft’s monsters and their small-town high school…they’re just not sure which is worse.
A post-apocalyptic action adventure comic book. (English / Deutsch)
A comic/zine series based on the daily struggles of a Korean-American immigrant woman artist searching for her identity today
Celestial Falcon #1: Supernatural Warfare in Superhero Style
Gifted with an ancient power, a group of teenagers embark on a quest to vanquish a dark evil that threatens to consume the world.
Night Is Falling #1 - Welcome To Jonah's Harbor
It's Stranger Things with vampires! Help us make issue #1 of our cinematically paced horror comic book set in late-70s New England.
Crescent City Monsters: Issue #2 will Break Kickstarter
How do you regain a life that has been taken away from your when monsters control everything including you? You become a monster too.
The Rose Society #1 - An Action Thriller Comic!
A thrilling epic tale about the uprising of an underground society and two friends in the fight of their lives.
Dorothy Blade is back! Hacking and slashing her way through Oz, she is joined by a Demon Scarecrow and a giant black wolf Toto!
Mr. Teacher and Panda: Volume 2, The Sequel
Like if Calvin and Hobbes were about the boring lives of adults...
The Smyths Collected Edition, A Hilarious Sci-Fi Adventure
The Sci-Fi family adventure that keeps you laughing for mature readers that need to escape reality for a f**king minute.
Ric McClune: Second Fastest Gun in the West
The Brotherhood of the Gun: The Legend of the West Returns
Starside - Issues 1 & 2
A sci-fi/fantasy series about a teenager thrown into an intergalactic war which leads him to discover Humanity's greater purpose.
The Brink #2: The Urban Cryptid (pt 2)
Shivers & Beckett chase down the spinal fluid drinking creature to Numen Labs. It's 'Luther' with a supernatural twist.
Shade's "SuperHeroes After Dark 3: Nocturnal Missions"
The FINAL ENTRY in artist/writer Shade's sexy superhero anthology comic book series is here!
Grain #1 - A Child Learns To Cope In A World At War
Grain comes to Earth at the end of World War Two. With his trusty bubble, he needs to know why he's here and what his purpose is.
Finnian and the Seven Mountains (Issue #3)
The action escalates in the Finnian Series as both good and evil collide in their search for St. Michael's sword.
AGENTS OF TALON-Bringing Military Action Back-w/Superheroes!
Imagine G.I. JOE with superheroes, add characters with heart, and you have AGENTS OF TALON!
Women Do Not Creep By Daylight: A Ghost Story
Support a brooding ghost story about a castle with a secret. One-shot comic written by Vera Greentea and art by Kyla Vanderklugt.
GHOUL the band presents GHOUL: The Comic Book!
They've splattered the stage, now they wanna splatter the page! Ghoul brings splatterthrash to a new comic book!
The Secrets of Willowmyst #1 - Fun Fantasy Mystery Comic!
Alex suspects she very well may be the last of her kind until she meets Tavin, and thus starts unraveling The Secrets of Willowmyst!
Far-Rider Moto Adventures Comic - New Beginnings
Follow the journey of a lifetime in the original adventure overland travel comic.
The Seven Sagas of Silverbeard - Break Kickstarter
A gorilla warrior battles over 7 lifetimes to overthrow the uncaring gods that betrayed him and would turn his world into a wasteland.
Sunny the California Girl: a 1980's GLOW Wrestling Story
Sunny the California Girl: a GLOW Wrestling Story from the 1980's
THE RESISTANTS' Interval starring in HYPER-ACTION #3!
HYPER-ACTION is a double-feature flip-book featuring the characters of THE RESISTANTS and the bounty hunters that inhabit their world.
Ti Lung Fortune House #2, A Supernatural comic series
The spirit of the dragon, Ti Lung, inhabits a local Chinese restaurant. Some fortunes can come true.
TEMPLE High i01 (Relaunch)
A 35-page action/adventure about testy high schoolers undergoing magic, superpower, and assassination training; what could go wrong?
Scorpio #1-2: An Urban Fantasy Comic About the Zodiac
A diverse, urban fantasy comic about 12 mystical relics that are empowered by the zodiac.
The Magic Seeds - Mujuworld Comic
A Magical tale of a nature spirit on a journey of discovery & adventure into the mysterious Mujuworld.
DISTANT SHORES: The Night Norsemen & Other Tales
Werewolves & Viking & Vampires & Ghosts, Oh My! Comic Book Anthology Featuring 3 Terrifying Tales of Horror.
CROSSING #1 - 4, new issue in this paranormal mystery series
An annoying goth princess haunts the rookie train conductor who ran her over. He says suicide, she says murder!
BURN, Chapter 3: A 1950s Romance Drama series
A 24-page print edition for the third chapter of BURN.
The sexy super size heroines are back! This time a new Valkyrie is revealed!
Ace & Starlet #1
Issue #1 of a new series from Codex Entertainment, llc.
Geek-Girl: Tights 'n' Capes plus previous issues & TPBs
'Mean Girls meets Super-Heroes' in the new Kickstarter, with all issues of the Geek-Girl series including a Brand New 2-part Story Arc!
Battle Monsters Issue #1
Battle Monsters is a comic that combines the world of Pokemon with a post apocalyptic world.
The Raytoons SWAG Gift Box of Comics, Games & Collectibles!
Raytoons is looking to promote Comics & Gaming through promotional Swag Gift Boxes. Get Raytoons Game Cards, Comics & Handcrafted Toys!
LINDA Project - Official English Localization
Help us bring legendary artist LINDA's original works to the west!
Borders - Illustrated Discussions
What borders does the human spirit need other than horizons?
Ayanmo Stigmata i01 & i02
When a Tuskegee Airmen is cast across the galaxy, during WWII, by two scuffling foo-fighters he learns that life exists beyond earth.
The House of Doom! | A Horror Comic Double-Feature
A horror double-feature for people who love people. And houses. And the internet. And violent murder.
Daniel Dreamgazer - Book 2 (illustrated Bible Story)
A comic-book style adaptation of the book of Daniel.
Crescent City Monsters (Supernatural Noir) Issues 1-3
A sorcerer wakes up from death to find his powers & family taken away from him. He must must find out why as he tries regain his life.
Wolf and I: a make 100 comic book project
A young adult fantasy comic
Tiny Wizards
Pint-sized wizards vie for control of fast-food restaurants in a freeway town in California.
The Show - Complete Collection
A graphic novel exploring reality TV and the lunatics that create it - where they take a man, lock him in a room and film him going mad
Team Apex & Naturalites #0: Hard Hitting, Super Hero Action
Alien Fantasy Adventure with Supernatural Elements.
SuperHeroes After Dark TRILOGY / Erotic Comic Book
Compilation of three erotic comics in one massive collection of 200+ pages!
Los Porcos #1: a 22 Page Comic Book Featuring the Disco Pigs
1 of a 6-issue original miniseries in full colour
The Art of Marcelo Trom
Starlite Issue #1: Ex Child Superheroes - Now troubled teens
Issue One of Seven: Two ex-child superheroes battle trans-dimensional spider wizards and space alien pirate-cats.
Adventures of a System Admin: Rubber Ducky (Issue 4)
JJ and the IT team are still haunted by the hacker they recently caught. Things are going to change and may not be for good reasons...
Modern Godhood #1: A Fantasy Action One-Shot Comic
Mythology comics MODERN TESTAMENT and RECLAIMING GODHOOD crossover in this anthology of three supernatural adventure stories.
MediVest Mayhem: A cyberpunk comic / Make 100
A print run of my first comic book.
Surfer Girl/SuperHeroes After Dark TRILOGY: Second Chance!
A second chance to reserve your copy of the Surfer Girl comic book and/or the SuperHeroes After Dark TRILOGY comic.
Infinite Guardian issues 1 + 2
Infinite Guardian: from a machinima to a new comic series!
ELECTRIC YOUTH #1: A coming of age comic thriller!
Southern CA, 1989. The planned community of Irvine is the ideal place to raise a family, some might say it’s a little too perfect...
Adventures of a System Admin: Inside Job #3
Inside Job is the third issue of Adventures of a System Admin. This series is about the day to day of a System Administrator.
Blood n Concrete #1 A supernatural gangster horror comedy.
London's past and present collide in a darkly comic tale of love,loss,betrayal, revenge and undead Cockney gangsters. Blood n Concrete
Menagerie: Issues #1-4
#1-4. They just wanted to start over on a planet far from this endless war. Now, the truth will set them free...if they can survive.
AWF: Primetime Saturday Night #0 - #1
The “wrestle darlings” of the AWF (Amazon Wrestling Federation) compete in superhuman sports entertainment to become AWF Champion!
A retired vigilante has 24 hours to prove that he's still got what it takes to save his family, and himself.
Make 100: Three-Legged Tales
A 40-page comic collection featuring 1-panel tales of my three-legged dog Rusty on a fantasy adventure.
The SAV #3: The Cult of Coyotes
"The SAV" and his new found tribe unknowingly trespass through the ancient burial grounds of an evil exiled primordial clan...
Outlawed Faith Comic
It’s a Steampunk/Sci-Fi/Western. It's like Hell on Wheels meets Firefly!
Sonica #1-#2 - A Musical Superhero Girl series
A comic series about a teenage girl and her dog, who obtain different superpowers whenever they hear music of a different genre.
The exciting 2nd Issue of the Sugar Pop origins mini series.
Pulp Girls: Swiss Army Woman
Comic creators Martin & Maccagni bring you crazy/sexy/fun action with the first tale of the weaponized dynamo... SWISS ARMY WOMAN!!!
The Alchemist of Aurillia #1 - Wizards in the Ottoman Empire
An action fantasy comic about a wizard, a lantern sprite, and hunting monsters, set against the lush backdrop of the Ottoman Empire.
Passenger (Horror Comic Book)
A fully illustrated and colored comic book featuring a story adaptation from the independent film studio, Strange Films.
Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman - Puppets
Issues #9-11, a new story arc of the cult, pulp adventure penny dreadful, comic series.
Mara: Demon Killer
Mara: Demon Killer is the story of a young girl (Mara) that come back to life as a Demon Killer. She is in a journey to save her soul
Jetman - the complete published works all in one book!
A book of the complete Jetman comic strip that appeared in CRASH magazine! The 'ultimate' tribute to this space hero!
JEMBER #1-3: Coming of Age African Superhero/Adventure Story
Unemployed, frustrated, and ready to leave his city behind, Aman finds powers. Written in 2 languages & Created by an ALL AFRICAN team!
Sweethearts of 1989: Chapter 2!
The 2nd chapter of Sweethearts of 1989; the LGBTQ+/trans* slice of life romance story continues!
Ghouls Night
A silly and spooky tale about a boy losing his grandpa on the night of a cursed storm
Spectress & Sabanion #1 - 2: Mystery, Suspense & Horror
The ancient Egyptian ghost, Aneksi, and the demon Sabanion make their harrowing and bloody escape from Containment Facility-4.
HAWI #1-2: Epic African Fantasy Story 🔥
After a masked mercenary kidnaps her mother, Emnet’s trip to Ethiopia turns into an epic quest in the legendary Aksumite empire!
A one-shot comic book focusing on the origin of LUCIFER BIM-BOM; the killer clown prince of crime from GORILLA MY DREAMS!
Echoes of the Triumphant: Numb to the Core
Just a prelude comic book about a regular 20 year old finding his place in Echo City, a city filled with tweaks (genetic misfits).
The Brink #3: Netherworld Death Worms
A supernatural Detective thriller with sc-fi and horror twists, set in London, UK. Shivers and Beckett begin a new investigation.
Silverline double feature: Friar Rush #1 & Bloodline 1-shot
Two new horror comics from Silverline Comics
Skull Maskerade Issue 1
A watercolor comic by Carla Wyzgala and Justin Tauch
DREAMLANDS #1: Lives and Epics - A Fantasy Adventure Comic
In a marvellous world of magic, there is only a historian and all the stories he's collecting. For now..
Starside #3
A sci-fi/fantasy series about a teenager who is thrown into an intergalactic war and discovers Humanity's greater purpose.
The Shaolin Nun
Mei Yin is a warrior nun from a secret Shaolin order. An order dedicated to training women to fight back against the world of men.
The Crimebusters #1-2: Supernatural Mystery Adventure awaits
Student sleuths investigate ghosts, time travel, & more in the Scooby Doo tradition! Let's Make 100!
The Ferryman
A 24 page folk horror comic.
Succubus #4: Lilith's Garden
The 4th issue of the erotic comic book series 'Succubus' from Spiral Ink Comics, created by Rob Hicks.
Discordia #0: 5 Horror Shorts to Satiate Your Bloodlust
The introductory issue to an ongoing horror series. This #0 world-builds for the epic horror tale to come.
Brian Pulido's Newest: Lady Death: Treacherous Infamy #1!
The EVIL Within -- UNLEASHED! The 12th Chapter in Lady Death's Coffin Comics saga!
Sophia Saturn #3 - The teen space adventure continues!
After being sucked through a wormhole, Sophia & her friends continue their incredible journey in issue #3 of the comic book series.
SIMON BISLEY - Sketch & Doodle book 2021 - Art Book
See for the first time sketches, doodles, prelims and previous Kickstarter reward drawings in the new 2021 art book
Turns out getting a bunch of supervillains together to save the world was a really bad idea. Oops.
Neverender: Issue Two
Neverender is a comic about an earthborn punk and his journey into a space dueling ring.
A heavyweight boxer turned super-powered, clown-assassin steps into the ring to fight for his very soul!
Patriotika is back and meets new characters introduced to the Patriotika Universe! Are they friends or foes? Main villain Ra appears!
RAVEN NEVERMORE (Issues 8 & 9) - The Complete Limited Series
A tale of a man struggling with a repressed legacy, fights to gain agency over his own identity, in order to save the world.
The Macabre Motel #1: a strangely bizarre horror one-shot
A Twilight Zone-esque episode about a trip to see a girlfriend, a detour to a motel, and the weird guests that refuse to let you leave.
Major Holmes & Captain Watson Issues #1-2!
An original comic series featuring the NEXT generation of great detectives!
Sisterhood Oneshot "The Gáe Bulg": Gwynn goes feral
Gwynn faces Nazi-Werewolves in search for a spear, true love and survival in her pulse-pounding solo adventure!
Hellbringers: The Sacred Heart
The Queen of Hell must take back her kingdom in this new comic by Chad Hardin, Ryan Brown, and Mark May.
City of Roses, Issue No. 1
A suspenseful crime drama based in Portland, Oregon about an outlaw motorcycle club.
The After Realm Quarterly #3
An ongoing 56 page fantasy series about an Elf escaping her world after Raganarok.
BEEF BROS: The aspirational leftist superhero comic
Two happy-go-lucky himbo bodybuilders stand up for their community, pushing back against sadistic cops and greedy landlords!
Brian Pulido's Newest: Hellwitch: Sacrilegious #1!
[ENDS TONIGHT AT 6PM MST! w/ 21+ FREE BONUS ITEMS!] The third chapter in Hellwitch's nefarious Hellbourne life. Mature readers only!
I Am Hexed: Issue #3
Equality is Magic: A comic book about the ongoing political struggles of modern day witches.
A medieval epic fantasy based on African myth and culture with secrets only known to the ancients.
The Killer Bees - 1980's WWF Pro Wrestling Tag Team Legends
The COMPLETE, 3-issue story of the lives and careers of The Killer Bees, B. Brian Blair & Jumpin' Jim Brunzell, WWF Tag Team Legends!
Amazonia #1 - 10th Anniversary Edition
An amazon cop, who was arrested for murder in her teen years, looks for redemption by saving her hometown from the grips of a madman.
An oniric and mysterious journey through Moon’s universe.
The Shadow Agency #1
With hopes to redeem himself for his past, a young man with powers puts together a team to fight the battles no one should know about.
Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter & the Origins Anthology - ReLaunch!
A comics anthology about a goblin with a sassy ghost skull haunting his cursed arm. Together they fight zombies to save us all!
EXILIUM: The hit sci-fi series returns for Season 2!
The 40-page first issue of a new limited series you don't want to miss!
Killeroo... in COLOUR!
Reprinting the KILLEROO: SCARS origin story... this time in glorious colour!
Lili: The Demoness Ch.4 - Damnable Desires
The next 24 page chapter of the successful Lili the Demoness series. For Mature Audiences.
Boom Queens: Issue 01
New 24 page color comic book sees a trio of hoverbikers hunting down Nazis and sex traffickers after a 2nd American Civil War
House of Fear: The Quickstarter
The smash fantasy-adventure-horror series returns with 32 pages of monster-fighting action.
PUNO, a Peruvian Cyberpunk Comic
Enter a dystopian world of cyborgs, robot dogs and gangsters.
Serious: An Empowering Survival Adventure For All Ages
In a world struck by a pandemic, a young rabbit must navigate fear, chaos and self doubt and lead his friends to their dreams.
TRUTH HURTS - A satiric cyberpunk comic
The third and final issue of my satiric cyberpunk miniseries "THE COMMON GOOD". Get it separately or all 3 books combined.
Young Offenders! A Young Adult Team Superhero Comic
Five young adults must step out of the shadow of their more successful peers and mentors to not just save but CHANGE the world.
Arcane Sally & Mr. Steam #5
A supernatural Victorian mystery (NOT STEAMPUNK!)!!
A young man struggles to control his new found powers in a fight against 4 bio-mechanical warriors sent from the future to destroy him!
Killeroo / The 4Horsemen crossover comic
An Aussie comic book crossover, featuring the iconic fan-favourite Killeroo, and Stuart Black's long-running 4Horsemen series.
Redd Velvette: Treasures
A prequel one-shot comic about when pirate Redd Velvette met her companion Lass.
Black Cat Chronicles: The Greyfriars Cemetery
Truth is Scarier Than Fiction
I am self-publishing the ZERØ issues of my comic book titles as double size 52 pagers featuring my Superspeed Alter Ego TURBO/THRUST!
The Convictor: Hunters Moon
The ninja-vigilante is in for the fight of his life as he is hunted by a supernatural beast through the gritty back-alleys of GUT City
Raytoons Cartoon Avenue #2: Comics Created by Kids!
Showcases work from many Comic & Children's Book creators! Plus Interviews w/ Professional Artists and a new kid publishing section!
Crossbones #3 - Grave Consequences
The third installment in the saga about the Bone-Manipulating Narco - Crossbones! A Crime Drama with Superhero/Supernatural elements!
Teufels Küche - a fully painted horror comic book
Written by an american author, painted by a german artist
Finnian #4 - Epic Fantasy Comic Inspired by Christian Legend
A fantasy adventure comic book series where we follow Finnian in his search for the "Sword of St. Michael."
Karl Kämpe Äventyraren – På Dödens Väg
Karl Kämpe Äventyraren nr 1-5 plus mycket annat samlat i ett fett 180-sidors samlingsalbum.
PARIS 2119: a deadly, dystopic romance
Black Mirror meets Blade Runner in this deluxe graphic novel by Zep and Dominique Bertail with exclusive variant cover by Peach Momoko.
Filaments: A Psychedelic Fantasy Comic
An intra-galactic adventure, and the 2nd book about the Angel KerBop
STARS Song01 (on-going)
The balance amidst rock star and superhero has never been so BLURRED and for this group, it's time to choose. Hero, rock star, or both!
Beyond the Wall
Don' know too much myself what's out there. But if you're wantin' a story, you came to the right place.
The Surgeon: How to Bring Knives to a Gunfight
The Doc came looking for work, but it’s time to go. Between her and freedom, a vicious siege rages. She’ll have to cut her way out.
Roadkill Rampage
Savagery At Every Turn...
The Digital Pools Issue #1: A Cybernoir Crime Saga
An aging detective enlists the help of a digital hacker with a troubled past to police the virtual net.
A Brailliant Implant!
Making comics readable by blind. Sharing the love of comics!
SAVAGE SASQUANAUT 1-4: Bigfoot's lost in space and LOVING it
Bigfoot is lost in space carjacking star ships, arm wrestling aliens, and bending the cosmos to his will, searching for his way home!
Shark of War Issues 1 and 2 - A Parade of Piranha
The Cartel Finally Finds The Weapon That Can Stop Even A Bullet Proof, Flying Shark!
Deep Theory #1: Ardipithecus
A tale among tales about the origins of humanity.
An average guy takes on a not so average world where superheroes are the celebrities, and twisted villains run amuck.
The Listener
An ongoing spiritual horror starting in WW2. Our Anti Hero is a Native American soldier who gains the ability to see the dead.
The Bite of Brenna Barlow #1
The heartwarming tale of a telepathic blind vampire and her sarcastic dachshund
"Save me from Chloe" - Comic book
Join the whacky siblings, Nathan and Chloe, on their day to day antics in this 64 pages all-ages comic book!
The Nerds Who Haunted Themselves: Outstanding In Their Field
The Haunted Nerds make their Kickstarter debut with a collection of gag and pun filled comic strips!
The Saddest Angriest Black Girl in Town
An autobiographical comic that explores the intersection of Blackness and mental health.
Make 100: The Lump Sum Saga - Issue 1 - "No Spoilers" Launch
Digital & 1:12 Scale Micro-comic release of "Prologue: Only the Fate of Our World."
Emulator #1
Video games divide a father and son, but when the game villain appears in their world, play time's over and the truth will be revealed.
Endless Moons #1 | #MAKE100
A science-fantasy adventure following the story of Dazel, a young bounty hunter from the Endless Moons. Part of #MAKE100!
MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS Complete Comic Book Collections
Pre-order the exclusive collectible hardcovers of the series that changed Power Rangers forever!
I Am Hexed: Issue #4
Equality is Magic: A comic book about the ongoing political struggles of modern day witches.
Brian Pulido's Newest: Lady Death: Cataclysmic Majesty #1!
28+ FREE Bonus Items (Including Challenge Coin & Sworn Club Membership) + FREE U.S. Shipping & much MORE!!! ENDS SOON!
Clodagh #1 - Hang Onto Your Head! Dark Fantasy/Horror ⚔
A dark and disturbing journey of jealousy and evil, set in a world halfway between Game of Thrones and Scott Snyder’s Wytches.
Luna and Flow Comic
A comic series about a superhero, who saves people from menstruation mishaps and inspires them to be proud of what makes them different
Blood Force Trauma: Issue 3
Lightnin' Legs Jones must train Zap Daniels and teach him some DEVASTATING abilities if he's going to defeat the Hell Prince VENGANZA!
Bloom #1 - The Origin of a Prophet
1969. A comic artist shoots photos of a dancer posing as his mystic villain, but it soon turns all too real.
LUMPIA Movie - Filipino American Comic Book Issue #2 Sequel
A comic book interlude to our upcoming feature film LUMPIA WITH A VENGEANCE; the followup to our first independent comic book
Indulge yourself in this Action Packed 4th issue of POST APOCALYPTIC GRINDHOUSE ADVENTURE.
Mythic Creature Trainer 1+2
A kid-friendly fantasy comic about friendship, adventure and creatures.
Miserably Altered 1-2: A Horror Fantasy Adventure
A horror fantasy comic of a girl who must escape a home full of deadly creatures & evil experiments in order to heal her failing body.
The Tessellation #1
30-page first issue of a unique infinite-realities comic! It's SLIDING DOORS meets THE GAME in the multiverse.
START AGAIN Issue 1 #Make100
Sex, social media and superheroes.
War Angels Issue 5
The genre-hopping, action-filled twist on the Valkyrie legend continues.
Wren - Issue One: The Plague
WREN – is an ambitious alternative re-telling of 17th Century Plague mired London and the dawn of modern science
Shark of War Issues 1 - 3, The New King And Queen of The Sea
Defeated And Near Death, The Shark of War Seeks Help From His Only Friend - A Nine Year Old Boy!
Daniel Dreamgazer - Book 3 (illustrated Bible Story)
A comic-book style adaptation of the book of Daniel.
Voyage: The call
A mini horror scifi comic following the adventures of Sonderon, an intergalactic space explorer!
Ezarieth World Heroes Comic for Fantasy & Adventure fans.
A Crazy Dragon Goddess is bringing chaos to the realm. A young Thief and Elf Prince have to stop her. But, how do you kill a god?
In Purgatory: Sins of the Father
The journey of life after death continues with our protagonist, Death and his companions
Hellpug and Velocicock
It's an action-comedy, bromance set in May's fantasy setting and vision of Hell. It is the next chapter of the Hellbringers storyline.
Jamie Tyndall Artbook: Titanium Edition
THREE new books! Titanium Edition, Behind the Line: Danger Zone 1, and Behind the Line: Danger Zone 2
Bloom - The Origin of a Prophet - Issues 1 & 2
1969. A comic artist shoots photos of a dancer posing as his mystic villain, but it soon turns all too real.
REBURN: Issue #1
24-page creator-owned full color comic book by an all female team
Guinevere and the Divinity Factory #4: Mega-campaign!
Featuring exclusive, limited edition covers from Paolo Pantalena, Whisky Paint, and Matt Weldon, Plus a sexy lenticular
Sophia Saturn #1-5 : The Complete Comic Mini-Series!
The teen space adventure, Sophia Saturn, concludes the first story-arc of the all-ages comic series.
Bobo & J-5: Journey to the Planet Pie Chapter 2
A limited print-run of the second issue of our comic -- Bobo & J-5: Journey to the Planet Pie, a sci-fi comedy
Quindrie Press: the 2021 comic collection
Four brand new short comics by some of Scotland's most exciting indie creators!
Renegade XL900
An action-focused gritty cyberpunk comic inspired by Yukito Kishiro's Gunm, Frank Miller's Ronin, and Games Workshop's Necromunda.
The Last Homicide: #1 of a 2-part crime noir detective story
On the eve of retirement, a cop must stop a mob war by solving the murder of a crime boss' son in this homage to classic pulp mystery.
The Polar Paradox: #1 of a 2 part MAKE 100 sci-fi adventure
When research scientists go missing, an elite team of rescue divers head under Antarctica to unravel a mystery at the end of the Earth.
Comic Book Weekly (Podcast) Season 1: Top 5 & More! Make/100
Audio version of our weekly LIVE YouTube show, Comic Book Weekly, a comic book podcast discussing Top 5 comics of the week and more!
Three-Legged Tales: The Good Knight
This Make 100 project is a cute comic collection featuring 1-panel tales of my dogs Rusty and Ginger on a fantasy adventure together.
The Vampire Verses:Blood Rites Sketchbook and Art Book
The Vampire Verses: Blood Rites is a sketchbook and art book companion to the comic book series
Make100: The Herebey Dragons - Books 1 & 2
If humans weren't the first intelligent species on Earth, do we have any rights at all?
Adventures of a System Admin: Back to Business (Issue 5)
Adventures of a System Admin is about JJ, a college dropout and aspiring System Administrator that fights hackers.
NIPPON#1 of 8
This story is the adventure of a samurai experiencing the effects of the change of the political system of 16th century Japan.
Mythica Issue 7
In the midst of WW1, a Scottish soldier and a sultry spy fight for their lives against vampires and demons in this adult fantasy comic.
Cypher Team i01 (on-going)
With a terrorist uprising and a villainous organization lurking in the shadows. A "Xenith" black ops unit will be revived to stop them.
The Passage Issue 1
The demon Belial faces African gods on a slave ship bound for the New World in this expansion of MWP Comics' Third Testament Universe.
Minxx Cyberpunk S2 & Cyberpunk Force
The second installment of the Minxx Cyberpunk comic book series.
The Lost Tales 1 | An Epic Magical Fantasy Comic Book
An ancient evil has been released, beware the prophecy!
A zombie thriller following a mysterious outbreak unraveling on a Native American reservation.
The Sire Volume 3: Rebirth
Mo' Powers ... Mo' Problems! Level up or get left BEHIND...
The Nekros #1: A Dark Fantasy Thriller
Clash of the Titans meets Alien in this epic tale of man vs. beast.
Bottoms Up: Hard Liquor, Issues 1 & 2 (COMIC)
A horror/comedy comic book where the killer is... a bottle of booze. 60+ pages of '80s horror inspired madness.
A Girls Night Out: Hilarity, Hi-Jinx… and Hidden Secrets! 40-page Comic-Book by KARL KESEL (Harley Quinn) & DAVID HAHN (Batman 66!)
Mind Meld #1 - Nebula Pearl
A Writer Collaboration of a Science Fiction Action Comic that follow a crew of Space Pirate Cannibal Call Girls.
Dwellings No. 2: A Creepy-Cute Horror Comic by Jay Stephens
The second issue in Jay Stephens’ first ongoing series in over twenty years! Dwellings blends retro cuteness with classic horror…
Sacrimony # 1 - A Fantasy Comic About Love, Life and Death
A tale of a demon-winged girl trying to find her place in the world.
Starside #4
A sci-fi/fantasy comic book series about a teenager who is thrown into an intergalactic war and discovers Humanity's greater purpose.
Karl Kämpe Äventyraren – Oskuldens Pris
En ny serietidning om den svenske karolinen och 1700-talsäventyraren Karl Kämpe.
ESPRESSO DETECTIVE COMIC No.3 - plus No.1 & No.2 Relaunch
Sexy Noir Horror Comic with a Kick! Detective Sanchez is back to battle depression, slavers & Lovecraftian fiends with style & espresso
Night Leaves
A parable about the relationship between humans and nature. Graphic novel / Picture book (English or German)
Draz and The Birth of Dracard Kingdom Issue 3
Fantasy Comic based on Dra, follow Draz as she tries to retire at her tavern, but fate has different plans for her.
STARWEED #1 - Full Spectrum Comic Book
In a world of smoking the remains of dead celebrities, they heist corpses. A scifi/action romp by Tony Gregori and Lex Wilson
God Summoner #1,2 and 3
3 Chapters of the exciting adventure, filled with Magic, Guns & Inquisitors
Dad's story, Told by me!
An illustrated silly and comical guide on Cancer treatment.
Space Pussycat - A Raunchy Feline Romp Across the Galaxy!
A complete, 4-issue sci-fi series starring an anthropomorphic cat-for-hire, his foul-mouthed partner, & their octopus-powered starship!
Robyn 4 - The Black Butterfly + Catch-up!
Issue 4 of our popular adventure comic book Robyn is here - join the gang as they go in search of a mysterious relic.
There’s a car going around taking brains in this new cyberpunk comic series.
Sadie's Sword
Sadie's Sword is a comic about a young girl who finds an ancient mysterious sword that she uses to fight the growing forces of evil.
ADMIRAL HERO vs TEAM CatDad: What Makes a HERO???
TEAM CatDad is BACK & this time they TACKLE what it MEANS TO BE A HERO as we introduce ADMIRAL HERO and discover his important origin.
Future Sci-Fi Tales: Spatial Void
Six sci-fi stories, six creative teams, ONE awesome anthology! 50+ page book of sci-fi awesomeness.
ZUFAN #1: Pan-African sci-fi inspired by a true story
Ethiopia is the only African nation that was never colonized. Find out why in our epic sci-fi tale retelling history thru fiction!
BIGFOOT KNOWS KARATE Chapter 1: Hunter/Prey
A gentle, but deadly cryptid warrior must do battle with KUNG FU 'THULHU. Think Godzilla vs. Kong meets Kill Bill.
Skies of Fire #8
The eighth issue of Skies of Fire, a dieselpunk airship comic. It all comes down to this.
Angel of Darkness #1
Death is like a robe everyone has to wear. --African Proverb
Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen: Conquest 1-2 - Epic Steampunk
A rogue shootist, now the Horseman of Death, rampages on a hunt for the unseen powers who destroyed his ravaged steampunk world.
The Alchemist of Aurillia #1-2
Wizards and swords in the Ottoman Empire!
The Tales of Intoxica
A mature, fantasy, comedy comic by Turkie Moore, Michel Abstracto, and The Grouch Couch community. A D&D adventure in a homebrew world
Lost Magic Season 1 - An All Ages Fantasy Horror Comic
36 Pages, Full Color that lets the Reader's Imagination run wild with Magic, Monsters & Mystery.
Snow Paw #1: A 19th Century Scottish Female Werewolf Fantasy
Upon discovering her werewolf lineage, a young woman’s eyes are opened to the existence of Supernatural beings & creatures of Fantasy!
The ongoing survival horror comic Standstill returns with two all-new chapters in issues 5 and 6 by Justin Gray and Branko Jovanovic!
Cinder #1: Frightful fantasy - new tricks, new treats
It’s Lord of the Rings meets Tim Burton with hieroglyphic dialogue, surreal panel layouts, and stuffed full of detailed art!
Pilgrim's Dirge #1
A defector trying to return to his family fights for survival on a frozen Earth after a cataclysm manifests aliens and ancient secrets.
The Ignis Quadrant #1-3 : sci-fi "space western" comics
A nostalgic, rip-roaring sci-fi western adventure in "The Ignis Quadrant", full of action, beautiful art, and (tastefully) crass humor.
Patriotika is split apart! Athena battles Solaris! How will Erin handle things now with Arcane as the other half of Patriotika?
In 1950, off the coast of Massachusetts, a small island known as Solo was BERSERKERS: SOLO ISLAND ~ Number 2 of 8 issue LIMITED SERIES
Draz And The Birth Of Dracard Kingdom.
The retired adventure turned tavern owner, now taken her ax up once more. Adventure runs in her blood, and the thrill of battle
Space Oddities 1 & 2
A space adventure/comedy comic series aspiring to be the lovechild of Indiana Jones and Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.
A Botched Heist on the Outskirts of a Northern Canadian City Results in a Fatal School Bus Crash that Generates Devastating Outcomes!
Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen: Conquest #1 - Steampunk Western
The Steampunk Apocalypse ain't over. It's barely even begun as the dread Horseman Conquest rises from the wreckage of our first series.
El Cabrón Pistolero - A Spaghetti Western Monster Comic
A Demon infested Spaghetti Western where a weathered lone gunslinger travels the plains hunting down demons.
MERC Miss Meow and Deathrage #2
Miss Meow is on the hunt at area 51. Deathrage is hunted at the circus. TWO new issues. ONE campaign.
New Rat City: The Complete Series
A pest controller battles rats, roaches, pigeons, and more for the future of NYC in this 120+ page two-part comic series!
Power Hour #1
If you could have a super power for just one hour, what would you do?
The Middle Ground Issue 1-3
Native American spirits and European demons battle for the souls of Colonial Jamestown.
Quicksand 1-3
The next two issues of the sci-fi horror mini-series created by Jonathan Hedrick!
Spirit of The Dragon #1 Make 100 Campaign
The choice between revenge and justice sets the course of a young woman's life.
Where a deadly pathogen is released on a small island. Causing the locals to go BERSERK, in this 1950's style horror series.
Grimm Space #1: a sci-fi reimagining of classic fairy tales
A space fantasy one-shot that retells Jack & the Beanstalk with aliens. It's a world of fables and fairy tales stylized like Star Wars.
Minxx Cyberpunk Season 3
The wait is over!
Coffin Comics' All New Lady Death: Necrotic Genesis #1!!!
40+ FREE Bonuses Unlocked! PLEDGE NOW to unlock more! World War Death, a Coffin Comics Companywide event, begins here!
Sun-Child: Chapter 1 (supernatural Horror action)
A unconventional demon-hunter travels to help out those in need, but often some people prove more wicked than the demons he hunts.
Starlite Issues 1-4 Raver Super Heroes Trapped in Space!
32 page color comic - former kid super heroes battle Trans-dimensional spider wizards, & space pirate-cats
GOTTHEM #1-4 - The Batman Parody Comic Series Continues
Last Few Hours + Stretch Goal GIFTS + FREE Shipping Worldwide from EU
VR Xoxo #2
Part two of a three part series about obsession in a virtual world.
Alicia Carter & Robot (Space Babes & Jumpsuits)
An action-a-minute comedic pulp Sci-Fi series about a girl and her robot..Full-color, 28 page comic!
PILCUYO, a Peruvian Cyberpunk saga
The dystopian saga reaches its climax with a clash between cyborgs, robots, soldiers & mercenaries
Home Free #1 of 5: A Modern Noir Tale
A road trip of crime & circumstances through revolutionary America
POWER FRIENDS #1 (Deutsch/English)
Superhero-Comic about friendship, coming of age, fun action and more...
FlagForce ComicBook by Boo Rudetoons
A new 64 page FlagForce black & white Comic Book with eyepopping colour covers of my epic busty Superhero Action Comedy serise.
O Kingdom Come #1 By D. Ajayi
A history destroyed, misinterpreted, rewritten then lost. A people worshiped, admired, envied then feared. Witness the fall of Nubia.
The Lonely Giant - A fantasy and friendship comic book
When Natae stumbles into an exciting party of spirit creatures, she must confront what it is that she truly wants or end up alone again
Shark of War Issues 1 - 4, Ready to Rampage
They almost killed him. But he's been rebuilt - stronger, faster, and with bigger guns. And this time, it's personal!
Ennead: The Rule of Nine Books # 1-4 | An Epic Fantasy Saga
Heart That Wanders is one 24-page comic written in two languages. A psionic elf makes a discovery with staggering implications.
Human Hunters Issue 1
We've been hiding through the centuries, fearing those that wish end our existence. Now, we will be the ones hunting - Human Hunters.
The Mycelium Complex - Issue 1-2
Fleeing a future world devastated by 'The Wrath of God', three scientists must face the demons of a mad man's past...
STARWEED #2 - for Recreational Comic Book Use only
In a world of smoking the remains of dead celebrities, they heist corpses. Also starring dinosaurs and an inflatable Clark Gable.
SIDE-KICKED Chapters 1-7: Heroes, Sidekicks, Aliens and More
The sidekick strike is over. Can the heroes & sidekicks learn to work together when an alien invasion threatens their peace?
Supercats Mewow!
A wonderfully whimsical way to introduce children to reading and comics with loveable superhero cats! A Kickstarter Exclusive Edition!!
Shi: Omnibus Edition Vol. 1 Kickstarter Exclusive!
Billy's Tucci's classic is collected in this Premiere 488-pg. Full-Color Hardcover Omnibus Edition!
Killeroo Pins
A new set of hard enamel KILLEROO pins, after the great response to our previous design!
Shark of War Issues 1-5 - The Complete Epic
One Shark Stands Alone Against The Mob, The Military, Mad Scientists, and Thousands of Cyborg Piranha.
Pipe Creepers #1 & 2: an off-beat Lovecraftian horror comic
Plumbers continue their adventure underground and discover horrifying secrets on a cosmic scale. It's Super Mario Bros. vs Cthulhu!
GRIMLAND: Ascension - A grim-dark sci-fi comic.
GRIMLAND: Ascension - A thrilling introduction to a new exciting grim dark sci-fi universe!
Redhead Tales #2
The 2nd issue in a new series from Joe Pekar, with two stories in one comic! One fantasy themed and one superhero/relationship story!
Power Broker
A madcap world where anyone can have super powers...for a price!
Everborn: The Red Lands - Chapter 1
Princess by Day, Bandit by night. Isis Ammon AKA Karma leads a double life to exact her revenge on a king that killed her parents.
Rakehell - Quint's Curse #1: A Demonic Horror comic book.
A new supernatural comic series where a hidden Templar order collides with dark forces over the damned hamlet of Rakehell.
A Hunter's Tale: A Comics Poem Written by my Grandfather
A poem about empathy, presented as 32-page, full-color, comic book. Written by Charles Kermit Claytor with art by Ryan Claytor.
ZADAR the SAVAGE Issue 1
ZADAR the Savage brings vengeance to those who aim to destroy his life.
The Phytos Comic
A cannabis edu-tainment comic about the phyto-cannabinoids and terpenes in marijuana
Permanent Anticipation: Experimental Comic
Permanent Anticipation is a 40 page experimental comic about our weird and wonderful online lives.
VR Xoxo #1
A story of obsession in a virtual world of an MMO.
2100 AD issues # 1-4
Artificial intelligence destroys humanity!
Mythic Creature Trainer 1-3: A kid-friendly fantasy comic
A colourful new series about respect, adventure and friendship!
The Drunkard Out of Space
A 56 page magazine sized comic of one bad-@$$ bartender who ain't taking S#%& from an alien invasion!
Ocean Spree Issue 1
The story of Mags, a young woman on the run from the law making a life at sea with a colorful cast of characters.
Where Am I?
A printed edition of Priya Huq's autobio comic about September 11th
Ennead: The Rule of Nine | An Epic Fantasy Saga, Books #1-6
Over 40 new pages in this spaghetti western, fantasy that values diversity, representation, and marginalized voices.
The Shaolin Nun 3
One week left to get in on the Kung Fu Action! Back this book today!
Broken Trident #1 - A Pirate Fantasy Adventure
After his home is destroyed a young sea-elf must come to terms with his failures and set things straight, or the whole world may suffer
Playsuper Cosplay Edition follows the adventures of Abby, Bambi & Cadence as they show off their pin-up pictures. Art by Jose Varese
FairyFare #1
A comic about the fairyfolk finally launching an app, by Nick Bryan & Rosie Alexander.
SIDE-KICKED Chapters 1-8: Heroes, Sidekicks, Aliens and More
The sidekick strike is over. Can the heroes & sidekicks learn to work together when an alien invasion threatens their peace?
Genetic Superiority #1 - A 24 Page, Full Color, Sci-Fi Comic
When humanity is on the brink of extinction, three new societies arise with conflicting visions of how to survive.
OFFWORLDER Issue 1 Second Chance!
New t-shirts, swag and an autographed cover not available before!
Solarion Sun: Volume 1
The printed release of the first story arc of Solarion Sun.
Kid Cretaceous
Have you ever wished Superman could be your friend? Kid Cretaceous' wish comes true when her toy dinosaur leaps to life!
Red Hyena: The Mistress of Mischief and Mayhem
A hi-tech thief with a sassy mouth. There isn't anything she can't steal, no secret she can't find, no one that can match her skill!
Miss Medusa's Monstrous Menagerie
Mistress in the ring, snake in the grass- she'll do anything to get THAT CA$H.
Lana Leuka Blood Ties #002
The cat and mouse game continues, will Chase catch up with Lana?
Karl Kämpe Äventyraren: Den Eviga Vinterns Land
Karl Kämpes sökande efter Livets träd fortsätter i denna serietidning, förvärva del 1+2 i Expedition Paradiset genom denna kickstarter.
Hob's Lane #1 - a Lovecraftian kitchen-sink psychodrama
Widowed theoretical physicist John Tate is sure he can bring his murdered wife back from the abyss, but the abyss has other ideas.
Karl Kämpe Äventyraren: Den Siste Tempelriddaren
En serietidning med Karl Kämpe i bästa Indiana Jones-anda. Innehåller den första delen i trilogin Expedition Paradiset.
Gone 1-4 - our sci-fi mystery continues
If a tree falls on an abandoned space craft, does it make a sound? Join AssistA as it tries to figure out exactly what went wrong...
Clodagh 1 & 2 - Dark, Fantasy Horror from Blue Fox Comics
A dark and disturbing journey of jealousy and evil, set in a world halfway between Game of Thrones and Scott Snyder’s Wytches.
Man-Child #1
The premiere issue in a limited series dedicated to the work and life of comics legend Stan Lee.
Wren: Part 1 & 2
London's Burning!
The Bar - Issue #1
Welcome to The Bar where fate is decided. Innocents shall be spared and the wicked punished. Your actions mean your life or death...
Special Edition Comic Book Celebrating Don McGregor's Return to Zorro!
Hob's Lane 1 & 2 - a Lovecraftian kitchen-sink psychodrama
Widowed theoretical physicist John Tate is sure he can bring his murdered wife back from the abyss, but the abyss has other ideas.
Welcome to SAINT HELL #1 (of 5): Action-noir made in Italy
[ENG] Divine Comedy-inspired [for mature readers] / (ITA) Ispirato alla Divina Commedia (per un pubblico adulto)
Nightmare Fuel #1
Monsters are real. When giant corporations try to turn them into money, what happens next is NIGHTMARE FUEL...
Roadkill du Jour 1-4 Box Set: Biker vs. Witch in the Bayou
A biker cursed to eat only roadkill wields the powers of the dead critters to avenge his lost gang & slay the witch who hexed him.
ASININE! The Sketch Cover Edition
Obtain your copy of ASININE as a piece of art! Sketch cover versions either illustrated or painted by the creators!
In 1792, the truth behind the greatest story of RE-ANIMATION is lost. It is rediscovered in 2020, changing the world FOREVER.
A comic series about a woman with no powers, in a world where everyone else is trying to be a famous superhero.
THE LEGENDARY LUMPIA SQUAD - Filipino American Comic Book #1
An independent comic book spin-off to our award-winning feature film LUMPIA WITH A VENGEANCE to be released Summer 2022
Scarlet Sova #1
Scarlet Sova is a transgendered anti-heroine struggling to rediscover her humanity after mysteriously returning from the afterlife.
Mythic Creature Trainer 1-4: A kid-friendly fantasy comic
A colourful new series about dragons, adventure and friendship!
PUNK TACO Volume 2 and Punk Taco Coloring Book!
Punk Taco and the Band are Back!
Ormus #1
A sci-fi opera about conspiracies, love, betrayal, assassins and the far reaches of space.
JEMINI - Filipino American Comic Book Series/LUMPIA Spin-Off
An independent comic book spin-off to our award-winning feature film LUMPIA WITH A VENGEANCE to be released Spring 2022
Crown Comics
Crown Comics Issue #1
THE ETERNAL DIEBACK Issue #1: A Dark Fantasy Adventure
By Matt Rowe
Angry Squad: Viva Las Angry
Angry Fred and his team set out to stop a deluded soldier from wreaking havoc across Las Vegas.
Fox Feet: Chapter One
A fantasy comic about a young girl who must decide her own fate, regardless of those who wish to control it.
War Angels Issue 6
MWP Comics' genre-hopping twist on the Valkyrie legend continues with Issue 6.
PACK 1-3: A Comic Series About 6 Stray Dogs & 1 Stray Man
Temperance the tech-enhanced Great Dane fights for justice on the streets of Brooklyn in Issue 3 of PACK.
The Lady Death Majestic Statue Series by Coffin Collectibles
ALL NEW! Three Collectible Editions! 1/6th scale. Cold cast resin. 15" tall (12" figure / 3" base). PLUS Free Bonus items!
Come on... it has Intergalactic Space Satanists... BUY IT!
Starside #5
After being ripped away from his home during an alien invasion, Jack searches for a way back to Earth in this compelling space opera.
Yawa The Adventurer #1 - African Explorer Adventure Comic
🇬🇧A fun cross between Tintin, Scooby-Doo, and Indiana Jones/ 🇫🇷 Un croisement amusant entre Tintin, Scooby-Doo et Indiana Jones
RAYNA: The Bastard Queen #1
A barbarian warrior seeks vengeance on the coven of witches that murdered her tribe when she was a child.
Vicious Circus 2021 Christmas Special - Holiday Clown Horror
When a mall Santa goes rogue to grant a desperate Christmas wish, he enters the hunting grounds of the clowns of the Vicious Circus.
The Truce: a one-shot sci-fi/dystopian action comic
Two armies fight for control after the fall of society, but the rivals must form a truce when a new warrior tribe threatens them both.
Forbidden Issue 2 "THE HUNT"
He has awakened the dark forces of Nocron and is now the Hunted. This Explosive 3rd Book reveals the truth and something sinister...
LEGENDARY - Pulse Pounding, Action Packed, Superhero Smash!
Titan-Earth's only Superhero, is all that stands between Humanity & Chaos as Mutated Villains emerge from the darkest corners of Earth.
Baku: Dreamwalkers issues 1-3
Issue 3 is finally here! Meet new powerful characters, mystery, and drama in and out of the dream world!
Endless Moons #1-2: An Ancient Science-fantasy Adventure
Follow the steps of a lost princess, in this black & white science-fantasy adventure, where Legend of Zelda meets space westerns.
Mythica Issue 8: A dark, fantasy comic for mature readers
In the midst of WW1, a Scottish soldier and a sultry spy fight for their lives against vampires and demons.
Frontier Forever: Tomorrow's Yesterday
Over 160 pages of full-color sci-fi stories from Frontier Forever AND issue two of Regenesis! Become part of this wild series!
A new KILLEROO comic book set in the distant future of the Australian landscape - now a world reminiscent of Cyberpunk and Mad Max.
GALACTIC RODENTS of MAYHEM! (Crowdgoing Comic Book Series)
An interstellar bounty has been placed on our rad space capybaras. Can they come together as a family to finally escape their past?
GORILLA MY DREAMS TEAM-UP #1 - An Action-Packed Monster Romp
This Halloween, KNOCKAROUND-GUY is besieged by the bizarre PANCIT PALABOK -- so he enlists the help of monster hunter CTHULHU WILLIAMS!
Powers Fearful and Divine #1
Houdini, Lovecraft and Conan Doyle battle for control of the 20th century, embodied by a twisted, half-mechanical Victor Frankenstein.
Roadkill Rampage #2 - More savagery at every turn...
The grindhouse, horror saga continues as Tess finds a whole new set of problems right around the bend.
Shiver in the Dark 20th Anniversary set by Stuart Sayger
Shiver in the Dark 1-3 20th anniversary deluxe square bound editions with new material. Strictly limited to 300 sets! Deluxe art prints
Three comic books! the Devil's Toilet #3, Vamoose #3, and Sluggish #1
Where The Rent Went: A 90's punk house mystery comic
A completely self-contained comic story set in 1996 featuring punk rock, roommate drama, and a mystery!
Path of the Pale Rider
Issue number 1 of Comic Book Series: The Path of the Pale Rider
Pipe Creepers:#1 of a 2 part off-beat Lovecraft horror comic
Plumbers enter the basement of a creepy mansion and discover horrifying secrets on a cosmic scale. It's Super Mario Bros. vs Cthulhu!
FLOCK #1 Comic Book
From award-winning cartoonist Dr. Paul Mason, comes Issue # 1 of one of the weirdest Australian war comic book epic you'll ever read!
Roz & the Big Man #1: The Runaway
A marooned Martian pilot escapes Area 51 only to crash land at the foot of the Big Man: the last of the Sasquatch…
Spectress & Sabanion #1 - 3: Mystery, Suspense & Horror
The perimeter fence of CONFAC-4 has been breached! The ghost Aneksi and the demon Sabanion make their escape.
Fangs & Foul Play: horror, justice, and an evil vampiric cat
A tortured ex-colonel becomes enslaved to a sarcastic vampiric cat and is forced to do his bidding.
LUMPIA Movie - Filipino American Comic Book Issue #3 Finale
An independent comic book postlude to our award-winning feature film LUMPIA WITH A VENGEANCE to be released Winter 2021
"Shade's Waifu Wonderland" Erotic Anime Girls Magazine
Waifu Wonderland is a NSFW, uncensored adult magazine featuring sexy anime girls illustrated by Shade!
A YA comic book about the young adventures of Killeroo, with morality tales and stories of fun & adventure from the Aussie outback.
Big Empty Blue #1: Pirates, Tricksters, and Statue Islands
In the middle of an endless ocean world, two friends must journey together amid new allies, new foes, and an ancient deadly threat.
Warlash: Cold Metal Mayhem & BioBurden #1 Comics and more
Warlash: Cold Metal Mayhem #1 & Warlash:BioBurden #1 Warlash:Dark Noir signed set & many RARE Asylum Press comics & graphic novels
Daniel Dreamgazer - Book 4 (Comic Book Bible Story)
A Christian Comic Book adaptation of the book of Daniel from the Bible.
Area 51: The Helix Project #3 (Issues 1 & 2 Available)
Featuring an internationally diverse creative team: The Conspiratorial Sci-Fi Noir Tale of The Extraterrestrial Helix Project.
Harpy of the West #1
Issue one of a gothic western
NUT: issue 1
First issue featuring tales of NUT; an old destitute man struggling to provide for himself and his cat, until he finds his inner power
Wabi-Sabi? #1: An independent comic for mature individuals
Absurdist and irreverent satire in the debut issue from Stitchface Comix
The Arcane Cocktail Enthusiast #1-3!
The award-winning urban fantasy series with a twist returns with issue #3! The FULL series is available for new readers!
Destiny and The UnXplainables - Comic Book
Two police inspectors meets the unknown in 36 pages of full colour suspense thriller.
Cult Heroes Stories: The Rotten Edition Vol. 1
Stories of The Heroically Horrific Young & Bitter Cult Heroes!
Zero Point Issue 0
13.77 Billion years in the making! Issue #0 Of The Sci-Fi Comic Book Series "Zero Point" by artist writer George Todorovski.
Hopeless, Maine 2: Inheritance by Tom and Nimue Brown
Welcome to Hopeless, Maine. A place cut off from the rest of the world and lost in time.
Bullet: 40 pg Superhero/Romance for COMIC FANS of all kinds!
This Silver Age origin of the super speedster explores Dale DeSouza's early days fighting crime & falling for the love of his life, Jo.
Two women, 100+ years apart have to find the way to break free! A poignant story with a dash of Anime flavor!
The Polar Paradox #1 & 2: a sci-fi adventure mystery comic
Elite rescue divers continue their search for missing scientists in a cave system under Antarctica in part 2 of this 2-issue story arc.
Beatbox and Tune #1 - The dynamic duo of sound powers!
Three young men navigate a world of superheroes. When faced with defining trauma, what path will they take? Hero or Villain.
Rise of Femonsters Issue #0 | Thrilling Action Horror Comic
A vampire with a sword! A werewolf with a six-shooter! Creatures of the night will unite to save the world
Road To Valhalla #3: Supernatural Viking/Horror Epic!
A 32 page tale of Vikings facing off against Wendigo! This is the final battle for the Road to Valhalla. Complete series #1-3!
The Humarks: Fantastic Amazement #1
Introducing The Humarks - Over 50 black and white pages of blood in the water, sweat in your eye and tears in your drink.
Dregs of Rudetown comic
A 40 page comic book detailing the everyday exploits of nineties folk – featuring everything from landlines to indie discos
Chase Me! Episode 1
A comic about [magical] teens playing tag [and getting possessed] in a [haunted] cemetery.
Slaughtered Kingdom Horror Comic
There is no line between the horrors of Heaven, and the chaos of Hell, as madness becomes reality and violence becomes redemption.
Aaru En Duat
Ascension (part 1)
Boston Metaphysical Society: Mystery at Pikes Peak #1-2
Fleeing arrest, the team arrives at Tesla's Experimental Station to face a dangerous turn in Caitlin's abilities and a murder plot.
Green Darner "Age of a New Superhero"
Follow the rise of Beck Bennett before becoming the incomparable Green Darner.
They say friends are the family you choose for yourself. But sometimes, there just isn't that great a selection...
FINAL HOURS!!! All New Lady Death: Diabolical Harvest #1!
30+ Bonuses, including 2 FREE Comics! Can Lady Death defeat Lady Virtue?! All New! The 16th chapter!
Clodagh #1 to #3 - Dark Fantasy Horror Comic
A dark and disturbing journey of jealousy and evil, set in a world halfway between Game of Thrones and Scott Snyder’s Wytches.
The Adventures of Captain Orange #1-3
The Crew of the Güd Ship arrive at the Swamp Planet Laturas where colonists are disappearing. What creatures are swimming in the water?
Deadly Crimson Issue #2
Cocky! Reckless! Deadly! Crimson must chose her fate before it's to late! Find out in Issue #2 ~ #DeadlyCrimson
Mr. Guy: Zombie Hunter #1 & 2, a Fantasy Zombie Comedy Comic
This half-goblin halfwit's gotta save the world from zombies if he wants to save himself… Bummer. 🧟🧟🧟
Berserker Monk: 3 Issues of Kung-Fu Frenzy!
The Last Airbender meets Tarantino in an action-fantasy bloodbath!
The Unseen Veil
Episode One of The Unseen Veil. A comic book set in a modern supernatural, urban fantasy world.
Sweet Pea issues 1&2, an apocalyptic sci-fi epic
Humanity is under siege. One girl may be the key to our salvation, or final nail in the coffin.
Godliath #1
An irreverent, offbeat anti-hero epic filled with demonic kaiju, armored warfare, death, destruction & THE POPE!
Apama The Undiscovered Animal 1-12
Issue 12 guest stars Lloyd Kaufman as a mattress salesman wanting our hero to sign autographs at his blowout sale. What could go wrong?
The Girl with Nine Tails
An adult comic and manga from the writer John Stewart, the one who brought you Bad Wolf and Nightmare Machine & more.
Swimmer Admiration Doujin: After Story
The continuation from the visual novel Swimmer Admiration now in doujin!
Shark of War Issues 1-6
Cry Havoc And Let Loose The Whales of War!
Pumpkin #2
"I Spit on Your Grave" meets "Friday the 13th"
Naughty Faeries Comic Con 2023 NFW Naughty Faeries Wrestling
The 4th Naughty Faeries Comic Con returns with NFW. TWO Versions of the story, All Nice interiors Comic or ALL Naughty interiors comic
Rumors of a Flying Dirt Bike?!?!
Pulp Girls: Swiss Army Woman 1-2
SWISS ARMY WOMAN issues 1 and 2 - Any weapon she needs, for any job her nation requires... ALL ATTACHED TO HER RIGHT THIGH!!
Endangered African Horn Man & Juggy! Comic Book Anthology
A 48-page full color parody comic book anthology from Ink & Drink Long Beach.
Blast off with Amber Atoms as she discovers her family history will decide the fate of the galaxy!
Human Hunters Issue 2
The Human Hunters continue their mission to hunt down the dregs of humanity by taking on a human trafficking ring.
THE GREY ZONE - A sci-fi comic book by MAF
A soft cover 60+ page beginning to the dystopian comic book series by the author of ‘Stray Souls’.
BL Inspired Sweatshirts by The Yaoi Army
Ahegao style apparel?
Two brand new comic books from Ryan Vella, Rob Lisle, Leigh Chalker, and Ben Sullivan
Drumsticks of Doom 1-4 Heavy Metal Epic Comic Finale?
The final issue of arc 1!! Will the Heavy Metal epic rock on or flame out?? BACK ISSUE FOUR IF YOU WANT MORE!
La Corea illustrata
Due volumi con tema comune la Corea del Sud: una guida e diario di viaggio e un fumetto di graphic journalism.
Coffin Comics' All-New graphic novel La Muerta #1: Devious!
LAST HOURS! PLEASE BACK OUR CAMPAIGN NOW! (9+ FREE Items Unlocked!) 48 pages of story and art! Introducing Roja! #SWORN
Sex Night: a raunchy mature slice-of-life romantic comedy
Married couple Hank and Tara attempt an intimate night of romance. Unfortunately, spicing up their sex life is proving to be difficult.
Legionaries #2: Perseus V. Hercules - Clash of the Demigods!
Adventure conquers today in this second issue of a six-part comic series featuring Roman heroes, reincarnated gods, and epic action!
Summer time is coming and what better way to enjoy it then with the girls of Still Ill Comics.
Extropy and Entropy Issue 01: Clash of Consequence
An ongoing sci-fi/fantasy comic book series by recording artists Greydon Square and Tombstone Da Deadman with art from Joseph Arnold.
No Spell Lasts Forever #1
A noir urban fantasy comic about a magic user who makes a deal with the devil for a second chance at life.
Return of the Tarot
This 22 card set is a fan made Tarot deck celebrating the ROTJ 40th anniversary.
Omega 2090 #1,2
Follows the path of three soldiers who are given a serum that grants them enhanced powers. For lovers of Mortal Kombat & The Watchmen.
"Toe & So Long" Issue #1 | SciFi Buddy Comic w/ Cats & Doors
An oddball/nonhuman sci-fantasy buddy comic series that won't scream at you (or not be weird) about portals, decisions, & addiction.
Pin Ups 3
Artbook by Michael Feldmann with lots of pin ups, nudeart and NSFW-Artwork...
ZUFAN #1-2: African History x Sci-fi Comic Series
Ethiopia is the only African nation that was never colonized. Find out why in this epic sci-fi adaptation of the 1896 Battle of Adwa!
Cabin 818 #1: a meta horror comic about impostor syndrome
A comic writer retreats to an isolated cabin, hoping to get some work done. Unfortunately, the cabin (and his anxiety) have other plans
Wasteland Anecdotes, a Post-Apocalyptic Comic book
A thematic 24-page comic book with stories from the Wasteland.
Powers Fearful and Divine 1 & 2 - A New Extraordinary League
Houdini, Lovecraft and Conan Doyle battle for control of the 20th century, embodied by a twisted, half-mechanical Victor Frankenstein.
Irish Fantasy Noir Comic. Agent 5 has crash landed and only has 4 days to signal his mythical home of Hy-Brasil or be trapped forever.
Weird Work #1-3 - FINAL ISSUE!
Get all three issues of the sci-fi, noir comic series with art by Shaky Kane + a variant cover by Geof Darrow!
A quick trip through the stories of HP Lovecraft
Acausal 1-3 - the complete time-travel thriller
A misfit team of cops and criminals undertake a series of missions using information sent from the future.
The Adventures of Captain Orange 1 & 2
The Güd Crew investigate a newly terraformed planet whose scientific survey team has gone silent. This won't be a small problem...
Stay Cool - An EXPLOSIVE 24-Page Sci-Fi Pulp Noir One-Shot!
Quick-tempered Ellie can only watch as her team spontaneously BURSTS INTO FLAMES. Now she wants more than justice, she wants REVENGE!
Make 100-The Theme of Thieves Issues 1-3 Comic & Soundtrack!
Are u into a good time travel mystery comic w/ a soundtrack? Teens! Mystery! Time Travel! Think LOST meets QUANTUM LEAP meets THE WIRE!
Hitch and Runner Owens are bringing their love of comics to life!
Ian Walker's Pantheon #2 by Obsidian Studios
The story continues in PANTHEON issue #2! Va'Cel finally reaches Earth to begin his mission to fulfill his life debt to humanity...
Spirit of the Dragon🐉 #3
The choice between revenge and justice sets the course of a young woman's life.
blithe - Act 2 - scene 4
The 9th chapter to the blithe (first day of college) epic saga!
The Absentee 1-6: Mature Cosmic Horror Complete Series & Box
An interdimensional horror possesses the body of an ace test pilot and uses it to seduce his wife, sabotage his career & destroy Earth.
MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT: The Hour Between Life & Death
What ties an aging detective, a supernatural empath, two immortal soldiers, and the wealthiest man on the planet together? Perspective.
The Redeemers Issue Two
Issue two of the weird western that pits the power of Heaven against the forces of Hell!
FOREST FOLK: 3 books of quirky fun all-ages comic strips!
A lovely heartfelt mash-up of Calvin & Hobbes meets Looney Tunes. Join in the misadventures of a Fox, an Elf, and all their friends!
My Date is a Total Ike women【butch×butch comic】
Japanese Otaku butch Lesbian Comic by Mutsumi Natsuo
©alifornia, Inc. - Issue #1
©alifornia, Inc. is a geopolitical sci-fi story chronicling the corporate nation's future rise from the old union.
Welcome to SAINT HELL #2 (of 5) | Action-noir made in Italy
[ENG] Issue #1 available / (ITA) Volume #1 disponibile || FOR MATURE READERS / PER UN PUBBLICO ADULTO
WiFi Wars: Afterburner - Manga
Hardboiled Bōsōzoku Waifus & High School Hackers in a fast-paced motorbike race.
Egoraven: Heir of the First Unicorn Issue #6 & Catch-Up Tier
Egoraven competes at tournament finals where rivals will do anything to keep her from becoming a knight, including trying to kill her!
Tight Lines
Here is a collection of some of my covers & concept line art. This will allow you to see the art's foundation before colors are added.
Egoraven: Heir of the First Unicorn #1-5 & Vol 1 Trade
As Egoraven moves up the ranks on the Royal Tournament circuit, growing resentment threatens to derail her goal to knighthood!
Death of Power 2
A Superhero Bootleg Comic
Smokes the Fox #1 and Weaponized Werewolf #0 (2nd Chance)
A dope-smokin' mutant fox takes on the government. Written by legend Mike Baron.
False Deity
Chapter 6 of the ongoing fantasy tale
GUNK: Volume 1 and 2 Reprint
A set of low brow vintage horror and sci-fi inspired comic zines
DON'T AVERT YOUR EYES: A "There's Nothing There" Comic
Maria Llovet & Patrick Kindlon reunite in this erotica about an occult ritual that takes place at an EYES WIDE SHUT-style party.
TOWER OF DEATH, a one-shot indie western manga comic
The webcomic Ronin Digital Express heads to print for the first time ever, with a brand new, 18+, self-contained 20-page adventure.
THE ADVENTURES OF WALBY BOOK 1: Walby’s Road Trip Adventure
An Exciting High Adventure Graphic Novel For All Ages!
Unlimited Udo - 28-Page One-Shot Clone Chaos Comic
Udo Dolos believes that only he can solve the world's most challenging problems. His solution? A copy of Udo Dolos for every problem.
Tales from the Interface 4
Through the Interface, Artificial intelligence now controls human destiny.
IWF: Intergalactic Wrestling Federation #1
A nanotech-augmented superhuman lucha libre wrestler battles corporate overlords in a dystopian future in the year 2525!
Monstrous Beauties - Adult Graphic Novel
A group of supernatural creatures descend on the protagonist to steal his essence in a very sexy way in this adult graphic novel.
Life On Cora Vol. 1
A 150+ page volume with 5 unique all-ages stories in the Life On Cora Universe!
Our Starry Universe: A Sci-Fantasy floppy comic, issue 1
Jesika Darkoni, labeled space pirate, is on the run from the Preeminence who’s trying to execute her for theft of a powerful alien egg.
Drumsticks of Doom- Issue 2 (and Issue 1)
Issue two of the Heavy Metal saga is moshing towards you!
GLITCH #1: A YA Post-Apocalyptic Solarpunk Comic
Embark on a wild adventure about found family, self discovery, and humanity in the last bastion of life left on Earth: The Wasteland!
Stickhand Man - The Discovery
A new horror comic that brings a campfire story to life.
Rayne of Ages Issues 1 & 2
Rayne has been freed from ages of petrification and awakens into a changed world. A fantasy sword and sorcery adventure comic!
Gritty and Gorgeous
Jose Varese is letting you in on his process. These raw black & white concept images allow you to see how his foundations are laid out.
Vol02 Of The Mastajwood Cheesecake Series.
Lili the Demoness TPB Vol.1
Over 120 pages that follows Lili Ardat on her quest for redemption. ** Contains Nudity & Sexual Content ** For Mature Audiences.
Tales of Raven Hex & Boo Cat
An Exclusive Kickstarter Secret Studio Story Comicbook by Jim Balent
Out of place Vol.1
Inspired by Beauty & the Beast & Gargoyles! Hybrids, ninjas & more with an action packed mystery to solve! The Patriotika-verse grows!
The Evil Endeavors of Mr Whiskers
Never before has there been a cat so evil as Mr. Whiskers. He has his sights set on something big: world domination!
God Hates Astronauts--AGAIN!? #1
Ryan Browne is back with the return of the return of God Hates Astronauts! Issue #1 of a brand new series no one asked for!
Broken Trident #1-2: A Pirate Fantasy Adventure
After his home is destroyed a young sea-elf must come to terms with his failures and set things straight, or the whole world may suffer
Sluggish is a comic book about depression, anxiety and SLUGS! Brains are weird. Let's dive back into Herbs.
Chill Cubes Issue 1 - Seeds of Revolution
Chill Cubes - Seeds of Revolutions: An Epic Journey Through Snow and Ice!
Pakkins' Land 25th Anniversary Issue #1-4
Commemorating 25 years of the Pakkins' Land series issues #1-4 in color.
A single-issue complete story featuring the origin of Gabriel the panda warrior bard in this TALL TAILS prequel, now in FULL COLOR!
Vesper & Onion: A Forager's Story
Support VESPER & ONION, a comic about a witch and her familiar searching for a rare mushroom. Created by Vera Greentea and Sarah Webb.
The Misadventurers 1-4 An All Age Fantasy Comic Full Series
What happens when Adventure Time meets Powerpuff girls? A Comic Book full of Fantastic Adventures and Whimsical Villains! A Must Read!
Boys Become Men in a Hurry
A one-shot comic book about two brothers facing their own unique fears. Inspired by a true story about my grandfather in World War II.
Quindrie Press: the 2023 comic collection
Four more brand new comics from some of Scotland's most exciting indie creators!
Starlite Issues: 1-5 Ex-Child Superheroes!
“It’s like ‘What if, Power Pack’ grew-up, went back to being normal kids, and were kidnapped by Trans-Dimensional Spider Wizards.”
The Super-Delish Sing-Along Comic Book: Cottage Cheese
This comic is a one-of-a-kind book. It's a comic...it's a song!! It's everything you can ever ask for in a fun, all ages comic book!
Dawg Haus #1 - Who Cut the Cheese?
Scirocco and Rubbs are working on a fresh murder case. But they smell more than just a dead body. A funny, mature audience whodunit!
The 1980s. Corrupted politicians. A Black Detective in Arkansas. A teen witness with an attitude. Lots of trouble!
FALLEN 1-6 The Complete Series
The thrilling crime noir series comes to an epic conclusion! Ancient gods, criminal underworlds and 80's nostalgia!
Project Naosis #0,1, 2, 3 (Volume 1)
A superhero/sci-fi adventure with no Multiverse or extra lives! A cross between Mortal Kombat & Avengers & The Watchmen!
TRINITY BLADE: Dragons Fall - Issue #2
The journey of a fierce dragon warrior named Tal Granji continues in this action-packed fantasy adventure!
God Summoner Chapters #1-4
Four Comics of a Fantasy Adventure inspired by Studio Ghibli & Bioshock
Karl Kämpe Äventyraren: Hammaren från Norden
180 fullproppade sidor med Karl Kämpes senaste serier samlade i ett fett samlingsalbum.
The Forsaken Future 1: An action-packed Cyberpunk series.
A sci-fi series where wasteland brothers-in-arms collide with planetary forces to lie, cheat and steal their way to a better future.
The Last Homicide 1-2: a complete crime noir detective story
On the eve of retirement, a cop must stop a mob war by solving the murder of a crime boss' son in this homage to classic pulp mystery.
A Thing Called Truth Vol. 2: Drive Home
The exciting epic conclusion to the romantic roadtrip adventure - launched by Iolanda Zanfardino and Elisa Romboli!
Oh My Ghost Webtoon Issue #6
Maya is a Ghost who don't know how to haunt~ >_<
Power Bear #3 (Deutsch/English)
The queer superhero is back with new adventures.
Hob's Lane 1-3 - a complete Lovecraftian psychodrama
Widowed theoretical physicist John Tate is sure he can bring his murdered wife back from the abyss, but the abyss has other ideas.
A gothic western comic book about a bounty hunter on the trail of a rumored Harpy.
A rock-solid one-shot comic about a stone lawman defending his city from marauding mountain trolls, by Nick Bryan & Phil Appley.
Legend of Kyyden - Prologue
A king on a mission, his kingdom under siege, and a mysterious foe on the hunt. What will he sacrifice to protect those he holds dear?
Our Super Adventure: Cats & Snacks! (Vol. 4)
A fourth hardcover Our Super Adventure collection collecting more diary comics about Sarah, Stef and their four cats!
ReMaster Monk #1 | A Retro Comic For Depressed Millennials
This isn't the world we were promised - so we'll just have to remake it.
The Convictor: UNHINGED
The murderous Happy Boy has arrived in GUT City seeking out The Convictor, His mission: break the man under the Convictor mask.
Glow: #1-6: A Post-Apocalyptic Techno-Fantasy Odyssey
The fifth and sixth installment of Glow, a coming of age story set in a world devastated by magic.
The Woman From A.F.R.O
Meet Stella Rae Simone, lead operative for the clandestine organization A.F.R.O.
VR Xoxo #3 pt.1
Part 1 of 2 of the final conclusion of a mini manga series about obsession in a virtual world.
Angel of Darkness💀 #3 - #Make100
Death is like a robe everyone has to wear. --African Proverb
The Neighbor Next Door 2
The slice of life manga is back with new characters.
High Park: A New Comic Series
Cassie Park is starting a new life in NYC, but it's not exactly how she planned it to be.
Supercats Happy Birthday Mewow! (4 book set + coloring book)
Get your kids reading with comics! Supercats books teach kids reading fundamentals with sounds, repetition, rhyming and superhero CATS!
Polar Paradox: Equator's End #1 of a 2-part adventure comic
The Polar Paradox returns with more sci-fi action and mystery in a 2-part sequel that journeys into deep jungle caves and beyond.
Make 100: Comic Diary of a Lightworker
Make 100 Project. This 16-page zine shares the journey of me figuring out I was a lightworker back in 2020.
Wulfsbane: In Sheep's Clothing [Part II of VI] REFANGED
A horror based crime comic where there are worse things than being a werewolf and the monsters aren't always the ones you need to fear
THE IGNIS QUADRANT - Volume 1 - A space western comic!
A nostalgic, rip-roaring sci-fi western adventure full of action, beautiful art, and (tastefully) crass humor.
Aliens, Vampires, and Sex Robots - The Stories Continue
SHP Comics delivers the incredible second issues of The Killing Machine & Woodstake and debuts a new EroTech story, The SEX-6000.
Blood n Concrete 1-3 Dark Comedy Horror for Mature Readers.
Can Rob save London from Norrie and his undead cockney gangsters? Shaun of the dead meets Lock, Stock and 2 Smoking Barrels.
Atlas: Edge of Rebellion #1
An elemental legend named Atlas searches for his mother who crossed paths with an ELITE organization bent on a futuristic civil war!
Hero City Rejects
Index of Power #1
Tempo Book 1-3 : Combining Hip-hop & Fantasy
The third book of Tempo, continuing to bridge the gap between hip-hop and fantasy.
RAID: CREATOR VISIONS | Series 1 Trading Cards
Discover amazing heroes, bombastic villains, thrilling worlds, new adventures, and stunning art from top industry artists in 100+ cards
The Welcoming Party Was Not Supposed To Be Like This
A Japanese foreign exchange student welcoming party gone wrong.
SPILLBLOOD: A Graphic One-Shot Comic Book
36-page black, white, & red one-shot comic book from Stefano Cardoselli and Jonathan Hedrick.
JAZZ: Juggernauts Against Zealous Zealots Chapter #0
When your city is ravaged by portal demons, you only have one option: Depend on JAZZ!
The new way to protect your everyday modern comic!
Brandi Bare: Remastered Issues 1-2
Redheaded college girl Brandi, revisited in her debut series! Issues 1 & 2! With all new added comic pages, covers and lettering!
Cygnus Imperium #1-3
Using a giant robot to punch spaceships for a better universe! Now featuring epic space battles and new allies!
Drumsticks of Doom (1-3) AND Depowered (1-2)
More wolves, more questions, more metal. Issue 3 is what you need! More heroes, more mystery, more hangovers. Issue 2 is here for you!
Lampblack #1-2: Fantasy Horror Comic in Cinematic Style
A girl whose paintings come to life. A Deaf boy who wants to be a soldier. A story of passion, art, and war inspired by Studio Ghibli.
Rengor Issue 2 - This Wretched Legion!
In the spirit of Conan and Red Sonja, the next barbarian warrior is ready to split skulls: RENGOR!
Tuff Stuff: The Tuffening Part 1
First he saved Spring Break, Then he survived Rehab. Tuff Stuff is back and this time the stakes are Higher! Can he save the Future?
TarMucks: Cthulhu Corporate Coffee, Comic, & Cup
Cthulhu & his kin want you asleep. TarMucks keeps you awake. Save the world with comics, coffee, and a tree planted in your honor!
HOPE: A new Comic Book series
An all-new sci-fi horror Neo-Western comic by Justin Gray & Branko Jovanovic
No Man's Land #1 and 2: An Action Zombie Horror Comic
The Walking Dead meets All Quiet on the Western Front.
IN THE LAND OF THE DRAGON 1-2: Cyberpunk Action Thriller
In 2061, Kenzo, a mercenary, is hired to kidnap a baby that can shift the balance of power in the city they call... the Dragon.
Entwined Volume 1
Volume 1 of the fantasy & thriller webtoon, Entwined, printed as a full-color manga book
Celestial Priestess Volume 1
Yuri Magical Girl Comic
The Cthulhu Man #1 - The Nightmare Begins!
Can The World Survive The Wrath Of The Cthulhu Man?
Discover the supernatural teenage Mary Shelley and the book of spells that made her a monster. Some spells are forever!
Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar #1
America's fabulous freelance (cyber) insurance investigator is back! Taking on ransomware attacks, insider threats and Russian gangers!
Indulge yourself in this 6th issue of POST APOCALYPTIC GRINDHOUSE ADVENTURE.
Unscripted #3 and #4
Earlier issues available. Get to know Felix and her rebellious side in this slice-of-life comic series.
Vengeance: Emergence #1-2
The second issue to Vengeance: Emergence, the beginning of the OG Heroverse!
Punkin Patch Issue 1 - Rise of the Punkins
A Halloween Cult Classic in the making! Limited Edition (666).
Cremisi #2: Escape Into Free Space
Kickstarter exclusive NAUGHTY VIRGIN covers!
I Drive for Cerber - It's Like Uber... For The Paranormal
The popular horror/paranormal/creepypasta is now MOFUCIOUS approved, and brought to life in comic form by InstInked Comics.
War Angels Issue 9
The first full story arc in the War Angels series comes to a climactic end.
Coffin Comics' All-New Lady Death: Imperial Requiem #1!
💥 16 FREE Bonus Items Added (Including a Pin Up Comic!) All New! 18th Chapter! Showdown between Lady Death & Empress Death! #Sworn!
Hallowed North #2 - Dark Fantasy Comic about Mental Illness
Chapter Two in a limited series exploring the horrors of depression and the mind's last stand against unrelenting darkness.
Boobs: Issue #2
Our beloved "Boobs" is in for some shock and awe as she continues her journey in the ultimate cosplay contest fight of a lifetime!
Kobaloi - Goblins are Greek! #1 Fantasy Comic & Goblin Dice
The 4th Luminous Ages Comic about Goblins, Greek Gods and Dragons. Including hollow Metal Goblin King Dice.
Damage Inc. For the love of Spiders and Mummies
New Supernatural Bounty Hunting , and more Episodic Supernatural Stories with the 1st issue of Volume 2
Xob the Lightning Wielder issue 1-4
Shocking Revelations: Dive into Xob's high-voltage adventures in Issue 4 of the series from Taurus Comics!
Last Ride of the 4 Horsemen: Conquest: Epic Steampunk Horror
A gun-for-hire turned Horseman of the Apocalypse hunts down the forces responsible for turning the Horsemen loose on his home town.
Mayfield Eight: "Justice and Razor Wire!"
Calvin Ryder returns! But The Banshees MC and Druglord Nelson Griffin want him dead!
Shadow Ghost #1
The Kung Fu Comic by a Kung Fu Master
PAN DE CRISIS - 4 Issue Filipino American LUMPIA Comic Saga
Four part crossover storyline of LUMPIA Movie "Deep Fried Universe": LUMPIA ORIGINS #1, JEMINI #2, LEGENDARY LUMPIA SQUAD #2 & more!
Pakkins' Land 25th Anniversary Issue #2
To commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Pakkins' Land series we are offering issue #2 in color.
ComicScene Magazine
Home of Tara Togs and Comic Industry Directory
The Ninja Scouts & The Sorcerers' Spat
Tamara, Scott, and Carlos (Ninja Scout Clan 125--Badger Patrol) check out the local magic school between the smoothie shop and the CPA.
LAST HOURS! PLEASE BACK OUR CAMPAIGN NOW! 5 New Niobe & Asunda Comic books + The Untamed Anniversary Hardcover from Stranger Comics!
Murray and his friends meet the denizens of the town dump, the Henderson brothers
Pumpkin #1
"I Spit on Your Grave" meets "Friday the 13th"
HÄCKSLER COMICS - a collection of funny short stories.
My comic series HÄCKSLER collects wordless stories about self-sufficient vampires, clumsy henchmen, curious dogs, unicorns & much more!
Path of the Pale Rider - Issue #3
Join Cowboy Jude St. Clair in the apocalypse as he journeys to find the answer to the questions: Why do the Dead no longer Die?
Succubus #5
The story continues for Ximena, the Succubus!
Spirit of The Dragon #2
The choice between revenge and justice sets the course of a young woman's life.
Yo-chan's First Stream
An original erotic manga about a newbie streamer girl and her streaming crush!
CROSSING #1 - 6, new issue in this paranormal mystery series
THE END! An annoying goth princess haunts the rookie train conductor who ran her over. He says suicide, she says MURDER.
Black Sands presents: Flame
A comic series featuring a team of defenders called "Flame" that will battle Lucifer and save the world from Lucifer's wrath.
Lucha Forever
Aliens, robots, auditions all plague retired wrestler Guillermo Diaz, in his pursuit of a star on the Hollywood walk of fame.
Shades of Lust - Vol.2
NSFW Hentai Comic Collection
The Neverland 1-4: A Dark Fairytale Fantasy Adventure
Hook meets The Neverending Story when a boy embarks on a perilous journey to find Peter Pan and bring magic back to a broken Neverland.
Hospice: No Freedom In Texas - 24pg ONE SHOT HORROR COMIC
An immigrant couple on the run take shelter in a Texas hospice but find out the horrors inside may be worse than the ones outside.
Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall #1&2 Monsters & Nightmares
A 32-page comic continuing the story of Lori's haunting journey through the dangerous towns of Dusk County.
Paleocene #4 (Comic Book)
Sixty-six million years ago, an asteroid impact wiped out most life on Earth. How did our ancestors survive?
Alien Terrodactyls #1 - Guts & Glory! (Limited Edition)
Adult themed comic featuring lots of action, violence, blood and alien dinosaurs!
Thrilling Suspense Fantasy Vol. 3: 4-Color Comics and Pulps
Like Weird Tales got into a knife fight with Heavy Metal on the moon!
The Alchemist of Aurillia #1-3
Vengeful witches, ancient lore, and a determined wizard in an Ottoman Empire fantasy!
The Avandrus Theory #1
A multiversal anthology comic about the ongoing battle between our young hero, Nico Avandrus, and the evil tyrant, Emperor Mada.
The Cheesecake Art of Mastajwood
Mary Machinegun Issue 4
Mary, fully recovered from her battle, continues her training with the Valkyrie. Ophelia continues her dominance over Charlotte.
Sweet Pea: Issue 1 Purple Haze
A teenage girl and her father struggle to survive a monster invasion in Philadelphia.
AER HEAD 1 & 2: Surfer Hero Sci-fi/Comedy
Teen surfer & lifeguard Aer struggles to control his ESP, until he predicts a solar flare will hit Earth! Futurama meets Don't Look Up!
Lost in the Shuffle: No. 1 comic book
A cross-country criminal comedy buddy adventure begins now!
CHOPPER - a horror comic book and short film
Nightmare on Elm Street meets Sons of Anarchy
THE EXPANSE Continues In The DRAGON TOOTH Graphic Novels!
Pre-order the all-new story, overseen by James S.A. Corey, set in the aftermath of Season 6 and before the events of the 7th novel!
The 8th Day #1
16 year old Apex uses a new found power to take on the evil ruler of the world, the Father, in this post apocalyptic manga-like comic.
Milkshakes for Dinner
A collection of autobiographical "Smith vs Smith" comics about marriage by Matt Smith! Fully funded in (just over) six hours!
Man-Child #1-2: The Silver Age Meets the Modern Day
Monarch-Crier and Rufus return as fantasy and reality collide in this tribute to the work and life of Stan Lee and comic book fandom!
Lili the Demoness Ch. 6: Black Miracles pt.1
Lili's quest for redemption continues in this all new 22 page supernatural action comic. For Mature Audiences.
Saving the World #9 comic book
Sam is an antisocial 90’s girl growing up in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Did I mention she wakes up with tentacles for legs?
Becca Boo the Bimbo Ghost #1
Is she dead? Is she alive? Is she just really, really dumb?!
Karl Kämpe Äventyraren: Staden vid Världens Slut
Karl Kämpes grönländska äventyr når sin dramatiska final. Förvärva alla tre delar i Expedition Paradiset genom denna kickstarter.
Tales From The NATverse #2 Kickstarter Exclusive cover.
100 Page anthology series with NAT the MERC, LOANI, ROZE, ZED, BOB, ELRIKA, GILLEON and many others all sharing the same universe.
Tony: An AI Comic Project
Prompting Positivity: One Comic at a Time
"SuperHeroes After Dark 5: Midnight Masquerade" Comic Book
The fifth issue of the popular SuperHeroes After Dark series! Pinups and stories of popular characters.
Grimm Space: P1-Nocchio - a sci-fi/fairy tale one shot comic
The galactic fantasy universe of Grimm Space expands with this 26 page action/adventure adaptation of the fairy tale classic Pinocchio.
The Canon of Vangel, Issue 1-2
The heartwarming tale of a Paladin, her demon, and the end of the world continues!
Pioneers: Blood and Stars#1
Vampire-kind reaches for the stars in this Underworld-meets-The Expanse adventure.
Liquid Prisoner Comics #1
A scifi love story that begins on a playground and ends in the stars.
Starside #6
After being ripped away from Earth during an alien invasion, Jack searches for a way back home in this compelling space opera.
Brian Pulido's All New Hellwitch: Forbidden #1!!!
😈👿 26+ Bonuses, including 2 Comics!!! ALL NEW! Folk horror meets Hellbourne insanity! New love interest!
Carlo Scolari: Attorney at Law #1
First issue (of four) about a personal injury lawyer in a superhero universe. Think "Saul Goodman sues Superman."
The Dark Side of Seoul: Weird Tales from Korean Lore #2!
The anticipated second issue of the horror anthology comic series that adapts eerie Korean folktales! Based on the popular ghost tour.
She Wolf: Issue One
A new horror comic to haunt your nightmares
Coffin Comics' All-New Lady Satanus #1: Sinister Urge!
16 Bonuses Added!🔱🔥 First Chapter! All New! 48 Pages of Story & Art! Set in NYC in the Summer of 1977! Jump on Board! #SWORN
Help unleash the action-packed debut issue of Extraman; a paraplegic former Olympian turned armoured superhero.
Shadows : Sci-Fi Horror Comic Book
Join the rescue ship UUA-R24 and its crew as they respond to a distress signal in the deep space of the UUA territory.
Coffin Comics' All-New Lady Death Cybernetic Desecration #1!
⚡FINAL HOURS! 13+ Bonuses Unlocked, Including 2 Pin-Up Books, 5" Sword Pin & 6" Lady Death Acrylic Figure! Introducing Empress Death!
idols #1 _ gods are dead _ a sci-fi comic series set in 2053
influencers rule the world _ the president is an AI _ or is any of that true? _ FREE Shipping Worldwide
A gothic horror comic of science, monsters, and a broken doctor, set in the heart of the late Victorian era, 1888.
Fangs & Foul Play 0-2: horror, justice, an evil vampiric cat
A tortured ex-colonel becomes enslaved to a sarcastic vampiric cat and is forced to do his bidding.
Granite State Punk - BREAKING EDGE - Punk Rock! Horror!
Granite State Punk: Breaking Edge is a rare, gritty look at Witches, New Hampshire, Addiction, and PUNK ROCK.
Voreology: Gay Comics and Art Book
Let yourself be consumed by a good book, and this collection of erotic and comedic adult gay comics is hungry for readers!
Outstanding Achievement Presents
A comic by James Windsor-Smith
Punkin Patch #2 - Potion of Doom!
Join four rebellious teenage Punkins as they battle an evil witch to save their favorite band's concert from destruction!
THE IGNIS QUADRANT #1-4 : a sci-fi space western comic
A nostalgic, rip-roaring sci-fi western adventure full of action, beautiful art, and (tastefully) crass humor.
NECROHOLIC ISSUES 1 & 2 campaign
Olivia is sober and grumpy when a strange young woman arrives, ready to move in. Can't a necromancer get a drink and some answers?!
Drop Shadow: Graphic Design Vigilante Issue #1
Graphic designer Matt Finish draws the line between artistry and anarchy as the vigilante hero Drop Shadow!
Redhead Tales #3
The 3rd issue from Joe Pekar, with two stories in one comic! My Girlfriend, the Superhero story continues plus a new Brandi Bare story!
Mixology Noir Book One: SAZERAC and VESPER
A horror/noir double-feature comic with two standalone stories inspired by classic craft cocktails.
The Wombat #2 - Superhero Action Thriller Comic
What would happen if you got superpowers from a wombat, and terrifying supervillains turned your world upside down?
Frontier Forever: Regenesis - dystopian sci-fi adventure
It's like MAD MAX and THE TERMINATOR on DUNE with a touch of THE MATRIX
Tales of the Crimson Star #0 - A WW2-Set Comic Book Prologue
A vigilante stalks the streets of Japanese-occupied Singapore during World War 2 in this comic book prequel to the Crimson Star-verse!
Area 51: The Helix Project #1-6 | A Sci-Fi Thriller Comic
When his father's murder is questioned, a child of 2 worlds excavates the ghosts of his past, leading him into the jaw of a conspiracy.
SuccuBUSTED! #2: Lusty Guardian Rita
Grab your badge, some handcuffs, and make sure your equipment is well lubricated. It's time to get SuccuBUSTED!
GISEI: Volume 1
Synopsis: A dark and brutal manga about pain, sacrifice, and death. Follow inmate 1141 on her journey toward redemption.
Fred & Gary: Volume 1
Introducing a 64-page comic book filled with random and absurd jokes presented by the lovable Angry Fred and Gary Gorilla.
Hellbound Slant 6 #4
Heavy Metal Hot-Rod Horror Comic in Classic Grindhouse Style!
Sneaky Goblins: the Map
The epic adventures of Dank, Bog and Sophie - the comic books + a new map!
Primal Chaos #2 - The Figures of Legend Premier Continues!
The story continues as Samael awakens to a new world.
Gaslighters #6 Nightmare Machine & Skateland #2
The odds are mounting against Zoey as she hunts for the truth. Friends, family foes... who can you trust in your Nightmares.
The Wombat #1 - Superhero Action Thriller Comic
A young Latino Miguel Mota is gifted powers by a mysterious wombat, and must stop ruthless supervillains from terrorizing Pacific City.
Tenoch God of Fire #1-2
The sequel of the action-packed Aztec mythology superhero comic!
BAD WOLF - Operation Thunder Wolf
Lupita, werewolf hunter, finds herself caught between a war that has her hunting her own kind.
Lords on the Piss: Issue #1
Cursed by a ring of sobriety, one man and his drunken companions set out on a quest across Upper-middle Earth to get his buzz back! 🍻
Bad Wolf 2 : Operation Desert Wolf
The Bad Wolf adventure continues as werewolf hunter, Lupita receives orders to deploy to Afghanistan in hunt for a sinister desert wolf
Honey, I Cloned the Kids...
and Other Weird Tales. A comic collection
Unscripted #1 and #2
Get to know Felix and her rebellious side in this slice-of-life comic series. Sometimes being famous can be a pain in the arse.
Psychedelic-Noir Comic Book
TOXX #1 - #4
Welcome back to the wasteland-where humanity's last glimmer of hope is growing inside Claire, who is being chased by mutants and bikers
Dragon Fly #3
The black ops group that Dom took the Dragonfly suit from show up to take it back. Out gunned & out manned, will Dom retain the armor?
Patriotika takes on a new form! Will it be enough to face an ancient threat to the gods?
Solarion Sun: Volume 2
The second arc in the Solarion Sun comic series (with Volume 1 available)
BaadFood #3 - a Sci-Fi comic
When Warsuits, altered humans and machine intelligences have all the jobs, what will a pair of music obsessed twenty-somethings do?
Sometimes the friends you make in dark places are exactly the type of friends you need to show you the light.
Karl – The Shadow Over Plimouth – Comic Book
The Monstrosities of H.P. Lovecraft – The Plimouth Colony – The Lost Treasure of Blackbeard. What more can one ask for in a comic book?
Lifehacker, hacker-detective series, issue 1
A noir detective story with a modern twist. Hacker turned private investigator goes Away From Keyboard to track down a serial killer.
BEYONDERS: A Cyberpunk Samurai Adventure! VOL#1
96-page cyberpunk action-packed comic with a hint of comedy in the style of Ghost in the Shell, Evangelion, and Akira.
The Showdown Vol.1: Burn Rubber in Hell!
Mythical, hot-rodding creatures race in the nine layers of Dante’s Inferno to raise hell on earth once again.
The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade: Age of the Wicked
Teenage vampire hunters come to America to seek out a new recruit unaware they are playing right into the enemy's hands.
European Comics Journal
We are raising funds for European Comics Journal! A news journal devoted to readers, authors and illustrators from Europe, and not.
B-Squad: Soldiers of Misfortune. Volume One.
An 84+ page collected volume of the follies & failures a squad of misfit mercenaries. One character dies every issue!
Couri Vine: Young People for the Leader
Printing the first book in a new comic book series, Couri Vine: a sci-fi adventure story on the Moon! (Plus stretch goal: Book 2!)
Shade: The Dying World
A new full-color, 360-page graphic novel about a band of voyagers struggling to survive on a planet that orbits a decaying star.
The Future Prophecy
The Future Prophecy is a graphic novel and concept album series that features DJs as superheroes and villains.
The Word for WORD Bible Comic-100+pg Graphic Novel (Judges)
Hard hitting, unabridged graphic novel of the Book of Judges that is historically accurate with high view of scripture. For ages 15+
Pewfell in: Drain of Chaos
The epic comic-strip fantasy saga of an irresponsible wizard coping with fatherhood in a city gone mad!
Tephlon Funk!
Help us bring the dopest manga to the world!
The Costume Shop: A Horror Comedy Adventure
Two boys must escape a haunted shop full of living costumes, who are eager to be tried on, in this hilarious adventure.
E.X.O. - The Legend of Wale Williams Part One
A superhero story about redemption, set in a futuristic 2025 Africa. E.X.O. part one is a 130 page full color graphic novel.
Inner Space
A cerebral comic adventure about a little gryphon trapped inside her own head.
Heliosphere: A sci-fi comic
A conceptual biopunk comic about a girl named Maya. See her adapt to many drastic changes after being trapped in the future.
Ghost Town: A Mystery
Ghost Town: A Mystery is the 1st book in the Ghost Town series. It tells the story of Arthur and his mission to Treble City.
The Hunting Accident Graphic Novel
A graphic novel based on the true story of a blind poet who must tell his son about his secret life as a mobster in 1930s Chicago.
After Daylight - Vampire Comedy: Volume 1
Join me in bringing my webcomic's first bound volume to print! Life is hilarious. Why should Undeath be any different?
Book of Da - A Sci-Fantasy Graphic Novel
Cloth-Bound Graphic Novel about a Mysterious Being Who Controls the Emotions of the Sea, and the Deep-sea Diver Who Dares Defy Him.
Jamie Tanner Makes A New Graphic Novel, You Get Original Art (and More)
Do you like comics/ graphic novels? Want to follow along as one is made & know you helped make it happen? Want to get original art & other cool stuff?
GEEKS AND GREEKS – an epic graphic novel about MIT pranks
Two MIT geniuses clash in an escalating war of high-tech pranks and egos in an alpha-nerd fraternity. Inspired by actual events.
Basewood is a 216-page, black and white graphic novel which took me seven years to draw. I want to get the book professionally printed.
The Switch
For a supervillain, growing apart from your friends can be murder. THE SWITCH! A graphic novel by Keith Champagne and Tom Nguyen.
GOTHEROTIKA -Horror Anthology vol.1 and 2
Dark erotic twisted tales of the Macabre in two limited edition book from the Godfather of urban goth comics, Everette Hartsoe
Atomic Robo Reprint Regalia!
Atomic Robo is out of print and the sadness is REAL. So we're reprinting the whole series in hardcover and need your help!
Modern Polaxis - Augmented Reality Comic Book and App
The story of Modern Polaxis, a paranoid time traveller, needs your help to come to life as an Augmented Reality comic book.
Sithrah - Book 1
I'm trying to fund the printing of a beautiful hardcover comic called Sithrah.
Staunch Ambition: Issue #1 - A Supernatural Science Fiction
When mankind transcends its physical limitations, the natural becomes supernatural. Welcome... to the new enlightenment!
Casefile: Arkham
A hardboiled detective in H.P. Lovecraft's Arkham. Created by Patrick McEvoy (Call of Cthulhu) & Josh Finney (World War Kaiju).
Eat Me - a trippy smutty food porn graphic novel
Imagine a woman made of pizza, who loves erotic nibbling. It's the weirdest girly erotica you'll ever ingest.
E.X.O. - A Futuristic African Superhero Graphic Novel
Featured on CNN & Forbes, E.X.O. is a sci-fi superhero comic (graphic novel) about redemption, set in a futuristic 2025 Africa.
Gamer Girl & Vixen: The Graphic Novel
Love, lesbians and larceny. Gamer Girl & Vixen return for a full graphic novel!
The Suzerain of Dreams
A compilation of short stories and poetry. For anyone who loves to dream this is a book of a dreamer and one I'd like to share.
Root & Branch - Book 1 - Webcomic Graphic Novel
Printing the first book of Root & Branch - An Epic Fantasy Adventure Story. Join us on the Journey!
Oh Joy Sex Toy: Volume 3
The 3rd collected volume of Oh Joy Sex Toy. A free sex education & toy review webcomic by Erika Moen, Matt Nolan & many Guest Artists.
Rocket Robinson Graphic Novel #2
The second adventure in the Rocket Robinson series is here! A fun, action-packed graphic novel for all ages!
Farlaine the Goblin ~ Completing the Series
A 7 volume all-ages comic about a tree goblin shaman trying to find a forest. Books 1-4 have been released. I'm about to start 5-7.
Hunter's Lore: The Heralds Ruin
A vengeful knight continues his quest against those who would bring about the world's doom. A 94 page, full color graphic novel!
Victoria Jr. presents Little Prometheus
Victoria embarks on a quest to get the spark of the sun to warm the cold, undead hearts of her family. Everyone deserves fire!
KARIBA: The Graphic Novel
History and mythology collide in the story of KARIBA, an African graphic novel.
Steve Lichman - Volume 2
Life's hard when you're a Lich. Join Steve and his friends during their everyday lives down in the dungeon. (Hardcover, 400 pages)
Legend the Comic
Sometimes what you dream of isn't everything you wanted. An urban legend has two brothers making choices that'll change things forever!
Scurry Book 1: Doomed Colony - A post-apocalyptic mouse tale
A lushly painted comic about mice struggling to survive a long, strange winter. Humans are gone, food is scarce, and monsters prowl...
Soviet Daughter: A Graphic Revolution by Julia Alekseyeva
The comics memoir of Lola, a free-spirited Jewish secretary for the secret police in the Soviet Ukraine.
Monsters - Printed edition Italian/English.
A collection of stories about monsters, the real ones we can bump into on the streets, and we often cannot even recognize.
Finding Molly: An Adventure in Catsitting
A graphic novel from an all-female team about Molly Sanchez-Talebi, a snarky catsitter and artist looking for her big break in LA.
NUANCES, a graphic novel et un roman graphique!
I'm creating and self-publishing a graphic novel about emotional, psychological and physical well-being in English, et en français!
Atomic Robo and the Ring of Fire HARDCOVER COLLECTION
A super fancy hardcover edition of ATOMIC ROBO AND THE RING OF FIRE to match the first nine (also fancy). Plus: the head of a robot.
Diskordia Book 1
Diskordia is an ongoing surreal fantasy webcomic. Help fund the printing of the first Book as a deluxe limited edition Graphic novel.
1939: A Graphic Novel
An original 90+ page graphic novel about a missing girl in New York City and the detective pursuing her.
Casefile: ARKHAM "Her Blood Runs Cold"
Detective Hank Flynn is back on the mean streets of Lovecraft's most cursed of cities--Arkham, Massachusetts.
YUKI vs. PANDA: Revenge! Lust! Karaoke! [Volume 3]
The strange tale of a schoolgirl and her Panda nemesis. Put up your pigtails! Sharpen your Claws! Volume 3 is HERE!
Destiny, NY - FINAL HOURS!
A graphic novel about two magical ladies in love.
Kim W. Anderssons serieroman ASTRID: Vulkanmånens kult
Kim W. Anderssons nya serieroman ASTRID släpps 4 november 2016. Köp den här för att få den först, till bättre pris och i lyxig utgåva!
A Minyen Yidn - tales of Jewish lives by Trina Robbins
A Minyan Yidn is a new graphic novel of old stories. A collection of everyday people's lives in the early 1900s by Trina Robbins.
FaLLEN Vol. 2 Graphic Novel by Ogawa Burukku
Follow-up graphic novel to FaLLEN Volume 1, an alternative magical girls manga-styled comic with less sparkles and more blood 'n boobs.
Sons of God, the whole story of how the world ended on Oct2
wait, what’s going on? giant leech monsters? evil nuns kidnapping children? a giant flying space-salmon? And who are the "sons of god"?
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose: Issue#100 Extended Edition
a 48 paged perfect bound Graphic Novel Extended Exclusive Edition of the Supernatural Adventure comic: Tarot#100
"Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme's Perfect Body 2" Yaoi / BL Manga
A girl who turns into a guy...in order to do other guys?! Wait?! What?! The Yaoi Army recruits you to bring this story to life!! ;P
The Nowhere Man Book 1: Nothing, Never, Nowhere
The Nowhere Man is a graphic novel about a man trapped in the spirit world
Nefarious: Graphic Novel Volume 1
We're creating the Nefarious graphic novel! 150+ full color pages that follow the adventures of the master villain, Crow.
Oh Joy Sex Toy: Volume 4
The 4th printed standalone collection of Oh Joy Sex Toy! A free sex ed & sex toy review webcomic by Erika Moen, Matt Nolan & Guests!
KURU #1: The Beginnings of a Horror Juggernaut!
Seemingly unrelated Horror and Sci-Fi stories in one gnarly 66 page comic book. Gross, gore, guest artists, grind-house style goodness!
PREGNANT BITCHES OF WAR Vol. 1: Pulp Fiction. Dark Humor.
A 128-page trade paperback of the cult series that's "Back to the Future" meets "Inglourious Basterds" ...with pregnant ladies.
"Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme's Perfect Body 3" Yaoi / BL Manga
Shoujo meets Yaoi / Boys Love! A story about a girl who carelessly wishes to become a man to start her own BL adventure. Huh?!
THE SOLAR GRID – a graphic novel
An ailing Earth. A superior Mars. And two orphans who will change everything.
The Costume Shop Season 1 | Gay Halloween Horror Comedy
Working at a haunted Halloween store can be terrifyingly fun in this gay horror comedy. Over 160 pgs. of comics and NSFW bonus comics!
The Gospel of Mark: Word for WORD Bible Comic (Book 4)
Hard hitting, historically accurate, unabridged & untamed graphic novel of the Gospel of Mark! 128-pg, full colour. Aimed at ages 15-40
PROVIDENCE - The Art Book and Complete Slipcase Set
The Providence Complete Slipcase is a beautiful set of all the related works and all in hardcover editions including the new art book!
Gael Force: Queen's 175th Anniversary Graphic Novel
A graphic novel collecting the 3 issues of Gael Force with new exclusive content. All in honour of the 175th anniversary of Queen's
The Jardin Mécanique comic book is a victorian horror steampunk extravaganza illustrated by the incredible Jeik Dion
And Yet We Rise
This ground breaking project dares to take a raw look at care-giving, depression, disability, and death with realistic hope.
Sithrah - Book 3
SITHRAH 3: The Symbol. This is the third installment of the beautiful hardcover comic series by Jason Brubaker.
No Small Plans: A graphic novel adventure through Chicago
Help us put this book into the hands of thousands of Chicago teens and inspire them to design the city they want, need and deserve.
Yaoi Life As He Knew It Manga - Volume 1 Chapter 1
Life As He Knew It! A 20 page original NSFW yaoi manga. A story of an college boy's attempt to reach his dream. No matter the cost!
A RARE and complete collection of Kirk Lindo's original Vampire Entertainment Magazine.
Mortimer B. Radley: and the Missing Monkey Skull
Printing Cam Kendell's InkTober comic about a Mystery-solving Ghost.
Lazarus, the Forever Man #1
An all-new 70-page debut issue by Julian Darius and Sergio Tarquini.
DreamersEcho Vol. 1 SoundComic: Graphic Novel + Soundtrack
The maiden voyage of a new epic fantasy adventure spanning coast to coast of a desolate world inspired by classic JRPGs & steampunk!
ENDING SOON! Beasts of the Black Hand Graphic Novel
Hardcover comic book of espionage, dark magic, and monsters, created by Paul Harding, Ron Marz, and Matthew Dow Smith
The Showdown Vol. 2 The Race From Hell
Vol. 2 of The Showdown graphic novel is here! 110 pages of pure campy horror. Hot-rodding monsters race in Dante's 9 circles of Hell.
Malika - Warrior Queen Part Two
Malika - Warrior Queen is a historical fantasy that takes place in a 15th-century West Africa. Part Two concludes Malika's epic story!
Legend Comic Part 2
Troy and Meiling must delve into the underworld to find the Heart of the Dragon in order to save Poc from his stone imprisonment!
Punk Taco an All-Ages Sci-Fi Children's Book/Graphic Novel
PUNK TACO is an awesome, new children's book for kids of all-ages who love fun, whimsical, wacky, comic book style space adventures!
"Fujoshi Trapped in a Seme's Perfect Body 4" Yaoi Gay Manga
Shoujo meets Yaoi / Boys Love! A story about a girl who carelessly wishes to become a man to start her own BL adventure. Huuwaah?!
Descendant of the Nephilim
A 112 page dark fantasy comic book series, about a young magician who has the souls of the dead trapped in his veins.
The Last Amazon: Post-Apocalyptic Superhero Graphic Novel
A fresh perspective on the graphic novel genre which chronicles the disparate factions and leaders that have risen after World War III
The Dead Palace
THE DEAD PALACE is the full-color horror anthology comic featuring Gothic tales of otherworldly mystery and bloody terror!
Diskordia Book 2
Diskordia is an ongoing surreal fantasy webcomic. Help fund the printing of the second book as a deluxe 200 page hardcover
Dream Crasher: Volume One
A 130 page trade paperback collection of Dream Crasher Volume 1, collecting chapters 1-4 into a single affordable volume.
Love, Tears & Sand
A tropical yuri light novel about two young women that overcome objections, fears, and struggles to find true happiness in paradise.
Scurry: The Drowned Forest - a post-apocalyptic mouse tale
Two mice lost in a cursed land must avoid monstrous predators and find a way home before it's too late to save their colony.
Extraversal Year 1: Time to Fly
Collecting Extraversal Year 1 as a luxury graphic novel. Welcome to the Extraverse: many worlds, one story.
Deanna of the Dead
These are the first two issues of the definitive and remastered DEANNA OF THE DEAD series.
Celestial Pulse: Printing 5 Issues
Vesenia is printing her five issue... but needs your help to make it possible!
"Sweet Boy" Yaoi / Gay Manga Graphic Novel !
A sassy college student falls into the hands of a sexually frustrated, young doctor.
Ninjas and Robots
Ninjas and Robots is a shonen styled Action/Adventure Indie Comic full of mystery, martial arts, and magic. And there's a talking cat.
Max the Demon vs Entropy of Doom
The Epic Mission of Maxwell's Demon to Save Earth from Overproduction of Entropy and Environmental Disaster: Science-Based Fiction.
Stargate Atlantis Graphic Novel
American Mythology is proud to bring the collected first two chapters of Stargate Atlantis comic books to a brand new graphic novel!
MUD Murdock Undead Detective 1
MUD Issue #1 vol 3 (Issue 1 of 2) In this next issue of MUD we find Murdock fighting off his own kind along with Vivian and more!
Poppi & Poe Issue#5 May
New issue of Poppi & Poe art/story by Caesar Crawford written by Fines Massey variant cover by Marcelo Trom
Alter-Life: Journey to the End (Hardcover Graphic Novel)
A 200-page complete series trade! In a world of seemingly infinite realities, Jake is on a quest to find his dead wife and daughter.
Pornoscopes: Taurus
A 10 Page Astrological Porn Comic about being Connected to Nature. -- What's your Pornoscope?
SINK Vol 1: Welcome to Glasgow - Crime/Horror Graphic Novel
Collects the smash hit thriller SINK #1-5 in a new 160-page volume. Limited edition hardcover available. Foreword by Frank Quitely.
Bringing The Lesser Evil & Peaceful Tomorrows back to print!
1000+ pages for $5.00! Two highly acclaimed space opera graphic novels by Shane W Smith, remastered and relaunched here on Kickstarter
Celestial Pulse Issue 6 Funding
The story of Fuji Deleon continues and more mysteries unravel! Printing the continuation, Celestial Pulse Issue: 6!
Luminous Ages Volume 1: Dragons, Monsters & Surreal Fantasy
Superbly painted epic adventure with wizards & creatures from many myths & cultures fighting for nature. Discover a new form of magic.
zombie workshop graphic novel
My name is Scott Easley Jr or just Skoddii. Im an illustrator and writer for my graphic novel/comic series, ZOMBIE WORKSHOP
IB Comics Presents: Legba's Juke Joint, Book 1
What's your soul worth? Follow Reggie as he finds out, in a story of the history of American music, from its blues roots to today
Macbeth: The Red King - Historical Fiction Graphic Novel
The name Macbeth has been cursed for hundreds of years, but history points toward another story, of Macbeth the hero - The Red King.
ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey Volume One
An unwilling and unlikely hero is forced to use a futuristic weapon against its creator to save a dying planet.
The War for Kaleb: A Superhero Story About Anxiety
Bring the critically-acclaimed comic, The War for Kaleb, to print complete with pinup gallery and extras!
Jeanne & Modigliani: Paris in the Dark - Graphic Novel Drama
Set in the early 1900's, this true story centers on the Paris art scene and two ill-fated lovers, Jeanne and the famous Modigliani.
The Children's Vampire Hunting Brigade: All Souls' Day
The Gothic adventure inspired by the real life Gorbals vampire incident. A punk rock Buffy set in Scotland. The Brigade's final stand!
Milford Green | A one-shot Victorian alien adventure comic
In the summer of 1897, a socially awkward inventor investigates the crash-site of a flying vehicle to find out that we are not alone.
The North Star: The Emancipation of Frederick Douglass (V1)
A comic book series about the life of Frederick Douglass.
Poppi & Poe
This new fantastic issue is packed with a fantastic new story by Eric Gahagan and killer cover by Jamie Primack and more!
Noble Love
A Samurai-theme hentai Light Novel from PUSH! that features the epic love journey of two prodigal samurai, Aoi & Sakura.
Forgotten Roots: Volume 1
The first volume of the fantasy webcomic about pretty white-haired boys getting into trouble while trying to reunite their country.
The Book of Esther: Word for WORD Bible Comic (Book 5)
Hard hitting, historically accurate, unabridged & untamed graphic novel of the Book of Esther! 80-pg, full colour. Aimed at ages 12-40+
The Veligent - a fantasy graphic novel with heart and soul
Even if your patients are demons, your job isn't always hell! A young doctor seeks his calling in a garden of magic and danger.
Tracy Queen, Volume 1
The first volume of the epic, sex-positive, pulpy, adults-only, sci-fi graphic novel!
The Murder Club: Useless Deaths - Part 2 (graphic novel)
The story concludes! -- Two school students decide to give themselves the ultimate assignment: get away with murder.
Woolmancy: A nerdy, magical graphic novel about friendship
The full-color fantasy tale of a best-friend breakup set in a world of weaving and mythical lightning sheep.
The Brute: Chasing Shadows
I want to have copies of my latest 168 page full color graphic novel in time for Indiana Comic Con on March 30th
Conquest: Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars - A Graphic Novel
Conquest is a graphic novel recounting Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul starting in 52 B.C. 136 pages hand-illustrated in watercolor.
The Theory: A Twisted Sci-Fi Series
“An archaeologist is working to save our future, a time traveller is working to fix our past." A spin-off from the Twisted Dark series
Sneaky Goblins: a fun fantasy adventure graphic novel
A dropout from assassin school is sent on an impossible quest. Created in the spirit of Warcraft, Tolkien and Adventure Time.
Kings of Nowhere: Graphic Novel by Koteri Ink
A graphic novel taken place in a world where humans turn in to animals. Shunned, they learn to strive in the criminal underworld.
Big Trouble with Simple Machines: Science Ninjas Comic
Learn physics fundamentals in a 120 page graphic novel! Explore a bold world with fun characters on a scientific treasure hunt! Ages 8+
Saturday AM launches a new Graphic Novel line
A new line of graphic novel collections of Saturday AM's most popular diverse shonen manga series.
E.X.O. Returns in Rise of AVON!
A sci-fi superhero story set in a futuristic Africa where an Android with the mind & ambition of a conqueror, plans to "reset" humanity
A surreal graphic novel written and drawn by Shawn Kuruneru.
Bang! Bang! BOOM! Vol 1
A jazz era romantic adventure comic and novel (lgbt)
Pornoscopes: Inktober Challenge
An #Inktober Adult Comics Challenge! A 10 Page PDF Astrological Porn Comic. [Virgo] A 40 Page Erotic Comic [Pornoscopes: Quaternity.]
Little Mizzi Muffet and the Spider King Volume 1
Little Mizzi Muffet and the Spider King Volume 1 Paper Tradeback
A lesbian romcom graphic novel about love, revenge, and getting your bike back.
Liber Vulva - EP 1.
A Dystopian Porn Comic about Sex, Drugs, and Violent Revolution. 10 Pages / Mo. - Exclusive to Patron and Kickstarter. Erotic / Adult.
Vicious Circus - Killer Clowns Avenge the Abused
Killer clowns on a mission to wipe victimizers, brutalizers, bullies and abusers from the face of the Earth!
Metalshark Bro
A classic shark meets demon, demon transforms shark into a sharkman, shark vows vengeance on demon story. Oh yea...HEAVY METAL forever!
R:ILPERSONA Vol. 1: The Etheric Mastery Edition
R:ILPERSONA Volume 1: The Etheric Mastery Edition- a 3rd anniversary collected edition of the weekly sci-fi fantasy webcomic series
Martian Comics Vol. 1: Moon to Moon
A 240-page oversized graphic novel with 13 tales spanning 18,000 years of alien civilization.
Cursed, Issue 1
A medieval fantasy adventure graphic novel about magic and stealing stuff
The Great Witch Artemis #Kickstartemis
Artemis is the greatest witch of all time. Or, well, she was. Now it's up to superfan, Emmett, to restore Artemis to her former glory.
Liberty | Death
Two Goddesses, A Drow Assassin, and a Vengeance Trip. [A Erotic Adventure Graphic Novel -- NSFW.]
Scurry: The Shadow's Curse - A Post-Apocalyptic Mouse Tale
A colony of mice in an abandoned house struggle to survive a long, strange winter. The humans are all gone and the sun is rarely seen.
Undad graphic novel trilogy: a zombie-family-drama epic
Dark secrets, mental illness and horrific cravings in a series that wears its heart on its sleeve... and down the front of its shirt.
Hardcore Anxiety: A Graphic Guide to Punk and Mental Health
Reid Chancellor's graphic novel tracks the mental health struggles of great punk rockers, as well as his own experiences
13: The Astonishing Lives of the Neuromantics
Yves Navant's queer space opera follows an unlikely hero on a journey to become whole, and to topple the society that ripped him apart.
Hot Lunch Vol. 1: A Culinary Heist Manga For All Ages
Part Robin Hood, part Ocean's Eleven, and beautifully illustrated, Hot Lunch is a dramatic heist story set in an anthropomorphic Japan.
DIO+ Land Of Demons #1
Demons! Hell! A graphic novel about desperate love and the bond between two young men - a human prince and a vicious demon.
PUNK TACO: Giant Problems! An All Ages Graphic Novel
An intergalactic, peace-loving, space-taco & his band of punk-rocking misfits battle an evil giant to save a planet from destruction.
Under the Cottonwood Tree - a Latinx fairy tale adventure
A young boy embarks on a perilous adventure in order to save his little brother from the clutches of an evil witch.
Rancidville: The Rotten Truth - A kid centric mystery/comedy
Join us for a tale of greed, conspiracy, and mayhem in the detritus town of Rancidville.
GUN Volume 1 : Fighting is my Monday
Hey everyone! It's time to collect the first three issue story arc of the comic book GUN in a handsome softcover edition!
Don't Think, an original BL (gay) manga style comic
BL Boy's Love ORIGINAL light yaoi manga style comic "Don't Think"
Gummy Wizard Saga: Volume 1
Poemi hates magic. So when she accidentally frees a young wizard from a curse, it's the last thing she needs... How to get rid of him?
Make 100 Erotic Fairy Tale Storyboard Panels
A 100 Panel Storyboard for an Erotic Graphic Novel - A Frankenstein Fairy Tale about a Complex Dildo turned Self-Aware Robot Boyfriend.
GODS OF AAZURN Creepy, Cosmic Horror Comics, Lovecraft Style
In glorious service to our Aazurn overlords, Gods of Aazurn is four, mature-reader comics with horrific gods and creepy monsters.
Boston Metaphysical Society: The Spirit of Rebellion
Ghosts! Steampunk! Oh my! Caitlin flees to Philadelphia only to discover a ghost, a rebellion, and perhaps, her destiny.
Thanos Creator Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar Omnibus
Epic cosmic writer and artist remasters his most personal comics saga, including new art.
The Eynes Anthology Book One - Horror/Supernatural Comic!
For generations, one family has been a magnet for all manner of supernatural occurrences. These are their stories.
Tod in Genf
Die Fortsetzung von "Die Ustica-Verschwörung" ist ein Verschwörungsthriller vor dem Hintergrund der Barschel-Affäre.
EXILIUM: An epic, 200-page sci-fi graphic novel - LAST DAY!!
If you're into sci-fi and space opera, YOU JUST CAN'T MISS OUT ON THIS ONE! All four awesome stretch goals unlocked!
Angels Power Volume I - Fantasy Epic - Artist Edition
This 320 pages fully painted graphic novel comes sketched in with a limited edition exclusive signed print set... And original art!
Aeronautica Issues 1 & 2 - Steampunk Fantasy Adventure Comic
Issues 1 & 2 of a Sci-fi/steampunk fantasy graphic novel adventure.
Beyond Milford Green | A Victorian Space Adventure Comic
After the events of Milford Green, two Victorian villagers find themselves on a spaceship travelling to the United Galactic Alliance.
THE BUREAU: A Day in Your Life (Comics and Electronic Music)
A comic book with downloadable music accompaniment, THE BUREAU tells you a nine hour story, in real time, of a single day at your job.
Project New Life - A Romance Doujin by Artist Lynus
A collaboration project between artist Lynus and PUSH! to bring you a heartwarming story of a couple.
THE RED TEN Vol 1 & 2 | Superhero Murder Mystery Hardcovers
"Justice League" meets "Clue"... The complete action packed superhero mystery horror maxi-series collected in two thrilling volumes!
SINK: Blood & Rain - Crime/Horror GN will Break Kickstarter
A new rain-soaked, blood-drenched 160-page volume of the hit crime thriller comic! Limited hardcover available, collects SINK #6-10.
Sorah Suhng's KARNAL CONFESSIONS - Subject File: 01 ORIGIN
An illustrated novel by Sorah Suhng. Expect to question your morals, loyalties, and loves as you ride along with villainess Karnal Sin!
The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby Vol. 2
First printing of the new graphic novel, drawn from the Civil War letters of a school teacher in the Union Army!
Dread Gods Sci-Fi/Fantasy Graphic Novel, Art Book
Deluxe, definitive Dread Gods hardcover from creators Bart Sears, Ron Marz, Tom Raney
Defend Milford Green | The Victorian Space Adventure Ends
Victorian space adventurers, Alfie and Mary, return to Earth with a grave message for Queen Victoria - Earth is in terrible danger!
A surreal samurai graphic novel about disrupting the natural order to obtain your greatest desires.
Cognition Vol. #1 - An Occult Adventure Story
196 page comic trade paperback, collects issues #0-4 of a story about a robot with a human soul and a demonically possessed mouse.
The Lazy Goth: A Graphic Novel
A graphic novel about the particular struggles of being an unmotivated goth.
Noble Love 2: Nobility Lost
Join Aoi and Sakura as they embark on a new mission as they meet old friends and make new allies to hunt down their enemy, Kiku.
A sci-fi graphic novel based on real neuroscience
Two teens on a post-climate-apocalypse Earth wield the ancient craft of neuroscience against an oppressive World Government.
Bookwyrms 1 | A fantasy comic about rebel librarians
Childhood friends, forged books, secret societies and mysterious abilities. ~ Printed edition of Bookwyrms: Volume One.
Inhibit | Book One
A comic about growing up, breaking into government facilities, and being able to shoot lightning from your hands. Normal teen stuff.
A science-fantasy series that looks at the power of imagination through the eyes of aliens exploring an abandoned Earth.
Happenstance: The Print Edition
A print version of the online photographic novel, Happenstance: a story about two simultaneous, opposite religious transformations.
SonoraTown - Full Color Printed Graphic Novel
A scalped detective in Los Angeles in 1870 must protect a teenaged girl from a night-riding fiend, El Sombreron.
"Swinging Island" Erotic Graphic Novel
Sex-positive softcover comic book for adults only.
Why Always Wins — A Graphic Resource about Leading Teams
A fun and informative comic designed to help you understand the mechanics of collaboration, and foster effective and empathetic teams!
ARCHIVE The WarHood Odyssey Volume Two
ARCHIVE The WarHood Volume TWO! An unlikely hero is forced to use a futuristic weapon against its creator to save a dying planet.
R:ILPERSONA Volume 2: High Places & Principalities
R:ILPERSONA Vol. 2: High Places & Principalities- The second collected print edition of the weekly sci-fi fantasy webcomic series
One-Eyed Jack Vol. 1
Las Vegas. October 1st, 2017. The worst mass shooting in American history. CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker brings you an inside look.
Metalshark Bro: Island of Misfit Bros
A heavy metal shark, along with his flying eyeball bro, continue their battle against demons. An Irreverent action comedy.
Fae Archaic: A Crime-ridden Fairy Tale REDUX
Enter a criminal underworld of brutal faeries, sinister schemes, and restless spirits.
Atomic Robo and the Dawn of a New Era HARDCOVER EDITION!
The hardcover collected edition of the hit comic book series ATOMIC ROBO AND THE DAWN OF A NEW ERA! Also a handsome tote bag.
An Inconvenient Guide to Eternal Damnation
NEW Original Gay Comics and Novels
BL and GL Graphic Novels and Short Stories
Ninja Bear, Volume 1
80+ page collection of full-color adventure comics about a cute little bear and his exciting journey!
This is the kickstarter for the English edition of my steampunk adventure comic: Heartlandstories: Robocity
Let's Bring The Weirdos To Life!
A graphic novel collection of my independent comic book series, The Weirdos.
Tarot Witch of the Black Rose: Origins TPB
A 20th Anniversary Celebration Trade Paperback Edition of the first 5 Issues of Tarot, Witch of the Black Rose
Descendant Volume 1 Trade Paperback
Espionage meets Superpowers in this 80-page Trade paperback collecting my debut Image Comics series
CMON Comics - Vol. 1
Experience Zombicide, Cthulhu: Death May Die, and Zombicide: Invader like never before with beautifully written and illustrated comics!
Michael Turner Creations Hard Cover
An over-sized Hardcover Graphic Novel featuring comic legend Michael Turner's three original creations, FATHOM, SOULFIRE and EKOS.
Alice Slays the Jabberwock: Erotic Graphic Novel [Print Run]
The Queen of Hearts needs Alice to Slay her Jabberwock. - An Adult Retelling of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. [Goal: 100 Copies.]
Tracy Queen, V2: Dangerous Experiments
In Vol. 2 of the epic graphic novel, a warrior-turned-camgirl takes empowerment into her own hands...& adult film studio.
Boston Metaphysical Society: Ghosts and Demons
Steampunk! Demons! Ghosts! A disturbing dream leads Caitlin and the team to face off with a new enemy.
Sharjah Sketchbook (Quickstarter)
Graphic novel about art, education, immigration & more in the Middle East...
Root & Branch - Volume Four
A beautiful, immersive, unexpected Fantasy adventure. The Fourth Volume in an ongoing series of Graphic Novels.
The Gospel of Matthew: Word for Word Bible Comic - NIV
Hard-hitting, historically accurate, unabridged & untamed graphic novel of the Gospel of Matthew! Now features NIV! 244pg. Ages 12-40+
COLD-BLOODED VOL 1 manga monster battling other monsters
Teen shonen hero seeks father while bearing the mark of a cold blooded monster.
The Comic Book Encyclopedia of Pro Wrestling
280 pages of true stories of legendary professional wrestlers, plus original encyclopedia entries featuring them, allies & enemies!
Kedebknarf, Chapter 1, Part 1
A printing of 200 copies of the first 25 pages of the (as of this writing) 462 page graphic novel "Kedebknarf."
The Corsair - A Historical Adventure Graphic Novel
A 72 page watercolor graphic novel tale of pirates, privateers, and plunder.
Illegal Cargo: A Graphic Novel from Mexico
Inspired by the struggles of migrants from Mexico, Central and South America to the United States.
The Jötunn War Issue Three
A war as old as time, where fate itself hangs in the balance.
Findlay Macbeth
My debut graphic novel, Shakespeare's tragedy rewritten and set in 1970s Scotland. 125 pages of comic strip + the full text of the play
SHE Vol. 1 - Sci-fi Graphic Novella | Die-Cut Hardcover
SHE: AT THE TOWER OF ALL THAT IS KNOWN is an all-new large-format one-shot about an intergalactic bounty hunter by Ryan K Lindsay
Meow the Infinite: Book One
The print edition of Meow the Infinite, an epic science fiction comic about a starfaring princess and her fearless feline companion.
By the Time I Get to Dallas 1+2: ER doc apocalypse continues
With 80% of homo sapiens migrating to one spot on the globe, a failing med student hits the road to save, or maybe destroy, humanity.
When Days Rewind Volume 3
The highly anticipated adult light novel is back!
Return of the Condor Heroes Collector's Edition Manga Boxset
Jin Yong's classic Wuxia love story adapted by comic artist Wee Tian Beng is finally available in a complete deluxe boxset!
Dynamite Thor The EXPLOSIVE Superhero!
A modern superhero classic by #1 Bestselling and Award-Winning Writer, Jon Del Arroz!
THE JUNCTION graphic novel
Lucas has come home, 12 years after disappearing. Silent. Haunted. And still 11 years old.
Cupid's Arrows Volume 1
Collection of the first season of my hit Webtoon, Cupid's Arrows.
Analog Missions: Oberon A Unique Science Fiction Experience
This is the second book in the Analog Missions series. It is A 50-page sci-fi softcover comic written and drawn by Mr. David Fleming.
Triumviratus: award-winning 530 page fantasy graphic novel
A world brought to its knees by the misadventures of three desperate lovers. The official digital launch, and a brand new cover design!
Get an early look at the next El Muerto graphic novel with these exclusive limited edition collectible comic books & extras!
Dragon Nanny
It’s up to a lone robot to find the hidden dragon eggs on a slumbering world and restart the cycle of life!
Draw Like a Boss 2
The sequel to the Zelda, Monkey Island inspired book on learning to draw!
The Journal
An action-based comic book series heavily influenced by vampire and werewolf lore, along with post-apocalyptic government conspiracy.
Worms Crawl In
He’s a rotting dead corpse. She’s not. A macabre journey of self-discovery and redemption in a 160-page graphic novel.
Knights vs. Pirates
300% FUNDED! Jump onboard! The search for a legendary relic ignites a battle between two of the most fearsome warriors of all time.
SANTA, SJW Latina Superhero Graphic Novel
A graphic novel where a Latina superhero takes down the ICE detention camps in her town.
The Darkness Complete Collection Vol. 1 HC
Celebrate 25 Years of The Darkness
The Man in the Painter's Room: Van Gogh at the Ravoux Inn
A new perspective on Vincent Van Gogh's final years, from the innkeeper's daughter he had grown to love like family.
Being A Cosplayer
A graphic novel diary comic book about the funny, crazy life of a cosplayer!
Fox Fires Book 1
An all-ages graphic novel inspired by Finnish mythologies about a young raccoon dog as she travels through mysterious lands.
DRAGON: a new graphic novel by Saladin Ahmed and Dave Acosta
A fallen Muslim knight. A zealous young nun. Together against Dracula! A story of horror and faith, presented as a beautiful hardcover.
Alan Moore PROVIDENCE Compendium
The long-awaited Alan Moore PROVIDENCE Compendium is here!
Wailing Blade V1: Headtaker - Dark Sci-Fi Fantasy Hardcover
From the writer of ROAD OF BONES, WAILING BLADE is a brutal, bloody sci-fi adventure for fans of Mad Max & Masters of the Universe!
Woodland Creatures. Wild Souls #1-2
Callie, a killer who's mind-linked to a wolf, and Chris, a PTSD-suffering soldier, must stop the US army from weaponizing their kind.
Monster Lands Vol.2: Printing the graphic novel
Printing book two of the funny fantasy webcomic, Monster Lands!
Village Comics Exclusive Poster & Book Bundle
Get any book for just 10 bucks along side this beautiful screen printed poster featuring all of the current Village Comics characters!
XII Paladins: Prologue
A graphic novel that takes place in a completely unique world, with superpowers, war and revolution!
Legends of Fomora
An all-ages comic about friendship, monsters, and ancient magic!
Trumps Book 1 and Cat & Mouse 1-3
A "two-fer" offering from Silverline: Cat & Mouse #1-3; and Trumps book 1.
Ennead: The Rule of Nine, Epic Fantasy Re-Envisioned
Issue #1 of an Original Graphic Novel Series featuring classical fantasy elements with a modern filter.
The Girl from Mars Vol. 1
A 212-page graphic novel uncovering the secret history of the 20th century!
"Midwinter" Volumes 1 & 2
Volume 1 & 2 of our cyberpunk fantasy webcomic, Midwinter, is ready for print!
Kyrra Trade KS Exclusive
Exclusive Creator Edition
BRZRKR by Keanu Reeves, Matt Kindt, & Ron Garney
A graphic novel series about an immortal warrior seeking only one thing: the truth about his blood-soaked existence & how to end it!
THRUD: Volume I
A comic about a mute girl named Thrud and her sidekick Kvasir in a post-Ragnarok Norse world!
7 Inch Kara Volume 2: An All Ages Watercolor Comic
It's a big world when you're 7 inches tall.
DASH: The Gay Noir Graphic Novel
A disgraced detective. A bad boy lover. A mysterious femme fatale. And lurking in the heart of 1940s Los Angeles… a primeval horror!
The Mad Tsar : A Graphic Novel About a Crazy World Leader
It all starts here. To be closer to his subjects, the Tsar, dressed in peasant clothes, strolls through the streets of St. Petersburg.
Kamen America, Volume 2
The Fighting Fashionista returns! Joined by new allies, Kamen America is confronted with a new villain & a familiar foe from her past!
Welcome to Our Hell: Issue 2
Hello! And welcome to our Hell! Dive into our second issue full of color, wonder, and demon family fun.
Tol'Asha and the Trial of the Hoarder
Continue the journey with issue 2 of the Tales of the Stars series. Will Tol'Asha be able to overcome her next challenge?
Grimms' Girls in Fairyland Tales - Second Chance
An UNCENSORED erotic, gothic-fantasy anthology that adapts well-known fairy tales into super-sexy stories written & drawn by Shade!
Hugged: A Bisexual Trans Genderqueer Graphic Novel
Printing Hugged, a sketchbook diary chronicling the loves and losses of the author’s tumultuous 20s as a nonbinary bisexual disaster!
The beginnings of a journey through a world turned primal.
Harker - The Book of Solomon Part One
Ritual murders! Serial killers! Cheese and pickle! The cult British indie comics detective series returns!
Crescent City Monsters Vol.1 - Urban Horror Graphic Novel
Stripped of his powers and now in a new body, sorcerer Jonas Atelus, continues his battle with the monsters of New Orleans.
BULLISH: A Graphic Novel
An adult, queer, romantic drama about betrayal, witchcraft, and monstrous men in the mid-century Texas Panhandle.
Planeta Blu- Rise of Agoo
Inner-city teens gain super abilities by joining forces with animals in this apocalyptic struggle against an evil oil tycoon.
AllStar Superhero Graphic Novel LAST MINUTES & FREE SHIPPING
Superheroes, Beasts, Friends, Love, Riddles, Growing Up - The Untold Story of Every Teenager
NIHILUM : Wander in the nether
Monochrome Psychologic Horror graphic novel
JEMBER: Becoming Somebody HARDCOVER (African Graphic Novel)
112-pg action/adventure story about finding your self-worth & letting go of what others think of you (with foreword by Maaza Mengiste!)
LOQUITA, Supernatural Latina Superhero Graphic Novel
A La Brava Series
Winona Forever: Part One of an '80s Graphic Novel Series
Four 8th grade nerds, a powerful hidden relic & a dangerous secret society. It's a Halloween like no other in Winona Ryder's hometown.
Space Bastards - Volume 2 Hardcover
Intergalactic, kickass comics featuring artwork by Darick Robertson, Colin MacNeil, Boo Cook, Clint Langley & more!
The 1962 Gorgo comics by Joe Sinnott, Joe Gill and Vince Colletta, collected on high quality paper stock.
Andraste Volume 1: A Printed Collection of Issues #1-3
An 88-page full-color comic about three women rebelling against the Roman Empire.
Tuff Stuff
Robert Crumb meets Robert Liefeld in this tail of a troubled alley cat who must save spring break in 1993.
Tales To Enlighten - A Psychedelic Death Cult Graphic Novel
Devils, Demons, Black Magick and YOU! Serial killing Satanists meet big Buddhist ideas in this 300 page "feel good" graphic novel!
Merrick: The Sensational Elephantman - Volume 2 TPB
The second collected edition of the cult, pulp adventure penny dreadful, comic series.
Live Forever: The Eternal Edition
After a tragedy, Sarah’s conviction to never lose another loved one drives her to discover a formula for eternal life.
Science Ninjas Chemistry Trilogy: Book One
Learn chemistry with a thrilling series of all-ages graphic novels
GODS OF AAZURN Lovecraft Style Horror, Kickstarter Exclusive
A PRINTED, creepy, cosmic horror graphic novel available ONLY on Kickstarter.
The Croaking Volume 1
The collected edition of volume 1 of the Ringo-nominated webcomic by Megan Grey!
Ennead: The Rule of Nine "On The Road Again" | #1, #2, #2.5
An Original, Serialized, Graphic Novel; featuring classical fantasy elements with a modern filter.
Beneath an Alien Sky
On an alien planet a mad man releases a deadly monster onto an unsuspecting populace.
The Tears of Khera
An experimental 150-page science-fiction graphic novel about little miracles in the midst of totalitarianism.
Witch Creek Road Collected Hardcover
A survival horror about love, acceptance, death and revenge. And sexy flesh-eating demons. Yeah, it has those, too.
The Day the Klan Came to Town
A fictionalized, graphic retelling of a KKK riot that occurred in Carnegie, PA in 1923 and the resistance to it.
Sad Religion: A Collection of Short Comics
A collection of comic essays about growing up with religion.
Foreign Matter #1 - Global Superhero Murder Mystery
80 PAGE Graphic Novel
Boston Metaphysical Society: The Book of Demons
When a Great House discovers Caitlin's ability to control demons, she is kidnapped and forced to find and enslave one.
The Book of Jonah: Word for Word Bible Comic: NIV and NVI
Jonah features the NIV Translation in English and NVI in Spanish also the Gospel Colouring Factbook is great for church/Christian group
Theseus : Volume 1 - A Graphic Novel
Greek mythology intertwines with comedy in the first four episodic adventures of Theseus' journey to Athens.
Silverline Double Feature: Teen Beetle #1 and Switchblade #1
Comic books
The Witch of Wickerson - Graphic Novel
SECRET OF NIHM meets ATTACK ON TITAN in this twisted fairytale GRAPHIC NOVEL about a Witch who terrorizes a community of small animals.
Martian Lit Print Extravaganza!
Get our four sci-fi comics collections, along with two other comics!
A Graphic Journey of Revolutionary Rojava
Their Blood Got Mixed – A new illustrated exploration of the Kurdish people's struggle, their revolution, and resistance to ISIS.
Gray Cells: 140 page graphic novel thriller
True Detective meets Stephen King. A journalist must uncover the truth when a child is abducted by a creature no-one believes exists.
Crown & Anchor Books 1-2: Castaway of Demons
A post-war swashbuckling sci-fantasy adventure comic! The debut of Book Two now comes with 200% more demons.
Walo: A Central American Odyssey (Vol. 1)
Graphic novel about a Nicaraguan migrant worker — Novela gráfica sobre la odisea de un migrante nicaragüense
By the Time I Get to Dallas 1-3: ER doc apocalypse continues
With 80% of homo sapiens migrating to one spot on the globe, a failing med student hits the road to save, or maybe destroy, humanity.
Meow the Infinite: Book Two
An epic all-ages graphic novel series about a starfaring princess and her fearless feline companion.
Joanna Fischer & the Golden Idol
A 52 page Lovecraftian Horror/Adventure Graphic Novel.
What Follows Is True: Crescent Hotel
A 240-page, fully painted nonfiction graphic novel.
Freakier Than Normal Vol. 1 - A Gamer Adventure
Mia has always dreamed of becoming a video game hero, which might become a reality after receiving a mysterious alien power.
Vampire Blood Drive
An 18+ queer vampire/human romcom graphic novel.
Animal Arithmetic 動物の算術: Beasts of Burden
Where manga, animation and jazz-hop meet in the middle to tell a unique end times story-a call to introspection!
Blaze Beyond The Pale.
An Irish coming-of-age graphic novel about friendship, fear and Finglas.
Gehenna: Death Valley, Award Winning Horror Graphic Novel
Scooby-Doo goes to Hell, but without the dog, the Mystery Machine, and the monsters are 100% REAL! Wholesome body horror content 🖤
Tales From When I Had A Face
A modern fairy-tale about death, loss, and finding redemption in the strangest places
The Complete Frank At Home On The Farm Oversized Hardcover
Oversized hardcover collection of the critically acclaimed 4-issue horror series + Glenn Fabry (Preacher) variant edition + B&W edition
The Last Tide - An Innverse Graphic Novel from pirateaba
A 150 page GAMELIT Fantasy Graphic Novel
The World My Arena Collected Edition
A remastered two hundred pages graphic novel about martial arts. Follow Nathan as he embarks on a journey of self discovery.
HARD STRUCK, a graphic novel
A compelling story on PTSD in war veterans.
Glass Assassin : A queer love story of action and intrigue
An 84 page graphic novel about an assassin who loves in love with his target. and regains a bit of his humanity in the process
Swords and Magic: 2 Books of Fantasy Comics and Manga
The first wave of books from Koguchi Comics: SIDE QUESTS by Kyle Fewell and SWORD HUNT by Bon Idle.
My Mom Had an Abortion: a new comic from Shout Your Abortion
Teen author Beezus Murphy chronicles her funny and touching coming-of-age story in this beautifully illustrated short graphic novel.
Sango - How a Yoruba General became a God King
A comic book about what one man must do to protect his kingdom from a rival tribe and its tyrannical King.
Hunting Season
A post-apocalyptic thriller out of the Hades-Syndrome-Universe...
The Wondrous World
A graphic novel about a group of kids who have an adventure in a magical world with advance technology and strange creatures .
Girls Have a Blog: The Signature Edition
The ultimate collection of the hit webcomic!
JALISCO, Latina Superhero Graphic Novel
(English & Spanish Edition)
The Hero Dies Alone - Volume 2 - Goherin
Volume 2 of the ongoing Comic series The Hero Dies Alone
Hot Brass, Pharaoh's Gold
Cowboys vs. Mummies: An all-ages throwdown for the ages!
Winona Forever: Part Two in a graphic novel series
Four 8th grade nerds, a powerful hidden relic & a dangerous secret society. It's a Halloween like no other in normally quiet Winona, MN
Queer in Asia: A Graphic Novel
A young queer man comes of age in China. A 240-page autobiographical hardcover graphic novel.
Jimmy's Vendetta Part One - Alt-Greek Myth & Gangster Noir
Neosaka 2189: after a nuclear fallout, ancient creatures and Gods roam the Earth, wielding destructive powers for their own gains...
NonPack 1 - "Bark & Bite"
Street-savvy Karen dreams of being Rich Port's top bad dog, but she will have to prove her bite is as good as her bark to lead the pack
Les Cowboys & les Indiens : édition intégrale et définitive
Un feuilleton métaphysique et métafictionnel, un conte pour les enfants du nouveau monde, une voix spirituelle, des bonshommes rigolos.
Pledge the City!
A fall from grace story of an aging crime lord as war breaks out in the City that he once ruled.
Carnaval: Compilation Volumes
A mexican graphic novel of mystery
The Adventures of Starman Begins!
This 64 page graphic novel telling the story of Starman's Origin. This is the 5th episode in The Adventures of Starman series.
Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Hero of the Two Worlds, in a new “superhero” version, is the main character of an incredible graphic novel!
The Wilds: A Poetry Comic
The Wilds is a poetry comic about a teenage girl who loses a parent and escapes into a fantastical landscape to process her emotions.
Audiobook of the Gaelic graphic novel ÁS A' CHAMHANAICH
We'll record Cape Breton Gaelic author-artist Angus MacLeod reading aloud his graphic novel ÁS A' CHAMHANAICH [Out of the Twilight].
KISHA: Demon Eater Volume 1
Sixteen-year-old Kisha is sent to live in a small town with dark secrets, but Kisha has a few secrets of her own.
Death of a Necromancer - a rural-fantasy graphic novel
A mighty gothic tome by Nick Bryan & Robert Ahmad about the arrival of necromancy in a small English town.
Boston Metaphysical Society - Vol. 2
Steampunk Supernatural Goodness! All four sequels combined into one trade paperback, plus a ten-page bonus story!
The Bestiary - Feral: A field guide to the new world
An exploration of the early fur trade, complete with werewolves and other creatures that do more than go bump in the night.
The second trade paperback collection of Crucifix Executioner - It's Dexter meets Sons of Anarchy in a bloody story of vengeance...
The Nebulizer: "Hasta La Vista, Mite Head"
A chronic asthmatic and his feisty A.I.-controlled nebulizer suit fight through a post-apocalyptic world filled with allergen mutants.
The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby Vol. 3 (1864)
YA+ graphic novel drawn from actual Civil War diaries, letters, & sketchbooks!
Finding Home Volume 4: The Gardener
The final volume of the award-winning LGBT+ romance comic, printed as a graphic novel.
When Days Rewind Volume 4
The popular NTR light novel is back with another volume!
CRHYME®: A Hip-Hop Detective Graphic Novel
A mother's obsession of Hip-Hop leads to conspiracy, murder, revenge, betrayal, and unwavering loyalty. A 72 page Graphic Novel.
The perfect combination of a Gritty Crime Thriller and a Gruesome Slasher Flick.
Recoil: Book 1
The first book in the bombastic superpowered webcomic series about grief, trauma, and systems that harm you.
BANDITA, Dominican Superhero
Graphic Novel
In America's concrete jungles, a new narcotic poison is king...and in the jungles of Colombia...its venomous queen!
Butterfly House - An Experimental Graphic Novella
Experimental graphic novella about a girl who loses herself in a house that exists between life and death, past and present.
ARKS ISSUE THREE: The Groundbreaking Science Fiction Comic
Discover the new frontier in science fiction with this incredible series
Skull Maskerade: Issue 3
Gothic watercolor comic of a magical team of ladies in a macabre adventure by Carlations Carla Wyzgala & Justin Tauch
Arachna 2: The Most Dangerous Game
The hunter becomes the hunted.
The Murder Club: Useless Deaths - the collected volume
Parts 1 and 2 of "The Murder Club: Useless Deaths" comic collected in a single volume.
A 56-page double creature feature comic including a story set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft
'Thin Blue Line' - the Graphic Novel by Mike Baron
Thin Blue Line follows police officer Valeria Baca & her partner as their detail guarding the mayor turns into a fight for their lives.
Panda Thugs
Come with us and dive into the Panda Galaxy. We are Panda Thugs and we want you to be part of our journey.
Aldous Spark Volumes 1 and 2
Join Aldous Spark as he rights wrongs under the cover of night in these oversized, hardcover steampunk graphic novels.
Jim Balent's Raven Hex Saga
A Limited Edition 72 paged Trade Paperback Featuring Raven Hex’s Return of the Dark Witch Story Arc
Zombie Cat Invasion Graphic Novel
A 350-page graphic novel about zombies, cats, aliens, and the secret of the universe.
A Tiger's Tale : vol. 1
The Tao Te Ching meets The Jungle Book in this kung fu–inspired graphic novel!
The Gospel of Luke: Word for Word Bible Comic: NIV and NVI
Historical, unabridged & faithful presentation of the life of Jesus Christ. For Christian or non- religious comicbook fans aged 12-50+
PRISON WITCH: Volume Three (Volumes 1 - 3 available) FINALE!
The final volume of the PRISON WITCH trilogy is here. Magic and mystery combine in this thrilling graphic novel.
Hero – A Graphic Novella on History, Heritage, and Home
Celebrating Singapore's 38th Total Defence Day, and remembering 80 years of hard-earned history.
It's Okay That It's Not Okay: a Graphic Novella (Make 100)
A 132-page graphic novella about confronting workaholism as a coping mechanism for avoiding grief
The Whole Armor Comic Book: Stories of Spiritual Warfare
Black Owned Christian Comic book Series that tell real life stories about spiritual warfare and how to fight with the Whole Armor.
Shatter is the ultimate threat to the System. How far will they go to eliminate Shatter? How far will Shatter go to kill the System?
HEIRS OF ISILDUR: The Perilous Prospects #1!
An apocalyptic, sci-fi adventure set in a steampunk world!
I'm Fat! A Critters' Adventure
80 paged children’s graphic novel about my group of stuffed animals struggling with the foods they eat and their goofy adventures.
JEMBER: African Comics by African Creators! [Hardcover] 🔥
As seen on BBC, OkayAfrica & more. If you enjoy Black Panther, then you'll love our award nominated African comic & kids book, JEMBER!
A series of graphic stories that centre and celebrate the lives of queer/trans people in education.
Silverline Double Feature: Rejects #1 and Sniper & Rook #1
Rejects #1 and Sniper & Rook #1
HEIRS OF ISILDUR: The Perilous Prospects Books I & II
Apocalyptic sci-fi set in a STEAMPUNK world. The catastrophe in Shadow's Haven worsens because of the skies above and citizens below.
Unfortunate Events of Segora the Witch
An Original Fantasy Hentai Series Follows A Young Witch Named Segora, Gets Herself Into Some “Unfortunate Events.”
MEXICA, Aztec Princess
Graphic Novel
Sleepwalkers Vol. 1: #adulting sucks
A 110-page graphic novel about life after graduation, the horror of adulting, and imagining yourself as a superhero.
The Council of Frogs
A fantasy adventure graphic novel about a brave little frog on a quest to deliver a message to a warlock.
wherein the robot punches some vampires
Cave Grave
Western Noir Thriller
THE MAN WHO DIED TWICE Detective Fiction Graphic Novel
100+ page oversized CHOICE-DRIVEN Sherlock Holmes mystery w/ GAME APP rewards.
Drunken Tales: Light Novel / Graphic Novel
The Light-Hearted Comedy none of you asked for, but all of you need!
Elevated: Divinity War (Volume 1, Issues 1-3)
Elevated: Divinity War is an upcoming graphic novel created by C.R Harris and Dominic Lapi.
London Gothic Chapter 1, supernatural, action, horror.
An 88pp full colour graphic novel, first of a four chapter series.
Camp Pock-a-Wocknee and the DYN-O-MITE Summer of '77
A coming-of-age graphic novel celebrating the traditions, friendships, and idiocy that make up summers at Jewish sleepaway camp.
Theseus: Volume 2 - A Graphic Novel
Theseus is known for defeating the minotaur, but there's a lot more to his story in this comic retelling. (Vol. 1 here too)
Lycan: Solomon's Odyssey Chapter Two
The second chapter in a series of fully illustrated graphic novels following the journey of Solomon, the world's first werewolf.
Drawn To Key West 200-page Graphic Novel
The story of Key West, Florida, and the street performers who make their living there.
Tales of a Necromancer : Light Novel/Graphic Novel Volume 2
The ecchi revenge novel you all know and love has returned for Volume 2!
The complete season 1 of Standstill!
The Cargo Rebellion: Those Who Chose Freedom
A new graphic novel of the 1852 Robert Bowne Rebellion in which indentured Chinese men overthrew their American captor & slave trader.
The Maid of a Princess Vol 2 (Light Novel / Graphic Novel)
An Action packed Shonen Light Novel that takes place in the Magical world of Geatree.{Romance/Comedy/Heavy Action/Magic/Fantasy/Shonen}
The World My Arena Vol 1 - 2
400 pages of martial arts, action and drama goodness. Join Nathan and Co to discover the world of Kung Fu.
DECADES | a serial killer thriller graphic novel
Se7en meets True Detective in this graphic novel thriller. The past is a bad place to stay when you share it with a serial killer
A Steampunk Carol: A Festive Nutcracker Retelling
An 86+ page steampunk-infused graphic novel celebrating The Nutcracker and Mouse King in a special retelling of the classic tale.
The Temptation
A Mind-Bending Graphic Novel of Jesus' 40 Days in the Wilderness — by Simon Fletcher — Published by Fish Coin Press
Skies of Fire: Collected Edition
Deluxe hardback editions of Vincenzo Ferriero and Ray Chou's dieselpunk airship adventure comic, in its entirety for the first time.
Bearcat Wright & The Kayfable Chronicles
It's the golden age of pro-wrestling, and a secret society of exiles fights against the gods on behalf of the people.
More Awesome Asian Americans: 20 Citizens energizing America
Uplifting tales of 10 more women & 10 men who motivate us to make a difference. Animated with 60 spectacular comic book illustrations.
Stabbity Bunny Volumes 1 & 2
Supernatural meets Taken as a little girl and her plush protector confront an evil force that has hunted her family for 100 years.
MAGNETIC-CON 2022 Comic Art Book and VIP Loot Box
Production art book showcasing top comic creators and new projects with exclusive loot boxes and a virtual convention booth experience!
Dasig - Philippine Martial Arts Graphic Novel
A young warrior-in-training struggles to focus on their pursuits when invaders from an unknown land threaten to take over.
Amputation Capital
Amputation Capital is a dystopian present where celebrities and influencers sell body parts on a publicly-traded skin market.
The Legend of La Mariposa - Vulcan's Challenge
Bombastic Lucha Libre Comic Action! Sixteen Luchadores enter, only one can win! The Legend of La Mariposa continues!
The Twenty-Six Volume 3 Light Novel/Graphic Novel
Follow Sito and his friends on an Action packed Adventure through a mysterious island that nobody knows how to get off of
CHEEKY - a NSFW graphic novel
4 erotic comics entwine in this sensual, funny, exciting graphic novel from the team that brought you THIRSTY: Pat Shand & Amy Shand!
A LA BRAVA, Latina Superhero Team
The 1st Latina Superhero Team in history!
Quantum Marmalade: Chapter 1
An alien madman creates chemical weapons out of jelly. Cyborg warriors attempt to take him down. It does not go well.
Black Sands Anniversary Edition Limited Prints
The first ever collector editions of the most popular black indie comic in the nation! As seen on Shark Tank, Breakfast Club, and more
I AM QIDO: Far East Fantasy Horror Graphic Novel 80pg 1-SHOT
A Tragic Tale of an empire's ultimate demise. Mortal Kombat & Soul Calibur meet Mad Max in this HEIRS OF ISILDUR universe expansion.
Heroic Shenanigans Volume 2
The second volume of Heroic Shenanigans, an ongoing comic about superhero summer camp.
THE GREAT GATSBY: The Essential Graphic Novel Adaptation
Ted Adams and Jorge Coelho adapt the classic American novel to America's unique art form - the graphic novel.
Arthur Machen's The Great God Pan
A Graphic Novel Adaptation of the Classic Horror Story.
King Arthur vs Devil Kitty
An illustrated retelling of a 700 year-old tale, in which King Arthur and his wizard Merlin tackle a terrifying kitten. No, really!
TALL TAILS: Thieves' Quest Vol. 1- 4 Trade Paperbacks
The complete Thieves' Quest story arc in four volumes collecting issues 1 - 20 of the furry fantasy adventure!
Blender volume 1 & 2
"Blender is a gripping and well-told independent comic that brims with ideas and energy." - Alan Moore
The Black Hand Hardcover - Medieval Fantasy Undead Horror
A slayer knight's hand wields the power to slay the undead with a touch, the ultimate weapon against an encroaching hoard of monsters.
L’Eroe dei Due Mondi affronta una figura iconica della narrativa horror nell'entusiasmante prequel di GARIBALDI VS ZOMBIES!
blithe - Act one (second print)
blithe-Extraterrestrial drama about the first day of college
Sonic Saturn Book 1: In the Court of the Krimson King
Over 100 pages of Atomic-Age Space Western action! Follow Johnny Estrella and his crew as they brave the unknown of our universe!
Hologram Hunter: 3D Sci-Fi Graphic Novel
An experimental graphic novel with retro blue/red 3D illustrations.
Wild Nature: the complete dystopian deathsport graphic novel
Quitting a deathsport is never easy. Swan’s finding out the hard way. A soulful action thriller set in a neon nightmare. Over 250 pages
Mary Shelley's School for Monsters Horror Graphic Novel
A supernatural MARY SHELLEY and her misfit monster crew use magic, friendship, and snark to rescue creatures in crisis like La Llorona.
ALORA, Witch Princess
Graphic Novel
DREAMLANDS: Lives and Epics Issue 2 - Giants Dwarves Dragons
DREAMLANDS: Lives and Epics Book 2 follows the travels of Pernathoris among the Giants, the Dragons and the Dwarves of Dreamlands.
The Amazing Camel Toe: A Feminist Graphic Novel
Constance, a modern, young illustrator, takes revenge for the thousands of attacks suffered daily by women with a comic of her own.
FUNDED DAY ONE! 3 Books by 3 Artists. 80 Pages Each! Steve Musgrave, Sam Payne & Jerry Carr. W/ PreOrder Exclusive NSFW Alt Covers.
The Marvel Art of DAVID NAKAYAMA - A Deluxe HC & Portfolio
A New Officially Licensed MARVEL Deluxe Art Book and Portfolio Featuring Scarlet Witch, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Rogue and many more!
The Palace of Tears: A Fantastical Folktale Graphic Novel
A full colour, 120 page comic adaptation of an old Middle Eastern folktale, twisted into new eldritch forms of grotesquery and wonder.
In Search of the Lost Words
Explore the true meaning of being bilingual - a graphic novel that invites the reader to write in their minority language.
Just Putting My Face On
Based in a fictional British town, this graphic novel shows us that monsters and ghosts have nothing on real people.
DOMINION VOLUME 2! Chapters 4-5 (exclusive print run)
The sci-fantasy epic continues in DOMINION Volume 2! Chapters 4-5 combined as a graphic novel—80 pages of story—plus bonus features!
A medieval epic fantasy based on African myth and culture with secrets only known to the ancients.
FIRE FIST ANGEL Book 1: "Screwed by the Gods!"
What's the style of this comic series? It's Barbarella Meets Popeye the Sailor!
Iridescent Volume 2
A manga/comic book with voice over performances (Manga + Audio book)
Knight of Slaughter
Volume 1
Mythic Creature Trainer - a fun fantasy Graphic Novel
A colourful comic about dragons, griffins, adventure and friendship!
Less Desolate: A Haiku Comics Collection
A full-length collection of poetry comics from poet Shin Yu Pai and artist Justin Rueff
The Spider-Squirrel & Trash Panda Titan-sized Special!
The Dysfunctional Duo™ is BACK! This titanic 100pg one-shot has a NEW 24pg SS/TP story + several shorts from across the Xion Universe!
The Vindicators
Saddle up for a wild, weird, western adventure!
House on Fire
What would you do to save someone you love when the world's fallen apart?
The Last Guardian
An apocalyptic fable of friendship, hope and courage, of a boy and his giant robot teddy bear, and their search for Sanctuary.
Kærshovedgård Stories: Comics from a deportation center
A graphic novel benefiting refugees in a Danish deportation camp.
MACAB, Death Princess
Latina princess graphic novel created, written, and fully illustrated by Latina artists.
The World's Hottest Man has No Luck with Girls! Light Novel
The School-Life RomCom with a Vengeful twist! | Light Novel / Graphic Novel
RONIN OF OKANE Volume 1 - 2
An R-rated graphic novel telling a dark sci-fi story of two ronins turned bounty hunters.
Crowdfunda PONDUS – ALLA serier i lyxiga samlingsutgåvor!
Med din hjälp kan Nordens roligaste serie ÄNTLIGEN komma ut i en komplett fet bokserie!
The Witch Party and More! 18+
Sapphic Genderbend Spin-Off Retelling of the Mann and Lucky Channel WEBTOON
All Talk: 120-Page Graphic Novel
A starry-eyed kid from the suburbs dreams of becoming a kingpin when, one day, he sees an opportunity to prove himself…
Moonray Book One by Brandon Graham and Xurxo G Penalta
In a post-human world, the man of miium is born. A science fantasy epic by Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Brandon Graham.
Steve Rude the Dude 2023 Sketchbook & Commissions
Steve Rude is a living legend and his sketchbooks are a must-own for anyone who appreciates comics art or wants to improve their art.
The Rats in the wall: Illustrated!
One of lovecraft's most famous tales illustrated in 40 pages
Al Capone: A Graphic Novel
From good boy to gangster, follow the life of Al Capone from his childhood in Brooklyn to becoming the King of Chicago.
KISHA: Demon Eater Vol.1 in Full Color
Sixteen-year-old Kisha is sent to live in a small town with dark secrets, but Kisha has a few secrets of her own.
Mothers by Kusahara Umi
A debut short story collection of heartfelt, emotional manga 15 years in the making. For josei & seinen comics lovers.
Gore: A Young Orphan Takes on London's Palace Theatre
Fighting to save the theatre she calls home, Beryl discovers that scoundrels aren't confined to the stage.
Emy & Herald - A Graphic Novel
When a young girl is constantly bullied at school she's left with only one option, summon a demon, and get revenge!
Night is Falling: Volume One - Graphic Novel = Cozy Horror
"Scooby Doo" meets "Salem’s Lot" in this spooky tale set in 1970's New England. Limited-edition #Make100 Collectors Box Set and more!
SAINTED LOVE: A gay science-fiction adventure comic
From the creative minds of Steve Orlando and Giopota comes a sexy time-travel romance too powerful to be contained to a single era!
Song of Songs: Word for Word Bible Comic : NIV
Historical, unabridged & faithful presentation of the poetic book of Solomon. Romantic & sensual without being explicit. Adults & teens
An Rós Fiáin: A graphic novel in Irish
Translating the Canadian indie comic "Wild Rose" into Irish and publishing it as a graphic novel
Prism World: Volume 1 Graphic Novel
A 200+ page whimsical adventure of an artist who falls into a colorful alien world where art is outlawed.
Broken Bonds: Valence Book 2
Rivals use chemistry and cunning to win a deadly tournament in Book Two of the three-book Chemistry Trilogy.
Harsh Prospect
Hardcover Graphic Novel
Medeae Daemones
Liber nubeculatus ex tragoedia "Medeae Daemones" a Stephano Vittori conscripta
Ryder's Intergalactic Guide to Robots, Powersuits, and Mechs
Part comic. Part art book. ALL robots!
Nanite Issue 1
An apocalyptic world where we follow two sides, both military and human, as we are witness to an unexpected entity causing chaos.
O Kingdom Come: A Dark, Gritty, African Fantasy Epic
A 120 page glimpse into events that led to the fall of Nubia, while asking the existential questions Who are we? and Who are our Gods?
We have been away for a while but are back with a bang, with not only one, but 3 new chapters to dive into!
Mixed Feelings graphic novels
Graphic novel series from Mparntwe (Alice Springs) by Arrernte and Anmatyerre man Declan Miller, co-founder of Stick Mob Studio
Isle of Elsi Book Two
The second collection of Alec Longstreth's award-winning, Eisner-nominated, all-ages, fantasy webcomic, Isle of Elsi!
NOVI, Space Princess
Graphic Novel
Chicken Man - VOL.1
A superhero action-comedy with a serving of killer vegetables!
ANTICUCHO and other Peruvian Cyberpunk stories
A Peruvian Cyberpunk graphic novel anthology
Two New Officially Licensed MARVEL Art Books Featuring Daredevil, Spider-Man, Echo, Moon Knight and more!
The Last Arrival IV
Our heroes go to extreme lengths to avoid mass extinction, even entering the subconscious of death itself.
Optometry: A Graphic Novel by Xiang Yata
A woman’s visit to the optometrist catapults her through a multi-medium journey in this kaleidoscopic, experimental full-color comic.
2023 Publications from Birdcage Bottom Books
Graphic memoir by Fred Noland, debut graphic novel by Desmond Reed, and the final two issues of Lance Ward's memoir comics series!
The Laundrymen: The Life Thief
Volume one of an ongoing graphic novel series about two mercenary monster hunters who operate out of a laundromat.
Unexplained Prague
Haunted Landmarks and Urban Legends, Pocket Guide
The Christmas Nativity: Word for Word Bible Comic: NIV
Faithful & historically accurate graphic novel presentation of the nativity of Jesus, using verses from Matthew, Luke & John's gospels
London Gothic Chapter 2, disturbing horror, graphic novel
The Demon army of the Sinsitre grows stronger, all that stands in the way are our rag tag bunch of heroes. 90+ pages of gripping horror
Witches & Wine Vol. 1 Print!
The story begins with an herbalist encountering an injured one-winged warrior. A "sort-of" fairytale retelling of the Wild Swans.
Battle Brick Road Graphic Novel
Lions, tigers, and bears are the least of Thea Gale's concerns in a fractured utopia called Oz.
Zandor: An Intergalactic Saga
Kids are great! especially the hyper empowered alien ones being hunted by everything in the galaxy... am I right!?
The Agency Case Files Volume 1: Declassified
11 collected stories of The Agency, the world investigation bureau who the solve the mysteries of the dark, cyberpunk future.
A TIGER's TALE volumes 1 & 2
The acclaimed Kung Fu [wuxia] graphic novel series comes back to kickstarter with these epic 90 & 116 page graphic novels!
Kill For A Copy SLASHED - Book Launch
Revamped campaign with drastically reduced goal, to launch Kill For A Copy, the new horror anthology from Dark Chapter Press
TALL TAILS: The Peacekeepers Trade & THIEVES' QUEST Vol 1-4
Alexandria, a duke's heir and now captain of the guard, tries to keep a revolution from exploding in the city she once ruled.
The Society for the Preservation of CJ Henderson
A Memorial anthology based on the late, great CJ Henderson and his works, compiled by his friends and fellow authors.
In America's concrete jungles, a new narcotic poison is king...and in the jungles of Colombia...its venomous queen!
Bad Neighborhood - an extreme horror anthology
An extreme horror anthology inspired by the splatterpunk sub-genre, which is themed around the idea of "home".
HUMANESCENT: A collection of comic stories about being human
Explore fantasy worlds, through diverse art styles and artists while discovering what it means to be human.
Tales of the Weird Wild West
The Great Unknown and the Wild Frontier collide in The Weird Wild West with stories by @JonathanMaberry, @GailZMartin, and many more.
Harry "Gay Panic" Potter Fan Book
Are you tired of white heterosexual main characters in your stories? Me too. Here's a bi & black Harry Potter, now in an art book.
P. Craig Russell's Jungle Book And Other Stories Fine Art Ed
A 12"X17" hardcover book scanned from the original art. Each b&w page is scanned in color to show blue pencil and other corrections.
The first cyber punk anthology that brings marginalized voices together to speak against oppression.
Dark and Bitter Anthology
Women-owned publishing company looking to print an anthology of eleven stories from local writers.
Trial Run - An All-Ages Superhero Anthology
Imagine your parents were super heroes. Now imagine that you’re given the chance to be a hero, too. You just have to pick your power.
There, there's your quote, mate: A music interview anthology
An anthology of outrageous interviews from the mixed-up, muddled-up music scene, laced with a good dose of wicked memoirs.
As Told by Things - Unique Short Stories told by Objects
Unique, multi-genre collection (fantasy, romance, humor, contemporary, sci-fi) of short stories - as told by inanimate objects
The Resilience Anthology
The largest literary collection of transgender women and AMAB non-binary writers is about to go to print and we need your help.
Tales of Paranormal Steampunk
eSpec Books brings you three great new steampunk books of witches and magic and the great beyond.
Folklore: something to preserve - Make 100
A little bestiary of Italian folklore. Twenty creatures from twenty different italian regions,a glimpse of tradition and popolar tales.
Launch Party - The Webcomics Anthology
75 comics from 25 artists - Shen, False Knees, Lunarbaboon, Brutally Honest, Buni, Mr. Lovenstein, Deathbulge, NHOJ Comics & many MORE!
POWER & MAGIC: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology VOLUME 2
Volume 2 of the beloved queer witch comics anthology, plus a second printing of Volume 1. #RecognizeKSRU
ComicScene Annual 2021
A classic hardback comic annual featuring established and new comic characters from top comic creators
Symphony No. 1 - A Fantasy Fiction Anthology
PILEAUS. A world of music, magic, and endless mystery, brought to readers by ten authors in this anthology of short tales.
The Procrastination Paper Annual
Give the gift of Positive Procrastination this Christmas!
MYTHSPACE: IGNITION – 200+ Anime Graphic Novel Anthology!
ABLAZE presents new full color ANIME-infused stories inspired by Philippine folklore from SUPERSTAR CREATORS!
Nectar: Trans Femme and Non Binary Erotic Comics Anthology
An erotic anthology of delicious, nourishing naughtiness, where each comic has one (or more!) trans femme or non binary main character
Behind the Shadows - Inkd Pub's horror anthology
Sara Jordan-Heintz has compiled a terrifying selection for your horror consumption.
Dominion: An Anthology of Black Speculative Fiction
Horror, science fiction, and fantasy by writers and poets from Africa and the African Diaspora.
The Best of Helios Quarterly (Volume One)
The Best of Helios Quarterly (Volume One) celebrates three years of diverse horror, science fiction, and fantasy from around the world!
Nether Realms: Sci Fi Non Binary Erotic Comics Anthology
Strange, sexy tales from far across the universe, with characters who are non binary or gender explorers!
Lady Death Lives at Boundless
Boundless Comics returns with the Queen of the Bad Girls, Lady Death! LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE #1 is a full color 40 page comic book.
The discovery of a new tribe of people sparks a field study that is doomed before it has even begun. Muskoka - a mature comic.
Tinted Trails — Anthology of ESL Writers
An anthology of poetry, fiction and nonfiction by non-native English writers from all over the globe, assembled by Tint Journal.
Lady Death: Apocalypse #0 / Lady Death Origins 1-21 Digital
LADY DEATH: APOCALYPSE #0 will be the largest Lady Death ever! LADY DEATH: ORIGINS #1-21 series collects all previous releases.
Broken Birds - A Hatoful Boyfriend Fan Comic / Doujinshi
Looking for help to print a Hatoful Boyfriend fan comic. Support Pigeon Boyfriend Propaganda!
Monsters and Other Scary Shit: A Monster Anthology
Do you love monsters? We love monsters so much we made them a 224 pg love letter. Monsters from sci-fi, fantasy, horror, and more!
The Last Ember #1: Teenager by Day, Fire Goddess by Night
A fire burns to the surface in The Last Ember #1 as Ember Madison comes to terms with the day the fire started.
Descension #1
A sci-fi journey through the heart of the unknown and into the mouth of madness. Part 1 of a 3 part full colored series (25 pages).
Dangerous Curves vs MAVRIX: Erotic Superhero Comic Books
A set of erotic comics featuring gorgeous superheroines, brash bad girls, amazing amazons and femme fatales written and drawn by Shade!
How To Draw Black People.
An instructional book on how to draw black people that covers phenotype, body diversity, costuming and cultural identity for artists.
The second issue of Patriotika is here! Can Patriotika handle Gods, monsters and ninjas?!
Elsie's tiny comic book (with pins and patches!)
Elsie is a lovely little mouse that likes to bake and drink tea. This is her first short story!
The Art of Ploog: Volume Two
A brand new SECOND art book on the work of Mike Ploog
Drop Out
A short comic about a young woman disassociating from her previous life after dropping out of college.
Scorpio #1- An Ongoing Supernatural Comic about the Zodiac
A story about a young millionaire who is reluctantly dragged into a secret war over 12 magical relics that are empowered by the Zodiac.
"Ithaqa" Horror Comic - Issue #1
"Ithaqa" is a Lovecraftian horror story, set during the roaring 20's, in Ithaca, New York.
Five Realms Issue #2
A samurai squirrel and his two mice best friends desperately try to maintian peace within the Five Realms in this 32 page installment.
Memoirs of an Angel: Into the Fire (Issue #5)
A broken witch hunter discovers his purpose as he gets entangled in a centuries long cosmic war between gods, angels, and devils.
The Mission of Joan of Arc Comic Book - Issue #1
Humble beginnings to heroine of war. A comic book featuring St. Joan of Arc's transcendent quest to save France, through her eyes.
The Dusk County Chronicles #1 & 2: Twisted Tales of Terror
Following a string of mysterious disappearances... prepare to journey deeper into Dusk County!
Firebitch is a comic extravaganza for a new decade! A far away galaxy NEEDS.TO.GET.READY. Follow #firebitch on this adventure!
Shark of War #1 - Jaws Meets Robocop
A massive bioengineered shark battles the Mob, his creator, and the monstrous creatures she's made to stop him.
encounter., written and drawn by Lynus, is a ten (10) page full-color science fiction comic for mature audiences.
SISTER: Issue #0 - Rise of a Hero (MAKE100 Exclusive)
LIMITED Print Edition COMIC BOOK from Ryze Comics; ARTIST of the SOULFIRE series from ASPEN COMICS
PULSE: Chapter 1
A digital copy (and maybe a limited-time physical copy) of Chapter 1 of PULSE, a Marvel fancomic.
Thank You for Being a Legend: a Golden Girls Coloring Book
This coloring book wonders what kinds adventures the Golden Girls had before deciding to settle down and move in together.
Six-Petal Pyramid Chapter Two
She found a mummy. Now, what? The suspenseful webcomic's second chapter comes to print! But, ultimately, this is a romance...
Black Ball #1-3
A magical murder mystery comic series in an alternate 1920s
Gangrel the Vampire Warrior: Hardcover Pro Wrestling Comic
The authorized comic tale of the life and career of professional wrestler and WWF Attitude Era legend Gangrel - The Vampire Warrior!
Celestial Falcon #1-2: Supernatural Superhero Digital Comic
Teenagers gifted with an ancient power embark on a quest to vanquish a dark evil threatening to consume the world. Plus, a Giant Shark!
Major Holmes & Captain Watson #1-4: Detective series FINALE!
The original adventure of the NEXT Generation of Great Detectives reaches its dramatic conclusion! All Issues available to new readers!
Good Comics New Releases 2021
Four new comics from RAMZEE, Natasha Natarajan, Niki Bañados and Emre Altındağ, and a new Good Comics anthology.
ComicScene History of Comics Books 5 to 8
featuring years 2020, 1971, 1976, 1991 in a collectable ongoing series.
Lovecraft P.I. meets Miskatonic High crossover part 2
Detective Ward Lovecraft and the kids from Miskatonic High travel back to 1932, Washington D.C. to right a wrong, before it's too late!
Torch: Reclaim the Skies #1
Ex-kid prodigy star pilot Torch yearns for that adrenaline rush. Trouble in the city just might grant her wish in this sci-fi epic.
The Sentinels 5th Issue (Ongoing Series)
Retro Bronze-Age style superhero team comic a la Justice League (JLA) or Avengers, feat. updated public domain and original characters.
God Summoner - Chapter 1
Images of Gods, Guns, and Inquisitors. A Dark Fantasy Comic Book filled with mythological themes in 28 pages of high-quality artwork.
Area 51: The Helix Project #1-4
Haunted by the death of his father, a child of two worlds gets dragged into the extraterrestrial conspiracy of The Helix Project.
The Bean 2: Into the Dark - An all-ages fantasy adventure!
The second graphic novel in The Bean series by Eisner nominated creator Travis Hanson in FULL COLOR!
THE REMNANT: Thief In The Night #1 (and Back Issues)
Thief In The Night: Back in Black (And White)
The Infernal Pact - a Grindhouse Miniseries
What happens when three junkies make a deal with the Devil? Sex, Drugs, and Damnation. This Grindhouse mini-series tells the tale.
No Brainer #1-2 : A Solo Comix Anthology
Issue 2 of a solo anthology series featuring stories of different genres and styles by the same creator.
In The Willows
A handmade risograph comic prologue
Crow and the Eternal Night - Comic Book
When an undead apocalypse threatens our world and humanity has lost control, it's up to one crow to embark on a journey to save us all.
DRAGONRING by Cullen Bunn & Shannon Potratz
The return of DRAGONRING, a cult classic comic book series, and the launch of a new comic book multiverse, written by CULLEN BUNN.
3 Years later after Zombie Tramp 56, Janey Belle has been up to a few things. Find out in this exciting epilogue short story.
No Brainer #1-3 : A Solo Comix Anthology
Issue 3 of a solo anthology series featuring stories of different genres and styles by the same cartoonist. 44 pages, 3 stories :)
Yasuke: The African Samurai
Brought to Japan as a slave he rose to be a Samurai warrior.
'Bells!' A Sweet lil' Comic Book
A sweet little comic about love (and anxiety) on Queen st. West. TO, ON, CAN.
The Neverland #1 - a Dark Fairy Tale
In the midst of a pandemic, a boy escapes to Neverland and embarks on an epic fairytale fantasy adventure to restore magic to the land.
Fox & Willow: To the Sea by Allison Pang & Irma 'Aimo' Ahmed
A betrothed princess. A mysterious mistress. Can a harper and fox spirit save them both?
恐怖心から着想を得た52ページ長編新作コミック『MAOW(マオウ)』AZY's new risograph comic book of Smily boy adventuring into the parallel universe.
MechaTon, Issue #1
A rule-of-cool comic about robot mechs punching mutated insects, fighting for your community, and flying by the seat of your pants.
Sunrise Blossom Vol 1 - 3
A GL & LGBT Monster Girl series about a Lesbian Falcon Harpy and her Human companion.
Hospice: Last Supper of the Catskill Cannibal - horror comic
A serial killer called the Catskill Cannibal is transferred to a fine dining hospice, but he may not like what they have on the menu.
Worms Crawl In #1 - A Supernatural Horror Comic Series
A chilling tale of vengeance and friendship. Trapped in a rotting corpse, Marco seeks revenge on his tormentor.
Wendigo Wood - Trade Paperback Edition
A retired war veterans search for his missing daughter leads him to a forest home to a cult that worship the Wendigo.
Districts of the Yokai - A one shot Horror Comic
A retired hitman seeks revenge when his son is killed by a powerful supernatural entity, the Yokai, in Japan's underworld.
Moth Hill #1-#3 - A Mothman Horror Comic Series - Make 100
Despite pressure from the people of the town, Detective Lane continues her investigation in to a trail of murders.
Bubblegum and Marzipan Part 1
A fun filled adventure comic to reunite twin brothers.
MISFITZ CLUBHOUSE: Sharks, Dragons & Little Red Wagons!
Meeky Ferry Slothie & Stig are BACK! And they're in for a BEACH bashing, DRAGON befriending, BRUCE MCTOOTHERSON watching blast!
The Remnant: New Release Bundle (Remnant #3, Annual #1)
THE WORLD STILL NEEDS HEROES! The Remnant returns with The Remnant #3, Secret Files #5, Remnant Annual #1 and Parables #6.
Clash of the Cryptids #1 - A Survival Horror Comic Series
A father risks all in a deadly cryptid tournament to save his son's life, uncovering dark secrets and facing unimaginable horrors.
A Flag to Fly #1-Fantasy Adventure (GoT x SwordAndTheStone)
Issue #1: Flags of Our Fathers is the adventure comedy start to the mini-series that explores the trials of leadership in scary times.
FolkTales Of The Cryptids | Vol . 1-3 | A Horror Comic
The third volume in the series tells TWO brand new short tales of the Baba Yaga & Indrid Cold.
Beneath Us #1-#2 - A Horror Comic Series
After a Tsunami in Indonesia, an unidentified species from the deepest reaches of the ocean begin to make their way to the surface.
THE DEATH TALLY #1-3 - A Contemporary Fantasy
She accidentally killed the Reaper. Now she must replace it. The story continues further into the world of the Reaper.
Héroes Latinxs: Comic No. 10 - The long night
All the threads of fate led our héroes to witness the long night, no matter where they are, the long night will hunt them down.
Vol I & II: The Greatest Korean & Vietnam War Stories EVER
for my dad, retired Army S/Sgt Phillip Meyer
FOUND: #1 (A Space Fantasy Comic)
Uprooted again after his mentor’s unresolved murder, Dugan’s emotions blur his path to closure. Your new favorite Fantasy saga is here!
The Safe House #1 - A Psychological Horror Comic Series
A family are placed under witness protection after witnessing a brutal murder, but the traumatic experience continues to haunt them.
Moth Hill #1-#2 - A Mothman Horror Comic Series
After the death of both their parents, two brothers find themselves lost in Moth Hill and must find a way to escape.
Old Man Grey - A One-shot Horror Comic
A 24 page horror comic. When you break down in the middle of nowhere, accepting help from the locals may not be the safe option.
Just A Game Physical Comic Issue #3
Issue 3 of the Comic and WebToon; Just A Game!
Exclusive Vampirella Giant 4” Enamel Pin
Featuring the Art of Holly G! Inspired by the Deep love of Vampirella, Gothic Beauty & Creatures of the Night.
Sacrimony #1-5 TPB - Love, Life and Death in a Very Big Book
A domestic abuse survivor struggles to start a new life with the demon winged daughter that she never wanted.
GONE GHOST: a punk comedy mystery comic set in 1996!
Gone Ghost is a comedy mystery comic set in a punk house on Halloween, 1996. It's the sequel to Where The Rent Went!
Sons Of Heaven - A One-Shot Horror/Survival Story
A crew of British sailors are marooned on a mysterious island off the coast of Scotland. An island that holds a horrifying secret...
Sunrise Blossom Vol 1 - 4
(NSFW Option) A GL & LGBT Monster Girl series about a Lesbian Falcon Harpy and her Human companion.
SAINTS'QUARTER: Ep.3 "Club Jude" #01
What do you do when things won't just go back to normal? Episode Three begins!
Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter Print Run
The critically acclaimed comic book about a psychopath that escapes from an asylum & becomes a monster hunter during the Apocalypse.
BROKEN SAVIORS: Alien Invasion Comic Book
Aliens invade claiming they need to save us. Check out the FREE first issue to see what happens. Are you a rebel or a savior?
Sacrimony #1-5: A Fantasy Drama About Love, Life and Death
A single immigrant mom struggles to live a normal life with her demon winged daughter who mysteriously rose from the dead.
Poorcraft: Wish You Were Here
The globe-trotting sequel to "Poorcraft: Living Well on Less," Written by Ryan Estrada, master world traveler!
European Comics Journal #02 - LGBT characters in comics
We're back with the second issue of our new magazine, this time we'll focus on LGBT characters in European comic books!
Year of the Marachi Book One
Year of the Marachi follows the story of a young slave girl in the 1930s and her journey to freedom and finding her place in the world.
Never Mind 2: Pain in the Neck
A 22 page comic continuing the adventures of a malfunctioning robot wandering the post apocalyptic landscape.
Three friends unite to expose a dystopian world of corruption in order to awaken a city of virtual reality addicts.
Malika: Warrior Queen Part One
Set in 15th century West Africa, follow the exploits of queen Malika, who struggles to keep the peace in her ever-expanding kingdom.
Through the Cognitive Rift - Graphic Novel
A story of connected consciousness, and one person who is given the opportunity to convince our "god" to live again to save existence.
Lemonade Summer by Gabi Mendez : Kid-Friendly LGBTQ Stories!
Coming-of-age short comics about LGBTQ and non-binary youths exploring queer identities and going on grand adventures together.
Black & Blue - the Underwater Alien Attack Graphic Novel
A story from two points of view of the alien invasion of a drowned planet Earth. Alien Invasion - Just Add Water.
The Thousand Demon Tree by Jeffrey Alan Love
Jeffrey Alan Love's dream-like images take its viewers on an epic journey in his first painted graphic novel.
The Chronicles of the Newborn - Rise of the Mlezi
Long ago in ancient Africa, EVIL sought to engulf the land but the celestial council had a remedy for this uprising.
Retrofit Comics 2018: 12 new graphic novels
12 new graphic novels by Yoshimoto, Stevens, Pierre, Cobb, Aulisio, Lautman, Sakugawa, Tobin, Craghead, Williams & Lannes!
The Deliverer
In a post-apocalyptic Vancouver, harmony is all but a memory, and chaos, the new reality.
UNSTOPPABLE - A Greatswordpunk Graphic Novel
100 pages of heavy-armored, hard-hitting epic fantasy action.
Travis Hanson's THE BEAN in FULL COLOR!
Adventure into the World of the Broken Moon with The Bean graphic novel series in COLOR for the first time in print!
The Snow Cat Prince
A graphic novel about a Snow Cat Prince and his quest for the Kings Crown.
Inferno City Firehouse: The Motor City Edition
As the city burns, firefighters battle to save complete strangers, even if they die trying: true stories of valor and regret.
By the Time I Get to Dallas: an ER doc's apocalypse comic
With 80% of homo sapiens migrating to one spot on the globe, a failing med student must save, or maybe destroy, humanity. Printing #1!
Night of the Vegan
An all out war ensues between vegan zombies and townsfolk where the stakes are high in the sleepy town of Prosperous Lake, New Mexico!
Fishing Memories - a graphic novel concerning Alzheimer's
Lethe is stuck on a desert island, with no recollection of how he got there. Now, he must fish old memories that float in the sea.
Memoirs of an Angel: Memories & Nightmares Part II
A broken witch hunter discovers his purpose as he gets entangled in a centuries-long cosmic war between gods, angels, and devils.
Hopeless, Maine: The Graphic Novel by Tom and Nimue Brown!
Welcome to Hopeless, Maine. A place cut off from the rest of the world and lost in time.
The Skirt
An exploration of gender dysphoria, euphoria, society's expectations and how cool it would be to turn into a giant green monster.
Memoirs of an Angel : The Grey Pilgrim Vol. 1
A horror/fantasy that follows human and angelic characters as they war against The Dark Kingdom for the fate of the universe.
RUCA Chicana Superhero
Graphic Novel
The Collected Jötunn War & Issue Four
Issue four of The Jötunn War series by Ian Stuart Sharpe and the Collected Graphic Novel.
FOREST FOLK - All Ages Book of Quirky Animal Comic Strips
Sunday Funnies crash headlong into Looney Tunes. Whimsically madcap misadventures of a Fox and Elf.
Science-Fiction Noir-Detective Graphic Novel by PLAID KLAUS with MIND COMICS
Canción de Otoño
Comic by Idalia Candelas, about the ability that people have to overcome adversity in our lives.
Wasted Space Deluxe Omnibus
The complete, Cosmic Collection — 672 pages, 25 issues, and then some!
Silence n.2 : Starseed
The second issue of the wordless comics fanzine for adults, "Silence" by Atomcyber
Rhapsody: A Teen Horror Graphic Novel with a Musical Twist
A 110-page story about high school show choir kids who find themselves at the center of a dark musical ritual...
Pneumatic Cases Vol. 1: A Steampunk Murder Mystery
Scientists, inventors and sleuths, the Ravenscrofts help solve a sprawling & peculiar murder mystery across Victorian Era Europe.
—a story about a harpyboi just trying to survive.
Impure Blood, Volume 1-3
The first three installments of the epic steam-fantasy graphic novel series! Printed in a deluxe special edition hardcover!
IMPURE BLOOD, Volume 1 of 4
An epic steam-fantasy graphic novel about identity, heredity, magic and monsters. Presented in a high-quality hardcover edition.
Impure Blood, Volume 1-4
All four volumes of the steam-fantasy graphic novel series! Presented in a high quality deluxe hardcover edition!
Misc Anthology
Seven miscellaneous stories. Fifty-two pages. ‘Misc Anthology’ is a labour of comic book love for the pleasure of your eyeballs.
Cirque Du Mort | Volume One
Join us in the first volume of this penny dreadful-style anthology of morbid tales surrounding the cast of a haunted circus.
Awesome 'Possum
Awesome Possum is a natural science comic anthology collecting art from seven natural science illustrators.
FUBAR: By The Sword
FUBAR: By The Sword spreads throughout ALL of world history in this next installment of the historical zombie anthology FUBAR.
The acclaimed IF anthology is back with 100 creators joining forces on 40 diverse and unique stories of the (super) human condition
Sherlock Holmes and the Occult Detectives
Twenty-one stories of malevolent mysteries and perplexing puzzles where Sherlock Holmes works with classic and new occult detectives.
Through the Aftermath: An Apocalyptic Anthology
Nineteen authors collaborate to create a short story anthology that covers everything from zombies to space rabbits.
Butterfly Tears
an anthology of three manga-style love stories based on ancient Chinese myths
Ronin of the Mushari Kingdom - Issue #1
This Kickstarter is to launch "Ronin of the Mushari Kingdom", an epic comic series inspired by the classic Super Mario Bros. franchise.
Lazy Wolf Comics
Made by 4th grader Alex Jiang, Lazy Wolf comics are funny and delightful. About 50 comics were selected for this full-color book.
A coming of age story about an adolescent teenager full of angst and superpowers. Collects Issues 1-4 in this 120-page TPB.
Unfamiliar Skies
It's tough being a 19 year old runaway, even more so when you're alone in the vast reaches of space!
NPC Tea Issue 3
Orcs, elves and fire summons running a tea shop in modern day Cardiff… what could go wrong?
Hellbound Issue #1
Hellbound is a dark-fantasy adventure comic following the tale of two unlikely partners.
The Fantastic Voyage of the R.S.V. Conch - A Steampunk Comic
The Expedition notes from the infamous VonKlank submersible team, available now in facsimile form. Explore the uncharted depths!
Making Time Vol. 1 / The Sandwich Shuffle
Pre-order physical copies of my two latest diary minicomics
Magnus The Brave #1 A Bloody Fun Comic Adventure
Magnus The Brave, the debut comic book from artist/creator Chris Rau, tells the story of a super-powered barbarian and his adventures.
Autobiographical Comics from Steve MacIsaac
JUNK D.N.A. -A wordless comic made from recycled scrap metal
JUNK D.N.A. is a one-shot wordless comic/ picture book with illustrations created entirely from nuts, bolts and scrap metal parts!
WARHEAD Issues 8, 9, & 10!
WARHEAD Issues 8, 9 & 10!
Neverender: Issue One
Neverender is a comic about an earthborn punk and his journey into a space dueling ring.
The Soccer Mom Killer #1-2: a suburban slasher comic book
A GOREgeously illustrated horror comic book about a serial killer who targets minivan-driving soccer moms!
Ravage: Kill all men! Redux Issue 1 By Chuck Dixon
The first installment in the Gunn family saga returns. Written by Chuck (Batman) Dixon, art by Jimbo Salgado
Blood Force Trauma: Issue One
Zap Daniels is unwillingly entered onto Atomic City's savagely brutal fighting TV show BLOOD FORCE TRAUMA! Now he must FIGHT to LIVE!!
The Soccer Mom Killer #1-3: a suburban slasher comic book
A GOREgeously illustrated horror comics trilogy about a serial killer who targets minivan-driving soccer moms! Karen's beware!
We Said Goodbye to Gravity (And Other Little Catastrophes)
A collection of short story comics
Like Father, Like Daughter #1-7: A Superhero Drama
A high school girl, Casey Ryder, inherits the very powers that made her superhero father leave their family.
OFFWORLDER Issue 1 by Mike Baron & Jordi Armengol
What are you willing to sacrifice for all of humanity?
Band of Warriors #1 (For mature readers only)
Merging historical events with Celtic and Greek mythology, Band of Warriors is an epic tale of adventure, betrayal and vengeance.
Sunrise Blossom Vol 1 + 2
A GL Monster Girl series
Magnus The Brave Volume 1, 2, & 3! - Fantasy Comic Adventure
Magnus The Brave is a best-selling indie fantasy comic book centering around Magnus, a lone barbarian warrior with super powers!
Wolf and I: Tides of Truth 1-3
Creatures crawl throughout the night, Secrets of history shall come to light. Internal powers before unknown. Two heroines face a...
DRACULANGELA: Delusions of Grandeur #1! Second Chapter
Draculangelas' All-New Epic! 32 pages of Story & Art! More Amazing Covers! Pledge Now! Don't miss out! Chapter #1 catchup options!
Band of Warriors #2
The Celtic and Greek mythology mash-up comic book series continues with more adventure, betrayal and vengeance.
Galacto Pit-fighter: Requiem for a Humanzee - Make 100 -
A human-chimp hybrid fights Satan's champion in a match that will doom reality.
Skyset Knights 3: The Divine and The Cursed, a NSFW MM comic
Sexy & fun colorful comics with handsome men, monsters, bara, twinks, demons, & adventure, romance, & kinky consensual erotica!
Sinners Comic Book - A Cyberpunk Adventure
Sinners is a cyberpunk/horror comic mashup for fans of things like shadowrun or underworld.
Slice of Life - Queer Anime WEBTOON Enamel Pins
Do you like Anime? WEBTOON? Queer stuff? Celebrate your love for all things GAY and GEEKY with enamel pins from "Slice of Life" (GL).
Beauty - Outshine The Moon
An erotic comic series focused on historical beauties interwoven with design and intrigue.
The Routine: Issue #1
A coming of age tale about henchmen.
Dregs of Rudetown comic, issue 2
A perfect-bound A4 comic book detailing the everyday exploits of nineties folk. This issue: the gang go to Rudestock.
Scenes from Spiceville
A witty comic book depicting the daily lives of household spices living in Spiceville, USA
Battle Code: Ragnarök #01-02 Space Vikings Comic Series
An epic comic book saga of Torhild Einarsdottir: a young Space Viking on a near-suicide quest for avenging her dead father.
Battle of the Orishas
Chapter 2 of the fictional comic book anthology about Sàngó - The Yoruba God of Thunder and Lightning
Pandemic Parade: an autobio comics collection
A 40-page black and white collection of comics about life during the COVID-19 pandemic
Electromagnate Book of Rebel Nations
Have the computers begun programming us? Will the old gods slumber through that change? Find out in a 240 page graphic novel that's $2.
A Problem Solving Graphic Novel Guide for General Physics
Dinosaurs try to learn physics to save their world while helping readers with college-level general physics problems!
"When Life Hands You Lemons, Check For Lymes" Graphic Novel
I've written a graphic novel about my experience with Lyme disease. It's personal and light-hearted and not yet printed! Help me out!
Stalingrad. 1943. One baby. One rifle. Two million zombies. FUBAR PRESS's first stand alone graphic novel: MOTHER RUSSIA.
Anonde Character Card & New Electromagnate Graphic Novel
The graphic novel Electromagnate, funded on Kickstarter, is done. Celebrate by grabbing the book and the latest character card, Anonde.
Silence: Wall of Sound Edition Graphic Novel
A band of girls in a yellow submarine try to stop the sirens that have sung the men in their coastal town to shipwreck.
A collection of auto bio comics by Rachael Smith focusing on her struggles with depression and anxiety. There are big black dogs in it.
700 Knights - Let's Print the Collected Graphic Novel
Frank Miller's 300? No. This book has 700 knights, in 130 over-sized pages of hardcover, for $12. Will ship to you before Christmas.
U'Grot - A Graphic Novel By Chris Askham
U'Grot is a 68 page black & white graphic novel written, illustrated, and lettered by Chris Askham
- PERFECT UP - un cómic inspirado en la PumpItUp
A Manga Comic Book inspired in Rhythm videogames!, e sports, people goals and the desire that they put to reach them.
700 Knights 4 of 4 - Let's Print
700 Knights defend Europe, at Malta, from the largest Ottoman Empire invasion force ever. $2 for this issue. $8 for the entire series.
Left: The Collected Edition
A print run for the collected edition of the comic series Left as a graphic novel
VS. REYRING (lucha libre gay comic/bara/yaoi /furry )
VS Reyring Comic Lucha libre, comedia, golpes y mucha calentura! VS.Reyring is a wrestling comic full of action and sensuality
Stand in Your Power
A collection of auto bio comics by Rachael Smith focusing on breakups, dating, depression, and love. <3
Visitor Guide to Eotera - Maiden in Disguise
An in-depth guide to the world of Eotera; the setting of the lovable comic, Maiden in Disguise.
48+ comic pages of a character centered circus adventure!
Rise of the White Phoenix: Book 1
Live your dreams and kick butt! A comic about a young girl who wants to be a wrestler and her journey to make her dream a reality!
Henriette and The Munstekaliska Magazines
Henriette and the Munsteskaliska New Magazines from Bokkel, An adventure surrounded by music, swords, magic hats, and many monsters.
Knights of Asherah Volume #2 Fantasy Graphic Novel
A modern fantasy featuring magic, dark secrets, and Gods that are supposed to be long dead. What could possibly go wrong?
MAKE 100: Homecoming - a short comic
A short one shot comic about long distance best friends to lovers, fake dating and reunions.
One-Two-Five: Volume two
Fantasy/Action adventure Light novel
The Art of Startups
The Art of Startups is a Business Graphic Novel that Equips Founders with Groundbreaking Strategies and Tactics to Beat the Odds
NPC Tea: Volume 1
Orcs, elves and fire summons running a tea shop in modern day Cardiff… what could go wrong? #recognizeKSRU
Serious Creatures: A Horror Adjacent Coming of Age Comedy
A 200 page graphic novel about a teenage special fx artist growing up in the Hollywood movie industry of the 70s, 80s and 90s.
Finding Home Volume 3: The Prince
The penultimate volume of the award-winning LGBT+ romance comic, printed as a graphic novel.
Virtually The Same - A Lockdown Corona Diary
A complete collection of my 2020 Corona Diary. An inky slice of life comic diary of my experience in the UK, since the pandemic began.
First Squad - The Moment Of Truth
Publishing the "First Squad - The Moment Of Truth" Graphic Novel
120+page sci-fi graphic novel featuring bounty hunter Mercy St. Clair
The Milford Green Saga - Oversized Hardcover Edition
The entire Victorian space adventure series collected in an oversized hardcover edition.
Texas Tracts: A collection of autobio mini-comics
Dive into this trilogy of funny and touching stories about growing up Catholic in the Lone Star State.
Zombie Fabulous Graphic Novel
The collected edition of the trilogy about zombie drag queens!
A 112 page graphic novel thriller of deep-space deception, sabotage, and betrayal featuring sci-fi bounty hunter Mercy St. Clair.
NOCTIS: Volume One - Collecting Issues #1-#3
The illustrated story following Noctis: a shell of their former self inhabited by Death. Chapters One, Two and Three.
Attaboy : Oversized Comic Disguised as a Video Game Manual
An Oversized Treasury Edition Graphic Novel Disguised as a Video Game Instruction Booklet
Welcome to Evolution Online (relaunch)
An Action-packed Game-lit Light Novel
Samantha Fucks the World
What happens when a sex doll becomes sentient and takes over the world? Sex, comedy, revolution.
Ninecrow: A 165-page Graphic Novel of Homegrown Horror
It's the kind of town that just calls to some people. If you hear it...you'll never want to leave.
Sci-fi bounty hunter Mercy St. Clair's quest leads to a deadly duel in the icy clouds of a remote, frozen world. 120+page graphic novel
D.S.R. Deep Space Rescue Volume No.1
An action/sci-fi graphic novel series about the first rescue crew in a universe where mankind lives and travels in interstellar space!
Sweet Little Resistance: Magical Girl Hangout Comic
What if the Sailor Scouts all worked together in a cafe?
Francis & The Vegas Tramps by Brian Kelly
A genre-bending, black & white 72 page graphic novel that merges the worlds of noir, space-age adventure, rock & roll, and Elvis.