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This is a list of all successful Books Kickstarter projects in which the product is purchasable. 2819 items total.
O-umajirushi: 17th Century Samurai Heraldry
A translation of a unique 17th-century compendium of samurai heraldry, annotated with the symbolism and stories behind the banners.
Sunny and The Elk: A Scientific Journey into the Past
Sunny discovered a rare, extinct Eastern Elk, guided by scientific advisors, supported by her community, she seeks the elk's past.
The Permaculture Student 1
The 1st in a public and home school permaculture textbook & workbook series for 6-12th graders, families & adult learners.
Making History: A K-12 Time-Travel Curriculum for Makers
STEM/Humanities PBL curriculum where students take on the role of time travelers and build the major discoveries of history.
Arctic Ocean Sea Ice: A 'Citizen Science' Project
A citizen science project aiming to contribute to Arctic Ocean knowledge by collecting valuable sea ice data at the North Pole.
The Interactive Past: A Book on Video Games and Archaeology
This Open-Access book contains a dozen chapters about video games, archaeology, history and heritage by scholars and developers
Help us make this Japanese Kana Poster
Help White Rabbit Press create a Kana Poster for Japanese language fans. Our design is attractive, minimalist and highly-functional.
Mandelmap poster: a vintage style map of the Mandelbrot set
Meticulously researched and compiled, this poster functions as a thought-provoking guide to the astonishingly complex Mandelbrot set.
La grande révolution de la micromaison | livre tiny house
Ce guide de départ vous introduira aux micromaisons et vous fournira astuces, idées et ressources pour planifier votre mini maison.
Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques: Book and Video Lessons
19 guitar lessons to teach you Spanish Guitar Strumming Techniques, in the form of a book and video lessons.
Waisted Creations
A modern corset making guide
Korean Made Simple 2: The next step in learning Korean
The sequel to "Korean Made Simple," a book for learning the Korean language that's easy to use, in-depth, and fun!
Free Elvish Lessons at the Realelvish Academy
I am making a free Neo-Sindarin class for beginners, as well as doing other improvements to the free content of Realelvish.net.
Censorship & Information Control In Information Revolutions
Bringing together scholars & practitioners to see what earlier information revolutions can teach us about censorship in our digital age
The Royal Book Of Oz (Based on the original 1921 book)
Brand-new edition of the 1921 OZ book by Ruth Plumly Thompson. Return To The Wizard of Oz With This New Edition!
She Persisted: Influential Women in History
FIFTY of the most influential women in history featured on Flashcards, Prints, a Coloring Book and more!
Taboo Business Questions
What's haunting every entrepreneur's growth.
Neural Networks from Scratch in Python
Learn the inner-workings of and the math behind deep learning by creating, training, and using neural networks from scratch in Python.
Thorneycroft to SA80: British Bullpup Firearms, 1901–2020
A best-in-class firearms history book for enthusiasts, collectors, and historians alike.
From Scribble to Readable
A notebook to practice writing mathematical symbols.
Cards On Race: A Tool To Examine Race In America
Learn racial literacy and empathy through curated terms, discussion topics, and engaging activities. Make conversations on race easier.
Japanese Word Search
Learn 1,200+ Essential Japanese Words Completing Over 100 Puzzles
Young Black Psych's A-Z Coping Strategy Cards
A deck of 26 A-Z coping strategy cards designed to develop resilience & encourage young BME minds to be the best version of themselves.
Saskatoon History - 6 different books 1950s 1960s
Local News & Events / Sports Teams / Encyclopedia of Musicians & Bands / 1000 Concerts & Events
The Secret Teachings of Gemcutting Book
This full-color book is a collection of classic gemstone designs. 50 designs are presented with photos, cutting advice, and more.
Make 100 Math Rebels
Fight for truth, justice, and the unexpected answer! Join the Math Rebellion with these creative journals for adventurous students.
Playful Math Journaling
Games. Number play. Writing activities. Problem solving. Creative math for all ages. So many ways to learn!
The »Be Water my Friend« Book by Rafael Bernardo
Graphic Journey and Creative Methodology published by Slanted Publishers
UnCommunist Manifesto : fixing what the original got wrong
The struggle between Individual Sovereignty and Collectivist Coercion
Pistols of the Warlords
Chinese Domestic Handguns, 1911 – 1949
ASL at Home 2.0
The 2nd edition of ASL at Home, with 8 more chapters of routine-based ASL, language enrichment, & Deaf Community Cultural Wealth
Giordano Bruno - De Magia
The Complete Latin Magical Writings of Giordano Bruno. A New Translation by Paul Summers Young.
Hidden Paths - A Foolish Fish's Guide to Magick
Practical tips on how to develop your own connections to a conscious Universe in order to follow your own path.
-A PSYCHOLOGICAL PERSPECTIVE- A book about the psychological elements affecting the Covid-19 pandemic.
TOAnimate - Comprehensive Blender Animation Course
Your one-stop package to make an animation demo reel in Blender! For more info, check out www.toanimate.ca
Catholic Ingredients Web Course by Ryan Bilodeau
Catholic Ingredients: an online Catholic course and newsletter that teaches the fundamentals of the Catholic faith.
Clockwork Basilisk
The Early Revolvers of Elisha Collier & Artemas Wheeler
Hypnerotomachia Poliphili
A new translation of the mysterious 1499 arcane allegory.
Growing Houma Tribal Educational Resources
This project will print educational books and materials, with add-ons that showcase revitalized native language. Price tiers for all!
Sherlock Holmes : A Study in Illustrations Volume 4
Volume 4 of the collected illustrations of the Sherlock Holmes stories
Hebrew Made Easy Beginners Online Course
An Online Course Simplifying Hebrew for English Speakers: Speak & Understand Hebrew like a native using my Best Selling Methods
Career Path Assessment, Coaching & Tools for Change Makers
Resources for those unsatisfied with the status quo. We empower aspiring change agents to find their career calling.
Boy, I Love You - A Boys' Love Comics Anthology
A 196-page comics anthology celebrating the boys' love genre through six original stories.
Purity: A Post-Yaoi Anthology
PURITY is a chance for artists with a shared history of reading yaoi comics to explore that influence on their artwork today.
The Secret Loves of Geek Girls
An all-female comic/text anthology of true stories about love, romance, and sex! Featuring new cartoons by Margaret Atwood
Zinetendo Anthology
Nearly 50 pages of comics and illustrations that celebrate Nintendo games and characters.
Toronto Comics: Volume 2
Toronto's next generation of comic creators want to bring you a fresh anthology of stories set in the Tee-Dot!
321: Fast Comics Vol. 2
3 Pages, 2 Characters, 1 Twist Ending... RELOADED! New volume of the hit anthology series with more stories and bigger artists \o/
The Beyond Anthology
A queer Sci-Fi / Fantasy comic anthology
QU33R — New Queer Comics Anthology edited by Rob Kirby
QU33R, from Ignatz-Award-nominated editor Rob Kirby, features 241 pages of new comics from 33 contributors—legends and new faces alike.
Eat More Comics! The Best of The Nib
We're gathering the best comics we've published in one giant 300 page hardcover.
RISE: Comics Against Bullying
A comics series dealing with bullying, to be distributed free by organizations such as GLAAD, Stand for the Silent, and Prism Comics.
Anything That Loves: Comics Beyond "Gay" and "Straight"
A bold new comics anthology that explores and celebrates the complex world beyond the categories of "gay" and "straight".
CHAINMAIL BIKINI: The Anthology of Women Gamers
CHAINMAIL BIKINI is a comics anthology celebrating female gamers! Video games, RPGs, LARPing, and more.
Pedal Zombies: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction
Tales of the undead... on two wheels, featuring badass heroines.
IDITAROD® - The First Ten Years
An anthology of stories, photos and art by those who helped shape the first decade of Alaska's Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.
Herman Hedning 1988-1998 PREKAMPBRIUM
Alla Hermanstrippar 1988-1998, fett inbundna i oäkta dinosaurieläder och späckad med avslöjande fakta och rena lögner! Äg den!
Restless Minds: Imagination
Restless Minds: Imagination! A 40+ page full-color comic anthology about imagination by rad illustrators, published by Uppermind Ink!
2016 Young Explorers Adventure Guide: SF Anthology
Science Fiction anthology for middle grade readers. Bring the stars to a new generation with diversity, representation & great stories!
Alien Artifacts & Were- SF&F Themed Anthologies
Zombies Need Brains presents TWO new anthology themes--left behind ALIEN ARTIFACTS and WERE-creatures gone wild!
Scrambled Circuits: Volumes 1 - 3
Scrambled Circuits is an indie comic series starring the naive robot Primus about his struggle to connect with those around him.
Modern day gadgets such as your cell phone, laptop, iPod, microwave, or refrigerator . . . all TEMPORALLY OUT OF ORDER!
Toronto Comics: Volume 3
Toronto's next generation of comic creators bring you 300 pages of all-new stories from the city we love!
MECH: Age of Steel Anthology
Tales of giant mechs by Kevin J. Anderson, Jody Lynn Nye, Graham McNeill, Gini Koch, Peter Clines, Jason Hough & Ramez Naam and more!
Eclectica Magazine 20th Anniversary Anthologies
Eclectica Magazine is publishing four "best of" volumes (fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and speculative) celebrating 20 years online.
Strange California: A Speculative Fiction Anthology
From Hollywood to Santa Cruz to Tahoe, Strange California brings to life tales inspired by the complex mythologies of California.
Fantasy Anthology ft. Christie Golden, Cameron Dayton & more
Fantastic Worlds: a collection of fantasy short stories ft. 8x NYT Bestseller Christie Golden (Star Wars, Star Trek, World of Warcraft)
Shitty Horoscopes: An Illustrated Zodiac Anthology
A 182-page illustrated anthology of the Shitty Horoscopes zine series! Hilarious, horrifying, and always absurd.
10 YEARS of ALTERNA - a celebration of creator-owned comics!
over 200 creators are being celebrated with a tremendous 400 page indie comic anthology!
Knocked Up Abroad Again
Twenty-six mothers in twenty-five different countries describe motherhood abroad in this heartwarming and charming anthology.
Robots, Water, and Death! Anthologies
ZNB is at it again with 3 new anthologies with the themes of Robots, Water, and Death! Join us for another great adventure!
Enough Space For Everyone Else: An Anthology
An anthology of sci-fi comics/illustration/text showcasing diverse creators, characters, and tones—with no war/imperialism narratives!
ELEMENTS: Fire - A comics anthology by creators of color
Whispers In Necropolis #2
The second installment of the horror anthology by Codex Entertainment,llc
Hogtown Horror
From the frigid and frightening streets of Toronto, a new colour anthology of Canadian horror- featuring over 15 terrifying stories!
Power & Magic: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology
Comics about queer witches of color created by 17 women, demigirls, and bigender people of color!
Whispers in Necropolis
Starting from the ground up to make my short horror stories into an independent comic book anthology.
VAMPEROTICA: BLOODVAULT V5 & Blood Goddess Photo Gallery
The 5th (and final) volume collecting all of the Vampire horror stories from the original Vamperotica comic series.
Torsobear Volume 3: Back on the Blocks
Ruxby Bear was a hero cop, then falsely imprisoned, & now he faces unrest tearing the imaginary city of Toyburg apart.
Baroque Pop Anthology
A collection of short story comics and portraits inspired by the music of Lana Del Rey.
Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart
Toronto's next generation of comic creators return with 210 pages of full-colour stories inspired by the city we love!
States of the Union Book
A collection of election reflections. Fiction, nonfiction, poetry, artwork, and interviews in response to the POTUS election results.
All The King's Men: a massive anthology for sci-fi fans!
Refugees marooned in deep space swap stories. Get the 700 page PDF for $5! Huge stretch goals already unlocked.
The 2017 Scythe Prize Anthology
Creating a rare opportunity for college writers to be showcased in a printed book featuring previously unpublished stories and essays.
Apparatus: A Collection of Experimental Poetry, Prose & Art
A book of bold, gritty, thought-provoking literature & photography from 15 unique contributors. The universe of the body revealed.
Biketopia: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction Stories
Short stories (and one comic) set in extreme futures. Dystopian or utopian? It's not always clear.
Wayward Sisters: An Anthology of Monstrous Women
From hunted mermaids to ghastly beauty pageants, Wayward Sisters celebrates lady and non-binary monsters with 216 pages of comics.
Vagabond Comics Issue 7: Assorted Flavors
Vagabond Comics is an all-ages anthology. We aim to provide a unified, storytelling platform for a diverse collection of voices.
Out of the Fire Anthology
Celebrating the natural beauty of the Mother Lode and Sierra: an anthology of writing/art/photography based on the 2015 Butte Fire
Gothic Tales of Haunted Love: A Comics Anthology
200 pages of new full-colour gothic romance comics! Stories of ghostly and dangerous love from comics' finest creators.
IMMORTAL SOULS (The Next Queer Witch Comics Anthology)
The POWER & MAGIC SERIES is *BACK* with a special volume of queer witch of color comics delving into the darker sides of magic!
Restless Minds: Nightmares!
Restless Minds: Nightmares! A 48+ page full-color comic anthology about nightmares by awesome illustrators, published by Uppermind Ink!
THE STRIP, A Twisted Vegas Comic Anthology
A comic book anthology featuring twisted tales inspired by the original City of Sin, Las Vegas!
Kickstarter Gold: The Secret Loves of Geek Girls: Redux!
A followup to The Secret Loves of Geek Girls! Featuring returning creators from the original series to tell short stories about love.
Make 100: The Best of Bad-Ass Faeries
Celebrating this award-winning series with an anthology highlighting the best in faerie fiction #make100 @BadAssFaeries
Little Heroes Comics Charity Anthology #1
Little Heroes Anthology is a series of short stories around the theme of strength curated to help send kits to children in hospitals
Guilds & Glaives, Insurgency, and Ur-Bar Anthologies!
ZNB latest anthology Kickstarter with the themes of insurgency, sword & sorcery, and a return to the Ur-bar! Another adventure awaits!
On Anxiety: the first anthology from 3 of Cups Press
On Anxiety is the first anthology from 3 of Cups Press, a literary collection about anxiety in its various guises.
SpiderForest Webcomic Anthology
Printing a webcomic anthology!
Sliced Quarterly Vol. 2 - Experimental Comic Anthology
Sliced Quarterly Vol. 2 collects issues #5-8 of the experimental comic anthology. Featuring simple stories told in extraordinary ways.
Bloody Gore Comix 2018 Horror Comics Anthology
Bloody Gore Comix specializes in over the top, full on graphic horror. We do not deal in subtleties, only raw gore!
BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS #1 - A Comics/Prose/Audio Anthology
BUILT FROM HUMAN PARTS is a comic/prose/audio anthology about finding purpose, fearing the future, and handling consequence.
DECAY horror anthology – Ozploitation – FINAL issue, first Kickstarter, Australia’s BEST comics & creators, fully self contained comics
IT WAS METAL Comic Anthology & Album
IT WAS METAL is a comic anthology and a metal album. Each of the ten stories in the anthology is based on a song from the album.
Toronto Comics: Osgoode As Gold
Toronto's next generation of comic creators are back with 220 pages of full-colour stories inspired by the city we love!
Do Not Go Quietly: An Anthology of Victory in Defiance
Resistance. Revolution. Standing up and demanding to have your space, your say, your right to be.
Ashes and Entropy
Ashes and Entropy is an anthology of cosmic horror, noir, and neo-noir.
Heartwood: Non-binary Tales of Sylvan Fantasy
The first comics anthology devoted to non-binary creators & characters (and enchanted forests)!
Modern Testament: The Complete Ethereal Collection
Angels, Demons, Four Horsemen, and more enter our modern world in 15 standalone short stories illustrated by a wide range of artists.
Hazel: Witches' Lifestyle Mini Magazine Issue #3
Hazel is a magazine for young witches in training. Issue #3, Magic Words, is packed with all new articles, comics, and magic spells!
Portals, Temporal Deactivation, and Alternate Peace!
Zombies Need Brains' three newest anthologies, featuring portals, temporal deactivation, and alternate history derived from peace!
A Soul Divided/ Caged in Flesh: A Jekyll & Hyde Anthology
A double-sided comic anthology inspired by "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde." One side Jekyll, the other side Hyde. Choose!
ELECTRUM: A mixed-race comics anthology
This all-ages comics collection explores the mixed race experience via 26 new fiction and non-fiction stories from around the world!
LÖK ZINE is an independent comics and illustration magazine. The authors come from all around the world.
The Ultimate Artist Jam! Five artists in one Dark book
Retro Sci-Fi Tales
Retro Sci-Fi Tales - anthology comics, old-school style 'retro' science fiction stories, amazing fun! Family friendly, aimed at adults.
Art Block - The Webcomics Anthology (Launch Party Sequel)
75 comics from 25 artists - Cassandra! Poorly Drawn Lines! Perry Bible Fellowship! Lollibee! Mrs. Frollein! Gudim! & many, many MORE!
Gunsmoke & Dragonfire: A Fantasy Western Anthology
Fantasy, sci-fi, alt-history, post-apoc, cattlepunk & weird west stories by an international stable of established & emerging authors.
Naked Body: An Anthology of Underground Chinese Comics
Naked Body is a testament to the vibrant community of independent cartoonists in China, a full-color anthology of outstanding comics.
My Kingdom for a Panel: A Shakespearean Anthology
A comic anthology featuring works about or inspired by William Shakespeare.
Nothing Without Us
An own-voices, multi-genre fiction anthology with heroes who are disabled, neurodiverse, Deaf, living with mental illness.
COSMIC LOVE, inspired by the music of Florence + the Machine
A comic fanthology celebrating love in all forms, inspired by the music of Florence + the Machine. #LoveIsCosmic
Dates! An Anthology of Queer Historical Fiction (Volume 3)
Dates is an anthology of positive queer historical fiction, set throughout time and across the world. This is Volume 3: ADVENTURE!
Vagabond Comics Issue 10: Kindred
The Family & Community Issue!
I Didn't Break the Lamp: Tales of Imaginary Friends
A collection of sci-fi and fantasy stories about imaginary friends, monsters under the bed, and other unreal acquaintances.
Over A Coffee
Over A Coffee is an anthology by 12 unique artists, 90+ BW pages, and a lot of caffeine consumed for it to happen
Shots Fired: Benefiting Gun Violence Prevention Charities
A Comics Anthology Helping the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence and the Community Justice Reform Coalition to End Gun Violence in the US
Raytoons Cartoon Avenue: Issue #1 (A Cartoon Anthology)
Get an issue of Raytoons Cartoon Avenue! This Cartoon Magazine Showcases Artist/Comic Work from many creators! Plus artist interviews!
Strange Waters #RecognizeKSRU
Fifteen fantastical stories connected by one simple theme: water. The freedom it represents and the mysteries that lurk beneath.
Retro Sci-Fi Tales #8
Retro Sci-Fi Tales - all-new old-school style sci-fi tales - anthology comics. Amazing stories and incredible art!
Chad in Amsterdam
The autobiographical comic adventures of an atypical American who ended up in Amsterdam.
Hazel - A Witches' Lifestyle Zine, Issue IV: Ritual
The fourth in a series of witches' lifestyle zines, collecting works of wonderfully talented artists for the young witch in training.
Gothic Tales of Haunted Futures
An original comics anthology with literary gothic and science fiction themes. #RecognizeKSRU
Det FEMTE samlingsalbumet med precis alla Herman Hedning-serier 2007 – 2010. En fasansfull upplevelse för alla generationer!
NEO-TOKYO 2019: A Risograph Akira Fanzine
Celebrating the distant, dystopian future of Akira's Neo-Tokyo 2019 with comics, art and essays.
"What Fresh Hell Is This?" 9 levels of studio hell!
An indie comic anthology inspired by Dante’s Inferno.
Modern Mythology: The Hero's Journey
An anthology comic book that re-tells classic hero myths in the modern day.
#SEXPOP V.1: ANTIFA (Make Love Not War) -- Break Kickstarter
Commission your own NSFW Peace Punk Propaganda | Give $10, and when we make goal, everyone gets a romantic, anti-fascist sex comic.
What If? Stories
What If? Stories - A comic book of short stories set in film worlds.
Test Signal: A Northern Anthology
A biennial anthology to celebrate northern writing and provide routes to publication. Produced in partnership with New Writing North.
Haunted Voices
An Anthology of Scottish Gothic Oral Storytelling
Black Anime: Lost Chill-dren of the Diaspora
A 94-page art book spanning 2 years of my personal work. The artbook is inspired by ancient mythology and the African diaspora.
Where the Veil is Thin Anthology
Where the Veil is Thin anthology: A collection of faerie tales.
Unnatural Order
An Australian speculative fiction anthology of monsters and the monstrous. Due to hatch August 2020.
Drabble Madness: help me MAKE 100 short stories for a book
You get to decide what I write in this MAKE 100 collection of drabbles -- short stories of exactly 100 words in any genre or subject.
Between the Lines
A Meeting of Minds, Warwick Writing MA Anthology
Make 100: The Blue Book
A collaborative project bringing together illustration and writing. Join us on this ekphrastic journey through 5 shades of blue.
The Adventures of the S.S. Baker: A Series About Pirates
Join the Crew and Set Sail! 🌊
Hazel Issue V: Spirit, The Final Issue
Our witches' lifestyle zines, full of magical comics, illustration, DIYs, and writing, comes into its fifth and final issue.
Mañana: Latinx Comics From the 25th Century
An anthology of Latine sci-fi comics set 1,000 years after the birth of Latin America!
Awesome Asian Americans: 20 Stars Who Made America Amazing
Enjoy spectacular stories of 10 women & 10 men who inspire us to change the world, brought to life with fantastic comic book artwork.
The BAYlies Issue #1 : Magazine Comics Anthology
22 Bay Area Cartoonists of Color and Queer Cartoonists in a magazine comics anthology.
Apex: World of Dinosaurs Anthology
Stories about dinosaurs by award-winning authors and new sci-fi writers!
Tales of Bruce & Wallace Arbroath 700 commemorative comic
Tales of Bruce & Wallace comic anthology
True War Stories: A Comics Anthology
Fifteen tales of military deployment, from Vietnam to today.
Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities
Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities is a 36-page comic anthology with regional stories about haunted places, cryptids, and urban legends.
Three anthologies! Coffee, tea, and Flying Words
Get your copy of every anthology so far by Faeries and Ents! Something for everyone
Holiday PANIC!
Yuletide Tales of Tenderness & Terror with SECTION ZERO! IMPOSSIBLE JONES! SAM HELL! JOHNNY ZOMBIE! 64 Pages by Kesel, Grummett & Hahn!
Menagerie: Declassified Anthology
Nine thrilling stories detail classified encounters with extra-solar life told by writers for film, television & comic books.
Tiny Snek, ArtbyMOGA, Mrs. Frollein, Lollibeepop, The Reddot, Sanesparza, Cheit.jpg, It's Weinye, Honey Dill and many, MANY MORE!
A collection of Noir stories by Black creators
New SF&F Anthologies from Zombies Need Brains!
Three New SF&F Anthologies about Deities, Derelicts, and Clashing Cultures!
Recognize Fascism Anthology
An anthology of science fiction and fantasy stories about recognizing and resisting fascism.
Central Oregon Book Project
A collection of voices and stories from Central Oregon
Ambrosia: Trans Masc and Non Binary Erotic Comics Anthology
An anthology of delicious, nourishing naughtiness, where each comic has one (or more!) trans masculine or non binary main character.
Cirque Du Mort: Volume Two
A Gothic anthology of highly illustrated short horror stories themed around a haunted circus.
World Roulette: 150 Worlds Art Book & Worldbuilding Guide
A fantasy/sci-fi art book featuring incredible worlds and stories by 150 illustrators + creative prompts and worldbuilding challenges.
An anthology graphic novel by Stref.
The World's Revolution: A Climate Crisis Anthology
A climate fiction anthology, telling the stories of unlikely heroes from across the globe rising to meet the climate crisis.
The Dodo Knows - A Collection of Short Story Comics
Short story comics themed around things lost and feeling found.
4 Pages 16 Bars: A Visual Mixtape
An anthology series showcasing true diversity in the comic book industry.
Welcome to Mina's: A Diner Comic Anthology
An Anthology of Comics About Life, Love, and Food During 100 Years in a Vancouver Diner
Humans Are The Problem: A Monster's Anthology
Horror stories to help monsters get their "scary" back. Join the monster revolution!
Object Head Zine 2021: Celestial Bodies
The seventh anthology about characters with objects for heads, this year focusing on Celestial Bodies: Space and Angels.
Thank you all for supporting Spicy Pulp 5!
The Sensational Swan: A New Superhero for All Fans #Make100
An anthology with 3 self-contained shorts of The Swan throughout history, but no continuity baggage! Kid safe, yet challenges the genre
CATS: Cycling Across Time and Space!
A feminist science fiction anthology about cats and bicycles, edited by Elly Blue
Luminescent Machinations
Queer Tales of Monumental Invention. An anthology of huge mechs & bodies frail and powerful. Publishing in 2022 from Neon Hemlock.
The Bai Ze & Book of Monsters - Comic Anthology & 5eCampaign
A Luminous Ages 5e Compatible Adventure with a Comic book Anthology. STLS, Metal Dice & Resin Miniatures - Book 3 in the series
Worlds Unknown: A Comics Anthology
An Unusual and Bizarre Collection of Independent comics
Indie and mainstream comics together in one diverse magazine!
BIG MOOD - awkward & anxious comics
Poorly Drawn Lines, Lunarbaboon, False Knees, Bev's Boredom, NHOJ Comics, Optipess, Mercworks, Eatmypaint, Toothy BJ & many, MANY MORE!
Queer Writing for a Brave New World
A chapbook collaboration with The Modernist Society where emerging LGBTQ+ writers explore Modernism through a queer lens.
Powerful Asian Moms
Powerful Asian Moms is an anthology of creative nonfiction prose, poetry, illustration, and photography celebrating Asian mothers.
Shades of Fear Horror Anthology
A collection of subtle, psychological horror comics with a focus on vibrant, emotive color.
My First Pandemic: A Collection of Short Comics
A collection of drawings, thoughts, poems, comics, anger, happiness, life, and death from a difficult period in our history.
El Espinazo de la Noche
Blog de astronomía
Dumpster Fire
An absurdist comic anthology from Jesse Hedman.
An anthology of eye-catching artworks and illuminating writings that show black metal in a dazzling new light!
Mixtape: 1986
A 1986-themed anthology of dread-inspiring stories.
Dagger Dagger Vol. 2
Volume 2 of the sci-fi/dark fantasy comic magazine anthology
Death & Comics: DEATH METAL-Metallic Silver Foil (25 copies)
A collection of genre spanning shorts, each touching on death in different ways. The reincarnated version with collectible foil cover.
Retro Sci-Fi Tales #10 Monster Special - comic + Lobby Cards
A special 'Horror' issue of this acclaimed Science Fiction anthology comic book series - Comic Book AND Lobby Cards
Cincinnati Cabinet of Curiosities Issue 2
A 44-page B&W comic anthology about regional urban legends, weird history, and paranormal stories
London, Haunted Landmarks and Urban Legends
Skull & City Pocket Guide
Skin Crawl Magazine
A classic horror comics anthology magazine by Skinner.
[Boyish²] Butch×Butch Yuri Anthology
10 of Japan's top yuri manga artists have gathered to create the ultimate butch x butch yuri manga anthology!
Resist NOW! - Volume 1
A sci-fi comic anthology about superbugs. A mad mashup of monsters, aliens, science and fantasy!
Diablo House, a Prose Horror Anthology & Graphic Novel
Featuring a Grady Hendrix Comic Story and All-New Prose Stories by Nancy Holder, Erik Burnham, & more
Phantasmias: Fantasy-Horror Anthology
A collection of 27 fantasy and horror stories blurring the line between genres—dark fantasy, light horror, and a little bloody whimsy.
Xenocultivars: Stories of Queer Growth
A plant-themed speculative fiction anthology about queer growth.
Del VI och VII i antologiserien 13 svarta sagor
In Somnio
A Collection of Modern Gothic Horror Fiction
Boys, Book Clubs, and Other Bad Ideas: An Anthology!
The first in a series of anthologies (Monday Night Anthology!) featuring one prompt and seven wildly different stories.
Death in the Mouth: Original Horror By People of Color
A collection of short horror fiction and illustrations from storytellers around the world.
The Out Side - real life trans & nonbinary comics anthology
Journeys to truth and self-acceptance from 16 comic artists. Foreword by Julia Kaye.
Elsewhere: Volume 3
Elsewhere is a lovingly curated anthology of short pieces by independent creators from all over the world.
BECOMING | The 11th Comics Anthology from Oneshi Press
The space between origin and destination, as imagined by 37 diverse creators in 16 short comics.
Thrilling Suspense Fantasy Volumes 1 and 2!
An intoxicating blend of pulp fiction and comics in the classic tradition!
KLAATU - Comic Creators UNLEASHED! / RAID Anthology Vol. 1-4
Dynamic new genre-driven volume in a library of 53 stories from the unhinged imaginations of 48 international creators across 4 books.
When I Was Me: Moments of Gender Euphoria
A collection of autobiographical comics about the joyful and euphoric moments of being trans.
UK independent creators comic anthology
Tilt: Six Tales
A medley of short black & white comics from six exciting UK creators!
Koguchi Comic Anthology Magazine: Issues 1 & 2
Two 120-page issues of black & white comics! Issue 1: Science Fantasy | Issue 2: Cyberpunk
Support the creation of a new space western anthology comic book.
Lady Redbeard, The Road Witch, Dude-Bro the Barbarian, and more! Mature readers. Sci Fi fantasy comics!
Wedding Cozy Mystery and Crime Fiction Short Story Anthology
Two dozen fun, clean mysteries in one limited-edition publication, plus an overarching whodunit, exclusive Kickstarter extras & more!
Origines Pictae
Duodecim fabulae nubeculatae latine conscriptae / Dodici fumetti pensati in latino / Twelve comics designed in Latin
Ink & Incantation: Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover Edition
An enchanting collection of sci-fi and fantasy stories featuring magical books and libraries ✨📚 March 1st
MANY WORLDS — A Cooperative Science Fiction Anthology
Ten authors. Fourteen Stories. An infinite multiverse.
Embroidered Worlds: Ukrainian Fantastic Fiction
An anthology of fantastic stories from Ukraine and the Diaspora, edited by Valya Dudycz Lupescu, Olha Brylova, and Iryna Pasko.
the 99
99 comic strips by 99 cartoonists
Untold Stories: An Anthology
An anthology of stories revolving around hidden truths, undiscovered lies, and alternate takes on tales everyone thinks they know.
Worlds of Possibility
An anthology of uplifting, hopeful, and happy science fiction and fantasy stories
Make 100: An amazing Cozy Mystery short story anthology
A cozy mystery a day for a month. Riddles, Resolutions and Revenge anthology: gripping stories, plus solve a meta mystery & win a prize
Alternate Dimension: A 2023 Accidental Aliens Anthology
Escape to a world not our own with the Accidental Aliens latest anthology! Six new stories by more up and coming comic creators!
Swords in the Shadows - An Anthology Edited by Cullen Bunn
22 tales of swords, sorcery, and mind-bending terror!
Slow Burn: An Anthology of Household Horror
Dead crows, Lovecraftian duck ponds, haunted tapes, and more. 12 short stories featuring the kind of horror that stalks you.
Revista Tándem Cómics Núm. 1
Tiempo, vida y Corazón: Antología de nuevos talentos galardonados de cómic mexicano.
Funding three amazing steampunk anthologies by established authors and bright new voices.
Women in Crime Golden Age Comics Vol. 1: FATAL FEMME FATALES
Featuring art by: Matt Baker, Joe Kubert, Mort Meskin, Syd Shores, Leonard Starr, George Tuska, And Many More!
A Güey Zine Issue 1
A collab of over 8 artists and writers showcasing short original stories
Kickass Cyberpunk Comic Anthology. Postapocalyptic dystopic scenarios. Tons of androids, robots and out of control AI's 14 and up.
Warlock #1 - Nightmares
Spinoff series from the popular Virus zombiesaga
Zombies Need Brains Small Press Themed Anthologies Year 11!
Two brand new SF&F themed anthologies about familiars and spies, plus a brand new shared-world experiment!
Monster Fight at the O.K. Corral
A 2-Volume Anthology from the Weird & Wild West - 30 Stories!
ZNB Presents: Year Two
Zombies Need Brains' Online Magazine Continues on to Year Two!
The Comic Con Survival Guide: A CoCo Comics Anthology
Featuring short comics by amazing indie creators. This anthology sets out to answer the question: What's the deal with comic cons?
Bicycles & Broomsticks: Witchy Feminist Fantastic Stories
Feminist bicycle science fiction and fantasy about witches and witchcraft. Bikes in Space volume 9 is here & queer!
Swords & Heroes
A Sword & Sorcery Anthology featuring 12 tales of heroic adventure, including a story by Adrian Cole, the author of War on Rome saga.
SHRINE ENTRANCE vol 1 - A manga anthology magazine!
A printed manga anthology collecting the first chapters of 12 of our series! The perfect entry point in to the world of SHRINE COMICS!
Join us in creating new Comic Book stories featuring diverse voices from our Filipino-American community with New Icons!
New Zombies Need Brains Anthologies for Year 10!
Four new SF&F anthologies from ZNB featuring dragons, games, solar punk, and magical artifacts!
Keeping It Under Wraps Book Three
We publish anthologies that celebrate the diversity of human experiences, through every possible lens.
Concrete Arcanum - An Urban Fantasy Comic Anthology
An anthology of supernatural and modern fantasy comics about what happens when magic steps out of the shadows. #witchstarter
Skin Crawl Issue 2! Giant Size Horror Anthology
SKIN CRAWL MAGAZINE is back, and bigger than ever! 4 intense tales at a whopping 96 pages! That's 32 more pages than last issue.
Shakespeare Unleashed – A Horror Anthology & Comic Book
Alas! Wicked stories & sonnets based on the Bard's work by Joe Lansdale, Ian Doescher, Cullen Bunn, Seanan McGuire, Jonathan Maberry...
OBSOLESCENCE: A Dark Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Anthology
A new collection of short stories about repurposed technology with horrifying or fantastical twists.
BOXES Comic Magazine #1
A brand new comic magazine showcasing new short works from a range of exciting and interesting indie comic creators!
STRANGE HORROR #1: EC Style Horror Anthology
80-pages of cosmic horror with The Sandman and Creeps artists, and more!
The Stygian Collection
A collection of dark tales written by the authors of YouTube
Shapers of Worlds Volume IV
More science fiction and fantasy by authors who were guests on the Aurora Award-winning podcast The Worldshapers
Darkest of Dreams - A cryptid horror anthology
A new fiction anthology exploring the mysterious, disturbing, & terrifying world of cryptozoology with tales by 14 mesmerizing authors.
After the End: A Post-Apocalyptic Comics Anthology
After the End is a 350+ page post-apocalyptic comics anthology featuring an exciting group of 23 emerging artists and writers.
Soliloquy Down To Three - A sapphic comic anthology
A collection of bloodstained sapphic comics.
Joe Jusko's Art of the 1992 Marvel Masterpieces
A celebration-in-book-form of the immensely popular trading card series that forever changed the non-sport card industry
I Knew the Wind Was Cold...Country-Western/Horror Collection
Twisted tales of terror and suspense from the lonely highways, dark backwaters, and Wild days of the Old West.
SKRAWL 2 Comix Mag
SKRAWL #2, a comic magazine featuring the SKRAWLLORDZ and special guests: comics, interviews, features, SKRAWL!
A spooky celebration for a new Feminist Press anthology of queer and trans writers on their favorite horror films
Pizza Hunt
A book about the second lives of Pizza Hut's iconic hut restaurants and nostalgia for the golden era of dine in fast food.
A large art book by Thomas Knights containing sunning portraits and personal quotes of "the 100 sexiest RED HOT guys in the world"
The Gentlemanly Rabbits: cloth-bound & published
A collection of words, artwork, & photographs featuring Candace Jean's "The Gentlemanly Rabbits" series published in a hardcover book.
Unbound: A Reader
A thorough survey of historical and contemporary serial artists' publications with an appendix of DIY resources and annotated readings.
Fantasy Coloring Books for (so-called) Grown-ups
Mermaids, Fairy Tales, Zombies, and more. I'm printing a collection of collaborative coloring books...for (so called) grown-ups!
Because of Judo
Because of Judo is a photography monograph, exploring a life in judo, including elite athletes preparing for the 2012 London Olympics.
Draw Like a Boss : The Physical Book
Two years in the making and it's finally ready to become a physical instructional book about drawing.
Gay Men Draw Vaginas
A beautiful book of vaginas drawn by gay men, available only through this Kickstarter.
Amelia's Colourful Colouring Companion: Adult Coloring Book
Amelia’s Colourful Colouring Companion: a unique collaborative colouring book for adults featuring 40 artists. A perfect Christmas gift
THREADS // Fashion Artbook
Help us fund a collaborative artbook celebrating fantasy fashion, including exclusive works and tutorials by 15 international artists!
The Art of Ralph McQuarrie: ARCHIVES Art Book
A 400+ page coffee table book featuring the largest collection of Ralph McQuarrie's non-Star Wars art ever published.
The OVERGROWTH Art Book for Ransom Limited EDITIONS
OVERGROWTH is an artistic collaboration and earnest search for beauty expressed through humans and nature.
Continuous City
An illustrated book exploring imagined landscapes and topographies for New York City, told through conversations and paintings
The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits
The second volume of the popular illustrated manual of Japanese monsters, ghosts, and demons. Fully illustrated, over 100 paintings!
Idle Eye - Amateur of Life and Death
Bone dry wit from London's Idle Eye blog, beautifully illustrated by 20 contemporary artists & washed down with a few glasses of Pinot.
You Got This: A Mantra Coloring Book
A coloring book for adults and kids full of hand-lettered motivational phrases to help you relax, unplug, and focus on the present.
Skull-A-Day: 365 Days/365 Skulls -The Ultimate Book
Finally the entire original Skull-A-Day project by Noah Scalin in book form! Including never before seen bonus materials.
The Bee Book
An illustrated, educational, interactive folding book that will fascinate children and adults alike. Claim yours today!
Cartoonist Mike Kunkel's Squiggle Art Book!
SQUIGGLES! Cartoonist Mike Kunkel sets out to inspire creativity by collecting his imaginative images that start with a single line.
ALL BLACK CATS Are Not Alike - The Illustrated Book
The debut book from STUDIO GOLDSPARKLE (Peter Arkle & Amy Goldwasser), 50 entirely hand-drawn, entirely unique, entirely All Black Cats
The Bacterionomicon
A fantasy-art style bestiary of lethal bacteria and the antibiotics that fight them.
Pose Drawing SparkBook: Put Life Into Your Drawings
A supercharged sketchbook designed to help you add the "spark" of life and personality to your characters. Includes ebook.
Awakening: The Art of Michael C. Hayes Volume Two
The second art book by award winning artist and illustrator, Michael C. Hayes
El Torero y la Bailarina / The Bullfighter & the Ballerina
An edition of hand-made books about a ballerina – my mother – who fell in love with the bullfighter-comedian Cantinflas in Mexico City.
Doodle Quest
A collection of black and white drawings by Anthony Holden
Cadence & Slang is a book about interaction design.
I'm writing, designing, and publishing a book about the art and craft of interaction design. Handmade outline for $20; pre-order the book for $40!
Free Period: A Patternful Coloring Book for Adults + Kids
A coloring book full of abstract patterns to get the creative juices flowin’.
This Ain't No Picnic: Your Punk Rock Vegan Cookbook
The first cookbook of creative and delicious punk rock recipes that match the quality and presentation of a five star restaurant.
Alice in Wonderland Book (Illustrated by David Delamare)
A deluxe limited edition volume richly illustrated with paintings and drawings by artist David Delamare.
Donkey Dream {A Love Story of Pie & Farm}
Transports you to a real but enchanted world where a donkey has pie parties & an old barn speaks-reminding us to never stop dreaming.
Djoliba Crossing: Journeys into West African Music & Culture
Djoliba Crossing tells the story of an artist’s journey into the heart of West Africa to explore Mandé music and culture.
e338: The Art of Loïc Zimmermann
e338 is an epic collection of personal work by master artist Loïc Zimmermann (VFX Concept Artist on Thor, Iron Man 3, True Grit & more)
"Misfits of Love" a book of art and story from Apifera Farm
Stories about the old goats, donkeys, wandering fowl and one little pig that call Apifera Farm their last home. Here misfits are loved.
Metafora: Beyond Words
Think of all the feelings and ideas that are beyond words—but not art. We know that GTA students have something to say.
Roam the Blue Ghost – Charming watercolour illustrations
Help turn these hauntingly beautiful watercolour illustrations of abandoned places and ghosts into a book and limited edition prints
Taking the Lane #3: Unsung Heroes
Taking the Lane is a zine by and about women in bicycling. Issue #3 takes on 143 years of yet-to-be-tweeted bicycling exploits.
Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Art
Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Art will be a professionally designed book of paintings and calligraphy by Bujinkan Soke, Masaaki Hatsumi.
An Artist's Journey to Nevermore
Enjoy Lee's new art book and his New Island project. Travel to imaginary coastlines, explore New Island, and own a beach house!
The Mind Key Project: An Anthology
A photo finish coffee table book featuring art and writing to inspire and encourage passion and zest for life. Love what you do!
Monthly Fantasy Coloring Books for Adults
A one-year subscription service for people who love to color, with highly detailed fantasy illustrations. PDF and hardcopy available!
AN ILLUMINATION OF BLESSINGS is a unique visual interpretation of 36 universal blessings; an artistic legacy for generations to come.
Pandamorphosis: A fable of magic wishes, cats, and pandas
Pandamorphosis is a story of magical wishes gone awry. If someone you loved, loved someone else more, what would YOU wish for?
Poses for Artists: 200 pages of Poses Art Book
A 200+ page coil/spiral-bound book of simple, pose breakdowns for artists. All poses can be seen at posereference.tumblr.com
ROLL•A•SKETCH : Whimsical Coloring Book & Original Art
A bestiary of bizarre and wonderful creatures, each one randomly generated by rolling dice.
Whimsical Coloring Book for Grown Ups
A beautiful coloring book for teens and adults, full of detailed, whimsical designs.
The Monstrous Make-up Manual: Book 2
The highly anticipated 2nd book in Mike Spatola's popular Monstrous Make-up Manual series, with tons more techniques and monsters!
En bog om livet med en psykisk sygdom fortalt gennem seks personlige livshistorier og illustreret af My Buemann.
Head & Neck Anatomy: A Book With 3D Augmented Reality
Anatomy for Sculptors' new book of human Head & Neck Anatomy with 3D model images for CG Artists, Sculptors, Painters and Illustrators
The Flower Mandalas Project
A meditative book of Flower Mandala images and related text that delves into 52 fundamental aspects of the human experience — and more!
82 Nights - A Fairytale Artbook
Ania Mohrbacher is creating replicas of her 82 page sketchbook filled with fairytale ink drawings for you to own and enjoy.
Eureka! The Art of Science
An art book about scientists who changed the world.
MOOWON BOOK – Artisans, Vanishing Arts, Hidden Places
Please help us to transmit the beauty and the values of singular people, places, and creations that merit attention.
Travel The Planet Overland - A Photo Book and Guide
A world traveling family, shares "on the road" secrets in a new travel book. All you ever needed to know to start your own adventure!
For Your Eyes Only: the graphic book from Greg Guillemin
This is a graphic book from the 'Secret Life Of Heroes' illustration series.
Outcome LGBT Portraits
A book and travelling exhibition celebrating LGBT lives in photographic portraits Grow up, Come Out, be who you are..
The Feminomicon
A fantasy-art style bestiary of incredible female myths and monsters from around the world. Help bring it to life!
PERSON IS AWAKE: wizard magic book release
More than just a book release, this is a spell using Kickstarter to raise $420 and create a more wizardly world.
Colo Loco - The geeky coloring adventure!
Colo Loco says it all : its a crazy adventure of coloring! Each page of the 64 has its geeky theme, its crowd and in the end, a shape!!
Orange is Optimism - A Book by Idle Theory Bus
A novel / photo book by james campbell and rachel goldfarb of Idle Theory Bus. Inspired by 3 years of #vanlife
Animal Soul
A coffee-table book of close and personal animal portraits by award-winning photographer Robert Bahou.
Defensive Eating w/Morrissey & Comfort Eating w/Nick Cave
Illustrated vegan cookbooks to soothe your troubles by "goths eating things" artist Automne Zingg and traveling chef Joshua Ploeg.
Alphonse Mucha: Reprinting a lost Art Nouveau Masterpiece HC
In 1899 Art Nouveau illustrator Alphonse Mucha printed 510 copies of his masterpiece. In 2016 we are finally unlocking its secrets.
Krampus in the Corner picture book and plush toy
A creepy parody of the Elf on the Shelf Christmas tradition. Krampus is sure to scare the naughty out of you!
Mujuworld Coloring Book
A unique colouring book by Mr Muju, featuring 42 pages of hand drawn illustrations from the Mujuworld dimension, suitable for all ages.
MANI - the heart of Italian craftsmanship
A photo book that is a celebration of the Italian crafts, the people, the stories and the places behind this incredible heritage!
MOMENT: A Book by Satsuki Shibuya
A book of poetry and paintings for anyone seeking a moment of clarity in the everyday
Little Beasties Artbook Nate Kap Exaggerated Pet Caricatures
Pet Portraits "Unleashed" LIMITED EDITION Caricature Book by: Nate Kap named "Little Beasties" of famous dogs, cats, and other buddies
Legend Nouveau Coloring Book
We are creating another beautiful new coloring book of legendary images in the art nouveau style.
Polyhedra Party
Make + Look + Learn = Geometric fun in your hands and mind!
Illumination: The Art of Lee White
This hardcover coffee table book showcases all the whimsical illustrations from professional book illustrator Lee White.
She Coloured: A Jane Austen Coloring Book
Color you way through 24 of Jane Austen's witty quotes paired with original hand-drawn ink illustrations in this adult coloring book!
One Metro World
All my INAT metro maps in one book: 40 cities, 40 maps, one graphic language. Book + App
Haikoodle - A sweet little book of haiku and doodles
We want to publish our book of illustrated haiku
Americana Forgotten
Americana Forgotten is a book compiled from photos taken over years, showing the forgotten relics of "Americana" years.
How to Draw: FIGURES Sketchbook
A sketchbook that uses templates and guidelines to help teach you how to draw the human form.
Hutterite - A photo Book
Growing up as a Hutterite boy, these are the photos I shot of my family, friends and community.
Character Design with Silver, A Drawing Guide Book
How to Character Design book teaching observation, shape language, bringing life to characters, the studio production process and more.
RUBBERHEAD: Sex, Drugs and Special FX
The first in a five volume series of high end coffee table books, chronicling the memoirs, art and unedited antics of Steve Johnson.
Colour Up Next Tuesday. A Feminist Colouring Book
Let's reclaim ugly, derogatory words for the vagina by colouring them in and making them beautiful.
a sacred shift : personal practice year one
this is a book about Personal Practice : a dance project where I document practicing dancing every single day
Daily Paintings - The Art of Piper Thibodeau II
Daily Paintings is a high-quality hardcover art book collecting the best of Piper Thibodeau's daily paintings from the past four years.
Mecha Zone Robot Sketches
A full-color book of my best robot themed sketches from recent Inktober and March of Robots daily drawing events.
One Metro World - Follow Up
FOLLOW-UP CAMPAIGN until 1st December. All my INAT metro maps in one book: 40 cities, 40 maps, one graphic language. Book + App
Chase's Creatures Coloring Pages Book
Color your way through the whimsical world of Chase’s Creatures in the first ever coloring pages book by Rhonda Chase
Primeval Kings: The Art of Ken Kokoszka
A 50+ page softcover artbook collecting handmade Dinosaur illustrations instigated by the 2016 #Inktober and #DrawDinovember events.
The Prophecy Sketchbook
A book of paintings and sketches created by Sam Carr. Explore the artwork of this fairytale world with a dark and humorous twist.
Monsters, Myths and Legends Coloring Book
I am making a Coloring Book for adults and children. My characters and drawings are meant to be a little silly and fun to color.
Draw Like a Boss : The Second Print Run
Gamified method for learning to draw. Narrative driven, highly visual book that is guaranteed to teach and inspire you.
Draw The Plane - Premier Hardbound Coffee Table Book
A hardcover book of passengers, flight attendants and plane drawings in pencil from illustrator Joseph Mayernik that spans 20 years.
Climate Change Coloring Book
This book contains guided coloring activities that explore scientific research and data related to climate change.
Every Shot Matters - Minimalist Film Photography
Every Shot Matters: A Minimalist Film Photographer's Scrapbook is an art book by Simeon Smith about creativity and analog photography.
Double séjour - Volume 01
4 expositions collectives en appartement, plus de 40 artistes, 1 photographe, 4 graphistes...une publication qui a besoin de vous !
Transmissions 3 - Robot art book by Matt Dixon
A full colour, softcover collection of robot artwork. Plus a second book featuring robot drawings from my sketchbooks.
The System of Systems: a publication on the asylum process
Bringing together artists, activists and academics to interrogate the technologies and legal mechanisms involved in seeking asylum.
The Zombie Haggadah
The Official Zombie Haggadah - A guidebook to the dissection and regurgitation of the zombie exodus!
Weird-Ass Faces - A Coloring Book
A coloring book of a bunch of weird-ass faces for you to make all pretty!
Grant Featherston book - Australian mid-century designer
Richly illustrated monograph on Grant Featherston, best known for his Contour chairs and creator of hundreds of mid-century designs
The Game of Life Challenges
Challenge your everyday life. This book is filled with 150+ challenges to get you motivated to get out there and explore your world.
QUEENS - The Pin-up Art of Lorenzo Sperlonga
This is Lorenzo's 5th book. A complete collection of his most recent artwork. Two exclusive editions, each one with a double cover!
The Art of CursiveLogic - Relax. Color. Learn Cursive.
A revolutionary handwriting instruction method artfully woven into a relaxing, adult coloring book.
How to Draw: CARS Sketchbook
A sketchbook that uses templates and guidelines for you to sketch over.
"On The One" A Marvellous Book, about Prince, by Blule
A unique tribute to a unique artist: 30 never seen before illustrations of Prince by Blule in a gorgeous, coffee table size art book.
Inkling Book
A book for daily escape through ink drawings and concepts by Elliot Lang.
The Winemakers of Paso Robles Large Format Photography Book
An Int'l photographer & a legendary California wine writer embed with 50 Paso Robles winemakers for a vintage to tell their stories.
Summon Magic from the Faerie Realm. A Wiccan magical system, art book and guide to create Fairy Spells & Charms.Tarot based Oracle Deck
Modern Whore: A Memoir
A provocative collection of stories and photographs in­spired by one Millennial woman’s adventures in escorting.
Jabberwocky: A Nonsense Coloring Book
Lewis Carroll's "Jabberwocky" poem (1872) 40-page coloring book accompanied by Justin Hillgrove's whimsical illustrations.
Anatomy with Love
Colour your organs! Get to know yourself and treat your body with love, bathe it in colour!
How to Draw SUPER HEROES Sketchbook
Draw right inside over guidelines. Featuring Andy Smith, comic book artist who's worked for Marvel, DC Comics, Disney, Image and more.
WONDERLAND LOST is a HARDCOVER 100-page FULL COLOR sensual ART BOOK featuring digital,photo and painted erotic art by Everette Hartsoe
A Single Soul - Stucky Fanbook
'A Single Soul' is a full color Stucky fanbook organized by GYRHS with the collaborations of some guest artists.
Box Set - "12,000 Miniatures de Parfum" book project.
Deluxe slipset containing two guide books for perfume and miniature bottle enthusiasts and collectors. 12,000 references.
Quarterly journal based in L.A. featuring upcoming artists in a variety of fields including photography and writing.
The Stoner Babes Coloring Book
Find cannabis coloring bliss with Katie Guinn's empowered babes of all stripes and sizes.
The Myth of Sisyphus
An art book. A music album. Inspired by the myth of Sisyphus. A project by Evil Twin.
Dynamic Action
Unlock the secrets of drawing DYNAMIC ACTION poses step-by-step...the EASY way.
1000 Words Photography Magazine
10 Year anniversary print edition of 1000 Words, celebrating both established and emerging artists working within photography.
International Day of the Dead
150+ pages bilingual Art book (English and Spanish), that includes stunning visuals and soulful stories about death.
A 400 page coffee table book documenting Australia's fading Corner Stores.
A comprehensive Guide to Modern Live Caricature...by some of the GREATEST LIVE CARICATURE ARTISTS OF OUR TIME!
Murder in the Mail: A Bloody Birthday
MURDER IN THE MAIL: A BLOODY BIRTHDAY is a mystery told through letters, objects, and artworks posted to you over several weeks.
Introflirted: A Book of Flirty Love Notes for Introverts
Creating a beautifully printed book filled with flirty illustrated love notes for introverts to share and enjoy.
Canada 150 National Mural Mosaic Book
Explore Canada thru ART, 80,000 paintings painted by artists coast to coast in this incredible unifying project!
Pit Bull Flower Power: the book
Bring to life the long awaited Pit Bull Flower Power coffee table book, celebrating and saving shelter pit bulls!
Female Action Poses - Relaunch
300 pages of female action poses by Masters Of Anatomy.
RUBBERHEAD Volume II: Sex, Drugs, and Special FX
Steve Johnson's unedited exploits in Special FX and beyond continue in volume two of a five-volume series chronicling his life and art!
Revilo Creature Collection – A fantasy art book and bestiary
Revilo is a world I created for my son, to teach world building. This book is filled with the species that we have discovered so far.
Painting the California Coast: Volume One
840 miles of coastline. 20+ years of exploration. 6 different vans. 100+ paintings. 1 book.
Ladies of the Months Coloring Book by Angela R. Sasser
A coloring book inspired by the birthstones and flowers for each month of the year fashioned in the elegant style of Art Nouveau.
Frank Thorne's Ghita: An Erotic Treasury
Help us complete our goal of getting all of Erotic Treasuries of Ghita out to the legions of Frank Thorne fans all over the world.
Colorful Tales of Dreadful Dolls Adult Coloring Book
Colorful Tales of Dreadful Dolls is an adult coloring book featuring frightening dolls with unfortunate histories.
And Introducing: A Journey to the End of the Cast List
An art book collecting over 2,500 unsung, unlikely, or unfortunate casting credits from almost a century of cinema history.
Hardback Wildlife Artbook 100+ pages of Illustrations
I am illustrating a wildlife sketchbook. This will be a signed A5 hardback book with over 100 pages of hand drawn artwork.
V12 Automotive Art Volume One
The inaugural collection of Bill Pack's award-winning automotive art images curated into a coffee table book.
What do feelings look like? What do they sound like? This book is a structured guide of human emotion, through illustration and poetry.
The International Circus Cookbook
A cookbook featuring circus artists and the stories behind them.
MAKE 100: Rare 1886 Masonic Satanic Devil occult poster
Deluxe edition of 100 fine art prints, created directly from the original 1886 Baphomet occult book poster Mysteries of Freemasonry!
The Enchanted Forest Fantasy Art Book
We're publishing a beautiful high fantasy art book featuring exclusive illustrations and tutorials from 14 international artists!
Wanderlust - A Whimsical Art and Story Book
Follow along on the endearing adventures of tiny friends Isabella and Oliver. A book full of page wide ink paintings and paper cut art.
Ways of Being
Help create a book, an interactive website, videos, and a card game to foster collaboration, contemplation, and analysis.
Marvellous Scavenger Hunt & Coloring Book for Kids & Adults!
This book contains illustrations with a quirky, magical feel for you to colour and enjoy. Colour in something unusual and different!
A Compendium of Witches
An art book featuring watercolour portraits & stories of 29 witches from all across the world and in various historical settings.
The Trans-Siberian Railway
An illustrated book by Nina Cosford.
Awakening - An Uplifting Art Book
An exclusive art book highlighting the struggles of being an artist and how I overcome them. /Make 100
Tale of Men Magazine: Photographs & Stories of Men
A visual storytelling magazine that shares intimate personal stories of men, 2 issues, each including 132 pages over 100 photos
100 artful ways to share the brilliant words of visionary women writers. A keepsake boxed set to collect, share or frame.
WINGS - a MAKE100 visual storybook from prison
We were given privileged access to HMP Wandsworth. This un-storybook, based on our experience and prisoner true stories, is the result.
Land Escapes
A Painted Journey Of Oregon's Eastside
Melty Color Psychology: Make 100
A limited edition art book about the drippy, melty, urban fantasy world of Anarchy Dreamers.
Book of กาแฟ: Photo Stories of Northern Thai Coffee
A book of coffee for your coffee table - photos and drawings of coffee from bean to cup starring Northern Thailand!
#hardcover adult-artbook 1
An artbook for adults, against rejection of erotic art in social media
Elastic City: Prompts for Participatory Walks
A compendium of prompts for participatory walks by visual, performance, and text-based artists, including a guide for creating your own
The Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archive book
Adventures with the world's oldest off-road cycling club
The Art of Frank Cho: A Twenty-Year Retrospective
A gorgeous 300 page collection showcasing over 400 examples of comic and illustration art by Frank Cho.
Hades & Persephone, an Art Book by June Leeloo
This second art book for artist June Leeloo is a poetic and sensual retelling of the Greek myth of Hades and Persephone.
Time for a change: a book about the lost watch brand Enicar
A book about a forgotten Swiss watch brand that combines photography, storytelling, history, graphic design and cool 'n funky watches.
Stories from Saxo, the Other Norse Myths
A book and art project showcasing some of the Norse myths and legends as recorded by Saxo in his great work, Gesta Danorum.
DECADE - Sketchbook by Even Mehl Amundsen
Even Mehl Amundsen's selection of sketches made between 2009 and 2019 in a 300 page book.
Intimidades... o no. Arte, vida y feminismo.
Un libro de Mónica Mayer // A book by Mónica Mayer
Mythical Beings: a sketchbook by Aubrey Brown
A paperback collection of my recent sketches of mythical beings.
The Juliette Letters - a Book
Juliette Ricci Lagman's first book. The Juliette Letters - out 7-17-19
Acqua Alta
A pop-up book in augmented reality / Un livre en pop-up et en réalité augmentée
The Nest: Birds on Paint Chips
An artbook filled with birds on paint chips. Each bird painting is themed based on the name of the color.
Barely Maps: the Book
A hardcover book of 100 minimalist maps. Originally inspired by a one-year, 11,000-mile, solo bicycle trip around the country.
Virginia Beach Sunrises
A limited-edition book of sunrise photographs from the Instagram account @vabeachsunrises.
DANCERS & DOGS, the book
A 200+ page art book, capturing dynamic dancer and dog duos.
8 Classics Visually Reimagined
Bold, graphic interpretations of Poe, Frost, Whitman, Eliot, Dickinson, Keats, Thoreau & Teasdale.
The Mountain of Smoke by Jeffrey Alan Love
A new hardcover sketchbook collection by Jeffrey Alan Love, plus Notes From the Shadowed City, and The Thousand Demon Tree reprints!
Aphos - The Art of Andrew Mar
A book with artworks and sketches between Heaven and Hell, by Andrew Mar.
Coral Reefs & Other Colorful Creatures
An interactive, educational folding book that illustrates the beauty of marine ecosystems and the serious threats they face.
Dracula Illuminated Edition
An illuminated edition of the original 1897 horror classic Dracula by Bram Stoker. Illustrated by Matt Hughes. Limited to only 1000
The Neoromanian Detail - Bucharest
A Collector's Art Book of Ornaments
INKREATURES: An Inktober Artbook
A little artbook of my drawings from October 2019
Lake Rhymes: The Legacy Hardcover Edition by Lee Murdock
Limited Edition Coffee Table Hardcover book & 18-song CD celebrates Great Lakes waters & mariners in historic photos maps & Song
James Martin's MUSE
An exploration of the female form on over 350 pages
Stone, Branch & Leaf — Mini Book Set & Home Ornament
MAKE 100: A set of illustration art books & home decor inspired by nature — Unconfident Stone, Indecisive Branch & Impatient Leaf
Vigilant Lioness Volume 1
A 128 page art book featuring five years worth of giant heroines, supersized monsters, and techniques for making them all come to life.
Art of Anthony Christou - Surreal Worlds & Creatures -
Artbook 2 celebrating 10 years of art. Many worlds and creatures and award winning art works in this hard cover Limited Edition Book.
Modern Whore: The Expanded Edition
A provocative collection of short stories and photography by sex worker and writer Andrea Werhun & filmmaker Nicole Bazuin.
Draw It With Me: The Dynamic Female Figure
An Art Book Exploring Anatomical, Gestural, Comic/Anime and Fine Art/Life Drawing Studies of the Human Female Form in Dramatic Poses
MAKE 100 | OH MY GOUACHE: A collection of pocket paintings
A pocket-sized book with 55 poker card-sized paintings, as well as a quick breakdown of the tools I use and how I make them!
Make/100 Adentro Photography Zine
A photography zine by Aldo Iram Juárez. Help and get the first print-run.
Mostly True, 3rd edition of hobo graffiti's leading journal
Bill Daniel's trail-blazing, genre-busting, nostalgia-tweaking rail culture publication! Boxcar art, freight train riding lore, & more
The Unseen Art of Hollywood Storyboards
Comic book and storyboard artist Trevor Goring and his partner, the late Joyce Kaskey Goring details the history of film storyboards.
Creations Vol.1
Creations is an Artbook by Derek Laufman. It's a collection of his original artwork from the past year.
Europäer malen das Meer. An illustrated book about creative Europeans.
A fresh new ART BOOK featuring Jake Parker's exploratory sketches, finished artwork, drawing tips, and a Skull Chaser short comic!
Allt för konsten
Boken om Österängens Konsthall
Cats in Japan / An illustrated zine
A collection of illustrations inspired by my trip to Japan
#hardcover2 | adult-artbook
The second volume of the artbook for adults, against the rejection of erotic art in social media. 186 pages filled by over 130 artists!
The Astounding Worlds of Al Williamson and Mark Schultz
Two artists! Three Books! Four Prints! The Schultz and Williamson variety fun pack presented by Flesk!
Moriah Pie Cookbook
A cookbook of recipes from Moriah Pie in Norwood, OH with stories, essays, and photos.
COVER TO COVER - the designs & photography of Simon Halfon
a deluxe, signed & numbered limited edition hardback book
The Solstice Book
A mindful colouring and self-reflection workbook for taking stock, tuning in and creating a life you love.
Indoek "On Surfing" Book
A Collection of Interviews with Surf Luminaries
Galveston Tall Ship Festival Travel Sketchbook
Come along on a weekend of visiting tall ships
Jim Mahfood's Pop Up Funk
A three dimensional explosion of art from the dark master of psychedelic groove.
DAYA - The Art of Daniel Landerman
350 pages of full-color art and sketches
Jay Geldhof's Rollover
An artsy bathroom book that captures and preserves the unique madness of our current times.
Who's Next? An Exploration of the Cardiff Community
A photography and illustration book showcasing interesting people in the Cardiff community by Jake Rowles.
The Diary of An Artist in Lockdown.
An illustrated book of an artist’s life during lockdown 2020. The day to day and humorous mishaps in a London apartment and garden.
Ditch Angels
A collection of noir inspired images from cartoonist, Russell Mark Olson.
Secrets Of Strangehollow
Return to the enchanted forest of Strangehollow, in an illustrated book filled with extraordinary creatures and magical beings
A book in which artists reimagine our relationships with the ecosystems that sustain us.
"It Is What It Is": All of Donald Trump's Transgressions
In a unique set of four artist's books, Trump's transgressions are recorded and assigned colored cards as if by a referee in soccer.
Alex Konstad's long-awaited masterpiece, now made especially for art book collectors!
A comprehensive, 300 page, limited edition art book on contemporary African surf culture.
Facing the Camera
Nuova versione rielaborata e migliorata di Facing the Camera, uno studio sul ritratto fotografico in Italia
Songs for Spanish and Classical Guitar: Book and Videos
25 Traditional, Festive and Spanish/Classical songs, 17 Guitar Technique Exercises, Backing Tracks and Scale Maps, plus a DVD.
Crimson - The Art of Abigail Larson
Abigail's works collected in a beautiful high-quality book of 248 pages with an elegant slipcase.
MALEVOLENT VISIONS rare 1920s horror scifi art Orchid Garden
Book 5 in our series documenting the eerie and creepy artworks from DER ORCHIDEENGARTEN (1919-1921), the FIRST fantasy horror magazine!
Shuwa-Shuwa / しゅわしゅわ : the book of Japanese onomatopeias
Maïté & Maceo's journey through 100 illustrations by 100 illustrators from 35 countries
Moscow Dayze — A Hand-Made Photobook
A walk through the cold ruins of an immigrant's childhood city. Brutal, unique, and beautiful.
THE TALES OF THE WIND - interactive book app by Zdenko Basic
The Book of Myths and Legends of Fairies and Woodland Creatures - 10th anniversary edition
Transmissions 7 - A robot art book
A full colour, 40 page softcover collection of robot artwork.
Antarktikos Magazine
Antarktikos is a printed magazine that combines artistic and scientific exploration and is entirely dedicated to Antarctica.
THIS SPORTING LIFE – Gerry Cranham, Photographer
Photobook covering the world of sport from 1959-1985
C.L.A.Y. The Moving City, A Narrative Artbook
An art book based on the lore and visual storytelling from the upcoming game title "C.L.A.Y. - The Last Redemption"
LINE & MASS - Artbook by Alberto Ruiz
The new and massive collection of over 400 pages with finished artworks, sketches, and instructions for artists on the female anatomy.
Alphonse Mucha Lost Art Nouveau Masterpiece Expanded Edition
An expanded paperback edition of Le Pater: Alphonse Mucha's Symbolist Masterpiece, a fine art book studying the lost 1899 artworks.
Remains of the Journey
A travel sketch book by Jörg Asselborn
All-In-One Kawaii Notebook: Plan, Journal & Doodle
A an undated notebook accompanied by original kawaii illustrations to brighten your day. 12 different themes for each month of the year
WICKED PURSUITS rare 1920s horror scifi art Orchid Garden
The FINAL BOOK documenting the eerie and creepy artworks from DER ORCHIDEENGARTEN (1919-1921) the FIRST fantasy horror magazine!
Muros Somos: 33 murales con historia
Este libro de arte explora una selección de murales urbanos hechos por mexicanos alrededor del mundo.
Women of the Sun: Bunny Yeager in Mexico
Deluxe Hardcover book by legendary pin-up photographer Bunny Yeager – featuring rare and unpublished images from the 1960s!
A Year of Notebooks
Little books for big ideas. 12 inspiring, artful notebooks, one for each month of the year. USA made, in a beautiful, giftable box.
BL8D - The Artbook by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme
This is Bastien Lecouffe Deharme's first artbook and with 432 pages it promises to take some serious space in your collection!
#hardcover3 | adult-artbook & #hardcover1 reprint
The next volume of the popular adult art collection, coming in June!
An immersive publication exploring the cultural history of Kubrick’s The Shining designed as a replica of Jack’s fateful manuscript.
Poiema: Rediscovering the Art of Advent
An art book for this Christmas to explore with words, poetry, and images the rhythm of the Advent season.
Alia Terra - Stories from the Dragon Realm
Nonbinary fairy tales in English & Romanian by Ava Kelly, illustrated by Matthew Spencer [Romania Michigan aromantic transgender queer]
PLASMAworlds: WOLDU - The Illustrated Storybook (Experience)
The book of WOLDU is a ticket to new worlds. This visually striking storybook is the kind collectible adventure you will never forget!
Sketchbooks: The Plague Years - The Art of Kayla Klassy
An Exploration Through Concepts, Sketches, and Illustrations from years 2020-2021 AND A Special Edition Enamel Pin
Into the Background | A Search & Find Art Book
Coloring books made their comeback, now lets do seek and find books. But this time: Illustrated!
The Unseen World: A Creature Journal
An art book full of fantastic beings; from cute friends to mischievous critters and even a few grim creatures. Matching Pins Available
A book of poetry and artwork by Katy Bentall about the Polish countryside
Franklin Booth: Silent Symphony
An all new 304 page book celebrating the life and art of Franklin Booth! Extensive essay and over 400 images and photographs included!
Tango Secrets: Your Ultimate Guide To Tango Dance & Culture
An invaluable book for those who wish to learn everything about tango but don’t want to get tangled up doing it.
The iOS App Icon Book
A beautiful hardcover book that celebrates the art and craft of app icon design
Sketching Scotland & Brush Mileage - Art Books by Sarah
Two art books that celebrate painting nature and exploring Scotland.
KHAT - The Artbook by Hicham Habchi
A reflection of an urban fantastic lifestyle. A blend of reality and dreams, of uncompleted lines and unfinished shapes.
Beloved Toys
A book by Nathalie Lété
My grandmother Crescenciana made paintings. I finished them based on her memories. This book collects our work and our stories.
The Art of Tyler Jacobson
Explore the world of Tyler Jacobson and find yourself lost in a fascinating culmination of cinematic moments frozen in time.
Mandy: The Ultimate Poster Collection - Art Book
An officially licensed, hardcover book of fan-made posters celebrating Panos Cosmatos's cult flick Mandy.
A Celebration of Mystery Mixed Breed Dogs
Total Action Force Vol. 2: International Heroes
The next instalment in the story of Action Force - Hasbro and Marvel UK takeover!
The Alphabet Cities . Book and Prints Collection
The Alphabet Cities Collection is a project to explore the legacy of insurance maps typography in a book and limited edition prints.
BITTER BLOSSOMS rare 1920s horror sci fi art Orchid Garden
The SEVENTH BOOK in our series documenting the eerie artworks from DER ORCHIDEENGARTEN (1919-1921), the first fantasy horror magazine!
Transmissions 8 - A robot art book
A full colour, 40 page softcover collection of robot artwork.
BERLIN GIRLS rare 1920s German Art Deco pin-up illustrations
A hardcover book collecting flirty, whimsical artworks from 1925 depicting Weimar-era life in the cabaret, boudoir, and salon.
Rayguns and Rocketships
Vintage Science Fiction Book Cover Art
American Bauhaus
Own this one-of-a-kind volume and partner with us in enriching the legacy of Black Mountain College.
CODEX Obscurus Artbook and Tarot
CODEX Obscurus explores the topic of witches and warlocks. A book of 145 artists with a Major Arcana Tarot Deck and handmade prints.
Emily Hare's Mini Book Of Monsters
An art book filled with a collection of mischievous creatures
The Complexities of Pop Up
Learn advanced pop up book techniques from master paper engineers David A. Carter & James Diaz
野鄰居 - 香港兩棲 Wild Neighbours - Hong Kong Amphibians
一起探索香港野生動物! Explore Hong Kong wildlife together!
Through the Invisible World: A Story Path Adventure
Guide The Dreamer through an immersive all-ages fantasy picture book.
Godzilla & Kong Storyboard Artbook
Featuring Over 200 Pages of The Cinematic Art of Richard Bennett
Walking and Wayfinding in the Westfjords of Iceland
A four-part creative guide weaving together the practical and ethereal to guide you on your way
Book with the First Dracula Illustrations Ever (1899-1900)
Dracula: The Very First Illustrations (1899-1900)
GÜRLZ - An artbook by Serge Birault
The new collection of Serge's warrior ladies, all in one big minimalistic book, up to 240 pages! Only two stretch goals left!
Publishing Campaign for Ergo Sum: A Crow a Day Book
A book of 365 drawings created in witness of a mother's decline with Alzheimer's disease, invoking joy, loss, and the in-between.
Four&Sons: Dog-Friendly City Guides
A collection of city guides to help you discover the world through dog-friendly eyes. Launching with London and New York.
Total Action Force: The Battle Years - Soft Cover
'Action Force: The Battle Years' is an in depth look at Action Force - the toys, the stories and the creators of both.
Eterotopia - La Maddalena. Atlas of an occupation
Eterotopia - La Maddalena. Atlante di un'occupazione
The Creature Collection - Volume 5
An artbook featuring 100 sketches of weird, silly and cute creatures by Stella Bialek.
ORO - The New Artbook by Björn Hurri & Abominations Reprint
The second book of mastermind Björn Hurri. Again he invites us into his world of dark fantasy, with a chance to get his sold-out book!
Make 100 - "Back of the Box" A 90s Video Game Coloring Book
A coloring book inspired by 30 memorable 90s video games.
The Huldra - Photography Book (524 pages)
97 women, in all shapes, sizes and ages - with tails. A very different XXL folklore fantasy photobook - five years in the making.
Material Vessels - The Art of Warlick Coloring Book Vol. 1
A cosmically surreal adult coloring book by artist and illustrator Matthew Warlick.
Emily Hare's Mini Book Of Monsters 2!
Even more mischievous creatures to put a smile on your face
The macOS App Icon Book
A beautiful artbook that celebrates the art and craft of app icon design on the desktop.
Tales from the Scraggle Wood: nature, art, stories, fairy
Fully illustrated stories of rewilding, whimsy and nature. Wonder is as near as an abandoned alley. Dare you enter?
Gloom - The Secret Book of Odd & Ghostly Things - Volume One
A whimsical & delightfully odd hand-drawn art book full of detailed illustrations and snippets about ghostly goings-on and sneakery.
Literally Estonian
Support Estonian culture with 132 pages of humor, wordplay and customs.
Estrus: Shovelin’ the Shit Since ’87
The complete, as-yet-untold story of US garage rock powerhouse Estrus Records.
Children of Gaia: The Great Nations of Rendaraia—2nd Edition
A stunning illustrated guide to a lost fantasy world in the Children of Gaia sci-fi/fantasy universe, with new foreword & updated art.
Mirror Drawings: A Meditative Art Book by Ryan Claytor
Interact with this deluxe hardcover art book by coloring the pages or sit-back, relax and appreciate the captivating illustrations.
The Modern Baseball
History of MLB Through the Art of the Logoball
Portland Horse Project Photo Book
Whimsical public art with a nod to history, toy horses tethered to sidewalks have been a delight for decades!
Mr Cup Ephemera Collection - 3 new Type Art Archives books
Following the success of the 3 first books of the Type Art Archives, here are 3 new volumes about my 30 years of ephemera collection.
The Book of Asmodeus
Interactive, Physical Augmented Reality Horror Book & Game, where YOU are the hero. Survive and write your own story!
3x3 - A Post-It Note Art Book by Kennon James
A collection of post-it note art created by Kennon James
GETTING IN: NYC Club Flyers from the Gay 1990s
Help us create a book showcasing flyers from NYC LGBTQ clubs in the 1990s, with stories from nightlife celebs
WITNESS - Ninety Nine Heads. Artbook
99 spontaneously painted heads...in a hardcover book!
The Art of Arthur Adams
A forty-year retrospective on the comic-art career of Arthur Adams.
Dorian Vallejo | The Collector's Editions | Artbook
The enormous collection of works Dorian painted for buyers of "Drawings Inspired by Life", now has its own book.
Grazie Ragazzi
The photographic story of a people’s celebration. Emotions, moments, feelings and stories of Napoli Campione.
Fresno Fauna v.1: Mammals
A self-published illustrated guide to Fresno's urban wildlife
Hell of a Story by Alex Konstad & Obliskura reprint
The veil between the dimensions has become thin, and the creatures from beyond are slowly finding their way to our world.
🇫🇷 🇬🇧 - Kitchen Witch, magazine à la française
Magazine qui souhaite nourrir l'âme, le corps et l'esprit. Magazine that wishes to nourish the soul, body and spirit.
Transmissions 9 - A robot art book
A full colour, 40 page softcover collection of robot artwork.
Seas Of Strangehollow - An Art Book By Emily Hare
A fully illustrated art book filled with all the weird and wonderful creatures you will find on the coasts and seas of Strangehollow
Sketching Here & Everywhere: My Sketching Obsession
A book about sketching
Paint Figures Better by Noah Bradley
I used to suck at painting figures but now I'm pretty good. Learn the tips, tricks, and tools I used to finally learn to paint figures.
BEAUTIFUL MACABRE rare vintage occult poster art 1862-1973
Sinister and sensual artworks from the Golden Age of poster art! A book of rare occult images from the Century Guild Museum archive.
Incredible Idaho
An art photography book exploring majestic landscapes and native wildlife by Idaho's exceptional photographers
PUSH! 5th Anniversary Artbook
A love letter to our fans in the form of an exclusive artbook! A celebration of 5 years of your support!
Lord of Maps: Coffee Table Book with over 70 Maps
The grand collection of Hand Drawn maps by Isaac Dushku (Lord of Maps). Includes all 50 states and two dozen extra maps.
Aleksander Walijewski: Limited Edition Poster Artbook
A gorgeous collection of artwork from award-winning and world-renowned poster artist Aleksander Walijewski.
The Goddess Tarot: 25th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Exclusive full color book showcasing Kris Waldherr's iconic tarot deck with an expanded goddess guide. Available with autographed deck.
DRACULA Art Book by Ricardo Delgado
200 pages of demons, witches, vampires, and unholy, deformed, and grotesque monsters from the acclaimed artist of AGE OF REPTILES
John James Audubon's THE BIRDS OF AMERICA
An Exclusive Re-edition of the World's Most Expensive Book - The Complete Plates
New York Reawakens
A hardcover art book of ink-and-watercolor urban sketches by reportage artist Rita Sabler
Lord of Maps: The Highpoints Book
A delightful board book exploring the tallest mountain in each US state.
AI DREAMING: Palindromes - Illustrated with Midjourney AI
How does an art-generating AI interpret silly human wordplay? A book of whimsical, odd & lovely images inspired by classic palindromes.
Takoro: The Last Dorok
The story of Takoro: The Last Dorok, an alien from the planet Barong Khai and his new family on Earth. Join Takoro on this adventure!
DULK - The Art of Antonio Segura
A project to publish Dulk's second book where you can find Dulk's artworks and projects from 2017 to 2022.
Black Dragon Crown | Artbook by Ruan Jia
Ruan Jia's highly detailed artworks are known around the world. Now, his universe "Black Dragon Crown" will be unleashed on collectors!
LAST DAY * MULTIVERSE – The art of Aleksi Briclot
Discover all the artistic universes Aleksi has developed in this massive new monograph!
Where Grape Leaves Grow
A story about immigration and loss told through poetic dialogue, presented within an expressive artist's book.
MachineLearningArt.com Issue #1: The Raccoon-aissance!
We kick off our monthly themed AI art book series with Issue #1: The Raccoon-aissance! Historic art styles, invaded by raccoons!
Fantabulous Hounds
The secret life of greyhounds, 1920's style: a collection of artwork in print or digital format; Make 100 project
Type Art Archives | A Book Collection by Mr Cup
A collection of books celebrating spectacular typography creations from the past : Alphabet Cities | Monograms | Atlas
Pixiv Presents Artists in Taiwan and Korea
Two collectible art books with stunning artwork from the pixiv community, featuring 150+ amazing artists in Taiwan and Korea!
Divine Deco Tarot
Gerta O. Egy's gorgeous 78-card tarot deck is inspired by Balkan art and art deco imagery
POPEYE VARIATIONS Art Book by 75+ Cartoonists
Featuring Jeffrey Brown, Roz Chast, Kelley Jones, Shing Yin Khor, Jorge Guitierrez, Roger Langridge, R. Sikoryak & more!
Castle in the Stars: The Universe in 1875
An art book and a sketchbook from award-winning writer and illustrator Alex Alice.
Franksgiving: A short film
A bowler's quest for love--and Thanksgiving turkey--knows no bounds.
MASA & THE POWER: The Rise & Fall of the Tamale Kingpin
Blind ambition, luscious mustaches, and girthful tamales. Join CHINGO BLING & DESMADRE in making Season 2 of the hilarious web series.
BEATDOWN season 3 is on! You can still support the show!
Missed out on this? You can still support my filthy videos and get great rewards here: WillamBelli.com
Cold War
In this indie comedy, a couple is trapped at home with the flu and must learn to live together while they're both at their very worst.
Almost Adults Feature
A comedic look at love between two best friends as their lives head in different directions.
A Convenient Truth Movie - Theatrical Run
Funding the week-long theatrical run of my first feature film - A CONVENIENT TRUTH. Screening from Feb. 20-26 @ the Quad Cinema in NYC.
Bernard and Huey: Film by Dan Mirvish & Jules Feiffer
"Bernard and Huey" is an upcoming film by director Dan Mirvish, from a screenplay by Jules Feiffer, based on his timeless characters.
Full Frontal Nerdity DVD
Help Steve, Matt and Helen release their latest stand-up science show on DVD and download. Full Frontal Nerdity guaranteed!
RiffTrax will Riff GODZILLA & ANACONDA in Cinemas Nationwide
You can help the Rifftrax / MST3K guys get the 1998 version of GODZILLA starring Matthew Broderick for their next nationwide simulcast!
An Improvised Sitcom
Imagine if the characters of a sitcom had no scripts! It's life at an ad agency that is focused on helping REAL small business.
RiffTrax Live 2016: MST3K Reunion, Time Chasers Live & More!
An MST3K reunion with the cast members from the original show simulcast LIVE to theaters nationwide! Plus a Live riff of Time Chasers!
Gay Girl Straight Girl: Season 1
Two friends take on NYC: dating, friendships, adulting, and the search for everything but themselves.
The Gamers: Episode 1
"I wanna steal his pants!" The classic tabletop gaming comedy returns for a 45-minute adventure, based on Matt Vancil's THE GAMERS.
SECOND NATURE: A feature film comedy with a twist!
What if everything... FLIPPED? A woman and man compete in an unusual race for mayor when gender roles magically reverse!
Cheek (and other stories)
World premiere of a trio of short plays about friendship. Produced for the Hollywood Fringe Festival 2017.
A World Of Wisdom - Illustrated International Sayings
A fun book of sayings and expressions from across the globe, featuring cats, dogs, dancing and frogs.
Before the Orgy
Help bring "Before the Orgy" to the Hudson Guild Theater this July 17!
Growing Young
A comedy web series showing how lives change when you move in together. Growing up is different for everyone.
Quiet Desperation! A mock/doc series about being creative!
Creating a new season of Quiet Desperation! A mockumentary/documentary series about struggling to be creative in a cynical society.
The 3rd Hawaii Sketch Comedy Festival
It's like "Saturday Night Live" in Hawaii! Comedy/Music/Awesome! Sat-Sun Oct 21-22, 2017 at Doris Duke & Arts at Marks in Honolulu!
Sans vouloir vous Déranger - Saison 2
Websérie humoristique sur le polyamour qui suit le parcours d'Estelle, jeune fille s'excusant beaucoup d'exister et rêvant d'écrire.
BLEACHERS - a Comedy Web Series
Ingrid and Leticia are cleaners in Central London. They are just trying to do their job - if it weren't for those pesky clients!
Lost Moon Radio
We're an award-winning Los Angeles comedy group funding a whole slate of creative projects over the next 18 months.
Bad Fan Fiction: The Book
Pre-order today! A collection of original fan fiction, incredibly and intentionally bad.
Glossary of Awkward: the 'Urban Dictionary' of Cancer
An irreverently humorous book of cartoons that define life with cancer. A perfect gift for everyone touched by cancer.
My Indian Life - A Comedy Special
A comedy special on the upbringing of a first generation Indian American born in the southern United States.
The Origin Story
The Bible v.2: Genesis
A comedic rewrite of the Book of Genesis, one chapter at a time.
Logan Whitehurst - Goodbye, My 4-Track on Vinyl, CD, & Tape
Needlejuice Records is reissuing Logan Whitehurst's 2003 opus on LP, CD, and cassette.
New Chris & Jack Sketches
Fund a block of 6 brand new Chris and Jack sketches for Youtube.
For Those About To Yacht...
A new six-track EP
Redacted Arachnid at The Edinburgh Fringe
Help student company Maybe You Like It Productions take our hit-show Redacted Arachnid to the Edinburgh Fringe!
Yo Necesito
A mockumentary about Washington-natives who struggle with addiction. Taco Bell addiction. Yo q̶u̶i̶e̶r̶o̶ necesito Taco Bell
Stuck In your Head
Alex White, a girl in high school who has superpowers that a secret organization wants! We made the movie, so please help us finish it!
Old Norse for Modern Times
The essential guide to speaking like a Viking.
RADCON 4: Paradise
We're all gakusei now.
Stöd Varan-TV!
Hjälp Varan-gruppen att få en humorserie, till
Blowing Up: A Quarantine Love Story.
A coffee table book about a woman and her blow-up doll surviving isolation together.
Odio il mio migliore amico
Web serie comica
Heart Failure: The Millennial Musical
Everything in the world is terrible right now, so f**k it, let's make a musical.
Lulu and The Electric Dreamboat
An Irish Coming Of Age Pop-Punk, Rom-Com Feature Film
Beverly Hill
A puppet comedy pilot satirizing wealthy, white femininity, set in a post-capitalist world
Hanging With Doctor Z: Season 2
Season 2 of Hanging With Doctor Z: the show where Dr. Zaius (Dana Gould) interviews famous guests.
Gary Bigham Ski Films and Photo Archive
We’ll digitize Gary’s legendary archives from the skibum era of the 70s/80s/90s for more laughs. He refused but we're doing it anyways!
Debut Album from Sunday Comes Afterwards: I Want a Refund!
Comedy, feelings, gender, and earworms
Goodbye Mr. Wilde
A short film about two ex-girlfriends and a dying rabbit.
A film about two friends trying to straighten out their lives... and figure out what to do with some bodies.
WEDNESDAY IN SPACE | A Sci-Fi Comedy Movie
"Wednesday in Space" is a whirlwind of comedy, violence and aggressive TV commercials, set in the galaxy's armpit.
SO THIS IS PARIS (1926) Monte Blue & Patsy Ruth Miller
A delightful silent comedy farce starring Monte Blue & Patsy Ruth Miller coming to DVD and Blu-ray.
Kung Fubar
A kung fu master gets canceled for defeating an Asian challenger because the victory is mistaken for a hate crime.
the Government Cookie Construction Manual
Department of Government Confections Official Cookie Cookbook
Monica Nevi Holiday Comedy Special
Filming a live standup comedy special all about the holidays to be released December 2023.
Dadder Jokes
Over 500 More Groans and Chuckles
Ginger Slingshot: Debut Album
Hilarious songs for adventurers, geeks, nerds, and gamers!
GETTING IN BED WITH THE PIZZA MAN: a one woman show on sex
A racy, whimsical one woman comedy about sex and singledom during the COVID-19 era by actress and writer Katie Folger
Stop Looking At My Tiny Town: An Arcane Bullshit Catastrophe
A short comic/book about the worst town ever. I'm so sorry for making this town. Please don't read this book. It is my first one.
Tales of the Lost Citadel -- Transmedia Anthology
New stories by some of the most acclaimed voices in fantasy AND horror, set in the last remaining city in a world ravaged by death.
FunniesTV: A Family-Friendly Improv Video Series
An unscripted comedy series made for families with seriously ill children, featuring a hilarious cast of humans and puppets.
The Grand Dodo Ink Kickstarter
Dodo Ink is a new indie publisher of daring, difficult fiction. Back us and help us publish the hell out of our first 3 books in 2016.
Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma and Other Stories
A short story collection by Alex Shvartsman.
Replacing the "N-word" with "Robot" in Huck Finn
We want to take the word "N-word" and replace it with "Robot" in Mark Twain's classic "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."
Rilla: Book one of the Paradise Series
Publication of a fantasy book full of magic, political intrigue and action. The first in a series, Rilla will capture your imagination.
Fearful Symmetries: An Anthology of Horror
I, Ellen Datlow, will be editing an unthemed, all original anthology of terror and supernatural fiction for ChiZine Publications.
Statisticity: Dystopian Sci-Fi Set in China in the Year 2084
The Year is 2084... Dystopian science fiction from post-climate change Shanghai, told through a mix of new technology and social media
Clarkesworld: Chinese Science Fiction Translation Project
There's a whole world of great science fiction published in other languages. Help us translate and publish them in Clarkesworld!
BLACKGUARDS: Tales of Assassins, Mercenaries, and Rogues
Michael J. Sullivan, Lian Hearn, Mark Lawrence, David Dalglish, Carol Berg and many more have penned tales set in their various worlds.
Bikes in Space 2: More feminist bicycle science fiction
Thrilling new stories of adventure, dystopia, badassery, and pedal power in classic pulp paperback format.
The Green Ember by S. D. Smith, illustrated by Zach Franzen
The Green Ember is a new adventure with an old soul. #RabbitsWithSwords
California Four O'Clock: A novel about the lore of pin-ups
Pin-ups, photographers, painters, and models collide in mid-century Los Angeles.
A sea story. The original 1973 text is the nougat core, then a layer of exaggeration and a coating of pure fabrication... with nuts.
November Fox ★ A Multi-Dimensional Augmented Reality Novel
A Book to Blow Your Mind in the Best Possible Way. Think “The Alchemist” with added Tech. A Magical Journey for Anyone at any Age.
Time, emiT, and Time Again
TIME + LOVE = ? In my new collection of short stories and essays, each piece begins with an idea about time & an idea about love, then follows them.
Persistence: A Rich-Media Fiction
Persistence expands from simple story to digital work, drawing on the strengths of many media to intrigue, entertain, and even inspire.
UPGRADED: A Cyborg Anthology edited by Neil Clarke
UPGRADED: an original science fiction anthology for the cyborg age. Edited by a cyborg. Stronger. Better. Faster. We will rebuild you.
Portland writer dreams of Dream Police
Dream Police is the sequel to The Mission of the Sacred Heart. Zak and Lenny try to lucid dream their way to a better place and time.
KAIJU RISING: Age of Monsters Anthology
Giant monsters and tremendous havoc brought to you by master authors Larry Correia, James Lovegrove, Peter Clines, and many, many more!
Larry the Horrible Time Traveler - Paperback Edition
"Larry" is a free-wheeling sci-fi novel with time travel and jokes. It's ready to be a paperback. I want to print at least 100 copies.
Pilgrimage - A New Sovereign Era Novel By Matthew Selznick
Matthew Wayne Selznick returns to the Sovereign Era with "Pilgrimage," a new novel featuring Nate Charters, hero of "Brave Men Run!"
IT’S NOT THE END OF THE WORLD is a collection of songs and it is a novel. They go together. They are meant for each other.
The Great Way, an epic fantasy trilogy by Harry Connolly
The Great Way is an epic fantasy trilogy about a supernatural invasion that destroys an empire.
Scarlet Solstice
B.O. Folarin's novel Scarlet Solstice is a gripping crime thriller that explores the mind & ways of the criminal underworld of Berlin.
Lit-Cube- the monthly subscription box for readers!
Lit-CUBE is the only subscription box of its kind, filled with ONE-TWO books & other hand-picked literary products for bibliophiles!
Get "Devil on Sea" an Editor
My first novel requires an editor. Before then being sent to agents with the aim of getting published.
Hollow World: A novel by Michael J. Sullivan
The future is coming...for some, sooner than others. Preorder and receive Hollow World 6-7 months before the official 1/20/14 release.
An Elite:Dangerous Novel - "Elite:Reclamation"
This isn’t about the gameplay or the graphics; this is about the story. A new novel, for a new Elite.
Great Escapes | Volume 1
An illustrated anthology of escapist fiction featuring content from the Great Escape website and brand new contributions.
Tellest, an Expanding Fantasy Brand
A collection of five novellas and a dozen short stories are only the tip of the iceberg for Tellest in 2014.
CLOCKWORK UNIVERSE: Steampunk vs. Aliens Anthology
When aliens reach Earth, they encounter the clockwork mechanisms and Victorian sensibilities of a full-blown steampunk civilization.
The Girl Who Didn't Know How To Be
A picture book about neurodiversity (and everyday struggle trying to survive in the neurotypical world)
Into the Nanten - the Record of My Exile - Season Two
The world's first real-time fantasy blog. Season one is coming to a close, now it's time to get season two off the ground!
Do you ever root for the bad guy? Villain is the tale a young man destined to destroy the world and the villains in his own life.
Kings or Pawns: Steps of Power, Book I - Audiobook
JJ Sherwood's unabridged audiobook production of Kings or Pawns - Bringing the High Fantasy Epic to life.
Guazzabuglio. Storia di un uomo e della sua ombra.
Un romanzo in bilico tra realtà e immaginazione, tra un pittore e la sua ombra, tra il grigio dell'asfalto e i colori dei graffiti.
1001: The Qaraq, Book One of the Reincarnation Chronicles
The Qaraq: a group of linked souls. 1001 lifetimes remembered in an 11 book literary fantasy. A wondrous puzzle of karmic history.
New Riyria Fantasy Novel: The Death of Dulgath (Staff Pick!)
Michael J. Sullivan's unlikely heroes, Royce and Hadrian, return in a classic fantasy for both Riyria veterans and first-time readers.
The Alchemist's Theorem: Sir Duffy's Promise (fantasy novel)
"The Alchemist’s Theorem" is a fantasy novel for kids, other humans and most functionally literate creatures.
Ecotones - an Anthology of Fantasy and Science Fiction
The fourth annual SFFWorld.com anthology features 14 stories of environmental conflict by established and upcoming spec-fic authors!
DEAD FROZEN - Anchorage, Alaska Is Under Attack
When a passenger attacks a fellow airport security officer, Gavin McKnight faces a tough choice: follow policy or defend his coworker.
Singular Irregularity
An Anthology About Time Travel Gone Terribly Wrong - More than twenty stories of Science Fiction and Fantasy to intrigue and amaze!
The Mythic Fantasy World of THE FIRST in Audiobook Form
Hear the mythic and mysterious, yet uniquely dystopian, world of The First brought to life in a beautifully narrated audiobook
By the Silver Wind: Book IV of the Summer King Chronicles
Join the Gryfon Pride! Help launch the epic conclusion to the Summer King Chronicles.
JIHADI APPRENTICE, a 21st Century Thriller
The Two Navy Guys are back with a “ripped from the headlines” novel about homegrown radicalization in America’s heartland.
The Perfect 10 - A Palm Beach Murder Mystery
The world's greatest polo player lies dead in a Palm Beach hotel suite, and no one knows who pulled the trigger. Can you figure it out?
Daron's Guitar Chronicles: Third Omnibus
Help create a big, beautiful paperback edition of the 2014-2016 chapters of this award-winning web serial.
Strangewise No. 9 - Pulp Stories and Art
A vintage-styled Pulp Magazine featuring short stories, art, ads and more!
The Chemical Wedding by John Crowley
Kickstarting the novel that Kickstarted science fiction: John Crowley’s new version of the "1st science fiction novel."
Songs About Boys
A story about a love for love and for the love of music.
Tellest: Legends
Become part of a brand new journey through a familiar world. Five fantasy novels and 24 short stories headline Tellest's second volume.
Post-Apocalyptic, Cross-Dimensional Coming-of-Age Novels
Exciting new epic quest novels across dystopic lands and alternate dimensions with dragons and unicorns and rogue biker gangs. $1 level
Création de la collection Fictions du Nord
La Peuplade crée la collection Fictions du Nord, qui proposera des traductions françaises de romans nordiques fascinants.
The Island
Preorder campaign for the first book in my brand-new trilogy, The Island! Get an early copy and lots of great swag...
Small Beauty, a novel by jia qing wilson-yang
Help publish the novel Small Beauty, by jia qing wilson-yang, about a mixed-race trans woman working through grief in a small town.
Barbadum Books
Barbadum Books will start with my titles, and expand to the works of others. Barbadum is Latin for Bearded so let's see how it grows.
Isolation Junction
I hope that Isolation Junction will raise awareness of domestic abuse and empower women in abusive relationships to seek help.
The Elemental Chronicles: Awakening - TEC
As the world of Gaia is plagued with strange occurrences akin to those of centuries past, a grieving princess is called to arms.
ARCHIPELAGO - a serialised online fantasy adventure
ARCHIPELAGO is a collaborative, competitive, serial fiction project full of pirates, monsters and world-changing magic - check it out!
THE MARK: A novel where man and machine merge.
The Mark is a psychological suspense thriller set in the near future at a time when people are taking a neural implant, aka "the chip."
The Coldest Day of the Year
I'm funding a 1 Night Only book release event: a staged-reading of select scenes from my debut adventure novel.
Powers of the Earth: SF with spaceships, dogs, and big guns
Science fiction about antigravity, lunar colonization, open source software, genetically modified dogs, AI...and really really big guns
Banksia Librarian Book Box
Banksia Librarian Book Box - Book. Tea. Candle. A sensory journey for your reading pleasure!
Book of Secrets Vol.I: Mark of the Wolf
The 90s nostalgia novel every queer and witchy horror fan as been waiting for. Witches and werewolves and weirdos, oh my!
Burner - A Novel of Ghosts, Murders, and Deadly Secrets
On the dark streets of Chicago, a serial killer hunts for prey. Using the powers of the afterlife, can one detective stop him in time?
The Eden Book Society
Almost a century of unseen British horror. Join us as we delve into the Eden family's private archive.
Once Upon a Pancake: stories we write together
A coffee table book full of unfinished short stories. Anyone can pick up a pen and write the next bit.
Novel Generator
Create your world with your own rules and generate a novel from it.
Amana & The Kishi
An African fantasy based on the Angola folklore of the kishi!
Tales of Grandeur: Heroes Rise and Fall
Help me publish my first novel, a fictional young adult high-fantasy entitled Tales of Grandeur: Heroes Rise and Fall.
Pasta Wars: The Pasta Awakens
Pasta Wars est le premier roman pastafarien au monde! Suivez les aventures de Vermicelli face à l'infâme Darth Noodelicious!
The Man Who Writes the Dreams - a story for my daughter.
A book about following dreams - to help teach my daughter if she wants to be something, be it. Love writing? Write. Love singing? Sing.
Diamondsong - Escape: Unique Fantasy Series
Unique fantasy series about power & identity: fairy, fairies, magic, nonviolence, vegan, inclusive characters, gender, LGBTQIA, ability
Lost Children of Andromeda: A pre-apocalyptic adventure
An alien refugee. A superhuman fugitive. An untrustworthy government. An approaching apocalypse.
Fianna's Awakening - A high-octane Paranormal Romance
A Celt warrior. An undercover druid. An artifact of untold power. A plot only they can stop... if they manage to work together.
Ravishing Regencies: Create An Eight Book Series With Me
Eight books set in Regency England, each with spice at its heart and a heart ready to lose. Let's publish them together.
Raven Son: Epic Fantasy Inspired by Russian Fairy Tales
"The Lord of the Rings meets 1984." Cinematic writing meets non-stop action in this 5 book series inspired by Slavic myths and legends
The Return of Amazing Stories as a Print Magazine!
Bringing back science fiction's first and original magazine - Amazing Stories!
CRISPR: A Technothriller
Engineering humanity is no longer a dream; it's become our nightmare.
Pulp Literature: Something Novel!
We're putting on our big girl pants! Help us publish full-length novels, as well as the short fiction, poetry, and comics you love.
The Phoenix of Kiymako: An Epic Fantasy Novel
Adventure? Check. Magic? Check. Sarcasm? You bet.
Wet Work Spy Thriller Novel, Plus Re-Release of Net Impact
Dick Thornby is a new kind of spy for a new kind of world. Two novels; two conspiracies based on real world events. Lots of action.
Support our novel, Maximum Joy
Improve the lives of children worldwide by funding our novel!
The Canterbury Tales - Illustrated Edition
A fully illustrated abridged edition of the Canterbury tales retold in modern English
Atthis Arts Fall Catalog 2018 - Indie Speculative Fiction
Our fall catalog of indie fiction: early release signed and limited editions. Fantasy / Paranormal / Ghosts / LGBTQIA + / Middle Grade
The Five Awaken
A new Epic Fantasy novel by Shawn A. Dressler
Bikes Not Rockets: Feminist Bicycle Science Fiction
Diverse stories exploring pedal-powered visions of humanity's race to the stars... or just to survive.
The Indie Chicks Project
A Place for Indie Authors at the Tucson Festival of Books
Be in "The Wrath of Atticus" fantasy novel sequel
Escape as a character into a seamless blend of contemporary & historical fantasy with immortal Viper in a novel full of magic & action!
Darkness Named: Diverse GameLit Trilogy
Darkness: Named is the first in a diverse GameLit trilogy featuring an LGBT/POC/Disabled female protagonist, written by an LGBT author!
The Explorers of Azullucent: A Young Adult Fantasy Novel
The coming-of-age stories of a swashbuckling pirate, a rebellious princess, and an adventure-seeking outlander.
The Alchemists Audiobook and Soundtrack
JM Bannon's steampunk thrillers come to audiobook and packs your ears with alchemy fueled thrills and an original soundtrack.
magnifiqueNOIR Book Two: You Are Magical
"It's all fun and games until you question the magic."
Flickan i hörnet (Sagor för döda barn 1)
En ond saga skriven av Mårten Dahlrot. Illustrerad av Joakim Hanner.
Oliver Crum and the Briarwood Witch - A Supernatural Mystery
Pushing Daisies meets The Woman in Black. Help bring my quirky novel to life and find out what lives on the other side of the briars.
The Maple Effect
A nostalgic LGBTQ story about two unfortunate teenage boys spending their last summer together.
15 Views of Jacksonville: Short Stories From a Bold City
The first-ever anthology of stories set in Jacksonville, Florida—written by authors with strong ties to the city.
cincinnati stories: an illustrated cyberpunk collection
A reprint for the successfully Kickstarted cyberpunkdreams: cincinnati stories. An illustrated collection of cyberpunk short fiction.
Borderline: A Series of Essays
A book collection of prose essays about memory, time, change, and wonder delivered to you throughout the year (4 editions total).
Fantasy Novel: Age of Legend by Michael J. Sullivan
The 4th book in the bestselling Legends of the First Empire Series by the New York Times and Washington Post Bestselling Author.
Mud: a story re-imagining Orpheus & Eurydice in London today
Chris McCabe's new novel: Follow Borak & Kar on their quest to split-up. An Artists' Book in exquisite handmade and paperback versions.
Once Upon a Time in the Wyrd West: A SFF Book of Stories
A collection of the Wyrd West Chronicles; serial Weird Western fantasy stories in post-apocalyptic Canada. Tolkien meets Tombstone.
Cirque De Solitude: An All-Ages Illustrated Novel
Enjoy the journey of a timid woman who buys her own private island without knowing it is already inhabited by circus people.
Books & Bone: A Fantasy Novel
A Librarians-and-Necromancy Fantasy with Small Town Charm in a City of the Dead.
A coming of age story about a young boy with an incurable disease, destined to save his world.
The 'Jobert' series of historical fiction adventures
Bringing the second book in the 'Jobert' series to print
A Fiction Novel, set in 1920's New York with LGBTQ Elements.
Awakening: Rise as the Fall Unfolds
The Final Five have been found, but now it's time to put their gifts to use in this dramatic alternate history supernatural thriller!
The Tale of Princess Kaguya • Illustrated Edition
A fully coloured illustrated book for the classic Japanese folk tale retold in English.
RED VALOR: Tooth and Blade Book Two
A bronze-age mercenary company battles their way through a land of monsters. Book Two of the epic Military Fantasy Series.
Glitter + Ashes: Queer Tales of a World That Wouldn't Die
An anthology of post-apocalyptic short stories.
The third book in the "Powerless" superhero novel series.
The Iron Gate (Break Kickstarter)
A Twenty Palaces sequel
Diamondsong by E.D.E. Bell: high fantasy serial
Unique fantasy serial exploring identity, culture, friendship, family, and home. (interests: non-violence, vegan, LGBTQIA+)
Scary Stories: A Tribute To Terror
A new book of original stories and illustrations that pay tribute to the work of Alvin Schwartz and Stephen Gammell.
Letterpress printed and hand bound book celebrating one of Agatha Christie's most loved mysteries.
Dragon Bike: Fantastical feminist bicycle stories
#RecognizeKSRU Short stories about dragons and bicycling, from across time, space, genres, and cultural traditions.
Death Cloud: Epic Fantasy Novel - Senturians of Terraunum #2
Jayton Baird returns in R.J. Batla’s Fantasy series, with epic battles and amazing powers. For both first-time readers and current fans
The Music of Pedro
A novel of love and tragedy set in the lush and dusty southwest of 1920s Mexico.
Alastor Klassiker
Hjälp Alastor kickstarta Klassikerserien!
Fantasy Novel: Age of Empyre by Michael J. Sullivan
The final book in the Legends of the First Empire Series by the New York Times, USA Today, and Washington Post Bestselling Author.
Unboxed: A Play
A play about not taking real relationships for granted, even when you've amassed thousands of virtual fans—as Greg learns the hard way.
Audiobook of A Prince's Errand By Dan & Robert Zangari
#1 New Release in Classic Fantasy is coming to life as an audiobook, read by award winning narrator Michael Kramer
Neon Hemlock's 2020 Novella Series
Novellas from Leigh Harlen, Anya Ow, Eboni Dunbar & Caitlin Starling
Sherlock Holmes and The Case of The Perplexed Politician
Holmes and Watson face a puzzling case of murder.
The Witchcraft Book
After a year of hard work we present to you The Witchcraft Book in a Limited timed edition.
Trajelon: The Way of the Falling Star Book 2
The contemplative sequel to MORNNOVIN from Dogwood House. Epic adult fantasy for the modern era from a neurodivergent voice.
Citadel of Fire: The Audiobook
Audiobooks for the Fantasy Bestseller - The Ronin Saga
Godverse Chronicles: 4 mythological fantasy adventure books
Make 100: All gods are real. They just suck. Explore Greek, Norse, and Judeo-Christian mythology set across 13,000 action-packed years.
Lionsheart: An Epic Fantasy Novel
Sick of elves & orcs? Then this epic fantasy is for you!
Det som kommer i natten & Dödisgubben
Författaren Mårten Dahlrot och illustratören Joakim Hanner är tillbaka med två nya böcker i serien Sagor för döda barn!
The Unseen Hand / A Debut Fantasy Novel
Help fund the epic fantasy debut novel by authors Narcisse Navarre and Marzio Ombra set in Laremlis, an exciting new fantasy world.
Paternus: Wrath of Gods - Fantasy Novel Hardbacks
Signed and numbered special edition hardbacks with color character illustration
Secret Gateways & Nox Pareidolia
Save Nightscape Press from going out of business; help fund Secret Gateways and the color trade paperback edition of Nox Pareidolia.
The Epicureans: A Novel
A thrilling tale of evil, innocence, twisted appetites and the bonds of family by Pulitzer-nominated author Charles McNair.
Two Haunted House Horrors with a Twist
Spending a lot of time in a house lately? Why not choose a haunted one?
12 Hours of Heaven: Lessons for a Better World
A fictional story of inspiration and hope. A very real goal of improving the world through the I Spark Change movement!
Pearl City: Stories from Japan and Elsewhere
Short fiction that takes you on a trip.
Unbeaten Hearts - A Vampire Horror Novel
Inspired by the era of VHS, video stores & buckets of blood, this Vampiric tale looks to entertain, scare & suck in all the best ways.
All I Want For Christmas Is A Reaper: A Paranomal Romance
An exclusive edition and Fan Kit Minis for Liana Brooks' Christmas release, All I Want For Christmas Is A Reaper.
Legends of the First Empire Slipcase
A box to hold all six volumes of the bestselling fantasy series
The Way of Kings 10th Anniversary Leatherbound Edition
Celebrate 10 years of The Stormlight Archive with Brandon Sanderson
I'm Only a Stepmother but My Daughter Is Just So Cute!
A Korean Web Novel localized into English. Immerse yourself in one of Korea's most popular romance novels!
The Return of Boss
A Diving Universe Kickstarter
Silvarum : A fantasy novel by Dean Kuhta
Silvarum is an epic fantasy novel created, written, and illustrated by Dean Kuhta.
Queer Werewolves Destroy Capitalism
Smut for the rest of us! Queer, erotic short stories by MJ Lyons centering consent, tenderness, joy, and dismantling oppression.
His Dark Knights - Harem Audiobook
The Audiobook of HIS DARK KNIGHTS, the next Jamie Hawke book. This is King Arthur as a vampire. Epic fantasy with a Castlevania vibe.
Dragons' Choice: Audio Edition
An unabridged audio version of the first book in my "Sorcha's Children" series, an epic fantasy saga about a family of dragon shifters.
Fractured Fairy Tales
Told and retold, fairy tales form the backbone of our storytelling heritage. Here's a treasure trove - some old, some new, some retold
Flight of the Siren: a social science fiction novel
Her starship could save the world - but the world has to want to be saved.
The Range: Cry of the Desert
The opening audiobook / PDF in a dystopian fantasy fiction series set in an apocalyptic desert landscape
Libros artesanales La tinta del silencio
Handmade books by Latin American authors. We need your support to continue publishing amazing books.
Benkvarnen – surrealistiska skräcknoveller
Berättelser av Sofia Albertsson med illustrationer av konstnären Kim Engström och författaren själv
Professor Odd: The Complete Season Two
A collection of serial science fiction novellas in eBook and Paperback.
Bringing Japanese Light Novels to Licensed English Audio
Join us in bringing light novels directly from Japan to an English audiobook format to enjoy anywhere, anytime.
Tavern of Dreams - A Luminous Ages Tale
"Night at the Museum" meets "Lord of the Rings" in this illustrated novel.
Paternus: War of Gods Fantasy Novel Hardbacks & Slipcase
Signed and numbered limited edition hardbacks and custom trilogy slipcase.
The Viper's Head
A kick-ass urban fantasy
Non-Player Character: A Cosy Queer Portal Fantasy Novel
A fantasy adventure with all-queer main characters, an autistic protagonist, and a playable TTRPG set in the same world.
„Essen Pfützen kleine Pferde?“ - Ein Buch aus Pferde-Sicht
Araber Sharif nimmt dich mit durch seine Abenteuer mit den Huflosen. Ein illustriertes Buch voller Humor für Pferdefreunde!
Sword of Cho Nisi Trilogy
An action-packed high fantasy tale with danger, magic, and romance.
Morning Star
A Thoroughly Catholic Adventure on the High Seas
Clarissa: A Lost Tale Of Solace
A novella revealing the truth behind the mysterious disappearance of Clarissa Imbiana.
Firefrost - An Epic Fantasy Novel
A journey that will leave you burning for more.
YA Fantasy Novel Wardens of the Worlds:The Circle of Valstan
In your world, they say many make-believe beings come out at night: werewolves, vampires, and monsters from underneath the bed . . .
Heart to Heart (Omegaverse Novel)
Heart to Heart, an illustrated Omegaverse romance novel.
Un thriller psico-tecnologico ricco di colpi di scena e spunti di riflessione su un futuro sempre più presente.
Bastion of Sun: The Audiobook
Audiobook for Bastion of Sun, book 3 of bestselling series The Ronin Saga, narrated by acclaimed Audie-Award winner Tim Gerard Reynolds
Last Road to the Backwoods
A horror noir novel set in 1930’s small town America. H.P Lovecraft meets Twin Peaks.
Flameskin Chronicles #1-2
Epic fantasy that will leave you burning for more.
"Fiery Girls": a novel of the 1911 Triangle factory fire
Two young immigrant women. One historic strike. And the fire that changed America.
The Die Decides: a microfiction collection of chance.
A short book of microfiction by author CM Lowry, specifically written for this project, decided by the roll of a single die.
Sherlock Holmes: The Keys of Death
The Keys of Death rocks the heart of Sherlock Holmes’ world. With a vengeful villain to match him.
A Lethal Deception (a Kay Hunter crime thriller)
A new page-turning murder mystery from USA Today bestselling author Rachel Amphlett
The Empyrean, a space opera
In this space-opera novel, a woman uncovers the power to turn emotions into weapons, but that same power threatens billions of lives.
GUILD OF TOKENS: an epic urban fantasy
A special hardcover edition of the epic urban fantasy featuring magic, myth, and mayhem in the streets of New York City
YA Fantasy Novel Wardens of the Worlds The Circle of Valstan
In your world, they say many make-believe beings come out at night: werewolves, vampires, and monsters from underneath the bed . . .
Halloween Horror
A new edition of Karl Drinkwater's finest horror writing
WMG Holiday Spectacular 2021
An Original Holiday Story Per Day Delivered to Readers Over the Holidays.
The Time & Shadows Crime Trilogy
Liana Brooks' epic time-travelling crime thriller series.
Rise of Ahrik
An anti-war science fiction novel set in a post-post-apocalyptic world ruled by women.
Three May Keep A Secret - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure
A meeting with a client goes disastrously wrong. Sherlock Holmes soon finds himself involved in a case of murder with two dead bodies.
A chapbook by Jessie Ulmer that reimagines Hansel & Gretel
End of the Line
Rebooting a disaster novel set in the Arctic
The Machine | Dystopian Novel
eBook, Paperback and Hardcover editions of a new dystopian adventure trilogy by author Jack Hudson (Swim Wild).
Tales of SF&F Noir, upended Fairy Tales, & Brave New Worlds!
New SF&F Anthologies from Zombies Need Brains!
Hello, Darkness
A kick-ass urban fantasy
Bookshop Witch
Paranormal Cozies for Freaks and Geeks
Lost Tales Of Solace: Paperback Editions
The exciting and distinctive Lost Tales of Solace will finally appear in paperback editions, with gorgeous wraparound covers.
The Kitten Psychologist Collection
How *exactly* do you tell a cat no? A short story series by Thea van Diepen.
Fright Unseen Launch Pack
5 horrific tales by Joseph M. Monks
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine: Subscription Drive 2021
Support Pulphouse Fiction Magazine
A Few Good Elves
A Military Fantasy Space Opera - Book 1 in the Toy Soldier Saga
Across the Sun
Book One of this non-western fantasy saga loaded with magical realism, representation, and heart.
Haunt Publishing's 2021-22 Publication List
Three Gothic/horror books: a debut poetry collection, a BIPOC anthology and a novel set in Scotland.
Tides of Fate: The Audiobook
Audiobook for Tides of Fate, book 4 in bestselling series The Ronin Saga, narrated by acclaimed Audie-Award winner Tim Gerard Reynold
Hound of Hades: An Urban Fantasy Thriller Series
Ten books of action-packed urban fantasy, now with a fresh look and two new adventures!
Kristi Lundrigan Mysteries
Quilt themed cozy mysteries... with cats!
Folie á Deux
A psychological thriller novella; a grieving amnesiac sent in a downward spiral of trying to alter her reality.
Talons and Teeth: WWI reimagined with dragons
As WWI rages in Europe, a sharpshooter witch is sent to the Isle of Dragons, not as a bride but as a spy.
The Wind in the Willows - Illustrated by Chris Dunn
A new traditional take on a classic of children’s literature.
Freshman Fears: Demon Hunter Academy Book 1
Orphan Alexandra is about to be homeless, jobless, and magicless. Maybe signing up to hunt monsters wasn’t a good idea.
Experience Points: An illustrated queer erotic journey
Step into Nicholai Avigdor Melamed's high-heat story of two sexy strangers finding redemption and delight in each other
Origin Andromeda: Professional editing before publishing.
Pre-order Origin Andromeda: The Beginning. A science fiction story filled with humour, intense action and technological advancements.
Rescue Two: A Seeders Universe Novel
A New Novel in the Seeders Space Opera Series
Dragonia Rise of Magic: An Adventure Fantasy Novel
Dragonriders versus Wyvernriders. Empire versus Resistance. Magic and dragon bonding. Three books already published in the series!
Urban Fantasy Novels: Special Edition Books, Tarot & Swag
Bring Shannon Mayer's most popular series home w/ limited edition tarot cards & a stunning hardcover book set.
A New Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I. Novel from Kevin J. Anderson
DOUBLE-BOOKED: a new novel in the hilarious, snarky Dan Shamble series by bestselling author Kevin J. Anderson
Grasslands | Volume 1
A stunningly illustrated fantasy adventure novel with TTRPG supplements
Circular Gods
A darkly comic picture book for adults...about the root of all evil
Back: Through a Field of Stars
An action-packed historical fantasy that reveals spiritual wisdom from time immemorial — set on the Camino de Santiago.
Make 100: Group X Book 1 | A Supernatural Suspense Mystery
Two former FBI agents investigate the Church's unexplainable, supernatural mysteries—taking their stand against the darkness.
Soccer Moms of the Apocalypse: a humorous fantasy series
Four suburban moms discover they're the Four Horsemen. With their kids hitting puberty, dealing with the Devil will be a breeze. Right?
Make 100 Mystery Stories: Crimes Collide
100 Mystery Short Stories by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith in Five Volumes
Hydra's Wake, A Novel
Hydra's Wake is an exciting science fiction thriller written by Daniel Jones. Coming out in eBook, Paperback, Hardcover, and Audiobook.
Rattle Man - A Sci-Fi Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin
A space opera reimagining of Rumpelstiltskin set in a universe rich with Norse mythology
UNNATURAL CREATURES: A Novel of the Frankenstein Women
Mary Shelley's gothic tale from the POV of the women closest to Victor Frankenstein and his monster: his mother, bride, and servant.
Dwayne: A Tale from Existentia - A Dark Speculative Novella
Her life is upended when a 15-ton boulder appears in her home. She forms an uneasy alliance with "Dwayne." Until he starts to move…
Magnetic North
A Hot New Romantic Contemporary Novel
The Price of Honor: An Asian Themed Dragon Rider Novel
Mulan meets Eragon in this fantasy tale.
Inspector Mage: The Hanging Priest
The second installment in The Inspector Mage Trilogy, a series combining both the fantasy and murder mystery genres.
Spine-tingling tales from NeoParadoxa featuring James Chambers, Meghan Arcuri, Ty Drago, Amy Grech, Steven Van Patten, and many more!
The Nic Ward Series: Hard-Boiled Urban Fantasy
God is dead. Hell is restless. And one former guardian angel is fighting for justice--at any cost.
Otherside – a Steampunk World
Some are Cats on Earth, People on Otherside
Beast Mage: a monster taming fantasy novel & audiobook
Digimon meets Avatar: The Last Airbender in an all-new fantasy series by internationally bestselling author, Derek Alan Siddoway.
The Perfect Perfume & Other Tales - A Steampunk Collection
From USA Today bestseller Anthea Sharp, nine stories filled with thrilling airships, intrepid heroines, clockwork devices, and more!
Surprise! Four Secret Novels by Brandon Sanderson
A Year of Sanderson: Enjoy books and swag boxes throughout 2023!
"The Time Club," a time traveling young adult adventure!
The first in a series of edge-of-your-seat time traveling YA novels. Your opportunity to become one of the original "Time Clubbers!"
The Covenant of Shihala
An epic fantasy romance novel about 15th century Turkey, the sunless land of Qaf, and Allah's mischievous creatures: humans & djinn.
Into the Darkwood: Special Hardback Omnibus
From USA Today bestselling author Anthea Sharp, a complete fantasy trilogy of 700 pages packed with magic, romance, and adventure.
The Purple Door District: Urban Fantasy Series
3-book series of parahumans (werebirds, werewolves, vampires), magic, diversity, LGBTQIA+ representation, and adventure in Chicago.
The Demonic Compendium: Books 1-3 (Epic Dark Fantasy)
A budding kingdom in turmoil | Demons and magic run wild | The Arbiter has been summoned to fix it all
Neighbourly: A Romcom Novel
An adult romcom novel featuring celebrities, fake dating, theme parks, and a pizza place.
Eamon: Book 1 Queen of the Flightless Dragons by Martha Carr
A girl gamer in a taco truck who finds some dragons & fights interdimensional demons in Austin, Texas.
A new online literary magazine with original stories and comics from all over the world
ENDING SOON! Cardinal Machines 3-book scifi mystery omnibus
Science fiction mystery books about a young private eye & android special ops solving crimes while building a found family. Good reads!
Dragons of Kaitstud: exclusive hardcover omnibus
Creating a beautiful hardback of this YA fantasy series featuring dragons, shifters, a search to find family and a just kisses subplot
Electric Storm: Exclusive Science Fantasy Hardcover
Get sucked into an action-packed race to survive with corrupt government experiments, superhero-like powers, and star-crossed lovers.
A John Crowley Miscellany
Four new volumes of prose—fiction, nonfiction, autobiography, and dream narrative—from a celebrated master of the fantastic.
The Brady Family Romantic Comedy Series Exclusive Editions
Laugh-out-loud steamy romance starring a family of brilliant, brooding engineers and the relationships they weren't expecting
The Sleep of Reason, Book I
Keisuke Uyama's bestselling LOVE LIKE THE FALLING PETALS
Shueisha presents the English release of the Japanese novel that inspired the hit NETFLIX film. Covers by Heikala, Cheseely & LAL!ROLE.
The Farshore Chronicles Paperback Collection
Special edition paperbacks with exclusive content for the adventure fantasy series The Farshore Chronicles by Justin Fike
The White Sails Series: Special Hardback Omnibus
One feisty young woman disguised as a lad + a tall ship full of sailors = 4 historical romantic adventures bound by one epic love story
Sherlock Holmes and The Adventure of The Found Note
Dr Watson opened the door. The night watchman held out a small slither of paper. Written faintly were just two short words: “Help me”.
Dragons Rising: Deluxe Collector's Edition Hardcover
A signed, deluxe, faux-leather Collector's Edition of the entire internationally bestselling epic fantasy series Dragons Rising.
Fear the Wolf: Alex Steward Book 1
The first book in a werewolf urban fantasy series set in the Midwest by author Stefanie Gilmour.
The Prentiss Twins: Middle Grade Adventure Fantasy
Contemporary Fantasy for Kids with Native American Themes
The Devil's Disciples
A Sherlock Holmes Adventure
The Witches of BlackBrook Luxe Editions Boxed Set
Through space and time, sisters entwined. Lost then found, souls remained bound. Enter a magical world of time-traveling witches.
Vibrant Steel: YA Scifi Novel
Help launch a novel about red rover, marbles, king of the hill, hide and seek, and capture the flag-inspired futuristic societies!
The Collected Papers of Sherlock Holmes Volume 6
The Noted Florilegium of Sherlockian Adventures Returns with a New Volume - foreword by Nicholas Meyer.
The Anniversary Party: New Mystery Novel
New release murder mystery with special edition cover & party favor boxes!
The Holmes and Co. Mysteries - Books 4 to 6
Irene Holmes continues her famous father Sherlock's work, traversing post-war London solving three more cases.
The Traveling Treasure Trove
Audiobook for a queer paranormal roadtrip read by C. S. E. Cooney, with treasures: enamel pins, candles, plushies, coloring book, &more
52 Stories In 2023 - Volume One
A collection of short stories from author Michael Kingswood
Shadow Kissed Luxe Editions Boxset
Enter the dark and seductive world of Sanmorte with the complete series of four books! Vampires, mortals and sorcerers await
Sugar & Vice: A Mystery of Death, Dumplings, and Dragons
Amateur sleuth Hope Sze tastes murder at Montreal's Dragon Eats Festival in this sweet culinary thriller of food and the fantastic
Thornwood Fae Omnibus An Exclusive Fantasy Romance Hardcover
Escape through a faery portal, explore a gothic mansion, and fall into a bewitching tale of ghosts, wicked fae, and slow burn romance.
An Echo of Fire: A Foiled Hardcover Limited Edition
Dark intentions fuel this slow-burn fantasy romance where deadly secrets, epic journeys, and scorching enemies-to-lovers tension reign.
Pulphouse Fiction Magazine Subscription Drive 2023
Now Monthly!! Help Us Keep Going with a Subscription!
The Gray Tower Trilogy - Signed Hardcovers
WWII fantasy being adapted to screenplay! Celebrate by grabbing your exclusive hardcovers of all three books.
Hydra Tower
Join Warrior Princess Lavina on her quest to save her kingdom, rescue a prince from an enchanted tower, and slay a ferocious hydra!
Climbing the Ranks: a LitRPG Cultivation Epic Fantasy Novel
Help bring the first print editions of a new Tower Climber LitRPG to life!
The Heliosphere Trilogy: Exclusive Hardcover Sci-Fi Series
A daring military space opera trilogy in the grand tradition of The Expanse and Hyperion
Three Witches Bay Mysteries ~ Limited Edition Ebooks
A brand new paranormal mystery series, with special edition ebooks only available on Kickstarter.
The Bride Quest New Hard Cover Editions
Beautiful new cover illustrations for Claire Delacroix's classic fairy tale medieval romances.
THEY HIDE: Short Stories to Tell in the Dark - Audiobook
Audiobook for 13 chilling tales of horror and dark fantasy from Francesca Maria
Lynmoore House: BOOK ONE!
An experience for the Fantasy and Science fiction community
Death’s Disciple: An Epic Fantasy Novel
Special hardcover edition of Book 1 in a new fantasy series set in a world of fierce war dragons and the disciples of dangerous gods.
Days Gone Bad: 10th Anniversary Foiled Hardcover Edition
A Kickstarter exclusive edition of the book that started the long-running series about a necromancer and his merry band of misfits.
The Coven's Secret: Exclusive Special Edition Book Box
Magic, romance, and mystery collide in this limited-edition book box featuring signed special edition hardbacks and exclusive swag.
Career Soldier: Fort Lee Tour of Duty
Steamy, angsty military romance to keep you warm this winter.
Vacui Magia Deluxe Hardcover: 8 Dark Fantasy/Horror Stories
My award-winning collection of dark fantasy & weird fiction, steeped in myth and fairy tales, with new cover art and story notes
Fae Bloodlines Exclusive Hardcovers!
A magical portal fantasy featuring forbidden romance, palace secrets, deadly fae, and shocking twists. Great for fans of Holly Black!
A Year of Rain: Kickstarter Exclusive Hardcover Edition
A Kickstarter exclusive hardcover edition of A Year of Rain, a post-apocalyptic supernatural suspense.
Diary of a Conjurer | 5 Magical Journeys
Illustrated Limited Editions of books 1 - 5 in this seven book series, portal travel, dragons, and more.
The Crystal Halls: Urban Fantasy Special Edition Hardcovers
Deluxe hardcover editions for this Jade City meets the Magicians series about crime, magic, and family.
Brand New Fey Novel!
Kristine Kathryn Rusch returned to the bestselling fantasy world of The Fey and wrote a brand new Fey novel.
The Fate of Crowns Luxe Hardbacks
An Epic Fantasy Trilogy filled with fae, sorcerers, pirates and mercreatures. Luxe, limited editions, numbered and signed.
Breaker: Special Edition Illustrated Hardcover
An LGBTQ weird western epic fantasy featuring reluctant heroes, secretive outlaws, magic, and pegasi.
Not Your Heroine: A Fantasy Collection
Fantasy stories about women who refuse to fit the narrative.
Feyland 10th Anniversary Hardcovers - The Feyguard!
What if a high-tech game opened a gateway to the treacherous Faerie Realm? USA Today bestselling series. Faeries, folklore, and gaming!
Queens of Steel & Starlight: Fantasy Hardback Omnibus
USA Today bestselling author Alisha Klapheke's complete epic fantasy series with magic, adventure, romance, sea monsters, and dryads
The Last Phoenix Urban Fantasy Series: Exclusive Hardcovers
A sexier-than-sin agent, a bloodsucking client, & framed for murder. Veronica's life just got a whole lot more interesting—and deadly.
Murder and Mozzarella: a cheesy culinary cozy mystery
A cozy mystery set on a Canadian island featuring a cheese café, an enthusiastic gourmand club, and a determined amateur sleuth.
The Chaos Wielder: A Dark Urban Fantasy
A Dark Urban Fantasy where a bounty hunter and her team must stop the Angel of Wrath from destroying their planet.
Thrill Ride - the magazine (Year One)
A themed magazine to bring riveting new thriller and action-adventure stories every quarter.
Ogres & other Dating Dilemmas: gay paranormal romance novel
A new special edition standalone novel set in the same world as the urban fantasy Mytho Investigations series. MM monster romance.
Character Paperback Overlays for My Favorite Kidnapper
Character scene inserts inspired by the romantic comedy novel, My Favorite Kidnapper by Melanie Moreland.
Finding Home: The Prodigal Son in Vivid, Illuminating Detail
Our Heavenly Father adores His kids. His love transforms our hearts, releases our burdens, and fills our souls, even after we run away!
Discord's Nightmare Book Box
A Box of goodies, useful merch, and the 3rd book in the Urban Fantasy & Paranormal Romance series, the Created Angel Chronicles.
Special Illustrated Edition: Ghost Detective Short Stories
Unearth the mysteries of the afterlife with our ghostly sleuths solving crimes from beyond the grave.
Red Team Blues: Another audiobook that Amazon won't sell
Crowdfunding for a DRM-free audiobook of the first Marty Hench novel, read by the amazing Wil Wheaton
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - XXXVII to XXXIX
Another 59 new traditional Sherlock Holmes stories in three new volumes of the world's leading Sherlock Holmes collection.
Shady Grove Mysteries Exclusive Deluxe Editions
In this paranormal cozy mystery series, a science major denounces her new psychic powers until she realizes they can help solve crimes.
13th Anniversary Special Illustrated Paperback Editions
Historical Fantasy Romance The Druid Chronicles: Enemies-to-lovers & forbidden love, with powerful Celtic goddesses and ancient magic
Demons & Battleskirts 1: An epic new dark urban fantasy
Reincarnated warriors and demons go to war in a dark, crazy blend of urban fantasy and horror.
Bite: A Second-Chance Witch & Vampire Paranormal Romance
Read the spicy happily ever after paranormal romance novella by Rachel H. Drake with an exclusive cover, bonus material, and more!
Drowning Earth: Dive Into this Elemental Origins Hardcover
As nuclear tensions rise and the Earth drowns, a submarine commander discovers that ancient myths might just be humanity’s last hope.
SILK & SHADOW: Special Edition Illustrated Hardcover Omnibus
An Atmospheric Folklore Fantasy Romance in the Vein of Studio Ghibli's The Tale of Princess Kaguya!
Revival (urban fantasy) exclusive hardcover + other formats
Book 1 in a new urban fantasy series featuring magic, blackmail, other realms, mystery, and more...
Archetype: a Deck of Inspiration
Millions of character archetypes in 4 decks of cards.
Veiled Intentions: A Gay Romance, Suspense Trilogy
All the broody-slowburn-angsty-mystery-filled-gay-romance you never knew you needed. Stretching for a long-anticipated follow-up novel
The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories - XXXIV to XXXVI
Another 58 new traditional Sherlock Holmes stories in three new volumes of the world's leading Sherlock Holmes collection.
Endless Tempest sci-fi novels: turn them up to 11.
Bring audiobooks to my near-future sci-fi series featuring lightning-arcing airships, zombified villains, and time traveling thugs.
52 Stories In 2023 - Volume Three
A collection of ten stories by author Michael Kingswood, the third of five collections planned for 2023
Asylum Confessions: Special Edition Signed Hardcover
Rare opportunity to receive a signed copy of a confession book plus more!
Om man var en gädda
Historier från Hundberget
Well of Dreams: Illustrated Full Color Limited Edition
A hidden princess. An illegal second-born. And the Fates that bind them.
My Fight for Balance: On Recovery, Healing, and Growth
A collection of poems and short stories written by Jonathan C. Ashline, concluding his "Silent Cacophony" trilogy on mental health.
Military Space Opera adventure - from the author of Black Marks and Third Contact.
Tamer: King of Dinosaurs Book 9 -- Ebook, print, and audio
Control Dinosaurs. Tame women. Rule the world. Catch up on books 1-8 on my website!
Claiming the Heart of Vraithe: a Spicy Sci-Fi Romance Novel
A combat vet's love life heats up when her failed military memoir becomes a surprise hit on an alien planet. Brand new series. HEA.
Sherlock Holmes: The Tales of Darkness
More Holmes stories from one of the masters of the genre, Paul Gilbert.
The Blood-Born Dragon: A Sapphic Fantasy Trilogy Begins!
A bond she didn't choose. A love she can't escape. A creature so powerful it bends the limits of time...
Inheritance: An LGBT+ Urban Fantasy Book Series
X-Men meets American Gods in this queer urban fantasy series from AK Faulkner.
Synnr's Ride: A Steamy Sci-Fi Romance Series
Experience a thrilling enemies-to-lovers tale with fated mates and a sci-fi motorcycle gang, set on an alien moon!
Lost Dragoon - Realm Wardens Series
Enya Garretsmith, a human raised by dwarves, embarks on a journey to find her people, only to discover she may be the last of them.
The Turrim Archive
A complete, five-book clean fantasy series by Realm Award winning author, Jenelle Leanne Schmidt.
Stjärnbärarens önskan - en normbrytande fantasy romance
Förbjuden kärlek mellan två blivande kungar, och en mörk hemlighet som kan komma att skilja dem åt.
A Glass Immortals Novella
Drömsamlaren är en äventyrsroman. En modern saga om två ungdomar som upptäcker en annan värld.
Klara's Journey: Kenetlon Sagas Book 1
An action-packed fantasy novel with a strong female protagonist.
Guardians of Camelot: A Brand New Portal Fantasy Series
Inspired by Arthurian lore. Meet modern-day Morgan le Fey as she and her coven of witch knights battle dark magic across realms.
Ivy & Bone Series: Special Edition Hardcovers
A Hades and Persephone series with a twist, full of steamy romance, dark paranormal themes, and allusions to Greek mythology.
The New Diving Novel
The Court-Martial of the Renegat Renegades
WMG Holiday Spectacular 2022
An Original Holiday Story Per Day For 39 Days! Over Thirty Professional Fiction Writers.
We Were Inevitable: An Interactive Romantic Comedy
"Choose your own adventure" (and your tropes!) in this light-hearted, closed door romantic comedy set in Turkey, Germany, and the USA.
A Study In Statecraft - The Memoirs of Mycroft Holmes
Sherlock Holmes' older brother tackles tax evasion, royal honours, Partygate, the 1918 Armistice, and the Abdication crisis of 1936.
The Meinir Davies Casebook
Cases Solved in the Shadows of Mr Sherlock Holmes, Mrs D Dene, et al.
The Tidings Of Minos - An Adventure Hunt
A unique combination of story and puzzles that places YOU as the protagonist of a treasure hunt
Paranormal School 13: True Stories from PS13
An illustrated novel set at a high school for the supernaturally-abled in Los Angeles. Maybe *you* should go to PS13!
The Gilded Blood Complete Series Omnibus
A multinational bestselling fantasy series reimagined with a foiled leather cover, full-color illustrations & 100 new chapter headings!
Bona Ossuaria: A Home Renovation Horror Short Story
Good bones go bad in this slow-burning morsel of surreal, psychological horror. Back now for printables and an early-release discount.
Whale Mail
A cosy fantasy mystery of the Bureau of Magic Abuse
The Shapes of Wrath
Surgery, ghosts, and murder. Oh my. Dr. Hope Sze faces the sin of wrath. Written by an ER doctor & award-winning author
Xiveri Mates Illustrated and NSFW Editions
A book box featuring Xiveri Mates Special Edition paperbacks, hardcovers, exclusive SWAG and NSFW options
The Happy Valley: A Novel With Illustrations
It's a gothic, historical fiction about the future. "A knotty, philosophical mystery dense with lingering regrets." —Kirkus
The Last Ranger: Book 1 in a new epic fantasy series
Help fund an all-new epic fantasy adventure full of magic, revenge, and rampaging titans, from bestselling author J.D.L. Rosell.
Hungry for the Wolf: a new paranormal romance novel
A werewolf bodyguard and a woman with secrets collide in special edition paperback, ebook, & audio from a USA Today Bestselling author
An enchanted illustrated novel about the mystical heart of Nature and the nature of the heart
Dragon Latitudes: A Steampunk Dragon Fantasy Adventure
Firefly meets How to Train Your Dragon and Our Flag Means Death in this high-flying fantasy epic
Woody and June versus the Apocalypse, Volumes 1 and 2
A fun adventure series set in post-apocalypse Arizona with a strong dash of romance and a healthy portion of zombies.
BOOk One: The Empty Booth
The Empty Booth is a suspenseful book about self-identifying as a ghost within ones life.
Iron on Iron
Four crossover novels plus a collection of short stories from author Gregory Ashe.
The Head, the Heart, and the Heir Deluxe Extended Hardcover
Extended Deluxe Edition with Personalized signature, and numbered copies of The Head, the Heart, and the Heir book 1.
The Nameless Restaurant: A Cozy Cooking Fantasy Novella
A slice of life adventure story of food and magic
A monster taming fantasy novel & audiobook - Storm Totem
The sequel to the Kickstarter hit Beast Mage, by internationally bestselling author, Derek Alan Siddoway. Digimon meets Avatar: TLA
Make 100 Fantasy Stories: Fantasies Collide
100 Fantasy Short Stories by Kristine Kathryn Rusch and Dean Wesley Smith in Five Volumes
Last Orders: You never know when your time is up
A domestic thriller novel: a New Year doesn't always bring a new beginning...
Scolaris Mysteries #1-2: Not-so-Cozy in a Dystopian World
Small town crime, big world problems! Murder and mayhem presents servant girl turned detective with a chance to fulfil her destiny.
Year of the Ghoul: 13 Terrifying Tomes From Ghoulish Books
In 2023 Ghoulish Books will publish 13 spooky horror books, including 2 issues of GHOULISH TALES!
Star Jumpers Sci-Fi Audiobook Production
I'm creating a human-narrated audiobook of my relaunched YA science-fiction space opera with a paranormal twist.
Pack Rivals: Exclusive Omnibus Edition with Bonus Epilogue
An omega finds herself caught in the rivalry between the city’s two most ruthless packs - sweet and steamy paranormal romance
The Dragonfire Novels 15th Anniversary Omnibus Hardcovers
Feel the spark of the firestorm when dragon-shifters meet their fated mates in Deborah Cooke's bestselling paranormal romances...
Skythief: The Audiobook
Matt Wolf's brand new series in audiobook format, narrated by the legendary Michael Kramer.
A portal isn't just a hole in the universe, it's magic!
When his computer opens to another world, Ian is enslaved by dragon worshipers. Limited Edition illustrated Hardcover and more.
Loki and his Master: MM Fantasy Romance Exclusive Book Box
Mythological gods. Demonology. Male witches. Gay romance!
The Trianid: Young Adult Epic Fantasy Hardcovers
A Chosen One saga set in a medieval world of faeries, monsters, elemental magic, ancient prophecies, adventurous quests, and romance.
Exclusive Illustrated Hardcover Edition of Super Starrella
Fun superhero adventure: a reluctant heroine fights vicious monsters with the aid of a sarcastic flying horse and a handsome gangster.
Children of the Earth : Limited Edition Hardcovers
A reluctant chosen one must fulfill a prophecy she doesn't know is falsely penned.
Sherlock Holmes: A Question of Time
A Question of Time pays homage to Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson, the Time Traveler of H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine
Of Course He Pushed Him - Volume 2
Six more Sherlock Holmes stories by Chris Chan
Outsystem 10 Year Anniversary Special Edition
Ten years ago Outsystem launched the Aeon 14 universe. Get the Special Extended Edition or the Extended Trilogy with 300+ new pages!
Destroyer of Carterville
A unique mystery series populated with realistic characters set in a little mountain town you'd love to visit.
Sigils & Satyrs, Book 4 of the Portals Fantasy Series
Swords & Sorcery Novel & Audiobook Stretch Goals
First fantasy book of the Continent and its wonders. / Primera entrega literaria que habla sobre el Continente y sus maravillas.
Love & Wanderlust: Omnibus, Special Editions, Art and Swag
A steamy romance series with exotic destinations and happily-ever-afters in a giant omnibus, NSFW art, exclusive epilogues and more!
IVORY TREES: A Diving Universe Novel
A Brand New Diving Universe Novel by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
GUILD OF MAGIC Books 1-2: An epic urban fantasy
Enter a world of quests, magic, and myth hidden within the city that never sleeps
Sherlock Holmes and the Hellfire Heirs
When Mrs. Hudson asks Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson to find a missing girl, neither men expected what they would find.
Stealth Guardians Series: Exclusive Omnibus Hardcovers
Entire series in 2 hardcovers: 7 books full of invisible, immortal, irresistible guardians fighting against demons (paranormal romance)
The Tale That Twines: A Cozy Magic Library Novel
Cedar McCloud's cozy adult fantasy series about a found family of queer, magical bookbinding librarians, with a companion Oracle deck.
Blood of the Stars: An Epic Fantasy Novel
Book 1 in an epic fantasy series with found family, reluctant royalty, blood magic, & descendants of Stars on the brink of war.
Corkscrews and Camembert: a whodunnit mystery with flavor
A cozy mystery series set on a Canadian island featuring a cheese café, an enthusiastic gourmand club, and a determined amateur sleuth.
System Apocalypse Anthology Volume 2
The second short story anthology by exciting new authors set in the bestselling System Apocalypse universe.
The Clan of Mist - Hardback, Paperback and E-book
An enemies to lovers, fated mates, new adult fantasy romance. With mermaids, shapeshifters, magical amulets, and more!
A Gay Man - The Illustrated Storybook Gay Men Deserve
A gorgeously illustrated storyguide to every gay man's journey: overcoming shame and finding love, peace and belonging.
Dragon's Blood
Two New Historical Fantasy Romance Novels
Daughters of Valhalla Special Editions
An epic, women-led Viking saga of sisterhood, romance, and revenge.
Venice Vampyr Exclusive Omnibus Hardcover
4 historical vampire romances with marriage of convenience, virgins, forced proximity, voyeurism, scorching love scenes & more
Death Dealer: Romantic & Dark Urban Fantasy
A signed, exclusive special edition hardcover omnibus of the deliciously dark Lark Morgan trilogy by J. C. McKenzie.
Nerd Meets Curvy: Special Edition Hardcover Book with Swag
A Deluxe Hardcover Edition & Stunning Art from New York Times Bestselling Paranormal Fantasy Author A.C. James.
"Nessie's Nemesis"– The Sequel to "Sherlock's Secretary"
The second comedic mystery novel in the series about the man tasked with answering Sherlock Holmes' mail.
Lost Solace: Translated Edition!
Goal: to make Lost Solace available in German, French, Spanish and Italian.
The Beautiful Decay
A Queer Fantasy of Dark Magic and Community
Steamy Friends to Lovers Romance: Special Edition HARDBACK!
Are you ready for a sizzling tale of friends turned lovers? Heat up your heart and get your hands on the must-read romance duet today!
The Highland Warrior Chronicles Special Edition: Books 1-4
Warriors and pagan princesses must unite a fractured land, where duty collides with forbidden love, and ancient goddesses awaken...
Mist & Dawn. Special illustrated edition
Book 1 in the Starfire Trilogy, an epic otherworldly fantasy saga by the author of the Icefire Trilogy and the Moonfire Trilogy.
Alien Dimensions #24 Space Fiction Anthology eBook Series
Alien Dimensions features short stories by new and established space fiction writers from around the world.
Paranormal Romance Book Box: Exclusive Edition Swag & Art
This kickstarter exclusive book box contains a gorgeous special edition hardback of Reject Me, custom swag, and deluxe self-care items.
The Magic of Omneth - an epic fantasy with a dash of romance
The Pebbles hold power, but the Ràej hold the higher magic...
Alight-Prequel to Ariboslia: A Christian Young Adult Fantasy
One power. Two paths. Which would you choose?
ALEXANDRIAN SAGA 10th Anniversary Collector's Edition
Epic historical thriller series by Thomas K. Carpenter for fans of Vikings, Barbarians, The Last Kingdom, or The Great
The Rediscovered Annals of Sherlock Holmes
In the 1980’s and 1990’s, the late Terry Golledge wrote ten masterful Holmes pastiches that perfectly captured Dr. Watson's voice.
The Woman In Red
Murder strikes at the Tri-State Comic Book Expo. Potential suspects number in the thousands, including some A-list Hollywood actors
The Keeper
Magic, wizards, kings, and a dragon! What happens when the airships invade?
A Stone Of Destiny And Despair
A Dark Fantasy King Arthur And Merlin Retelling - Book 4 in The Levanthria Series.
Ljudbokssatsning Seraf förlag
Hjälp oss spela in mer svensk fantasy som ljudbok – och få en fantasybok som tack!
On Writing (and Reading!) Short
A Science Fiction Writer's Quest for Stories That Matter
Siren's Secret: An Urban Fantasy Romance Series
A Runaway Mermaid + A Supernatural Fight Club + A Sexy Dragon Shifter = Trouble (& Awesome Fiction!)
Draco: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance Novel
Dragon shifter aliens find their fated mates. Brand new spicy, daring and delicious sci-fi romance from Hattie Jacks
The Light Keeper Book Series
With mischievous faeries, heart-stopping battles, magic, family bonds, and friends. The Light Keeper is a journey for all to enjoy!
Nightcaster Chronicles Special Edition Omnibus
A completed fantasy trilogy with vampires, witches, phoenix magic, and a slow burn enemies to lovers romance.
Make 100: Paper and Hardback Queer Fairy Tales
Paper and ebook editions of classic fairytales with a queer, transgender twist. Cinderella, Beauty & the Beast, and The Little Mermaid
Octavius Bear - Bears At Sea (Sherlock Holmes Fantasy)
Immerse yourself in a world without humans where Sherlock Holmes is an 8ft bear called Octavius.
Faerie Hearts: A Romantic Fantasy Collection
Tales of love and adventure set in worlds ranging from Ancient Celtic moors to an enchanted forest, where romance and magic reign.
HURRICANE CANOE | Wilderness Thriller Crime & Climate Novel
A riveting battle for survival in a storm-ravaged forest in upstate NY | Mystery & Suspense | Bestselling author of CROSS DOG BLUES
A classic epic fantasy book — Revenge: Wahrheit Book 2
Fund ebook, audiobook, and print editions of an action-heavy epic fantasy sequel to the smash hit, Conspiracy.
We are printing The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde on Black Paper.
Magic and Mint Martinis Limited Edition Holiday RomCom
🎄A do-gooder home for the holidays walks into his bar and walks out with his heart. Can he get her to believe in the magic of love?🎅
Corrupt Shadows Deluxe Hardbacks
A limited edition, deluxe hardback for Corrupt Shadows, a Gothic Dark Romance.
Arson: A Descansar Universe Kickstarter
A call to a bizarre crime scene aboard the space station Descansar. Danka has to solve the mystery before it's too late.
Krimson Empire Launch
The Federation made three mistakes. Quinn could forgive the first two. An amazing Space Opera series, with new covers and a fresh edit!
Limited Edition Hardcover Omnibus: Legend of the Gods
NYTimes Bestselling Author Aaron Hodges brings you over 1000 pages of epic fantasy, gods and dragons!
Secrets & Scents - A New Cozy Mystery
A Kelli & Jo Candle Shop Mystery (Book One) by Lyn Perry. Exclusive Early Release!
Clockwork: The Order of The Hour
Trying to raise money for the second round of edits
Star Found: epic romantic fantasy novel & art illustrations
Epic high fantasy paranormal romance novel filled with adventure, magic & love. Ltd. Ed. Hardcover, NSFW & SFW art prints & book swag.
Peculiar Tastes: A Contemporary Fantasy Romance Series
Enter the Shadow Market with 6 brand new spicy books! Demons, gorgons, mermen, and the fae await! Accept your invitation...if you dare.
I Bring the Fire EXCLUSIVE Hardcover - Loki, Myth, & Mayhem
Sometimes the hero is the wrong guy at the right time. Sometimes the hero is drunk. A USA Today bestselling omnibus.
Fracture Exclusive Hardcover Book: Scifi Space Opera Action
What if the Transformers met the Borg? A powerful journey of war, loss, friendship, family and love...in space.
The Nine Special Hardcover Editions
Celebrating the World of The Judas Files with these exclusive illustrated hardcover editions only available here.
I Live To Serve The Witch: A Dark Romance Novel
*An LGBTQ+ light novel* A devoted witch's apprentice falls in love with a mysterious traveler and must make a difficult choice.
Brand new art novel from Deaf artists
Jester is set in the world of Jarkaar with riders fighting each other on massive birds from airships
The Procession of Dust - A Prequel to the Technomage Setting
Cyber noir-tinged dystopian sci-fi, pulsing with cosmic horror just beneath the skin.
The Gifted Society
A YA dark academia fantasy about a girl set with the task of saving her best friend from becoming a secret society's sacrifice.
The Stag Brothers Romance Series 5th Anniversary Editions
4 steamy, contemporary romance novels in special edition paperbacks, plus ebooks and custom swag from a USA Today bestselling author
The Diviner's Trilogy Omnibus: Fantasy Romance Hardcover
A complete epic trilogy featuring enemies to lovers, wicked sorcerers, scheming courtiers, and fierce heroines.
The Immortal Voices: Luxe Omnibus Hardcovers
Animal sidekicks, found family, slowburn romance and more! Enter the hidden world of the Pyx in all new illustrated hardcovers.
Tales of Akatsuki: Special Edition Hardcovers
Enemies to lovers, arranged marriages, and star-crossed lovers meets anime and fairy tale influences in these three standalone novels.
Of Fire & Fae Exclusive Illustrated Omnibus
A complete romantic fantasy series with fae, dragons, epic worldbuilding, forbidden romance, enemies to lovers, and family sagas.
The Dragon Saga Luxe Hardcovers
An Epic Fantasy Romance with a smoldering slow burn enemies to lovers, elemental magic & found family inspired by InuYasha and Avatar.
Mystics and Mayhem Exclusive Hardcovers!
Get your special editions of Paranormal Romance series: Broken Court, Luna Marked, Scorned by Blood, and Fated to the Wolf today!
Funding three novels by Keith R.A. DeCandido, Aaron Rosenberg, & Ef Deal
Pride Street: Soft-Boiled Corgi Detectives
A cozy mystery series with two charming men, two adorable corgis, and a ghost! Queer as all get out, with a dash of paranormal fun.
Book IV of the Post-Self cycle, a futuristic exploration of identity and the impacts of technology
Pulp: Monsters
Science-fiction / fantasy adventures starring your favorite classic monsters!
Weak and Mighty: Book 2 of the Acrabha Stone Series
Mysteries unfold as a young outcast runs from enemies and a prophecy. His deadly guardian sleepwalks to his side if he strays too far.
Blocked 5th Anniversary Special Edition Hardcover
A Forbidden Love Fake Relationship Hockey Romance—Completely Re-edited Exclusive EXTRA SPICY Edition and Dust Jacket + NSFW artwork!
Once Upon a Winter's Spell
Time Travel. Ancient Spells. Secrets. Romance across centuries. Get an early copy of Kathryn Kaleigh’s brand new time travel novel.
An epic science fiction and science fantasy book series - King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table in space
The Great Weather Diviner - A Novel About A Groundhog
We're reimagining the story of world's greatest weather predictor.
The First Ancestor: Book 2 of Ranger of the Titan Wilds
The illustrated sequel to The Last Ranger. Book 2 of an epic fantasy series of archery, sorcery, and titans. Book 1 also available!
Post Apocalyptic Sci-fi Audiobook: Angel from the Rust
In a distant-future Earth turned medieval, a fugitive musician must defeat a tyrannical false god -- a Sword-and-Circuitry story
The Interstellar Trials: Two Sci Fi Adventure Novels
Her life is a crime. To survive, she'll steal another. Support the first two books in a brand-new space opera series.
Moon Marked: 3 EXCLUSIVE werewolf urban fantasy hardcovers
Werewolves. Japanese fox shifters. Magic, mystery, adventure, and romance by a USA Today bestselling author!
Prelude to the Shards Kickstarter Collector's Edition
Over 200 years of peace is about to be shattered, but our heroes have their own problems
Cursed Wolf: A Foiled Hardcover Limited Collector's Edition
An Urban Fantasy Adventure. Shifter Forrest has been trapped in her wolf form for years… What will happen when she finally turns back?
Tales of Major Holmes & Captain Watson: Short-fic collection
A collection of short fiction pieces plus the lim. edition trade paperback of the comic book series, set in Arthur Conan Doyle's world!
The Cheese Café Cozy Mysteries: hardcovers, ebooks, recipes
A cozy mystery series set on a Canadian island featuring a cheese café, an enthusiastic gourmand club, and a determined amateur sleuth.
The Poisoned Pawn - A Sherlock Holmes Adventure
A quiet morning at Baker Street is thrown into turmoil by Inspector Lestrade who informs Holmes a man's body has been discovered.
200% SKRÄCK!
Två nya titlar från Swedish Zombie som breddar och kompletterar utgivningen av samtida svensk skräck.
The Book of Blue Daggers - A Novel
Facing certain death from a rare disease, an obsessive female thief seeks a mysterious cure from a book with a mind of its own.
The Recollections of Sherlock Holmes
Ten more traditional Sherlock Holmes stories from Arthur Hall
Kingdom of Curses and Shadows Collector Edition Omnibus
An enemies-to-lovers, quirky YA fantasy series with mysterious magic, fast-paced adventure, witty banter, and girl power. ⚔️Make100🖤
Effigest Illustrated Hardcover: A Western Fantasy
Saddle up for a tale of fierce outlaws, reluctant heroes, loyal pegasi, and magic. (Make 100 Project)
Dragon Soup
A new whimsical fantasy novel with magic, dragons, and, oh, silly bureaucracy
Forbidden Library Jan/Feb Book Box
Forbidden Library proudly presents Alexa H. Michaels as our debut author for our Jan/Feb box.
Ascendant: A Story of Valor
A dark epic fantasy novel of betrayal, hope, and the valor of man's heart.
Emily wants another hardcover.
And it's her birthday! Get your queer, quiet fantasy bardstale of dragons and plant magic: Inkbloom by your favorite vegan, E.D.E. Bell
THE RUMBA OF THE BEAST: The new novel by Ian Jarvis
The fifth in the humorous series of supernatural mysteries featuring the modern Sherlock Holmes, Bernie Quist and his assistant Watson
habitats magazine : optimistic science fiction.
A brand-new science-fiction magazine of uplifting short stories and illustrations about the future of life across the universe.
Sul: From Gold to Iron & Rust - an illustrated fantasy novel
Help fund book 1 in a new epic fantasy series. With illustrations by Jacqui Davis and Katy Grierson
The Halloween Tales
A collection of short horror stories for your Halloween night.
The Gargoyle & Sorceress Universe: 13 High Fantasy Novels.
Gargoyles and demigods clash against evil. Can this unlikely cast of characters master their powers in time to save the three realms?
Sherlock Holmes and The Unmasking of the Whitechapel Horror
Holmes, Watson and Chief Inspector Frederick Abberline solve the unmasking, arrest, trial and execution of the real Jack The Ripper.
Streams to Ashes and the Award Winning Ian's Realm Saga
Portal travel, magic, and dragons. All seven books and the final adventure of this epic fantasy series
A Dinosaur Action and Adventure novel!
Dragons of Isentol Special Edition Hardbacks
A tale of dragons, magic, and a rebellion against tyranny.
ResAliens Zine Returns!
After a 10 year hiatus, the groundbreaking magazine of spiritually infused speculative fiction is back with a brand new issue!
Avalon Summer AND Gates to Illvelion
In Avalon Summer, Sarah discovers an old fantasy novel with uncanny connections to her own life. Gates to Illvelion IS that novel.
Twilight Frost
From bestselling author, Kathryn Kaleigh, two new historical fantasy time travel romances full of love and danger in the old west.
Sea Dragon: three ocean fantasy novels (exclusive hardcover)
Her song is magic, but she's in trouble deeper than ever. Join half-siren Lune in books filled with myths, magic, the sea, and dragons.
Memory Lane: A Sweet Contemporary Romance Novel
I'm celebrating the upcoming release of Memory Lane's paperback and ebook with a campaign aimed at creating its audiobook!
A Threat of Shadows: Signed Deluxe Edition Hardcover
A deluxe, signed, limited edition hardcover of the first book in the bestselling epic fantasy series The Keeper Chronicles.
Sherlock Holmes and The Case of the Green Dragon
1891 - A battle of wits between Holmes and Professor Moriarty.
BOOK: The Silence, The Series and The Season of Sungwoo
The baseball season of 2014 was incredible. Chris Kamler takes the reader through all of it from a viral visit to the World Series.
Realms of Power: Urban Fantasy Exclusive Hardcover Omnibus
A five book series about two fierce enemies forced to become allies to save the realms from ancient evils mistakenly unleashed...
Economics and feminism: Two zines about bicycling
Good writing about bikes that fits in your pocket and changes the world.
A Kickstarter’s Guide to Kickstarter
A Kickstarter’s Guide is an ebook that looks at what it takes to launch a creative project online.
The Hundred Halls - Contemporary Fantasy: Hardcover Edition
Bestselling Contemporary Fantasy Hundred Halls Series is Offering Hardcover and Audiobook Editions for the First Time
Cadence & Slang: Second Edition
A very small book about interaction design, completely revised and updated. Fund the printing costs for its second edition!
BLACK MARKS: Special 5th Anniversary Edition
An EXCLUSIVE edition of the beloved WEREWOLF thriller...with extra scenes, and all new cover art.
Pedal, Stretch, Breathe: A zine about bicycling and yoga
An illustrated bike yoga zine with exercises, breathing, and philosophy for cyclists and yoga practitioners alike. By Kelli Refer!
Bikenomics and the Dinner & Bikes Tour
I wrote Bikenomics: How Bicycling Can Save the Economy. Now I'm taking it on tour with a vegan chef & documentary filmmaker.
Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Vol 1: Fund. Algorithms
The first in a series of books to teach Artificial Intelligence with a gentle approach to mathematics.
I Finally Quit - "Recruiting an Army of Quitters" Book
Want to help yourself, loved one(s), friend(s), or humanity develop better habits? Then back this project now. Get more info below...
STAND UP Against the School Shooting Epidemic
A story of surviving a school shooting weaved into a history of gun violence in our schools & ways to find resolution in the aftermath.
BikeSexuality: True tales of bicycling and desire
Contributors from around the world explore the many facets of love, lust, and sexual identity -- by bicycle.
You Will Not Be Forgotten
This creative nonfiction book tells the stories of people who were slaves on a plantation & also detail the writer's research process.
Alt.Kilt: Building a Kilt for Your Build
Learn the history of Alt.Kilt and take a photo journey with us as we show you how each kilt is handmade to your specifications.
Triumph Over Toothpicks (First of a new business book genre)
This business book tells the truth about doing business in the digital age. It is a highly visual, fast, fun relevant & empowering read
Vanishing Act: A Glimpse into Cambodia's World of Magic
Chronicling the lives and rituals of Cambodia's sorcerers and mystics, from every corner of the kingdom.
Courtship in Crisis by Thomas Umstattd Jr.
For many, kissing dating goodbye meant saying "hello" to lifelong singleness. It is time to fix courtship.
Publishing Fred Rivera's Raw Man
This is all about courage and valor, humility and humanity, tragedy and triumph.
Taking the Lane 6: Lines on the Map
The latest and greatest zine in the series Taking the Lane hones in on the emotional impact and impetus of bicycling.
Remain Free:A Journey Through Life and Death with Troy Davis
The story of Troy Davis, executed in 2011 despite serious evidence of innocence, told by a teenager who knew him.
FORKS: Three Years. Five Continents. One Motorcycle.
An around-the-world adventure with stunning photos, tasty recipes and inspiring stories all wrapped into a beautiful coffee table book
CodeDog - bogen som lærer børn at programmere
Bogen giver piger og drenge inspiration og lyst til at programmere - og støtter deres forældre i at hjælpe dem.
WPC Book 1: What do we do about inequality?
The Wicked Problems Collaborative is an experiment that looks to improve discourse & drive progress around wicked problems.
Pass the Cicerone Exams with the Beer Scholar Study Guides
You're already spending plenty to take the Cicerone exams, get the Beer Scholar study guides to ensure that you crush the test!
Fog on Fire
When homeless, Caleb rode with his cat, by bicycle, through CA, OR, ID, and WA. This book tells the epic journey that changed his life.
Artificial Intelligence for Humans, Vol 3: Deep Learning/NN
This book will present deep belief and neural networks. Learn this exciting new technology in a mathematically gentle manner.
Young author dreams of giving out 100,000 of his books! :)
I'm Daniel Wallock, a young award-winning author who was born with 7 life-threatening heart conditions. I dream of sharing my stories.
Waiting for Peace
A WWII Combat Medic's experience comes to life through his journals, correspondence with family and friends, and historical documents.
Dig In Your Heels - A Breast Cancer Memoir
What do you do when you are young, ambitious, and determined and you find out you have breast cancer? You pray and DIG IN YOUR HEELS!
Art of the Christian Ninja (Devotional Book)
Art of the Christian Ninja is more than a devotional book. It's a partnership between art and writing, meditation and practice.
BodyWHealth, Journey to Abundance
Unlock empowering links between body, mind, and emotion to become the best possible you.
Zolo Neurotico in Canada: A Multimedia Guidebook/Travelogue
We're gathering material for a multimedia travelogue and guidebook to seeing Canada with a slightly neurotic dog.
[ours] Hyper-Localization of Sustainable Architecture
[ours] A groundbreaking book exploring new regional archetypes in 21st century sustainable architecture.
kiwi CRAFT a Guide to NZ Craft Beer
A guide to Kiwi beer, breweries, brewers and beer regions.
The Will of Heroes
The Unbelievable True Stories of Will From the World's Greatest Successes.
Enciclopedia Deiknumena
The Enciclopedia Deiknumena is an idiosyncratic bilingual toy theater encyclopedia published every three months in 50 volumes.
Bowie + Kraftwerk inspired Synthpop, the 80s + The Future
How David Bowie, Kraftwerk and cheap synths displaced rock'n'roll, changed what it meant to be "in a band" and invented Modern Pop:
The Zen Habits Book
A book about mastering the art of change — how to change habits & deal with life changes, frustrations with others, and more.
Diner Porn USA: The Book
We want to record America’s diners in print. We hope you’ll be a part of it.
Seep City — San Francisco Water Explorations Book & Map
History of SF's hidden springs, creeks & waterways plus recent water explorations. Get the map! Help publish the guide book!
Lights, Coma, Action!
A book to tell the story of who I was (LIGHTS), how I sustained a serious brain injury (COMA), and my strong recovery (ACTION!).
Crate Digger: An Obsession with Punk Records
A behind-the-scenes look at underground punk history, with stories about Jello Biafra, Black Flag, the Dead Boys, Raw Power, and more.
Descartes' Meditations, Bro
Rene Descartes' founding work of modern philosophy retold in its entirety by Philosophy Bro
Independent By Design: Art & Stories of Indie Game Creation
A unique insight into the stories and artistry of today's most pioneering indie game developers, delivered as a luxury hardcover book.
Space at the Table
An evangelical father and his gay son tell their story and show us how to live a radical new kind of love and acceptance.
The Bitmap Brothers: Universe
A unique and lavishly produced history of the visionary British software house, created by videogame history publisher Read-Only Memory
Commodore: The Amiga Years book
A beautiful hardcover book chronicling the Commodore Amiga years. First hand interviews, inspiring stories, and lots of laughs.
Crossing Swords - the Battle for the Soul of Marriage - Book
A comparative biographical story focused on two sides of an 1870s American marriage debate during the early women's rights movement
The William Sloane Coffin Sermon Archive Project
The digital publication of a unique archive of sermons Coffin preached while senior minister at Riverside Church, NYC from 1977-1987
The Big Roundtable
The Big Roundtable publishes stories that need to be told.
Denver Parks & Playgrounds
A guide book to over 500 playgrounds & parks in metro Denver. Includes GPS-enabled smartphone app.
Pedal, Stretch, Breathe: The Yoga of Bicycling
Kelli Refer's popular zine is becoming an even more useful, charming, and inspiring book!
Print Matte Resist's new book "How & Why"
Matte Resist's first book explores advanced DIY projects from building shelves and fixing your bike to solar power and building musical instruments.
The Magazine: The Complete Archives Ebook
We're making an ebook of the almost 300 articles that appeared in The Magazine over its two-year run and planning another publication.
Homesweet Homegrown!
A simple DIY guide to growing, storing, and making your own food, , no matter where you live.
Our Bodies, Our Bikes!
The fifth volume of feminist bike zine Taking the Lane. Inspiring essays and stories about our bikes & our bodies.
Our Bodies, Our Bikes
Essays, resources, and personal stories at the intersection of bicycling and women's health.
Derby Life: Stories, Advice & Wisdom about Roller Derby
Everything you ever wanted to know about roller derby between two covers.
A 'coffee table' book celebrating 30 years of Fighting Fantasy, the publishing phenomenon created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.
SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis: Collected Works
The ultimate retrospective of the SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis. A documentary art book by Read-Only Memory.
A Lucky Life
A photographer lends his voice to his dog, who recounts his narrow escape from death, then settles the question: Who rescued who?
Pre-order My New Book: Who Am I?
This campaign will allow you to pre-order the first edition of this book, signed by the author. Help make this project a reality!
You Don't Need a Travel Agent :: How-to book your own travel
Whether you are wanting to book a one-way airfare online, or organize a 3 month, 12 stop complex itinerary - this book is for you!
The Freedom Journal: Accomplish Your #1 Goal in 100 Days
This PREMIUM faux-leather planner will guide you in setting & accomplishing your #1 goal in 100 days. Begin YOUR journey to freedom!
WordRates & PitchLab: Fixing Journalism since mid-2015
A publishing platform for journalists to share payment structures, rate editors and sell pitches.
Culture of the Few: Following Jesus. Transforming Culture.
Help launch the Culture of the Few, a new book by Brad McKoy written for people who want to follow Jesus and change the world.
The Golden Flower: a book on dreaming and astral mastery.
A hard cover, limited edition book teaching shamanic dreaming, astral projection, and higher plane voyaging. A real doorway to Freedom.
The Relationship Repair Game
An experiential, multi-purpose, conflict resolution toolkit that effectively guides you through difficult moments in relationships.
Agnostic-ish: My Search for Faith in a Scientific World
I wrote some words about my journey through science, religion, and the world in between. Want to check them out?
Pandeism: An Anthology
A diverse collection of articles being completed by authors from all over the world on the fascinating theological theory of Pandeism.
Walking with Ramona: Exploring Beverly Cleary's Portland
A walking (or biking) guide by Laura O. Foster to the streets, homes, schools, and history that inspired the beloved children's books.
Walk Serbia: 900km, One Misunderstood Country & Two Books
Kevin Shannon walked 900km across Serbia. Now he needs you to help breathe life into the book!
PIE Cookbook: An open source guide for startup accelerators
Building a startup accelerator is hard. That's why PIE wants to open source its learnings. So anyone can build one for their community.
Making Room for Good Trouble
Microcosm is an independent, punk-inspired book publisher. We're about to turn 20. This is our story.
The Straight Up Food Cookbook
Delicious and easy plant-based cooking without salt, oil or sugar!
My Creative (Side) Business: A Guide for Freelancers
An insightful guide to help you setup a creative freelance business with multiple income streams.
En liten groggpraktika
Hjälp mig skriva historia genom att trycka den första boken som bara och endast handlar om grogg.
NEW Life Changing POWER OF POSITIVE IMAGES show the science behind the power of images is so simple it is being overlooked.
Synchronicity: Stories of Courage, Love & Everyday Magic
A book written to inspire you to face your fears, follow your intuition, and find love within.
Saga of the Samurai 6 - Shingen The Last Campaign
Saga of the Samurai - Shingen The Last Campaign, The Kai Takeda 6 (1569-1573)
JANX - Journals to relieve anxiety everyday
Journals, designed to assist in making self expression and anxiety-reducing strategies a daily habit. Get yours now ...
The Heart of A Caregiver My journey of caring for my husband
The Heart of A Caregiver book will inspire those who need it most. Caring for a loved one is tough but it brings great rewards.
Real Food Less Fuss
Much more than just a cook book. The ultimate time saving guide to simplify your life, eat mindfully and feel amazing every day!
Operación Transformer
El libro para aprender a controlar tu cuerpo y cambiar tu vida
Tell it Well Book - Discover, Own and Share Your Story Well
Discover what your story is. Use it to find common ground and engage in conversations about faith with grace, confidence, authenticity.
A Guidebook to Self(i.e.) Love - Self-help, LGBT book
A LGBT self-help guidebook touching on everything from coming out to relationships, battles with self-esteem, and lifes ups-and-downs.
Joy-Based Living Beginner's Guide
How to create your own Joy-Based Living Empowerment Group: An incubator for your radiant self.
#InItTogether: The Beautiful Struggle Uniting Us All
My dream is for people to be free, be heard, and feel loved. Help me realize my dream and write my most inspiring book ever.
The Field Study Handbook
Travel anywhere, make sense of the world, and make a difference.
Gems of Delight
Journey from busyness to pausing, harshness to compassion, and disconnection to sacred connection with the book "Gems of Delight."
How to Prepare for Everything
Preparing for a few disruptions will prepare you for any disaster. Prepare for disruptions. Prepare together. Prepare for EVERYTHING.
The Caregiving Husband
// Ten lessons I have learned so far...
Chopping Wood Freedom Collective.
Chopping Wood is a three part transformational resource for those impacted by pornography and sexual addiction.
PUSH TURN MOVE - the book about electronic music instruments
Meet the artists, designers, makers and their instruments in this new book and see how they have shaped the world of electronic music.
Life Off the Label
Big Business has us hooked on fake food and drugs. Being healthy isn't normal anymore. Learn how to create your own brand of wellness.
A funny, stylish, non-terrifying parenting book that will revolutionize the way bad-ass women everywhere are welcomed into motherhood.
The Light of Deaf Women: Inspirational Stories
Stories, wisdom, advice, and inspiration from noteworthy and honorary women who happen to be Deaf, all across America to inspire others
Mating in Captivity: A Memoir
How a Harvard grad joined a cult, learned its mating rituals, endured exile, and – finally – mated in the wild.
Essays on Product Management
A book of my essays on Product Management, including ten new essays. The essays will be categorized into connecting themes.
Hands On: the Original Digital
A collection of reporting on type, printing, and punctuation by Glenn Fleishman, letterpress printed by him in a limited edition book.
The Mastery Journal by John Lee Dumas
A step-by-step guide to mastering productivity, discipline and focus in 100 days!
Freestyle Focus Group: Learn To Freestyle Rap Book
Learn to freestyle rap and build your community with our book of exercises gathered from our seven years of weekly workshops.
A Vision of Revival for College Campuses
A book about seeing revival on college campuses & communities.
Microcosm's Spring: Fix Your Clothes, Guts, and Community
Our Spring season is full of self-empowering books, including fermentation, feminism, punk, bicycling, sewing, and comics journalism.
50 Shades of Blonde Book
50 daft things my wife has messed up during the last few years all put together in a hilarious book for you all to enjoy.
YOU-NICORN: A 30-day workbook to find your inner unicorn
YOU-NICORN: A 30-day illustrated workbook to find your inner unicorn and start living the life you love.
How Not To Kill Yourself
A Survival Guide for Imaginative Pessimists by Set Sytes: Because staying alive is a radical act.
Order from Chaos: Build a Good Life With Adult ADHD
Part self-help memoir, part quick-start guide. Let's banish the shame and get it together. From the writer behind The ADHD Homestead.
Visualizing Change: A data-driven snapshot of our world
A collection of powerful visuals showing how the world is changing. Infographic book diving into tech, markets, and the global economy.
Coming of Age with Chronic Illness & Mental Health
This book is about chronic illness, mental health, and other things that can happen while growing up.
Brighton's Seaside - A People's History
Seaside lives - work, leisure, love and politics - compiled from QueenSpark's archives, alongside new contributions.
Movement After Paralysis - Pilates for Spinal Cord Injury
Traditional rehab for paralysis recovery doesn’t work. This is our solution packaged in a training manual for movement professionals.
Only Good News
'Only Good News' provides keys to help us step out of the shame of religion and into the Savior's arms of grace and freedom.
Unfuck Your Brain: Using Science to Work Through Your Shit
Stretch goal: at $40k, all backers will get the audiobook and worksheets!
Short Hair Detention
Story with intimate details of suffering, love, friendship, and spiritual experiences of a young girl surviving the Cambodian genocide
Making Weight & Everything Else: Nutrition Book for Fighters
The ultimate nutrition guide for combat sport athletes (Judo, MMA, Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu, Taekwondo, Boxing etc.).
Freed From Shame: Addressing Mental Illness in the Church
A book about the experiences of Christians living with mental health issues, and what churches can do to understand and support them.
Marketing para Imbéciles
Con mucho humor y amor, “Marketing para Imbéciles” es una recopilación paso a paso de todo lo que necesitas para emprender.
Help Publish this Book: Birth Your Story
Help publish a book about writing to remember, process, heal and honor your birth experience.
Clipped Wings
Hear some stories of survival
Boss Fight Books: Season 4 - Creator Access Edition
Great books on classic video games. Final Fantasy V, Shovel Knight, NBA Jam, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Postal.
Practical Node.js Book, 2nd Edition, Open-Sourced on GitHub
Support to read for FREE online, learn modern Node stack, influence the book, watch VIDEOS, promote brand and get on-site training
UFOs, Contact and our Future in Space—Marshall Vian Summers
Publish, print and spread the newest book of The New Message from God on contact, the Alien Intervention and our future in the space
The Relational God
A book about our identities as children, spouses, siblings and parents and what the commands for those relationships teach us about God
Publish the newest edition of two LMS bestselling books!
Help republish two awesome books about learning management systems. Get the print and ebook versions, your name in the book, and more!
Stories While They Waited 2
A collection of short stories written in the street for the requests of strangers.
Paleo for Unicorns: Eat the Patriarchy
Amy Subach's funny, bikey, family-friendly, feminist cookbook for busy people on fussy diets.
The Book of Collaboration: Unleash the Power of Your Team!
Learn HOW to unlock innovation. Our series of books is about life-changing, scientifically proven methods for engaging people!
Top Performer Journal: Your sidekick to sales success
A powerful daily planner to help you develop the strategy, mindset and daily habits to become a top performer in sales.
Anomaly: How To Finally Standout From the Crowd
A book that provides proven methods and techniques to turn heads, be memorable, and become the anomaly!
Commodore: The Final Years book
The final book in the Commodore Amiga trilogy. Detailed research and refined writing in a quality hardcover binding.
Catching Your Breath: The Sacred Journey from Chaos to Calm
Steve Austin is creating a powerful new resource for people who are desperate not to feel so desperate any longer.
To Catch the Rain
A book of inspiring stories of communities coming together to harvest the rain, and how you can do it too!
Bok om dokumenterade mirakler
Det finns många exempel på vetenskapligt oförklarliga tillfrisknanden efter bön. Det är dags att vi börjar prata om det.
Portland Stair Walks
Explore the public stairways of Portland, Oregon with Laura O. Foster's walking guide.
Thai Font Poster
There are hundreds of Thai fonts used in Thailand. This poster displays 20 unique fonts side-by-side. All fonts also free to download.
Hidden Gaming Gems - Video Game Review Book, All Consoles!!!
Hidden Gaming Gems is a review book covering every generation of video games, from 2600 to Switch, focusing on under-appreciated games!
Let Go: A 10-Year Celebration
The first ever special print edition of this life-changing story, plus once-in-a-lifetime experiences for aspiring entrepreneurs.
A People's Guide to Publishing: Build Your Own Media Empire
An accessible, unconventional guide to the business and art of publishing books that matter.
Echoes of Silence
A publication to destigmatize mental health, modeled after Daniel Jackson's Portraits of Resilience, for the Cornell community.
A Cage for One: Memoir of a Teenage Life
A story of hope and resilience against overwhelming odds.
Vagina Diary #5
An illustrated book series about a young woman and her vagina
What About Tomorrow?: An Oral History of Russian Punk
From the Soviet era to Pussy Riot, Alexander Herbert gives us a gritty look at an embattled dissident subculture
From Chaos to Creativity
Jessie L. Kwak's guide to getting things done for creative people who want to make art AND make a living
Coping Skills: Tools & Techniques for Stressful Times
Dr. Faith offers a new framework and skills for coping with life's stress, anxiety, trauma, grief, and reading the news.
The Complete Side Hustle and Entrepreneur Masterclass
Start a business, invest & be an entrepreneur with an e-degree from instructors featured on Harvard & Mashable. Make cash from home!
Humans of St. Louis: The Book
Humans of St. Louis is self-publishing a curated hardcover book of first-person portraits and stories about St. Louisans.
Polar Eskimo
An account of a young polar traveller's time living with the hunters of the Far North. Adventures, cultures and future struggles.
Chassepot to FAMAS: French Military Rifles, 1866 – 2016
A reference guide for historians, enthusiasts, and collectors alike.
How To Invent Everything: The Time Traveler's Guide
Could you rebuild civilization, all alone in the past? Probably not. Not unless you brought this book and bandana with you, that is.
When God Wrecks Your Romance
Orthodox Faith, Unorthodox Story
Street Journalist: Understand & Report the News Around You
Media activist Lisa Loving teaches you the skills and ethics of reporting on what matters.
The wisdom behind emotion and feeling - a self-help book
A conscious living manual that explains difficult human topics in a fresh and accessible way. Feel supported and inspired! (hardcover).
Thai Alphabet Cards - Improved & Expanded
Thai Alphabet Cards 2nd Edition will include IPA transcription, more fonts, example words, mnemonics, and expand from 77 to 108 cards.
Lupita's Misadventures Across Canada
A travel novel about an exciting cross-country adventure.
Sur La Route Le Livre - Plus de 40 personnalités inspirantes
Dans ce livre, retrouvez 40 expériences de personnalités inspirantes qui vous racontent leurs secrets pour entreprendre positivement
Tripping out of Tel Aviv Hiking Book
You're ready to hike but have no car? Solved! For the first time, a hiking book using public transportation in central Israel.
Cookbook: Field Guide to PuPus, Tidbits & Exotic Provisions
Tiki Lindy's Field Guide to PuPus, Tidbits & Exotic Provisions: an adventure and cookbook in one!
Renovation & History of 1941 Volkswagen Beetle
Self-published book about restoration & history of the oldest serially produced KdF (VW) Typ 60L from 1941
The Birth Deck
50 Ways to Comfort a Woman in Labor
Karma - Anleitung zum Glücklichsein | Book about happiness
Wie wir Karma&positives Denken einsetzen um ein glücklicheres Leben zu führen. - How we use karma&positive thinking for a happy life.
A book that collects true stories about finding your people on the untamed internet.
Parallel Lives: Four Seasons in the French Pyrenees
A travel book about our family's experience of living in the French Pyrenees.
The Reflection Ritual Journal
A beautifully designed journal created to help people live better stories through intentional reflection & dreaming!
Help us publish this book before the lavender crop comes in!
We've put together a beautiful and handy little book with over 35 different crafts, recipes, and projects that center on lavender.
Design into 3D: a book of customizable project designs
A book of customizable projects for making with a CNC machine or by hand using traditional woodworking techniques.
7 Classics on War and Politics - New Modern Edition
New modern edition of seven classics of politics and military strategy - We want to make classical works more accessible.
Friending: Making and Maintaining Adult Friendships
Build and strengthen close, authentic friendships with Gina Handley Schmitt's kind, expert help.
A BOOK ABOUT SYDNEY'S LEGENDARY 1970s SEX, DRUGS & ROCK N ROLL HQ by Craig Griffiths with a foreword by Glenn A Baker
The Minimal Geography Atlas
A book full of fascinating maps to arouse your curiosity. A Make/100 project.
Red Wine and Arepas - Book on Venezuelan Football & Society
A book on Venezuelan football, featuring exclusive interviews from those in the game, exploring culture, society, and politics.
The #LDR Activity Book: for couples ~ inspired by distance
A fun and interactive activity book crafted for couples in long-distance relationships or those often separated by distance ✈️
Recipes for a Zesty Life
A health & wellness book
Into adventure and sunshine
Travelling behind the lines of World War Two
King James Bible - Lion Edition
Re-discover the King James Bible bound by hand using goatskin leather. New layout design with defined archaic terms and illustrations.
Thai Fresh Cookbook
Beloved Recipes from a South Austin Icon
Fried Chicken is Awesome – Self-help with a difference
Finding YOUR way in a world gone mad. A practical guide to self-improvement. A book about what might just work.
Raising Body Confident Kids
A practical workbook for parents
Paws to Comfort
Dogs are great comforters. Humans can be too. Learn how with this thoughtful and beautiful guide.
100 Stories of Cancer
1 book. 100 personal stories of people affected by cancer. Created by Helena Traill.
Without Apology: The Abortion Struggle Now
Help launch this indispensable guide to the fight for reproductive freedom
Teaching Resistance: Radicals in the Classroom - the book!
A new book by activist educators from around the world who are transforming educational spaces and fighting for genuine change.
The Switch Collector: Year One
The Essential Nintendo Switch Collector's Book! The goal is to cover every game released starting with year one plus lots of bonuses!
Break Kickstarter: Unf*ck Your Boundaries & Consent
A new book on healthy human interactions from Dr. Faith Harper, the author of Unf*ck Your Brain. Priced on a sliding scale!
Unf*ck Your Worth: Get over financial anxiety and hangups
Dr. Faith helps you work through all your emotional baggage around earning, spending, having, and not having money. Support #ksrunited!
Why Are You Still Sending Your Kids to School?
the case for helping them leave, chart their own paths, and prepare for adulthood at their own pace
Nobody Tells You...
From Piles to Postnatal Depression. 100 truths about pregnancy, birth and parenthood.
Make 100: Project Gemini - The Familiarization Manual
The original Gemini Familiarization Manual restored and reprinted in various editions.
Better Lucky Than Good
A book richly documenting the backside of Churchill Downs, home of the Kentucky Derby, written by the people who work there.
Dear Sister: Nonfiction book
“Dear Sister” is a paper and ink care package for women.
Detox Your Place: Room-by-Room Remedies for Nontoxic Living
Meadow Shadowhawk's guide to a cleaner, safer, cozier home, from small apartments to family houses.
The Literary Handyman: Build-A-Book Workshop
A front-to-back guide reviewing what goes into professional book design, geared toward self-publishing authors and small presses.
"Higher Wisdom" Parenting Oracle Cards
A deck of 52 Parenting Oracle Cards beautifully boxed up with a 120 page guidebook.
The Magicians DND book 3rd Edition
The Magicians Tabletop Roleplaying Game Guide is now in need of update with more lore from the (last) season of the tv show!
Make 100: VANISH (limited-edition book)
A limited-edition book about making things disappear.
Make 100: Physics Atlas 1889
Rescuing an amazing 19th-century book
Your Guide to Japan
A practical Japan travel guide book that's genuinely useful.
The handbook on no-code and low-code tools for non-techies
Build-It-Yourself: How no-code and low-code tools enables everyone to create their own digital workplace
Five Fabulous Activities for Your Math Circle
A guidebook for teachers, parents, and math circle leaders.
SIGNALS: Charting the Direction of the Global Economy
A bold new book project from Visual Capitalist
A book about honoring Christ and living out the Gospel in the season of pregnancy.
in a Dark Purple
To be born is destiny. But, is remaining alive a privilege?
The Road Chose Me Vol 2: Three years and 54k miles in Africa
The book detailing my circumnavigation of Africa.
The Happiness Formula Book
How to free yourself from emotional pain and find joy in your daily life
The Last Pyramid : A full colour adventure game puzzle book
A full colour puzzle book with a variety of puzzles, including interactive ones.
Vivir de mi libro
Cómo autopublicar un solo libro y jubilarte en menos de un año.
Homegrown by Father & Son. A book by John & Pip Burton-Race
Chef John Burton-Race & his son Pip want to publish their book to inspire families to grow & cook their own food and live sustainably.
Working Class History, the Book
The first book by WCH, celebrating centuries of protest, strikes, uprisings and revolutions around the world, every day of the year.
Resource Book to Heal From Trauma & Stop Self Sabotage
This book serves as a practical guide to healing through self mastery. Master(ing) Peace takes you on a journey of self exploration.
How to Be Accountable: Take Responsibility, Change Behavior
Improve your boundaries and habits, and transform your relationships with the help of Dr. Faith Harper and Joe Biel
Quit Your Day Job: A DIY business guide for creatives
Eleanor Whitney's book and workbook guide creatives through business, marketing, and money skills. Make a living, live your dreams!
The Fights We Fought Have Brought Us Here
Ten young writers from Muhammad Ali's alma mater write about the fights they've fought that have brought them to where they are today.
Dreamcast: Year Two - Unofficial Book
The unofficial story of the highs, lows and discontinuation of Sega’s final console
Vagabondess: A Guide to Solo Female Travel
A book for women - and all people! - who want to travel solo, face their fears, and live the adventure of their dreams.
Like a Hurricane
An Unofficial Oral History of Street Fighter II
Math You Can Play
Help your child learn while having fun together. Build skills! Develop confidence! Crush math anxiety!
The Blank Canvas, A Memoir
How I Reinvented My Life After Prison
My Life In Lasers: a dance music memoir
Outrageous stories and essential lessons from the world of electronic music.
Home Bar Basics (and Not-So-Basics) Book, 3rd Edition
10th anniversary refresh: new and expanded with over 200 recipes for cocktails, sodas, syrups, cordials, liqueurs, and infused spirits.
My Heart's Content
One woman's journey to a life-saving heart transplant
The Periodic Table of Brilliant Women and Girls
The Periodic Table of Brilliant Women and Girls is a Poster of amazing, inspiring people - who you may not yet have heard of...
Start a business in 90 days without quitting your job (yet)
Working freedom and a happier life with one smart task per day - get your 90-Days-Coaching and book now! (German or English)
Liber Khthonia
A Contemporary Witchcraft and Devotional Tradition of Hekate
Golden Age Politics
Inspired, ethical politics for a peaceful, thriving world
42: the wildly improbable ideas of Douglas Adams
A full colour, large format hardback, featuring never-seen-before extracts from Douglas's extraordinary archive.
The Gift of the Self
a book with a vision of God totally centered around the idea of giving a gift
MUTED – Musicians Under Lockdown
A 140 page colour hardback containing the words and photographic portraits of 103 musicians at home during lockdown and on stage before
Bang! Masturbation for People of All Genders & Abilities
Vic Liu's book on how to shamelessly enjoy solo sex. Now unlocking enamel pin stretch goals!
Autism Relationships Handbook
Advice for autistic folks on dating, sex, relationships, and friendships in this new book from Dr. Faith Harper & Joe Biel
Dissolving the Anchor
Untethering Dysphoria and Self-Doubt to Create an Empowered Life
Alltid Före
Hur du designar ditt liv för handlingsfrihet och motståndskraft.
MOXIE ON tour: inspiring women to own their power.
Travel in the MOXIE MOBILE to inspire women to own their power, embrace their MOXIE, and build a #womensupportingwomen world.
Unf#ck Your Body
Dr. Faith is back to talk about the body-brain connection & the physical side of trauma, stress, & mental health
"We Are Here": Inspirational Book of Channeled Messages
Words and Wisdom of the Light Beings Known as "The We People"
A Mother's Guide to Puberty and Menarche as a Sacred Rite of Passage
Creative, Not Famous: The Small Potato Manifesto
Ayun Halliday and friends bring practical inspiration to fellow artists, musicians, writers, actors, dancers, zinesters, and more!
A Book About Canadian Wool and the Shepherds Who Grow It
Stories, photographs and learnings about domestic wool in the first book from indie publisher Nine Ten Publications.
The Reggae Nation: The Global Legacy of Bob Marley
A colourful, one-of-its-kind book about the global legacy, meaning, and impact of legendary reggae group Bob Marley and the Wailers.
Edward S. Curtis: Unpublished Alaska
Photographs and Personal Journals
The Complete Guide to Autonomous Vehicles
A complete easy-to-understand guide to autonomous vehicles for kids... and everyone else!
Quail Party! A beginner's guide to quails
Learn the basics of hatching, raising, and keeping your own flock of quail
The Art of Hand-Drawn Maps 1890
A book that recovers the hand-drawn maps created by a forgotten 19th-century craftsman
The Human Computer — Katherine Johnson's Story
A book celebrating Katherine Johnson, the great African-American mathematician who helped NASA make the space program a success
Bringing Mindfulness to Life
Engaging stories, showing how to live with ease and compassion in these complex times.
The Bullhearted Brand: Building Bullish Restaurant Brands
A book about restaurant branding & marketing strategy, design, & inspiration by Joseph Szala, strategist, designer, podcaster & critic.
Tantric Advaita, Energizing Nonduality
A book and audiovisual project on Tantric Advaita, energizing nonduality for those who 'get it' yet find it hard to keep feeling it.
World-Changing Book: Name That Mouse!
A book to bring the world closer together, with connection, confidence, and leadership.
From Boom Bap to Trap: Hip-Hop's Greatest Producers
The REAL stories behind your favorite music! As told by the beatmakers & architects. The ultimate tribute to hip-hop's producers.
From Diagnosis to Destiny by Jacob "TEN20" Thompson
The story of how a devastating diagnosis is precisely what led Jacob Thompson into finding his purpose. A reminder to keep on fighting.
[lock-on] Volume 003 - A Gaming Journal
A premium gaming journal delivering thought-provoking stories, insightful features and carefully curated art from industry talent.
Unf*ck Your Brain Workbook
Dr. Faith Harper is back with a gigantic, expanded workbook for all your anxiety, stress, trauma, depression, anger, and addiction
Unf#ck Your Writing
Learn to write well and reach readers from bestselling authors Joe Biel & Dr. Faith Harper
The Video Game Console Collector's Field Guide (2nd Edition)
A visual guide to spotting, playing, & collecting video game hardware. Over 1000 unique pieces of gaming hardware from 1972 - present.
30 ans d'histoire des cartes de basket en France de 1991 à aujourd'hui
Parenting Purpose
The book on how to coach up your child to be a successful adult, with a fulfilling career, and a heartfelt sense of purpose.
Unf*ck Your Friendships
Friendship is so f*cking important, and Dr. Faith explains the brain & social science of why, and how to do it better.
From Big Idea to Book: Create a Writing Practice You Enjoy
Develop a process to write books, by Jessie L. Kwak, author of From Chaos to Creativity
Unf*ck Your Oral Sex
Dr. Faith is back with two inclusive, sex-positive books: Unf*ck Your Blow Jobs and Unf*ck Your Cunnilingus
Wine Doors of Florence: Discover the hidden side of Florence
Be the first to own the photography-filled guidebook the reveals an undiscovered feature of Florence, Italy.
An Incomplete History of St. Joseph County, Indiana
This book is a fast-paced thrill ride filled with adventure, laughs, and the remarkable true history of St. Joseph County.
The IC: An Astrology of Coming Home, a book on belonging
New writing from Pallas K. Augustine. Designed by Hugh Tran.
Patchwork: A Recipe Collection
This collection of recipes spans multiple families and generations to create one story.
Under Fire : Blitz Diaries of a Volunteer Ambulance Driver
A gripping account of the hidden impact of war on the home front
Run On, Amy- A Cancer Journey & Love Story
Husband and wife w/ two young children share their daily writings on love, life, family and lung cancer from diagnosis to her passing.
Make 100: Physics 1885
Restoring a forgotten scientific atlas from the 19th century
Woke Parenting: How to Raise Feminist, Anti-Racist Kids
A guide to parenting of kids of all ages, by therapists Dr. Faith Harper and Bonnie Scott. Boundaries, consent and self-respect are key
The Psychology of Pokémon: The Power To Catch 'Em All
A book of original analysis that will explore how psychology is embedded within the Compilation of the Pokémon Series
Building Soup: A Manual with Recipes and Techniques
Building Soup is a cooking manual that teaches thinking beyond the recipe.
To Catch the Sun 🌞
A book of inspiring stories of communities coming together to harness their own solar energy, and how you can do it!
The Underground Project
A Memoir of Hope, Faith, and the American Dream by 'Deji Ayoade
Van's Best Friend
Experience a vagabond's journey through his eyes. Learn about national parks, adventure, and trading a college degree for happiness.
A Gift Book To Start Climate Conversations
A powerful book for people who care about Climate Change to give to people they know who don't get it.
A Visual Guide to Foraging Medicinal Plants in the PNW
A new concept for a learn-by-seeing book that is heavy on authentic photography taken in the field.
Dear Mister Ward: Complaint Letters from the 1930s
A collection of complaint letters from the St Paul office of Montgomery Ward saved by my grandma when she worked there in the 1930s
YOU ARE THE HERO - 40th Anniversary Edition
An interactive history of Fighting Fantasy gamebooks celebrating 40 years of Jackson and Livingstone's The Warlock of Firetop Mountain.
The Practical Witch's Almanac 2023: Infinite Spells
Friday Gladheart is back with the biggest, best annual witchy planner and collection of knowledge yet!
Second Sunrise
The Western States 100-Mile Endurance Run History Book
404 Inklings: Big ideas, pocket-sized books
404 Ink is launching the 2022-23 list of their non-fiction Inklings series, capturing big ideas in bold and brilliant short books.
Beyond Prince Charming
one guy's guide to writing men in romance
Nach Grau kommt Himmelblau: Depression besiegen
Zwei Bücher und ein Kartenspiel erzählen eine bewegende und hoffnungsvolle Reise durch die Depression, die dein Leben verändern wird.
FUNERAL FOR FLACA: a Latinx Book Tour
¡Hola! I'm Emilly Prado, Chicana debut author of Funeral for Flaca. I'm hoping to embark on a book tour of the West with your support.
2024 Novel Marketing Conference
A book marketing conference in Austin, TX, on January 26 & 27, 2024.
Pilgrimage Book: Travel memoir with practical walking tips
Lessons from solo walking the Camino de Santiago, and other ancient routes
Unf*ck Your Business
Get out of your own way and use math & brain science to succeed in business, with help from Dr. Faith Harper and Joe Biel
The Internet Con: How to Seize the Means of Computation
A DRM-free audiobook to halt the internet's enshittification and throw it into reverse (Amazon won't sell it!)
Bloody Brilliant Business Book
The guide to sync your biz and your cycle for easier, productive, spacious, enjoyable, balanced business.
Five Smooth Stones: A Financial Centering Journal
Discover your unique path to build true wealth wisely.
A new edition of Amy Peterson's memoir Dangerous Territory
A powerful memoir that's helped thousands through difficult transitions and faith crises.
Publish the inspiring story of NAU cross country & Flagstaff
How did an underdog team earn SIX national championships---and what can their story spark in you?
40 Best Machine Code Routines for the ZX Spectrum - 2nd Ed
To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the ZX Spectrum, we want to reprint our book, first released in 1983.
Video Games: The People, Games, and Companies
Stage 1: 1979 and Before
The Forest Underground: Hope for a Planet in Crisis
The inspiring story of Tony Rinaudo, "The Forest Maker". A journey of discovery, faith, and hope.
Math Word Problems from Literature — with a Student Workbook
Help children master creative problem solving in elementary to middle school math. Featuring penguins, dragons, and plenty of hobbits!
Cultural Emergence Empowerment Deck
Insightful and beautiful tools for personal and collective transformation
10 Super Asian Women Who Shaped History
Volume One (40 CE - 1250 CE)
Surviving the Future: Abolitionist Queer Strategies
A new collection by militant queers who cast off narratives of liberal hope while building mutual networks of rebellion and care.
Bang! Masturbation for People of All Genders and Abilities
An expanded edition of Vic Liu's liberatory, inclusive solo sex-ed guide, with a foreword by adrienne maree brown. Plus, enamel pins!
Fantastic Flying Tales
An illustrated collection of true aerial adventure stories.
Doing What Matters: The Power of Purposeful Productivity
Unlock your potential, make a difference. Support 'Doing What Matters: Harnessing the Power of Purposeful Productivity' on Kickstarter!
The whole story of the best punk rock band from every member and their closest friends plus hundreds of fliers and exclusive photos.
Nourishing Resistance
A new collection that shows how food is an intrinsic part of global struggles for autonomy and collective liberation.
Help! My Facebook Ads Suck Third Edition
Level up your author career with the long-awaited third edition of the book that has turned hundreds of writers into Full-Time Authors.
Creative, Not Famous Activity Book for Small Potatoes!
Ayun Halliday is back with a juicy, weird workbook bursting with opportunities for creative expression.
The Falls - 1940s biography from one of the living survivors
Peter Smith (103 years young) tells his own story and drama of the military operations and capture by Rommel’s 7th Panzer Division.
The Making of GoldenEye 007 -- a History of the N64 Classic
Based on exclusive interviews w/ the game's creators, Alyse Knorr's book covers the development & release of Rare's 1997 surprise hit.
Goodbye 2022, Hello 2023 | Your guide to thriving in 2023
A journal that helps you say a proper farewell to the year as it comes to an end and create a vision and a plan for the year to come!
My Palitoy Story
An illustrated history of a famous British toy company, by Bob Brechin.
Kickstarter for Authors: Helping Writers Fund and Flourish
Proven strategies & insider tips from a platform pro. Best-practices and detailed, step-by-step guidance to level up your campaign!
Tarot for Entrepreneurs
Book and oracle card deck for entrepreneurs to (re)connect to your intuition and tackle any and all business challenges from the heart
När svenskarna sköt skarpt
En underhållande och lärorik populärkulturell djupdykning i Sveriges galna fascination för vilda västern.
Unf#ck Your Sex Toys
An illustrated guide to making your own affordable, safe sexual aids by Dr. Faith G. Harper with drawings by River Katz.
Waboripedia: Meanings and Stories Behind Japanese Tattoos
The Meanings and Stories Behind Japanese Tattoo Iconography - Accompanied By Restored Artworks for Reference
The Autism Partner Handbook: How to Love an Autistic Person
Practical advice for mixed-neurology relationships from Dr. Faith G. Harper, Joe Biel, and Elly Blue
Living Landmarks of Chicago: Audiobook + Exclusive Edition
See and hear Chicago in a whole new light with these tantalizing tales and skyscraper stories. Bringing Chicago's past to life!
Revolution: The Quest for Game Development Greatness
The story of Revolution Software amidst the rise of the games industry, told by Tony Warriner, one of its original founders.
Village Wisdom
A book about dads, by dads, for dads to be passed down...
Do What You Love and Die Trying
Don't get crushed by adulthood
An Inner City Round Walk of Sheffield by Terry Howard
A new edition of this classic walking guide to urban Sheffield, taking in parks, rivers, citywide views, industrial heritage and more.
Make100: Geography 1880
An atlas of forgotten maps recovered from old books of the 19th century
A Progressive's Case For Bitcoin
An inspirational new book that explores the value of Bitcoin through a progressive lens of social justice, equity, and peace.
Promote Your Book
Eleanor Whitney's must-read guide to getting the word out about your new book!
Time to Nap: An Essential Guide to Your Innate Superpower
A new investigative book on how napping is an evolutionary superpower to restore your spirits, and boost creativity.
Unf*ck Your Stress: Cope with Distress & Embrace Excitement
A new book (and deck!) from Dr. Faith G. Harper using science and humor to show us better ways to deal with life's bullshit
It Did Happen Here: An Antifascist People’s History
A captivating oral history from a diverse group of people who organized against white nationalist violence and right-wing groups.
Working It: Sex Workers on the Work of Sex
Fiercely intelligent, fantastically transgressive, this collection is an intimate portrait of the lives of sex workers.
Autism FAQ: Everything you want to know about autistic life
A book of myth-busting answers for autistic adults and the neurotypicals who live and work with them, by Joe Biel & Dr. Faith G. Harper
Unconquered. The Big Book Of Bravery.
The bravest story of the year written by 44 million Ukrainians. The first illustrated book about the biggest war in Europe since WWII.
From Dream to Reality: How to Make a Living as a Writer
Jessie Kwak teaches you to be a successful freelance writer and work on your own terms
On Creating (And Celebrating!) Characters
A Science Fiction Writer's Quest for Characters That Matter
Learn to Fly - Illustrated Book
The concept of a children's book with an adult/young adult audience in mind. A beautifully illustrated book accompanying complex grief.
Present Yourself: A Public Speaking Book
Practical tools, advice, and stories to help you get your ideas out into the world.
Switch Collector: Year Two Part Two (Collector Book Series)
Finish the Second Year of the Nintendo Switch Collector's Series! We cover every physical game released from SEP-MAR plus Digital Only.
Shift Happens: A book about keyboards
The history of keyboards – from early typewriters to modern mechanical marvels – told in two beautiful volumes.
WILD. & EPIC. Brand new Guidebooks to the Blue Mountains.
The #lostmtns adventure team take exploring the Blue Mountains to another level with two new 200+ Page Guidebooks.
The Medical Casebook of Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson
The Casebook takes a definitive look at how Conan Doyle uses the 52 diseases that appear in the Sherlock Holmes stories.
The Wayward Writer
Ariel Gore invites you to write your ideal world into being and join her School for Wayward Writers.
Global Women in Herpetology Project
GWH recently published a collection of stories from 50 herpetologists around the globe, and is currently establishing a scholarship.
The 7 Divine Secrets of the Mysterious 'Shaolin' Tactics.
Regenerative Soil Microscopy: the Book, Course, & Database
Get the Skills to Explore, Analyze, Evaluate, & Document the Microscopic World of Soil Microbes, Minerals, Roots, & More!!
Unf*ck Your Eating
Heal your disordered eating, eating disorders, and body image issues with help from Dr. Faith Harper's science, compassion, and humor.
One True Scrapper: A Memoir of Teen Cancer by Kaden Peebles
A book about three-time teen cancer survival and the power of community.
Being Both, the Audiobook
To record an audiobook of Being Both: Embracing Two Religions in One Interfaith Family.
The Sixteenth Year
An open adoption memoir from a birth mother's perspective. From trauma to redemption nineteen years later.
The Writer's Planner, an author's workbook by Angie Wade
A project of dedication and purpose, the planner for indie and traditional published writers.
The Forgotten Teachers
Science-meets-myth Origin Story by a Neuroscientist and Artist
If You Write Me a Letter, Send It Here
Voices of Russell In a Time of Change
The untold story of one of cycling’s most influential outsiders and inspiring explorers… an industry maverick and godfather of gravel!
We Go Where They Go: The Story of Anti-Racist Action
New book telling the story of the huge but forgotten youth movement that set the stage for today's anti-fascist organizing in the US.
Boss Fight Books: Season 6 - Here to Play
Four new documentary-style books on classic video games. PaRappa the Rapper, Minesweeper, Day of the Tentacle, and Animal Crossing.
Funeral Fun! Adult Activity & Coloring Book
Puzzles, games, fascinating explanations, and dead paper dolls to teach you about death and funerals in a fun and non-scary way.
A Book About the Magic of Foraging Pigments & Making Art
Learn how to wildcraft natural pigments wherever you live, to make paint, ink and natural dyes to use on paper and texiles.
Re-Membering Purpose
An exploration of life purpose written to inspire others on similar journeys of discovering and remembering their purpose in life.
2015 "Unsolicited Advice" Weekly Planner & Journal
NOT YOUR AVERAGE CALENDAR: Activities, inspiration & uhh "subtle reminders" to help get you through 2015, by artist/loser @ADAMJK.
Unsolicited Advice: 2016 Weekly Planner & Journal
Another year of nagging, activities and surprises to help you make the most of another f***ing year. Also it's a functional calendar???
Spanish Castles 1865
Recovering a unique collection of 19th-century engravings on Spanish castles
"The Best Is Yet To Come" 2016 Daily Planner
Our 12-month Christian planner is designed to help you dream big, refocus on your passions, live generously and stay inspired.
SACRED ORDINARY DAYS, a Liturgical day planner
A refreshing day planner to guide you as you grow into the rhythm of the Christian year, cultivating peace, presence, and purpose.
2017 LETTERPRESS CALENDAR . Limited Edition Print
12 Inspiring letterpress word of wisdom printed on 700g color paper . Deluxe edition with wood engraved cover
Mythic Color: A Personal Mythology Guide for Self Discovery
Learn to live mythically with a deep dive into color meanings and how to make use of them in every day life and self discovery.
The Boss Planner: An Outspoken Guide to Getting Shit Done
A 6 month goal setting guide with a 'get shit done' attitude.
The Secret Lives of Teeth: an oral health self-help book
How you can work with emotional, ancestral and spiritual interpretations to improve your teeth and gum health (or your patients').
The Trigg Life Mapper
Trigg is a productivity diary that transforms your goals into success. We bring planning, habit & mindfulness to a fresh journal format
The Brilliant Life Planner
The Brilliant Life Planner is for women who believe their dreams and passions matter. Set goals & create habits for a brilliant life.
we were too far gone to notice: 2017 calendar
detached ladies on an 8.5x5.5 digitally printed calendar with white toner on multiple French Paper colors.
Accordion Babes 2018 Pin-up Calendar
The Accordion Babes Pin-Up Calendar is the world's first sexy calendar to come with a CD, with music from the 13 indie artists inside.
Istadarium: un calendario, un racconto, un regalo.
Contiene una foto per ogni giorno dell’anno, le foto sono eseguite dagli utenti di Instagram, il tema è l'Italia.
2019 Mr Cup Letterpress Calendar
12 Inspiring word of wisdom printed in letterpress. Deluxe and standard edition with gold hot foil and so much more! Hand numbered.
A Moon Calendar and Seasonal Companion | Quickstarter
Track time with nature with this new take on a moon calendar, including seasonal produce, nature activity ideas, animal facts and more.
The Love Calendar for Couples
Do you want more sex, fun, and romance in your relationship? Then you need this calendar!
The Subculture Diary
The Subculture Diary is a youth culture bible in your pocket, bringing social history and youth culture content into your daily life.
2020 Mr Cup letterpress calendar
Here is the 9th edition of Mr Cup letterpress calendar ! 12 words of wisdom to inspires your year. Handcrafted and printed in France
Haikus On Hotties Calendar 2017
From the makers of Haikus With Hotties, Haikus *On* Hotties. Help us make our 2nd annual calendar of hot Asian American men & poetry.
Torah cats Jewish calendar 5779 (2018-2019)
Jewish dates. Jewish texts. Jewish cats.
The Mindful Planner
A mindfulness based personal planner designed to put your wellness at the forefront of daily living.
A Moon Calendar and Seasonal Companion 2020
Integrating moon cycles with seasonal produce, astronomy, nature facts, Native American names for the moon, and more.
The Jewish Planner 5781
An illustrated, interactive weekly planner that integrates the Hebrew and Gregorian dates in an elegant, portable form.
Power Planner: Goal-Oriented Productivity Management Journal
A psychologist approved, tested and true, undated yearly planner to help set goals and actualize your dreams.
Unf*ck Your Year
Dr. Faith's mental health workbook and unplanner for any 12 months you choose—write in the dates & work towards your goals
The Agenda. Period
The Agenda. is creating an agenda to help women build their business by being in flow with their monthly cycles!
TIDBITS Day Planner: Finally, the planner of your dreams.
Designed for beautiful simplicity and maximum productivity. Planning products made for you, and made for your home.
2021 Studio Ghibli Inspired Calendar
A monthly hand-illustrated Studio Ghibli calendar painted using gouache
No Limits Planner – Reach Your Goals and Live Intentionally
Not your average planner – it's a proven system to help you track your goals and align your life with what's meaningful to you.
Baby Bestiary 2021 Calendar
Explore the adorable with the adorable 2021 Baby Bestiary Calendar, illustrated by KM Steere!
Vi har skapat en kalender för att njuta av decemberdagarna ihop, med inspiration till enkla aktiviteter och samtidigt känna in stunden.
Dear Poo Diary
Dear Poo Diary is your guide towards a healthy, stable digestive fire. By tracking your stools on a daily basis.
The Practical Witch's Almanac 2021: Crafting Your Magic
Friday Gladheart's guide to magical practices, weekly planner, and almanac for all types of pagan practitioners.
The Move Forward Minimal Journal
A line-a-day one year journal for people with big ideas but little time.
"The Far-Ride" 2022 ADV Motorcycle Wall Calendar
28 pages of 12" x 12" full-color artwork from the "The Far-Ride" comic series.
She Persisted 2022 Wall Calendar
2022 wall calendar featuring famous Women Authors!
Pick Your Passion Jewish Calendars for 5781 (2020-2021)
Jewish Cats! Jews in Space! Jewish Garden!! Jewish calendars with holidays, Torah portions, candle lighting times, and more.
2021 Cow Texas Calendar
A fun & unique calendar by West Australian cartoonist, Marc Copes.
2022 Happiest Paints on Earth Calendars
The newest calendars based on the Disney-inspired series of oil paintings by Kevin Kurz.
2022 Mr Cup Letterpress Calendar - 11th edition
Here is the 11th edition of Mr Cup letterpress calendar! 12 words of wisdom to inspires you in 2022. Handcrafted and printed in France.
The Practical Witch's Almanac 2022: 25th Anniversary Edition
Friday Gladheart's classic planner, resource, and guide for practitioners of the craft hits a big milestone this year.
Baby Bestiary 2022 Calendar
Explore the adorable with the 2022 Baby Bestiary Calendar, illustrated by Sonya Henar!
Alternate Histories: Even More Calendars!
Help us print two brand-new calendars and reprint the best-selling National Park Monsters calendar for 2024!
2024 Page A Day Sherlock Holmes Calendar
A daily dose from the Sherlock Holmes Canon with an image, an 'On this day'event and a quote/quip from Holmes for all 366 days of 2024.
The Happy and Enchanted Planner 2024
A fun life organiser to give you a vibrant and magical 2024 guided by the stars
Sherlock Holmes Advent Calendar - Volume 4
Back with another edition with 24 more daily cases to solve. Ideal for home or with friends - can you solve each case in time?
2023 Mr Cup Letterpress Calendar
Here is the 12th edition of Mr Cup letterpress calendar! 12 words of wisdom to inspire you in 2023. Handcrafted and printed in France.
Calendario 2023 - Cosmogonia
Un calendario che illustra 12 storie sulla nascita del mondo. Stampato in risograph in edizione limitata.
Savia lunar 2023 Diario y calendario lunar - Moon planner
Mexica female deities, sabbaths, lunar rythm, astrology, moon diagrams, medicinal plants & more to connect with the moon & your cycles!
Alternate Histories: Too Many Calendars!
A 2023 reprint of the popular National Park Monsters calendar along with a brand new Wish You Were Here travel calendar.
C Is for Cthulhu Board Book and Plush Toy
A creepy and cuddly companion to the insanely popular Lovecraft themed alphabet board book.
Daydreams & Nightdreams: A Children's Fantasy Tale
Two parallel stories, set in a dreamland, of two children whose journeys intertwine, meet, and, in the end, become one and the same.
Sophie Votes Republican
A witty illustrated children’s book providing an introduction to conservative values & teaching the importance of voting!
A Ferret Named Phil - The modern classic children's book!
This is the story of a ferret overcoming a bully without resorting to violence, and finding a cunning way to show that he isn't afraid.
The Stork and the Sparrow
Help publish "The Stork and the Sparrow." A story of adoption & identity - written & illustrated by Aften LaRae Thiessen.
Glasses! A board book for young ones in glasses
A board book for your children in glasses featuring photos of babies and toddlers wearing glasses and rhyming text.
Itty Bitty Pitty In The Great Big City
Itty Bitty Pitty is a children's book about a little pit bull named Itty, who finds out that being different isn't so bad after all.
"Rex the Boy King" (dedicated to Maxwell Gowen Zalesky)
A classic children's book dedicated in memoriam of "Maxy Bear".
Burning Man - The World's Biggest Playground
A photo book for children all about Burning Man.
Strangehollow 2022 A4 Wall Calendar
An illustrated calendar filled with fantastic beasts & beings from my world of Strangehollow
The Harvest Joy Planner
Cultivating Joy on Your Journey
Poo to Peaches – A Children's Composting Toilet Book
Don't flush it, compost it! Poo to Peaches will teach children about turning wastes into resources with composting toilets.
Children's Book: Running is Totally for Me!
This book will aid children, those who enjoy and those who may not enjoy running, in discovering and owning their uniqueness.
The Giving Manger –– a fun & interactive Christmas tradition
A complete family Christmas tradition focused on giving + the true meaning of Christmas.
Shahnameh For Kids - The Story of Zal and Simorgh
An illustrated picture book for kids based on the ancient Iranian classic tale of Zal & Simorgh from Ferdowsi's Shahnameh.
The Davy Rule: Children's Book by Olyn Ozbick
Follow Davy Whippet, a real life Guinness World Record Holder, as he teaches kids how to be kind to others and deal with bullying.
Christian Mythology for Kids
An illustrated children's book for ages 4-12. Learn about Christian bible stories and myths without the dogma.
Behind the Magic Door
A personalised book that inspires, educates and creates a unique world of adventure for children to discover. A perfect Christmas gift!
The A to Z Guide to Jobs For Girls ABC Board Book Continues
An adorably illustrated children's ABC board book featuring career options for girls such as Astronaut, Firefighter, and Quarterback!
Cartoonist Mike Kunkel's New ABC Children's Book!
Caveman? Robot? ABC's?? YES! A caveman finds the ABC's can help him build a unique best friend. New children's book from Mike Kunkel!
Tiki Trouble: Original Illustrated Adventure Storybook
A one-of-a-kind limited edition hardcover large format illustrated adventure storybook about a hero’s transformation
You're Doing Great, Baby - a picture book for new parents
A picture book with a message of compassion for overwhelmed babies and their exhausted mums and dads.
Animal Appetites - An ABC Kids Book Raising Autism Awareness
An alphabet of animals eating strange things in even stranger places brought to life by the vibrant illustrations of an autistic artist
I Love My Amazing Body: A Children's Book
I Love My Amazing Body is a children's book encouraging confidence and body appreciation.
Tabula Raisa: Learning Journey to Dhaka
Join Raisa and friends as they travel to an international destination, meet an artisan, and learn to appreciate craftsmanship.
The Adventures of Tubby and Stretch, Children's Picture Book
*** WE HAVE A MAJOR UPDATE - PAPER TOYS! *** Help us publish children's picture book, "The Adventures of Tubby and Stretch".
Oskar & Klaus: The Mission to Cataria
ASTROCATS! Oskar & Klaus are boldly going where no cat has gone before! Help launch their book through the stratosphere!
Sweet Pea & Friends in The SheepOver
One Orphan Lamb's true journey from recovery to a celebration with friends. A beautiful photo illustrated children's book for all ages.
On The Other Side Of Town
Help me print this large illustrated book, exploring the magical hidden places in our towns and cities. For children and big kids also.
The Technical Alphabet - Reinventing the ABCs
Introducing children to technology in a fun, educational way! Reading begins with story time - so should technology literacy.
A Hero's Curse | A Fantastical Adventure for Young Readers
A Hero’s Curse is a fun adventure story of a young blind girl who is propelled on a perilous journey to find her realm's missing king
Kitschy Cat Alphabet postcard book
Send postcards, make memories! 26 different Kitschy Cat postcards + 1 Kitschy cover = a rhyming alphabet book for a favorite child.
"The A to Z Guide to Jobs for Girls" ABC Board Book
An adorably illustrated children's ABC board book featuring career options for girls such as Astronaut, Firefighter, and Quarterback!
Mr Coconut
A children's picture book illustrated with a combination of puppets, hand-stitching and fabrics – the story of Mr Coconut.
What Makes a Baby
A modern picture book about where babies come that it fits for every kind of family and every kind of kid.
Adventures of Oskar & Klaus: The Search for Bigfoot
Oskar the Blind Cat & Klaus are now in a book! Now, AUDIOBOOK INCLUDED for those backing at $25 and up!
Mr. Dog's Christmas at the Hollow Tree Inn
It's a book. It's a tradition. It's a new Christmas Classic. ~~~ Bring Mr. Dog home this Christmas!
I'M A BUNCH OF DINOSAURS - a colorful children's book
A unique illustrated fun book for kids, conceived of by a kid, that fosters imagination, smiles, and creativity. Oh, and DINOSAURS!
Flamingo Rampant Book Club!
Empowering, celebratory LGBTQ2S-themed kids' picture books for 4-8 year olds, delivered right to your home or school every other month.
Oh Oh, Baby Boy! The Makings of Engaged Fatherhood
Think of Fatherhood's potential... & let's make it real! A children's book that celebrates engaged fathers and the boys they once were.
The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Illustrated
L. Frank Baum's original text colorfully illustrated and published in a hardcover edition.
Imaginary Friends - Bring Stories to Life for your Kids!
Bring Stories to Life for your Kids! Adventure Kits that feature chapter books, games, puzzles, activities & a little magic from you!
Wee Beasties: Bedtime - A Children's Bedtime Book
A whimsical children's book featuring classic RPG monsters like a dragon, owlbear, and cyclops doing various bedtime activities.
Shay & Ivy Children's Book
Join Shay & Ivy in discovering what it is like to be more than just princesses by going beyond the kingdom.
GALUNKER! Epic! Heroic! Ridiculous. (A children's picture book about a gloriously silly pit bull.)
C is for Cthulhu: The Lovecraft Alphabet Board Book
A high-quality board book featuring gorgeous Lovecraft-themed illustrations for every letter of the alphabet.
Grandmother Fish: a child’s first book of Evolution
“Grandmother Fish” teaches preschoolers to love the idea that we are descended from animals. Can you wiggle like a fish?
Firenze's Light
Empower readers to share their unique gifts with this inspiring tale of a firefly. Will she hide her light or share it with the world?
Children's Nature Books that Adults Love!
Children of all ages (especially Mom & Dad) will have fun learning about nature with these beautifully illustrated books!
Jack and the Pirate Attack
Be captivated with Jack's newest adventure as he stands up against fearless pirates to save unworthy bullies. Will Jack succeed?
The Wishes of the Fish King
A lyrical, luminously-illustrated book, capturing the magic of that brief season when a child first ponders the wonder-filled world.
Promised Land: An illustrated LGBT children's book
Once upon a time in a land not so far away; There was a place where no one cared if you were straight or gay...
The KINDNESS BADGE is a conversation starter designed to teach children the value of spreading kindness.
Yesterday Was Weird: The Death & Life of a Dog Named Benny.
An illustrated version of "Yesterday was Weird..." Benny's viral post about his own death, and the love that conquered it.
My Bad Bad Dog: Picture Book Starring Mischievous Husky
An award-winning storyteller, a wonderful artist, and a very naughty dog.
Terry the Thankful Turkey© Book & Toy
Terry will be a great addition to your family or classroom! A fun way to develop the values of gratitude and humility!
The Rescue: A Story of Dog Rescue (feat. Dunder & Munster)
A children's book about two best friends who never would have met if it wasn't for animal rescue.
"Dotty's way home", a story about surrogacy.
A happy and amazingly illustrated story for children, full of beautiful metaphors that explains surrogacy from a new perspective.
The Wizard and the Hat: A Children's Adventure Book
A young wizard-in-training is frustrated by his lack of power and goes on an adventure to find a magic hat. Will it work?
Behowl the Moon: Shakespeare for babies
Some of Shakespeare's most beloved words illustrated to create a baby- and parent-friendly bedtime story. A board book for ages 0-3.
Darwin’s On the Origin of Species: A Picture Book Adaptation
A picture book adaptation of the classical On The Origin Of Species. Great for children and grownups!
Bible Basics: A Baby Believer Counting Primer
Bible Basics is a counting board book designed to introduce babies and toddlers to the basics of the Christian faith.
What a Mess! A Pop Up Misadventure Book
This beautifully illustrated complex pop-up book will make you laugh while promoting good habits and personal responsibility.
P is for President Coloring and Activity Book
A Limited Edition "P is for President" Coloring and Activity Book Based on the Hit Picture Book "The A to Z Guide to Jobs for Girls."
Falafel's Garden: Eco-friendly Children’s Book and Plush
A uniquely illustrated children's book about gardening, cooking, and forgiveness with accompanying organic plush!
Lala goes to the land far away from here
A children's book based on the adventures of Valerie Parisius who is coloring the world one country at a time.
Vizkidz: A Series Of Books On Data Visualization For Kids
Follow Penelope Pie and her friends on their many adventures, and learn more about the basic concepts of data visualization.
Torchlight Tales. The snuggle-down, light-up bedtime book.
A charming, calming bedtime storybook that creates a spellbinding, smartphone-powered shadow & light show. Handmade in Somerset England
The Line
A book about beginnings, endings, and everything in between – for the kid in all of us.
The Tails of Ae'tann: A Sunset Story
A fantasy adventure story filled with quirky characters, epic battles and dramatic moments set in a mysterious & magical animal kingdom
Carefree, Like Me! : An Illustrated Children's Adventure
A children’s book full of adventure and magic! Aimed at addressing ethnic diversity, spirituality and emotional literacy in a fun way.
Kikir of the Walking Trees
The ending of this book, like the future of our planet, is in your hands.
Inspiring Children's Book About a Dog and Her Endless Love
A beautifully photo-illustrated and inspiring children's book by an award-winning artist, about a sweet little dog and loving-kindness.
Katidoodlesmuch: Swan Lake Illustrated / Children's Book
Swan Lake, inspired by the famous ballet, comes to life through the illustrations and original storytelling of Kati Treu.
When Santa Learned the Gospel - a Christmas fable
What would Jesus say to Santa? Find out in this beautifully illustrated Christmas book - helping kids and adults reflect on the gospel.
Kids Reading Armenian
I'm creating Armenian board books (with transliterated text) for children and parents who want to learn and read Armenian.
The Bike I Like
A young boy is content with his bike until he sees others' bikes. Discontent creeps in as he alters his bike to look like theirs.
Peep Books
A Children’s Book accessible to any child in the world, using art as its language. See how one little bird makes a big difference!
"Upp till det Gröna Leklandet" av SMARTYPANTS BARNBÖCKER
Vi publicerar Barnböcker skrivna av Barn. Och andra barn älskar dem.
Tarzipan Books presents 'A-B-C Photography'
Jan von Holleben and his brother Marius are on a mission to save the world - with photo books for kids. Help us launch the first book.
Conscious Bedtime Story Club: The Hug Who Got Stuck
Spiritual stories with meditations and activity pages to help you connect more deeply with your children.
Meet Jo & Prisca: Teaching Children How to Love Our Planet!
Jo Bonobo & Prisca Orca: The 1st-ever book-series which teach children how to protect our planet while having fun!
Early Reader Books: Turning Potty Talk into a Positive
Board books with a twist featuring potty humor, hilarious illustrations & simple sentences. A perfect addition to your child's library.
Big Life Journal: A Groundbreaking New Journal for Kids
It teaches growth mindset, persistence, gratitude, dreaming big, mindfulness, and more.
Quibble and Hearty: A children's picture book
A modern rhyming fable about the importance of friendship, sharing and caring for the world around us.
A is for Asparagoose: A Plant + Animal ABC Book
A silly and smart hand-lettered alphabet book with 26 original illustrations of fun-to-say plant + animal hybrids. Giggles guaranteed.
The AlphaBots
A whimsically robotic steampunk journey through the alphabet with over 26 color robot illustrations to spark imaginations of all ages!
Children are Natural Scientists - Science is the Future!
Wish we had this Science ABC book set when we were little! Help spark a love of science and inspire future STEM innovators!
Scooter is a spunky young dog who is faced with a major road block. His friends have left him and, oh wait, so have his back legs.
SWEET DREAMS CTHULHU: A Lovecraftian Bedtime Board Book
A new bedtime story from the creators of C IS FOR CTHULHU, sure to help Lovecraft fans & cultists of all ages drift into dreamland.
A Butterfly's Kiss, a children's book by David Faustina
A heartwarming tale of a girl finding hope in the midst of life’s challenges. Change brings new beginnings, just ask the butterfly!
See Me in the Wonder: a book about love and connection.
An illustrated book for all ages, which shares a gentle message that the loved ones we've lost will always be a part of our lives.
What Makes You Special: children's book by Britt Hallowell
I'm creating a children's book that lets kids know its ok - no, wonderful - to be "different" while also teaching about unique animals.
"Too Licky" - a children's book helping rescue dogs
"Too Licky" is about two sister’s journey to find the “just right” rescue dog for their family. Proceeds benefit shelter dogs.
Celebrate Wonder™: The Art Journal Keepsake
Childhood is a magical time, full of wonder. Nurture your child's creative skills & make a beautiful keepsake to treasure for years.
Pepper Zhang: Artist Extraordinaire! A Children's Book
An illustrated children's book starring a spirited Asian toddler whose imagination takes her on a journey into creativity & art!
Boys Don't Fly, a children's picture book for young readers
Boys Don't Fly is an illustrated children's book about a young boy searching for adventure with his animal friends in the jungle.
Smore Magazine: Ignite Her Brilliance
A comic-style science magazine that explores our world and inspires girls to be their brilliant best. Recommended for all humans.
This Is Ella
Promoting inclusion and the idea that children with disabilities are more the same than different.
Titch the Snog, Let's Print a Book
I'm ready to print my first children's book! Independent publishing can be expensive, but with a little help, we can make this happen!
The Little Vampires Are Confused About Bats
Fictional vampires teach facts about bats and encourage scientific curiosity in this fun picture book for all ages.
Real MVP Kids
Real MVP Kids' innovative book series makes it easier for children to grow up well regardless of background, ethnicity or special needs
Grabbling - My First Children's Book
A children's book inspired by my grandmother, her childhood on a Tennessee farm, and her pluck and love of adventure
Block Plan Preschool: Preparing Your Child for Kindergarten
Preschool curriculum book empowering parents to encourage free play, limit structure & ensure children are inspired & ready for school!
Children's Book: Happy Birthday, Tulip & Violet!
Happy Birthday, Tulip & Violet is a children's book that introduces readers to The Green Family. They love taking care of the Earth!
Nightrage Rising | A Fantastical Mystery for Young Readers
Nightrage Rising is the fantastical mystery-adventure of a young blind girl's struggle to escape a deadly anarchist cult
Mori's Family Adventures: Kids International Travel Book
Join Mori as he travels the world exploring the world's greatest countries with his family in this thrilling kids book series.
Maiden Voyage: An illustrated LGBTQ themed children's book
Acceptance through inclusive storytelling.
The Tantrum That Saved The World: carbon neutral kids' book
Written in entertaining language kids can understand, this book explains climate change to kids and empowers them to act.
Broc and Cara's Gut Book Series for Children
From ADHD to food allergies and even diabetes, parents have concerns. Broc and Cara's Gut Book Series is here to help.
The Witch's Mess
The Witch's Mess is a fantasy children's book exploring the ups and downs of a special friendship. Conflict! Compromise! Adventure!
Tzu Kingdom Book 2 - The Tzu King Mystery
Stanley, Paddy, Maisie, King Bailey & Queen Coffee are so looking forward to sharing the second book in the Tzu Kingdom Book Series...
A Really-Truly Princess: Illustrated Children’s Novel
The tale of a (not quite) story-book Princess, with whimsical pen-and-ink illustrations on practically every page.
The Shapeless Shape
A children's book about fitting in and finding your way, written by Victor Saad & David Kelley.
A magical book for children 0-5 years: discoverybooks.com
Be part of Pauli & Friends! An Augmented Reality project of Discoverybooks. Building bridges between the physical and digital world...
The Glorious Book of Curious Cocktails – A Children's Book
A disgustingly distinguished recipe book, using slugs and slime to teach about literacy and develop imagination.
The Little Alchemist - Children's Book
We've written a whimsical story that teaches toddlers the lost art of herbal folklore. With magical illustrations and great lessons.
Ali The Shiny Sparkly Unicorn Children's Book
Ali The Shiny Sparkly Unicorn is a beautifully illustrated children's book with an important message for little people to "Be Yourself"
The Discovery of Ramen: Asian Hall of Fame children's book
Illustrated with manga comic book art, the story starts our Asia American series. Learn how this hot food cooking craze began in Japan!
Skeeters - a Children's Book Supporting Adoption
Mowing the yard was never so epic! Pesky mosquitoes battle Wendell for control of the backyard! Early readers will love this adventure!
Kickstarter Gold: Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2
A children's book and a podcast that reinvent fairy-tales, inspiring girls with the stories of 100 great women from all over the world.
Jerome's Gift
Jerome's Gift is a beautifully illustrated medieval themed children's adventure picture book for all ages. Hard cover, 48 pages.
The Inflated Story of Noah
A book using giant balloon sculptures photographed in real-life locations to tell the story of Noah's Ark.
FableNotes: Learn Music Through Stories
A mnemonic picture book that makes music reading fun and accessible.
Our President Was Called Barack—A "Yes We Can" Book for Kids
Our President Was Called Barack tells the story of Barack Obama and how kids can follow his example to make change.
The Tooth Fairy Treasure Box
Capture the magic of the Tooth Fairy with this new children's book and toy that is sure to become an instant family tradition!
Brown Sugar Fairies: Saroja's Quest
An early readers chapter book about the magic of friendship.
Gospel-Centered Children's Books
Producing three new Gospel-centered books: a coloring book, an illustrated storybook, and a youth devotional.
The Adventures of a Military Brat: My Military Life
This book identifies unique experiences and challenges that military children face, while emphasizing a positive message and outlook.
The Invincible Dreamer - A Children's Book
A book about the power of imagination and dreaming big!
Country to the T
A country music children's ABC book
The Body Positive Guide For Girls
An empowering guide for girls to support the development of positive body image.
A Child of Galaxies - A Philosophical Picture Book
I am publishing my first ever picture book. I wrote it for my kids as a simple offering of wisdom and I want to share it with yours.
MIMI AND MOTO RIDE THE ALPHABET: Children's Motorcycle Book
Pre-order by noon, Saturday, October 27th and help us take another step towards becoming the 'Dr. Seuss' of the motorcycle world.
Chin Up, Chinchilla: Children's Book
A heartwarming tale inspiring empathy & compassion in young children.
Children's Book "Just Perfect" by Suicide Survivor & Mom
Through books and public speaking, author is on a mission to raise self-esteem & support programs focused our children's futures.
Barnbok om att sluta amma
En bilderbok för 1-4 år som skildrar ett amningsavslut ur barnets perspektiv.
Dear Mrs. Magootie: An Interactive Book with some twists!
An adult-friendly children's book that both parents and kids will love more each time they read it. Fun for kids from 4 to 104!
The Leaf that didn't want to leave - Children's Book
I, Misha, have a wish and that wish is to bring my children's book to life that will inspire children & parents all over the world.
Where are my shoes? A personalized children's picture book!
Does your little reader have a favourite pair of shoes ... ? That sometimes go missing? This story is a magical adventure to find them!
The Golden Cage: a deliciously dark European picture book
A beautifully illustrated fairy tale by Anna Castagnoli and Carll Cneut, translated into English by Laura Watkinson
Skelekin - A Halloween book for children of all ages!
Skelekin has lost his scary! Find out if he gets it back in this super cute Halloween book! Complete with sculptural illustrations!
Eagle vs Bear - Adventures of a Child Cub
Eagle vs Bear is a multidimensional children's story utilizing thoughtful technology, stunning imagery, and rock n roll!
Big Life Journal: a life-changing journal for tweens & teens
A growth mindset journal which empowers tweens & teens to dream about their future!
Young Puffin's Wonderfully Grand Mystery: A Pop-Up Book!
Young Puffin's Wonderfully Grand Mystery is a carousel-bound pop-up book for kids.
Sing to Learn: Books that teach languages through song
Books that expose children to the magic of our multicultural world by helping them learn a first, second, or even third language!
Annie Ant's Awareness - Boosting Emotional Intelligence
A collection of stories and workbooks that inspire children to connect in awareness with themselves, others, AND the environment.
Don't Give a Bot a Bit ~ Computer Science Book ~ Age 5-9 k-3
A robot child and her friend explore the inner workings of a computer. Written by a Teacher & Father. Motivate Girls to study STEM !
Tom and Katie's Climbing Adventures
Illustrated stories that follow two young friends as they discover and evolve inside the rich and consuming universe of rock climbing.
Queen Girls - Uplifting Fairy Tales (based on real women)!
Inspiring girls to dream big and do more! For every book purchased, another will be donated to a child struggling to dream!
Norman's Architecture Adventure: A story of imagination
A children's book with diverse characters that helps kids explore their imagination, sense of adventure, and bravery.
Book + Activity Box teaching kiddos empathy, and the importance of diversity and gender equality.
The Shape-Shifting Pet!
A diverse children's book encouraging the endless possibilities of any situation when you let your imagination lead!
Ben Pot & the Stormy Feelings - books for empowering kids
Books that give tools to relax & navigate through hot topics - wanting to hit, whine, panic. Education in the nature of mind.
Joann and Jane: Who Made This Mess? A Children's Book
A children's picture book starring two lovable little girls! This is the first book in the Joann and Jane book series!
BraveBrains: Help, Hope & Healing for Children
BraveBrains is a comprehensive training and resource platform based on the trauma-informed book series Riley the Brave.
Annabelle & Aiden: What Happens When We Die?
A gorgeously-illustrated book that empowers children to understand & cope with loss, and inspires them to live the best lives they can!
Wild Woodlands -> Children's Book Series (FUNDED)
Capture the hearts of young reader through the perfect blend of adventure, friendship and learning. Visit: www.wildwoodlands.com.au
Daniel & Ismail—A Timely Children’s Book in Three Languages
An uplifting picture book about a Jewish boy and a Muslim boy who bond on the soccer field—translated into English, Hebrew, and Arabic.
Becoming a Part of Christmas: Join Santa's Team!
A Magical New Christmas Story
Moonlite Storybook Projector | Rose Gold Edition For Charity
The #1 children's reading toy now in a limited-edition color and special purpose! Bring back the love of reading in a magical way!
Ready... Set... Guitar!
A beginner guitar book that makes learning fun for kids, with easy instructions & clear illustrations for children ages 5 to 9.
Yellow Lotus Flower
A children's sing-a-long book about rising up from the muck!
Your Light - A Musical Storybook
Jillian Aversa's heartwarming picture book with accompanying song. A baby bunny dreams of a fallen star and sets out to find it...
I Am a Rebel Girl: A Journal to Start Revolutions
A guided journal that helps girls train their rebel spirit and lead the revolution of our time.
A Pound of Kindness - Children's Book
A true story children's book of unforgettable kindness for all ages. The main character is a child with a severe physical disability.
Audacious Ignatius
If Dr. Seuss wrote the biography of St. Ignatius
Axol & Friends
A book series about cartoons designed in the image of endangered species. Eco-friendly plushies and more!
Priya Dreams of Marigolds and Masala
A children’s picture book about having pride in your heritage.
Ben's Adventures: an inspiring story of inclusion & joy
Ben takes us to the CIRCUS, in this second book in the Ben's Adventures series, showing us that ALL kids can play & dream.
Shakespeare for babies: real literature to read on a lap
A board book that takes quotable, memorable, fun Shakespeare and turns it into a story for babies and toddlers.
Girls Who Colored Outside the Lines
A coloring book featuring awesome women of color who made a difference -- created by WOC artists!
The Energy Wizard - Light Science: Get Energy, Save Energy
HAPPY EARTH DAY! Parents, Family, Teachers, LAST CHANCE! Help kids learn to save money and the Earth. PROJECT ENDS TODAY!
When I Was Big and You Were Little
A bedtime book about dads, BIG dreams and bigger imaginations.
SPROUT: a wordless comic book for kids
A self-published, playfully illustrated story about magic, moxie, and mud.
Annie Aardvark: Adding Ants- A STEM Book To Inspire Kids
A picture book about an aardvark who loves math- Annie Aardvarks loves math and on her daily forge, adds up all the ants she encounter!
Turn The Page: A picture book where YOU get to be the hero!
A wonderfully unique children's book where the reader can "turn the page" to help advance the story.
When We March
A children's picture book that celebrates the joy & power of civic action
Surfing the Worry Imp's Wave - Reducing Children's Anxiety
This engaging and in-depth children's book teaches all about anxiety and how to overpower it using ten Wiley Owl wise-thinking tools.
I Never Saw a Moose in Moosalamoo, a Vermont Children's Book
An illustrated children’s book inspired by the Moosalamoo National Recreation Area, in Vermont’s Green Mountain National Forest
The Complete Guide to Artificial Intelligence for Kids
Prepare kids for an AI-filled future with this full color illustrated guide to the key concepts in Artificial Intelligence.
FIENDS : Buy One GIVE One Storybook Fiendsgiving !
A book for Fiends of all ages to enjoy!
I Hope It's A Puppy!
This unique story invites you to explore pregnancy through the eyes of a child! The entire family will be left laughing and guessing!
Piggy's Grand Day Out
A children's adventure book centered around animal friends, that focuses on friendship, teamwork, & making someone's day better.
Land of NOW: A children's guide for how to be in the NOW.
A children’s book that teaches us ALL how to be in the PRESENT by letting our useless thoughts pass on by so we can enjoy the NOW.
A HORRIFIC new kid's book and app by ZIM artist Aaron Alexovich!
Raven Wild: An illustrated LGBTQ children's book
Transgender visibility and acceptance through inclusive storytelling.
The Official Christmas Elves Handbook
The definitive insider's guide to a Christmas Elf’s entire life and all their elfin events and hollydays happening in the year 2019.
The Greatest Treasure - Sea Otter Children's Book
This book teaches big picture wisdom about what truly matters in life. Portion of sales supports ocean conservation.
Taiwo and Kehinde: The Wedding Trip
This middle grade novel takes readers through a cultural, humorous, and family-oriented journey of twins who launch a cookie business.
Skydancer: Adventures of a Monarch Butterfly
A brilliantly illustrated children's picture book about the adventures of Aria, a brave monarch butterfly, on her journey to Mexico.
'Mum's Jumper' - A Compelling Picture Book about Grief
A picture book that makes grief a more accessible topic for children and adults - created by Jayde Perkin and Book Island
Allie & Gator - A Story About a Girl and Her Gator
A lively story about patience, exploration and friendship in a whimsical setting, for kids and adults alike!
Bobo and the Fuss: A children's book about new best friends.
Bobo and the Fuss takes young readers on a journey through love, loss, and finding fast friendship in unexpected places.
Grow - A Children's Book
A Children's Book about a little tree's journey to learn that life's not about where you are planted but how you grow.
Honeycake Magazine
The Jewish magazine for creative kids.
The Jiu-Jitsu Ponytail
A beautifully illustrated children's book about a seven-year-old girl named Noor, her mischievous ponytail, and her Baba (dad)
Even Me -Children's Book
Even Me is a picture book about a tiny caterpillar's journey to discover that God treasures even the smallest creatures.
Monty the Manatee; a book encouraging children to be kind
A children's rhyming story book about a manatee who is bullied; the first in a series which aim to encourage emotional intelligence.
The Busy Birds Adventures: Hello, Bend Children's Board Book
An introduction to the beauty of exploring the outdoors in Bend, Oregon with colorful illustrations, rhyming words, and sturdy pages.
The Mommy Dot
Do you want to know when your child is not telling you the truth? Well, the mommy dot is your solution!
Liberty Lane: A Conservative Children's Book Series
The Liberty Lane series instills values we all share: hard work, personal responsibility, tradition, humility, and patriotism.
Alif Baa Taa: An Arabic Alphabet Board Book for Kids!
A modern, visually appealing Arabic alphabet board book. Each page features an Arabic letter, modern illustration & transliteration
The Life of Ollie Children's Book + World Book
Explore a world of bugs and critters through the adorable adventures of Ollie the raccoon's walk through history.
SAPIENS: A Human Evolution Story (Annabelle & Aiden: Book 5)
A gorgeously-illustrated children's book celebrating our shared human ancestry, history, and diversity. This is the story of us.
KAIMILOA | Children's Surfbook
Ocean education book for surf stoked children & families. Natural and environmental sciences bringing positive connections!
Henry Winterbottom and the Feeling Rainbow Children's Book
Be part of Henry Winterbottom's journey. A book written to help children cope with feelings like anxiety through the magic of colors.
The Titans of Taste : A Kids Book about Food & Friendship
A lighthearted children's book, with plenty of ketchup, mustard, and lots of fun!
My Mommy is a Saint - A Children's Book For Kids Of All Ages
This children's book is based on the true story of a mother who would not give up on her son & the beautiful love between them
Stories for Being
Be part of the quiet revolution, back our mindfulness-inspired picture book collection and help raise a generation of conscious kids.
Bones: Hilarious Early reader
A humorous story about a determined dog who will stop at nothing to find what is most precious to him.
Hunter's Special Squawk: a picture book
A poignant, beautifully illustrated picture book about grief and loss, with a promise that everyone has a purpose.
Wiggy & Mac - A Children’s Rhyming Book Started 25 Years Ago
A story about the adventures of two critters called Wiggy & Mac as they bumble and stumble their way into the life of a boy named Jack!
The Boy Who Loved Unicorns - Illustrated Children’s Book
A heartfelt children's book, full of imagination and courage. An empowering and uplifting tale of believing! Illustrated & Hardbound.
Mica quiere ser rescatista
Libro infantil que celebra la Ciudad de México, su temple, sus ganas de volver a florecer y la determinación para lograr lo imposible.
Animals of the Bible - Children's Board Book
The second board book in the Little Disciple Series, this animal primer is designed to introduce young children to animals of the Bible
The Alphabet in 6 languages, learn and stimulate curiosity
ABC - Alphabet book in 6 languages, learn letters and stimulate children’s curiosity for languages.
Rachel Rocketeer
An illustrated STEM-filled storybook about a girl's quest to design, build and test a rocket that can take her to Mars.
Thinky Dinky - A mindfulness coloring book and ebook
A coloring book and interactive ebook that helps kids and families practice and learn about mindfulness.
Cally and Me: Friendship, Adventure, and Imagination
Two new friends journey through an enchanted garden when their ordinary picnic is transformed and a magical kingdom is revealed.
Little Linguists' Library - Let's learn a language TOGETHER!
Little Linguists' Library are the picture books that allow you and your child to learn a foreign language together.
A Light Extinguished (Illustrated Children's Book)
Post Kickstarter Campaign: Order a copy or learn more about "A Light Extinguished" @ http://rebeccahofmann.com/alightextinguished/
What in the World is a Watchum? A children's book and stuffy
A fully illustrated children's book and huggable stuffed plush toy to help children sleep through the night in their own room.
Squirrel and the Three Bears: a tale of bravery
Being happy isn't about doing it on your own. This is a beautiful book about how asking for help is often the bravest thing you can do.
Darcy Daydream. A book about wonder and big questions.
A dream-filled children's book in which a clever little girl first realises she is a small piece of stardust in an infinite universe.
Pragmatic Princess: 26 Superb Stories of Self-Sufficiency
An A to Z compilation of short stories about self-reliance for children aged 3 to 8.
El Moco. Si lo lees, se te pega
Revista trimestral, con formato impreso y digital (APP), creada especialmente para niños. Temas diversos, desde ciencia hasta arte.
Ying and the Magic Turtle
A story book for all ages to experience mathematics, problems solving and the rewards that come with perseverance.
Giggles and Joy: Spiritual Life Lessons for Kids
An illustrated book series to help raise happy kids! They are full of important life lessons for 2-10yr olds & ready to print.
A New Alphabet for Humanity
A new alphabet book to inspire children to be compassionate, kind and loving to people and the planet.
The Future is Make Believe: Stories By Kids, For Everyone
A beautiful book of kid-authored tales to transport, delight and inspire the storytellers in your life.
Your Teacher's Pet Creature: The Cute Classroom Helper
A classroom behaviour management resource for Early Childhood Educators. Beautiful Hardcover book, cuddly plus and digital resources.
Supercats!: a children's board that's also a comic book
A whimsical comic about a superhero cat and a clumsy, tailess cat who wants to be a hero too. Warning: extremely fun to read out loud!!
Tree Girl: A Journey of Discovery
An illustrated children's book made to inspire kids to observe and appreciate forests.
Children's Book: Zara's Big Messy Day (That Turned Out Okay)
This Fresh New Meditation & Mindfulness Book Teaches Kids How to Meditate — Ready for the Holidays 🎁
Animal Alphabet Book Collaboration!
You choose the animals. I do the painting.
Princess Pirates, an empowering book for children
A fun, imaginative children's book that shows kids (especially girls) can be whatever they choose in spite of gender stereotypes.
A Stranger's Tale.
This is a world of shadow and light, where the winds follow no particular direction and where even time has a will of its own.
YOU CAN BE! Empowering Girls with Careers of the Future
This board book highlights 13 different careers (STEAM education based) that encourages children to pursue their curiosities!
'BE THE BIRD'! - an incredibly fabulous children's book
A fantastically whimsical, silly children's picture book. 'You already have wings...Be the Bird!'
For Purpose Kids- Where Conversations That Matter, Begin.
Toolkits & Book Club to help you start kid-friendly conversations that matter.
The Conchita Story
A Children´s Gratitude Tale.
Only Little Now: An Illustrated Children's Book
A beautiful and immersive children’s book about being yourself, being bold and being kind.
Taking "Pakistan for Women" book on the road
A book about 50 true stories of incredible Pakistani women who achieved something extraordinary. Campaigning for the third print run
Bearing Gifts: a Christmas Adventure for All Ages
Think "Christmas TV Special" in gift book form. Join Astor the camel's journey of discovery on the 3 Kings' pilgrimage to Bethlehem.
The Contenders: an illustrated middle-grade novel
Have you ever wondered, "Can enemies become friends?" Then you need this book!
Omar, el Jaguar: A book that celebrates diversity
Learning and teaching Spanish just jumped to the next level with this beautifully illustrated picture book and its resources.
Tinx Just Stinks And Charlie Doesn't
A dragon whose GAS smells like cookies, & another dragon whose gas...well, doesn't.
A rock'n'roll rhyming story book introducing children to the AWESOME experience of being in a band.
illustrated poems & creatures
The Animals Whisper To Me
A Bilingual Children's Book of Spirit Animals
'My Hero' Children's Picture Book
Children's picture book about finding positive role models to aspire to throughout the community with a message of becoming your best.
Soft Opening – The Blacklight Book Full of Surprises 🔦
Colorful, cute, and intricately detailed in daylight, fun & quirky under blacklight!
I Wish For You - Celebrating Wildlife and the Human Spirit
Children's Book exploring the values we hope our children adopt, and how they can be learned from the amazing creatures on this planet.
Le Journal de Vie pour enfants
L'outil le plus puissant pour aider vos enfants à créer leur bonheur
Little Quotes by Little Folks
Your kid should be in this book! A collection of funny, profound, and just plain absurd quotes from kids around the world.
Changing the World, One Child at a Time
I am funding a reprint of my 2018 picture book, The Nightingale's Song, a picture book about the power of Unity in Diversity.
Bucky The Dino Goes Green Children's Picture Book
A fun and interactive story about harnessing a love for nature and the actions children can take to help the Earth.
The Giants and the Smalls: The Adventure of Rimi and Ritt
A Children's book that teaches children to reach their true potential regardless of family background or limiting beliefs!
The Girl Who Walked to the Moon
An inspiring story about making our dreams come true. Little Tessa shows us how we have the power to do anything we choose.
Awesome Women Series: Today's Girls, Tomorrow's Role Models
A series of board books featuring awesome female role models to inspire little girls to be anything they want to be.
Hip Hooray, Hippo: Children's Book
A celebratory tale inspiring positive empathy in young children.
Howdy, I'm John Ware
Children's book about Canada's legendary Black cowboy who blazed a trail of kindness despite adversity.
A Tree Could Be
An illustrated children's book about discovering the true nature of trees.
An Illustrated Children's Book - Kindness is Contagious
Help Guy and Steph publish their illustrated children's book 'Freddie and Polo', inspired by the kindness in the world right now.
Be Who You Are Artimals A Uniquely Inspiring Childrens Book
A colorful, original, whimsical book for all ages
Diary of a Female Astronaut
A picture book that inspires future 👩‍🔬 scientists,👩‍🔧 engineers, 👩‍💻technologists, and 👸 leaders to reach for the stars 🌟
Nigel the Litter Hunter - A Children's Book
Nigel the Litter Hunter is an entertaining children's book made to encourage the next generation of stewards for the wild.
Hannah's Hanukkah: A Jewish Girl at Christmas
A children's picture book from the perspective of a little girl who is Jewish and learns to love her culture.
Hamilton & Eleanor: Adventures in Paris - Children's Book
An illustrated children's book about two best friends, a pig and a bunny, who like to travel and seek adventure.
Rosie and the Hobby Farm
A children's book celebrating diversity and each individual's unique value, told through a variety of lovable animals
"The Quarantine Bears" a rhyming informative children's book
An illustrated rhyming children's book about a family that wakes up in quarantine and has to find a way to "bear" it.
"Malish Koala"
Children's storybook about Hollywood plushie movie director Malish Koala and his friends.
Happy Birthday Mali More! Free Financial Education For Kids!
Help to fund free financial education for all children & to gift 1000 Happy Birthday Mali More books to kids in low-income communities.
Coding a story: Teach children coding in an innovative way
A story book that teaches children coding by explaining and designing a diagram of the action in the story.
Daddy's Time Out
A children's book explaining incarceration to kids whose fathers are in prison.
Fur & Feather Stand Together
A picture book about animals and people across the globe standing together against climate change.
A Grasshopper Named Scoot
A children's picture book about a young grasshopper overcoming his fear of jumping, and a mother's love.
Loopy Luna & the Hula Hoop
A kids book about hula hoops, friendship, wild imagination, magical adventures, and a little girl who creates, problem-solves & builds.
Ada and the Helpers: encouraging self-confidence in children
Get the children's book that inspires friendship and finding your natural strengths while raising deaf and cochlear implant awareness!
Sibling Love: A Children's Picture Book
Sibling Love is a children’s picture book written to celebrate and encourage positive sibling bonds and relationships.
Not Every Color is Pink, Nova: A Whimsical Children's Book
Unicorn Electric Kids produces it's second title inspired by the imaginative life of Nova as she discovers her world in colors.
The Bear in the Chair
There’s a bear in the chair. I know he’s there. He lives between two cushions. He’s there, I swear!
ZARK – A Children's Adventure Story
A thrilling children's book of an imaginary adventure. Help us donate copies of ZARK to children's charities!
The WEE Little Adventures of Shabu and Chow book series.
An illustrated adventure series for children ages 4-8, about a rabbit inventor and her best friend, a mechanically-minded squirrel.
An exciting personalized children's adventure book with stunning illustrations that inspire parents & children to adventure together!
Shrimp, Shrimp, Cuttlefish!
Discover marine invertebrates with this science-filled activity book. Sixty-two pages of science facts, activities, crafts, and more.
The Adventures of Bentley Hippo:
Inspiring Children to Never Give Up
My Father Wrestles Alligators
An original children's book based on the fantastic stories my five older brothers told me as a kid.
Cami and Wyatt Share the Spirit of Christmas
A children's book that will inspire kindness and compassion this holiday season.
The Bedtime Bunny
A beautiful children’s book that motivates young children to stay in bed using the power of magic (and rewards).
Children's Books for the Heart & Soul
A Hero Like You & A Beautiful Girl Like you
Dear Mama's Loving Arms - A Children's Picture Book
A soothing, lyrical, and sweet children's book to celebrate even the toughest days with our little ones and end your day with a laugh.
What I’m Feeling is Okay! A Book About Emotions
A children’s book that follows a boy through his morning routine, along with all of the emotions that take place during it.
Our Moon Festival Children's Book!
A children's book featuring a storyline about how the Japanese, Vietnamese, and Chinese communities celebrate the Moon Festival.
Guillo, el armadillo:
A Spanish picture book that inspires kids to find their unique talents.
Lola Koala's Travel Adventures: Who,What, Where & Yes/No Que
Follow Lola Koala around the globe as she teaches critical language skills to early learners in this interactive lift-the-flap book!
The Middle of the Night Book
The book that puts your baby back to sleep.
Marzette: You are Wonderful
Share the power of unconditional love with this beautifully illustrated book about a marionette's discovery of self worth.
Ditto Kids Magazine: Guiding Kids through Active Anti-Racism
A magazine that empowers parents and educators to help the children in their lives on their journey to becoming actively anti-racist.
Lucy Moves In: a Storybook with Pictures
Lucy Moves In is a picture book targeted towards young readers aged 4-9. It is a simple story accompanied by colorful illustrations.
"HUGO'S PERFECT PICNIC" - A Children's Book for Monster Fans
A monstrous book about a giant gorilla searching for the perfect picnic. But will he ever find it?
Rodrigo Runs Off: An autism adventure
A picture book that follows the adventures of a Latinx autistic boy through, around and among his community. With papa just behind him!
Ellie's Butterflies
A loving story about understanding dementia.
Thank You - A Gratitude Book
Everyone big and small can be thankful for all the things that surround them.
Hanley The Hippo
A fun story with a much needed life lesson!
The Triumphant Tails of Rescue Dogs: Punk's Plight
This is NOT just another book about a dog. Teaching children about neglect, recovery, self-advocacy, and hope.
Christmas is Cancelled ... or is it?
A charming, heartwarming book about the world's smallest elf, who has to save Christmas after Santa's workshop is forced into lockdown.
Legacy Kids Magazine | An Empowering Take on Military Life
A publication for military kids of all ages, featuring stories, artwork, and hands-on activities from creatives within the community.
Tastes of Lunar New Year
A diverse food-themed Lunar New Year picture book for children.
Big H and Little h Dog
A heart warming children’s story to raise awareness about the deadly disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.
BE THE BIRD (#2) - another fabulous children's book!
You are one of a kind...the perfect YOU! Spread your wings...'BE THE BIRD'!
by 93-Year-Old Debut Author
Monster Dance
A multimedia picture book to inform, comfort, and empower children in the time of pandemic
A Kids Book About COVID-19: Print Edition & Translations
A resource to help kids and grownups everywhere understand more about COVID-19.
C is for Cthulhu Xmas: Santa Plush, Wrapping Paper + Books
Cuddly new Santa Cthulhu plush toys, festive Lovecraft themed wrapping paper & beloved children's books, in time for the holidays!
Little Miss Everything
A unique and empowering story about an ambitious, imaginative little girl who finds inspiration from some unexpected role models.
What Happens When a Kid Has Cancer?
A brand-new book and magnetic visual calendar to help kids understand how cancer treatment affects their day-to-day.
I love BOBA! A children's book about bubble tea.
A full-color picture book celebrating boba and Asian culture!
UNBOXED: Adventures in cardboard
Ignite your child's imagination and creativity with our beautiful craft book.
Stock Explore
Let's inspire the next generation of investors!
Hamilton & Eleanor: Journey to Japan - Children's Book
This fun illustrated children's book celebrates the beauty of cultural diversity and awareness through exploring landmarks and food!
C Is For Coven: Baby's First Book of Witchcraft
A bewitching board book for tiny magic makers.
Mamma och Liten - Barnböcker om friluftsliv!
Följ med Mamma och Liten när de vandrar i fjällen och åker på cykelsemester!
Schweinchen Hannes
Gutenachtgeschichten mit Schweinchen Hannes
Lottie the Raven
The adventures of 14-year-old Lottie, an ordinary Belfast girl with an extraordinary talent for football.
Eu também falo português
Um livro infantil sobre bilinguismo e português como língua de herança.
Dear Niece: BIG Truths Against Microaggressions
A picture book for Asian American children and their caregivers & teachers
The Wondrous Cloud Forest!
An optimistic rhyming picture book about the cloud forest, its exotic animals, and how people are protecting this endangered ecosystem.
I Know You Are Beautiful - Children's Picture Book Relaunch
Twelve diverse families share and celebrate the message of self-acceptance and inner beauty in this unique and engaging story for all.
African-inspired Children's Book with Music
Help us publish the music and story of Pevu, a brave boy who leaves his African rural Savanna home to find work in the city.
Request A Monster
A compendium of weird and wonderful monsters imagined by children and brought to life by Dan Walsh during the COVID 19 lockdown
The Lovely Haze of Baby Days
A playful board book for little ones, written with love for Mamas too.
Little Pilgrim's Big Journey: Pilgrim's Progress for Kids
John Bunyan's Classic Christian Story - Beautifully Illustrated and Simplified for Children.
What Did You Do Today?
An engaging children's book to encourage social-emotional learning!
Formy Books: Own Voices Children’s Books
Four children’s picture books, by Black creators from across the diaspora.
Santa Senior
Creating the Christmas Connection
The Book of Sneakrets
A children's book about the secret creatures behind all our big dreams.
10 khúc đồng dao, 10 nursery rhymes, from Vietnam
A picture book of Vietnamese nursery rhymes, translated by a Mom, for fellow parents & anyone interested in Vietnam
Bruce Goes Outside
An illustrated children's book based on the adventures of internet sensation, Bruce the Cat.
I Am a Triathlete
I Swim! I Bike! I Run! I am a Triathlete! An exciting new book! Changing the narrative one book at a time!
My Patchwork Family
The story of our family's journey with foster care and adoption, giving a voice to the unsung heroes, the children in foster families.
I Love You When You're Angry / The Gremlin in my Couch
Two children's books: a therapeutic book about the unconditional love of a parent, and a charming, funny story capturing imagination!
The Capables | A New Children's Book Series
The Capables are a group of kid superheroes all of whom possess a super capability. What makes them different makes them super.
Daisy the Dolphin, a picture book about making good choices
A rhyming story about a dolphin who's always getting into trouble! It reminds children of the importance of making good choices.
Lani Rae's Marvelous Hair
A picture book about a little girl with many interests and even more hair. Available in English and Spanish.
INDIE tales · Cuento Infantil Música Rock · Music Book Kids
LIBRO EN ESPAÑOL · BOOK IN ENGLISH Children's book with the soul of a music album, 10 stories for rocking girls & drummer boys.
Patches - Aviation Themed Children's Board Book
A children's book to help military kids feel closer to parents who are deployed, and for all kids who love planes or helicopters too!
Princesses Wear Dresses
Princesses are redefined in this children's book that showcases diversity and inclusion.
A children's book. A book for all. A window into the life of a non-traditional family to instill in children a sense of inclusivity.
The Mountain Stands: A children's book
The Mountain Stands is a children’s book about the wild places that serve as a constant touch point for us during our changing lives.
The Christmas Cookie Caper
A Christmas Ash and Raimi story
Sorin Starts a School
The founding of Notre Dame, told with depth and delight
The King's Library: Jonah
Jonah tells the classic tale in a fresh way with the help of the Stoofs: fun, colourful characters created by kids, for kids!
Little Patakha: Spark a lifetime of curiosity in young minds
Children's books to introduce new cultures and languages - Planet Pichkari and Planet Pathrado.
You Can Play Sports
A touch & feel book for babies and toddlers, featuring eight popular sports and a textured ball for each. Makes a great gift!
The book for everyone who's furious with politics today and ready to #PullTheThread and make a positive difference!
Let's Go on a Dream Trip! - Italy
A children's rhyming picture book
Savior | The Story of Jesus Christ
A rhyming and hand-painted children's book about the life of Jesus Christ.
2020: A Cat Odyssey
A Whimsical Journey Through a Pandemic Year
The Pods Book of Fun & Happiness
A beautifully presented, keepsake book created in an inclusive environment. Guaranteed to brighten your day & make you smile.
Top Shelf Rolls: The Grand Opening
A children's book about two cats owning and running a bakery, including bonus beginner's recipes!
That Witch - Children's Book Publishing Hard Cover
A book about kindness, what truly matters, and a bit of magical fun for the spooky season. Illustrated and written by Courtney Hanks.
Children's Book about Cleaning their Room
The book that puts a new spin on a boring chore...told in a fun, rhyming story for ages 3-8.
Fluffy the Hairless Cat and the Midnight Mouse Mission
A story for both children and adults as a reminder to recognize what you value most in life. A book created with love for a good cause.
I Don't Like You
A children's book about giving second chances and finding new friendships. Help me self-publish this book written about me and you!
My Tiny Temper Hardcover
My Tiny Temper follows a child's day as they perform tasks while dealing with a growing monster of emotions.
Extraordinary Kids Coloring Book
An awesome coloring book starring kids with disabilities and complex medical needs
Girls with Curls
The True Tales of Girls with Curly Hair
Car Key Gnomes and Other Household Pests
A book of charming, silly poems of mischievous household faeries; paired with the enchanting, vibrant artwork they deserve!
Super Max's Hero Surprise: A Book About Military Family Life
Max thinks her dad is currently on deployment, but she's in for treat when her dad has an early homecoming and surprises her at school.
Oh My Gods! A History of Belief
A stunning children's book on the history of our beliefs and gods, and what they say about us.
Travel Con Lola to la República Dominicana
A children's book about travel, culture, and representation.
Changing the Game: Asian Pacific American Female Athletes
Meet 18 Asian Pacific American Female Athletes from Yesterday and Today
Koa’s Life Adventures: Surfing in Hawaii
A beautifully illustrated children’s book set in Hawaii that promotes cultural diversity, imagination, and achieving your dreams.
Little Saint Stories
Board books that bring the Catholic saints to life
The Brain Building Book
A feedback workbook for practitioners to help elementary-aged students understand their learning differences after an assessment.
A book for children, small and tall, written in English rhyme.
Noah, No! Children's board book
The story of a mischievous little boy and the daily antics he shares with his sister.
Gloomy Baboony - It's okay to feel sad
Help Gloomy Baboony to get printed! A children's book about sadness, love, and being there for each other!
𝙄𝙢𝙖𝙜𝙞𝙣𝙚 : A Picture Book Exploring Childhood's Magic
Introducing Imagine Sinclair - a fun new ᴘɪᴄᴛᴜʀᴇ ʙᴏᴏᴋ series featuring a precocious child with a big imagination and love of creating.
R is for Rainbow: An ABC Art Book
A 32-page full-color hardcover book featuring my paintings and words
Rediscover African History: Njinga of Ndongo and Matamba
An illustrated children's book by an #ownvoices author based on a fearless icon of empowerment and freedom.
Mama of the Nation: The Story of Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira
A children's book about Mama Cecilia Kadzamira of Malawi, Africa
Hamilton and Eleanor: Explore Australia - Children's Book
This fun illustrated children's book takes you along an adventure through Australia, exploring new places and meeting diverse critters!
Georgie Dupree: A Children's Picture Book Series
THREE books that teach children resilience, self-confidence, and the power of positivity with the ever-so-spunky Georgie Dupree.
Tiny Teal Books
His mom's blue, his dad's green & he is something in between. Discuss purpose & identity with children using Tiny Teal Learns to Color
Folly and Molly Take on the Appalachian Trail
Folly & Molly Take on the Appalachian Trail is a fictional rhyming book about twins who thru-hike the Appalachian Trail.
Asian Holiday Series : Three Multi-Cultural Children's Book!
The third and final installment in the series- Our Double Fifth Celebration: story about Dragon Boat Festival, Dano and Children's Day
Everyday Superheroes: Women in Energy (A Children’s Book)
A multicultural children’s book sharing the colorful stories and energy careers of 26 diverse women powering our planet.
Cece Learns the School Rules
A fun, rhyming story that helps children remember the classroom rules!
This May Be Hard But I Can Do My Best
Beautiful, affirming, rhyming picture book - Helps children to develop perseverance, courage & grit in the face of challenges
My Mud Kitchen is RAD!
A CHILDREN'S BOOK about getting OUTSIDE and playing in MUD, and CREATING curious culinary delights in a MUD KITCHEN.
My Shining Star
A rhyming picture book for working moms to share with their children. A story of love, family, and empowerment.
The Little Regent
An African-themed picture book about a seven-year-old's journey to become ruler of her village.
Flappy & Whiskers go to the Park illustrated children's book
An engaging full colour illustrated children's story about patience, asking for help, sharing and working together.
Rise & Shine, Sweet Child
A sweet, whimsical and vibrant good morning story with 7 little lessons to begin each day on a bright and positive note.
The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry Around the World
15 stories for brave and curious kids...and a doll!
Jake and the Pandemic: A children's book
Written in "first doggy," this heartwarming keepsake was created to help our children through this pandemic as well as inspire hope.
Litter, Litter, Please Come Here
Help us fund the cost of printing a large run of our children's book, and help us make a huge impact on our coastlines!
I See Lincoln's Underpants - From The Past and The Curious
The Surprising Times Underwear (and the people wearing them) Made History - A middle-grade book by Mick Sullivan, Art by Suki Anderson
When a Donut Goes to Therapy
A children's book normalizing, educating, and empowering kids toward play therapy.
What Did We Miss?
A humorous story about what parents REALLY do at bedtime
The Rainy Day Zoo Picture Book
A children's book celebrating African culture, diversity, and the power of a child's imagination
Befriend Your Brain: A young person's mental health guide
Deal with anxiety, depression, freakouts, and triggers for ages 10 and up. Based on Dr. Faith's bestselling book
Goodnight Moon Base
Let's bring bedtime *to* the moon every night. Our future on the moon becomes real through compelling scenes and rhymes.
Ready for an adventure: a diverse and magical story
Two sisters have extraordinary fun on an ordinary day in this diverse and delightful tale
Bring Effie to Life!
Effie's Adventures have kicked off and now she wants to grow. Help bring Effie to life in a plush doll, coloring book and more!
The Winnie-the-Pooh Project
Making Pooh Accessible to Children Who Are Blind, Deaf, or Learning Challenged
Babysitting Froggy
Babysitting Froggy is already a softbound choice book for children. Help me make it an interactive book available online!
Britannica Magazine - The ideal holiday gift!
A brand-new, brain-tingling magazine for ages 7+! Inspiring young minds!
CHRISTMAS IN JULY: The Plan for the Gingerbread House
PLAN to encourage kids! Encourage them to face challenges, take risks, and find success. Pre-order NOW for early delivery in September!
"Eggie's Adventures at Poe Cottage" A Picture Book
With this picture book, children will learn about perseverance while discovering the Museum of Edgar Allan Poe located in the Bronx, NY
Inside my Sea of Dreams—The Adventures of Kami & Suz
A beautifully written and delightfully illustrated storybook inspiring young and old to follow their dreams and simply BELIEVE!
Cicada City: A Bug Club Hotel Story
An inclusive children's book about three imaginative, bug-loving friends - it's part facts, part fantasy, all fun.
A bilingual children's poetry book--written by my 9-yr-old self; and picture book--illustrated by young and diverse artists
Bowie's Adventure Book
Bilingual music book in Chinese & English, designed to help you and your children learn a new language the fun way.
Acire's Journey to Forgiveness Mountain
An imaginative children's book about the difficult reality of discovering emotions, facing fears, & finding healing.
Magilicious Journeys Book Series
A Magilicious Way to Learn About Different Countries, Cultures, and Foods!
Ari the Brave and the Magic Dream Fairy
A fun picture book that helps kids be brave at bedtime, inspired by a mom's real life journey in helping her child overcome nightmares.
Science Wide Open 2: Children’s Books about Women in Science
Educate and inspire curiosity with 3 new books for children, introducing women pioneers of Medicine, Engineering, and Botany
Animal Clothes & Other Silly Poems
A collection of silly poems and goofy limericks to entertain kids, adults and barnyard animals.
FableNotes: Learn Music with Stories
A picture book that makes music literacy as simple as reading a story. Students start recognizing notes by name after the first read.
Which Cape Will I Wear Today?
A diverse & inspiring children’s book teaching kids about using positive self-talk to help them boost their self-esteem!
Noodles, Please!
an A to Z board book of global foods
Let's Learn Opposite Words: A Bilingual Children's Book
A Bilingual Book Introduce 30 Basic Mandarin Chinese Characters Through Short, Simple Sentences and Bright Illustration.
How Far is Heaven?
How Far is Heaven is a heartwarming story about recognizing the signs from our lost loved ones, in the beauty of the world around us.
Brilliantly Dyslexic: Essential book for struggling readers
An Illustrated children’s book that inspires with 20+ real-life stories about incredible dyslexics from engineers to artists.
Above The Clouds - Children's Book
A rhyming children's book about mindfulness & perspective with a simple reminder that the sun is always shining above the clouds.
This Kid Can Hyperfocus
A Children's book about a goat with ADHD, named Kid, and his day at the farm on his hyperfocus mission to bring smiles and laughter.
'Uh-oh! said Snuffles' The Eco-Concious Children's Book
"Uh-oh!" said Snuffles is an eco-conscious children's story about Snuffles the hedgehog and the challenges he faces from human impact.
Matzah Ball Books
Do a mitzvah! Help fund 2 NEW Yiddish-inspired picture books!
A twisted children's book full of freakishly fun poems and creatively creepy illustrations. Perfect for your little horrors.
Grams & Me
Talking to little ones about our loved ones that are gone is HARD. This heart-warming story makes it a little easier.
Daisy Ella's Sparkle Search
The fairytale with an inspiring and empowering message.
I Celebrate My Voice
A joyful, imaginative celebration of our voices through an illustrated picture book and two coloring & activity books.
The Adventures of Super Obi: An exciting new book series!
A faith-based children’s book that stars an adventurous young boy who learns a lesson about fear with the help of the Word of God.
Embrace Who We Are
A children's book of diversity and inclusion.
Roger the Liger in Paris
A children's book by Paris couple Oliver Gee and Lina Nordin Gee.
Sydney Plays Softball
A children's book introducing softball to kids around the world through the story of a girl, her dad, coach, and silly teammates.
My First Book of Drum & Bass - The Children's Book
An alphabetical D&B adventure for little ravers and misbehavers: the fun & educational picture book about Drum & Bass.
Hama the Pig's Big Adventure
A children's storybook & plush about being courageous, making friends, and finding heroes in unlikely places.
One Whole Me
A story that celebrates biculturalism and encourages readers to be proud of who they are!
Do You Know What's Really Big?
A children's book about things both big and small. Perspective!
Snuggle Muffins™
Snuggle Muffins combine sweet stories and recipes to bring families together in the kitchen.
My Favorite Gift: A Bilingual Book by Spark Collection
A storybook with fun and engaging flaps to learn language in Mandarin-English and Hindi-English.
Mrs Claus does the Unthinkable!
A story about how Mrs Claus found her voice and how the world learnt her name!
God Is Coming: An Advent Journey
An Advent book for families.
"Why Am I Here? A Child's Book About Purpose"
A beautiful, inspiring book that teaches children about purpose and exploring the unique path and place they each have in this world.
My First Loose Tooth Hardcover
An illustrated children's book to help prepare little ones for their first loose tooth
Light of the Saints: An Interactive Children's Book
Shine a light behind the page and see the miracles come alive! An interactive children's book about the Saints from around the world!
Hear We Go!
A board book about twin toddlers and the sounds they hear on a fun stroller ride through a vibrant community.
A Wolf Named Elvis
"A Wolf Named Elvis" is a book that empowers children to feel their feelings, flip their own scripts, and find their own unique magic
Little Mustard Seed Library: Books for Beginning Readers
Short. Readable. Visual. Enjoy our 3-book set about Jesus in the Holy Land. Learn how to write your own Little Mustard Seed Book.
Kaydee the Bumblebee- A Children's Picture Book
An inspiring children's book about beating the odds, believing in yourself and promotes Social & Emotional Learning.
My Birthmark
A poetic, magical, and joyous story about accepting life's gifts--no matter what form they may take...
The Book of Belonging
An updated Bible story book for modern and mindful kids. Diverse and beautiful stories focused on identity, wonder and contemplation.
Binibi: Bilingual Sound Books For Babies & Toddlers
A fun and engaging way to make learning Spanish easy from the earliest age.
Travel Rangers Mission to Australia
Join the Travel Rangers on an adventure as they learn about the country and culture of Australia. AR technology brings it to life!
Into Justin's World
An inclusive children's book that allows children with additional needs the chance to see themselves in the story.
FISH TALES & RHYMES: Bilingual Musical Board Books for kids
Innovative sound books that offer kids learning Chinese an immersive reading experience through music and play.
Be Kind to Yourself Children's Book
A story to help kids develop self love
香港野生動物卡 Hong Kong Wildlife Cards
屬於香港孩子的野生動物卡! Wildlife cards specially designed for Hong Kong children!
Champions for Change and Heroic Kids
The next two books in the inspirational new book series Young Change Makers.
ABCs of Cambodia
An illustrated alphabet book to help kids of all ages learn about Khmer culture.
The Science of Babies - A Board Book by Deborah Roffman
A little book for big questions about bodies, birth, and families
The Zookeepers' Quest - The Koala and the Bushfire
Join the zookeepers in Australia as they help a koala and her joey escape from a bushfire in this adventure filled children's book
The Runaway Bunny: An Armenian children's book
The Armenian version of THE RUNAWAY BUNNY is coming soon. Help us bring this project alive and share it with the children of Artsakh.
Little Sports Torts Fundamentals: Learn to Play Soccer
Dribble the ball with Frankenstein or Roll out cookie dough with Grandma. Learn to Play Soccer uses imagination to teach kids soccer.
Fred Gets Frustrated - A Children's Calm Down Book
A children's picture book encouraging emotional intelligence in a fun and beautifully illustrated calm down book for ages 4 to 10.
Neuroscience Picture Book: Brian the Brain Mind Trip
Because it's important for kids to understand their brain.
Building Conflict Resolution Skills in Children
A picture book for children ages 3-9 to learn how to resolve conflict amongst family and peers.
Mikey's Mum's Birthday
A new, heart-warming illustrated children's book by debut Scottish author Martin Aitken.
Little Digger's Big Garden
Little Digger is here to reconstruct our approach to kids nutrition! Join him as he and his friends work together to try something new.
Midsommar Sól
A midsummer festival story featuring an ancient Norse goddess.
Hidden Gems — Children's Book Series
The award winning adventure series that transports imaginative young readers into a magnificent world of living rocks and minerals!
Read, Write, and Count in Nubian: ⲅⲉⲣⲓ, ⲫⲁ̄ⲓ̈, ⲟ̄ⲙⲓⲣ!
Four beautifully-illustrated kids’ books promoting reading in Nubian, one of Africa’s oldest written languages.
I Love You, Little Boba Book and Boba Plush
Bring some diversity to your storytime with a heartwarming story celebrating unconditional love with boba characters!
Map of Memory Lane - A Picture Book
A heartwarming story that gently introduces the topic of loss while celebrating the memories we cherish
I Will Always Be Proud of You
"One of the most beautiful picture books for children that I have ever seen." (5-Star Review) — Viga Boland, Readers' Favorite.
Joy of Faeries
Step into the magical world of Joy of Faeries and take a peek into our fully illustrated book.
Red Racer Books - A New Kids' Book Series about Racing
ABCs of Racing, My First Guide to F1TM Racing! Not your ordinary ABC book.
Dara & the First Flight
An Environmental book for kids & parents
SuperWho? A small superhero origin story!
A picture chapbook for ages 4–8. Our hero Dana discovers persistence, flexibility, and the value of a deep costume closet.
The Brain Building Book for Adolescents
A personalized workbook to help teens and tweens understand their amazingly unique brains.
Black Joy: A healthy conversation about race
This is a book about a little girl who asks her dad about race. They talk about its origins and how her Blackness can be joyful.
Elli – The Little Girl With The Big Hair
A children's picture book about a little girl with hair so BIG – this curly whirly jumble can even make the ocean rumble...
My Friend Toothy
A children's book about how to practice good dental hygiene.
There's A Dragon In My Garage!
A humorous children's book celebrating science & critical thinking.
Olly the Lone Red Squirrel
A sensitive children's book to raise awareness about bullying, showing the importance of kindness and friendship.
A Dinosaur Made Me Spill: A Water Cycle Adventure
An awesome children's picture book!! 🦖A tea party! 🦖Dinosaurs! 🦖Smart girls! 🦖Water Cycle Science!
Pro Gamers Guide to Healthy Habits
Join us on the journey to becoming a professional gamer, the healthy way! A children's guidebook for the aspiring gamer.
The Adventures of Kylee the Rescue Dog
The 2nd volume in "The Adventures of Kylee the Rescue Dog"
The Dandelion Princess - A Contemporary Fairytale
Follow Princess Lilia as she chases her own kind of happily ever after, instead of chasing frogs.
Happy Hartslog Day
An illustrated children's book based on fall's favorite day in our town of Alexandria. A glimpse of our family and community.
Slothee Still Wants Coffee
Slothee Still Wants Coffee Children's Book. Join Slothee as he continues his adventure to find the best cup of coffee in the world!
Did you know?...A beautiful hand illustrated children's book
Rhyming stories which encourage children to use their imagination and see the magic in nature. Created by an Australian author.
I'm a Dyslexic Superhero (Children's book)
Inclusive children's book written from the perspective of a 7 year old dyslexic girl. Uplifting, honest and fun. Kid approved!
Why Me, Mama?
Everyone has something, sometimes you see it & sometimes you don't. "Why me, Mama?" A children's book about the disability experience
Kinderbuch "Nilpferdson und Erdmannson"
Ein Kinderbuch zum Vorlesen für Kindergarten- und Grundschulkinder über das erste Nilpferd der Welt!
Molly Morningstar – A Doll for Me: Diverse Children's Book
A fun children's book highlighting the importance of diversity in kids' toys and books.
A Book of Very Stories
A children's book that parents will very enjoy reading
Cambridge Punting - A Phonics Based Children's Book
Encouraging children to read with a beautifully illustrated book that introduces them to punting, and focuses on Phase 4 phonics.
Rhino & Dino in: Lemonade! Picture Book Series
Shenanigans from fun-loving picture book duo, Rhino & Dino! Series includes amazing tips to help kids save the planet!
I Love You More | Multilingual EQ Board Books
This beautifully illustrated board book about unconditional love is developed in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish.
The Capables: Award-Winning Inclusive Children's Book Series
The Capables are a group of super-capable kid superheroes whose powers are activated through empowerment. Different is SUPER!
The Little Tiger with the Big Temper
A picture book that simplifies mindfulness for kids and teaches conscious communication to adults
Where do hot dogs come from?
A Children's Book about Cellular Agriculture
"Bubbs in Space" a Children's Book About Autism
“Bubbs in Space” is a children's book about a little boy on the autism spectrum that sees & experiences everything in a different way.
Wylde Wings - An illustrated novel for tweens and teens
Take flight on a Middle Grade adventure through myth and magic, written by Kate Ristau and illustrated by Brian W. Parker.
Jerome's Journey: A Story About the Virtue of Patience
Teach your children what it means to have character
The Gingerbread Twins
A charming twist on the classic tale as Fox learns how to bake his own gingerbread cookies.
Mason and Milo - A Journey Through The Stars
A unique STEM learning bedtime story experience with an accompanying lullaby and audio performance for comforting dreams
Call Me Penny Pickleberry - A Children's Picture Book
A fun children’s picture book about a little girl who learns to cope with her anxiety and manage her worries.
Fantasy Chapter Books: By Child Authors
Children's Adventure Stories Portraying Courage And Wit
ACO Jess & Friends: Helping Pets Home
The 2nd book in my ACO Jess & Friends series about a friendly animal control officer. Real stories about me helping pets.
Alexander the Avoider: A Sensory Processing Disorder Story
An empowering and educational children's picture book about Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).
The Power of Kindness
A children's book that teaching empathy, generosity, and love to children ages 4-8 years old.
Screen Time
a precautionary cell phone tale
Your Truest Self: A Gender Primary Book
A book about bodies, gender, and being true to yourself. With easy to understand language and colourful illustrations.
Making Dumplings with Alden
A children's board book featuring real images of a mom and son cooking and sharing a meal together and embracing their culture.
No Screen Day
A delightful rhyming story, on the beauty that's found in disconnecting from our devices, to play & reconnect with family.
Ava Zafar
A two-player children's book
Young Change Makers: an inspirational new book series.
A series of children's books about real kids doing extraordinary things to make a difference in the world!
I Love a Good Book
A delightful and necessary children's book to inspire children, especially young boys, to love books and reading!
And That's Their Family!
A children's book celebrating the diversity of family structures!
Leaf Talks Peace: Buddha's Message of Harmony
A children's book about living in harmony with nature and with all beings, endorsed by HH The Dalai Lama
Tach plays in Croke Park!
A children's book celebrating the ancient warrior sport of Hurling!
The Clever Little Mouse (a friendship story with pets)
Helping children develop the love of reading through humour and a problem solving story.
Billi, the Maker: A story of perseverance and ingenuity.
A children's picture book to promote S.T.E.M to a new generation.
The Wealth Playground: A Kid's Money Book Series
TWO diverse financial literacy children's books designed to teach and make wealth fun!
The Youngest Disciple & The Mouse in the Manger
Rhyming children's picture books set in accurate biblical context.
Two Jewels & A Taylor LLC Interactive Learning
Our company provides educational material for 2-6 years old's which encourages interaction between parents/caretakers & kids.
Alien to Zombie by Mark Chiarello and Kevin Somers
Alien to Zombie brings everyone’s favorite creatures of the night to life like never before—and in alphabetical order!
Free the Curls: An Anti-Bias Children's Book
A children's book that aims to inspire young children to take a stand when they witness injustice.
My Tiny Pet Elephant
A Children's Book Teaching that Even the Tiniest of Dreams Can Become the Biggest Adventures!
Just Like the Moon
A magical children's book with ethereal illustrations and a core message to help process difficult emotions and situations.
I Hope You Know
A beautifully illustrated, diverse picture book that is destined to empower our children and remind them how much they are loved.
Mighty Mila: Inclusive Children’s Book
A fun, inclusive story about a spunky, imaginative girl with hearing loss who proves she can achieve anything she sets her mind on
I Grottan Under Staden - Barnbok
En fartfylld barnbok om vampyrer laddad med spänning, mysterier, hemligheter och en lömsk plan att röja undan en viss halvvampyr.
I'm Dreaming of a Brown Christmas
A full color picture book & poem inspired by the classic song "White Christmas" as seen through the eyes of a young boy from the city.
One Christmas in Beartown
The Christmas-themed sequel to my children's picture book One Night in Beartown!
ACO Jess & Friends Raccoon Rescue
A children's book about a friendly animal control officer helping raccoons. Based on true events!
One Little Pig-Chinese bilingual children's book with Pinyin
A kid’s book by an AAPI author written in English, Chinese & Pinyin that introduces numbers & animals through fun rhymes in Mandarin
A Very Special A - Z (a few weeks ahead)
A full colour NOT FOR PROFIT alphabet picture book created especially for premature babies and their parents.
Louie's Together Playground: Inclusive Children's Book
Join Louie, a crafty llama with dwarfism who loves to build–sandcastles, forts, diverse friendships, and an all-inclusive playground!
Little Saint Stories: Adding New Saints!
Board books that bring the Catholic saints to life!
Born To Stand Out: A story about finding your true colours
Inspire children around the world to shine bright and be who they were created to be!
The Brave Coin
A children's book about overcoming fear and the journey to finding courage through the help of a coin.
Children's Picture Book: "Mighty Wings"
A brand new traditional children's picture book based on the lyrics of an original caterpillar rap + a call-&-response Monarch song!
Dragons & Dragon & Dragons: A Coloring Book Series
A series of 3 coloring books featuring all kinds of dragons!
A-Z Baby Animal + Scientists: ABC Fine Art Book for Everyone
Science’s breakthroughs explained with baby animals from A-Z! An ABC book that even a parent will enjoy! A keepsake for generations.
Love is. captures the moments of nirvana we experience as humans on Earth. Love is. a grown-ups book disguised as a kids picture book.
The Day My Best Friend and a Migraine Slept Over
A picture book for kids who get migraines, kids who care about others who do, and kids lucky enough to be oblivious. #Make100
National Park Pup: Grand Canyon
The Dr. Seuss-inspired book series that takes kids on an educational adventure around different National Parks is back for more fun.
Lele Goes Out to Play: A Bilingual Children's Book
Bilingual children's book about a boy, his stuffed monkey, and their adventures in Hong Kong (an AAPI children's book).
LET'S SKATE! - A Beautifully Illustrated Picture Book
A celebration of friendship, individuality and acceptance. By Claire Ndario and Kandice Johnson.
Lulu the Beaver Book Bundle
A children's book to inspire kids to confront doubt and fear and share their gifts. luluthebeaver.com
Moby Dick for Kids
A storybook adaptation of Herman Melville's Moby Dick.
OllieMollyMylo: an illustrated tale of three furry friends
A story book for children aged 0-100!
My Friendship Book
An Australian themed keepsake album that cherishes friendships and childhood memories
The ABCs of PCS
Journey through the ABCs with a military family as they move to their next duty station.
Hi-Contrast Hymn Book: Be Thou My Vision
Help your child develop a love of the great hymns of the Christian faith.
Nursery Rhyme Lane: A Personalised Book For Children
Find your child's character and name, on their adventure down Nursery Rhyme Lane.
My Covenant Path With Jesus: A Lift-the-Flap Board Book
Introduce children to Heavenly Parents, Jesus Christ, and the five covenants with this interactive book. For parents, too!
Board Game Day
A rhyming children's board book about the fun of board gaming
A Family Recipe: a children's book
A picture book that reveals what it means to be a family.
Winston's Forever Blanket Children's Book
A Story of Comfort and Love after Loss: A Children's Picture Book about Grief, Memories and the Unbreakable Bond
Scar Dakota: A Middle-Grade Novel
New York Times bestselling author Jason Wright's new novel about the new boy at school with a story, a secret, and a scar.
Panic and the Happy Thought
A social-emotional learning (SEL) picture book for any child who has experienced anxiety!
Mighty Miss Maya - Say Hello
The stunning SECOND book in the Mighty Miss Maya series on facing pesky questions about Abby's missing paw.
Monster of the Celadon Sea : A Curiously Fun Children's Book
Rumors of a mysterious sea monster. A young girl fueled by curiosity. The beginning of a quest for answers.
Dear Mama God: A Children’s Picture Book by Daneen Akers
An expansive, simple, wonder-filled prayer addressed to God as a Mother.
Liam's Hospital Stay
Liam's Hospital Stay
Nature Ninja Saves the Natural World
More than just a story, this children’s picture book is a call to action to inspire the next generation of nature heroes!
The Yesand & Yeahbut: Inspire children to be more proactive
A beautifully illustrated children's book designed to help encourage kids to look for solutions rather than make excuses.
Leni and Her Lion Pride - A Rugby Story
A fun, meaningful children's book teaching kids about effective leadership and pride for the best sport in the world!
BE STRONG: The Woman Who Sculpted Make Way for Ducklings
Nancy Schön’s fight to create public art for kids resulted in beloved sculptures in Boston’s Public Garden and around the world.
The Dragon Slayer Bible Series - Devotional Books for Boys
Rise of the Enemy, Book One in the Dragon Slayer Bible Series, is an adventure-packed devotional book for 9-12 year old boys.
"TAKO KNOWS" Picture Book
A picture book by Naoshi that follows the short but endearing life of TAKO, filled with humor, joy, and merry friends!
The Pickleton’s Christmas Game (Book Launch + Ornament)
See how the Christmas Pickle Tradition Began and start ‘relishing’ this tradition with your family!
The Calendar Kids: A New Way to Learn the Months of the Year
An engaging new picture book collection about the months of the year! Join us on our mission to reach classrooms across America!
Maggie the Military Rat
A beautifully illustrated children's book about a patriotic rat who learns she can serve simply by being a friend to a military child.
Hatch Storybooks- Your Child's Birth Story In A Picture book
Tell the unique story of how your child was welcomed into the world- in a format that kids love to return to over and over.
Let's Learn Measure Words & Let's Learn Action Words
Bilingual books introduce Chinese characters through simple sentences and colourful Illustrations in Chinese, English & Pinyin.
Dear Nanny - My Special Caregiver and Me
A heartwarming children's book that celebrates nannies and domestic caregivers and the wonderful work they do to support families.
Two Mixup Books: A Mixup at the Zoo and Monsters & Marvels
Create your own wild creatures in these interactive monster and animal themed flip books.
It's the TwIIns for Me!!
This book explores a young girl's transition from an only child to a big sister whom she must share the attention and spotlight.
The Sledgehog
An illustrated children's book about a medieval hedgehog that brings heavy metal into the world.
Dust Dragons: A Heartfelt and Imaginative Children's Book
Part dragon adventure where three tiny dragons learn a lesson of bravery, and part heartwarming lesson of cherishing the journey.
Midnight Dream: Mo and the Moonsies
A teenage, Nightmare Fighting Superhero on an adventure of secrets and destiny.
LIGHT: A guide to making good decisions, even when it's hard
Using a simple concept, this hardcover children's book teaches how to make decisions that are best for us with ease and confidence.
Amelia’s Loose Part Art
A picture book for children ages 3-8 that will inspire children to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary masterpieces.
Road Trip Rescue: A Faith and Friendship Novel for Kids
A clean, faith-friendly, contemporary middle grade adventure with Christian themes about a girl and her wild road trip to find her dog.
Bianca The Brave
A fully illustrated epic children's book project with the message of a lifetime. Written by Katie Cross and Kaley Mills.
Handbook for Budding Little Gardeners
A GREAT summer project for everyone!!!
¡1,2,3 Baila! An English-Spanish Board Book Set
Learn to count to 10 with SALSA, practice manners with CUMBIA, and identify instruments + sounds with MERENGUE, in English and Spanish!
Chirp's West End Wander: A Kid's Board Book
A board book for kids 0-8yo, about making new friends while exploring Newfoundland and Labrador sights. Travel and learn with us!
"Goodnight Sword" - A Medieval Fantasy Bedtime Story
A World of Gallantry, Chivalry, and Rabbits Based on the Classic Story, Goodnight Moon
Firefly Lullaby, a beautiful book of nature and art with MP3
A Kirkus-starred book evoking the beauty of a summer night, perfect for children and art lovers of any age.
Cinderella - The Classic Fairy Tale Retold!
A classic book retold for a modern world! An inspiring story with empowered characters, inclusive values and stunning illustrations!
Ernie's Mindful Journey
Children's book about practicing mindfulness.
"H is for Honda!" The world's first Honda alphabet books!
A Max Boost & Honda Alphabet Book and Coloring Book, made to inspire future generations of car enthusiasts and tuners!
Dream Big, Little Peanut: A children's bedtime book
Follow your dreams and heart, but know you're enough already from the very start
How Does Bunjee Feel?
A lift flap book written by a speech-language pathologist in a way that encourages participation and responses.
Indian Festival Series: Celebrating Diverse Holidays
Educational and engaging picture books to help kids learn about vibrant Indian culture and festivals
Golden Chick - Joojé Talâee (Persian/English kids book)
An inclusive bilingual story of overcoming obstacles & celebrating achievements while embracing the Persian language & culture.
Masterpiece: A Children's Picture Book
An inclusive story about a non-verbal child on the autism spectrum who shows the world that he is a true masterpiece!
Grace the Giraffe in Paris
The third children's book from The Gees
Boxer Baby Battles Bedtime! picture book
Dad goes toe to toe with his toddler in a naptime battle in this humorous picture book told in three rounds!
I’ll Be Here
Easily considered “the new classic” among its kind, I’ll Be Here is the ideal children’s book for diverse populations.
Wolfbane Books : Telling a Better Story
Two brand new picture books designed to awaken wonder and worship in the heart of your home.
The Sorry Monster
Do you know someone who says "Sorry!" too much? They need this adorably uplifting book that helps break the "Sorry" habit.
Chickens Don't Go Meow! || ¡Las gallinas no hacen miau!
A Bilingual Picture Book inspired by the Adventures of Julia and the Coop Kitties + Remi
Quantum Possum: A Neurodivergence-Affirming Graphic Novel
Join Opal, Essie & Albin on an epic, winding journey through Cosmic Bog, rescuing friends in need and including everyone in the fun.
The Big Book for Kids (of Anything and Everything)
A connection journal for families with kids aged 4-10 to share their world through stickers, drawings, and writing.
Kimonos and Cornrows ebook
"Celebrating Diversity Through Hair and Culture"
Willow Witch Saves Christmas
A magical chapter book about a teenage witch, showing the importance of believing in oneself, overcoming fears, and new friendships.
My Momma Loves Me
A poetic Canadian children's book about the many kinds of motherhood found in nature.
Arya & Everyone Else's Feelings - Stretch Goal $11,200 !!
A children's picture book for sensitive kids ages 4-8.
Winter of the Bees | A Middle Grade Magical Realism Novel
Back a clean middle grade novel that inspires readers to see the wonders around them!
National Park Pup: Yellowstone
Go on a fun, rhyming adventure around Yellowstone National Park in this educational children’s book.
Dream Chasers and Leading the Way
The final two books in the inspirational new book series Young Change Makers.
Dou Dou Books 豆豆书
Children's learning series that will instill the love of learning, and makes learning Chinese simple, easy and fun.
Let's Learn Kind Words & Let's Learn Basic Conversation
Bilingual books introduce Chinese characters through simple sentences and colourful Illustrations in Chinese, English & Pinyin.
Bella The Buck Toothed Ballerina
Bella is a 6-year-old ballerina with buck teeth who learns her difference is what makes her beautiful.
A set of picture books to help reduce bullying and build social skills for children in Pre K-3rd grade
"I Will Always Love You" + "I Wish You A Happy Birthday"
"The Unconditional Love Series" of beautiful, award-winning picture books from Michael Wong, the author of "I Wish You Happiness"
Chuckie's Halloween Book and Mistakes Book
Adorably sweet children's books with social emotional learning lessons from a lovable dog and his friends!
Sachiko & The Bully
Sachiko & The Bully is the 2nd book in my AAPI children's book series normalizing the fact that girls can become race car drivers.
Surf Soup TV & the Magical Hair-No Haircuts Children’s Book
The 11th book in the Surf Soup Book Series by Emmy Honored Television Animator, Creator, Author & Illustrator Donna Kay Lau
The Tarot Deck Mess: Intro to the Major Arcana
A tarot picture book for kids, complete with a 22 card major arcana deck!
Babies in the Sky
A book of hope for those enduring infant loss, miscarriage, infertility or loss of a loved one.
The Pengrooms (Rainbow Edition)
Children's picture book celebrating LGBTQ weddings.
Molly's First Festival: A children's picturebook
A fun and inclusive picturebook all about the family experience of a music festival
Frederick Moody and the Secrets of Six Summit Lake
A thrilling middle-grade Bigfoot mystery adventure book / friendship and neurodiverse characters
The Day We Saved The Lightbulb: a book by Mr Jim
Our opening release to a collection of stories from the popular podcasts Kids Short Stories, Kids Animal Stories and Spyology Squad.
My Violin Is (Not) Broken?
An uplifting story of passion, perseverance, and grit.
Sydney the Sloth. Children's Book.
An adorable animal book to help 2-5 year olds with their S sounds. The second book released from the Speech Sounds Series.
When You Sing
A children's picture book on the unique song that lives inside of your heart and how you transform the world when you sing it.
Love is Mama's Hands
An AAPI children's book celebrating diverse love languages, food and culture.
The Secret Ingredient: The Pengrooms Book 2
A whimsical picture book celebrating LGBTQ families.
Mellow Duck : An illustrated book by Kawaharari
Come and discover the life of ducks as seen by the illustrator Kawaharari / イラストレーター・かわはらりが見たカモたちの暮らしに触れてみませんか。
A Little Bilingual's World Flash Cards by Seedlingo
Chinese-English bilingual flash cards with Montessori-inspired activities and a multi-level teaching guide.
Educational Books: By Award-Winning Child Authors
Encouraging Children to Read and Learn
Mika’s Quest for the Lost Artifact
For ages 5-9, Mika's Quest is a fun and educational illustrated chapter book where the history and culture of a real city is revealed!
Coloring in Place: The Coloring Book That Gives Back
A Beautiful 100+ page coloring book / All book sales will be donated to amazing organizations
The People Who Can't Meet You
A beautifully illustrated and rhyming children's book about the people we've lost, and how we hold them in our hearts
Eva The Kid Reporter
Bringing little ones on a fun journey of self-acceptance and love for their unique personality and skills.
Screens Away, Time to Play!
A light-hearted rhyming book for ages 3-7 that shows the value of turning screens off and encouraging other ways to play!
Manners for Little Ones: Little Lady & Little Gentleman
Richly illustrated rhyming guides to some basic manners little girls & boys need to learn to thrive professionally and personally.
Creative Little Monsters
A book to help kids with creative confidence and a reminder to parents that creative children can be a hot mess.
The Roar Inside
A children's book about navigating fear/anxiety, building self confidence and discovering the power & importance of using one's voice.
Hair Bear: A Tale of Curly Hair Love
A children's book about curly hair love!
Accidental Tiny Dog
A 20-page picture book promoting rescue pet adoption that will bring joy to all ages.
Kinderbuch: "Mami, was ist ein Gott?"
Auf spielerische Art, lernen die Kinder nicht nur ihrem Verstand, sondern auch dem Unsichtbaren Aufmerksamkeit & Vertrauen zu schenken.
Molly and Moo by Michelle Peet and Emma Latham
A children's picture book about fun, family and friendship, with a sprinkling of monster magic
Mythwakers: Nonfiction Myth Series for Kids
Join the minotaur in a brand new nonfiction mythological creature series for kids
Bhagavad Gita for Kids
Complete teachings of Lord Krishna
Here Comes the Mess
A beautiful laugh-out-loud picture book about family love and learning together.
Kids Super Journal
A 70-day mindfulness activity journal empowering kids to self-manage challenge, embrace joy, and generate wellbeing.
Eva the Diva Girl: a new Girl Empowerment book series
A series of children's books that teach young girls how positive affirmations can be used to increase confidence and build self-esteem.
Cosette Goes to the County
A FABULOUS new children's book all about a stylish French bulldog and her adventures between Toronto and Prince Edward County . . .
Curious Little Bao Bilingual Children's Books 好奇的小宝双语童书系列
Full-color bilingual children's books based on real-life events! Available in Simplified and Traditional Chinese with English!
Savanah Needs a Home
Written by a ten-year-old about a cat who is rescued and eventually lives in a motor home with her new family.
Little Saint Stories: Saints Around the World
Board books that bring the Catholic saints to life!
Isabella, Cat in the City: A Visit to the Sculpture Garden
Isabella is preparing to frolic amid the art with her squirrel-friends who help her learn to face her fears in her own adventurous way.
Mermaids Don't Fart, a laugh-out-loud picture book!
Shrimp says mermaids DON’T fart, Eel says mermaids DO. The two friends get in DEEP trouble and need a mermaid to save Shrimp's life.
The Dreamlighters Go to Space
Follow Kaleb and Maya as a magical genie emerges from their nightlight, revealing a world of careers beyond being an astronaut!
Eugenia and the Christmas Dress
A Christmas book based on a true story about giving rather than receiving.
Reina & Rashad: A Fantasy Adventure Children's Book
A picture book celebrating AfroLatinx culture and sibling love!
Jojo Adventure Books 祖兒歷險記
a bilingual children's board book series for Cantonese speakers
The Girl With 5 Hearts by Matthew & Chastidy Ronan
Help Kickstart the printing of The Girl With 5 Hearts children's book.
A Little More Beautiful: The Story of a Garden
A picture book written by Sarah Mackenzie, illustrated by Breezy Brookshire
Total Solar Eclipse: A Stellar Friendship Story
Children’s picture book about a total solar eclipse, perfect for educators and parents planning for the U.S. eclipse on April 8, 2024.
National Park Monsters Adventure Pack
Journey into adventure this summer with the National Park Monsters Adventure Pack!
Melusine: Birds of Many Feathers
Not your typical birding adventure! There's a mystery and an unexpected quest for self-discovery.
Yuki takes a walk 🐾
With its message of courage and kindness, this charming dog book explores issues of friendship & differences.
ABC: Adobo, Boba, Chai (A Children's Board Book)
An A-to-Z alphabet children's board book that celebrates Asian American values.
Crow the Courageous - Interactive Children's Book
A book that helps children understand what it means to be courageous while inviting them to become part of the story!
'Unspecified', a poetry book hoping for a print edition
South African poet Yoshira Marbel's depression, heartbreak, emptiness, anger, and suffering will soon be in print, if you pledge now.
Mamma och Litens sommar- och vinteräventyr
Två nya barnböcker om Mamma och Litens friluftsliv.
Dismantle / Rebuild - A Poetry Collection
Dismantle / Rebuild is the first printed collection of prose and poetry written by Tim Scotson.
A Phone for Christmas
Captivating tale about the importance of family togetherness, cultivating friendships and the unyielding passage of time.
The Story Of Us 我哋嘅故事 ngo5 dei6 ge3 gu3 si6
A Cantonese & English Keepsake Journal to Connect with Our Child Emotionally: WE TOGETHER can make Cantonese Positive Parenting happen
she&i (a poetic journey of self and soul)
"she&i" is a series of poems exploring the relationship between self & soul, an empowered journey of listening to who I really am.
The Clean Poetry Series
Clean Closet—the first of three books in The Clean Poetry Series—is complete! This Online Book Signing raises funds for the audiobook.
The $1 Poem Project
For $1, You choose the topic, I write the poem & mail it straight to You.
Make 100 Love Poems By Valentine's Day
$1 gets you a personalized love poem that will be written and sent to you by February 14th. Come Spread the Love
Candescent Poetry Launch
It's a simple project, really: a small-volume book of poems, written straight from my dangerously imaginative heart. Dare to blaze.
Sometimes I Like the Quiet: Duke the Deaf Dog ASL Series #4
Sometimes Duke the Deaf Dog needs a break from listening with his eyes and ears. Kids can learn 12 ASL signs in this fun picture book!
Full Moon: Poetry & Illustration by Rebecca Baruc
A heartache led to writing poetry. A fight on a bus leads to printing booklets to share with all of Chicago
Tongues in Trees Book Tour
Celebrate 25 years of eco-feminist poetry by Cassie Premo Steele and help the Tongues in Trees book tour come to you!
The Lost Poems of Pablo Neruda
Help Copper Canyon Press publish a beautiful collection of previously undiscovered poems by Pablo Neruda
Paperscape: A Poetry Book
Paper-themed poetry book. Approx. 60 pages. Full colour illustrations. Whimsical, rhyming, meaningful. + bonus book of 2nd rate poetry
Indolent Books 2018 List
12 new books of poetry; underrepresented voices; innovative, provocative & risky poetry about racial, social & economic justice issues
Poetry.Community - Where Writers Unite!
A social network for poets and readers of poetry.
"A God's Life" And "Courting Hunger" - Two Stories In Poems
In these two books, an exiled spy god and a human deal with their addiction to loving doomed mortals.
poetry book: america is a dry cookie and other love stories
We live in interesting times. You can help publish this book that confronts these times with poetry and laughter.
Mavros: Blackout Poetry Stencil
A stencil which seeks to elevate the experience of blackout poetry
Make 100: A Fearless Chapbook of Erasure Poetry
A 40-page, full color chapbook of erasure poetry.
Hi Angels Deluxe edition + book tour
A deluxe edition of Hi Angels: Poems by Candystore with artwork by Jerome Caja for the LA Art Book Fair and mini West Coast book tour
Dancing in the Dark - an artist's book
A 21st-century Hero's Journey told in a richly painted 48-page story poem
The journey of my first book "Finding me"
My Pocket of Fears
"On Love, Depression, and Other Mental Disorders" - A collection of poems and short stories written by Jonathan C. Ashline.
Help Yin Xzi Publish 'Home is Here'!
Yin Xzi needs support in self-publishing her memoir, 'Home is Here'!
This Map is Just a Suggestion | A 15 Year Poet Retrospective
The Selected Works of the Publishing Goblin and New Releases
Illustrated business poetry
Inspired by your typical, everyday workplace dilemmas. The ideal workplace gift. Goofy, satirical business picture books.
A Promenade at Home
A book of poetry by Sevinç Çalhanoğlu about a childhood home and the memories it contains.
Wild Poet: A Small Poetry Collection
My debut collection of poems, curated from several years of writing through emotions and experiences.
A book of poems by Tara K. Shepersky with illustrations by Lucy Bellwood
A Month of Someday: Poems by Gerald Wagoner
The debut chapbook by Brooklyn poet Gerald Wagoner explores the early pandemic lockdown in a poem for every day of April 2020.
THE BEAUTIFUL: Poets Reimagine a Nation
THE BEAUTIFUL features the nation's foremost poets and revolutionizes our ideas of beauty and belonging.
Birdsong: A Melody for Motherhood
A rhyming and hand-painted gift book for Mothers.
Spiritbox: A Book of Meme Poetry from Katie Haegele
The pieces in this book are by turns wishes, affirmations, short stories, confessions, etymologies, therapies, and poems.
Demanding the Room
A collection of poems by Dylan Angell, illustrated by Mark He
The Grimoire of Forgotten Fairytales
Unearthing the Shadows of Ancient Lore: A Sinister Collection of Forgotten Rhymes, Folklore and Fae
Awake, My Soul
A book of daily readings of 366 hymn texts from throughout church history, elegantly typeset and cloth bound.
The Rathmore Chaos - A Sequel to The Conspiracy Game
This is young adult fiction that inspires us to explore real places in our solar system. No glittery vampires allowed.
The Velocipede Races
In Emily June Street's exciting feminist steampunk novel, an 18 year old is forbidden from bicycle racing. Guess what happens next.
Falling Star, A Novel
A teenage girl discovers her best friend is depressed, but is it too late to save him? Or herself? Based on a true story.
Girls With Ideas: A Creative Leadership Curriculum for Girls
Fun, easy-to-use curriculum shows girls how to become confident leaders for life through hands-on group activities!
Unnailing The Coffin Of My Life
Apollo Vulcan Mars Brings you, "Unnailing the Coffin of my Life" a book with over 100 poems that guides you through his life.
Evertaster: The Delicious City
Help launch the long anticipated sequel to Evertaster! Get a copy of Evertaster: The Delicious City before everyone else.
Marginsbox - Young Adult Subscription Book Box
A monthly subscription box that focuses on BIPOC authors for readers of young adult fiction.
52 Essential Relationships: what you need to succeed in life
A powerful game developed by Harvard mom to build Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Better communications, stronger relationships.
52 Essential Conversations - A Game on Life
A clever card game that reduces family stress and prepares children for life. Plays 10 unique ways to support your child's development.
The Soul Within - YA Science fiction novel
Featuring sci fi adventure, aliens, spaceships, mysterious fighter jets, cute robots and people. Warning: May contain pizza.
God Awful Loser - A Young Adult Novel by Silvia Acevedo
A careless Cupid gets dethroned and joins misfit fallen angels to battle hell's army, save Olympus, and hopefully regain his crown.
The Sentinel Trilogy Audiobooks
Audiobook fundraising for the first novel in an urban fantasy series, The Sentinel Trilogy.
Silver's Ascent - A fantasy series I started when I was ten
When I was ten, I found a passion for writing. Over the years, I finally completed my manuscript and want to get it out into the world!
Soeliok. Storie dalle Terre Popolate
La trilogia fantasy dai valori attuali in edizione cartacea, ebook e audiolibro
My Social Justice Dictionary
100+ Words for Young Changemakers
Clockbreakers: The End of Time
The final episode of Clockbreakers
The "Grow Into Your Gifts" Bat Mitzvah Present
Providing a present that inspires young women with Jewish wisdom... and empowers them to grow into all their gifts.
Seventh Star: Volume 1
Action/School-Life/ Ecchi/Superpower Original English Light Novel
Risuko: A Kunoichi Tale (Teen Historical Adventure Novel)
Can one girl win a war? Magical but historical, Risuko follows one young woman along the first steps to discovering who she truly is.
Book Two of the Reaper Saga
Stolen Spells Exclusive FLIP Edition Hardback
Join the flower girls as sister witches discover their destiny in the Fae realm in this Exclusive FLIP Edition, featuring 2 books in 1!
Fugitive of Talionis: A Young Adult Sci-Fi Dystopian Novel
They took her. Trained her. And now they're hunting her.
Rettet die Tiere - Unsere Insekten und Krabbelfreunde
ein informatives Buch mit verständlichen Texten und vielen Zeichnungen und Illustrationen für Jung und Alt
Kit & Tully | YA Speculative Mystery | NEW COMPLETE SERIES
Kit & Tully wake a Celtic god who offers them a choice, Love or Music… Young Adult, Coming of Age and a Faustian Pact in 1990s Ireland.
Court of Snakes: This Desert Cage
In Segeno, it's eat or be eaten. A brand new YA dystopian fantasy for lovers of books like Divergent and The Hunger Games.
Suspended in the Stars: A YA Science Fantasy Novel
The first book in a fast-paced and swoony YA science fantasy trilogy about a circus in space.
Recruit of Talionis: A Young Adult Sci-Fi Dystopian Novel
A teen with a dark past. A secret military force kidnapping new soldiers. Can she survive as a Recruit of Talionis?
The Pits: An Illustrated Queer Fantasy Adventure Novel
Found family, strange creatures, mysterious forests, and the occasional gunfight for flavor. THE RAVEN BOYS meets OUTLAWED.
The Earth Chronicles Hardbacks
Bringing the Mother of All Coming-of-Age fantasy series to more readers
Prisoners of Thornbrill (book 1 The Tindoria Chronicles)
Waking up in another realm was not what Melanie had in mind when going for a flight on her dragon. *clean YA portal-fantasy trilogy!*
Fall of Edonia: Book Release
Epic Fantasy Fiction Story
Timecaster Chronicles: Special Edition Hardcovers
A fast-paced fantasy trilogy with witches, time travel, a slow burn romance, and a strong heroine coming into her powers!
Sednaam: the Heart of the Earth (Book 1)
Clean Young Adult Fantasy Novel
The Ealdspell Cycle: Faerie Magic Special Edition Hardbacks
Epic fae fantasy romance twists on familiar fairy tales, blending magic and mythology with historically inspired settings.
Portal Fantasy hardbacks, color paperback & bookish swag
Dive into this sword and sorcery portal fantasy, featuring twinned souls with a twist narrated by a cocky swordsman. Special editions!
Keyboard Harmony for Church Musicians
A conversationally-written book that teaches church keyboard players the music theory behind chord charts... and how to play them
Outlier Dictionary of Chinese Characters
Learn characters more efficiently with this revolutionary, easy-to-use dictionary. Discover how Chinese characters actually work!
Intro to Exposure Assessment Statistics Online Course
Intro course for EH&S professionals just entering the field. Learn to analyze real exposure data with live interactive online lectures.
RekMed; The Nurse Workbook
Plan. Color. Learn.
Bad Neighborhood - an extreme horror anthology
An extreme horror anthology inspired by the splatterpunk sub-genre, which is themed around the idea of "home".
The Society for the Preservation of CJ Henderson
A Memorial anthology based on the late, great CJ Henderson and his works, compiled by his friends and fellow authors.
HUMANESCENT: A collection of comic stories about being human
Explore fantasy worlds, through diverse art styles and artists while discovering what it means to be human.
Harry "Gay Panic" Potter Fan Book
Are you tired of white heterosexual main characters in your stories? Me too. Here's a bi & black Harry Potter, now in an art book.
Tales of the Weird Wild West
The Great Unknown and the Wild Frontier collide in The Weird Wild West with stories by @JonathanMaberry, @GailZMartin, and many more.
P. Craig Russell's Jungle Book And Other Stories Fine Art Ed
A 12"X17" hardcover book scanned from the original art. Each b&w page is scanned in color to show blue pencil and other corrections.
Bright Eyes: A Kunoichi Tale
A thrilling sequel to the award-winning teen adventure novel Risuko
There, there's your quote, mate: A music interview anthology
An anthology of outrageous interviews from the mixed-up, muddled-up music scene, laced with a good dose of wicked memoirs.
Trial Run - An All-Ages Superhero Anthology
Imagine your parents were super heroes. Now imagine that you’re given the chance to be a hero, too. You just have to pick your power.
As Told by Things - Unique Short Stories told by Objects
Unique, multi-genre collection (fantasy, romance, humor, contemporary, sci-fi) of short stories - as told by inanimate objects
Tales of Paranormal Steampunk
eSpec Books brings you three great new steampunk books of witches and magic and the great beyond.
The Resilience Anthology
The largest literary collection of transgender women and AMAB non-binary writers is about to go to print and we need your help.
Launch Party - The Webcomics Anthology
75 comics from 25 artists - Shen, False Knees, Lunarbaboon, Brutally Honest, Buni, Mr. Lovenstein, Deathbulge, NHOJ Comics & many MORE!
The first cyber punk anthology that brings marginalized voices together to speak against oppression.
POWER & MAGIC: The Queer Witch Comics Anthology VOLUME 2
Volume 2 of the beloved queer witch comics anthology, plus a second printing of Volume 1. #RecognizeKSRU
Sunbolt Deluxe Limited Edition
The 10th Anniversary Deluxe, Limited Edition of Sunbolt, Book 1 in the YA fantasy series The Sunbolt Chronicles by Intisar Khanani
The Procrastination Paper Annual
Give the gift of Positive Procrastination this Christmas!
ComicScene Annual 2021
A classic hardback comic annual featuring established and new comic characters from top comic creators
Nectar: Trans Femme and Non Binary Erotic Comics Anthology
An erotic anthology of delicious, nourishing naughtiness, where each comic has one (or more!) trans femme or non binary main character
Symphony No. 1 - A Fantasy Fiction Anthology
PILEAUS. A world of music, magic, and endless mystery, brought to readers by ten authors in this anthology of short tales.
MYTHSPACE: IGNITION – 200+ Anime Graphic Novel Anthology!
ABLAZE presents new full color ANIME-infused stories inspired by Philippine folklore from SUPERSTAR CREATORS!
Behind the Shadows - Inkd Pub's horror anthology
Sara Jordan-Heintz has compiled a terrifying selection for your horror consumption.
Nether Realms: Sci Fi Non Binary Erotic Comics Anthology
Strange, sexy tales from far across the universe, with characters who are non binary or gender explorers!
Tinted Trails — Anthology of ESL Writers
An anthology of poetry, fiction and nonfiction by non-native English writers from all over the globe, assembled by Tint Journal.
The Youssef Drawing Syllabus - Movement & Form
The Youssef Drawing Syllabus. The book covering the figure drawing program taught to animation industry artists.
The Origin Of Species, Charles Darwin — Evolutionary Edition
A book for both Design & Darwin fans. A unique edition of the evolutionary changes made to one of the most important books ever written
Tom Waits For No One: The Illustrated Scrapbook
Celebrating the rediscovery of Tom Waits For No One, we present this limited edition hardcover book from the director's archive.
Angelarium: Book of Emanations
An exploration into the mysteries of the Tree of Life through a surreal collection of paintings, poetry and storytelling.
The Paintings of The Mincing Mockingbird: Volume II
A 160 page hardcover art book featuring the avian portraiture and the humorous and distinctive titles of painter Matt Adrian.
A Lebanese Archive by Ania Dabrowska
Diab Alkarssifi’s lost archive of Lebanese and Arab photographs is brought to light in a new book by Ania Dabrowska.
Love Ever After
An inspiring photo book by photographer Lauren Fleishman that will share the stories of couples married over five decades.
Con Artist Collective Book "The First Five Years"
The Con Artist Collective is celebrating it's 5 year anniversary by publishing a beautiful book featuring work from over 400 artists
Art of Elfquest & Line of Beauty by Wendy and Richard Pini
The power of Wendy Pini’s captivating storytelling and dynamic art is celebrated in this three book premium hardcover and deluxe set!
Alphonse Mucha: Reprinting a lost Art Nouveau Masterpiece
In 1899 Art Nouveau illustrator Alphonse Mucha printed 510 copies of his graphic masterpiece. Support a reprint and 2016 exhibition.
Angelarium: Book of Watchers
An exploration into the world of the fallen angels. The second book in the Angelarium series.
Distractables: A Super Cute Very Nice Coloring Book
This is what happens when you put all of your favorite things into a coloring book. It's seriously so, so cute, you guys.
LONDON - Paintings by Peter Brown (Gift Book)
A celebration of London, captured in paint by Peter Brown. 168 full-colour pages, complete with entertaining anecdotes from the artist.
HOW TO BE A FAGGOT: a book of illustrated queer erotica
An erotic memoir, inspired by a 2016 residency at Tom of Finland Foundation, promoting & preserving LGBT culture during the Trump era.
Serendipity, an Art Book by June Leeloo
The First Art Book for artist June Leeloo presents a selection of her watercolours, inhabiting her Magical Dreams and Worlds of Whimsy.
Red Pin-Up Book by Andrew Tarusov
The first art book by famous Russian artist. Interactive content, personal artist's story and a lot of unpublished artworks!
The Black Dawg - illustrated poem
The Black Dawg is an illustrated poem about depression and hope written by Louis McIntosh and illustrated by Kathryn Hockey.
BEAUTIFUL MACABRE rare Vintage Poster masterpieces 1862-1971
Sinister and sensual artworks from the Golden Age of Vintage Poster Art: Rare images from the Century Guild Museum of Art archives.
The private artist books of Michael Rytz
RUNNING THROUGH THE WOODS IN A VELCRO SUIT - A book documenting the private artist books of Michael Rytz
The Best of Helios Quarterly (Volume One)
The Best of Helios Quarterly (Volume One) celebrates three years of diverse horror, science fiction, and fantasy from around the world!
Dominion: An Anthology of Black Speculative Fiction
Horror, science fiction, and fantasy by writers and poets from Africa and the African Diaspora.
An art book about the good things of making mistakes.
Upcycle this Book by Gavin Wade, designed by James Langdon
360 pages, 26 texts, 20 years of artist-curating, 12 drawings, 1 book.
Encounters with the Imaginary Volume 2
An anthology of illustrations and creative writing themed around the imaginary, featuring over 20 artists!
Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Giga | Heaven
We're making a book featuring paintings & calligraphy by Bujinkan Dojo Head Instructor, Masaaki Hatsumi.
The Warden's Call
Follow the journey of eternal beings and the mortals they were bound to watch over. How the struggles of man and gods are interlinked.
Images from the War in the Pacific: The Art of Jack Smith
Publishing a book of paintings of iconic WWII scenes by a member of the Greatest Generation, WWII veteran, and artist
Created: Bridging the Gap Between Your Art and Your Creator
Created Book by Likable Art. Over fifty creatives share the five words that inspire their work in this vividly illustrated art book.
FantaSea: An Art Book of Fantasy Ocean Lore
Explore the secrets of magic & fantasy in the underwater realm below. Illustrated art book by Marisa Erven and Heather Gross.
Art Book & Limited Edition Pin - Make/100
A book of whimsical art & sketches from a year of working in watercolor. PLUS a one of a kind limited edition hard enamel pin!
CAULDRON - An Art Book By Emily Hare
A fully Illustrated art book filled with drawings, watercolour paintings of witches, familiars, magic and short stories.
Encounters with the Imaginary Volume 3
A fantastical art anthology delving into the world of imaginary creatures. Featuring new art and short stories from over 40 artists!
NUDE - by Crescenzo Giacomo Notarile
A Transcendent Odyssey Through Form And Space: A Study of 50 Curated Images with critiques by Iconic Artists & Creatives
Anxy: The Masculinity Issue
A beautifully designed magazine about our inner worlds. Our fourth issue explores masculinity—what it means and what it can become.
Artpothecary Volume 1
A collection of sketches, studies, drawings and doodles in pencil and graphite by Emily Hare
ART OF AMERICA. American Poster Illustrations 1920 -1950. With the graphic and typographic styles from the past!
Watercolor Art Book & Limited Edition Pin - Make/100
A NEW book of whimsical art & sketches from another year of working in watercolor. Also two unique hard enamel pins!
WRITHE : The Dark Art of Steven Russell Black
A dark art book of drawings, paintings, and process material.
A bestiary of fantasy creatures
A slightly medieval alphabet book of mythical beasts illustrated with relief block prints.
Shadows of Aydralem
Freed from their worldly shackles, the Shadows leave the ruins of Aydralem with aspirations to free their Aspect brothers and sisters.
Pure Beef - A Wholesome Rap Coloring Book
Depicting beefing rappers but reimagining them in more wholesome scenarios.
Paint & Prose, A Way Finder's Meander
A book of images and words by low vision artist Erica Dornbusch; evoking sacred stories and a mindful connection to self and setting
The Eldest Sister And Death - An Inktober Story
A traditionally illustrated storybook inspired by Russian folklore, exploring a soldier's quest to outwit Death.
Mermaid Type Tarot, Party Edition
A unique tarot deck inspired by relationships and depth psychology.
The Nobel Prize winner's most beloved work illustrated, in English and Spanish. Book ten from our Illustrated Classics Collection.
Behind the wall 2 (a book about graffiti and sketches)
19 Writers are going to show you what's inside their blackbook Gamo, Zcäpe, Jacky&Hide, Azram, Mr Woodland, Stom500, Monsta and ...
Björn Hurri's Abominations | Artbook
The very first publication by artist Björn Hurri! Packed with his creatures and character designs, with finished works and sketches.
Watercolor Art Book & Limited Edition Pin
A NEW book of whimsical art & sketches from another year of working in watercolor. Also two unique hard enamel pins!
PROPAGANDA - Posters, Drawings & Photography in WW2
Two fascinating Hardcover Books with outstanding Posters, Images & Drawings on 240 pages!
Medusa: art for a new story
I am raising money to commission Lisete Alcalde do a painting for my book "Medusa Awakens," a modern reimagining of Medusa's mythology.
My first art book of sketchbook drawings, character designs, lettering, short stories, and more.
Yearly Watercolor Art Book + Limited Edition Pin
An art book featuring all of my fantasy artwork from 2020 with 2 additional art pins: A limited-edition & an Open edition pin.
JUGENDSTIL art book: Psychedelic Art Nouveau in Germany 1896
A collection of rare, early German Art Nouveau illustrations which directly inspired psychedelic art of the 1960s.
Brave Sis 2022 Journey-Journal
The sophomore edition of our beautiful print journal-planner highlighting Women of Color in history yet welcoming all!
Chromathicc Artbook by Rom Howler
An artistic journey full of sensuality and art // Un viaje artístico lleno de sensualidad y color +18 / Gay / bara / furry
Marylène Madou: Prints & Patterns, the book.
Dive into a world of colorful prints and patterns by Belgian textile designer Marylène Madou.
The Starry Knight Tarot: A 160-card illustrated fantasy deck
A unique customizable LGBTQIA+ deck with romantic knights, divine monsters, fanciful villains & mythical creatures + box and guidebook!
Creative Climate Investigations: Research Book
A sustainably-designed book showcasing the power of creativity to respond to the most urgent challenge of our times.
After The Jack (Western Short Film)
"After The Jack" is a Western comedy film about two idiot cowboys on a quest to capture a real live Jackalope.
Birthday Party!
Upbeat tour guide Sally throws the last (barely) surviving humans a party in their new home: a Cold War-era bunker.
On the Twelfth Day of Findom
From the confines of the supermarket staff room, a Christmas Temp dips her toe into the little-known world of Financial Domination.
UNCABARET 25th Anniversary Show & Celebration
A show and celebration for the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking alternative comedy show at the historic Theatre at the Ace Hotel.
Hardback Editions of Thread Slivers and Thread Strands
Make the highly rated fantasy/science-fiction Golden Threads Trilogy beginning into professional hardback & pocket paperback editions.
Decision Making Manual
A Decision Making Manual that is definitive, overly complicated, and for the indecisive person in your life.
VET Tv - Streaming TV network for post 9/11 veterans
Comedy Central + Military Channel + Hulu = A streaming TV network with all original content made by veterans for veterans.
Help Build The BIG Theater in Baltimore, MD
The Baltimore Improv Group presents 2017: A BIG Space Odyssey to make The BIG Theater the premier comedy venue in the region.
Spirit of the Century Presents: The Dinocalypse Trilogy
With psychic dinosaurs taking over Manhattan and beyond, it's up to the Century Club to save humanity -- from extinction!
The Family Arcana: A Story-in-Cards by Jedediah Berry
Shuffle, cut, play, read. A story about a haunted family, published as a poker deck and written to be read an infinite* number of ways.
A brand new comedy, banned by Rugby School.
Monica & Boss: A Short - The Fastest/Cheapest Kickstarter
Things get awkward when Monica sits down with her Boss and realizes her internet searches have not been private.
The Fettered Flame - Relaunch
Unique fantasy novel: wizards, dragons, magic, and the connections that define us [ vegan gender equalist female heroine indie LGBTQ ]
Dead Jack and the Pandemonium Device
The first book in a wild, irreverent fantasy/horror series following the exploits of a zombie detective and his homunculus frenemy.
Sherlock Holmes Re-Imagined
James Macaluso's twelve stunning adaptations of Sherlock Holmes adventures using Lego figures combined in this beautiful book.
The Window on the Door: A Novel.
From the suburbs of Oregon to the backside of Texas. A story of suffering and redemption. Of hate, love, and the scalding light of joy.
Sky Hippy
A tale of life from its genesis to the rapture, starring God, The Devil, and the Sky Hippy himself, Jesus Christ.
Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse While Dating a Vampire
An adventure comedy novel following a girl's journey through the zombie apocalypse while dating a vampire.
The Fish in Jonah's Puddle (To Say Nothing of the Demon)
"The Fish in Jonah's Puddle" is a weird, wonderful novel that's unquestionably quirky. And I'm making 100 limited edition hardcovers.
Toilet Material: The #1 Book for #2 Reading
“Toilet Material” is a paperback book with 40 very hilarious and very short stories – perfect for your very short attention span.
The Dreadful Objects: A Supernatural Mystery
A story about the seemingly ordinary objects that determine our fates. The book is written, but I need your help to bring it to life.
Four Horsemen universe challenge coins
We are ready to make the challenge coins for the Four Horsemen Universe, and we hope you will help us achieve that goal.
Rush Delivery - Magic Parcel Service Book 2
Clean Fantasy Book
The Dark Verse, Vol. 5: Beneath the Crown of Chaos
13 short stories and a novella of occult, metaphysical, and fantastical horror, with illustrations, in stunning hardcover binding.
Fallen Love: A YA LGBT Fantasy Novel
A young author has written a brand new book. He needs your help to get it on the shelves & in front of readers!
Cup & Dagger
Handmade mini-chapbooks featuring feminist sci-fi, fantasy, & horror.
Dark Crime Novels Based In South East London
Meet DS Albie Edwards and help me turn his ebooks into paperback, hardback and audiobooks.
Tides of Fate - Book Four of the RONIN SAGA
The fourth novel in the epic Ronin Saga continues the adventure deeper into Farhaven.
Storm Foxes: A New Fantasy Series From Amy Laurens
Exclusive hard cover edition and fan kit boxes for Amy Laurens' upcoming contemporary fantasy novel, A Fox Of Storms And Starlight
Relics of the Ancients: a space opera adventure trilogy
A new science fiction series from M.G. Herron. Starfighter pilots, space battles, ancient alien relics, and killer xenos!
MAKE100: Sundered Throne: Epic Fantasy With a Sense of Humor
A battle between worlds is about to unfold ... and humanity is far from united against its foes.
Through a Field of Stars Trilogy
An action-packed medieval adventure set on the Camino de Santiago that reveals hidden wisdom from time immemorial... (Complete Trilogy)
The Dark Necromancer: Book Two of Tales of the Amulet
Dan & Robert Zangari present the sequel to the multi-award winning novel, A Prince's Errand.
Ermetica, eretica, erotica per la generazione abbandonata
Una raccolta di racconti dissacranti dedicati ai demoni dei figli degli anni '80 e '90
Skythief - Book 1 of The Realmwalkers
A brand new series full of gods, monsters & adventure by award winning author Matthew Wolf
BIPOC Urban Fantasy Novel: "The Flickers of Fall"
A Modern Fantasy novel filled with a lively cast of BIPOC characters, magic, romance, drama, and war.
Nu är det superskurkarnas tur. Vi följer upp succén 13 svarta sagor om superhjältar med att göra en bok om deras antagonister.
Första hösten: röd skymning
E.P. Ugglas efterlängtade uppföljare till Första hösten: blå gryning
Kickstarter Exclusive Hardbacks of Mistress of Souls
A dark, fantasy romance where demons, mayhem, and spice combine in this enthralling novel
Pale Kings Illustrated Hardcover
A special collector's Illustrated Edition of the fantasy novel Pale Kings, Book 2 of the bestselling Emaneska Series.
Demons of New Chicago Limited Edition Hardcovers
Get your LIMITED special edition of this gripping action-packed, slow-burn urban fantasy romance series from Kel Carpenter!
Kit & Basie: A cozy, queer romance with a sprinkle of magic
Kit & Basie: A cozy, queer romance with a sprinkle of magic
Spark: Book One in the Of Fire and Shadows Series
A World of Fantasy Unleashed: A Tale of Dual Lives, Abduction, Betrayal, and Magic.
Midnight Waters: A Mermaid Urban Fantasy Romance
Two magical families at war. A curse that binds them. The forbidden love that could break it.
The Forbidden Series: Special Edition Omnibus!!
An enemies-to-lovers, twisted fate, gut wrenching dark tale with villains that'll steal your heart and give it back in pieces.
The Fae of Bitter Thorn HARDCOVERS: 4 Epic Fantasy Books
Set in a lush, Faerie world, these stunning tales of royal intrigue, magic, and sisterly devotion are great for fans of epic fantasy.
Reverse Harem Romance Book Box - The Men of PsySpecOps
Steamy Romance lovers will devour this set of reverse harem romances in special edition, gold-foil, discreet ebooks and paperbacks.
The Northwest Uprising Limited Editions
Life in the PNW has gone sideways: Foreign soldiers ✅ Ambushes ✅ Daring Rescues ✅ Badass Women ✅ Join the Uprising today!
Rebellion: The Scorpion War || A science fiction novel
A fast-paced, futuristic military sci-fi story about an army brat trying to save her special forces brother from giant arachnids!
Cassandra's Castle, a Time Travel Fantasy
Award winning series, a time-travel fantasy adventure with magic, danger, and romance. Illustrated hardbound limited editions
Diabetes Book: Unleash Your Inner Diabetes Dominator!
A guidebook of inspiring stories showing you how to claim your personal power written for people with diabetes and their loved ones.
The Video Marketers Cookbook: Kickstarter Campaign
Create high quality video without paying high prices for production in this step-by-step guide to video marketing from Meg Le Vu.
YES QUEST - A Book About A Year-Long Experiment
The story of a stressed-out gen-Y who learned to stop hating her life for no reason and finally chill the f*ck out
Work Trips & Road Trips: a book for creative freelancers
An insightful guide for the curious, the restless, and the adventurous freelancer!
Make/100 Kickstarter Dreams - The voice of 100 creators
A compilation about the experience of creators wishing to share the knowledge obtained after running their campaigns.
Trouble Songs: a book about music and conflict in N. Ireland
Trouble Songs, the story of music’s role as a persuader, agitator and peacemaker during conflicted times in Northern Ireland.
Rise of the Space Age Millennials
A book to tell the story of the space aspirations of a rising generation.
A memoir about the commonalities between fear-based religion and emotionally abusive personal relationships.
The Revolution Will Be Bloody.
WE DID IT!!!!!!
Grocery Story (a book by Jon Steinman)
A book to be published by New Society Publishers about the power of community-owned grocery stores in the age of grocery giants.
My SEO Workbook: Write your way to more traffic from search
A workbook, planner, and journal to help entrepreneurs not only learn SEO but also get their SEO done
Go To Sleep book
Counting sheep doesn't help you sleep - but this book will. Discover practical ways to calm your active mind and quickly drift off.
More than Recipes: A Stories & Supper Book
Positive migration stories and mouthwatering recipes will combine in a book that will help us all change the story on migration
Missing Pieces Plan
The Missing Pieces Plan was created to help you live a fulfilled life NOW (and gain peace of mind) by planning for “later.”
The Python Planner: Beginner Coding for 30 minutes a day
A minimal approach to programming, Tried and tested in the classroom and by a review team of mostly women.
Pre-Sale! Amanda Kelly Espiritu's Debut: Creative Surrender
Creative Surrender: Embracing Artivism, Global Collaboration, & Celebration now available for pre-sale!
Foot Trodden - Portugal & the wines that time forgot
The new book from Simon J Woolf & Ryan Opaz - a narrative and visual deep dive into the soul of Portuguese wine.
Find Your Colors: An Entrepreneurship Memoir
The adventures of leaving corporate America to chase after a crazy dream
The SaaS Playbook, by Rob Walling
How to Build a Million-Dollar Startup Without Venture Capital — Advice From Someone Who’s Done It 3 Times
Discovering Your Personal Daimon
A Book About Discovering Your Destiny
Den efterlängtade - en bok om livets motgångar & längtan
Stöd för utgivning av en bok via ett hybridförlag. Du köper boken innan den trycks, inga risker. En bok om livets motgångar & längtan.
Habit Calendar: Track your habits. Change your life.
Get the satisfaction of crossing something off your to-do list while tracking the small habits that make a huge difference in your life
Tuolumne Meadows Climbing: A Comprehensive Guide
We're close to finishing a brand new guidebook for Tuolumne. Support our printing costs, and get the book before everyone else!
Unsolicited Advice: 2017 Weekly Planner
Pocket-size weekly planner full of tiny jokes, activities and nagging to (maybe???) help you keep your s*** together in the new year.
Change Matters
Stories about taming the corporate jungle and leading transformation
Bizzy Planner : Build better habits and self-care
A lightweight 90 day planner to help busy people to build healthy habits, be more productive and practice more self-care
Alternate Histories 2020 Calendar
A 2020 calendar inspired by vintage American artwork, now with extra monsters!
An A3 full colour 2020 wall calendar filled with 12 magnificent dragons!
Transmissions robot art calendar 2021
An A3 spiral bound wall calendar featuring images from my Transmissions series of robot art.
Transmissions robot art calendar 2022
An A3 spiral bound wall calendar featuring images from my Transmissions series of robot art.
The Soul Care Planner: Align Your Days with the Stars
A yearly planner that uses the seasons and lunar cycles as guides for soulful self-care.
This Time Next Year
Your passport to a more positive and productive life
National Park Monsters: a 2022 Calendar
An Alternate Histories calendar celebrating all the various monsters, robots, & zombies who live in America's National Parks.
The Creative Planner: Challenge your creativity
A weekly planner to inspire you to be more creative and get things done.
Exotic Birds - 2022 Illustrated Calendar
12 gorgeous bird illustrations made with pastels and colored pencils!
WonderCards: Amazing workshops, trainings & sessions!
Inspiring kit with ideas, tools, and exercises for facilitators, trainers, consultants, coaches.
Transmissions robot art calendar 2023
An A4 double page wall calendar featuring images from my Transmissions series of robot art.
THE HUMAN BALLOON: a colorful children's book!
"The Human Balloon" is a whimsical story about imagination, friendship, love and forgiveness, illustrated with bright watercolors.
2021 Bibliophile Calendar
A collectible screen printed calendar of artwork inspired by the insight hidden within books. Illustrated by 12 book-loving artists.
Nurdle the Turtle, Lessons in Litter
Find out how Nurdle the Turtle combats the issue of litter in her pond in this fully illustrated children's book.
Torah cats Jewish calendar 5780 (2019-2020)
Jewish dates. Jewish texts. Jewish cats.
The Little Lemon that Leapt
This offbeat children's picture book combats bullying by teaching children that what makes us weird makes us wonderful! #ichooseweird
Charley and the Yellowstone Sprites — A Children's Book
This children's picture book follows a bison named Charley and his sprite friends through the seasons in Yellowstone National Park.
Color Me Chincoteague: A coloring book for an island we love
We're making a coloring book to kindle happy vacation memories and celebrate the people and places that make Chincoteague awesome.
How to Make Smart Cookies: Kids design a cookie business
Turn kids into smart cookies: Cookie business book & workbook teach critical thinking, character & curiosity. YOU get cookie rewards.
The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth - a Children's Book
A children's book by Chris Burkard about finding joy in the journey and enjoying the great outdoors.
What I Remember About Dinosaurs
A quirky and humorous children's book about dinosaur facts I learned nearly 30 years ago to share my love for dinosaurs!
Holly Wild: The Young GeEK's Guide to Getting Outside!
Get up & get out with GeoExplorer Kid Holly Wild! She & the GeEKs lead a backyard ABC adventure in this intro to the Holly Wild series.
The Strolltroll (Norw: Rallskanken) - a Children's Book
If a scruffy stranger came knocking your door, would you let him in - for only one night's sleep?
My Name Is Stardust: Children's Book About Science
My Name Is Stardust was inspired by what Neil DeGrasse Tyson called “the most astounding fact”- that we are literally made of stardust.
"Mister Mushy" (Nor: "Mister Mjukis") - children's book
An anti-bullying rhyme and picture book about the ugliest dog in the land, who rescues the princess from becoming dragon dinner.
Two Parts Mischief
Wild Rumpus Press will launch beautiful new stories out into the world starting with the spellbinding book 'Two Parts Mischief'.
Tommy P. Tinker and the Super Duper Rare 1892 Bottle Cap
A children's picture book about a boy and his quest for a SUPER DUPER RARE bottle cap.
CodeSpeak Books: Picture Books for Inspiring Little Coders
Fun children’s stories that teach kids (ages 2-6) the foundations of computer coding without needing a device!
If You Look Up to the Sky
A story that reminds girls of color that they are loved, protected and deserve a place and presence in the world.
Videnskabshistorier for Børn - ny børnebog af Gertrude Kiel
En romanserie for børn: videnskabens historie, vilde opdagelser, skøre videnskabsfolk og det fantastiske univers, vi er en del af.
Hortensia and the Magical Brain
Therapeutic Poems for Kids with Bipolar, Anxiety, Psychosis and Depression. For some kids, the monster under the bed is real....
Stardust Explores Earth's Wonders: Geology & Evolution
Join Stardust as she takes children on a journey through Earth's wonders with an engaging intro to geology and evolution on our planet.
Buddy Pegs Taking the Lead - an Illustrated Children's Book
A new children's book that empowers kids to succeed through the inspiration of the bicycle. From the creators of B Is For Bicycles.
99% Chance of Magic
The world’s first chapter book for transgender kids and other humans
Greylegs - A children's book by Dina Norlund
Eva is the strongest warrior in her wonderful, magical garden. But one day she glimpses something grey lurking in the shadows.
Resilient ME™ Journal for Kids
A guided journal to build resilience and boost happiness for ages 5-12. Created by AwesoME Inc.
One for Sorrow - An Uplifting Children's Book
The Story: A puzzled magpie called Sorrow sets off on a journey to find his lost Joy. Featuring an introduction by Jo Brand.
Princess Papaya's ABC'S of Happy Foods Children's Book
Finally! A book that teaches our kids about 'Real' Foods & how amazing they will feel when they eat these foods!
Go Away, Mama!
A children's book about a strong-willed girl and her devoted mom who navigate life’s milestones together.
Kids' travel book series: Lily Huckleberry in JAPAN!
The second book of a whimsical travel series for little wanderers - a story full of bravery, laughter, and cultural discovery!
Thankful Frankie: A children's book to inspire gratitude.
A children's book for kids and adults that inspires a habit of gratitude.
Great Balloon Hunt: The Book Igniting Kids to Save our Ocean
An uplifting adventure story book that reveals how releasing balloons impacts ocean critters, and shows kids how they can help.
Stardust Explores the Solar System Children's Science Book
Inspire passion for science and wonder with this children's STEM book exploring the Big Bang, the Solar System, and our place in space!
Fox in a Box
When getting into his box is getting quite tough, Fox discovers he has more than enough!
KIDDOZ: interactive measuring cups & cookbook
A new cooking language that turns food into a game
Trevor and Me & The Last Meal
Heartwarming Children's Books to Help Cope with Death and Develop a Healthy Understanding of Difficult Subjects
The Book of Cultures: 30 stories to discover the world
A picture book designed to introduce children to the diverse cultures of our planet.
Five Classic Kidlit & YAlit Book Reprints 1930s-2000s
fiction & non-fiction by Marguerite de Angeli, Margot Benary-Isbert, David Weitzman & Lucile Morrison
"hani nöd gärn" s Buech vo Chind für Chind inkl. Hörspiel
s Buech mit Zeichnige vo Chindergarte-Chind us Dietike inkl. Hörspiel uf Schwiizerdütsch. Alles komplett i de Schwiz produziert.
How to Fold a Taco! A Yummy rhyming children's book!
Who doesn't love books and Tacos? This fun, colorful and whimsical children's book asks the question- How do you fold a taco?
'Lavender's Eggs' Children's Book
Lavender is a small hen, whose high ideas, cause Nanny considerable inconvenience.
Gearheads: A Rhyming Children’s Book about Iconic Cars
A children’s book for the true car enthusiast. With upbeat rhymes and colorful illustrations, this book is entertaining and informative
Kylie the Crocodile
A children's book about a friendly Paris crocodile...
Shine Sister Shine: a storybook for joy & inspiration
A new classic, animated storybook for children-of-all-ages. Be who you are, Do what you love, Share your superpowers. Shine.
Counting, Colors & Cthulhu Hardcover Board Book
Rhyming Lovecraftian board book teaching numbers, colors and the mythos, from makers of C is for Cthulhu & Sweet Dreams Cthulhu!
Apple's Big Dream: An Empowering Children's Book
A picture book about accepting disappointments, acknowledging emotions, and facing unexpected circumstances.
Go Away COVID!
A children's book and hand puppet that teaches the importance of building healthy habits during the pandemic.
Storybook Eyes Children's Book
A sequel to the children's book "Eyes", this book focuses on Storybook characters and the lives they live.
The Breathe, Baby, Breathe dolls and book series.
Developing mindful kids, one family at a time. Our series is crafted for children ages 4 - 12.
An #OwnVoices Project- Kayla: A Modern-Day Princess
A five-part diverse picture book series about family, growth, and following your dreams.
Courageous Camila!
A story about finding your inner warrior. Camila's journey will inspire children to face challenges with grit and determination.
Our Best Friend Karma
A picture book about the power of positive thoughts, words, and actions.
My Family is So Scottish: A diverse rhyming picture book
Pre-order this beautifully illustrated, joyful and heart-warming story and get a discount off the retail price
Olive and Ginger
Fun tales about differences, tolerance and communication, brought to life by colorful Ukrainian folk-style art
Ed in The Shed
Join Ed the busy beaver and his eager sidekick Elle as they turn everyone's trash, into someone else's treasure.
Catch Me, I'm a Dream: A Picture Book About Aspirations
An inspiring book about children's dreams and aspirations, with extra learning opportunities at the end to explore the book further.
"Chiquita the Vaquita" is the story about the perilous journey of a beautiful little Vaquita porpoise that is near extinction.
Imagine A World
Dive in, to a world of imagination...
The Windcatcher: A picture book about gratitude
Two siblings journey to Black Mountain in search of the rarest wind
Dancing Goddess in the Moon
A new Pagan children's book about the moon, the ocean, and the magick of dance!
El Cucuy... and other Spooky Legends
a bilingual book that retells classic spooky childhood folktales from Latin American Folklore
Why Did the Chicken Cross the Kai?
Stunning adventure story filled with Hawaiian words, pronunciations, and translations to help teach and inspire everyone!
Princess Peaches and The Cloud Castles
A children's book about a spunky princess who loves wearing crowns and working with her hands. Wants to build a community!
Yoruba Lullabies Album and Illustrated Children's Book
Original Yoruba lullabies album and children's book written and sung by Gbemisola Isimi
A fine art photography board book with word-picture association for your favorite little human™ that big humans also enjoy.
Evelyn the Environmentalist Takes on Climate Change
Follow Evelyn as she navigates the effects of climate change and finds ways to help slow it down! Made as sustainably as possible!
A is for Anteater: An early reader picture book
A is for anteater, apple, and acorn. Find these words and see what other A words you can find in Abeni and Ashlynne's adventure.
Queen Alora and The Springtime Dove
A diverse children's book about kindness, patience, and bringing joy to the people around you.
When Your Dragon Is Too Big for a Bath
An Adventure in Prayer
A £13 Poem
A man walks into a bar. That's how it starts. £13 and he'll tell you what happened after he walked out.
A £5 Poem
So I wrote a poem. So I rewrote it. So I rewrote it again. Then I read it. It was depressing. So I thought I'd write another one.
An £8 Poem
On the 8th of the 8th at 8pm I will be writing and releasing my 4th poem in what has now become a sequence. I want £8.
A £1 Poem
This is about going back to the beginning. Or before the beginning began. I wanted to ask for nothing but I can't so I'm asking for £1.
A £3 Poem
I'm embarking on the notoriously difficult 3rd poem. 3 drafts in 3 days. The 3rd draft will be published on the 3rd day. I want £3.
This is For You: A Chapbook of Gender-Free Love Poetry
The first completely inclusive collection of love poetry for all lovers, regardless of gender.
self/ser: poems on queer and trans existence and love
self/ser is a poetic-photographic, ancestral-spiritual exploration of queer and trans existence and love.
Lucky Penny Press
Short poems published on pressed pennies. (Lea's Quick Pitch #1)
Riot of Roses
Riot of Roses is the debut collection of poetry by Brenda Vaca
Mary Hoffman's StoryApp Tour: In the Footsteps of Giants
This Interactive Title Suite - StoryApp Tour & Book - Brings to Life 16th Century Florence & Renaissance Giants: Michelangelo & David
My Father DIDN'T Kill Himself!
Help us get to 1,000,000% funded! A black comedy mystery novel about loss and grief and junk.
TNTRK- a tantric journey through poetry and art
A book of tantric poetry and art created in the Snoqualmie Valley, Washington
What Now? A Creative Workbook Journal Thing
When things get hard, it’s difficult to know what to do or how to cope. This journal aims to be there to help in those moments.
Unraveling Light
An uplifting debut collection of poetry.
The Periodic Table of Goaltending Elements
Help us transform our creative goaltending infographic into a full-color learning book for young athletes and hockey fans of all ages!
Spectra: YA Fantasy Novel
A Riveter named Sabel flees her colorless planet and bands with the Specters to uncover dark secrets of the galaxy
Queer as a Five-Dollar Bill - Empower LGBTQ & Allied Teens
What if you knew a secret from history that could change the world? This "powerful" YA novel empowers every reader! #ownvoices #wndb
New Jewish poetry from Ben Yehuda Press for 5778
We want to publish six books of new Jewish poetry in the coming year. Our authors include two Pushcart nominees.
Hunters of the Dream - Young Adult/New Adult Fantasy Fiction
16-year-old Aurora's world is interwoven with magic, Nature Spirits and a mysterious steampunk time traveller; their quest: save Earth!
RACE: Action-packed sci-fi. Get it before it explodes.
You + Me = an awesome, illustrated sci-fi adventure!
Project W.A.R. Trilogy Collector's Box
Enter the world of the State and embark on a tense journey of survival in this completed dystopian trilogy.
Teen Inspo Cards
Bring a little joy and inspiration into your day with this magical card deck, created for teens, by teens.
Succeeding in the College Application Journey
an all-in-one book: step-by-step analysis of the college application process, from essays to grants, written by students for students
❤️ The Little Guide Of Female Masturbation ❤️
English version of the French Best Seller. Educational, it breaks taboos around female sexuality.
The Catalan Kamasutra and other medieval sex manuals
A sex history book to make known a unique work of medieval Catalan literature and other erotology manuals translated from Latin.
Misc Anthology
Seven miscellaneous stories. Fifty-two pages. ‘Misc Anthology’ is a labour of comic book love for the pleasure of your eyeballs.
Cirque Du Mort | Volume One
Join us in the first volume of this penny dreadful-style anthology of morbid tales surrounding the cast of a haunted circus.
Awesome 'Possum
Awesome Possum is a natural science comic anthology collecting art from seven natural science illustrators.
FUBAR: By The Sword
FUBAR: By The Sword spreads throughout ALL of world history in this next installment of the historical zombie anthology FUBAR.
The acclaimed IF anthology is back with 100 creators joining forces on 40 diverse and unique stories of the (super) human condition
Sherlock Holmes and the Occult Detectives
Twenty-one stories of malevolent mysteries and perplexing puzzles where Sherlock Holmes works with classic and new occult detectives.
Through the Aftermath: An Apocalyptic Anthology
Nineteen authors collaborate to create a short story anthology that covers everything from zombies to space rabbits.
Butterfly Tears
an anthology of three manga-style love stories based on ancient Chinese myths
Moon's Diary - Adventures in Europe
An Illustration Book of Moon's travels in Europe. Sketches and drawings about serendipitous moments in his journey.
The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons
an illustrated bestiary of monsters and ghosts from traditional Japanese folklore
Goblins Drool, Fairies Rule! - Art and Coloring Books
Art Book and Coloring Book featuring the beautiful Goblin and Fairy artwork of Mike Maihack, from the hit family card game.
The Android's Astrological Companion
A hybrid art book and short fiction anthology featuring illustrations and stories about android girls inspired by the zodiac.
Santeria, Politics, and Spirituality in Cuba
An entire generation in Cuban was taught atheism as part of the school curriculum. I want to know how they turned out.
"The Colorful Word" -- a scripture coloring book and journal
"The Colorful Word: Meditate Upon the Scriptures" - a collection of lovely hand-drawn scripture-based coloring and journal pages.
Mermaids, Giants, and Mythology: An Inktober Colouring Book
This traditionally illustrated colouring book project features all kinds of mythological characters from around the world.
Zodiac Dreams Artbook
An illustrated book about the western and chinese zodiacs, featuring the imaginative artwork of Marlon Teunissen.
Collette J Ellis Sketch Art Book
A soft-cover art book featuring sketches and works in progress by dragon and fantasy illustrator Collette J Ellis
The Horror and Sci-Fi Movie Prop Book
A collection of hi-res images & personal stories on a selection of screen used props and wardrobes from The HSPPA museum.
Upon a Tzorkly Moon - Fantasy Art Book by Jacqui Lovesey
An all-colour, fantasy art book by the illustrator of Matlock the Hare, journeying deep into the magical landscape of Winchett Dale.
The Portsmouth & Southsea Colouring Book
The Portsmouth & Southsea Colouring Book is a collection of 52 original illustrations from around Portsmouth for you to colour in.
Sagaøya - Book about Monsters from Iceland and Viking Sagas
with fine art photos of fantastic landscapes and stories of bizarre Monsters, Spirits & Beasts from traditional Icelandic folklore.
Phantasmagoria - Fantasy Art Sketchbook
Sketchbook featuring the art of Teal Newcomb - Dragons, aliens, and other strange flora and fauna
2017 Art Book by Erica Lyn Schmidt
An art book showcasing the work of Erica Lyn Schmidt with a look at the process behind her traditional mixed media painting technique.
The League of Lid-Curving Witchery
Creature-witches, dragons, Vikings - all collide in one incredible illustrated fantasy adventure! Dare you join 'the League'?
The Heart of Coloring
An anatomical heart-themed coloring book
Turned Red Earth
A limited edition artist's book and prints inspired by WW1 soldiers' encounters with nature, with gorgeous flower photographs.
the Myth about Myths: Greek Mythology
A visual dictionary of Greek Mythological Characters.
Friendly Familiars, an illustrated guide!
Meet fantastical beasts from all over the world in this cute field guide.
Into the Dungeon choose-your-own-path book
An illustrated game-in-a-book, where the reader chooses the story and all you need to play is a pencil.
Black Rabbit - Get to Tokyo
The second art book from the Black Rabbit series.
Black Rabbit - the Art Book
A hardback book collecting work from my digital painting series, Black Rabbit.
The Psalms Project: 150 Chapters, 150 Pieces
An art journaling book based on the Psalms Project, a 150 piece collection illustrating one line from each chapter of Psalms.
Fairies of the woods: illustrated Artbook project
Fairies are all around the woods, and now you can meet some of them in this artbook fully illustrated to know them!
Dreams of the Past Art Book
A coffee table art book of fantasy artworks by Yangtian Li.
The Art of Firlefanz - Bunnies and Beyond
A full colour, 224 page hardcover collection of my animal artwork and illustration
Oliver finds a friend
An illustrated book by Nadya Bonten-Slenders
In Caelo et in Terra: 365 Saints
Help the media nuns produce a timeless volume of the lives of the saints
Brad Nack 100% Reindeer Art Book: Unique, colorful & fun.
Great holiday gift, amazing rewards. We are almost funded Your pledge helps us reach our funding goal. Thank You.
Goldenwolf's Sketchbook - Volume 5
Help me fund my fifth sketchbook full of my drawings, sketches, and doodles!
Project Gaia : The fan book
Project Gaia is a fan book that pays tribute to Horizon Zero Dawn, Guerrilla and its Community 👩🏻‍🦰🏹🧡
The Night Parade
A collaborative art book of artist trading cards with 150+ artists in a variety of styles. 5 Stretchgoals unlocked!
SCP Foundation Artbooks — New Paperback Edition
A more affordable paperback edition of the legendary SCP Foundation Artbooks by ParaBooks PH.
Vintage Sceneries: a coloring book with hand-drawn images
A coloring book with minutely drawn sceneries where reality intertwines with fantasy. Suitable for watercolors, crayons, felt pens etc.
The Whimsy Tarot: The Everyday Anime Pocket Deck
Born from a whimsical universe, and inspired by childhood animated movies, Kaiyoclubouse creates her second tarot deck!
Coloring Portland Oregon
Finding beauty in the every day. A beautifully hand illustrated coloring book.
A New Way to Fold | One Sheet Two Colors: Origami Book
Bring Back the Magic of Childhood
Magical Kingdoms Hardcover Artbook & Under the sea artbook
Deluxe Compilation Magical series in one hardcover book +240 pages, plus a new miniartbook to discover Under the Sea creatures!
CLASSICS (kind of) - Raven Hamlet Moby Dick Dracula Odyssey
Silly new versions of cool old stories! Illustrated parodies of timeless tales, great fun for new readers and literature lovers alike!
Essays That Might Ruin Your Favorite Hollywood Movies
Don't Hold Your Sh**: A Book About Letting Go
A mental health book for both adults and children about the importance of letting go.
Grave Suspicion
Help provide my upcoming supernatural thriller, Grave Suspicion, with a solid marketing budget and a real chance at success!
Vanishing Ink : A Novel With Illustrations
Vanishing Ink is a hardcover novel about a lazy, washed-up magician who will soon be chosen to save the world from disappearing.
One Revolution: A Year of Flash Fiction
12 (or more) short stories to be published monthly on my website and then gathered into a book.
The Guardian: Book One in the Misfits Series
The story of a girl who longs for more then her world offers. Can who Cassie is in her dreams become true in reality?
Edit and EPublish To Plow the Sea by Sean Duhaime
A story of protest and love in the wake of the economic crisis of Spain.
Children of Earth and Star, an ethereal tale about discovery
An ethereal illustrated tale about a girl and boy from different worlds who become friends and embark on a journey of discovery.
SERO: a Fantasy-Drama Novel
For Roxy Hayes, growing wings does not set her free. They are heavy and come only at the cost of her humanity.
Death of Secrets
When government monitors every e-mail and phone call, what happens at the logical endpoint? The novel Death of Secrets tells the story.
13:24 - A Forensic Thriller about Child Abuse Survivors
On the eve of rock concert, a teenaged fan disappears, leaving a dead body. Cops link the murder to a kidnapper and a televangelist.
The Dark Verse, Vol. 3: Beyond the Grip of Time
Sharkchild's third hardcover installment of 26 short stories of weird occult and fantastical horror (in the vein of H.P. Lovecraft).
Noah's Raven
A congregation of astronomers and addicts eagerly awaits a message of hope from extraterrestrial life.
Citadel of the Sky (Epic fantasy novel)
A Dark Lord is rising. Again. But hey, that's what the royal family is for, right? Kicking butt in nice dresses: a new epic tradition.
In the Blood of Death (The Dark Verse, Volume II)
Sharkchild's second hardcover installment of 26 short stories of occult horror.
The Sky After the Rain - A Novel by Lindsay Bergstrom
I wrote a book! A real book! With words and everything! It will be available June 1st, but your support can score you an advance copy!!
50 Shades of Awkward
Fifty warped stories about sex and love by twenty up and coming writers in one amazing volume.
Adventures of Claire NeverEnding
Together we're going to make The Adventures of Claire Never-Ending: a book to cuddle in bed, an ebook for your tablet.
FADE INTO ME an Urban Fantasy Novel
Fund the cost of an editor, cover artist and formatting for print and e-publishing of a new romance novel with a magical twist to it.
Hombre Verde: Libro de Cuentos
Una compilación de cuentos breves, que llevo guardando por mas de dos décadas. Historias de acá y de allá que quieren verse en un libro
Counted Worthy: Fiction with a Mission
Do you love fiction with a Christian worldview? Show your support by funding Counted Worthy, a novel about the persecuted church.
Masa: Stories of a Lone Soldier -- Debut Book
A collection of short fiction chronicling an American teenager's journey as a soldier in the Israel Defense Forces.
Gandersnitch the Goblin: The Untold Stories Kickstarter!
An amusing, clever, and irreverent book (and audio book) of short stories about the life and adventures of Gandersnitch the Goblin.
Unbroken Light (The Star Hunters, Book #2)
The story of a bounty hunter and a military officer struggling with and against each other continues in this scifi adventure novel.
The Spirit Collectors: A Dark Fantasy Novel
A tale of dark fantasy by Lovecraftian author M. Amanuensis Sharkchild (in imitation leather hardcover, scored audiobook, and ebook).
A Novella of Mistaken Identity -- These Convergent Stars
No one notices when a shapeshifter isn't herself. (Also known as: "That story with the shapeshifting cats in space.")
Where The Pink Houses Are: Millway Novel-BOOK 2!
Pre-order this Irish Love Story! It's written but I need to pay the cover designer and editor so I can get it to the presses!
Shattered Glass - The Book about the Pursuit of Happiness
This is a story about love and friendship. About family, finding love and losing love, and a story about the pursuit of happiness.
Love, Lies, and Hocus Pocus: Books 1 & 2
Help publish the first two books of a modern fantasy series full of adventure, snarky humor, and magic. Oh yeah, and a talking cat.
Destiny Aurora Sci-fi Novel Series
Destiny Aurora is the story of an eclectic, dysfunctional crew of an intergalactic police ship, whose captain is completely unorthodox.
War of the Worlds: Retaliation
The sequel you've waited 119 years for is finally here.
Absolute Knowledge: Book One of a Science Fiction Trilogy
Absolute Knowledge is the first novel of a Science Fiction trilogy set in a dark, futuristic New York City. Every thought has value.
Spaceship Broken Needs Repairs: A sci-fi book about families
After escaping his abusive father, a disabled boy moves in with his grandfather, meets a homeless alien, & helps rebuild her spaceship.
The Kingdom of Andros, a novel
The Kingdom of Andros is a political thriller/sci-fi novel set in the Caribbean and follows a brilliant scientist.
'The Isaac Spiders' - Portal Novella #1
An arachnologist gets more than he bargained for when investigating a new horrific species of spider in this Australian horror/thriller
Daydreams of Shanghai
Chinese factory workers. A police captain with a deformed leg. American alcoholics in Shanghai. Babies pooping in garbage cans.
Paradise Can Kiss My Ass novella
A neo-noir novel about an embattled hapa haole detective in Honolulu, working against odds, time, and himself.
"China Girl": Short Stories
Urban fables, loves lost and almost found, the historic and the fantastical.
Victims: Part 1
After the end of civilized society, a group of orphans band together to survive the harsh new world--through whatever means necessary.
The God AI
This sci-fi thriller novel portrays a future controlled by a super AI named Adam. Prepare to be blown away by its shocking ending!
WANGTA: a novel
Boy or man, sophomores or spirits, Korea or Canada... Jang Tae Kwan is caught between worlds. Sometimes, it's hell being a teenager.
THE NORTH VALLEY GRIMOIRE - A magic realism spy thriller
1984 meets THE CRAFT in an all new magical spy thriller novel, illustrated by MARVEL and IMAGE COMICS artists!
How to Build a Time Machine
The amazing account of John J. Clifton, a time traveller from the year 2151.
Pre-order: The Last Safe Place, a Near Future Sci-Fi Novel
Be the first to read this science fiction novel about an ex-astronaut tasked with exploring a strange object on a distant moon.
The Light Beyond the Garden Wall: A Novel
I felt compelled to write this book for my kids. I envisioned them reading it when they got older. But now I want to share it with you.
Galaxy at War: Rise of a Legion
A Sci-Fi/War Book Series about a Futuristic Squad of Six. All Generous Donations will go to the hiring of an Editor to Publish my Book.
Diesel Doctrine and the Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaires
A novella from the author of As the Moonlight Shines. A story about truck stop employees who can live it up but can't live large.
Storming Area 51: Advertising fund
A collaboratively written story created by a group of talented indie authors.
The Crystal Dragon Series book 4: Ponorama
The cost of production for the rest of the books may be beyond my ability to shoulder alone. Together, let's get these books out there!
John J. Clifton, Temporal Specialist
Stranded in the past, he still has one mission to complete.
Lii: The Crystal Dragon Series Book 6
A gorgeous cover made by a professional artist!
The Tricker-Treater and Other Stories
A collection of spooky short stories sure to thrill, chill, and delight you.
The Young Knight's Dragon Plight: A fantasy novel
The first in a series of a fantasy tales of the trials of slaying dragons who look and act like fellow humans.
Chilling Ghost Stories:
An Unsettling Anthology of True Ghost Stories
Mishap's Heroes
Fantasy adventure in which our heroes discover all the ways NOT to save the day
The Hyperterra Series
Humans. Strattos. Friendship. Her destiny was in the stars.
The Young Knight and the Old Dragon: A fantasy novel
The second in a series of fantasy tales of the trials of slaying dragons who look and act like fellow humans.
Short Fantastical Love Stories
An illustrated book of four short stories about people going to great lengths to love each other. Fantastical, gentle, full of birds.
NO ESTÁS INVITADO: 13 Relatos de horror
El libro es una antología de relatos de cortos que contiene trece historias de horror para leer a puerta cerrada.
Mary Shelley's "Frankenstein: or, The Modern Prometheus"
Original Mary Shelley Novel from 1818 w/ 30 original illustrations by Scott Zambelli & new prologue/epilogue linking to Crimson Shadows
The Messenger - A Fantasy Novel
Entrusted with a letter from a King, a young courier must ensure the proper message is delivered.
The Young Knight and the Dragon War: A Trilogy's Completion
The third in a trilogy of fantasy novels of the trials of slaying dragons who look and act like fellow humans.
Epic Blade - a Fantasy LitRPG / Gamelit Adventure - Make 100
An epic fantasy series with classic RPG elements including character progression, battles, quests, dragons, and fighting monsters.
Space Guyz & the Golden Weenie
A middle grade graphic novel for fans of Captain Underpants, Dogman, Bad Guys, and Galactic Hotdogs!
Trials of Amaranthine - Verse Novel
A medieval verse novel by Kailie Marie Lynn Bill, telling the tale of ex-King Wrenfrey on his journey of love, betrayal, and revenge.
Darkness Awaits: A Halloween Occult Horror Story Collection
Monsters who once were family; the suspense of a gory attack; your childhood home awake and stalking you—welcome to Darkness Awaits!
Misfit's Magic
Stranger Things & Harry Potter & Halloween in this "riveting debut novel" you "won't be able to put down"
The Dark Triad Trilogy
Exclusive, never-released, dystopian fantasy fallen angel trilogy on Kickstarter with limited edition covers and illustrations!
The FEYLAND Trilogy 10th Anniversary Special Hardcovers
What if a high-tech game opened a gateway to the treacherous Faerie Realm? Discover the USA Today bestselling fantasy series today!
An Elf's Odyssey: The Quest for Immortality
A Dark Fantasy Erotica
The Quill and the Vial: Epic Fantasy with Plant Magic
Book One in the Plague King Chronicles fantasy series by Bree Moore. Inspired by Howl's Moving Castle and a love for herbalism.
Everyone's a Catgirl! Volume 1: Signed Paperback & Swag
Help fund the first paperback binding of the hit subversive LitRPG "Everyone's a Catgirl!"
Cursed Cocktails: A Cozy Fantasy Audiobook & Hardcovers
A cozy fantasy of found family and delicious drinks for fans of Legends & Lattes and Dungeons & Dragons!
Masquerade Club 10th Anniversary Collection (A Dark Romance)
Exclusive hardcover with special case laminate cover underneath the jacket and extended epilogue available only on Kickstarter!
Under the Earth, Over the Sky: A Fairytale Novel
Pre-order for Emily McCosh’s debut novel with a limited special edition, swag, audiobook stretch goals, and more!
The Clan of Deception: a MAKE 100 paperback novella
Together Grif & Issa race to find a magical grimoire and its thief, all while fighting their feelings to focus on their tasks before...
Monsters of Mount Moorhead: Special Edition Omnibus
A dark fantasy romance where monsters, mayhem, and spice come together in this enthralling series. True Blood meets the Witcher!
"Sworn to the Sea" - A Clean High Fantasy Pirate Novel
"The Chronicles of Salt & Blood," Book 1: 'Sworn to the Sea'.
New Covers for the Elven Alliance Series
Help fund new covers for the Elven Alliance series! These stunning illustrations by SaMo Art capture the heart and soul of the series.
Black Tides: Time Travel Fantasy Romance Collector's Edition
A long-awaited spin-off to the #1 Bestselling Dark Tides series about time-traveling pirates set in Newfoundland during the 1700s
Chronicles of Eraegarth: TTRPG Short Story Collection
Escape in to the world of Eraegarth where swords and sorcery combine with the iron of industrialization in this short story collection!
Special edition hardcovers & omnibus of Alpha Wolf Academy
Paranormal fantasy romance from USA Today Bestselling Author JJ King
THE OTHERWORLDS: Book One + Limited Edition Oracle Cards
Book one of The Otherworlds series by RJ Kinner. Includes limited edition book-inspired Oracle cards, art prints, and more!
Massacre at the Comic Shop
A horror novel about a comic shop owner, his friends and regular customers and a masked, toxic fan killing them off with a chainsaw.
Make 100: Magic of Ordinary Things LTD Edition Collection
100 limited edition copies with color artwork and 12 tales of wonder, magic, & the human experience in ordinary & extraordinary worlds.
The Heart of Hanwi
An illustrated short story that tells the origins of werewolves in our world of Gothika.
The Hidden Realm Special Edition Omnibus from Heather Renee
A slow burn paranormal romance included in the Mystics & Mayhem world from Heather Renee. Luxe hardcovers with optional sprayed edges!
A Game of Lost Souls series
Angels, demons, & humans collide on a low-budget reality TV show. And the stakes are much higher than a game of matchmaking. (Fantasy)
The City of Stone & Sorrow | A Gritty Christian Fantasy
Order Book Two in the Cities of Wintenaeth Trilogy along with two short stories written by the fans.
When Darkness Descends: A Dark Paranormal Romance Anthology
Kickstarter exclusive dark mode hardcover & spicy rewards for dark romance readers with a sweet tooth for sin.
Sons of Ixchel
This is the first book in the "Children of the Serpent" young adult historical fiction duology.
The Apprentice - The First Degree of Freemasonry
A treatise on the deeper symbolism of the first degree of Freemasonry.
Write with Lions
We are creating an accessible, illustrated book that encourages writers of all ages to re-imagine classic fables. Write with us!
The "Perfect" Antidote - Why Greatness is Overrated
An irreverent book to de-program us from the motivational posters and meaningless platitudes of our lives.
Let's Publish the Mistake Bank Book
Mistakes and failures need not be embarrassments - instead, they should be tools to learn from and to improve.
We are all artists now. Here's why it's important, and here's why it's hard.
Project Dermatillomania -- the eBook Transformation
Project Dermatillomania is already a print book, but we'd love to make it available as an ebook! Help us fund the reformatting.
Peoplework: Welcome to the People (not Digital) Revolution
Peoplework teaches you how to run a successful "belly-to-belly" business, for decades to come, in the new digitally-connected world.
Between Two Worlds: A Goaltending Book Project
I'm attending goalie camps in Finland, Canada, and across the USA this summer in order write my 2nd book on goaltending.
The Vague Direction Book
Vague Direction is a book about a 12,000 mile bike ride. It explores life through a mix of stories, people & takeaways from the road.
This Year Will Be Different - A Guide for Freelancers
A book about entrepreneurial women who turned their hobbies into their careers. We know how hard it is, read how to best pull it off!
Alexander Hamilton: The Formative Years
A fresh and fascinating account of Alexander Hamilton’s origins, youth, and indispensable services during the American Revolution.
Experience World War I through a German officer's photos
Help me print the personal photo album of a German officer in World War I. A thousand beautiful images from the trenches to the air.
Not One Shrine: Two food writers devour Tokyo (ebook)
In this comedic food and travel adventure, two friends spend a week eating everything Tokyo has to offer.
Baseball Junkie
Honest, raw memoir documenting the struggles 2-time World Series Champion Aubrey Huff endured on and off the field.
A Christmas Carol: Trump Edition
I'm replacing every instance of "Ebenezer Scrooge" with "Donald Trump" in this contemporary retelling of the Charles Dickens classic.
Vagina Diary #4
Illustrated book series about a young woman and her vagina
The Leafy Mindfulness Planner
The Leafy Mindfulness Planner is not just a planner, it's a mindfulness and well-being guide that will help you create your dream life.
F DYING: How Cheating Death Kicked My Ass into Loving...
A book about mastering the art of living a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life.
Bitcoin on a napkin: The Illustrated Book
An illustrated guide that explains Bitcoin step by step: what it is, how it works, the story behind it and how the future might look.
853 Hard to Believe Facts
The long-awaited follow-up of my successful trivia book "1123 Hard to Believe Facts". This time the facts are better explained.
Flowers in the Frost: the Untold Stories of Online Teaching
A book for online language teachers who want to stop selling hours and build a small business so they can hustle less and create more.
Living as a Vessel
The Art of Integrating Challenging Experiences into the Embodiment of Creative Expression
Book: Homegrown Linen - transforming flaxseed into fibre
Learn how to grow your very own linen yarn, sustainably and organically. A book for homesteaders and yarn lovers.
#Make100: A Pocket-Sized Guide to Berlin's Architecture
Anecdotes, stories, and a little bit of Berlin’s history. Join me for field trips through different parts of the city.
Colorado Monuments by Night Relaunch
A book detailing a photographic and historical journey through Colorado's monuments, including directions and coordinates.
Weird War Two - Strange facts, tales and mysteries from WW2
A book about the weird, wonderful, funny and downright disturbing from the Second World War.
How to Backpack with Your Parents
A new book telling the amazing true story about a young man backpacking with his parents through Peru and the Andes Mountains.
Backyard Dairy Goats book - Quickstarter
A book all about raising dairy goats for an organic home milk supply.
DAILY REVOLT: 50 Simple Ways to Kick Ass At Work And In Life
A career advice book.
Luxury Wine Marketing
The Art and Science of Luxury Wine Branding
Stars What Would (((Love))) Do? Cards
A playful and practical tool to navigate your world, reframe any situation and practice loving yourself and those around you.
Called by Another Name - A Memoir of the Gwangju Uprising
An American's memoir of the 1980 Gwangju Uprising in S. Korea between citizens in support of democracy & the authoritarian regime.
How to Speak PLANT:
Plant care for every beginner and every houseplant. Learn the basic science behind houseplant care and become a confident hobbyist!
Master Expert
A new book that shows how to achieve peak performance, influence and seniority in a technical role
A blueprint to freedom and prosperity by working remotely from abroad - For US Expats and Digital Nomads
Fresno Dome Rock Climbing Guide Book
376 Pitches described. Bonus crags of Willow Creek, Lost In The Forest, Ukraine Dome
Gratitude journal
Questions, colouring pages, prompts for practicing gratitude every day.
Self-Publishing and Email Marketing
How indie authors can turn readers into lifelong fans. From the founder of the 5-Day Author Ad Profit Challenge.
Marshmallow Microcosm 2017 Calendar
The 2017 edition of my Marshmallow Microcosm series. Everyone loves a monthly mallow. Weird & wonderful all in one.
Full Skies Tarot 2020: An Oracle's Guide to Celestial Events
A working field-guide style book that blends the arts of Astrology and Tarot for the calendar year 2020.
2022 Animal Holiday Calendar by Peppermint Narwhal
A wonderful wall calendar featuring over 250 animal and conservation holidays plus some of our favorite designs!
MAGICAL MERMAIDS 2022 Art Calendar
Large wall calendar with 12 beautiful framable art prints
2023 Calendar - The Art of Natasa Ilincic
A collection of watercolour paintings to accompany you through 2023, with fun planner stickers & plenty of writing space!
Dive In: the 2023 Calendar
A homoerotic calendar for 2023 starring Sam and Will from 'Dive In'
Charlotte, Wander On.
Guided only by a simple book, a young girl braves a world of monsters to save her brother.
Bilingual Benny. (Better) Bilingual Books for Kids
A set of 5 Bilingual Benny "English/Spanish" books, perfect for kids ages 2-6. Every backer gets a real book with free shipping.
The fable of the woodchuck encourages big dreams, time spent in nature, bravery, honesty, & confidence in oneself. Pre-K to early elem
My Love for You Is the Sun - A Picture Book
Contribute to the publication of a beautifully illustrated bedtime story celebrating a parent's love for a child.
Passport to Imagination
They say coloring books help calm the anxious soul. Give it a try with this world traveler coloring book!
The Tale of the Anzac Tortoise
Official NZ Defence Force artist Matt Gauldie and Shona Riddell are creating a children's book about a time-travelling war tortoise.
The Patchwork Girl book series
On a cloudy day, a small lonely rag doll was brought to life by 3 dragonflies. Welcome to the world of "The PatchWork Girl".
The Spirit Post Book
A Christmas-themed children's book that encourages kids to spread kindness year-round. Pre-order an exclusive, limited run copy today!
The Three Skaters, A Children's Christmas Story
The Three Skaters is a children’s Christmas story from Holland that I have adapted into a picture book.
A Marmot's Tale: An Introduction to Politics for Children
An allegorical tale that illustrates big ideas to small children. Join Lester the Marmot's search for Alice in the land of Westfalia.
Illustrated book: Wicked Children By Michele Hartsoe
Adventure storybook about an orphan sucked into an exciting world of Wicked Mystery, Magic and Mythical Creatures.
Soundimals: How to Sneeze in Japanese
An illustrated guide to international onomatopoeia, compiling the sounds of eating, sneezing, clapping and many more into a fun book
Evolutionary Tales: A Child's First Book on Evolution!
Evolutionary Tales is a children's book that teaches evolution through 10 poems focusing on the wildest-evolved creatures of our world!
THE CASTING ~ I need your help to complete the journey!
Robyn yearns for red-hot crucibles full of molten bronze & the roaring fires of the foundry. But is she really ready for The Casting?
Fiddler in the Darkness - Children's Book
In this beautiful children's book, an old woman comforts her grieving grandson by telling him the tale of the "Fiddler in the Darkness"
A Robot Story
JSON and WiFi are two robot brothers, who want to be nerdy just like their mother. A board book and animated eBook teaching binary.
Jon-Lorond Saves the Day REBOOT
This new picture book seeks to nurture a child's most important quality: their imagination.
Just Call Me IS: An Introduction to Mindfulness for Kids
This playful intro to mindfulness has the potential to change the world through our children. "IS" is a journal, a workbook, a friend.
The Girl Who Had ALMOST Everything
Colette discovers that true happiness comes not from receiving, but from giving.
Waiting Just For You Lullaby Book (Giraffe Theme)
Cuddle up before bed, and let your kids know that, "The world is waiting just for YOU, so let your TRUE SELF shine brightly through".
Goodnight Server Room
Goodnight Server Room is a children's book about computers and data written for kids ages one to five.
The Little Particle That Could: Particle Physics...For Kids
A children's book about particle physics; The story of a graviton who wants to meet a photon, but she just can't seem to catch him.
Fascinating Facts for the Whole Family
A trivia book for children, packed with breath-taking facts. Illustrated by my 8-year-old son ;)
The Legend of Mermaids Tears - Volume 3 - (A Seaglass Story)
Volume Three of the Legend covers the darkest period of the history of Seaham - two World Wars, the closure of the Bottleworks and more
Just-Me and Thinking-About-You
An illustrated book for young children that introduces the concept, and importance, of social interaction.
Dear One - A Book to Share with a Child You Love
"Dear One" is a book for anyone who has loved a small child & felt the joy of watching them grow, while aching for them to stay small.
We Live in an Amazing Place - A Children's Book
A celebration of friendship, adventure, diversity and the environment.
Cami Kangaroo Has Too Much Stuff!
Cute and spirited Cami Kangaroo is back in the second book in the series "Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too".
A Reason to Smile!: Making Friends!
The 3rd installment of the A Reason to Smile Series! Luiza Brillante gets a board book treatment, enjoying Bball w/new friends in NYC
Families, Families Everywhere! (a children's book)
An illustrated picture book about families of all kinds! With a focus on embracing diversity and touching on a variety of topics.
Daddy's Mini Me: Children's Book For All Fathers & Toddlers
Daddy's Mini-Me is a children's book about the proud moments of a father as he cheers on the early developmental stages of his baby.
Jeremiah Justice Saves the Day
Jeremiah Justice isn't your average superhero. His tracheostomy tube becomes the source of his powers. Meet The Super Tornado Blaster!
Dinosaurs at the Dentist (and other silly things)
A Collection of Poems & Illustrations for All Ages- featuring over 200 pages of monstrous fun for the young & young at heart!
FEAR and a FRIEND || A children's picture book (ages 2-7)
FEAR and a FRIEND || A children's picture book about fear, friendship, and the value of life experiences.
Everyday Superheroes: Women in STEM Careers (Book)
A children’s book tackling stereotypes in STEM, by sharing the colorful stories of 26 diverse women from an astronomer to zoologist.
Bucky The Dino Children's Picture Book
A children's picture book based on Bucky, a big blue dinosaur who learns to accept and love himself for who he really is.
How to Win Wimbledon in Pajamas: Mental Toughness for Kids
Develop grit, perseverance, and patience in this children's book series.
Meggoline: The Story of a Little Girl and Her Nanny
Children's book for Nannies, Babysitters, & the Little Ones they love (and always will, even amidst goodbyes, changes, & transitions).
The Tiny Little Ghost: a ghost story (kind of)
Just a fun little book about a tiny little ghost. Pledges of $5 or more include a donation of 1 book to a local school or library.
99 Bitcoins and an Elephant: Complex Story Told Simply
Technology may be scary. This sc-fi children's book isn't! Your child will love reading this fun story over and over again.
Yoga Stories with Coco & Friends: A Journey to Find Courage
With our book, anyone can lead a 30-min. yoga class for kids. You don't even need to be able to touch your toes. Easy, peasy, namaste.
The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry: travel books for kids
The first book of a travel series for little wanderers - full of bravery, whimsy, laughter, and cultural discovery.
When the Clock Strikes on Halloween: A Cute Rhyming Tale
A spooky rhyming children's book for ghouls and goblins ages 4-8.
Quickstarter - GOrilla! Tattoos
A series of tattoos featuring the characters from my new picture book, "Ready, Set, GOrilla!"
A TALE BY FIRE: a spiritual picture book for all ages
A hand-drawn, meditative journey of fire and light through the ages of history... for the child in all of us.
Tiny Acts of Kindness
A charming picture book by Thuy Ha celebrating the magic within small acts of kindness.
Starshell Lullaby (Children's Picture Book)
Starshell Lullaby is a story about hope, transformation and family. It inspires trusting yourself and reaching for your dreams.
Cami Kangaroo Has Too Many Sweets
Based on the antics of the author's daughter, this book teaches children about dental health in a cute and funny way.
Make 100: Teaching Mental Health to Children
"A Brotherly Lesson" makes mental health discussions accessible to children through vibrant illustrations and a relatable story.
Happy Monster Poems - a tiny book with a monster big heart
This tiny book of cute, little poems & sketches is just what the monster ordered to put a smile on your face.
Animal Yoga
A unique children's yoga book with fun animal poses and beautiful illustrations throughout. A friendly approach to yoga and meditation!
Journey to the End of the Night | A Children's Book
A beautifully illustrated and hand lettered hardcover picture book led by the creative imagination of two adventurous and brave kids.
The Purple Polka-Dotted Peanut Butter Eater
Friends, Family and Teachers: Discounted (and signed) copy of my first children's book "The Purple Polka-Dotted Peanut Butter Eater"!
Chuk Chuk Railu: A Board Book of Telugu Rhymes
Inspire kids to learn Telugu with this colorful board book. This book is a collection of popular rhymes with beautiful illustrations.
Cami and Wyatt Have Too Much Screen Time
Cami and Wyatt are back in the third book in the "Cami Kangaroo and Wyatt Too" series.
Mighty May Won’t Cry Today | An LGBTQ Children’s Book
A children's picture book that features a family with two moms and teaches kids (and adults!) that it’s okay to cry. #lgbtq #lgbt
Let's Get Boba!—a children's book
A children’s picture book about sharing new foods with friends—learn all about boba and taro. **Delivers in time for Christmas**
Momma, What Is Coronavirus?
How to explain Coronavirus to a young child? This beautifully illustrated book helps parents with this important conversation.
The Colour Wild
A children's book about mindfulness, about connection and about seeing the secret unveiling's of Mother Earth.
Maylie and the Maze, a quirky illustrated Middle Grade novel
Can a 10-year-old aspiring author overcome her overactive imagination and the most annoying twin brother ever to follow her dreams?
The Tiniest Vampire's ABC Adventure
An awesome alphabet adventure with The Tiniest Vampire and his fantastically funny friends! A Read & Color Book for all ages!
Better Alphabets: A 21st century alphabet book
We want to make better books, starting right from better alphabets. A new and immersive way to see and learn, guided by art and design.
Ready, Set, Sloth!
Good things can come from going your own speed.
The "Mr. Baker's Book" Series
A time traveling adventure exploring church history.
If A.J. Met a Monster
A children's picture book following a young boy who imagines how he would handle meeting the different monsters from his mind.
When The World Stopped: A children's book about lockdown
A relatable story about embracing the simple moments that can bring us all joy in these challenging times.
The Jewels of Bermuda: An extraordinary underwater adventure
To awaken children's curiosity about the underwater world and to develop their empathy towards this vast blue kingdom.
I Loved You When the World Fell: A Children's Book
"I Loved You When..." explains the enormity of events that took place during the pandemic and how we did our best to cope and parent.
What Kind of Flower Are You, Little Girl?
A story to remind girls of all ages that they deserve to be loved & nurtured as the wise, beautiful, & extraordinary beings they are.
Little Mama
Little Mama is a children's picture book that features a neurodiverse main character!
M is for Money | Teach Financial Literacy to 3-8 Year-Olds
An ABCs of money book which introduces age-appropriate finance words & normalizes conversations about money between friends and family.
Explore a better you!
A young girl's journey of painting her dreams into reality
Kimchi, Kimchi Every Day - A Children's Picture Book
A Rhyming Picture Book Celebrating Kimchi and Korean Culture, Illustrated in Cut Paper Art
The Friendly Bookshelf: A Children's Picture Book
Meet Bibli: a little bookshelf searching for a story about someone like him. Written to foster self-confidence & inclusion in children!
Just Beyond Imagination
A Tale of Love, Child Loss, and Friendship - a companion gift book for bereaved parents
Inspirational & Motivational Posters for Kids in Chinese
I want to motivate, empower, and ground your little ones with inspirational Chinese words of wisdom posters. Traditional & Simplified.
The Adventures of Messy Cat
A delightful story about a Messy Cat and a Silly Dog.
Practice Makes Progress - An LGBT Inclusive Family Kids Book
An inclusive kids book about perseverance based on the real life experiences of two cousins learning to roller skate.
The Adventures of Lily Huckleberry Around the USA
Join our brave + curious Lily in this illustrated chapter book that will take your little wanderers on an EPIC adventure around the US!
Why So Whimsical? A Silly Little Book of Pictures and Rhymes
A board book with cute, whimsical & inspiring rhymes, verses & artworks!
Grace and Nora's Dance Among the Stars
Explore the story behind this children's book below. Back this project to preorder your copy today.
The Year of the Cat - Năm Con Mèo (bilingual picture book)
Bilingual English/Vietnamese picture book that retells the Lunar New Year legend from the viewpoint of a clever and determined Cat
Penny Panda and the Gift of Possibility
A children's book to help children process and understand their thoughts and feelings.
Cascade! A book of poems by James Wylder
Help create a print version of James Wylder's poetry (author of the play "Cryptos", and featured in Kennings Literary Magazine).
Poetry Book - French Kissing God: A Journey to Enlightenment
A critically acclaimed poetry book that guides you on a journey to find love, life, self and divine connection.
An Eloquence of Time and Space: A Doctor Who 50th Poem Book
An episode guide for Doctor Who-- as poetry! Every episode of Series 1-7 will have its own poem to celebrate Who's 50th anniversary.
Fallen Sky, Bought and Sold - a New Poetry Collection
The newest offering from David Greshel based on Instagram Writing Prompt Challenges
Fragile Goods - An LGBT Poetry Collection
A prospective collection of poems about love, pain and beauty--using my underrepresented perspective as a gay POC to diversify poetry
American Bug
A second book of poetry from Nick Ulanowski. If the system has held you down or made you feel worthless, this is dedicated to you.
"Insatiable Desires Written in Blood" | Dark & Occult Poetry
When your inner Witch, Vampire & Fallen Angel dance together in a schizophrenic spinning of death, romance & nostalgia -Soror Vanarotha
Biome: A Young Adult Science Fiction Thriller
To hide a terrible secret, the cadets of Mars Colony One have their memories altered every week—until one girl remembers everything.
How to be Charlie One: SimplyA Young Adult in an Adult World
How to be Charlie One: "Simply Being A Young Adult in an Adult World" is a book that explains matters like banking and taxes simply.
YA Fantasy Novel -- Alfheim Seoul
A Young Adult Fantasy Novel
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Cryptozoology
An illustrated encyclopedia about mysterious cryptid creatures from around the world
Recover my recent YA Fantasy release!
This is book 1 in a new series that is clean, romantic, and includes Greek Mythology. The cover needs to more accurately represent it!
Get in, witch! FAT WITCH SUMMER is a body-positive YA fantasy novel for fans of summer road trips, female friendship, and magic ✨
The Natural History of Cryptid Creatures
The Adventurer’s Guide to the World's Most Legendary Cryptids